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Believe in Bellarke

I know that much of the fandom is feeling down about the pretty frustrating clip of Eliza T on Bellarke at SDCC

well nothing she said matters in anyway on my opinion about Bellarke and it’s future as a canon ship


1. ELIZA HASN’T READ ANYTHING FROM THE NEW SEASON, NO SCRIPTS NO NOTHING and in the end of the day she doesn’t write the show

2. Jason however does write the show and in every single interview emphasized that Clarke had lost several loves in the span of less than year, is in mourning, and is Bisexual AND WILL MOVE ON. Jason saying this absolutely fantastic for Bellarke because he would only emphasize that she would move on if he knew who Clarke would move on to. As fans most of us don’t want canonical Bellarke until they have healed and truly gone back to working together as leaders and as friends. None of us want either to jump into a relationship, even with each other, so hearing that Clarke is still mourning should make us happy because it affirms that the writers understand the same things we do.

3. NO ONE IS KILLING BELLAMY. The writers have just started writing episode 4, they probably don’t now the exact info of the midseason finale yet so those reports are just people trying to rile us up. Also Bellamy is FRONT AND CENTER OF THE FUCKING POSTER. what that says is that he is the main POV character this season as he is the only one looking out at the audience.

4. Bellarke is the epicenter of the show.  Bellarke is the definition of hope, of working together and of working past the darkness all things the writers and actors have stated is the general theme of s4. Bellamy and Clarke are also constantly wresting with the question of do they deserve to survive which is the main question of the season. They were on parallel journeys last season where they both lost themselves in the aftermath of crucibles and then only after they had gotten themselves away from their “mentor” and realized that they were doing something wrong did they start making the path back to being good leaders. 

5. Look at them!

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Look at the way he touches her, so gentle. Look at the way she looks at him, so found 

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they find peace in each other’s arms

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Bellarke with guns by firelight and I mean come on how powerful do they look

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they need each other

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they are standing in front of throne together as equals like the king and queen they are

I wish there were no miles between us.

I hate this distance, but you are worth every miles from my house to yours. 

I can’t do anything except being patient and keep calm while waiting for the day we will finally be together.


The final speech from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, 1940.

The fact that Charlie’s dripping with sweat and almost breaks down at the very end (can you see that exhausted, choked-up release there?) shows just how passionately he felt about what was going on. 

I still think it’s absolutely incredible that he made a film such as this, the content of which was so outspoken, not to mention so hauntingly accurate - considering the true horrors of what had indeed been going on in Europe didn’t surface till much later - in 1940. He systematically subverted and tore apart one of the most feared, most ruthless dictators the world has ever seen. He did this whilst that tyrant was at the peak of his power. And he did it with comedy. How? Simple. The man was a genius.   


hi guys! I’m going to be taking a break from tumblr for a while. As much as I hate to do it, school is really a priority right now- I’m trying my hardest to get into my first uni preference, but in order to do so, I’ll need to focus entirely on school for a while. I have a set of super important exams coming up, so I’ll be away until they’re over, which will be in about 5 weeks. So unfortunately, there will be no #latenightblogging or fic updates from me until then. (I’m so sorry to disappear halfway through ‘do better’, but please try to understand that real life comes first!!) 

If we’re friends/mutuals, feel free to ask for my snapchat if you want to stay in touch :D See you all on the other side! <33

p.s. my queue will still be running!! so my blog will still be active, but not as active as before.

That last commission got me to thinking something. That gif was animated in Clip Studio Paint, and as a test, I had the animation play along with the song that I used for the beat (it was Freaking Out). No out of sync problems what so ever.

When I get around to it, I want to go back and redo the animations for the MSA redesigns I’ve done so far and see how that goes.

Question 😶

So guys I was possibly thinking of maybe creating an art ask blog for Belarus and Lichtenstein. I know that’s a pretty rare ship though so I’m hesitant. 😓 So my question is… Would that interest anyone?

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Whenever people ask me “why don’t you do the thing you won’t hurt anyone don’t think too much about it” i always have to hold back saying that i was raised with the “don’t do anything that could possibly bother other people or else they’ll get annoyed and probably hate you” philosophy. i literally can’t bring myself to touch anything in shops wihout feeling guilty and don’t get me started on asking if i can pet someone else’s dog. I just can’t. Even when there’s something and i mean anything that i REALLY want to see from up close i can’t ask if we can go because the people i’m with plan to go somewhere else. I literally cannot ask or touch or interact with anything outside my house without feeling like a goddamn annoyance

since I’m getting a lot of questions about husbandry, care and enrichment, I wanna remember people that I literally love giving out advice so much, I’ll write you a full assignment-worthy answer to a single-word question and in addition to that question, will send you pictures and links to even mORE INFO. this has been a warning.