I was going to upload it



My Burton-esque Castiel post became my first post to ever break into the Four Digits Club in notes on Tumblr! I was shocked yet extremely excited❤︎
I uploaded it on my Society6 and RedBubble, just in case ;)
Your “likes”, “reblogs”, and creative, encouraging, and sometimes hilarious tags made me smile like an idiot… and YES, I go to EVERY. SINGLE. REBLOG.

With the overwhelming amount of positive feedback, I decided to study the Burton-esque style in depth, trying to come up with a coloring style to match. 

This is still my “study” in drawing/coloring the SPN characters Burton-esque.
So far, I think Death and Castiel are best suited for the style.
I’m currently watching Tim Burton movies on a loop to get a better grasp on the overall aesthetics of it.
There will be more from me in this style, I can promise you that.



Butterfly 139 - Retextured

Hair comes in my The Neutral palette and custom texture based off of Pooklet’s. It has a custom thumbnail to be found more easily. HD Mod compatible.

YOU NEED THE MESH for this hair which you can find HERE. All the credits for it go to Hallowsims.

Quick TOUs:

- Don’t re-upload, and don’t claim as your own. Don’t claim my texture as your own, either. Other than that, go have fun, kids! :)

- If there are any issues don’t hesitate to contact me.

- If you use it mention and/or tag me, I’d love to see it!



AliiZeeBearr’s 50+ Follower Thank You Gift Pt.1!

First of all, I’d like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for 50 followers! It’s not a lot, but I’m still super grateful! 

Anyways, lets move on to the good stuff  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Incudes over 30 different swatches, from lyrics to quotes!

Thank you to: @emplays and @lovelysimmingcc for letting me use their beautiful sims as models <3 AND the amazingly talented CC creators who’s content was used :3



SimFileShare (I have no clue whats going on with the site, but I’ll upload the shirts there once it goes back to normal heh)


this post is so all over the place im a wreck omg

→ holiday!

so I will be inactive on my blogs for the next week, as I am going to be drowning in cocktails beside a pool in bali. when I get back, my hiatus will be over and I should be getting straight back into posting more content for you all instead of the wishy-washy stuff I have been uploading the past few weeks haha.

if you wanna be jealous n watch me be drunk 24/7 n also view me partying at a music festival on sunday, then my snapchat is – deerguk. I would really prefer if you could inbox or reply to this post with your username as well so I am not just randomly adding people without knowing who they are.

but for now, I shall see you all in a week! ♡

anonymous asked:

Why you are going to delete it ? You are cute :)

Honestly. I have anxiety about how I look like. Especially if my classmates sees it , they would actually make fun how I look and that usually is the case. It took me a lot of courage to upload it actually , but somehow I just feel really not confident about myself.

I have experienced many kinds of bullying. Most being cyberbullying and verbal bullying , that’s why I’m kinda scared uploading pictures of myself and when I do , I only upload it for a short period of time.

This is a OC I created many, many years ago. As the story he was going to be in has been abandoned due to various reasons, I have not drawn him in some time. When I find more pictures I did of him, I’ll upload them and tell a little of his story.   

anonymous asked:

You should do a grammar check before posting. Your fics always got typos. xx

Thank you for your feedback.

I apologize for my bluntness, but I don’t exactly have time to run by and check every single word. I usually upload my work late at night. I try to proofread, but I usually end up just posting it before I crash. Also, I’m not the only writer with typos in her work, so I’m bewildered that you’d comment on this.

I’m always going to have typos. I’m sorry if that bothers you. If I have time to fix them, I will. If I do not have time, I ask you to understand that I have other affairs to attend to.


sim--ne  asked:

I just wanna say, thank you so much for existing. when I found your channel I had no idea you would have the impact you have on me now. I'm also going through a weird rough patch / "crossroads" right now and seeing you be your amazing, authentic self through it all gives me so much hope and courage. I know uploading that video took a ridiculous amount of courage so I just wanted to say I appreciate it. looking forward to seeing where you end up in the future :) thanks amy

You know it’s crazy- Before uploading the video, I didn’t want to upload it. And eved after a full 24 horus that it’s been published, I still have second thoughts and want to private it. Even now. I’m just really not used to the idea of being so open and vulnerable… 

But honestly reading messages like this where you said I had an impact on you, and gave you hope and courage, like damn, this is totally why I posted it. This totally makes all of it worth it. I’m so so so happy to know that it was a tiny light at the end of your tunnel. Thanks for making it all worthwhile, man.

25th September 2016

Lots of things have been happening in my Trich-related-life, I just haven’t been able to share in the same way I used to.

Furthermore, despite my uploaded videos and failed postings on YT - I’ve been feeling a bit stunted recently. Overwhelmed with that feeling of not being good enough for everyone, for organisations or for myself.

