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The Babysitter

Summary: The reader babysits for Sam’s son, Cam, while she is finishing college and preparing for graduate school.  She’s always found Sam attractive but assumes there can never be anything more between them because of their professional relationship.

Author: revwinchester

Pairings/Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader, Campbell “Cam” Winchester (OMC)

Word Count: 4777

Warnings: Fluff, emergency room visit (but even that ends up fluffy)

A/N: This was originally written for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s Trope Challenge and then the story I was writing ended up fitting in really well with @jared-padaloveme‘s Birthday Challenge, too!  Woohoo for Sam fluff!

(If a 7-8 year age gap squicks you out, assume the reader took a gap year to travel and Sam skipped a grade or two in elementary school which drops it down to a much more manageable 4 years or so.)

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Sleepover (Matt)


I check the clock by my bed, 6:15pm. “Cameron!” I yell. “Your friends are here!” God, he just came home yesterday, and already has friends over. They better not even think that they’re getting the big tv in the basement.
“(Y/N) I’m in the shower!” Cam yells back. “Tell them to come upstairs!” Groaning, I put my book down and go to the door. Opening the door, Nash and Matt huff in mock annoyance.
“Gosh (Y/N)!” Nash says. “What took you so long?” I roll my eyes and playfully hit his arm.
“Reading your fairy tales again Baby Dallas? Matt says. I hit him a little harder than I did to Nash. "Hey! What was that for???” He asks.
“I only read that cause I was bored!” I say and they crack up. “And I told you to stop calling me Baby Dallas!” I say.
“It suits you,” he says. “You are acting like a baby”. He says and Nash laughs along side him.
“Whatever Espinosa”, I say rolling my eyes. “Cameron’s upstairs so you can go up there to wait”.
“Thanks (Y/N)”. Nash says and goes up the stairs.
“Yeah thanks. Baby Dallas”, Matt chuckles and follows Nash up the stairs. This is going to be a long night. Lord help me please.


Finally! The new episode of the Fosters! I’ve been so busy this week, I just got time now to see it. Snuggling around my popcorn bowl, I press play and let the episode unfold. Not even ten minutes into my show, I hear bounding down the stairs. Oh no. They are NOT changing my show. And here they are standing in front of me with their bottom lips out. “And what do you want me to do for you guys now?"I ask, pausing my show on an close up on Brandon’s face.
"Matt brought Scream 4 and this is the best tv to watch it on”. Cameron pleads.
“Fine”, I say and give in. “Only because Cam’s finally home. But I get to stay and watch too”. Nash and Cam high five and put the movie in. Grabbing sleeping bags, they lay on their stomachs on the floor. Matt decides he wants to sit on the couch, and out of all the space, he plops down next to me. “Uh can I help you?” I ask.
“Noooooo,” he says. “I’m here to help YOU”. He smiles.
“And how can you help me?” I ask him. “It’s just a movie”.
“Well Baby Dallas,” he says and I roll my eyes. “It’s a scary movie and you’re a girl and I’m a guy. I’m here to protect you from the scaweey parts.” He says in a baby voice.
“Whatever”, I say. “Just watch the movie ok?” And turn to watch the movie.
The movie was going fine until Scream sneaks in the girls room to kill her. With every slash, I bury my head deeper into Matt’s chest. “It’s over”. He says, chuckling. I pull away and sit up again.
“How do you watch that?” I ask, causing him to laugh a little harder.
“Probably cause I’m not a baby.” He says. “And to be able to protect you”. I blush, thankful that the lights are off so he can’t see me.
“So I guess I should say thank you?” I ask in a joking way. He laughs a little, causing me to a bit.
“Just move closer so I can protect you more”. He says. I obey and lay my head on his shoulder, smiling at how brotherly he’s trying to be. “Better?” He asks and I nod. “Now that the princess of the castle is safe, we can watch the movie.” Princess? For some reason, that name sounds good coming from him.


