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OMG!! I just read your MC's unrequited love Fic. i'm cryingggg theee angsttt!!! But could i request you do one for jaehee as well? (๑╹ω╹๑ )

MMMN normally, I’d just add it to the original but that’s already long and I wanna see how many people read for Baehee =w= Normally she barely gets like. 20. :’)))

The original with the RFA boys:  [Here]


Request Killing: 15/30

MC’s Unrequited Love for Jaehee

  • Naturally, considering Jaehee was the only other woman in the group, it was easier for you to get along with her.
  • The men of the group were a bit overwhelming, after all… Yoosung tried too hard to be friendly, Zen was a bit too flirty and self-centered for your liking, Jumin constantly bored you with his formal speech and Seven only ever joked around. It wasn’t bad, but more that, in comparison, Jaehee wasn’t as… troublesome.
  • Jaehee made you feel much more comfortable—she would actually ask about your day and listen, unlike the other men who were caught up in their own interests… And you were grateful to have a friend when you were still new to the organization. It was especially helpful that someone as professional and efficient as Jaehee was the one to guide you through your new job.
  • Despite the fact that she had a busy schedule herself, she still made time to help you out. She taught you how to appeal to the guests, and supplied you with whatever information she had on the guests from previous years.
  • Feeling guilty that you were one of the reasons that she had to sleep even later everyday, you thought, the least you could do was be her friend—get to know her and listen to her troubles, ease her mind even a little.
  • You never expected yourself to fall in love with her along the way.
  • But you couldn’t stop yourself.
  • As she rambled to you about Jumin Han’s unfair treatment towards her, explaining how unprofessional and uncalled for it was, how she had to take care of his personal affairs and even his cat, despite none of that being her job… You couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.
  • Perhaps it was the pity at first that made you keep listening to her talk about her struggles. And then it was admiration. The way she never let herself get beaten down by her boss’ high expectations and unreasonable requests, Jaehee faced it all on her own. She was everything you aspired to be—strong, independent, successful, confident.
  • And beyond admiration, you found yourself simply falling in love with her voice, the way she spoke, the way she brought herself, or how she confronted others and how she calmly dealt with every situation she faced… It was hard not to notice how beautiful she was, as a person, within all these little things.
  • You knew Jaehee was constantly fighting her loneliness by investing herself completely in her work, and pushing aside everything else, not backing down even when others teased her for being a single woman married to her job. You knew it hurt her.
  • She tried to express that she wasn’t that boring, trying to make it obvious that she had interests too… like Zen, his acting, movies… she was desperate to show that she wasn’t a mere working machine. That she was a somebody too.
  • At first, you thought you admired her so much you wanted to be like her—she was an admirable person, after all. But when the others in the RFA teased her, you found yourself getting really defensive for her sake. You didn’t think much of it at first; you’re friends, after all, and don’t friends defend each other?
  • That was what you thought until Seven brought it up one day: “MC, you almost sound like you’re in love with Jaehee, or something. And you guys seem way closer than normal friends, too! Are you suuuure there’s nothing~~? lololol”
  • Although you had quickly denied that idea to him, it did linger in your mind. It wasn’t long before you realized it was true: you DID like Jaehee.
  • You carefully weighed out the options. If you told Jaehee, well, she was a reasonable person, so she wouldn’t hurt you or anything. You felt comfortable telling her. You also knew that, whatwith the lack of good experiences she’s had with relationships, she didn’t deserve a crappy confession. You wanted to confess to her properly.
  • So, while you were at the RFA party, you gathered the courage to invite her on a date to the coffeeshop—you knew she loved coffee, after all.
  • Of course… she didn’t think of it as a date, but a friendly hangout.
  • And you couldn’t bring yourself to reveal the truth when she looked so happy about it…
  • “MC, you did an amazing job at the party! I can’t believe how professional and helpful you were, even though it was your first time,” Jaehee complimented you, beaming as she sat across from you in the coffeeshop.
  • But of course. You had practised hours in front of the mirror and researched how to be the perfect party ambassador, so that you could lessen Jaehee’s workload as much as you could. Sure, in name you were the party coordinator, but you knew that Jaehee did a lot of work behind-the-scenes, more than you.
  • She also seemed so relaxed as she sipped her ice cold drink in front of you, completely unaware of your longing gaze…
  • Jaehee turned to you as she spoke again with a smile, “You know… thank you for inviting me out today. I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had the time to take a break at all. I’ve never had a friend bring me out before, either… You’re… probably my first real friend in a long while. I really love and appreciate you, MC.”
  • Your breath caught in your throat, and you tried to swallow the pain that came from her words. She had basically just revealed that there was no chance of her returning your feelings. That she only saw you as a friend.
  • Was it because you weren’t a man…? Was that it? Maybe your body was lacking… You knew she drooled over Zen’s muscular, fit body, after all…
  • “Isn’t love a strong word?” you managed to respond to her, licking your lips nervously.
  • She chuckled, not realizing how torn you were feeling at the moment. “Don’t be silly, MC. You know what I mean. Besides, Zen is the closest I’ll ever get to being attracted to any man, I think. I don’t have time for relationships, anyway.”
  • “But would you consider dating a woman?” you pressed.
  • She quirked an eyebrow, but still didn’t think much of your question. “Well, I’m not against that, but again, I don’t have time. It’s not like anyone, man or woman, has caught my eye in the romantic sense, either.”
  • Oh. So she just didn’t like you. Not because of your gender, but simply because she lacked interest in you as a person. Ouch.
  • You understood, though… It’s not like she HAD to return your feelings, anyway.
  • Jaehee must have noticed the change in your expression, in addition to your silence, because she suddenly looked concerned. “Did I say something wrong…?”
  • You shook your head and smiled tightly. “No, no. Nothing. I love you too, Jaehee…
  • You didn’t bother to clarify that it wasn’t in the friendly sense, as she had meant when she said the words to you, because you knew the answer would hurt you no matter how lightly she would lay it on you.
  • You had to bite your bottom lip hard to hold in the tears that welled up in your eyes when you saw how delighted she looked to hear that you loved her, too. Because it only confirmed that she wanted you to be nothing more than a friend.

Fic Prompts: Folklore Friday

Long ago there lived a humble woodcutter at the edge of a forest. “Humble” in this context merely meaning that his life goals were primarily to have a steady job, a house of his own, and access to a village doctor who didn’t charge exorbitant fees. The local noblemen tended to misinterpret that as a lack of ambition, considering such things were already readily available to them. (Those same noblemen would later wonder why so many of the peasants simply upped stakes and moved into the lands controlled by the neighboring Farmer King, which had a considerably more stable economy courtesy of the exasperated Grand Vizier, but this story is not about those noblemen, or the Farmer King, or poor old Vizier Eggwich, and we are getting off-topic.)

