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  • halsey
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  • 21p


  • izombie
  • rick and morty (pls no incest)
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  • borderlands
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  • fable
  • honestly any video games i want more video games in my life please


  • good mythical morning / rhett and link
  • jacksepticeye
  • wiishu
  • markiplier / teamiplier
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What about hatefuck!harry letting y/n cry on his chest and then afterwards she's all like "if you tell anyone about this i swear to gkd i won't suck you pff for two weeks" etc but harry's feeling things and is genuinely endeared and he kind of hates it and she's kind of kicking herself for being weak around him but he really does give a great cuddle and encouraging words. Maybe he does care about her.... ;)

YEET I ADDED A FEW MORE DETAILS BUT THIS IS GONNA BE LIT I PROMISE!! if u like it, please give me feedback here!!! it rly motivates me :-)

Jeff’s house is fucking huge.

Harry swears that one day, he’s going to wander off alone and never be able to find his way out. The place is composed of four stories, each packed with different rooms and winding halls, and Harry often fears that he’ll get lost in his simple search to have a wee. 

But right now, everyone who’s anyone in the music industry is milling about in the large hall at the heart of Jeff’s mansion (though the producer refuses to refer to the building as such). Harry’s not quite sure how he got roped into a conversation with Jeff’s parents, but he remains a perfect gentleman, shaking hands and kissing cheeks and chatting with little to no effort. He charms the pants off of Jeff’s mother, who’s already looking at him like he’s the one who hung the stars in the sky, and he’s not far from laying the same impression on her husband. The encounter has been a success, if you ask him.

But he can’t deny that every so often, his eyes flick past the couple as he scours the room for you. He’d seen you walk in, wearing a pretty red dress that flared out just underneath your chest and a pair of gold flats on your feet. Your hair had been twisted up into an elegant bun and pinned down with a gold butterfly clip to match your footwear. Harry’s positive that his heart nearly stopped beating once he caught sight of you.

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okay sO bradley jaden and alice fearn in wicked are sOmething ELSE 🙌🙌🙌

Good Vs Bad

Nolan x Werewolf!Reader

Requested: nope

Summary: In which Nolan and Y/n are best friends but Nolan doesn’t know Y/n is a werewolf.

Warning: Swearing (shouldn’t be a warning really.), blood, fights, car accidents.

Notes: dedicated to @chimeracuddles because she loves Nolan/Froy and has made my hatred for Nolan became a love hate relationship.

“Hey kids.” You say as you walk to the table where Corey and Mason were sitting. You see their facial expression as they looked up at you.

“What’s wrong?”

“Brett has gone missing.” You nod your head.

“Liam went to help find him. We called Lydia to try to help and all we got was the number 68.”

“Number 68? That’s Nolan’s lacrosse number.” You tell your friend.

“Oh? Well, I don’t think we bother her anymore. I did a lot of things while she tried to focus.” Corey’s face reddens. You giggle.

“So I have a bio test and I also have a history test, which one first?”

“I say bio, because its harder.”

“Okay then, history it is.” Corey glares at you as you get up to find a book.

“So Nolan’s your best friend right?” Mason pops behind you. You jump and turn your head to face Mason.

“Mason, You scared the shit out of me. Don’t ever sneak up on me like that again.” He laughs.

“I am best friends with Nolan. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious. Have you told him you’re… you know… the same as Liam?”

“No. I don’t want him to know. I want to protect him from this world.”

“Are you saying that the pack is all dangerous?” He jokes.

“No! Of course not! I’m talking about the supernatural world in general. It’s dangerous and humans can barely survive it. Unless its you and Stiles.” You find a book and take it out. You head back to your seat. All of a sudden, Nolan slams his things against the table. You jump and look up at your best friend.

“Hm Nolan? Are you studying for bio?” You ask.

“Yeah actually, I am.” He sits down, his knees hit against yours, sending shivers up your spine. Needless to say, you were in love with your best friend.

“Trying to understand how organisms can change.” Mason and Corey start to help him understand while you tried to ignore the feeling you got every time Nolan’s knee brushes against yours. You tuned out of their conversation and opened your book to read. You were only interrupted when Corey got up. His hand was bloody, so was Nolan’s pen.

OWH.” Corey covers his wound as everyone in the library got up to look at what was going on. Nolan quickly grabs Corey’s injured hand and shoves it your face.

“Look at him Y/n. Look! Look at him!” Corey pulls away. You stand in shock of what just happened as Nolan leaves the library.

“Holy shit, Corey I’m so so sorry about him.” You apologize after you snap out of what had just happened.

