I was too afraid to do anything that would have really helped myself

alfrette asked:

Hey Hi! Yay! You made a TVD blog too! I would love to get a TVD Male ship too, when possible? I'm Annette, 170cm, long blond wavy hair and blue/green eyes. I'm a bubbly person who talks a lot. I always like to help people out and give advice. I hate needing help and advice myself though, because I'm always afraid I'm not good enough. I love reading, writing and singing. Have fun writing! :D

SHIP: Damon

WHAT HE LOVES MOST: How independent you are and how fun you can be. At first you didn’t really like each other but soon he was the only one that could make you feel like you are actually good enough and you could do the same for him.

FIRST DATE: he took you to a small bar just outside of town since you asked him not to make the date anything fancy. You played pool for most of the night but then he dared you to sing something for karaoke, and when you sang that was the moment he first realised he was in love with you.

BEST FREIND: Stefan, You were over at the Salvatore mansion one night when you saw something that resembled a diary once you picked it up you soon realised that it was Stefan’s, he than walked in on you reading it he was mad at first but the both you soon bonded over the mutual love of literature and he would let you read his diaries if you allowed him to read your own work.