One day, the woodcutter had gone into the heart of the forest – which was really shaped more like a spleen, to be honest – to cut down some old, dead trees that were liable to fall at any moment. He had been at it for a few hours already, and his hands were getting very sweaty. And, as happens when one’s hands turn into a slippery mess of blisters and calluses, his grip on the axe handle weakened. He was pretty lucky not to have injured himself, really, but he would almost have preferred that to the axe flying head over haft into the deep creek a few feet away.

The woodcutter was a decent swimmer, but you don’t go cannonballing into strange bodies of water in a forest without making sure they aren’t inhabited first. That’s just common courtesy. And the last thing you’d want to do in a situation like that is crash feet-first onto some irritable kelpie’s head or something. So the woodcutter stared at the place where his primary means of supporting himself had vanished, and sighed.

“Well,” he said, “That’s unfortunate.”

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#92 - For isle-of-flightless-josh & vanswritings

Filling the prompts “can you write Single dad Van? Taking his 5, 6 years old daughter on tour with him? And maybe him taking her to meet the reader for the first time?” from @isle-of-flightless-josh and “Can you write about Van as a dad ?” from @vanswritings

Note: ONE FOR MY GIRLSSSS! I really like this one so if you do too, pls let me know! 

You walked around the corner of the hallway and stopped in your tracks. There was a child standing in the middle of the room, looking around confused. She was in teeny tiny jeans, and her t-shirt had little cats and love hearts printed on it. Her brown hair was a mess and she was barefoot. She looked up at you with big blue eyes. You could see she was upset but wasn’t at the crying stage just yet.

“Hey, honey. Are you okay?” you asked, crouching down but not stepping closer to her. She closed the space herself, walking the few metres to stand right in front of you. She had freckles across her nose.

“I can’t find Daddy,” she told you. Her little face was contorted into the saddest expression you’d ever seen. She was holding her hands together, twisting her fingers in anxiety.

“Okay. We can find him. Can’t have gone far,” you said. She nodded. “Do you know Daddy’s name?”

“Daddy,” she replied. It was cute, but you didn’t laugh at her.

“What do other grown-ups call him?” you tried again.


A convenient coincidence. You hadn’t met him yet, but you knew Van. You were on your way to a meeting to lay out the plan for their tour. Their usual tour manager, Mike, wasn’t available. You were handed Catfish and the Bottlemen, and the opportunity to prove you could run a really fucking successful string of shows.

"I know exactly where he is. Let’s go,” you told her standing up. She held up both hands, and you realised she wanted to be picked up. You complied and sat her on your hip. She cuddled into you. The kid was clearly used to strangers and you didn’t know if that was good or bad. “What’s your name, honey?”


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Tsukiyama Tummy Troubles Pt 1

(Okay I’ve done it again. I meant for this to be drabble length/paragraphs and it ended up pages again. OTL. But this is a multi part fic based on AMAZING Tsukiyama art that @dumdumdrawstumtums gave to me a bit ago. I’ve been wanting to write to it forever but either have been busy or hadn’t had the desire. But thanks to Tokyo Ghoul being on TV again, I had extra motivation. I hope the next parts will be a little shorter…And feel free to translate my bad French. I just used Google Translate but it’s also supposed to sound terrible because it’s Tsukiyama. Also note that I’ve made him very uncanon and he is able to eat regular food as well as people but oh well. Disclaimer: This has vore content.) 

Tsukiyama just couldn’t help himself. He knew that he had an important week ahead of him. First, there was a gala tomorrow and then later in the week a special “engagement” with Kaneki (he hesitated to call it a date) that he was dying to enjoy.

“I shouldn’t. I need to look my best this week. I cannot disappoint those at the gala and I definitely cannot disappoint Kaneki…” Tsukiyama said to himself as he bit his lip, first trying to prevent himself from going down the path that his body wanted to go, then down a dirtier path as he dug harder into his own flesh with his teeth. “Kaneki…” he thought to himself for a moment, trying to shake off his lustful thoughts before giving in. He continued to bite on his lip then let his eyes roll back into his head with his head tilting back just a little as he got lost in the dual fantasy of wanting to bed Kaneki and then wanting to eat Kaneki. His imagination ran wild for a moment as he felt himself stiffen in his pants slightly, before he was shaken back to reality again by the very organ that started this whole mess. His stomach.

It growled hungrily even though he was not starving. He didn’t need to eat…he wanted to. Desperately. “I mustn’t! There’s no guarantee I’ll be ready by tomorrow!” Tsukiayama yelled down at his ab-lined stomach. The gluttonous back of his mind worked in tandem with another growl of his stomach. “But what if you were? You’ve digested quickly so many other times! Why you will probably be back, fitter than ever!”, the evil voice in the head said like a terrible shoulder devil though he could tell that the voice was coming not from his shoulder by “other brains” of his anatomy that wanted him to make terrible decisions.

In dramatic fashion, Tsukiyama wrestled with himself, literally. He tossed his head in his hands trying to shake himself out of the thoughts he was thinking and lost his footing, tossing himself side to side. He threw himself against wall, shoulder hitting brick, as he tensed up his face. “La Torture! Tentation divine! Les horreurs d'un repas délicieux et d'un ventre plein! Que devrais-je faire?” He asked himself out loud, drool forming already at his mouth. “Je ne devrais pas le faire…” he said looking down at the ground and then using the back of his sleeve to wipe away the forming drool at his lips. “Mais je dois! Très Bien!” He said licking his lips.

He looked around, now thinking of those around him as potential meals. It was then that he noticed the tell-tale signs of a CCG Ghoul Investigator in a large trench coat, carrying a large metal briefcase. “Très Magnifique! It’s almost like the heavens provide to sanctify this meal!” Tsukiyama said in trite reverence. He caught up to the man and followed him for blocks to make sure that his prey was indeed an investigator. “Mon dieu, I’m practically doing a public service!” he muttered to himself. He watched as the investigator turned down a small, dark alley and then opened his briefcase to fight. Tsukiyama carefully took off his jacket and laid it gingerly on top of a closed dumpster. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation then charged. “Bon appétit…”

The battle hadn’t lasted long. The investigator was strong, stronger than Tsukiyama had anticipated, but that made his victory that much sweeter. His hunger and desire drove Tsukiyama to fight with greater power and speed, though he was so engrossed in his decision that he seemed to fight with an added flair, near dancing around the alley as he dodged every blow that the investigator tried to land on him. It wasn’t long until Tsukiyama was able to overwhelm the investigator and he was left standing in the middle of now abandoned alley, patting his distended belly and arching his head back to let out a gluttonous, wet belch. He pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed the sides of his mouth. “Bof…Excusez-moi! How ill-refined,” he said as he patted his bloated belly over his disheveled shirt. He grabbed his suit coat and proceeded to waddle home to sleep off his meal so he’d be able to be prepared for the gala the next evening. Already the food coma was starting to prick at his consciousness and telling him, he had indeed made the right decision.