“It’s okay Y/n.”

“I’ll talk to him, don’t worry.” You say before packing your things to go home. You wave goodbye to your friends and started texting your best friend Nolan. 

You: Meet me at my place in 20

bff<3: Okay 

When you reached your house, Nolan was already there.

“Nolan? You’re here early.”

“Yeah I got nothing to do.”

“Mmhm.” You say as you open your front door.

“Why didn’t you go in? You knew where the spare key was.”

“I wanted to wait for you.”

“How did you know I wasn’t home yet?”

“You were in the library. Also I looked at your room window. The light wasn’t turned on.”

“Hm okay. Anyway, I just wanted to ask why did you stab Corey?” You ask as the two of you enter your room. 

“I wanted everyone to know about him. I guess I wanted to prove something.”

“Nolan, you can’t go all stabby stabby on people to prove something.”

“I’m sorry. I wanted to show you that he is not a human and that he is dangerous.”

“Corey is not dangerous. If he was, I would’ve stopped being friends with him.”

“All of them are dangerous Y/n. You can’t trust them!” Nolan raises his voice.

“I can! I know them! and I believe them! They will never hurt me!”

“Are you saying that you believe them more than your best friend?”

“Nolan you know that’s not what I meant. I know you are paranoid about the situations that have happened around school but it’s not gonna happen again.”

“How do you know Y/n? What if your friends are the cause of everything that has happened?”

“They are not! Can you stop attacking my friends?”

“Why are you on their side? You’re my best friend!”

“I’m on the side that’s right and I believe that what you did to Corey isn’t right.”

“You like one of them don’t you?” You look at him confused.

“What? No I don’t! Nolan, if my friends are dangerous and are monsters, then I would be dead by now.”

“All I want to do is protect you from things that could harm you!” Your heart fluttered. 

“Nolan, I know you care about me. But I can take care of myself okay? You don’t need to worry.”

“If I lose you, I would have no one left.” He mumbles out, fidgeting with his fingers. You walk up to him and touch his hands,

“I will never leave you. You’re not gonna be alone. You are never gonna be alone.” You hug him tightly. Your phone vibrates from your pocket and you take it out.

duMbar: Help me and bring ice cream

You: Why?

duMbar: I did something very stupid, I need cheering up and icecream pls.

You: I can’t help u if you dont tell me wat u did. u always do something stupid.

duMbar: I don’t like u sometimes.

duMbar: So like I exposed US to the world and now I’m ashamed. 

You: dude, how could u? I’m coming

duMbar: really?

You: to kill u :)


You: did u save Brett? Is he ok?


duMbar: he is fine btw

duMbar: hello? ru ignoring me?

You: sry was debating about if I should waste my $ on u.

duMbar: plsss we’re buddies pls bring me icecream.i will love u forever if u do.

duMbar: all I want is icecream is that too much to ask?

You: k i’ll bring the icecream and then I leave 

duMbar: no! don’t go, stay over plssssssssssssss

You: stop being annoying and I will come over

duMbar: oki, come thru window it will be unlocked for u:)

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things we will see in a trc tv show: 

- the first shot of 300 fox way, the reading room, blue’s room

- the pig !!

- aglionby uniforms !! our fave boys in aglionby uniforms !! 

- gansey’s ! boat ! shoes ! the stupid polos

- blue’s deliberate eccentricity

- ronan being all disheveled

- noah, sweet, sweet noah as a ghost, as a boy, just….noah being noah

- cabeswater ?? how are they gonna portray it idk but it’s gonna be so cool

- flashbacks they gonna be Dramatique as all hell

- Ronan Lynch Beating The Ever Loving Shit Out Of Robert Parrish Live On Television For The First Time

- adam’s accent 👀

- gansey calling adam “tiger”

things we want to see in a trc tv show:

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a comprehensive list of  reasonable Gendrya shite i want

-her bursting into the room and him standing up quickly from the table of men he’s sitting at “Gendry!?”.. “Arya.. My Princess-” “Shut up” AND A HUG while the other men are like ?????????? and then Jon walks in and he let’s go of her and Jon just raises his eyebrows and walks away

-friendly teasing, arm punches, tickling, “Milady”

-tying a dirty handkerchief to his war hammer and saying “Don’t die.” 

-him asking her to dance at the feast and they get all the way onto the floor before realizing neither of them can dance. “Shall we just.. get more some more mead?”

-them standing or sitting next to each other at least. just in the same damn frame pls.