Turning off the DVD player, I notice the boys have fallen asleep. Time for me to go upstairs. I walk up the stairs and go to my room. Getting comfy, I change into my favorite Kermit the Frog tank top and some loose sweat pants. I turn on my tv and flip through channels and land on SNL. I pull out my phone from its charger and go through tumblr. Reading some Magcon imagines, a knock taps on my door. Grabbing my hair brush, I walk to the door. I swing it open to reveal a very amused Matt. “Someone knocks at your door and you have a brush as your weapon of choice?” He laughs. “Nice jammies by the way”.
“What are you doing here?” I ask, moving the subject away from my clothing choices.
“I woke up and wanna watch tv”. He says simply.
“Then go down stairs and watch tv.” I say.
“But I wanna watch tv with you.” He pouts. It’s 12:30am and I’m way too tired for this.
“Fine”, I say and he plops down on my bed. “Just don’t take up all the covers”. I say and climb in next to him.
Almost asleep, Matt wakes me up. “(Y/N)?” He asks. I turn on my side to face him.
“Yes Matt?” I ask, yawning.
“Do you have a boyfriend?” I blush like wildfire.
“No why?” I ask cautiously. “Do you have a girlfriend?” I ask back.
“No,” he says. A silence sat between us for what seems like hours. “Do you have a crush on anyone?” Yes. It’s you.
“Yes.” I ask, unsure where this is going. His expression drops a little, making him look upset.
“I hope you know that if he breaks your heart, I’ll kick his teeth in”. He said sounding angry.
“You wouldn’t be able to”. I say on accident.
“Why not?” He asks. I have to tell him. No going back now.
“You can’t kick your own teeth in”. I say and hide under the covers. Seconds later, he goes under them too, his nose touching mine.
“You have a crush on me?” He asks, his eyes shining with hope.
“Yeah,” I say, looking down at my shirt.
“That’s good cause I had no idea how to tell you that I liked you”. He says. Even in the dim light of the blanket, I could see his blush. He probably saw mine too.
“Really?” I ask incredulously.
“Yeah,” he says. “(Y/N)?” He asks.
“Yes Matt?” I say.
“Can I kiss you?” I smile and nod. His lips were like two plump pillows molding with mine. They tasted faintly of the popcorn we shared earlier, making me smile at the memory. We pull away, smiles on our faces. “How was that?” He asks.
“That?” I ask. “Was perfect.”

Just got bored and decided to write

Imagine #4- Cameron Dallas Smut

Song; Juan Cristobal- UTS (Under the sheets)


I stayed up all night working on a new design for the record company I work for. They wanted an album design for the new band they were producing and they just kept turning down my ideas. Needless to say, I was irritable. It didn’t make it any easier for my boyfriend, Cam either. He was trying to get me to relax but I wasn’t having it.

“Babe please!” He groaned, his hand slapping the bed. “There is nothing you can do to get me to stop, I’ve told you a thousand times!” I reply. “Fine!” He groans, getting up from the bed. After a while, I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Cam, stop it” I smirk, sliding his hand away only for him to put it back on. He hands massaged my shoulders making me groan.

“Show me what you’re up to babe” He whispers. “Well I…Uh” I start as his hands travel from my shoulders to my arms, as he goes up and begins to trace around my breasts. “Cam I-I” I stutter as he squeezes my breasts with both hands. “Oh baby, let’s take this off” He coos, slipping my shirt over my head, revealing my bare chest as I wasn’t wearing a bra. “Oh, you’re such a naughty girl” He leans down, grasping both of my breasts in his hands and kissing my neck sloppily.

“Have you been a naughty girl, princess?” He whispers, nibbling my ear making me moan in ecstasy. “Yes” I sign, leaning my head on his shoulder. “Yes what” He says, squeezing my breasts. “Yes daddy, I’ve been sooo naughty” I say, standing up to face him. He leans down, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “Go to the bed baby” He whispers, I nod making my way out of my office. I go into our bedroom, taking off all my clothes and lied on the bed, playing with my clit. I let out moans, as Cam walked in, completely naked with a paddle in his hand.

“Don’t touch yourself” He commands. “What you gonna do about it?” I smirk. His nostrils flare as he sits at the end of the bed, grabbing my waist and pulling me onto his lap. “You wanna say that again?” He says, his palm carressing my ass cheek. “What are you gonna do about it, huh daddy?” I smirk. I feel his hand leave for a quick second before it colides right back, smacking my ass hard. I hiss in a mixture of pain and pleasure. “God Cameron just fuck me already” I groan. He spanks me one last time before grabbing my waist and slamming me onto the bed.

He crawls on top of me, both of us breathing heavily. “You want me to fuck you?” He whispers, I nod. “Say it, beg for it baby” he growls in my ear. “Please daddy, I want you to fuck me so hard and fast.” He smirks and starts trailing kisses down my jawline to my neck and chest. to my tummy. He reaches the top of my place, kissing my mound and sending shivers down my body. He places an opened-mouth kiss on my core making me moan loudly. He laps his tongue over and over again on my pussy.

