I was feeling awful

i rly hate to ask but the family i live with is having a really hard time money wise rn, we cant afford hardly any food for ourselves or the animals. everyone is workin full time but rent and car payments are kickin our ass atm and i cant work until i get my wrists fixed so i feel rly shitty that i cant help out with money. if u want to help u can donate or buy cat food from this wishlist. if u cant help thats totally ok



to any trans guys or trans mlm who are in need of some positivity

  • you are not faking being trans
  • you are not faking if you like being feminine 
  • you are not “a girl who fetishizes mlm relationships”
  • you are not “basically straight”
  • you are not disgusting, shameful, or horrible for being trans, a guy, or mlm
  • you are far from faking and are just as valid as every other mlm or guy out there

(this post is not for terfs)


That’s not true! You were a righteous man! You were willing to sacrifice your life for the sake of others! Your strength is on a whole different level! I don’t even begin to compare to you! And yet…! I’m sorry, Ebisu!