I want to take it back

A few more things so you know where I stand:

Larry is real. My receipt is observation and critical thinking skills.

Louis is not a father, and he doesn’t want to be closeted. I’m also pretty sure there is no baby.

I don’t think 1D is going to break up, though some or all of them may do solo work in the meantime. I think it’s likely they’ll be back before we know it.

I think it’s very likely an Azoff, whether Irving or Jeff, is going to take over band management and the announcement is imminent.

Louis and Harry are the masterminds behind RBB, though they may enlist the help of others when needed.

I think it’s very likely Louis and Harry will come out within the year, likely soonish.

Louis and Harry are very smart and business-savvy, and it’s insulting to try to explain away their actions, particularly when doing so ignores the limitations of their closets.

I am willing to reconsider all of this but only if there is NEW evidence. I trust my interpretation of evidence we have available so far. 

Since I’m awake anyway …

You know this part right here:

Where Bucky’s hand is wavering on the gun and then Tony’s all surprised that Bucky actually fired?

I figured out why Bucky’s wavering hand looked so out of place for me – it’s the first time we’ve seen Red Shirt Bucky handle a weapon.   Before this, all the shots we’ve seen of Red Shirt Bucky has been “I don’t do that anymore” and running away by jumping off buildings and riding motorcycles and running with his precious backpack straps.  imhp, Red Shirt Bucky = Pacifist Bucky.

The other Bucky we’ve seen is dressed-in-black, armed-to-the-nines, on-the-warpath-with-Steve Bucky.

So maybe this is the moment when Red Shirt Bucky stops being Pacifist.

Regardless if how it will actually play out in the film, I absolutely LOVE the idea that the character arc for *Bucky* is finding something that *he’s* willing to go to war for – whether it’s Steve, himself, or Steve’s faith in himself, or … ::gasp:: something completely unrelated to Steve. (So many possibilities!)  

Plus it works so well with what we’ve seen in the previous trailer.

Basically I want to read fics now where Bucky chooses not to fight – not because he’s still recovering, not because the Avengers won’t let him, but because He Doesn’t Do That Anymore.

Faking It Drabble #12 (Even More, Even Merrier from Dean’s POV)

“Don’t move, or I’ll stop.”

He was about one more stroke away from coming all over her, and he wanted this to last. He knew she thought he was just being bossy and taking control, and that was fine. But the truth of it was that he was barely hanging on. He had watched her lips stretch around Cas’ cock as she closed her eyes and let the angel fuck her mouth. He had heard the sounds she made, seen the arch of her back as she curled her body in pleasure. And now he was buried in her, tight and wet and clenching around him, and he was going to lose it.

So he needed her to hold still.

“Cas?” He knew Cas would understand his request without having to speak. Within seconds, she was crying out, limp against him, completely under the spell of his own cock inside her and Cas’ grace teasing her. Holy shit, she was the most amazing thing he had ever seen when she let go like this.

He made her beg. He slowed down his pace every time she got close, tortured her in the best way possible, the whole thing hotter by the taboo of Cas watching them, teasing her in his own way. Finally, when she was clawing and screaming, shouts of “please” and “I need it” falling from her lips in a chant, he let her come.

And Jesus Christ did she come.

And then her mouth was on him. Her wetness was still all over him, and she sucked him down like he was candy, pulling a mind blowing orgasm out of him in seconds. He let go the way she did, letting his body bow up off the bed as his muscles shook, spilling over her tongue.

She was fucking Cas for him. She used the angel to show Dean everything, to put on a show for him. Even when another cock was inside of her, it was all for him. It was Dean’s eyes she stared into, Dean that she was saying deliciously filthy things to.

He lost the ability to form sentences.

But when she gave herself over to Cas, told Cas to fuck her hard, however he wanted to, his words came back to him. He couldn’t resist leaning down and telling her just how hot she was, just how much he loved the way she looked. He wanted to see the effect his words had on her, the way they made her eyes roll back in her head and her toes curl. Wanted to see her come one more time.

Because he would never get enough of watching her come.

The words “Welcome home, I missed you” echoed in his head the rest of the night, created a happy swelling in his chest that quickly dissolved into a small fear.

She was his home now.

deans-colette asked:

10. “Goodbye” kiss with wincest because I apparently want my heart to be ripped out

All of Sam’s roads lead to Stanford. He’s lightly packed, ‘cause life on the road doesn’t let you carry lots of things around with you. There’s several changes of clothes (including that ridiculous purple shirt with a dog on it), there’s a toothbrush, worn-out sneakers with scuffs on toes, there’s a gun (Dean insisted, you gotta be able to take care of yourself out there, Sammy, just in case, c’mon). There’s Dean’s heart, tucked in the side pocket. There’s a pack of beef jerky. There’s a Greyhound ticket Sam clutches in his fingers. 

Dean leans on Baby’s hood and watches Sam walk away after a pointless last kiss. Sam wouldn’t stay, no matter if Dean asked him with his words or his body. 

Summer is so scorching hot this year. Dean shivers.

All of Sam’s roads lead him away from Dean. 

It would’ve been cool if Kylo Ren was a female.

Instead of dropping the bomb that Ren is Han and Leia’s child so early in the movie, they just kept it a secret. Everyone assumes that Ren is male (because of the voice changer mask and all the product advertisement so far)

So Han meets Rey and they get along really well (as seen in the movie) After Rey is taken by Ren, Han and Leia talk. He’d tell her that he’d seen their daughter and Leia would ask him to bring her back. Then everyone in the audience would assume that Rey is their daughter and holy shit why did they leave her on Jakku what the fuck is going on.

Ren doesn’t take off the mask when confronting Rey. Save that for Ren and Han’s confrontation. Instead, the audience would wonder why is Han calling out to Kylo Ren. Then Han says ‘I want to see the face of my daughter’. Ren will take off the mask and BOOM biggest reveal in history: Kylo Ren is Han and Leia’s daughter.

Well, if you don’t have anything else planned...

Harry Styles - 2019 words (Requested)


“I imagined meeting Harry a very certain way, if it ever did happen..” I breathe, laughing at the ridiculousness of it all as I think back to one year ago.

I just stepped out of the large building, where I had just been hired a few weeks ago. My bag was full of unnecessary papers I could have easily left in my office, but I wanted to make sure I got enough done after a week so decided to take them home to give them a once over already before we had to discuss them in the morning. The bag was heavy, digging into my shoulder but I didn’t mind. My first paycheck was in my hand, other hand grabbing the two sides of my coat and pulling them closer to one another so my body and the flimsy shirt I was wearing underneath was shielded from the wind.

London was always this fucking windy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoyed the rain too, I liked dancing in the droplets, singing as I made my way home. Today the sky was clear, a light blue taking over the normally grey skies as pearly white clouds slowly drift by. It was the perfect day to walk home and I was glad I left my car at home and decided to travel through the Underground, giving me the chance to enjoy the nice weather.

My gaze was drawn to the black Range Rover on the other side of the road, the sleek design making me sigh out, hoping that one day I would be able to afford a car like that. I almost drop my check and my bag when I see who steps out of the vehicle, the one and only Harry Styles. Of course, I, as every other girl on the planet, swoons over the curly haired lad with the dimples and sparkly green eyes. I try to not stare as I cross the road, but somehow my eyes find his and I stop on the sidewalk, Harry pushing his sunglasses up on his head as he grants me with one of his large, dimpled smiles. “Hi there love, you alright?”

I think I might swoon and faint right there on that spot, but instead my brain takes over and I grin as I see he is speaking towards me, grabbling my back closer to my chest before answering.
“Oh yeah, of course. Surprised to uh, see you I guess.” I shrug my shoulders, an awkward chuckle leaving my lips. “You a fan?” Harry questions as he walks around his car and up to me, his head turning left and right to see if there is anyone near. We are practically the only two out on the road, which I’m actually grateful for right now.

“I am actually, a big one.” I nod my head, that stupid grin still etched onto my lips as I turn my head down, trying to hide that shy smile so I wouldn’t embarrass myself. “You seem to be carrying a lot of stuff, do you need help? You live around here?” Harry points towards my bag and I immediately shake my head no. “Twenty minute walk from here, actually.” I smile, readjusting the bag in my arms as I shift on my feet, it is becoming really heavy actually so I might take the metro home and go for a walk later.

“Need a ride?” Harry shows off his pearly white teeth, dimples popping as he shoves the sunglasses back onto his nose. Internally, I am screaming but thankfully, can keep my cool on the outside.
“Oh no, I’m just taking the Underground and I’ll be on my way, don’t worry.” I smile again, patting my bag in my hands to let him be sure it is all right.

“I can’t let a beautiful girl like you go through that disgusting metro all by herself, come on love, hop in.” Harry doesn’t take no for an answer as he already grabs the bag out of my hands and struts back towards his car, throwing the bag in and holding the door open for me. A slight blush covers my cheeks as I thank him after he closes the door for me, getting in and giving me an amazing dimpled smile.

“Sadly, that is not how it went.” I laugh loudly, my best friend, y/b/n  chuckling along as she tries to keep her cocktail in her mouth, almost snorting it out. “Then what did happen?”
“Don’t you know me by now? I made a complete fool out of myself.” I smile as I pat Harry’s wrist, who presses his lips to my temple, the boys hanging off of my lips. Tonight is our anniversary dinner as well as a dinner for the boys being five years together, and I thought it would be an amazing idea to celebrate both on one evening. I had never told the story of how we actually met because it was something so stupid, I would believe it if it was in a chick flick.

“She was an adorable little shit. Very clumsy too.” Harry grins as his large hand covers mine that is resting on his wrist, y/b/n already rolling her eyes at his statement. “She has always been a clumsy dwarf.” My mouth opens to protest but I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly, because I’m sure she is completely right. “Do you want to know what happened or not?” I sigh, Y/b/n immediately shutting her mouth and nodding her head feverishly as a dry chuckle leaves my lips. “Well..”

I stumbled out of the large building, my bag hanging off of my shoulders as I try to grapple all these papers that have been pushed into my hands right before I was about to leave the premises. I am a groaning mess, I am going to drop them before I even reach my car I am certain of it. And because of a prick that parked in my lot this morning, I had to park at the end of the street, so I have to drag my tired ass and my hands full of papers, which consists of an envelope with my paycheck somewhere in the mess.

I decided, since it was fairly late and there was no one on this street at this god forsaken hour, I don’t have to check the sides for any coming cars. I can’t see shit anyway as I try to cross the road but when I hear the loud shrieking of slamming on brakes, I know I might have made the wrong decision there. I close my eyes and drop my papers, but there is no crash and I don’t feel my body being catapulted across the pavement.

I stand straight again and my eyes catch the sleek black Range Rover, my features probably reflecting a deer that is looking straight into the headlights. The car door opens and if I could be even more in shock, Harry Styles steps out and immediately runs to my side. “Are you alright love?”

It takes me a while to comprehend what he has said and I blink a few times before I see the papers scattered along the floor, a gasp leaving my lips. “No no no no! Mister Lena will kill me!” I breathe, immediately dropping to my knees to gather the wetted or ripped pages off of the pavement. Harry immediately drops to his knees to help me reclaim them and he stops when he picks up the envelope, holding it out to me. “I’m sure this is more important than the rest, love.” I look up into this lovely green eyes, a dimpled grin shot my way and I feel the blush creep onto my cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, normally there is no one on this street and I thought I could just pass the road without checking, I’m stupid.” As I try to stand up with the bunch of papers again, I almost drop them, again, but Harry is quick to come to my aid and put them back on top of the pile. “A bit clumsy too.” Harry chuckles and I bite my lip, pushing the papers closer to my chest.
“Again, I am so sorry. Glad your car is fine.” I let my gaze trail over the Range Rover, slightly jealous of the car he was driving. Mine was a battered up light blue whatever, almost falling apart while I tried to save up for a better model.

“I am glad you are fine. Here, let me help.” Harry takes the pile of papers out of my arms and steps onto the sidewalk as I hitch my bag back onto my shoulder, thanking him as I point to where my car is parked. “You can just put it into the passenger seat, they have to be dried anyway when I get home.” I groan, rubbing my forehead as I walk towards the other side of the car.
I put my key into the designated hole, before I realized I hadn’t thanked Harry yet.

“Harry, thank you so much for your help. And sorry that I didn’t watch out, I’m a big fan.” I stumble over my words, walking towards him as I overuse my hands to make sure my point comes across. Harry’s hands rest on mine to stop the trembling and he smiles at me, winking. “Don’t worry about it, glad you’re okay.”

“Are you going to be alright though? I don’t mind giving you a ride home.” Harry states as I walk back towards my open car door, smiling but shaking my head. “I’m fine, apparently I pull dumb shit like this all the time.” I step into the car, turning the key as Harry leans onto the still opened car door with both forearms, head resting on them.

I turn the key multiple times, but the only thing it does is sputter, but the motor doesn’t roar back to life like it does every other day. I slam the steering wheel roughly, cursing underneath my breath as I try once more but come up empty handed. “Fuck!” I breathe, slamming my head against the rest behind me before I let my gaze fall onto Harry.

“Come on, I’ll give you a ride back to your place.” Harry grins before he slaps the car door, holding his hand out for me to take. I grin in return and bite my lip as I let my hand fall into his, him pulling me out of my car. Harry makes small talk as we walk to his car and he holds open the passenger side door for me to hop in. I smile and nod my head as a silent thank you as I climb into the vehicle, Harry closing the door behind me.

He slowly, but steady walks over to his side of the car while he pushes his sunglasses, which were apparently resting on top of his head, back onto his nose. Harry puts the car into gear and starts driving, I tell him to take a left turn. After we are a kilometer or so away from my work, I realize it. “Oh damn, I forgot the papers back in the car!” I face palm myself and Harry laughs loudly. “Well, if you don’t have anything planned.. Want to go for dinner?”

“He is the most charming shit I have ever met, and ever will meet.” I giggle, leaning into Harry’s side who wraps an arm around me and squeezes me close. “Prince Charming in the Range Rover came to your aid, didn’t he?” Harry chuckles as he turns his head towards me and I roll my eyes at his cheesy choice of words. “If I wasn’t the clumsy dwarf, Prince Charming wouldn’t have a job back then, love.”

The table fills with laughter and I smile when I let my gaze fall onto all the people we consider family, here to celebrate that wonderful day back in July when I met my very own savior with chocolate colored curls.

Lots of love,
L. xox

INFJ Confession #2042

I want to talk to people about my inner thoughts but I feel like I physically can’t. I try to but i get a lot of anxiety about it and want to take it back because I don’t say it directly. Once I actually said it , I felt extremely uncomfortable with talking to them at all and all I could think was why why did you do that nobody would understand and they don’t , just leave your emotions to yourself.

Accountability post: it took me almost 40 minutes to run 3 miles. Last July when I was training for my half marathon, I could run a mile in 9 minutes. 😔 I injured my feet severely after wearing the wrong shoes for my race and ended up with stress fractures and planters fasciitis. I had to take a month off from running, and when I started running again, I just couldn’t get back into the groove. And then Winter hit and I couldn’t run outside, so I just basically gave up on it. Well, no more giving up! I have an 8k in April and want to do at least 1 half this year so I’m starting now. Can’t wait for winter to end and get back on the trails! Until then, it’s the treadmill for me 😩 #accountability #running #applewatch

Vampires and asexuality! Not just Mika, but all the vampires!

First of all, I want to say that I am Ace, and asexual representation is something that I would really love to have in media.

But I’ve seen a lot of arguments back and forth and I’d like to give my full opinion. And one main reason I’m making this is because mikayuu and mika fans are getting a bad wrap for “ignoring” Mika’s asexuality.

You may or may not agree with what I will say next, but this is my opinion based off of my knowledge. So please take it anyway you want.

I will start by saying, Mika nor are any of the vampires, asexual. The vampires are not asexual. They do not have a sex drive.

In order to qualify them as ace, they would have to be repulsed, or disgusted by the mere idea of sex, but they are not. Their sexual drive or lack of it, is a result of them dying. So to go further, saying that the vampires are asexual, is actually an insult to me and a lot of ace people.

Vampires cannot feel sexual pleasure because they are dead, they have died.

Their like of sexual urge, is credited to them being dead.

The fact is that Kagami is equating sex to a huge part of being human, and saying that vampires don’t feel sexual pleasure/drive, is him building that border between life and death.

With this said, claiming that the vampires are “asexual representation”, is the same as saying that the Ace community is less human, or “different” in a way (a negative way), because we don’t feel sexual pleasure. Because as vampires their lack of sexual desire is something to be looked down upon and seen as bad.

Being asexual is not a bad thing, at all, and we should not be compared to, or represented by a group of individuals who are dead—whose lack of sexual drive is something to be looked down upon.

We can find representation and identify with ace characters in media, but they actually must be representation. Because no one can relate to anyone, or anything that has died, and has been dead for over 100 years.

I find it highly disturbing, that a lot of fans want to relate asexuality, to death. That doesn’t sit well with me.

But I hope you all understand the point I was trying to make! Now, this of course doesn’t mean that the vampires were not asexual before they were turned, and if that was the case, then their asexuality is still very valid. But those are headcanons from what we know, until Kagami confirms something else.

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I'm 24 and just found out I have lupus. I had been trying to build up my own style and wardrobe like you though I don't think I'm very good at it. The thought of losing my hair and taking medication that may change my face and body shape is terrifying to me. I had just started to become more confident in taking pictures of myself and my outfits and now I just want to hide away from everyone.

I’m so sorry to hear this. To have such a life-altering experience at such a young age must be terrible. Sending love and good energy <3

I completely understand why this would set you back, so please don’t feel like any advice I give you undermines your struggles. That being said, I still think you can feel confident in your outfits, even with this new change :)

Doing cool outfits and being confident doesn’t have to be connected to ones physical appearance. I know it’s really scary that the way you look is about to change, but your wardrobe, skills and determination are still the same. You can do it!
Here’s a couple of suggestions:

1: Whenever you have the energy, dress up and take a picture of that outfit. You don’t even have to post it anywhere, but do it anyway :) Looking nice can really have an impact on ones mental state, even if you’re not going anywhere.

2: If, at first, you’re uncomfortable with including your face in outfit shots, crop the photo so it doesn’t show. There’s nothing wrong with needing a bit of time to get comfortable with the changes before including all of you in the pictures :) I often crop out my head if I have a bad day where I didn’t have the energy to do anything about my face and hair, but posting the outfit anyway makes it feel like I’ve kinda accomplished something!

3: don’t measure your worth on your physical beauty. I know it’s hard when society constantly tells you that that’s the only way, but don’t let them get to you. So many things matter WAY more than how you look! I understand that you want feel beautiful, and that is totally valid. Just don’t think you’re worth any less if you have a bad day/week/month <3

Sending you love and light on your journey (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
Let me know if there’s anything more I can do to help!

        “All I wanted was to be happy … just for a little while. Forgive me.”


So as I mentioned, I’m replaying DA2, and I’m not sure if it’s coming back to it after falling into Dragon Age hell while playing DAI, but this moment super hit me hard this time around and you know me, I deal with my feelings by drawing them out ^_- These two AHHH they’ve both lost so much, Hawke is gonna go through the wringer soon enough, and all they want is to be happy, but nooo, THANKS DAi:I T_T

I will find a way, I willlll, to give them a happy ending SO HELP ME


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This might sound odd but I've been having a very difficult time with mental illness (not so comfortable with disclosing further) and felt very "far away" so to say but I've been reading your blog and it has really helped me come back to myself. I came to you once because I felt suicidal and your message was very kind and helped me decide not to take my life that night and I really just want to thank you for running an interesting blog and being such a kind and supportive person.

Honestly, this is such a fantastic message to receive and I’m extremely thankful you came to me. It’s great to hear that you are feeling more yourself now and have overcome the problems that you were having, which isn’t an easy feat. I’m always here if you need somebody to talk to. Congratulations and good luck in your future!

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Ch. 19 of Gravitational Lensing is up and it’s so NSFW it’s not even funny...

“Roll over for me. Onto your back.”

She struggled to find the energy to listen to him. It was far too comfortable like this, lying in a relaxed heap on her belly. She grunted quietly against the pillow and said,

“Can’t I just stay like this?”

“I promise I will make it worth your while.” His hands gripped her hips and turned her over, and Rey let him flip her onto her back. She stared at him, seeing the dark heat in his eyes, and she flashed him a little smile as she reached up to tuck his hair away from his eyes.

“I want to make you feel good,” she said, for she was a bit overcome with guilt over the way he was worshipping her body and taking nothing for himself. He quirked up an eyebrow and declared,

“You are making me feel good.”

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Could you please do an analysis on Amethyst's reactions to Peridot's supposed betrayal in "Message Received"?

I think I could expand that from just Amethyst. When the idea comes up that Peridot has betrayed the Crystal Gems, there are two distinct camps of reactions. Steven and Amethyst on one camp, and Garnet and Pearl in the other.

Steven and Amethyst are both shocked, betrayed, and upset. Both of them mention or allude to all of the friendly interactions they had with Peridot, and are clearly lingering on things they did as gestures of friendship (Amethyst wants to take back all of her cool nicknames). It generally suggests they thought of Peridot as their friend at that point. 

Comparatively: Garnet and Pearl are not surprised. They’re worried, obviously, and it’s not that they knew Peridot had the communication line- but neither of them are really surprised Peridot seemed to be working behind their back.

It seems to speak to the divide of Garnet and Pearl’s context of the war, and Amethyst and Steven, being part of the postwar “generation” of Crystal Gems.

The perception of Peridot as a person, with whom you’ve had conflict, but there have also been heartening indications that you are no longer in conflict, vs. the perception of Peridot as a member of The Enemy who is unlikely to surrender her loyalties and should be kept at arms’ length.

And this reaction is, if I recall correctly- repeated when Peridot is talking to YD properly.

Garnet and Pearl are surprised that Peridot doesn’t sell them out, moreso than Steven and Amethyst. 

In Log Date we can see that Garnet and Pearl did warm up to Peridot at least a bit before the events of It Could Have Been Great and Message Received. But I feel like on some level they felt like it wasn’t going to last. While Amethyst and Steven didn’t have those inhibitions, which is why they felt Peridot’s alleged “betrayal” so harshly. 

"Well, of course I'm in cahoots with ____! I want to be on the winning team!" Gabriel x Reader-Drabble

You stood on one end of the abandoned warehouse that you and Gabriel had agreed to meet at Your heart was beating in your chest at the speed of a bullet train. The thought of having to tell him the truth sent it racing. A flutter of wings is heard on the other side of the dreary place, why he pick this location over something more hospitable, you have no clue. You turn around to see his face is looking grim, and once more it seems that grimness is directed at you.

“Now, Sweet cheeks, I don’t want you getting upset, but I’ve heard some rumors on the angel radio, and I need to know if they’re true.”

“Alright,” You say your tone is tightly “What are the rumors?” He takes a step back, contemplating how to say this without sounding like a dick. He decides to just be blunt, what’s the worst that could happen anyway?

“Are you in cahoots with my big brother, who wants to destroy humanity, and all that it stands for, Lucifer?” To say that the question shocks you is an understatement, but there is no point in denying the truth, especially if he already believes it.

“Well, of course I’m in cahoots with Lucifer! I want to be on the winning team!” You say as if it were the most obvious, and reasonable thing in the world. Gabriel seems taken aback, and the hurt on his face is crystal clear, before it turns to realization.

“Ah, so, Lucifer’s promise you something, huh?” He nods his head the smugness in his voice is sickening.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Though he knows you’re lying by the way you refuse to meet his gaze.

“You know he’s lying. For Christ sake (Y/N) he’s the fucking Devil! Everything that comes out of his mouth is lies!” He yells at you, “What did he promise you, to spare you? To make you powerful? To make you a ruler? It’s all lies, and YOU KNOW IT!” He screams.

“You,” You reply in a small, meek voice, “He promise to spare you.” With the sound of wings your gone, leaving Gabriel a teary eyed, heartbroken, mess.

roughly seven?

You should be able to sell unused pain pills back to your pharmacy or donate them to an organization that helps people who can’t afford them. I have about 15 pills left and zero need. Such a waste.

I cannot stop sticking my tongue in all my mouth holes.

If that weren’t so gross, it would almost sound sexy.

Adelaide really wanted to take art classes at school for the spring session because “the teacher wears bright red lipstick just like Snow White!” When I showed up early to get her from their first class last Friday, I was expecting to see a gorgeous, 20-something bohemian. Instead, it was a woman old enough to be my mother. I adore that Adelaide could see the beauty there.

Me: (to another mom) Their hair always looks so cool. I don’t know how you have the time for that for TWO girls every morning. It’s amazing.

Her: You wanna know the secret?

Me: *nods*

Her: I braid it all the night before. They sleep in it. In fact, we do the outfits the night before and they sleep in those too. I don’t have time for that in the morning. Are you kidding? Bedlam. No way.

Me: You might be my hero.

New guy knows his coffee. He’s currently into the pour over method and made me a cup. Oh my god. It was so good. Probably one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. And there was SKIM milk in it. I mean … how is that possible?

New guy might be a warlock.

Speaking of, I seem to have told him about this blog … and how to find it … and watched him bookmark it …

*insert Tina Belcher stress noise here*