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Someone: I really like you!

Me: what a Bad Choice but pls don’t stop

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Marked

4.5k words, G rated

When Scorpius arrived in that hellish other world he discovered he had the Dark Mark branded on his arm. He hoped that when he left it would go away, but here he is, back in his own world, hiding the scar from his best friend and his dad. 

Am I allowed to blame one of the actors for a fic? This is one hundred percent James Le Lacheur’s fault. I wrote this after seeing her first show as Scorpius back in October. For those who don’t know, her Scorpius rubs his left arm during the conversation about the Voldy timeline in McGonagall’s office, and I’ve now seen that happen twice, so it isn’t a coincidence. It made me wonder whether the Scorpion King is marked, and whether that would affect Scorpius. 

This is also @bounding-heart‘s fault for talking about Scorpius and Dark Marks recently. It’s time to finally drag this thing from the angsty depths of my iPad and unleash it on the world.

Thanks to @abradystrix for betaing! 

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Why shipping abusive relationships in fiction does not mean that you support or excuse abuse: an essay

Sigh.  Okay.  Hi, I’m a long term shipper of Hannigram and Sauron/Celebrimbor with two degrees that basically amount to art analysis and the institutional teaching of historical and context and analysis.  I was hoping I could just get away with not writing a long post about this but now that I’ve seen the excessive amount of hate in the Percival Graves/Credence Barebone tags…sigh.  okay.  Let’s talk about shipping abusive relationships in fiction, and how shipping abusive relationships is not necessarily glorifying or normalizing abuse.


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              Tights & Leggings for your little Princesses

I love tights for my simmie girls.  All of these options came from 2 sources:

@persephaney….you can find the first 7 pictured tights/leggings within her girls’ clothing DLs.  Just save the entire file to documents and move the tights to your mods folders.  I’ll warn you though, you’ll probadly want everything.  **Don’t forget to check out her shoes too.

Here is just one of many posts with great tights options:


@prettyxsimblr Has the cutest leggings in her Pink collection for kids.  Check out the hard to find true black leggings.  

If you are like me you may have rebooted/cleaned out your MODs folder and forgotten to include some of these.  They have been around awhile but are still a wonderful staple for your little simmies.


anonymous asked:

your art is simply so inspiring, i adore these designs! do you have a favorite plane?


And OH NO the dreaded question! I have too many favorites. But if I had to pick one, it would be the plane-that-is-not-really-a-plane, the Lun ekranoplan! 

More detail on cool planes I like under the cut, if you want to be a victim to my rambling:

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Journeys - (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) - Prologue

Summary: When Lin asks you to work on Hamilton with him, you’re absolutely ecstatic. But you may be in for more than you thought with deadlines, stress, and complicated feelings for Lin.

Warnings: mild cursing, drinking mentioned, sex scandal mentioned, terrible pick up lines

Word Count: 1620 (oops that’s a little long but oh well)

A/N: Hello! So this is basically my first imagine ever. You have been warned. But even though I’m an amateur, I’m excited to share this with the rest of Tumblr. Please feel free to leave feedback, and to let me know if I should keep this going or not. And if this somehow does get continued, then the next parts will most likely be more interesting, since this is just the prologue. Also, huge thanks to @secretschuylersister for her feedback. You’re the best! Oh, and also: there may be some inaccuracies, as I only have a vague idea of how Broadway works. I hope you enjoy!

Prologue - Chapter 1

masterlist || ask

You applauded politely as the man onstage finished his poem. It was about the stars and fate or something like that. You weren’t listening to him all that much.

You checked the time on your watch. You were one of six students from NYU chosen to go to the White House Poetry Jam, which was a pretty big honor. But besides the fact that there were a few recognizable poets and stars there, it could get pretty boring. It wasn’t exactly your idea of a fun night out.

As you stared absentmindedly at the floor, you noticed a few heads from your group turning out of the corner of your eye. Another man took his place on the stage. You looked up, hoping that this one would be even the slightest bit interesting.

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This took me a little longer than I expected but @inkcollectorus @duchov @what-the-fuck-is-magnetite and @vickiweis44 this is for you.  I warn you though - It’s angsty fluff that’s heavy on the angst!  Even my Valentine stuff is angsty shit.  Sorry.

Set in season four Cancer arc and told from a third person POV




It’s hard not to notice him that first time.  It’s just after 6pm and he is shouting at the nursing staff, refusing to relinquish his hold on the tiny red-headed woman he is cradling in his arms, clutching her to him as the blood on her face transfers to the white cotton of his shirt, drenching them both in a sea of crimson that blooms and grows with every second that passes.   There is in fact, so much blood it’s difficult for me to figure out the source from my vantage point.

She is making an ugly, gurgling, choking sound even as her body jerks against his.  Her head is thrown back and he is desperately trying to still her movement lest she injures herself further, his frantic pleas to the nursing staff increasing in volume until he is practically screaming at them.  

He is in full panic mode; not thinking at this point, simply reacting to the situation he has found himself in and although I’m sure there is a small part of him that recognises that nothing can be done until he allows them to take her from him, sheer primal terror is preventing him from releasing her.

My throat tightens at the sight of him as he finally allows the attending ER staff to take over, the expression on his face one of such yearning as she is transferred to the waiting gurney and wheeled away from him that it literally takes my breath away. His final keening cry reverberating around the large area around us before he collapses to his knees on the linoleum floor that is now speckled with her blood, covering his face with hands that are equally as marked.  His shoulders are shaking and even though he makes no sound, I know from bitter experience that he is weeping.  Hopeless, uncontrollable distress that has no sound; the most painful kind I think.