“Oh fuck yes Cameron” I moan loudly, gripping the the sheets and arching my back. “You like that baby girl” he groans, palming himself over his boxers. He dips a single finger into my core, pulling it in and out. “Ahhh oh my god Cameron” I scream as he inserts another finger. “I’m gonna cum Cameron” I scream, he keeps going. I release onto his tongue as he cleans the mess he’s mad in my lower parts. He crawls back up so we’re face to face.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard” he snickers, kissing my lips one time before inserting the tip of his penis. I gasped, my whole body shaking as he slams into me. He continues to slam into me, grabbing my small wrists in his large hand, pinning my arms over my head. He continues to rock into my body, feeling his large member in my stomach.

He pulls out quickly, flipping me on to my stomach before I could say anything. He spreads my legs lightly, slamming his big cock back into my tight pussy. His hand pressed against my back as he pounded into me hard and fast. He snacks my ass, I know that’ll leave a nice mark.

I pull closer to the edge as does he. “Oh fuck baby you’re so sexy, I’m gonna cum’ he moans loudly. I feel his warm liquid spill into me, sending me over the edge. I grip the sheets and scream loudly as I squirt all over his member. He pulls out, making more of my liquid spill out. "That’s my girl” he smiles, smacking my ass once more

I turn to him and smile, moving my hair a bit. “I love you” he smiles.

“I love you too asshole”

REQUESTED - PREFERENCE: You Flinch Because You Think He is Going to Hit You

hey sorry to bother you i know you get alot of requests but i was wondering if you could do an imagine with who ever or you can turn it into in a prefrence set but any ways you two are dating and get into a heated argument and he mives his arms or something and you flinch thinking he was going to hit you and his reaction? but anyways thanks i love your account!

Yeah so these will be imagines but kind of preferences I guess? Not for all of the guys just maybe three or four.

The two of you get home from a long day at Nash’s set and you aren’t speaking - you haven’t spoken the entire ride home, and Nash slams the door closed.
“Do you have to do that?” You spit at him
“Really?” He exclaims, “this entire day, you’ve been acting like I’ve done something wrong, and that’s what you say to me?”
“You’re so full of it!” You approach him.
I’m so full of it?!” Nash yells, “Are you kidding me right now?!” He throws his hands in the air and you back away, fluttering your eyelids as a natural reaction.
He stops speaking immediately as he notices it.
“(y/n)” He says quieter. “Why did you back away?”
“I- I don’t know” You say
“Did you think I was going to hit you or something?” He asks, panicked.
“No no!” You say
“Yes you did, you backed away, (y/n), I would never hit you, I love you, I know we fight and all but the day I hit you will be the day hell freezes over or I stop loving Modern Family" 
Nash was always one to joke around in situations that made him uncomfortable. 
"Nash, I know, I know that, it was just a reflex I promise!” You place your hand on his chest, then wrap your arms around his neck.
He pulls you in and squeezes you tight - you feel his heart beat fast against your chest, and his rising and lowering quickly.
“Nash calm down” You whisper, stroking his hair, “I know you’d never hurt me, I promise”
“I’ll never hurt you” He whispers
“I know Nash, I love you” You reassure him
His breathing slows, “I love you too" 

"You don’t trust me Cameron!” You yell
“I do, I trust you but sometimes-” He starts
“No, stop!” You interrupt him, “You can’t keep pulling his shit, you can’t keep playing the same cards, you don’t trust me." 
(y/n) stop" he grabs your arm and you flinch, turning your face away, then quickly back at him. 
His grip loosens until he lets go with wide eyes, “(y/n), what was that?”
“Nothing” You lower your sweater sleeve and clear your throat
“What did you do that?” He continues
“I didn’t do anything” You push him off of you, then turn away.
He grabs your arm and pulls you back gently, “(y/n), seriously, talk to me" 
"It was just a reflex or something, Cam it was nothing just drop it”
“(y/n) I would never-”
“I know, Cameron I know” You reassure him
“No listen before you interrupt me, I would never ever hit you or do anything to physically hurt you.” He pleads, brushing his hand up and down your upper arm. “I would never do that to you, ever." 
"Cameron” You grab his face, “it was a reflex" 
"Even if it was, you shouldn’t feel that way around me" 
"If it wasn’t you, it would have been anyone else, honestly Cam”
“Who?!” He exclaims
“Wha- who what, Cam?” You ask
“Who would make you feel like that!?” He asks
You laugh, “No one, Cameron, no one!" 
"Seriously, if anyone ever makes you feel like that-”
You laugh again, “I’ll tell you, I promise.” You say before pecking him on the lips.