Tsukiyama fell asleep, sure in the knowledge that he had made the correct judgement. He patted his belly and slept on his side, letting his belly fill out the side of his bed and dreamt of his upcoming time with Kaneki later in the week. He counted sheep softly, stroking his struggling belly as he did.

However, when Tsukiyama awoke, he did so to a very unpleasant surprise. He tried to turn over, still groggy, assuming that he’d be back to normal shape or at the worst, still a slight bloat that he might be able to cover. But he found that as he turned over to try to stretch his stiff body that he was unable to do so. Wide awake now, and with a sense of terror, he slowly looked down at his torso and saw that his belly still just as big and struggling as it had been before his sleep. “Oh merde…” He said in defeat as he realized that his gamble had ended in utter defeat.

He glanced over at his alarm clock, having decided not to set it to try to work off his meal as much as possible. “Double merde…” he muttered, rolling his eyes. It was only a few hours to the gala and he would need to get ready. He couldn’t let the investigator out, that was like begging for him to be hunted directly or just killed on the spot. No, unfortunately… He’d eaten himself into a corner. Tsukiyama would have to keep him in his stomach for the gala.

Tsukiyama spent the next hour trying to find some clothes that would fit his new girth. At first he tried to focus on something he could wear to the gala and failing that, just something that would fit. Neither seemed to be readily available. His frustration with his own gluttony, his appetite backfiring on him, and anger that his stomach and it’s contents weren’t cooperating with him was making discontented, and rapidly losing his usual French flair. Finally he decided his best shot was to go back to the flashy suit that he was usually wore to such events and would do his best to say that he had just overeaten at a gourmet meal as his gluttonous ways were well known, just not this this…extent.

He showered, and prepped himself, making sure his hair was perfectly coiffed. With some struggle he was able to get his slacks and belt done up, though incredibly strained. The belt buckle was trying to pull itself free as it sat under his incredibly round belly, the added weight of his middle pushing the buckle painfully toward his crotch as it pressed downward. He should have tucked in his shirt first, but he wasn’t even sure he could get his shirt around his new waistline at this point. He buttoned up around his defined chest and then winced a bit as successive buttons got harder and harder to button until finally he was stuck.

Tsukiyama made a face of mixed disgust and determination. He poked angrily at his stomach to get his meal’s attention. “Urgh-! Suck it in! I have a gala tonight, and I’m not letting you ruin it!” he shouted, trying to pull the two halves of his shirt closer together. He struggled and sucked in his stomach as much as he commit, trying to think thin thoughts and apply as much of a vacuum to his distended torso as he could until he was finally able to do up the last buttons.

He cautiously let himself relax and watched the buttons strain tight but was grateful that for the moment they held. Patting the properly contained belly, he tried to tuck what he could into his tight pants, his fingers already being crushed by trying to get them in the tight belt. “Tsukiyama. You’ve really done it this time. You can do this,” He said to himself in the mirror before then putting his suit coat (he decided not to try a button on that at this point) and walked out the door to go to the gala, requesting a driver to take him there. He was glad that Kaneki wouldn’t be at the extravagant affair, having expressed that he didn’t want to be a such a crowded pretentious place with all those people. It would give him time to return to normal. Tsukiyama gulped. Or at least he hoped.

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Heey, I'm new in all of this tumblr thingy but I've found your blog and I really love it! So I was wondering if maybe you could make a story about a girl that has been Bucky's best friend (besides Steve) since he got his memories back, and one night they get drunk at her place after a mission, but things get a little "out of control", so the days after that they have to decide what's going on with them and with their feelings?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Fandom: MCU

A/N: first of all, let me welcome you to tumblr!!! I hope you enjoy this hell we all call home lol. also, I’m really glad you enjoy my writing and hope you like what I made out of your request. <333 (PS: I really hope no one ever decides to look at my google history because the search for gifs has taken me to some very smutty places hahaha)


“So what do you say, boys? Drinks at my place?” you asked when you walked over to them on the jet.

The mission was a success and you were all on your way back home now. 

Celebrations were in order.

Bucky smiled and nodded. “Sounds good.”

“I’d love to, but I’m having a date tonight,” you literally beamed when the words came out of his mouth. He was your best friend, had been for ages and you just wanted him to be happy and find love again. He was slowly getting over Peggy. It had taken a long time, but he was getting there.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” you sat down next to him, still smiling like an idiot.

Bucky didn’t listen anymore, way to distracted by your smile. You didn’t seem to notice.

“You know her. But that’s all I’m going to say. I want to make sure it works out before I let you know who to kill when it goes wrong.”

You kissed his cheek. “You know me so well.”

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I'm so excited to see what you come up with for Alex and little Agent Danvers!

“Alex, help me,” Kara begs her sister through her comms, frozen still in the middle of her office. Eyes locked onto her slowly moving target. “I don’t know what to do.”

Okay, look, you need to distract and then subdue—”

Through the comms, Kara picks out Lucy’s voice. “Whoa, guys, we’re talking about a baby here, not an enemy hostile.”

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it’s that cat’s cradle alternate plot! except not really. but it’s sorta.

you’re still my favourite (part i)


warning: cheating! angst af

they move in together when kibum is 23 and jonghyun is 24.

that’s when they meet minho.

minho, who is their neighbour; minho, who is an assistant soccer coach at the same school kibum’s mother is at; minho who has a red string on the left hand of his pinkie finger that leads directly to the pinkie finger of kibum’s right hand.

minho, who is kibum’s soulmate.

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13 or 16 kustard?

Here you go! Sorry for the wait! I didn’t expect it to get this long to be really honest, and many times I wrote it as angst than hurt and comfort orz

Goes to show my rustiness. 

I chose 16. “Stop telling me you’re okay.”

I thought it was ‘fine’ but when I saw that it was ‘okay’ Had to do some change up. derp. 

Title: It’s Not Okay, but It Will Be

Pairing: Kustard

Words: 3, 402

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Geralt and Yen for the shipping meme? :D

*cries* thank u. 

  • falls asleep on the couch- Geralt, probably. “I was just resting my eyes, Yen.” “Uh-huh. That’ll be why there’s drool on my favourite couch cushion?” 