-an ”I can be your family” parallel or 2 or 17 

-someone to notice that they look like Robert and Lyanna. like i want Jorah to see them reunite and have a look on his face like: “de ja vu thooo!!!!” 

-u know that scene when King Elizabeth Swann gives that epic “hoist the colours” speech to the brethren in PotC3? and Will Turner is looking at her like she is the most amazing person to ever exist? YEAH. yeah. i just want Gendry to look at Arya with utter amazement and pure respect.

-her to use her faceless man skills to fight him in a play fight and win. can she get him in a headlock or something? and like when she let’s go he must react like Linguini did in Disney’s Ratatouille when Colette pulled all the knives out of his sleeves like “WOW!!!” :D with fucking acorn hearts in his eyes. 

(just fuck me up.)

you would not believe your eyes

if tony stark fucking died

nogurt-p  asked:

hi i lov ur httyw au ,, do u hav more info about it?!!!!!! imma cry pls thank u !!

Thanks!!! :D I’m glad you love it~! 

So. here. we. go~<3

After that particular healing session, Lance began to secretly pay the wolf a visit every night until he even ends up hanging out in the cage with it.., still not knowing that it was a werewolf. Well, most of the students don’t because the school is still new and quite small and of course, they were still too young to be able to identify it.

 Long story short, Lance bonded with the wolf, who he resorted to calling Mr. Greenwolf thanks to the incident when Shiro consumed Hunk’s green chocolate chip cookies and his tongue glowed the color which made Lance panicked at first because well, dogs can’t take chocolate.

But this friendship seems to end very quickly as the school closed down because they were found to be doing unwarranted experiments especially casting harmful spells that were supposedly banned behind the ministry of magic’s back. 

When Lance and the rest of the student body were transferred to another academy, Mr. Greenwolf was never to be seen again until the next ten years, when on a Halloween night, a werewolf came knocking at Lance’s door.    

some Yixing headcanons
  • our Chinese king everyone’s a yixing stan don’t lie
  • so let’s get through this and hope I won’t start cryin amen hallelujah god bless
  •  so I feel like he’d worry about you even more than you worry about him
  • esp when he’s away 
  • he’s always texting you on his whereabouts letting you know what he’s up to
  • bc this angel can’t stand the thought of you stressin over him esp little things
  • also like he’s such a gentleman
  • won’t even go a day without complimenting your head off
  • and making sure you know that he feels lucky just to be w/ you and have you deal w/ him even when it’s so hard to see each other sometimes
  • but tbh he makes it work
  • skyping every night/day
  • sending you the absolute cutest snaps of him w/ the cutest filters
  • “thinking of u bb I want u here ;((”
  • “ily baby make sure to eat all your lunch today”
  • “guess what bb, I can be home by tomorrow :o I was gonna surprise u but I’m too excited y/n!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • what a man
  • and AND AND yixing sends you hella recorded videos of him practicing aka the death of you
  • acts like he just sent it to show you what he’s doing but low key he’s begging for you to praise him bc he lives for that shit and your opinion is the one that matters the most to him oml
  • he’s wild when he wants to get you a present tbfh
  • might even have people create a special perfume for you or even name a star after you idk man it’s yixing you’re stuck w/ him now get used to this
  • also I know I’ve said this hella times before but he’s such husband material bruh wife him asap
  • even makes you breakfast sometimes and he loves nothing more than seeing your sleepy face smiling up at him in gratitude
  • he gets so excited like
  • “bb I’d do this for u everyday if I could I always want you w/ me :((((”
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yixing pls//////
  • take you on hella trips to China bc you know he’d be an emo mess without you for too long
  • and shows you around everywhere 
  • while he points at everything all excitedly and smiles at you so big you think his heart is going to burst from all the love
  • plus hella red carpet events w/ him lookin like a whole snacc in a black suit you’re welcome
  • wants to show you off and tbh you should let him
  • high key treats you like royalty wherever yall go and he makes sure everyone knows you’re his
  • but yixing is hella hilarious too I mean
  • he always tries to make fun of you and tease you but tbh it always backfires bc he ends up being the one who’s flustered
  • like he can’t stop laughing sometimes he’s so weird
  • idk what’s going through his mind but his random fits of laughter must be recorded on your phone bc you’d be missing out I’m telling u
  • did I mention he always coaxes you into dancing w/ him sometimes
  • and it’d end up in him literally grinding on you and you ain’t even sure if it’s a part of the routine but tbh………..imma leave it up to your imagination it’s lit
  • anyways
  • he’s a king so always treat him like one pls I’m begging you 💙