Jack G:
“Are you serious right now, Jack you told me you’d stop getting high” You exclaim as Jack walks in - eyes dilated and bloodshot.
“Will you shut up?!” He laughs 
Your jaw drops, “I-”
“Like honestly I’ll do what I want” He laughs again
“You’re drunk to aren’t you” You assume
“Jesus” He swings his arms flimsily and you raise your arm to block it from your face, quickly lowering it when you realise he wasn’t going to do anything.
He stops laughing, “(y/n) why did you block that?" 
"I didn’t I was just-”
“What the hell, who do you think I am?” He yells, “You think I’d hit my girlfriend?!" 
"Jack no-”
“I wouldn’t do that, to anyone, especially not to you!” He continues, “Like I know I’m not perfect, and I know I do a lot of shit you don’t want me to, but what the hell, I would never hit you, you’re my baby girl”
“I- I know that Jack" 
"I love you so much!” He pleads, 
“Yeah, Jack I love you too, and I know you do-" 
"I’m never going to do that oh my god!” He continues to yell
“Okay okay” You put your hand over his mouth, “Jack I’m sorry, I know you’ll never hurt me. I know you won’t.”
Jack calms down, and you remove your hand from in front of his mouth. 
“I’m sorry, I love you” You say, wrapping your arms around his waist.
“I’m sorry” He says into your hair, “I’m sorry" 

"I just think it’s a bit unfair that’s all!” You exclaim, as the two of you enter your hotel room and Matt slams the door behind him.
“Look, you have your things that tick you off, I have mine.” He says, “You need to respect that!”
“Why? You never respect mine!” You say
“All I ever do is respects yours!” He exclaims, throwing his bag onto the bed.
You flinch as he does so and he shifts his attention from the bag, to you. He raises an eyebrow, “What was-”
“Nothing” You say immediately.
“Well it was obviously something, if you’re already coming to its defence.”
You run your fingers through your hair as you realise what you’ve done.
“It was nothing Matthew.”
“Well listen. Whether it was something or not, you need to know that you shouldn’t be feeling that way around me. Ever." 
"I know, and I don’t. I don’t feel that way.” You reassure him.
“Well.. Good." 
“I’m- I’m sorry we fought.” He tells you
“Yeah” You say breathily, “Me too." 
"Good” He says again, approaching you and kissing you on the forehead. 
That night, the two of you get into bed together and as you drift off to sleep Matthew caresses your hair and whispers, “I’ll never hurt you" 


Is it weird to say the scariest part of starting a Silent Hill Let’s Play is posting the first one? It really is. It scares me because I’m thinking of all the things that I may have done right or wrong and how everyone will like it.

So here I am, fashionably late to the spoopy party with 

Silent Hill: Episode 1: The Beginning of True Horror!

Harry crashes his car and wakes up with his little girl missing.

… wait, didn’t we already do this one?

Sooo I’m going to start getting into videos. I’m considering doing two kinds. Let me know what you guys think!

First will be a video series on different species of birds and what they’re like as pets. I may eventually expand that into some other simple topics like choosing the right kind of bird for you, and exploring parrot misconceptions. For these videos, depending on the subject, your bird could be featured!

The other stuff I’m a little iffy on. I really want to get back into more geeky stuff, so I have these ideas: I’d sort of like to maybe consider doing a bit of an exploration of birds in media. Like, looking at the Chocobos in the Final Fantasy series, that sorta thing.

The other thing I’ve been considering for a long time now is doing a Lets Play series that focuses on games with birds in them (though obviously I’ll probably have to eventually expand from that) and while playing these games have a face cam and either Pepper or Mango on my shoulder.

So can you do me a favor and let me know what you think? Reblog this or send me a fanmail. What would you most like to see of those ideas?

Late Sitting - Cameron Imagine for @wakakd

Author’s Note: Sorry, I didn’t know where I was going with this but I hope you still like it!♥ 

You rolled out of bed, looking at your front door. Staring back at you, was a pink sticky note. You got up and read it. “Hey dear, Dad and I have to go attend a wedding last minute, can you please watch after Jessica for us? We’ll pay you when we get back, since you’ve been saving up for your road trip with Cam. That reminds me, Cam can come over and help you watch! Have fun dear! Love Mom, xoxo.”

