I wanted to use the new textures I downloaded


Retexture of Jonesi Single Blanket Converted by MXIMS

I love every conversion of MXIMS,but for this single blanket I wanted more colors,more pattern and some etnic texture,like I usually do in my recolors or retextures,so I made more than 30 new textures.I hope you like it and if you have problems please let me know.

Some of the texture are from my personal collection and I made the rest using fsome Muller Textile photo I have so please DO NOT use them for your work.If you really want them please ask me first.I’m saying this not because I don’t want to help or I don’t want my textures to be used,but because people don’t give credit and they don’t respect your work just like CandyDullock on TSR did,she used my jeans texture to create jeans and shorts and when I messaged her,she denied obviously and when I asked her to show me the photo she used to create the texture,she disappeared.I didn’t even asked her to remove the cc,just to add my name as the creator of the texture,but nothing.So please respect my work even if it’s not perfect.

It’s a standalone item with thumbnail(first photo bottom left) and just write Gisheld to find it in your game.Please click on the bigger preview image ^___^  HERE

Grab the mesh @mxims ,YOU NEED IT,it’s the blanket from Scandinavian-Style Boys Room

Download link via adf.ly DOWNLOAD

CC Used: Various conversions by @mxims Portland Livingroom @saudade-sims4 Gym Bag @inabadromance  Life is Strange Max Bedroom @BlackBerryCake Chair conversion @leo-sims  Disney Toys @jennisims  Ikea bedroom and more clutter @ATS4

TOU: Do not re-upload it elsewhere and claim as your own.If you use it please tag me so I can reblog you :) Please don’t convert the item and don’t use my textures. Do not include my CC in your downloads folder.


So who hasn’t heard of this mobile app now? XD Go Pokemon Go! I’m on team Mystic. I decided to make some wallpapers for the teams since I wanted to test out some new texture techniques. <3 

You’re free to download them and use them! But please credit my page MYT Designs if you do so!! <3

Edit: Mobile versions have been added to the folder!!! so you can have it for your phones!

Pokemon Go © Niantic & Nintendo


I don’t think I need to remind you guys who play safely but for Pokemon Go-


So things like looking for pokemon while driving, going to an area without exercising caution, and trespassing and not paying attention when crossing roads or paths. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Let your passenger in the car do it, go to areas with a friend and don’t go to it if you know/feel it’s sketchy,  look around and be aware of your surrounds and do not trespass in private property NO MATTER THE RARITY of the pokemon.
Be smart, play smart.

Hello everyone! I am back with some hair, it’s kind of a remake of my cute ponytail hair but with a different base and texture! My computer seem to be doing ok let’s hope it keeps on untill I get the new one… 

  • 18 ea colors
  • If you use, please tag me I want to see the result! :)
  • Not hat compatible

♥  ————————-T.O.U—————————  ♥

  • You CAN recolor/retexture but please don’t include the mesh
  • Don’t use my mesh as base
  • Do not upload on paysites
  • Don’t claim as your own

——————–DOWNLOAD———————-  ♥



Œil de biche - Eyes Remplacement for The Sims 4

Hi !

I made my first eyes replacement almost one years ago now, and at that time, it was only a simple edit on EA colors to make them less saturated. The textures were not edited that much, and some shades didn’t really match with the color selection.

This time, it’s different ! 

I wanted to create completely new eyes, with a more realistic selection of colors. As I’m pretty happy with the result, I wanted to share it ! :D

As it’s a replacement, you have to delete my first one if you use it, you can’t use both.

Download : SimFileShare or Mediafire

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !


17 Siding Colors with Automatic Corner Edging

Wanting to expand my options for exterior treatments, I decided to make myself this basic set of seventeen new siding options—ten accent colors plus seven neutrals.  

These walls automatically place edging on the corners, like Maxis siding, which means that they do not have the thin white seam that appears on walls that use a separate swatch for the corner texture. I’ve also included a plain version without edging for each color. 

They also have more corners than Maxis siding—a really excellent idea that I shamelessly stole from plasticbox. This means that the corner texture will be applied even to one-tile corners (Maxis brick walls with quoining behave like this, but the siding applies edging only to corners on walls at least two tiles long). You can see how this works in my “model home” pictures, on the corner to the right of the front door.

These walls work for all three wall heights; the model home shows a medium height wall on the first level. They all cost 4 simoleons.

These walls were made using an edited version of onepracticalghost‘s templates for his Mansion and Garden siding. The original template is perfect for lighter pastel shades, but my edit makes it a bit easier to achieve darker, more saturated colors. My intention was to have a palette that’s versatile enough for lots of interesting color combinations yet able to be matched to Maxis build items (for instance: my Soft Green matches the Maxis green on shutters and spandrels, my Orange-Red matches the red door, my blues are a few shades darker and lighter than the Maxis blue so it looks nice on both, etc).

