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- I’m not into Superwholock. Weren’t my types of shows anyways, and seeing their fandoms begged me off before I could get started. ^^”

- I have a passion against a lot of mainstream lit. For my hate list: The Hunger Games (though this is has faded to mild dislike over character treatment), Divergent, Unwind, Matched, to name a few. The characters are bland at best, and use stupid, nasty stereotypes like the Troubled Asshole Love Interest and the ever so edgy Strong Female Protagonist ™, and most of the stories are barely compelling. I apologize; I can be kind of a major asshole about books. It’s the only thing I really care about, so I expect more out of it and am critical when I don’t receive it. No hate for anyone who likes any of the above!

- St*r Wars fandom ruined Ky*lo Ren for me by excusing the literal mass genocide of an entire village (which is implied not to be the first for him) because his childhood was “sad”, especially when by excusing him, they decided to ignore that the main trio has a badass female Jedi, two people of color, and implied non hetero man.  (if the actor is anything to go by anyways). Not to mention, said main trio is also well written and completely devoid of unnecessary sexualization and stereotyping.