I will be your slave

Something worth talking about...

So Jareth starts the movie, all dominant and imposing, dressed all in black - classic villain, right? (he even has a popped collar and a cape!)

Throughout the movie his costumes change constantly, but what I find interesting is the parallel between his very first and his very last appearance.

When we see him at the end, he’s practically in the same pose as the start. He’s offering Sarah that crystal ball again, but his body language (instead of snide and powerful) is instead visibly hesitant - unsure.

Some of his first words are telling Sarah not to defy him.

His very last words are practically the opposite.

“I will be your slave..!”

He sounds so desperate, and scared. We don’t see a big bad guy dressed in black now. We see a scared man, now the opposite of what he was, clothed almost completely in white.

He might’ve started off just playing a game with Sarah, but by the end it’s clear in every which way that her presence (and influence on him) changed Jareth - possibly even purified him..?

Which is quite a radical idea given that it’s always a woman or girl in movies that goes through some kind of ‘purification/re-virginating’ process.

(Also, that look he gives Sarah when she turns her back on him during the masquerade scene is ‘hurt’. Don’t even try to fight me on this - he looked devastated.)

My favorite part of Kings Rising.

Makedon was explaining the virtues of iron tea to Laurent, and when Laurent massaged his own temple with finely bred fingers, Makedon remarked, rising, ‘You should have your slave fetch you some.’

‘Fetch me some,’ Laurent said.

Damen rose. And stopped.

Laurent had gone very still. Damen stood there, awkwardly. He could think of no other reason why he had stood up.

He looked up and his eyes met those of Nikandros, who was staring at him.

Nikandros was with a small group to one side of the table, the last of the men in the hall. He was the only one to have seen and heard.

Damen just stood there.

‘This meeting is over,’ Nikandros announced to the men around him, too loudly. ‘The King is ready to ride.’

Labyrinth: Jareth [INTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.” Jareth’s motivations are unclear at first and his intentions obscure, but riddled with metaphors. He is the one who sets up the labyrinth to test Sarah, translating all her fears, feelings, and emotional struggles into tests to determine her resolve. He takes her life and her essence and transforms it into an imaginative world that continually forces her to reject temptation and, in some ways, pulls her nearer to him. He foresees events and plans for them accordingly (“If she kisses you, Hoggle, I’ll make you a prince… of eternal stench…”).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Ultimately, he wants to control Sarah and “rule” her, even though he shows no real interest in venturing far beyond his castle walls. His is a semi-complacent rule, driven through his need for mental stimulation (Ni). Jareth is very good at thinking on his feet and determining new plans of action whenever one of his traps fails. He frankly assesses creatures and Sarah and is not afraid to play hardball.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): It is not until nearly the end that Jareth reveals that he is in love with Sarah, and fascinated by her; but it is also a love built around his desire to possess and control her. He does not bring these emotions out until the last minute, in a desperate attempt to prevent her from destroying his fantasy world… or is it a trick? No one knows. Jareth does, but he’s not telling.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Once in awhile, Jareth exerts himself enough to go outside the castle. Most of the time, he is more hands off than hands on… preferring to build traps and temptations from afar with his magic (intuition) rather than directly place himself physically in events (sensing).

Note: Ahh, the story that launched a thousand childhood fantasies about the goblin king. I mentioned loving this movie once to my uncle and he gave me a deadpan look and said dryly, “It’s not the movie you love. It’s David Bowie.” Yeah, Uncle Chris… it is. But there is no way in hell I’d admit it to your face.