It’s hard to keep sharing what’s going on, how I feel, what I have to say to help - when I keep being pulled down by others and then myself. It all wears away.

I’m missing that confidence that younger me used to have. I’d welcome it if anyone can find it! That and my youth, that’s gone walkabouts too.

I’m too old to be useful anymore, apparently.

Signing off of tumblr in the near future...

Over the next month, I will be going through my archive, saving things and after that I’ll be closing this account. If you are a fan of my work, you can find me on instagram and twitter @larsenproject

I also have a facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/larsenprojectillustration/ where I will post links to my website blog. That’s where I’ll be keeping most of my project uploads.

I have no issue with tumblr. This is an effort to clear up my social media, and aside from the odd post here and there, I don’t really come here much.

See you around the internet.

anonymous asked:

I was never really into Minecraft, I remember I bought the game on my 18th birthday, played it once or twice and never really picked it up again. Then over the summer I saw some people I follow tweet about MCSM and uploading their fanart and such and I bought the first episode. And I just wanna say thanks for such an amazing experience. I'm playing Minecraft everyday now. Trying to recreate MCSM builds. I hope there's merch one day. I'd love a Jesse figure to go with my Steve and Alex.

Ahhhh yay that makes me so happy to hear!! I love the world of Minecraft and I love that our story helped you get excited about it too. :)

And man. MAN. Would I love to have a Jesse figure. Like you have no idea.

Ryle and Louis ch.9 Raw

My friend @serya-chan requested me to scan the most recent chapter of this manga, so here it is. This is chapter 9, it came on the October issue of GFantasy. I can’t say anything because I know nothing about this manga but I’ve got a feeling this chapter is a bit… spoilerish? To those who didn’t read the chapters before.

Download here.

I’m too lazy to upload it online.

Oh and please, if somebody’s ever going to do a scanlation out of my own scans, please, at least tell me about it.

beecat999  asked:

Leefi i missed youuuuu

oh, because i haven’t been posting lately? yea, sorry about that, a lot of things are going on irl, so beyond commissions, i haven’t drawn much. i did upload some original work to my main blog (LINK) if you want to check that out. 

so yea, sorry for the lack of art, it’s been getting harder to draw, and i don’t know when that will let up. thanks for sticking around though!

lifeloveandauthors  asked:

How do I get screenshots uploaded? I know how to get them on my 3DS but i don't know how to upload them. I just made four shirts that I REALLY want to share with everyone, but idk how

Wow. I have no idea why I didn’t get a notification about this ask. I am so sorry! (Way to go, Tumblr.) 

Depending on your model 3DS it may be as easy as removing the SD card and uploading it to your computer through a card reader, but if you have the New 3DS, then those SD cards are micro and cannot be removed without actually dismantling things. The best way I do it is as follows: 

  1. Load it up to the Miiverse
  2. Access picture from Miiverse on my computer 
  3. Go to http://waifu2x.udp.jp and upload the image with medium noise reduction and upscaled to 2x its size 
  4. Take download from there and upload it to Tumblr 

It’s a bit of a process, if you consider 4 steps a process, but it makes the images large and nice to look at. If you set the noise reduction too high, you end up with a posterized/pasty look to your images and you lose the HDR-esque quality and detail of the graphics. 

Just gonna make another post about it instead of reblogging the other one again.

At around 1:45 or 2:00 pm Central Time I’ll be going live on twitch again and writing the next chapter of Moving Forward. I’ve already written about a page and a half so you won’t see the whole thing if you come hang out on the stream, you’ll have to wait to read it all when its uploaded, but I thought it would be fun to hang out with you guys while I write and just have a nice little chat 😊

I’m gonna go ahead and tag everyone that’s on the Moving Forward tag list, but if you’re uninterested in the stream, can’t make it or just want to wait for the update I understand 😄 this it just a little “let’s talk and hang out while I write” type of thing and not everyone is into that

Stream: [twitch.tv/alfyiskingly]

You’re all invited to join me!

@twistedfate108 @flawlessapollo6 @wanderlustxdiaries @ageekybookworm @senselesscj @hannah795 @stxnninq @justcallmesweets @howdoesoneadult @kateonmarrs @sorryidontspeakgrounder-world @hymnofthevalkyries @sgt-jbb-107 @petals-overdaisies


I was going to post Armoured Skeptic’s video because it was just uploaded, but Chris Ray Gun’s video… It’s just exactly… It’s just exactly.

That’s it, it’s just exactly

Fuck YouTube Warriors

I’m going to start uploading my photography again soon

I’ve been uploading daily photography on my photography blog at @tynanphillipsphotography, but lately I’ve either been sick or in a lot of pain. That’s made it a lot harder to commit to uploading photography daily. Rest assured I do have lots more photos to upload, and now that I’m feeling better (in general) I’ll start uploading my photos again. :)