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@murdermayhemandjack Since I’m not going to like. Reply directly because I want both of these to stick together because this??? Like, guys, right here is why those books are so, so important, especially with Jack and Hector and how they interact with each other.

Like. Again, let me say this with a megaphone. JACK SPARROW AND HECTOR BARBOSSA ARE ACTUALLY FRIENDS

The last time Jack saw Hector, he was being forced onto that rumrunner’s island. The last time he actually physically laid eyes on Hector Barbossa, Hector Barbossa was uncursed, unharmed, and completely fine, outside of the mutiny on Jack part. The times that he and Jack were a (admittedly lopsided) team, Hector would make those comments, things along the lines of just kill them and be done with it or whatever, but they were remarks made in irritation, not in seriousness. When Hector Barbossa, on the deck of the Pearl, looks Jack right in the eyes and says, “Now, see Jack, that’s exactly the attitude that lost you the Pearl. People are easier to search when they’re dead.” This was not in irritation. This was in seriousness.

Like, I cannot begin to describe how wrong that must have hit Jack to hear Hector say that without what had always been previously irritation in Hector’s voice. Yeah, it’s been ten years, and yeah, Jack is totally going to kill this bastard as soon as he can, but you know. Here’s a man he thought was his friend once. Here’s a man that, when they met, was literally grieving a pet monkey. Here’s a man that he fell into a quick and easy friendship with over finding a ship full of rogue pirates. And the Hector Barbossa he finds on the Pearl is not that same man.

But you read the books. You watch AWE. And then look at Hector in CotBP. He talks a bit differently. He moves differently. His reactions are always, always slightly…I don’t know. Off. I feel like Jack could see that, that Hector wasn’t reacting the way the Hector he remembered would react to things, so yeah. He did things that would attempt to normalize the situation. Eating the apple was kind of two-fold, imo. It got under Hector’s skin, but it was playful. Which is why I will pound my fist on the table forever and say CotBP Hector is not the real man. You know who the real man is? The actual Hector Barbossa? Remember that guy that told Jack on Black Sands Beach that, “The world used to be a bigger place”? Yeah. Say hi to the actual guy behind the rest of it. Like. Hector was ten years into that curse by the end of CotBP. He was probably hanging on to everything he had left of himself with both hands, and I think Jack knew that. Because Jack knew him too well before everything went sour.

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i was just thinking about how magnus is going to plan all of rafael and max's bday parties. they are going to have the most elaborate childrens parties

Well, to be more specific, Max will have the most elaborate birthday parties. Rafa will have small, low-key parties. But the important thing is that they both have parties that are absolutely perfect for them.

And of course, with the way their lives are set up, these kids hit the birthday jackpot. Because they both go to mundane school, and they have mundane friends, and entire mundane existences that are in no way involved with the shadow world. So they can’t very well have a party with all of their mundane friends AND all of their shadow world friends and relatives (I mean, realistically they COULD, but why bother when you have an excuse to have two birthday parties???). So for the bulk of their childhoods, they each get two separate parties every year, one for ‘Friends’ (mundanes) and one for ‘Family’ (anyone they know from the shadow world). When they get old enough to not really need the parent-planned birthday party anymore, they each come up with their own way to compromise and only have one party or celebration.

But when they’re still kids, Magnus absolutely goes all-out. It’s inevitable. Think of how much he loves parties, and how much he loves his kids, then let him plan a party for his kids. Ridiculous. Max’s parties are huge, lavish, and horribly detailed. Max gets to pick the theme every year, and Magnus fucking runs with it. And he gets to plan TWO parties around the one theme every year, once with a fun challenge of keeping it mundane-friendly, and once where he can go to town and do whatever ridiculous shit he wants. And Max adores all of it. His birthday is his favorite month of the year (since he spreads his parties out so he can look forward to them for longer), and his parties are his favorite part of it.

Rafa, on the other hand, likes things to be a bit more reasonable. For the most part, he likes his Family party to feel like a regular dinner, just with everyone in his family all in the same room for once. Apart from the cake and the presents, he doesn’t like having the focus all on him, so it’s really more of an excuse to get everyone together for a nice dinner party. And for his Friend party, he likes going to some separate location where there’s a really specific activity. His mundane birthday parties are at bowling alleys, gymnastics studios, beaches, amusement parks, or even just a regular park. He likes having things to do, instead of having to feel like he’s responsible for keeping all of his friends entertained the whole time.

But both of the boys agree that their favorite birthday ever was the year Rafa turned 8 and Max turned 6, when they agreed to forgo both of their usual parties, and the Lightwood-Bane family went to Disneyland instead.

that is so distressing to watch like the louis/pap situation is fucked bc from what i can see all that happened was louis tripped but what was happening to ELEANOR is a whole other story. she was literally being physically attacked & the only person to do anything was louis like no fuckin offence but when he yelled asking for help my heart broke how tf did he get arrested for that & those fucks laying hands on eleanor didn’t ???


isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.


“The Southern Charm™ isn’t working!”
“… Aren’t you two married?”
“Yeah, buT STILL–!”

Yo Ray, I made you a thing

[Martha Jefferson’s lovely design belongs to @raythrill. Please take a minute to watch his beautiful animatic about her, if you haven’t already.]


Yuri Plisetsky ★ Outfit Appreciation!
↳ I just really really liked that one manga panel, okay?



uhh…. thing I did a little bit ago because of my appreciation for my friendo @ Blackggggum as they are super inspiring (and ridiculous)

So I did some reffing and design based on their beautiful pictures, I would probably change a lot now looking at it, but it was the first time ever doing anything vehicle/machine related ;;;;;;;
(S!P: Hummer / S!S: QUADRO4 (4 wheel moped?)

It was really fun and different though!!  (´ヮ`)  ♡

How to Cope with Audition Failure

-As a musician, you’re going to fail more times than you succeed. This is inevitable. You will experience a lot more rejection than acceptance. Even professionals get rejected sometimes. There is not a musician alive that has not at some point, been told, “no, sorry.”

-An audition is not always an accurate reflection of you. It is how you sound at one particular time on one particular day. Maybe your reed was less than spectacular. Maybe you were a little sick. Maybe you just got really, really nervous.

-There will be more chances.

-Go home, take care of your instrument. Put it down for a day if you’re feeling too sad to play and that’s how you need to cope. But first, clean it. Clean the dust off of it, make it shiny. Put it away so when you’re ready to play again, it’s waiting for you. You’ll feel better.

-Practice some other things that you know you’re good at the first time you practice again. Re-establish lost confidence. Then dive back into the challenging things.

-One bad audition does not make you a bad musician. A hundred bad auditions do not make you a bad musician.

-I know you really wanted this, but this is not a failure. It’s merely a detour.