I watched like five minutes of the pilot

Peter growing up with the Ravagers hopefully included –

One day, when witnessing just how amazingly terrible the Ravagers are at math, Peter just turns around to Yondu with an absolutely horrified expression – because he just witnessed grown-ass men failing at understanding what a third of something really is – and Yondu is there, one hand over his eyes, looking to all the world as if he’s in physical pain while the others still bicker over how much a third really is.

When Yondu catches Peter’s gaze through his fingers, he huffs, dropping his hand and snarls, “We ain’t gonna ever mention that again.”

“You seriously work with those guys?” Peter points at the bickering men, torn between shock and amusement and disbelief.

“What did I just say?”

“You. Work. With. Those?”

Yondu throws his hands up and turns and stomps away. “Tha’s it, I need booze.”

“Yondu, wait!”

“Not if ya still gonna talk about it!”

“How can you seriously work with guys who can’t even count to-….!”

“Don’t’cha remind me, it was worse ‘nough hearin’ this shit once!”

“Yondu!” By now, Peter is in tears of laughter – amusement ruling out whatever pity he might have felt for the Captain who had to deal with this on a daily basis – but he still runs after the grumbling and swearing Yondu, unfazed by the snarls directed at him.

“Nope, nah, I ain’t listenin’ to that, I’ve had ‘nough.”



“I promise I will pay more attention in my lessons with Horuz from now on.”

“… Well ya better do, else ya gonna end up like them boys.”


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