I wanted to use the new textures I downloaded


Revamped version of my Denim Skirts - Tumblr Exclusive

I never really liked the shape of my Denim Skirts, somehow it looked a bit strange. I changed the mesh, so it’s now more high waisted and a bit shorter, but I kept the textures. This is a whole new package, so you can have only this version, or both. ( If you want, you can download the original here. )

  • custom thumbnail
  • comes in 16 swatches
  • edited EA mesh by me - base game compatible
  • please read my TOU

[Download the Revamped Version here]

Special thanks to all the amazing creators whose CC I used on my models.


The final part to my Simblreen gifts :) Two more dresses. Both come in all 75 of WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s sandwich palette, 11 lace patterns, 25 Spooky Palette colors and assorted patterns.


  • New Mesh
  • Basegame Compatible
  • All LoD’s
  • WMS colors contains the mesh, Lace and Spooky + Patterns are standalone recolors.




  • All (Rar)
  • Mesh only (replace WMS one if you don’t want them)
  • PSD for recoloring


EA for the meshes/textures I used, @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the colors, @toddlers-and-tiarras for the Spooky colors, Spoonflower for the patterns (again let me know if I messed up a TOU, I did check them but I could have missed something)

Day three gifts. That’s all my Simblreen treats posted now :)


400+ Tumblr Follower Gift & S4S Exklusive

Round Walls (Fixed version, now with thicker walls)

- simple new mesh with low polys

- 31 colors

- it comes for all 3 wall sizes

- these walls can you find in floor sculptures or type in the search bar “round walls” for easy and fast finding

- activate the bb.moveobjects cheat to use

-  the pics shows you a few simple ideas: for shops, patios, closet etc.

- footprint edit because the girl in picture 8 is walking straight in the closet, now they can use the door

Note: If you want you can recolor these in your own colors and textures without the mesh 

Please let me know trough #mahocreations or @mahocreations you sims new homes with this walls. I would like to see it.

———-> Round Walls - merged FIXED (SFS)

I hope you guys like it!? And if someone find a problem please let me know! Thanks!


Sorry guys for the inconvenience but I repaired the walls and made them thicker. Thank you to @carmensanders​. Now they looks better in game. Please download the fixed link again. Many thanks and have fun with these.

RMV ( Re-Mesh Version ) Hijab Model010-014

RMV ( Re-Mesh Version ) Hijab Model010-014

Hi guys.
Me Again: D
Today I want to share RE-MESH Hijab Model010 to 014
Because yesterday it seems that there is a bit of a problem with Texture so it looks bad when using some ACCs (eg: Glasses, Ring).
And today I’ve fixed it all up.
If you have a old hijab, there is no problem. Because this time I made with new version (NEW MESH).

Maybe you like this Hijab Bro @thesims4middleeastsouthasia

So Here We Go….

Hijab Model010 ( RMV ) : Download

Hijab Model011 ( RMV ) : Download

Hijab Model012 ( RMV ) : Download

Hijab Model013 ( RMV ) : Download

Hijab Model014 ( RMV ) : Download

ACC Hijab Model014 (Gloves Version) : HERE

Laluna Dress : HERE

For other RMV Hijab ( 001-009 ) : HERE

Note :

* For The Sims 4

* With 20 Swatches Pattern & Solid Colors

* Hat Version ( Base Game )

* New Mesh ( Re-Mesh ) By Me

* Don’t Claim As Your Own

* Recolor Allowed ( No Included Mesh )

Thanks for all CC Creator to CC Used On My Sims


Œil de biche - Eyes Remplacement for The Sims 4

Hi !

I made my first eyes replacement almost one years ago now, and at that time, it was only a simple edit on EA colors to make them less saturated. The textures were not edited that much, and some shades didn’t really match with the color selection.

This time, it’s different ! 

I wanted to create completely new eyes, with a more realistic selection of colors. As I’m pretty happy with the result, I wanted to share it ! :D

As it’s a replacement, you have to delete my first one if you use it, you can’t use both.

Download : SimFileShare

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !


Avelina Hair - New hair mesh, comes in 64 colors!

Finally i finished this hair! It comes in 64 colors because it is never enough and i couldn’t help myself (o´ω`o)

  • New mesh, Base Game Compatible
  • Comes in 66 colors: 18 EA’s colors + 24 crayolas Naturals + 20 Egg pastel colors. 
  • You should download the EA colors for the mesh if you want the other colors.
  • For females, from teen to elder
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Fixed bump map, shadow and Lods.
  • Enabled for random
  • New texture bc yes (more like a small edit but still).


EA colors (and Mesh): [Simfileshare] 

Crayola Naturals: [Simfileshare] 

Egg Pastel Colors: [Simfileshare] 

Don’t reupload it to another pages.
Don’t say that you make this.
If you use it, please tag me so i can reblog it ♥
Can recolor it but please give credit & don’t include the mesh.