The pictures of my “model home” showcase various color combinations, and feature each siding color at least once. All pictures are unedited, except to add text. I didn’t put all the pictures on this post, but you can view the full album here. 

Although I have tested these in my own game it’s entirely possible I’ve messed something up, so let me know if anything is not as it should be.

Known Issue

This wall’s texture is not perfectly seamless between the center and side textures; this is due to the texture of the original template. However, I honestly don’t think it’s bothersome: it’s really only visible on a plain wall of either grey shade (as you can see in the palette photos) and it’s not at all noticeable on a house fitted with windows, doors, etc.


I have a few huge thank yous to make: onepracticalghost, for generously sharing his templates and allowing me to edit it and share my recolors; plasticbox, for teaching me how to do a bunch of nifty stuff like re-order catalog swatches and make automagic corner edging; and the awesome people supporting Sims 4 Studio and s4pe, without which I wouldn’t have been able to make these.


The download folder contains four files, so you don’t need to get all of them if you don’t want them:

fhra_mgsiding_basiccolors - siding with automatic edging in ten basic colors

fhra_mgsiding_basiccolors_plain - plain siding (no edging) in ten basic colors

fhra_mgsiding_neutrals - siding with automatic edging in seven neutral colors

fhra_mgsiding_neutrals_plain - plain siding (no edging) in seven neutral colors



25 Watercolor Beddings (Now Frameless!)

Orangemitten’s Frameless Sophia Beds

so now you can use these beddings with whatever bed frame you want! Basically its just a floating mattress so you can put whatever you want under it. I used

Veranka’s IKEA

bed frame for the screen shot.

  • All recolors are of the Mod Pod Sleeper bed. Each bed has a black frame. The solid color sheets and pillows have a bit of a texture to them, and the pillows with water color textures on them are taken from the same image as the bed covers.
  • There are two package files included in the download. File 01 has recolors 1-14, file 02 has recolors 15-25
  • All colors are listed as a single, new catalog item We can’t add more swatches to items yet with Sims 4 Studio, so I made two recolors of the bed and set them as the same catalog item. I do plan on making it all one file once its possible :D
  • All textures used are free-to-use or stock images as stated by the creator of each image. Sources are listed below

Additional Credits:

Made with Sims 4 Studio


i posted these awhile back ..and now she made the with just the mattresss! 

Even though I have a lot of upcoming stuff, I firstly wanted to share a 4t2 conversion of stealthics “genesis” hair, which is breathtakingly beautiful. It is fun spending the night meshing! New mesh and swatches are included. Female only, from age toddler to elder. All colors are binned, using original textures by stealthic with colors by me. Two variations of psd is included as well. Enjoy!


original here, 4t3 here.

And today’s downloads are not over! :D

For some strange reason, I wanted colorful docs with matching skirts. Actually I found a nice shoeswap, but I had hard time recoloring the shoes, so I ended up making a new shoeswap. Yep, that’s DeeDee logic XD

So! These bottoms are available for AF, and I made 8 recolors. Well, I used random colors from Nyren’s Kosmik palette and Anna’s colors. Of course, all morphs are included :)

Credits: Sentate (skirt), Pixicat (original docs), Io (3t2 conversion), Misstiikeri (boot textures), Nyren and Anna (colors)


Download - Alternate

Oh, and if you want to make recolors, here are the PSD files :D


Typo Template 14

Ready for some tasty new vectors? I wanted to create a package offering everything that I use when I take on custom type projects. This beefy pack includes ornaments, droplets, lacey shapes, floral elements, decorative swirls, curly dividers, frames, ampersands, banners, vector textures, pre-designed typographic templates, catchwords, and more. Everything is crafted by hand, everything is new, and it’s all for your creative pleasure.

The main Features

• Over 115 ‘Unique’ Hand Drawn Vector Elements
• 24 Catchwords in 2 versions
• 5 Hand Drawn Ampersands
• 18 Banners
• 4 Pre-designed typography templates
• 3 BONUS Watercolor Textures

Download the template here »

Follow Typostrate on:

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External image
External image
External image
External image

I made a new texture pack, and it is pay what you want in my gumroad store.

Click here to get it, you can always download everthing from my gumroad store for any price, even free!

The 14 textures are home made by myself and is something i learn from other artist to give your work a diferent look, something like this

and the easiest way to apply them is putting them in the top layer and changing its blend mode into “overay” but that is just one way to use them, try diferent thing by yourself. I hope those come in handy for you guys


At last. A month of work and I’m ready to present a working tea brewer in russian style, called Samovar. It’s brand new item with my mesh, so if somebody want to recolor it, please ask first.

4 different colors, textures aren’t perfect, but I tried to do my best. Hope, you like it. 

Don’t claim as your own or re-upload, please!


Tag #bereniche if you use my cc, it will be a greatest pleasure to see your  game screenshots.