  • makes friends with the neighbors- Actually I want to say Geralt does this but like…Accidentally? Yennefer is quite happy to keep things private and she isn’t like rude or cold or anything she just doesn’t go out of her way to mingle. Geralt is like Tall and Strong looking so people will approach him and ask him for favours carrying heavy things or like “my cat is stuck in a tree could you??” and he’s too nice to say no? So he just gets roped into doing all these things for their neighbours and of course they insist on thanking him so he gets invited over for like tea and cake and stuff and he really just wants to keep himself to himself and live a nice, chill life with Yennefer but that ain’t happening. Yennefer thinks this is hilarious and accepts every single thank you invitation and teases Geralt while they’re there because “what a hero,” and he’s just like ¬_¬ 

  • is the adventurous eater- Probably Yennefer tbh. Geralt just eats meat off a stick and is happy with it. Yen has slightly more Refined tastes and any time anywhere new opens near them she insists on going and trying it out. Geralt is just…Baffled by it all. Like it’s small and there are tiny dots of sauce like he needs more sauce than that, ‘are they afraid they’re going to run out Yen??’ She rolls her eyes and watches him have an aneurysm trying to decide which piece of the 15-set cutlery he’s been given to use. ‘If you just use your hands to make it simple I am going to murder you with this knife, Geralt.’ 

  • hogs the covers at night- Definitely Yennefer. She’s not even sorry about it and she’s not subtle about it either. Geralt will like…raise his eyebrows at her and she’ll just shrug at him like “Yes, is there a problem??” And he just smirks and “No, not at all, carry on.” And she just…Yep, fine then, and tugs a little bit more over to her side. 

  • forgets to do the dishes- Hmmm, probably Yennefer is the one who genuinely forgets about them. Geralt “forgets” because he hates doing them but it never works. She boycotts all kisses and cuddles until he’s done it, it’s his night, he agreed. He complies with a lot of grunting and grumbling that they should just buy loads of disposable paper plates and plastic cutlery and save this nonsense. 

  • tries to surprise their partner more often- Geralt tries. Tries being the operative word. He’s very rarely successful. Somehow Yen always rumbles him and knows what he’s planning ahead of time and he’s just like ??? How do you do this!? But on the rare occasion he does manage to actually genuinely surprise her (usually with little, impulsive things he just does in the moment) she really loves them. And even when she knows what he’s up to she appreciates the effort and makes sure to let him know of that. 

  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor- Yennefer. It probably drives Geralt insane but she’s not stopping any time soon. 

  • stays up til 2 AM reading- Yennefer again, I think. She just gets Absorbed and is one of those like “one more chapter” that turns into the entire book type people. Geralt knows better than to try and encourage her to come to bed and has learned that he must never, ever kiss her and try and distract her in that way when she is reading. It will not end well for him. He just leaves her to it, mostly. Sometimes he’ll read to her too if she can’t sleep and she loves that more than just about anything else. 

  • sings in the shower- I want to say Geralt for hilarity reasons but Yennefer insists that it isn’t singing because he sounds like he’s being murdered and it’s just downright alarming. Geralt scowls at this assessment of his singing but honestly…She’s not wrong. 

  • takes the selfies- Yennefer. The concept would probably just confuse Geralt tbh. Like when Yen shoves her phone into his hands and tells him to take one of both of them because he has longer arms and it’s easier for him he inevitably ends up with like his thumb or finger covering half the lens and it’s out of focus and blurry and honestly just a disaster. Geralt doesn’t picture well he blinks at the wrong moment or is looking in the wrong direction or just looks utterly glaikit. Yennefer has given up on him and announces it’s a good thing she’s good looking enough for both of them. 

  • plans date night- Yennefer. Geralt’s idea of date night is just…”We have dinner, then sex.” To which Yennefer rolls her eyes and informs him that, “That’s every night, darling.” To which Geralt shrugs and grumbles something along the lines of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” But he knows Yen likes getting dressed up and going out and doing nice things and he doesn’t have any real objection to it. Dinner and sex tends to be in her plans anyway so he’s good with it. 

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(1) Burnie remembers the last time he saw Geoff alone, they met often back before The Fake AH Crew was born and he can just about remember the meeting that proceeded it. Geoff looked tired and was sporting more than a few new scrapes, one-man heists were difficult even for a seasoned criminal and it was clear they were taking their toll. Geoff mentioned that he was taking on an "assistant", just for one heist or maybe two, then he would see them off before they had the chance to backstab him.

(2) “I work alone” he insists, and Burnie shakes his head because he knows Geoff will be asking him to help with a heist again in no time. The next time he sees Geoff is the first time he sees Jack. Geoff’s temporary assistant has been with him for three weeks past their supposed break off point now and he agreed to bring them to meet Burnie. When he sees Geoff walk in with a lady e almost makes a joke about them being husband and wife, but the way they spend all night conspiring and

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Heya, dfab anon here- I'd like to thank you for your advice, it was well thought out and I think I can figure out a way to make it work- but I feel that if I explicitly make her nonbinary, it would also give some negative representation because she has a mental disorder and high intelligence as well, and I feel that if I made her nonbinary it would make her a Mary-Sue. (Mattie Skye?) I'm still working it out but your input was great, and if you have any advice, feel free to answer me again!

I’m glad you found my answer useful!! Though here comes a little extra bit of advice based on this response, because there might be a few problems here.

First of all, making a character nonbinary should in no way contribute to any interpretation of suedom. The only way it could possibly fit within the standard idea of a mary sue is if we assume that “nonbinary” somehow means “special”, which it really shouldn’t. The idea that female and male are the default and nonbinary genders are somehow something “new” or “extra” is an extremely harmful notion that only further feeds into the damaging (and hugely incorrect) narrative of nonbinary people just being “special snowflakes” who want attention. Do not avoid creating characters from massively underrepresented social groups because of archaic notions of what’s “normal.” That is what would potentially be offensive.

Secondly, in my private writer opinion, what makes a character a “mary sue” in the first place has been greatly muddled over the years. Personally, I find the whole concept far more damaging than helpful, for three reasons:

  • In reality, a so-called “mary sue” is annoying not because she’s overpowered or a special snowflake or whatever, but because she hogs the attention of the narrative without giving anything back. Telling stories is about communicating a lesson or theme to your audience - the issue that may crop up around an overpowered character is that they solve the plot without going through the necessary character development that communicates the story’s message to your reader. People want to hear about unemployed single mother Betty McBadluck struggle through hardship after hardship until she finally lands a job that gives her both enough money and spare time to care for her child because they might be able to find inspiration and courage in the lessons that Betty learns along the way about staying strong and never giving up hope. Mary Sue spinning around in her CEO chair and buying jet planes for each of her 12 smart, successful children for 200k pages is grating because it doesn’t teach the reader anything. They have no reason to read about a person who doesn’t need to develop at all, because the majority of readers like stories because they have something important to teach them. This is why flawed characters are so great - they already come pre-packaged with issues they have to face. The idea that certain features like superpowers, high intelligence, wild hair or eye colors, or having six different love interests automatically makes a character repulsive makes zero sense. You can totally have a winged genius main character breathing fire out of her rainbow eyes and still have her be likable - just make sure that the story is about her overcoming all the little bumps in the road as she moves in with her six boyfriends and everything she learns about being a good person and partner, and not about how she effortlessly saves the world every week with her all-destroying unlimited lightning farts. 
  • These days, the concept of mary sues is primarily used to kill creativity in young/beginning writers and scare them into trying to fit a mold of “not too much.” In my experience, this results in stale characters that the writer won’t allow to be too much of anything out of fear that someone will call suedom on them, either for being too cool or too sympathy-demanding. Not only does this totally suck the fun out of casual writing that people do for fun, it also drives a lot of writers into giving their characters flaws that don’t gel with the narrative at all. Personally, I’m sick to death of female characters in mainstream media having to have goofy/awkward/”clumsy” sides to them in a transparent attempt to mark them as “clearly not mary sues.” Flaws exist to humanize characters and give them that internal struggle that should ideally drive the plot, not as something you quickly staple on to a character in a last-ditch effort to calm a potential angry audience.

