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“Adam thought there was something in his eye.


Cabeswater had been taking so long to come to his aid. Something had been attacking them both.”

- The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater, Ch. 13

(this is my entry for the trk art contest! i’ve been wanting to draw a scene from this chapter since reading the book, so this was the perfect excuse to do so. i had to upload it in two pieces since tumblr has wonky rules about proportions, but you can see the full size image here, as well as details here and an alternate color version here!)

“Percy turned in a full circle. Nothing. Then he glanced up. Hovering above him was a giant goldfish. Frank had turned - clothes, backpack, and all - into a koi the size of a teen-aged boy.

Dude. Percy sent his thoughts through the water, the way he spoke with other sea creatures. A goldfish?

Frank’s voice came back to him: I freaked. We were talking about goldfish, so it was on my mind. Sue me.

Had a bit of a crappy day so I needed to draw something that made me laugh. I liked the sketch version of Percy better but I do like how Frank turned out.

My first set of Undertale icons is complete! You’re free to use these wherever you’d like, and you may re-size/crop them however you want. All I ask is that you provide credit with a link back to my blog somewhere, if possible. ;w;

Full-res versions:
Toriel        Sans        Papyrus
Undyne     Alphys     Mettaton EX
Asgore      Flowey     Asriel

These were super-fun, you guys! I plan on doing lots more Undertale stuff in the near future (including more icons). Also, thanks for over 1200 followers! <3


I wanted to draw scenes from the different countries Cecil visited in A Memory of Europe and ended up with this awkward-looking photoset bc i didn’t plan ot the sizes at all

(please full view since tumblr’s resizing is awful ;o; )

So today is officially 1 year since troyesivan came out to us. i’m so extremely proud of him and all that he has achieved this past year as are many many others. i wanted to show my support so i asked you guys to reblog my post to be included in this edit  2 days ago and i got such an overwhelming response. here are all of your urls! I’m sorry if yours is cut off but i did the best i could.                  

here is the full size version GO FIND YOUR URL!!


full size: panel 1, panel 2, panel 3, panel 4, panel 5, panel 6, panel 7, panel 8; please credit jalmotaesseo-scans if editing! Do not repost without permission! Do not post to weheartit!

I scanned the poster ahead of everything else because I know there are a lot of people who want to look for their names.  I’m currently working my way through the regular version of the album though, so I will have more B.A.P scans to look forward to soon!


The Crystal Gems as Fire Emblem: Fates Classes

Click here for full size + transparent versions!

Pearl: Samurai
Garnet: Paladin
Amethyst: Master of Arms
Peridot: Mechanist
Lapis: Sky Knight

I’m really digging how Peri came out, I’ve learned a lot since I started on these.

Commission info:  http://chauvinistcabbage.tumblr.com/post/145308648807/commissions


At Odds: I didn’t really have a plan when I started this. I saw where artists could also submit an original piece for the Swan Queen Big Bang, and initially thought I’d do it for that, then I realized the date on that was past, but since it was mostly finished, went ahead with it. Anyway, it was just a sort of an idea of what I wanted to do, which was to create something where they were fighting, and there was story there, yet there was a sense of intimacy and that this wasn’t something either Regina or Emma really wanted.

So I got it rough finished and was working on it today, doing some final things and got to playing with lens flare, and now I can’t decide which version I like better as they have surprisingly different feels to them (for me at least). Sooo, feel free to offer an opinion. Which one do y’all prefer?

The links below go to full sized versions.

At Odds Without Flare

At Odds With Flare


“And I’ll only feel smaller and smaller” by Daniel Danger
Giclée print mounted on board and framed
36" x 48" (37" x 49" Framed)
Limited edition of 25, $600
Hand signed and numbered
Ready-to-hang, UV-protected, archivally mounted and framed

hey all,
tomorrow morning Static Medium out of LA is releasing an edition of my “And I’ll only feel smaller and smaller” piece i did for the Mike Mitchell curated Gallery1988 show ’SPACE’. the original sold within minutes of opening and many people have expressed interest in a large format print. well, we did it, and its absolutely huge. full size, mounted, and framed in an edition of 25. they are also doing a timed edition of a slightly smaller 30x40" version of just the print that will run through the weekend if you want to get adventurous with your own framing.

obviously this is a massive piece, as immersive as possible, and its being meticulously produced by Static Medium; so its production costs are rather high to start, making it not exactly a casual purchase. but if youre looking for a monstrous centerpiece for your house thats certainly gonna turn some heads, or just want something to get lost in, here you are… give it a good home.