I wanted to use the new textures I downloaded

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Any tips on making patterns for clothes and backgrounds?

Hmm, well, with medibang paint it’s pretty easy to get any kinds of patterns onto your work. You just click the icon that allows you to view patterns (materials) available to you and if you can’t find any you can download them. what I usually do for both is use the layer clipping feature (and if medibangpaitn aint your thing, you can do this in firealpaca too). For how to place the patterns, I would follow general composition rules and if you want to use the manga patterns available from medibangs cloud feature, you can search up manga textures and how those have been used throughout time.
Clipping layers:
For clothing - color in your clothing, then past a full layer or just a portion of the texture on top of that in a new layer, make it a clipping layer from the layer window.
For backgrounds - same, but now you can use the pattern layer as the “clipped on” layer….. so you can color in your patterns without destroying them.  

*Here’s also a good tutorial on how to make existing backgrounds into halftone layers if that’s what you’re into: http://medibangpaint.tumblr.com/post/150288115912/how-to-convert-layers-into-halftone-layers

**Also it’s good to have your texture layers in one folder if you have many of them, for organization purposes.
*** and if you put that layer folder’s mode into “Normal” you can now use that as a base for a new clipping layer as well! This can be good if you want your pattern(s) to have a nice gradient overlay or effect on top, or if you want to unify the colors of the background.


Œil de biche - Eyes Remplacement for The Sims 4

Hi !

I made my first eyes replacement almost one years ago now, and at that time, it was only a simple edit on EA colors to make them less saturated. The textures were not edited that much, and some shades didn’t really match with the color selection.

This time, it’s different ! 

I wanted to create completely new eyes, with a more realistic selection of colors. As I’m pretty happy with the result, I wanted to share it ! :D

As it’s a replacement, you have to delete my first one if you use it, you can’t use both.

Download : SimFileShare

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !

Victorian bustle outfit_sims4

Bustle ‘dress’ made on request and I allways could try :D

The vest and skirt are made to fit each other, however you can use them on other tops/bottoms it will just look so silly. You may recolor, new texture, pattern,.. the meshes to create new bustle dresses. And I do take requests to create new bustle dresses on those meshes. If you want to create a vest like those but fits on all bottoms then just recolor the basegame turtleneck sweater, I created the new mesh out of that item.

For teen to elder, commes in the colors seen in the screens and you can mix vests with skirt like you can see on the older women.

You can downloade the set here on my TSR accound (not untill monday)



Here Pecrio modern living room for your sims .modernity and comfort essential. for your interior.
Clean lines, simple and equally modern.
2 sofas. 2 coffee tables . 1 misc surface furniture. find in category misc surface. 1 systeme dvd audio.find in category audio. 1 new vase deco metal six colors, find in category clutters. 1 modern bar, and the barstool modern lines too. fun colors and metal texture. deco table tea set find in category clutters. And you, put this table where you want.
A new set very modern, but also contemporary, for your sims 4.
Happy simming!
i use pralinesims wood wall and floor . thank you so much!
i use my set i game sims 4
i creat my set with tsr workshop last version.



ayyy when i first read this message i was so stupid that i actually took a picture of my actual brushes before i left for work in the morning.. *cries into hands*

the thing is.. there’s really no set brush for drawing when i do my work. it’s just default photoshop brushes that i modified. i erase and recolour with different opacities to make textures all the time.

i use the hard brush, the airbrush, and mostly the oil canvas brush when i draw my art. i also use the lasso tool to make stronger highlights or when i want to define a certain area and stop my drawing from getting blurry or messy. i change the brush dynamics every time i make new stuff to see what the results would be. i’ve tried downloading brushes but they weren’t very useful for me. i prefer to adapt to the program and mess with the flow and opacity while i paint as well. i usually set it to 80% for initial sketching and adjust accordingly as the tones get lighter and more defined.

as for lineart, photoshop CS6 is the best. i’ve tried using the hard brush for lineart and the results are much better than the previous versions of photoshop, less jittery and much more solid. i’m pretty weak at lines but CS6 made it so much easier for me.

i mostly use Painter or Illustrator at work tho.. so i apologize if my explanation sucks. my drawing methods do not follow a strict method, i’m always testing things out.

Nothin super fancy to post, but here is a set of eyes! I wanted to convert my old BJD eyes from Sims 3, but upon inspection, they were..kind of really terrible. So I made a new texture entirely. Like the pic says, there are 29 swatches. It is in face paint and is unisex.

Please enjoy!

Don’t see a color you like? Let me know! I’m happy to update the package file.

But please don’t claim these as your own. 

If you use them, would you mind tagging me? I’d love to see your sims!

~ Download @ SimsFileshare