  • There’s a reason you hear “mary sue” used way more often than “gary stu.” Female characters are criticized far more harshly for being powerful and unique than male characters are. This absolutely has its roots in the fact that we’re used to seeing male wish-fulfillment characters (think Tony Stark, The Doctor, James Bond, etc.), while female characters usually exist only in relation to male characters and not as wish-fulfillment of their own. I dislike referring to characters as “mary sues” - even ones that might fit the bill for bullet point 1 - because of its sexist connotations. On the subject of nonbinary characters, remember that nonbinary people have even less representation of wish-fulfillment than women do.

I’m not saying you absolutely have to make your character nonbinary if you don’t want to. I’m just saying to really thoroughly ask yourself why you won’t so you don’t make the decision based on bigotry and misinformation.

An Odd Encounter

Title: An Odd Encounter

Genre: AU, Fluff, Getting Together

Word Count: 3, 250

Warnings: None!

Description: In which Dan safely helps a stranger remove himself from an embarrassing situation on the subway.

Author’s Note: Ugh, only in fanfiction would this ever actually happen. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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anonymous asked:

I saw that previous ask about tutorials, idk about others but imo if you could explain a bit how you paint those more realistic paintings that you do, it would be lovely ;v; I'm struggling with those.. Your work is wonderful!

Thank you so much!! I kind of regret not taking more WIP shots but I just forget to while I’m focussed on a painting. I’m not sure how useful this will be since I am not a portrait artist and only started painting portraits to see if I could. I get bored with drawing precise cartoons all the time. Painting expressively is like a little art holiday, haha.

But I digress, I’ll try to piece together something coherent from what I have… Hold onto your hats.

The question I get asked time and again is ‘Which brushes do you use?’ I use the standard oil brush in a little-known program called ArtRage, which, incidentally, I highly recommend to anyone who wants a more realistic painting experience. It really helps if you have used real paint before since ArtRage is as close as you’re going to get to the real thing. It would be impossible for me to create paintings like this in Photoshop with its sadly quite limited brush mechanics.

Here are my brush settings:

It’s almost always set to square head and I vary the pressure, thinners and loading depending on what I’m painting. When painting a large area I turn on Insta-Dry. If I want to colours to blend more I turn off Auto Clean.

This image was posted a while ago on my blog. As you can see, I start by slapping on large areas of colour to describe the shapes and lighting, then I go in and define it. It’s most important to get the first bit done properly. If I failed to define the form at this stage, it would be a disaster later into the painting.

This is the earliest shot I have of this particular painting. I am defining shape at this point and trying to get a feel for the colours I want to use. My general rule is to paint with more saturated colours. I make the base darker so there is room for highlights later. I repaint with different colours many times until I am happy with the colour values (which I will discuss in a minute).

I used to get disillusioned at this early stage because the painting didn’t look good straight away. I imagine this is a common problem for artists trying new things but after some practice I stopped critiquing myself. This part always looks a mess so don’t panic, just persevere and it will start making sense.

Everything at the point looks a bit soft and crude, so I zoom in and start defined areas. This part is dreadfully time-consuming. I slap paint down and take it up again, or paint over and over until it just looks right to me. I don’t know how to explain this part as it is just purely down to my intuition and taste. I want it to look muddled but still make sense. I don’t see the point of just painting exactly what is there, so I look for hints of things and exaggerate them. Say, if there is a hint of blue or red I will blow it up and heavily saturate i. I take these colours and put dashes of them throughout the painting.


Now let’s talk about colour values.

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Edge of Tonight

Punk Frank, where Frank is super duper sweet to the reader because he knows what their going through, and he genuinely likes them

So this one went through about two or three drafts before I settled on this idea. I really love these kind of prompts and I wanted to do something really fluffy without it being too clichéd. Hope you all enjoy! Xx Also general question, are my imagines too long or have they been good lengths so far? I want to make them worth the time you put in to read them, so if they’re too long/  not long enough let me know!

Warnings: A teeny bit of angst/self-loathing. But that’s it.

It was just one of those days. No matter what you did, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t find the motivation to do anything. You had called in sick to work, stayed curled up under your covers and slept for the majority of the day. Most of the time you could push yourself to ignore your depression and find something to focus on. But today just wasn’t one of those days. You couldn’t even be bothered to get out of bed, and when you did finally stay awake you glanced at the harsh light of your clock noticing it was dinner time. Feeling your stomach rumble softly you sighed, grabbing your laptop and ordering some take out online.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm about to graduate nursing school and am a bit nervous to start the interview process. Have any suggestions? THANKS!

Hi! Congrats on nearing the end of nursing school! So exciting! Interviewing can be nerve racking for sure. Here you’ve done all this work of just surviving during nursing school and now you’ve got about an hour to prove to some panel of people that you’re worth hiring and putting those skills to use. 

I actually just spent a day sitting in interviews for nurses who want to join our new grad program. Here are some {lengthy!} things that would be helpful to keep in mind (side note, these are good for any RN interviews, no matter how long you’ve been doing it and (2) while some of these may seem critical of the interviewee, please know that I LOVE new RNs and student nurses and this is all said out of wanting you all to do the best you can):

1. Research the hospital/institution you want to work for. We’re looking to see that you’re going to be a good match, for our retainment purposes as well as your own job satisfaction. My hospital asks specifically what you’ve heard about us that makes you want to work there. Be specific and genuine. That fact that we’re Magnet is great but not the end all be all. I chose my hospital because of their commitment to diversity. At another hospital you may value their Christian mission. Whatever it is, show that you have a basic understanding of who you’ll be working for and why that means something to your personally.

2. Many interview questions are behavioral based now. What that means is we’re asking you questions to try to understand how you think and will approach a situation. You should answer these in three succinct parts. (1) what the situation was (2) what did you do about it [not your nurse/instructor/preceptor] (3) and what was the result. We’re not looking for perfect situations. You’re a new nurse, you won’t do everything right. But you should be able to show your process for working through things. And if you didn’t do it exactly right, tell us how you’ve learned from that situation and what you would do differently next time. Also there are some basic themes to these type of questions. For example, a tough clinical case, what you did when you had a patient diagnosis you weren’t familiar with, how do you handle conflict, etc.