Gee thanks mom. Your the best. You grabbed your phone and dialed Cam, “Hey babe, I have a proposal-” “Whoa, I’m suppose to propose not you-” “Do you want to come and help me babysit Jessica?” “Your little sister? Sure! Be there in a few babe!” You smiled as you clicked off your phone and went to freshen up.

You turned on the warm water letting it run down your body, it relaxed you. “As long as you love me.” You started singing, and soon you finished your shower. “I took less time than I thought I would.” You hummed and grabbed your towel, and heard someone ring the bell. You wrapped your towel around you and went down stairs to unlock the door.

“What the hell babe, I’ve been waiting for almost half an hour!” “What the hell are you talking about?” Cameron looked at you up and down. “You took almost 40 minutes for a shower?” He smirked and started laughing. “Babe, get the hell inside before I slam this door shut on your face.”

He ran inside, and you ran up the stairs to throw on some sweats and a tank top. You walk down to see Jessica bothering Cam. “Let me see your phone! How come you smile a lot? Why do you like my sister? Can I pet your unicorn hair?”

“Jessica! Leave Cam alone! I’m sorry about that.” as you led Jessica into her play room. “It’s okay, she’s a cutie.” You felt yourself get jealous, yeah even over your little sister. “No she’s not.”

“Cam can you play with me?” “No Jess, Cam can’t-” “I would love to play with you Jess!” And he chased after her around the room.

You rolled your eyes and watched your sister jump on Cam. He gave her piggyback rides and made her laugh. Why can’t I be like Cam? Nice and caring around younger children. You got up and walked to the kitchen.

You got her a small bowl, her princess bowl, which you knew it was her favorite. Pouring goldfish crackers into it. You knew it seems like you didn’t care about your little sister, but you really do. “Hey Jess, I got you goldfish.” As you walked back into the room. “Here, open up!” “Can Cam feed me?” You nodded weakly. “Here Cam.”

You exited the room, and sat in the living room, pulling your knees up and resting your head. Turning on the TV, and changing the channels. You heard Cam’s laughter getting towards yours. “Hold up Jessica! I have to get something!” He sat next to you and wrapped his arms around. “Babe, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.” You managed to spit out. “Babe, just tell me.” “I feel like Jessica considers you as her brother more than me as a sister. And I feel like your giving her all the attention, and forgetting about me.” Cameron kissed your cheek, and laughed. “Babe, she does know your her sister, she just enjoys having new company. And baby, I wouldn’t forget you for anything in the world.” He whispered into your ear.

“Look at me babe.” He whispered. “She’s in there, I’m here with you. Besides I rather do this than chase her around.” He pressed his lips against yours. You grabbed his hair, and he rubbed your back. You pushed him onto the couch, and you were on top of him. You felt him lay his hand on your butt, and squeezed. Making you bite his lip. “EW! SIS AND CAM ARE KISSING! COOTIES!”

You looked up and laugh. “Than you better run before I touch you with my cooties!” She raced back into her playroom, and you looked at Cam once more and kissed his lips once again. “Let’s go give her the cooties!” And you raced into the room, making you sister scream, and Cameron laughing loudly and coming in to her rescue.  

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Part three of pref #119

Part one

Part two


Luke: You just needed a break from everything. From the fans, from the paparazzi, from the press, from Luke. You finally settled down at your parents’ place, not wanting any of your friends to know about your problems. Your mom handed you a cup of tea and turned on the T.V.

Luke was on, preforming for a morning talk show. You mom changed the channel and you told her to change it back. He preformed two songs and the host started asking the guys some questions.

“Luke, you’ve been quieter than usual. Is everything okay?” one of the hosts ask.

He grabbed the microphone. “No. Nothing is okay. Within seconds, I lost the love of my life. Why? Because I let all this fame get to my head. Y/N, you were right about everything you said and did. For the last three days, I’ve thought about my actions and I realized how terribly I treated you. For that, I’m so so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. I never wanted to be the reason for your tears. And I failed. I failed miserably. I understand if you never want to see me again, but please know that I love you more than I can ever say. I’m sorry for hurting you.”

You were stunned. You never thought Luke would ever have the guts to pull something like that. You didn’t know how to move, you couldn’t process what happened. After several minutes of staring at the wall you got up and went over to yours and Luke’s place. You saw him sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. He looked up when you walked in. You ran over to him and gave him a huge hug while listening to him apologize over and over again.