Watch out I’m on a roll! So many things I’ve wanted to make that I’m finally getting to~ So likely expect a lot of uploads in the coming days! :D

First up is something little but new (I think)! I’ve never seen any anklets so I made one. I used Kim J’s beaded bracelet as a base so most credit goes to them! It’s for teens~elders; males and females and theres a separate accessory for each leg but they can be worn together too. The texture is technically dark brown but it looks pretty black in game.

Please enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: SFS | Mediafire 


NEW SET: Le Linen.

I made my second wallpaper set, much better this time!
They are just colors, they actually have a texture that you can see better in-game :)

There are 12 colors!! All under one thumbnail with their swatches :)
Making another set of these without the wood baseboard. They’ll be up by tomorrow!

♦ Do not re-upload
♦ Do not claim as your cc

♦ If you would like more colors please message me and tell me what colors or send me a hex/html code for the specific color you want :)

If you use these and take screenshots in-game please tag me, I follow the tag #msft-jae

Download: Le Linen.



whoa– hey guys! so a couple of people were asking me where I got these textures for my theme makeovers and I didn’t want to make a while list of them so I decided to make a character psd and put them all inside so that everyone can use them. literal trash, yay. sooo, this character psd is in two  (?) the second is basically a duplicate of the first but if you want to download it also, be my guest. well, the textures were taken off google and deviantart so I take no credit for them and the pictures were also off deviantart so I take no credit there also. the psd came from sistaroundpsds​ so all credit to them for the psd. since it/s not mine, it will not be listed in the actual cpsd so when you click on it, it will be plain. make sure you’ve got the right pictures because there is a massive amount of white spaces which are filled with pictures. you can add and take away things so that’s good & some of the textures are erased rather then the opacity changed so thats not complicated.  hopefully you’ll love this as much as I do and reblog and/or like when you see this. obviously, this is name after my darling stephanieofrp for being a cutie overall. & that’s about it!

( – ONE – ) / ( – TWO – ) 


I asked which character you guys wanted to see next, and dominating the poll was the first lady of Street Fighter herself, Chun-Li. Seeing her win the poll made me happy too because originally I was going to do her right after Cammy… but at the time I had no clue how I was going to convert her outfit.

This is a pretty straight up basic release, the hair doesn’t play very well with other outfits because of texture conflicts… you can use most hairs with the outfit though. Here’s what is included-

  • New hair mesh with 6 colors
  • Classic Chun Li costume, founder under Blouse tops, 6 colors
  • Matching pantyhose set under leggings (but I know the pervs will be going commando chun)
  • Classic Chun Li bracelets
  • Classic Chun Li boots in 4 colors
  • basic earring set (because I goofed and put the bracelets in the earring texture spot)

Like Cammy, I will be updating with her Street Fighter Alpha costume… probably by the end of the year depending on download numbers/follower numbers.

Go crazy with those lightning legs and happy simming!


Victorian bustle outfit_sims4

Bustle ‘dress’ made on request and I allways could try :D

The vest and skirt are made to fit each other, however you can use them on other tops/bottoms it will just look so silly. You may recolor, new texture, pattern,.. the meshes to create new bustle dresses. And I do take requests to create new bustle dresses on those meshes. If you want to create a vest like those but fits on all bottoms then just recolor the basegame turtleneck sweater, I created the new mesh out of that item.

For teen to elder, commes in the colors seen in the screens and you can mix vests with skirt like you can see on the older women.

You can downloade the set here on my TSR accound (not untill monday)

GET ‘EM HERE: http://artofjess.com/photo-packs/
I travelled a lot this year and wanted to give back to you guys that have followed me on my art journey, so why not give some stuff? 

For you artists out there, I’ve made photo packs of places I visited while travelling and they’re up on my website for all you artists out there. Hong Kong, New Zealand and Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido in Japan. Can be used for personal and commercial use, photobashing, textures, photo reference, whatever! Free to download :)

Enjoy and hope they’re helpful!!


ayyy when i first read this message i was so stupid that i actually took a picture of my actual brushes before i left for work in the morning.. *cries into hands*

the thing is.. there’s really no set brush for drawing when i do my work. it’s just default photoshop brushes that i modified. i erase and recolour with different opacities to make textures all the time.

i use the hard brush, the airbrush, and mostly the oil canvas brush when i draw my art. i also use the lasso tool to make stronger highlights or when i want to define a certain area and stop my drawing from getting blurry or messy. i change the brush dynamics every time i make new stuff to see what the results would be. i’ve tried downloading brushes but they weren’t very useful for me. i prefer to adapt to the program and mess with the flow and opacity while i paint as well. i usually set it to 80% for initial sketching and adjust accordingly as the tones get lighter and more defined.

as for lineart, photoshop CS6 is the best. i’ve tried using the hard brush for lineart and the results are much better than the previous versions of photoshop, less jittery and much more solid. i’m pretty weak at lines but CS6 made it so much easier for me.

i mostly use Painter or Illustrator at work tho.. so i apologize if my explanation sucks. my drawing methods do not follow a strict method, i’m always testing things out.