2a. Personal pet peeve. Do NOT tell me that you’ve never had conflict. Do NOT tell me you hate and/or avoid conflict. This isn’t healthy. Everyone has conflict at some point. We’re not asking you about a shouting match or a fist fight. We’re asking how you handled a difference of opinion, a misunderstanding, or a difficult patient. Conflict can be a good thing! Challenging others and ourselves helps us grow. Show that introspection and maturity in your answer.

3. In conjunction with #2, be thinking about your previous clinical situations before the interview. Have a crazy story? Chances are that’s the one you’re going to want to share with us. Memorable for you will be memorable for us. Especially when we’re interviewing dozens of people for only a few select spots.

4. ASK. US. QUESTIONS. I don’t care if you think you found out everything you need to know from the hospital’s website or recruiter. This is the 45 minutes or so you have to convince us that we want to hire you. We want to have a conversation with you. Even if it’s, “the recruiter told me a lot about your great staffing ratios, how did you come up with those?” or “I saw on your website that you recently embarked on xxx study. I was interested in what other kinds of studies you do, or how are the bedside nurses involved in efforts like these?” so on and so forth 

5. Think about what you want to convey to us at the beginning of the interview and let that be your theme throughout. What makes you you? Are you naturally funny? Tell us a story about how joking around with a patient distracted them during a painful wound dressing change. Are you a nut for details? Tell us about how you caught an error before it hit your patient. 

6. Don’t worry too much about being nervous. Prepare ahead of time and the rest will come. We know that you’ll be nervous, your first RN job is a big deal. But the thing is, we’ve all sat in that chair. And no matter how your interviewer comes across, they all want you to do well and be successful. If you’re not a match, it’s okay. (repeat that, alright?) Being a match is important. Being happy at your job is important. You interviewer is trying hard to determine if they’re going to be an equally good match for you. So a “no” is not always a bad thing. 

I hope this all helps! Feel free to add or ask any other specific questions about the interview process that you have. Of course every hospital will be a little different but I think this will get you started. They’re are a lot of articles out there on this too that you can find through a google search. Also try your career services dept on campus who can practice interviewing with you. 

anonymous asked:

i have no motivation to study. i am lazier than i have ever been. my national exams is in a month yet i have not started on anything. i'm crying because everytime i try to do something or start on revising, i feel so unmotivated and lose interest and just end up not doing it. i don't even know anymore.

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

This will help you in shaa Allah

Think positively

  • Listen to what you say, either to yourself or to others: Do you put yourself down? Are you negative about your chances? (For example: ‘I can’t do it.’ ‘I’ll never get through all the work.’ ‘I’m not very good at ….’
  • Try changing your talk, and your ‘self-talk’ and give yourself positive messages. (For example: ‘I can succeed.’ ‘I’m good at …’, ‘I passed my previous assignment so I can pass this one too.’)
  • Make a list of all the things you’ve completed successfully in the past, include assessments and exams but add other things as well (i.e. got a job, painted the house, learned to cook, etc ). If you succeeded once, you can do it again.Think about how you did it and use those techniques again.
  • Form mental images of working towards successful outcome, i.e. studying hard and passing! (It’s very important to include the ‘working hard’ bit: you won’t pass if you don’t do the assignments or study for the exam!) Keep thinking about this, reinforcing the image.
  • Revise with a friend or fellow student (perhaps you could link up with someone you’ve ‘met’ through the course page). Then, if one of you is having a bad day, the other can be encouraging and get you motivated again.

- Dr Aaron Jarden, senior lecturer in Psychology

Set Realistic goals:

  • If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do, try setting some realistic goals.
  • Start by dividing large tasks into smaller, more manageable parts. Then set a mini deadline for each of them.
  • Accept that whereas an A is great, a pass is really all you need.
  • Accept that you can’t do everything and try to work out what is possible.
  • Think about your learning – what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s amazing how many students continue to use strategies and techniques that don’t work for them simply because that’s what they’ve always done. If you don’t think the strategies you’ve been using work all that well for you, then try some new strategies.

 Take control

  • You can take control of your studies even if, up to now, you’ve been using all manner of excuses for not studying.
  • Start by deciding to take full responsibility for what you do.
  • Then make a list of the excuses you’ve been using for not studying, e.g. too tired, too far behind, too busy, too many other responsibilities, etc.
  • Look at your list of excuses and decide what you can do to change the situation, 
  • If procrastination and poor time management threaten to rob you of success, look at your study timetable and make sure you’ve included specific times by which each task must be finished. And if you don’t have astudy timetable with dates filled in, do it now.
  • Display your study timetable prominently and ask your friends and family/whanau to help you stick to it.

Reward yourself

  • Increase your motivation by providing your own positive reinforcement or rewards. A reward can be big or small, as long it’s something that you’ll look forward to,

(taken from Open Polytechnic )

Following are some dua that you can recite:

1.The Prayer of Prophet Musa (Peace be upon him) (Quran 20:25-28; Surat Taha)

“Oh my Lord! Open my chest [i.e. remove fear from it, or fill it with Your Light]. And ease my task for me. Remove the impediment from my speech so that they may understand what I say.”

2.Allahumma innee a’oozhubika minal hammi wal huzn, wal ‘ajzi wal kasal, wal bukhli wal jubn, wadhal ‘iddayni wa ghalabatir-rijaal.

“Oh Allah I seek refuge in you from grief and sadness, from weakness and from laziness, from miserliness and from cowardice, from being overcome by debt and from being overpowered by men (i.e. other people)

(Bukhari, volume 8, Book 75, Number 380)

I hope it will be helpful. May Allah guide us all to the straight path


saintoinette  asked:

Hi! I'm not sure if you've already answered this sort of question but anyway.... How do you do when you have a huge amount of study to do in a short time? I am not referring to a test in tbe following day... More like a lot to study in one week...!

The short answer is to evenly distribute the work across the entire week, maybe allowing for extra work on the weekends (since you have extra time when you don’t have class). But there are a few other things to consider.

If you have things due in the middle of the week, of course you’re going to have to dedicate a little extra time to that task in the early week while taking off a little bit of time for the other tasks. So, for example, if a physics homework suddenly pops up on a Wednesday but I planned on spending an hour a day on a paper then I might reduce the time to 30 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. After Wednesday I’ll try to do a bit more than an hour to sort of “catch up” on time. Or, similarly, you could do it by tasks rather than time. If I planned on doing three tasks a day for that paper then maybe I’d reduce it to one task a day on M-W, then catch up later in the week. Maybe finish the physics HW by doing problems A-B one day, C-D the next, checking them all on the following day, etc.

