I want unwatch it

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Miss a, wonder girls, f(x)

miss a

  • My first bias: i like everyone alive was like “wow suzy is beautiful”
  • Your current bias and why: this is still true but she’s tied with jia who’s the best dancer and, like, presence.
  • Favourite song: LIPS #JUSTICE
  • Favourite MV: bad girl good girl, ballet clique! it’s so simple and so good!
  • OTP: jiafei basically live in holy matrimony in their off hours
  • Member you think has the best smile: suzy is paid millions to do this exact thing
  • Favourite choreography: i love hush stages what can i say
  • Favourite era: bad girl good girl is the classic
  • Favourite voice/singer: fei
  • Favourite dancer: JIA.

wonder girls

  • My first bias: i got into kpop after they’d…well, i guess not disbanded. quietly died (if to be reborn? we’ll see). so my favorite ~wonder girl~ is sunmi but i know her as an amazing soloist. but my favorite in the group is yubin.
  • Your current bias and why: see above. i would sell their comeback for a sunmi solo and one corn chip, but it’s nonjudgmental, i just came into kpop too late for those feelings.
  • Favourite song: BE MY BABY, THANK U FOR THE REMINDER, MADDI. me, in. nu shoes for jokes but so much so it becomes earnest. sunmi’s entire album, esp the yubin feature. ha:tfelt’s bond.
  • Favourite MV: whatever one the famous silhouette gif is from. you know the one. also the robot one even tho the song is bad
  • OTP: i legitimately have never seen the members interact but i know they live in the dorm and hang out and this comeback is basically happening by choice and that’s cute
  • Member you think has the best smile: watching sohee’s face do anything is a good time
  • Favourite choreography: see above mention of famous gif. also SUNMI FULL MOON UNCENSORED IS LIFECHANGING
  • Favourite era: i don’t wanna say “the hiatus” but the solo work was all so! good!
  • Favourite voice/singer: having sunye & yenny in the same band is a Lot
  • Favourite dancer: definitely yubin though nobody moves like sunmi


  • My first bias: sulli
  • Your current bias and why: WELP
  • Favourite song: dracula lala la la [SCREEEEEECH]
  • Favourite MV: red light
  • OTP: jungli~ is a truly important kpop friendship of our time
  • Member you think has the best smile: sulli ;;
  • Favourite choreography: “attention boys!”, admittedly bc #bias
  • Favourite era: hot summer is a bop in my color palette
  • Favourite voice/singer: luna, babe’s neglected
  • Favourite dancer: idfk they’re like unilaterally dead onstage

so the audio in this Pitch Perfect rip makes it unwatchable. I want to watch a movie, ideally something that is /not good/ but still watchable. help pls

I feel like a flower who only flourish in the dark.
Blossoming alone lost and unwatched.
But as soon as I want to shine and show what I am…
I vanish and turn to ashes…