Crayola Naturals - @colormysims
Egg Colors - @bulletproofapples

anonymous asked:

Ah if you don't mind me asking what brushes do you use. I love your art style it's really unique


For sketches i use this one, it’s super soft (sometimes i line with it)

For lineal i use the Inkbox from Kyle’s brushes but with my own settings

I use this one for paiting mostly everything

This one for soft lighting or shadows

And the default one for putting solid colors and cell shading

And for animation i use the Animator Pencil New from Kyle’s Brushes too

Sometimes i use customize brushes like leaves or clouds or grass but that’s when i want to add some texture. I play with the brushes i have downloaded. But these are the ones i use the most.

“Consideration” Lost Files #NeedYouForTheOldMe

It’s my birthday! I turned 24. So I’m feeling like i should release something for you guys because I don’t know when the last of Chapter 5 is coming honestly. Think of this of a preleude to the upcoming release

Shai may seem like she is winning in life. Unfortunately, before the twins, her husband Malcolm and being Vice President at a new Business Firm, life came at Shai super-fast.  How exactly did the past and its challenges shape her? What glimpse will we get? Find out when 5.5 is released This weekend (hopefully). 

I also used poses by @josiesimblr

I used the amazing light leaks textures from @smubuh

I want to give a special shout out to @leeleesims1

Her CC is amazing and i spent all day downloading her work. Her maxis match hair are amazing for Shai’s throwback scenes. Everyone please check out her work, Im glad I followed her! Her hair’s will continue to make appearance in Consideration for the rest of the chapter. Shai is everything is these hairs.



Shai’s side eye has always been vicious af!

Missed the last Powerful Episode of Consideration? Click here

Confused Af And New to Consideration? Click here


before i upload some new cc tonight i feel the need quickly explain the donate link that will be there and probably in my future cc posts:

i just want to stress that this is completely optional obviously - but i don’t want anyone to feel like they have to pay for my work! i’d still be happy if nobody donated and downloaded my cc, this little community makes me very happy and i like contributing to it! however, making cc is very time consuming and for most cases it requires new meshes, textures, styles from the packs that EA brings out to use in creating something new. if anyone did feel able enough and they wanted to donate, i would very gratefully use the donations towards buying the packs which would hopefully help me make new content! 

thank you for understanding ♡

Fallout Girls Presets

Well I guess I was feeling a New Year’s mood or something :))

So I’ve released this little mod if anyone wants. It contains the presets for all my female Fallout protagonists that I’ve made sometime ago for fun. it also has Eva in her latest iteration, yay :D


Requirements: LooksMenu Customization Compendium by AGodComplexPikachu, CuriolNC, EmissaryOfWind, ImAarwyn, JTesmer Kirse10

(the girls are shown using vanilla textures and hairs for easier use)

Screenies of the presets included:

Eva, Sole Survivor, Fallout 4

Cameron, Courier Six, Fallout: New Vegas

Sara, Lone Wanderer, Fallout 3

Kida, The Chosen One, Fallout 2

Lex, Vault Dweller, Fallout 1

Thanks and Credits:

- Face Ripper by xatmos
- Looksmenu Customization Compendium by AGodComplexPikachu
- FO4Edit by ElminsterAU
- Bethesda for the great game

Victorian bustle outfit_sims4

Bustle ‘dress’ made on request and I allways could try :D

The vest and skirt are made to fit each other, however you can use them on other tops/bottoms it will just look so silly. You may recolor, new texture, pattern,.. the meshes to create new bustle dresses. And I do take requests to create new bustle dresses on those meshes. If you want to create a vest like those but fits on all bottoms then just recolor the basegame turtleneck sweater, I created the new mesh out of that item.

For teen to elder, commes in the colors seen in the screens and you can mix vests with skirt like you can see on the older women.

You can downloade the set here on my TSR accound (not untill monday)


Look what we have here :D

I love gifts! And I love to give them away even more than receiving it myself, so here you go :)
I was so surprised and amazed how many of you decided to follow my glumsy tumblr and I was even more suprised when I opened my SFS page and saw that Joshua was downloaded more than a thousand times.
A 1000 times *-*
This is so amazing, I can’t even find words.

Since I’m not that good at making cc I’ve done what I can do best - funny t-shirt collection on MDP 4t2 mesh(which I love and overuse in my game) and a new hottie (⁎⚈᷀᷁ᴗ⚈᷀᷁⁎)

T-shirts are labeled clearly so you can keep the ones you want and delete the ones you don’t. Mesh by MDP is included (huge thanks for convertion, dear), textures found on Pintrest.

