I was doing an edit for the past week

The other week I drew this version of Orlithia, but I wasn’t very happy with it or Orli’s look. So I bought a total makeover and decided to change her up. Now she looks more sassy and less giddy, and man I’m so much happier with her color scheme. So a re-draw was in order.

Also! I’m always open for bust commissions, you can check them out here!

Good News in Gaming

Hey friends! It’s Monday again which means it’s time for a roundup of all the nice things that have happened in video games over the past week. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Gonna start out with a summary of the Pokemon Go news today: from it being used by animal rescue shelters, to the ability to request new Pokestops, to Team Harmony being created in order to overcome the warring of Mystic, Instict, and Valor. (Bonus: CBS’s graphics in their news story on the game were…yeah…)

Edit: whilst the link above goes to a Kotaku article claiming that you can request new Pokestops (and many other sites do too), the link within doesn’t actually lead to that kind of form, rather it leads to reporting a current stop. Best to wait for an official annoucement! Thanks to @farmercore for pointing this out to me.

In other Pokemon news, it was annouced that Sun and Moon will have one of the most creative and cutest designs I’ve seen for a long time in the form of Mimicyu.

Last week, I noted that Summer Games Done Quick raised $1.3 million for Doctors Without Borders. You can catch up on some of the best speedruns now. I highly recommend the TAS block and the Pokemon Blue Red race! (Again, an edit, thanks to @redheaded-target for pointing out I had the wrong version. You all keep me on track.)

A new compilation of 31 essays by women in the games industry, Women in Game Development, came out recently, and sounds like it’s worth checking out!

Heather Alexandra produced a great video essay on the joy of repetition in video games.

Want a mini NES? You’re gonna be able to get a mini NES!

And finally, a mod brings an invincible Pride festival to Grand Theft Auto V.

Here is a pupper hug from me to you:

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And a brief note: I probably miss some stuff when compiling these! I’d not seen the story about GTAV’s Pride mod before @randomentalist showed it to me, for example, so please feel free to send me anything that you see - though note links only work through Tumblr’s messenger and asks with links in won’t reach me.

Have a great week!

Woohoo! Here’s thug Levi for you!  My first photo montage! (^ー^* )フフ♪ 

So my experimenting with reshade was short lived because my laptop couldn’t cope and I’m simply too thick to get it to work, which all equates to nothing but hours of my life wasted unnecessarily. 

The good news it is my laptop remains intact and my game seems playable, so although reshade didn’t work out, I’m just thankful I’m not sitting here fixing anything! Spending hours on troubleshooting isn’t my idea of fun, and I feel like I’ve done a lot of that within these past few weeks…which explains why I’ve lost the motivation to go in game. Naturally I blame the endless frustration of having to deal with my shoddy laptop, and also the blasted heat.

Having said that, seeing all those lovely photo montages on my dash had me green with envy…so off to my trusty screenshots bin I went for more oldies to practice editing! I’ve been meaning to do something with images from this particular shoot but didn’t know how to go about it…so here is that something!

Like I said, I’ve never done one of these before; it was testing but also a lot of fun. It’s nothing special and I chose pretty easy images to combine, but I think it’s acceptable, right??

Well, I like it, so tough titties if you don’t.

兵長好き ( ˘ ³˘)♥


So some shit happened last night, I nearly had a heart attack. Like it was a very WTF moment. I got an email back, and they didn’t really give me a reason as to why it was terminated or suspended or whatever. So I have no idea if I was reported or not. That being said, I am still going to do some purging today. If you haven’t followed me back/ role played with me yet/ or just don’t talk to me. I don’t got no time for bullshit. The fact that I thought I lost everything last night, really has me thinking I was reported for something. So 


EDIT: All new blogs that have followed me within the past week are safe since I haven’t had a chance to talk to them. 

so now you all know where I’ve been for the past month: doing every single prompt for juhaku week. I’ve got an edit and a fic planned for each day :D

(also playing pokemon go)

but holy shit I’m crazy I just….really love this ship I had to go hard XD

안녕, Followers!

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! I recently had my wisdom teeth removed and I have been in a lot of pain. I tried to edit over the week, but I could barely focus on making anything because of the discomfort in my mouth :( I look like a chipmunk with my swollen cheeks, but the pain has thankfully lessened, haha!

However, don’t worry! EDITS WILL BE UP SOON. I am making some right now! If you sent me a message or an ask over the week, I have seen it! Hopefully, you sweet followers didn’t think I was ignoring you!

(Also, edits I said I would do in the past are still being worked on. I haven’t forgotten those requests, I just can’t find the right pictures at the moment.)