Part of this is going to require that you have a decent sense of how long it takes to do all of these tasks. Obviously, if you schedule too much for one day you might not get it done and then feel like you’re behind. My general goal is to get the meat of my work done during the week so I can tie up loose ends on the weekend (or get things done I wasn’t able to during the week). You could also choose to evenly spread out everything through the entire week, including weekends, having extra work to do on weekends. I find the latter to be more overwhelming just because, if I don’t get done what I planned during the week, it starts to really pile on over the weekend. Sometimes I find that scheduling more on a weekday tricks me into getting more done than I would if I scheduled less. But it all really depends on what works for you.

Another thing I highly recommend you do, especially during weeks where you have a lot to get done, is to schedule your time down to the hour. Take a look at your class/work schedule. If you have gaps between your classes, try to schedule small, non-overwhelming tasks for those times. If you don’t schedule anything chances are it will become dead time, which is a problem for many students. If you put down an overwhelming task you might end up avoiding it. I don’t have morning classes, so I schedule work in the morning. If you can’t get yourself up or just don’t think you’re productive in the morning then you don’t have to force it. I just think trying to get my work done as early as possible is helpful so I don’t procrastinate and then overwhelm myself later in the day. If you really don’t feel productive until late and know you’ll get work done then, feel free to schedule it then. However you schedule it, make sure you do. People are more likely to get things done when they schedule it because they always know what they should be doing.

You also need to prioritize your tasks. This is not just deciding which tasks need more of your time and which don’t, but also deciding when some tasks need to be eliminated or simply accomplished in a different way.

What tasks can be reduced, but never eliminated? Memorization tasks. They should never be eliminated, because once you start procrastinating on memorization tasks, like going through flashcards daily (or, more importantly, making them), you might keep procrastinating on it. Eventually you won’t have enough time to actually memorize the content. This also goes for tasks that build up every day, like rewriting notes, as well. A task that might take 30 minutes a day suddenly takes several hours in a single day because you put it off. Doing regular practice problem sets is also included in this. At the college level you will find that equations are less “plug and chug” and more about how you can manipulate them, substitute one equation into another, performing various calculus functions to create a new equation (for some classes), etc. This is something that you have to practice regularly and will probably not have much success cramming.

What kind of tasks are okay to eliminate? Obviously this depends for each class. If you were going to take notes on a chapter you already know really well, don’t do it just because you feel like you need to have a complete set of notes for each chapter; if you don’t have extra time and you know other chapters require a lot more time, eliminate it. Don’t make flashcards for terms you already know just to complete the set. If you have an assignment for another class taking up your time, ask yourself if there’s any way you can cut time spent on that assignment. Is it something that needs to be done perfectly? Could you perhaps skip attention to detail for that particular task to just get it done and over with? My English professor has us annotate texts for HW. If I don’t have extra time I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, because he only checks to see that we did the work, not the quality of it.

What kind of tasks should you tweak? Well, this is primarily about studying for exams. If you only have a couple days until your next exam and you originally planned to take notes on all the chapters (but didn’t) you’re probably going to need to change your study strategy to just reading, or even just skimming to determine which chapters you actually need to read through. If your professor only tests on material from the lecture, not the book, then focus on studying with your notes. Making study guides, doing the blank page method, flashcards (if you think you have the time to make and practice them), etc. Only consult the book if you need more clarification. This sort of situation is probably the hardest to give advice on, but being open to changing your strategies during crunch time is the first step.

Hope that helps!

This is a detailed guide on creating a group verse in the indie RP world. Includes sections on plots, tags, settings, gimicks, promos, events, biographies, rules, ooc plotting/chatting, and other cool things.
Having ran a successful and unique group verse, and part of a few others, this is from my experience.
              What is a group verse? A verse that involved several indie blogs that revolve                      around a certain plot. It is similar to an rpg, but not as closed or limiting.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever found or written a Sabriel fake dating fic? I'm in severe lack.


Just a day or so after returning from winter break his sophomore year, Sam’s confronted by Gabriel, who lives a floor below him and sometimes hangs out with his friend group. “Sam-I-am, good break, I assume?”

Sam shrugs. He’d run into his ex from last year, Jess, at a Christmas party in the neighborhood, which he should have seen coming, but the new guy on her arm was a subtle reminder that he was still single. “It was alright. Yours?”

“I maaaaay have run into a little problem-o with the relatives. They’ve got a party coming up, for my parent’s anniversary, which was discussed at Christmas, and I may have said some things that weren’t quite true…”

Sam lets out a little laugh. “What, you? Stretching the truth? Unheard of.”

"Look, I may have just been a little pressured by my mother’s ‘When is my baby going to bring someone home to meet the psycho fam’ talk, but…”

“What did you do?”

“I may have said it was no big deal, and… that I’d have someone drop-dead gorgeous with me at the party next month. In other words, I’ve got two days to find someone willing to pretend to be my devoted beau.”

Sam’s trying not to laugh. “You know there are people you can hire to-“

“Bitch please I’m broke.” Gabriel’s actually got his serious face on, so Sam tries to compose himself and actually help.

“You want me to ask Meg? She’d probably do it if I was the one to ask.”

Gabriel tilts his head, considering. “I was kinda hoping you’d go with me, Sam.”

Sam frowns. “No offense, but won’t your family be expecting someone a little more… female?”

“Nah. Family knows I’m into guys, girls, anything in-between… How about it, Sam?" 

He’s never thought about dating Gabriel before, because he’d been hung up on the whole Jess thing, and he’d thought Gabriel was straight(ish), and he’s just realizing now that this means Gabriel considers him to be “drop-dead gorgeous”.He glances down at the guy leaning in his doorway, taking in his anticipatory face and blond hair and Asia t-shirt. How had he literally never considered dating this guy?

"Sam.” Gabriel’s voice snapped him out of his trance. “It’s a fake date. Acting and all that. Your honor will be mostly intact.” Gabriel pokes Sam in the chest, and it takes him a second to remember he’s wearing a shirt from a production the school had just done. “Put all those acting skills to the test.”

Right. Pretending. Sam can do that. “Yeah, count me in then,” he nods.


“You know what would be fun?” Gabriel asks from where he’s sprawled over Sam’s bed. Ever since the fake date incident a week ago, Sam had started inviting Gabriel up to his single occupant room, because Gabe can’t stand his new roommate, a random placement at semester who goes by Al. Apparently, he’s homophobic, smells like athlete,  and insists on keeping the place ‘orderly’ (“-and he’s a bag of dicks who tries to contain my art.” “He said that about you and you’re complaining about him picking stuff up?” “He tries. To contain. My art.”)

“What’d be fun?”

“We should convince Al we’re dating.”


Gabriel shrugs. “It’d piss him off. And maybe then he’d start not being in the room all the time.”

Sam mulls it over a little. He’s got plenty of things against Al, and… whatever this entails, he’d probably going to like it. His guiltiest thoughts now involve quite a bit of Gabriel. “Got any great ideas?”