No one moves.  No one reacts.  As though he is a wounded animal who might attack at any moment and for just a few heartbeats, it’s like time has simply stopped.

And then I force myself to move; to cross the space between us, my training coming to the fore as I pull a pair of surgical gloves from the pocket of my tunic and slip them on to protect myself from the blood that covers him.  Second nature in an environment such as this.


Tentatively I place my hand on his shoulder, carefully not exerting too much pressure through my touch, but just enough to get his attention because although I don’t consider myself a medical professional, I have lived though more moments like this than I can recall and I know that right now, gentleness is the key.

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Request: New years kiss with Pietro?

A/N: I’m sitting here not getting a New Year’s kiss because my boyfriend had to go home because I’m not quite capable of moving out of my parent’s house yet. I hope you get your kisses, though, readers!

Warnings: None.

Word Count Total: 560

Short Imagine #86

Title: Fireworks

Originally posted by looking-over-my-shoulder

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B.A.P Bodyguard Himchan ‘Phoenix With a Heartache’

anon asked:  Hi! Could you please write a drabble expansion for himchan from bap as bodyguard? Thank you in advance!!

A/N: I don’t know why some of these turn out so much longer than others, lol. I hope you enjoy it though, honey. WARNING: Mentions of violence.

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Of course you knew it could happen but over time you’d become more or less desensitized to the possibility. There were people out there that wanted you dead. It wasn’t anything of your doing, merely a consequence of being born into a certain family. To that end guards were a commonplace necessity in your world. You’d learned you were just a job to them and while you were polite, you didn’t try to make friends anymore.

Until one in particular came along. One as adept at making you laugh as he was protecting you. Your bond was something that bloomed slowly, built upon inside jokes and long conversations. Sharing things you’d never told another soul. Words rough as stone that hadn’t been polished smooth by being spoken before, yet when introduced to his would spark like flint. Love grew between you but you weren’t sure which form his took. Romantic such as your own? Did he see you as a friend or even worse a younger sibling?

And now you may never get a chance to find out because he’d been hurt trying to keep you safe.

Nothing had seemed out of place until the last second. Then the sound of shots being fired rang in the air and you were grabbed and hurried away. Frantically you looked for Himchan. Last you saw he’d been across the room talking to another guard when the chaos started.

Suddenly the man who was trying to get you to cover cried out and went down, leaving you feeling shocked and exposed. Searching for Himchan you turned and finally locked eyes with him. His expression was intensely focused as he rushed the last few yards to your side.

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Juju’s Master of lists

Hey guys! I decided to finally make a masterlist that includes all of my fics! Let me warn you though, I have only ever written Sam/Jared and I don’t know when/if I’m gonna write any other character. 

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i want you now

A/N: Anon actually wanted 81 and 82 not 83, as sent in with a correction after. Anyway, here it is! I hope you like it. WARNING though, it does get a little steamy. Not as much as “spread beautifully” but close.

#81: “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

#82: “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

pairing: earth two barry allen x reader

“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Barry swiveled his head around to stare at you, his hands pausing at his neck, where they were fixing his bowtie.

“Wh-what?” he stuttered.

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Sarcasm Is A Mundane Thing

Request: The prompts 3 and 7 were with Mr. Howell 😬 sorry I didn’t specify 😕

3: “Oh, love, I don’t think you understand the meaning of sarcasm.”

7: “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”

Requested by: @sherrysegura

A/N: Hello! It’s all good. Just remember if you ever make another request, to include what character you’d like. I do lots of fandoms and am not a mind reader (though I wish I was). I’m glad you could resend this! I enjoyed writing it! Yeah this also got a bit M rated, so I apologize. Though, no smut.

Warnings: some… sexual content.

Originally posted by fariland

You could hear the noises from above you. And honestly if this had happened anytime earlier, you would’ve been embarrassed and flustered of hearing the sound of your boyfriend… uh pleasuring himself.

But you’d been dating Dan for more than a year now, and he was… not very secretive, you guessed. He’d let you knew when he wanted sex. He’d tell you if he wanted more, and you appreciated it and all. But this was definitely something you weren’t expecting when you walked into his shared flat with his best friend.

Phil must be out, seeing as of course Dan would never do this if he was. 

So, dropping your bag with a smirk you walked up the short steps to his room and slammed the door open. Making poor Dan jump. “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!” You teased, watching as Dan scrambled to find something to cover himself with. “Or at least text me.”

Once he’d calmed down, the blush had gone from his face and instead Dan turned to you with a smirk. You’d expected his flusterness to last much long, and you took a step back in surprise at the devious look in his face.

Shrugging, Dan smiled. “Sure.” 

Your mouth opened up and your hand dropped from the knob of his door as you watched his naked chest raise. But then again, why were you surprised? This was Dan. And Dan would let you knew when he wanted sex. So smirking yourself, you narrowed your eyes dangerously.

“Oh, love, I don’t think you understand the meaning of sarcasm.” You smiled before turning and walking out of the door. You didn’t miss the way Dan called out your name in distress and you could almost imagine the pout on his face.


“How did you know I would get to Van Daal in time?” she asked. 

“Because you always do.”

“You should have given me more warning.”

“I thought your Saints would appreciate the challenge.” 

For a while she said nothing, then from somewhere behind him he heard her. 

“Men mock the gods until they need them, Kaz.”