I was really surprised while reading the manga

Panel redraw of this: 

Those poses drew my attention while I was reading, so I decided to use it as practice. They’re so fluid.  Durarara!! 3WayStandOffAlley manga. Credits of translations and scan to soltarination ! 

Sometimes, I feel like the Eyeshield 21 anime doesn’t even try.

Honestly I was really skeptical about Berserk at first. The time that I found out about it, I kept asking around if it was any good. Well one day I decided to read it for the hell of it. And to my surprise, it was amazing. So amazing that it was the cause of many..many all nighters because i couldn’t take my mind off the screen. While reading it I got a surge of emotions throughout every chapter… It was really something. I kept track of every update, and was always happy to read, that is until the last update. When I read that we had to wait till summer, I was legitimately  pissed, because I felt that berserk was part of my life routine. Weird huh?