This question is what leads to the two of them cuddled much closer than necessary on Gabe’s bunk to watch a movie when they know Al’s due back from hockey practice any minute. Gabriel’s a very good cuddler and takes it exceedingly well when Sam stage kisses him in front of Al. He’s not sure if the flutters in his stomach are stage fright or if he’s getting a little too into the role.

Either way, Al requests a room transfer, so they count it as a success.


Another week rolls by, and Sam’s alone studying on Valentine’s Day, which doesn’t actually bother him, but still feels like he’s maybe doing something wrong. Either way, when he answers Gabriel’s knock, he’s not expecting the classy clothes. He asks why with one raised eyebrow.

“Listen to me, Sam. The restaurant in town is offering a free dessert bar to couples because it’s v-day, and no, I don’t mean the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, although I’m down for celebrating that with dessert as well.”

"So what you’re saying is-”

“What I’m saying is you’re my pretend-date, Sam. I’ll buy you a meal and everything, but we’re getting that free dessert.”

Sam stares for a minute, and finally asks, “Do you really think I don’t know what you’re doing?”

“Uh, I’m scoring myself a chocolate fountain and all the coconut fudge I can eat?” He makes a “duh” face. “Come on, Sam. Do you even know me?”

“Yeah, I do. And I also know this is the third time you’ve asked me out without actually asking me out.” Sam leans against the door frame so he’s a little closer to Gabe’s level. “I’m not totally ignorant.”

Gabriel’s shoulders visibly slump, and he folds his arms. The change in body language is the only response he’s going to give, obviously, because he’s standing quiet for once and gazing at the floor.

“Hey.” Sam says. Gabriel looks up, still looking guilty. “You could have just… asked me out.”

Gabriel snorts. “Like I was going to do that. You’re-” he waves a hand up and down in frustration. “You’re Sam.”

“You’re practically doing it right now.” Sam protests. “Just…”

Fine,” Gabriel huffs dramatically. “If it’s such a big deal to you…” he drags both hands down his face, but it does nothing to stem the blush rising to his face. “Sam. The restaurant in town is offering free dessert for-“

Sam stops him right there with a not-pretend kiss that Gabriel happily sinks into. “Yes, I’m going out with you, you dork,” Sam smiles as they separate. “There’s no way I’d pass this up, okay?”

“Okay.” Gabriel glances towards the hall door. “But all sappy confrontations and my wildest dreams coming true aside, there’s a cake buffet with my name on it. Can we?”

Sam kisses the top of Gabriel’s head. “We can.”

goddesskandin  asked:

Hi! I'm in kind of a bind.. I've been texting consistently with a POT for about a week now. It's been going extremely well.. Dare I say I'm developing feelings 😟. However, the topic of allowance hasn't come up.. We're having dinner on Wednesday though, how should I go about this? (Also, he's looking for one SB to be with. His last sugar baby was his GF and he has hinted that'd be his ultimate intentions with me as well if things work out). I'm a little confused.. Thank you in advance 💕

My dear, let me first make sure that you are focused on the immediate goal here: you want to find a SD who is going to provide financial support in exchange for your companionship.  And to do that, you have to move all the other stuff out of your mind … at least for now.

So, if you dare say that you are developing feelings for the guy based on a week’s worth of messaging, I dare tell you to put those feelings on ice … at least for now!  Those feelings will not help you; they will only get in the way of doing what you need to do and that is to negotiate a good and fair allowance! 

He tells you that he is looking for one special sugar baby, that he is not a “player” and that is what you want to hear, but, you have to pretend that those words have not been said … at least for now!

He tells you his last SB became his girlfriend and that is his ultimate intention for you, but, you have to ignore that sentiment … at least for now! Dangling the “I want you to be my (spoiled) girlfriend” line in front of your eyes is one of the oldest tricks in the books used by POTs who want to get a SB for nothing.  See, for example, The things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!

The “Boyfriend POT”

This guy may be the cleverest of the bunch, but don’t be fooled!  He says, “I don’t do allowances, that is beneath me and you, instead, I like to “spoil” or “pamper you.”  He suggests that he wants to treat you like a “spoiled girlfriend”.  He may offer to take you on “shopping trips” or he may offer to pay “your bills” like your rent.  In other words, he wants to be in total control of how much he gives you and when and for what reason.  The only thing he asks in return is that he gets to fuck you as often and whenever he wants.  Trust me, it is a horrible deal.  

Now, I’m not saying that he is looking to get one over on you; maybe his ultimate intentions are good! But the fact is that, right here, right now, you want a SD that is going to provide you with an allowance, money that you can use as you see fit, not something that he “doles” out to you when he feels like it!

The main thing you have to focus on at this point is making flipping this POT into a SD, nothing more and nothing less.  All the rest of the “romantic” stuff that he told you about comes later.  Your mission as a SB is to get a SD, not a boyfriend. And what’s the main thing that separates a SD from a vanilla boyfriend?  Yes, the allowance!  That discussion needs to happen pronto!

The fact that he has no brought up the allowance is a bit of a red flag in my eyes because you have been texting with this guy consistently for a week.  If I were your POT, we would have already had that talk and the upcoming dinner would be to celebrate our new arrangement!  

All right, you hit me up for advice, right?  So, let’s get to the advice to make this upcoming dinner successful!

The first thing that you have to do is to tell yourself that the allowance WILL be discussed at dinner, at the latest, no ands ifs or buts.  If he does not bring it up within the first half hour or so, you must broach the subject yourself!  To prepare for that, read my post Spot the real POT (Part III):  How a real POT handles the “allowance talk”  Pay particular attention to the second part of the post, dealing with a SB making the opening move if the POT does not bring up the subject himself.

Go to that dinner with your number in mind.  If he starts the conversation, great, the benefit of having a number in mind is that you will be prepared to react appropriately based on what he offers. If you are the one that has to raise the subject, you will already have your opening move planned and ready.  

My next thought is very important:  Don’t let him sweet talk you out of an allowance, honey!  If your opening move is something like “Evan, I’m having such a wonderful time with you!  I’d love to call you my sugar daddy.  Why don’t we discuss the terms of our arrangement so that we can go back to enjoying each other’s company”, and he tries to dodge the subject by saying, “Oh, baby, I want to think of you as my girlfriend, not a sugar baby, so there’s no need to cheapen our relationship with the talk of money” you need to stand your ground!  Let him know that all of that can certainly come later, but for now, you are interested in an arrangement and an arrangement involves an allowance.  And, if it makes you anxious to talk about money or the other things that come with an arrangement, read this post for additional tips and some moral support:  How do you bring up allowance on the second date?

If that scares him off, then it was never meant to be and all his talk about you being his girlfriend, etc, was nothing more than hot air to get your clothes off!  If, on the other hand, he engages you in an honest and open conversation, you will get this deal sealed!