Requests are always open! Compliments are nice! Questions will be answered! Thank you so much for your patience and support ❤️

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anonymous asked:

the past few days have been stressful. i did an editing job for my aunt, i photographed my family reunion, set up more filming for this client, and i found out yesterday i got a retail job a few weeks before school starts ;-; i hope that i can continue to work once school gets back in session. im so overwhelmed D: but i got a concert coming up too so i hope i can go to that.

Im so proud of you!!!! I know it’s hard but you’re doing such a good job!! You can cut back during school for sure! But I’m still proud 😊

I was curious this past week, and decided to calculate out just how much more Sandy story there was for the blog. Y’know, if it weren’t too much, maybe I could just take a few months, crank it out, edit it up as I go, get some more content going-

Low Estimate: 42,000 words

High Estimate: 72,000 words

…or I could enjoy having sleep. Sleep is pretty nice.

Can someone please help me?

I recently found one of my demon gifs was stolen by someone and posted as their own. I went to contact tumblr as I had in the past and filled out their form.

In the past they emailed me back within a few hours and said the reposter was taken down.

Now, I am getting a reply from them that says “please tell us where the image came from and how it was made”. I am confused because I edited the gif in Photoshop myself. I replied telling them that and heard nothing back.

A week later they said me the SAME exact question, never once replying to my response from them and I’m getting really frustrated. What happened in the past few months where they won’t take down reposted graphics? It was immediate before.

Is anyone else having or has had this issue? Does anyone know anything else I can do?

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shiroganei ;) and oikawastooru

@shiroganei: Aly!! You’re just an amazingly chill person and I’m really glad I got to meet you! Also, teach me how to graphic because yours are so good?? I’m pretty sure that half the things I’ve learned about Voltron in the past several weeks is via your blog ngl. You have fantastic taste! 110% would recommend, thank you for being awesome!

@oikawastooru: Ariel is just a really sweet person? And idk how she can be so dedicated to doing everything, like, I get tired just thinking about queuing posts and occasionally making graphics for my sideblogs. Her edits are beautiful and she’s a wonderful and kind person!

send me a url and i’ll talk about them!

little life update:

I’ve made some new video/photo friends this year. And we’re supposed to be going on a video/photo adventure on Wednesday. They tried convincing me to go to a music festival in a couple of weeks, but I can’t get it off of work. So they told me they’ll film enough and I can collab on the editing. I’m just really happy. I’ve also made a ton of connections lately with other videographers and photographers in my area, and they’re literally ALL guys but it’s nice to be one of the only females trying to make it in the industry. (also, we’ve seriously discussed going to iceland together, DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY THAT WOULD MAKE ME TO TRAVEL WITH OTHER PHOTO/VIDEO FRIENDS??)

I also reconnected with a guy I had a really bad falling out with. We put everything in the past, we went for dinner and to a baseball game last week, and things are good. We will never be more than friends, but that’s how it’s supposed to be.

My work friends are beyond supportive of everything going on. When I originally told my manager about getting the gig with the DJ she was like “did you book that shit off????” then apparently when she saw my facebook status that he asked me to shoot the after party, she started freaking out to my coworkers at work all excited for me. Also, so many of my coworkers have been itching to see my edits, and writing supporting things on all my facebook posts. 

I may not be the best videographer around but I’m learning and I’m trying my best. I may not have the highest paying job, but boy do I love the people I work with. I may spend most of my nights hanging with my cat because I’m single but that’s okay because I have some really good friends all over the world. At the festival last weekend, even though I was shooting, I still went with a bunch of friends and it was so nice spending time with them. Knowing that watching Above & Beyond with them meant just as much to them as it did to me.

I have moments where I get stressed because I need to upgrade my camera gear, and so many other people competing with me in this industry are years younger than me. But other than that, other than those stressful moments, I’m really happy. 

Stuff I’ve been working on, Digital Edition!
Some of the digital paintings I’ve been doing this past week/month, trying to wrap up some illustrations while doing more concept orientated stuff and also I some more quick birthday thing for some of my friends (it’s great how we all have our birthdays around the same week)

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Sorry for the lack of art over the past month or so. I actually have a few really good pictures in my sketcbook, but I can’t fix them up because my new phone doesn’t even have basic editing (lighting, contrast, etc.)

If anyone knows of an app or free computer program that can do basic picture editing, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me!!! I will be able to post sketchbook pages again when I have a program or app that can do that!

This picture is inspired by a nightmare I had a few weeks ago. I drew it to send Alexy since I was describing some nightmares I had that actually caused me pain in my sleep! I just now decided to finish it….it didn’t come out like I wanted, but at least I finished it……

I’ve been sick all week and haven’t had the energy to do anything, but I just spent 6 hours playing my game and now I have 200+ pictures to edit and post

I’ve been really busy the past couple months and haven’t had as much time to play as I would like but I’m gonna try and queue more stuff up