“I’ve missed you so much Luke.”

Calum: You left the cafe and headed over to the park. You needed a walk to clear your mind. The last thing you wanted to do was yell at someone who didn’t deserve to be yelled at. Calum didn’t try to stop you from leaving. He sat there with his head hanging. You shook your head to get rid of any thoughts of Calum. As hard as you tried, all you could think about was how much you missed him.

You sat down at a bench and watched kids play on the swing set. You heard someone call your name and you turned around to see your friend run up to you with your drink.

“You forgot this,” she said sitting down next to you.

“Did he leave?” you asked quietly.

“Yeah. A couple minutes after you. He headed off in the same direction, but I guess he wasn’t following you.”

“You should get back to work.”

“I’m on break. Today’s break is dedicated to keeping you company.”

You smiled at your friend. “You’re so cute.”

“Do you here that?” she asked looking around.

You looked up and saw Calum playing the guitar while walking to you. You recognized the song. Besides You.

She lies awake

I’m trying to find the words to say

I wish I was, I wish I was beside you

He stopped playing and got down on his knees so he was looking you in the eyes.

“I was rude. I was stupid. I was being a boy who forgot about how much he loved you. Being away from you has been torture. I didn’t call you for a week because I didn’t know what to say. Nothing I say or do will show you how much you mean to me or how sorry I truly am. Please, just talk to me.” Calum was on the verge of tears.

“Calum….I don’t know what to say….”

“Tell him you love him,” your friend whispered in your ear.

You laughed as a tear rolled down your cheek. “I really do love you, you idiot.”

Michael: As you were leaving your friends, you realized you never brought your favorite necklace with you from Michael’s place.

“I think I’m going to stop by there on my way home. I’ll see you later.”

“You sure?” one of your friends asked.

“I’ll be fine.” You headed over to Michael’s place, ever inch closer led to more doubt whether you were doing the right thing.

You were in front of Michael’s place. You realized that this was a bad idea, but ran inside once you heard something crash and Michael shout.

“MICHAEL? Is everything okay?!" You heard a muffled response and made your way into the living room. You didn’t know whether to be scared or to laugh. The television, which was originally mounted on the wall, was on top of Michael. You helped move the television off of him and you helped him up.

"What do you thin you’re doing?” You were talking to him as if he was a child who got caught doing something wrong, but you knew he was going to do it again.

“What I make you do. I never knew how difficult it is to keep everything so clean. Babe, I can’t believe you did this all the time. I should never have…” You stopped listening. You were looking around the place. You walked into the kitchen, walked pass Mickey, who was still talking, to the bathroom, into the bedroom, and back to Mickey. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down to kiss him.

“That’s a really polite way of telling me to shut up,” he said after you both pulled out from the kiss.

You finally laughed. The whole time you were walking around, you did your best not to laugh. “Mickey, you need to stop cleaning. Forever. I think you just tripled the workload for me.”

“Does that me you’ll come back?”

“Yes. Clearly you can’t live on your own.”

“I’m so sorry and I love you.”

Ashton: “And the winners are….. 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!” The guys ran up the stairs of the stage to accept their award for Best Album.

“We’d like to thank our fans and family for this award. This would have been possible without any of your support. Than-”

“I’d like to say something,” Ashton cut off Michael. The guys backed up and gave Ashton the stage. “Y/N, I know you’re watching this. To those who have been wondering where she is, she didn’t want to come her with me. Why? Because I’ve treated her like shit.”

“That is an understatement,” Calum added into the speech. Ashton glared at him.

“I don’t appreciate that, but it’s true. I’m saying this to you from here on stage, no to play the sympathy card, but because I can’t say this to your face. I’m embarrassed by the way I acted. I don’t know how I let the fame get to  my head, but I did. And when you tried to bring me back down from the clouds, I pushed you away. I don’t have the right to see you, yet you stood by me. Nothing I say or do will ever make up for the way I acted. I’m so sorry.” Ashton headed backstage before everyone else.

You grabbed your phone and called him. “Hello?”

“Ashton, I forgive you.”


“Because you cam back to me. You had the balls to say that in from of the entire world, so why wouldn’t I?”


“Because I love you.”

I know Luke and Ashton’s are basically the same. Don’t kill me. Sorry for taking so long!

~Aashna (: