I want to see more of u pls

things we will see in a trc tv show: 

- the first shot of 300 fox way, the reading room, blue’s room

- the pig !!

- aglionby uniforms !! our fave boys in aglionby uniforms !! 

- gansey’s ! boat ! shoes ! the stupid polos

- blue’s deliberate eccentricity

- ronan being all disheveled

- noah, sweet, sweet noah as a ghost, as a boy, just….noah being noah

- cabeswater ?? how are they gonna portray it idk but it’s gonna be so cool

- flashbacks they gonna be Dramatique as all hell

- Ronan Lynch Beating The Ever Loving Shit Out Of Robert Parrish Live On Television For The First Time

- adam’s accent 👀

- gansey calling adam “tiger”

things we want to see in a trc tv show:

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anonymous asked:

hi I like your writing but you really should my call lance "McClain" in your fics. Lance is canon Cuban in VLD, it isn't a Cuban last name and was only his last name in go lion, when he was white. Using it is kinda whitewash-y. Maybe next time use a Cuban name! Have a good day!


now, you want me to stop using ‘McClain’ as lance’s last name because it’s not “cuban”, right? 

ok. i get where you’re coming from and i understand. “McClain” has a history linking back to scotland and the like, so i get why you’d say it’s “whitewash-y”. however, that being said, i don’t think it’s white-washing to use that as his last name.

i’m going to state here: i’m not cuban. i’m white. i’m not going to preach on behalf of poc - cubans in particular, i’m just going to give my opinion. feel free to message me again if you want to discuss this (or if i say smth bad). 

k, now bc i’m white, all i’m going to say is: i don’t think you should be claiming that lance’s last name can’t be mcclain purely because it does have scottish links. lance’s family, (as seen below), aren’t all poc. in fact, some of them are white, i would say.

what does this mean? lance could be biracial. in fact, i headcanon him as such. is that a problem? literally no. having biracial representation is really cool too! 

so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for his last name to be mcclain if his dad is white and his mother is cuban.

REGARDLESS, labelling names as black/white/asian/etc isn’t … the best thing to do, i don’t think. i’m not sure how to word this exactly but: names don’t define ethnicity / race. 

in short: i’m going to keep using McClain as Lance’s last name until we get a different one, if that happens. i’m sorry if this offends you or upsets you.

hi guys! i hit 2k today and that’s pretty exciting considering i’ve only had this blog for a bit over a week and i think that it’s something worth celebrating!! i’ve been wanting to get better at making graphics, so i thought that this would be a good way to practice - by doing some url graphics! read more to see the rules

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a comprehensive list of  reasonable Gendrya shite i want

-her bursting into the room and him standing up quickly from the table of men he’s sitting at “Gendry!?”.. “Arya.. My Princess-” “Shut up” AND A HUG while the other men are like ?????????? and then Jon walks in and he let’s go of her and Jon just raises his eyebrows and walks away

-friendly teasing, arm punches, tickling, “Milady”

-tying a dirty handkerchief to his war hammer and saying “Don’t die.” 

-him asking her to dance at the feast and they get all the way onto the floor before realizing neither of them can dance. “Shall we just.. get more some more mead?”

-them standing or sitting next to each other at least. just in the same damn frame pls.

-an ”I can be your family” parallel or 2 or 17 

-someone to notice that they look like Robert and Lyanna. like i want Jorah to see them reunite and have a look on his face like: “de ja vu thooo!!!!” 

-u know that scene when King Elizabeth Swann gives that epic “hoist the colours” speech to the brethren in PotC3? and Will Turner is looking at her like she is the most amazing person to ever exist? YEAH. yeah. i just want Gendry to look at Arya with utter amazement and pure respect.

-her to use her faceless man skills to fight him in a play fight and win. can she get him in a headlock or something? and like when she let’s go he must react like Linguini did in Disney’s Ratatouille when Colette pulled all the knives out of his sleeves like “WOW!!!” :D with fucking acorn hearts in his eyes. 

(just fuck me up.)

i’m soooo tired of seeing the same females used for twitter rp, so under the cut are 86 underused/never been used before female fcs for twitter rp. to my knowledge, all of them are of age and have 10k+ followers on instagram. if someone doesn’t meet either of those or doesn’t want to be roleplayed, pls lmk so i can update the list ! also please reblog and like if you found this helpful.

edit: as per request, if you now click on the name, u will be redirected to their instagrams !

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anonymous asked:

Hey, i was just wondering if u were going to draw more shallura? I'm really not trying to be pushy or rude or anything (pls don't think I'm telling u what to draw i really don't want this to sound mean or bad) but i just saw those little comics u made and they were super cute! I love ur art style, it's really super nice:)

oh no I don’t mind at all, it’s good to see what people like too! But yeah of course, I still have silly stuff on my laptop since this summer even, I’m shit at posting stuff unencouraged haha

if u ever feel embarassed pls remember that my tech teacher once caught me looking up pictures of damon albarn on the school computers before turning around and saying to my friend “dude, look, i know he’s nearly fifty years old, but i still want him to mcfricken raw me”

I accidentally went on a four-and-a-bit month hiatus... oops

BUT I’m back now and I’ve got a new URL (prev. castiolnovak or jensdmitri or smth else idk at this point) and I need some more blogs to follow

so reblog this post if the following applies to you/your blog, and i’ll check you out:

  • destiel - can be multishipper (i.e. with wincest etc.)
  • no ship hate at all
  • no cast hate pls it drains me (you don’t have to like every member of the cast equally but I don’t want to see unreasonable hate towards them)
  • cockles/j2/mishalecki
  • friendly bloggers
  • can post wank if it’s tagged I normally end up reading it anyway
  • that’s pretty much it ???? 
  • i just basically love the entire spn cast and want to follow people who do too :)
  • don’t have to follow back but it’s always nice to make mutuals :)

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mutuals if you could reblog too maybe? thank u



         everyone  LAY BACK,  grab a jarrito,  chill by the pool bc today’s gonna be all about you.  first off,  i’d like to start with a huge  THANK YOU  to all of my followers  !!  more about that under the cut,  though.  i’ve decided to do a little giveaway for this,  because this is honestly the fastest i’ve ever gotten this amount of followers.  the rules are simple:

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FIRST PLACE  GETS  (  there will be only  1  winner  )  //  15-20 icons of any fc of their choice,  a dual promo,  a normal promo,  a dash icon that’ll match with mine,  and many kisses & licks from yours truly.
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mini blog rates + compliments

i’m over the moon bc i’ve finished all my exams!!!! so happy i can properly respond to messages (finally) and celebrate the start of summer ッ


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format under the cut

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Yousef x Sana Concepts

Ok guys so after rewatching the first clip of Episode 3 ‘Inshallah’ and analysing evERY SINGLE KEYFRAME BECAUSE YOUSEF X SANA. My overimaginative mind came up with a few hypothetical concepts which I shared with @orphcs and so I would kill to see these concepts in future eps omg here goes

1: initially Yousef said that he worked in a Kindergarten and made it quite fRANK that he absolutely adores kids. This contrasts with sana who seems a little ‘eh’ about having them in the future. So I just envisioned a future episode down the road when Yousef actually takes Sana to the kindergarten to meet the kids. aND CAN YOU just IMAGINE Yousef just melting your hearts by giving the kids that infamous smile he always gives Sana ??? IM ALREADY DECEASED And Sana being the unfazed type, is uninterested at first but okay say in the kindergarten there are even special needs children and one particular disadvantaged kid is the favourite of Yousef. And him in this type of environment basically shows Sana what a sweetheart he can be and hey umm potential husband helloooo…. And just looking at his passion for taking care of these kids as he says how these children are like family for him and this really just deepens Sana’s admiration for him because he’s just a big bundle of positivity and radiance all because his weakness is children. And hey maybe this will change Sana’s perception on her future family life and um maybe bumping up the number of kids to an actual football team ..

2. This ones super short but hEY STILL CUTE OK!!! I just wanna tear my heart into shreds with some more kitchen scenes pls like Yousef teaching Sana some more cooking tips. And hey looks like Yousef is the equivalence to Gordon Ramsay. Which actually ;) links back to that subtle foreshadow where Sana said she wants her husband to be the one cooking. OKAY LETS BE REAL that coincidence did NOT happen accidentally ok you don’t just say somethin like that and your future baby daddy teaches you how to peel the heck out of a carrot like a pro. So yes pls more cute chef Yousef x Sana scenes in the kitchen wit a sprinkle of ed sheeran songs thank u

3. This one kinda links to #2 but like when we progress in Sana and Yousefs relationship I really hope to see some more deep convos not jus random ones but more specifically about their future. because like … who honestly would talk about future kids straight up with their crush? the fact that they did shows us this immediate bond between the two and there were no limits, they just jumped the gun. so in the future with some good deep convos and once again Yousefs passion for having a family as he’s got his life planned out really changes Sana’s mind about her own life. And she’ll fall into the depths of Yousefs heart (im cringe) and well shit it’s too late to turn back now. Maybe Sana will even joke about how despite him determined to perfect Sana’s cooking skills she’ll still make him cook the dinner for the kids in the future xxxoxoxoxoo

and of course if you have some hypothetical concepts to add let me kno pls im dying to hear them but then again im already dead so x

p.s reblog n spread the word i wanna share this emotion

pls buy my p3 ticket for shinee world in dallas

helo friends i am selling a P3 - 308 ticket to see shinee in dallas for its original cost ($162.08, which is the price of the ticket plus the fees+taxes axs charged me) so like,, If U Want This Ticket or if u wanna kno more details pls msg me. it’s in row BBB which places it nearly at the front of its section, so you’d have a nice view of the stage. i just have to get rid of it bc i got another ticket from someone else and i cant rly sit in two seats despite having honed my powers of dissociation and utter detachment from my body

so like lemme kno via tumblr or twitter DM (im pinkjunghee on twitter and my DMs are open rn)

also reblogs are okay! i wanna spread the word so another fan can get this ticket

Soothing Light

 When Berkut was notified by the maids that Rinea wanted to see him, he honestly didn’t expect to see her holding a staff.

 “I…” Bafflement still forced his words down. Deep brown eyes blinked at the staff in her hands, then at the smiling lady, then back at the foreign object. “What is this, my love?”

 The staff firm and close to her beating chest, she took a deep breath. “I…” You can do this, Rinea, she convinced herself endlessly. You’re doing this for Lord Berkut, after all. “I want to… I want to try something, my lord.” Enticingly azure eyes never torn from his shocked gaze, the noble only held back a squeak that tickled her suddenly dry throat.

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Mine [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Can I request a Sebastian Smythe X reader where he’s super overprotective of her when she visits his school, he likes showing her off but at the same time doesn’t bc he doesn’t want the others to see u since he’s possessive. Some guy escorts u to the warblars practice room and u give him a smile as thnx and Seb gets jealous and is about to pounce on the guy but u stop him and his anger goes away? Srry I just really love Seb so pls don’t think I’m crazy >.<

a/n: nah, im crazy too heh

It’s no surprise that Sebastian Smythe has a temper… Well, not really a temper, more like… he’s overprotective. Especially when it comes to you. He doesn’t like anyone being around you when he’s not present. But, he is your boyfriend, so you decide to give him a surprise visit.

Another Dalton boy appears in front of you. Great, a guide! “Hi, can you show me where the Warbler practice room is?” you ask shyly, crinkling your eyebrows together. He nods, mumbling a ‘yeah, I’ll show you.’ before leading you through the grand hall. “Thank you so much!” you grin, converse following his dress shoes. “My boyfriend is actually in it. I’m surprising him.” you over share, pulling your grey letterman jacket around your yellow tank top.

The boy hums, not really responding, yet still acknowledging that you spoke. Biting your lip, you brush your hair from your face, shifting side to side. When he stops at the door, yanking it open, you smile. “Thank you again!” you beam, looking back at him while you walk in.

“Sebastian!” you hear a group of voices shout, shoes squeaking on the floor. Whipping your head towards the room, your eyes widen, seeing both Nick and Jeff holding your boyfriend back.

The Warbler captain scowls, striped tie hovering in the air due to him being hunched over. “Did you not see the look he gave my girl?! Lemme go!” he snarls, rainforest green eyes staring at his teammates, filled with rage. He shifts in their hold, attempting to break free.

Stomping into the room, you clear your throat, arms already crossed. Sebastian stumbles when the two let him go, dusting off the shoulders of his navy blazer before walking to you. “What have we discussed?” you say softly, grabbing his hand; he pouts, lowering his head. Sometimes he can act like a child. “Sebastian….” you warn, eyeing him.

“That I need to be less overprotective and jealous…” Sebastian mutters quickly, under his breath. A sound of confirmation comes from you. He nibbles his lower lip, “I’m sorry.” he apologizes, keeping his voice low.

You giggle, pecking his cheek. “You’re so cute…”

“Babe, not in front of my boys….”

anonymous asked:

what's your favorite lq pic of each member?

oooh this is a good question im only gonna do the ones i have on my blog cause if i do a twitter search i will never be able to answer







yixing, i could honestly post all his photos but if i have to pick one

ok fuck it heres another 



sorry this took so long my computer is a slugggg

ask anything about me~

Thank you so so much for 2K!!! I never even expected a hundred, so I decided to make a lil celebration for my followers, I really hope you enjoy this because I’m so thankful for all of you and love u very much. Every single mutual and every single follower, no matter how much we interacted, you make tumblr way more fun, u are the cutest beans alive and you deserve all the joy in the world. Truly, thank you.


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