As for Ryan, keep him safe and have fun <3
Just don’t claim as your own and don’t use as a base for your sims, cuz this is so not cool (⚆ _ ⚆)



ayyy when i first read this message i was so stupid that i actually took a picture of my actual brushes before i left for work in the morning.. *cries into hands*

the thing is.. there’s really no set brush for drawing when i do my work. it’s just default photoshop brushes that i modified. i erase and recolour with different opacities to make textures all the time.

i use the hard brush, the airbrush, and mostly the oil canvas brush when i draw my art. i also use the lasso tool to make stronger highlights or when i want to define a certain area and stop my drawing from getting blurry or messy. i change the brush dynamics every time i make new stuff to see what the results would be. i’ve tried downloading brushes but they weren’t very useful for me. i prefer to adapt to the program and mess with the flow and opacity while i paint as well. i usually set it to 80% for initial sketching and adjust accordingly as the tones get lighter and more defined.

as for lineart, photoshop CS6 is the best. i’ve tried using the hard brush for lineart and the results are much better than the previous versions of photoshop, less jittery and much more solid. i’m pretty weak at lines but CS6 made it so much easier for me.

i mostly use Painter or Illustrator at work tho.. so i apologize if my explanation sucks. my drawing methods do not follow a strict method, i’m always testing things out.



Here Pecrio modern living room for your sims .modernity and comfort essential. for your interior.
Clean lines, simple and equally modern.
2 sofas. 2 coffee tables . 1 misc surface furniture. find in category misc surface. 1 systeme dvd audio.find in category audio. 1 new vase deco metal six colors, find in category clutters. 1 modern bar, and the barstool modern lines too. fun colors and metal texture. deco table tea set find in category clutters. And you, put this table where you want.
A new set very modern, but also contemporary, for your sims 4.
Happy simming!
i use pralinesims wood wall and floor . thank you so much!
i use my set i game sims 4
i creat my set with tsr workshop last version.


anonymous asked:

What kind of PS brushes do you recommend?? Really want to know. Your lines are so beautiful!!

my photoshop is CS2, I know this version has been low for most people,and it’s the Chinese version,So I’m not sure if you can

Basically, I use this brush for sketching and inking all the time.
This is a self-made brush (made by someone I don’t know,I downloaded it and changed its settings)

but you can use the system brush to achieve the same effect.
Prior to this,I’ve been using these batch system brushes.you see,their effect is exactly the same.

I prefer a textured brush for lines,and not used to using hard edged brush.

If I want to draw some stereoscopic things,I would mix these two brushes.(they are also system brush)

I recently tried two new brushes,but I would not choose them to draw the lines,because it is too difficult to control.so I won’t belabor here.I hope this is able to help you.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I wanted to know how to do to change the iris color of the models it'd be super usefull to know! :D

You can do this with VTFEdit and reskins. If you don’t want to reskin anything. here are some already-made eye textures: [x] [x] [x]. Eye textures usually look or are layout-spread in size or appearance like this:

EDIT 05/14/15: A user has found an easier way to edit eye textures within SFM, please look at the updated tutorial here rather than following this one. If you’d like to see the science behind changing eyes, continue past the “Read More” cut:

First, find the folder where your eyes you’ll be using are. I usually check any of the materials/models/player/shared paths in either tf or tf_movies/wherever else I need to.

Now locate the model’s eyes you want to be editing. I wanna edit tf_movies’ HWM Soldier so I’ll go there and look for eyeball_l.vmt & eyeball_r.vmt. Go into both of these VMT files with VTFEdit and look for the first string, which will be your eye texture.

Now change the linked texture to whatever you want the new texture of the eye to be. I have a reskinned eye_iris_brown texture with a lighter sclera so I’ll use that since it shows more difference than Merasmus’ green eye texture.

Now check your model! If you already have SFM open with the model loaded or are changing the eye colour VMTs often, you can go into your console and refresh the materials by typing the mat_reloadmaterial [name of material here] command in.

I have Olivia Mann’s model downloaded and she comes with a custom eye texture in her folder. If I want to use those eyes, I’ll link that path like this:

Which should turn out like this:

You can use this technique to change eye colours so that not everybody has the same blue eyes, you can give your character heterochromia, you can make your original character do not steal, and all sorts of reasons you’ll need different eye colours!

Nothin super fancy to post, but here is a set of eyes! I wanted to convert my old BJD eyes from Sims 3, but upon inspection, they were..kind of really terrible. So I made a new texture entirely. Like the pic says, there are 29 swatches. It is in face paint and is unisex.

Please enjoy!

Don’t see a color you like? Let me know! I’m happy to update the package file.

But please don’t claim these as your own. 

If you use them, would you mind tagging me? I’d love to see your sims!

~ Download @ SimsFileshare