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request:  Hey lovely! Can I request #17 “Stop it! It tickles!” and #49 “Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.” together? Xxx P.S. I love your work. &  Could u pls write one which is a bit sexual like not too much but like a sweet kinda sexual story plssssss

hello loves! i’m going to try and make my next few pieces more lighthearted because that seems to be what you guys want to see, but i do love to write angst, so be prepared for something crazy to drop. also this is going to be an art!harry au because like anyone, its a soft spot for me. anyways, keep sending in requests! hope you enjoy!

warning: smut but not a ton, and it sucks so dont get excited

Quiet nights with Harry are your favorite. With you being a writer and Harry constantly in his studio working on his art, there wasn’t much time for you both to be together, just relaxing. You both loved what you did, especially because you both worked at home, causing you to spend most of your days in the same home, just not the same room. You would go and get lunch together, then arrive home and go back into your respective rooms, yours being your quaint writing room and his being his art studio that was far messier than yours.

Paint was thrown all over the walls, varying in color. You used to keep an extra gallon of the base paint to cover up the splatters that would get sprayed on the walls, but after repainting the wall for a fifth time, you gave up and let Harry cover the walls in whatever he wanted. But after walking in on him throwing random splotches, you were happy with the way he made it. The base of the floor was lined with canvases, holding some of the most beautiful paintings you had ever seen. Harry did sell his paintings throughout London, but most he just kept for himself, the ones that were special to him. Special ones often had something to do with you, whether it be he painted your body, your favorite features, or a special place for the two of you. You loved everything he painted, even if he despised it.

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listen. i know that jokes, theories, concepts, ideas can seem innocent. and, they are. i truly believe that - but it when it gets to the point where every single thing that dan and phil SAY is put under a microscope, every single announcement and little projects hinted at becomes an immediate jump to coming out, getting married, going on their honeymoon, what have you. it’s sort of discomforting. in a strange way, i believe that dan and phil have been pressured to come out, to say things, to state their sexuality and give everything a label because that’s what the fans are looking for, are fighting for, are hoping for. and, as we approach a period where dan and phil are finally truly comfortable with each other, coming out seems to be the end goal. i want everybody to know that coming out is a difficult process, ESPECIALLY when it’s a relationship that’s been analyzed from the very beginning and if it doesn’t ever happen, please don’t shame them. please don’t be disappointed. please don’t tell them that they SHOULD, that they owe that to you. because nobody owes their fans anything, they don’t owe us an explanation, they don’t owe us a story. and if they want to give us one, they WILL .. but don’t push that on them. this isn’t at anybody in particular, i know that a lot of the posts you guys put out are nothing but innocent, but i hope that if there’s someone out there that feels as if they’re hiding is personally offensive? please remember that some people still don’t accept it, that homophobia is still a fucking issue, that people hide bc they feel unsafe and unwelcome and that not ALL of their fans are going to accept it. they want to do this on their own terms, they want to make things known within their own boundaries and if that’s just the growing comfort between them - if that’s just the loving glimpses we see .. who are we to search for anything more?

Cat Hybrid!Woozi

Requested by anon: that was so cute omg can I request cat!hybrid woozy… angst bc feelies, but majority fluff? 


warnings: tHIS SCENARIO SUCKS SO MUCH IM SO SORRY ITS SO BAD and also Woozi got so cute and sweet it gave me diabetes 5 times rip i need more Manly Jihoon smh

  • Oh boy,,,, here we go
  • With another woozi au jesus christ yall
  • I can def see him being a cat anywayz let’s get to it
  • The sun was shining, a v v beautiful day!!!
  • so you and your friends decided to go out
  • You were walking in downtown and you guys were just aimlessly strolling and checking out shops as you went along
  • And then you’re like
  • O m y g o d wHA T IS TH A T
  • And you pointed to a cat cafe and you’re like pL S LET’S GO THERE NOW!!!
  • And your friends are like o boy ok sure bc they know how much you love cats
  • When you push open the door a little cute bell jingles and you’re already in love with this place
  • When you ring the bell, a bunch of cats perk their ears up and they’re like !!!! a human!!!!!!

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if u ever feel embarassed pls remember that my tech teacher once caught me looking up pictures of damon albarn on the school computers before turning around and saying to my friend “dude, look, i know he’s nearly fifty years old, but i still want him to mcfricken raw me”



anonymous asked:

Hey, i was just wondering if u were going to draw more shallura? I'm really not trying to be pushy or rude or anything (pls don't think I'm telling u what to draw i really don't want this to sound mean or bad) but i just saw those little comics u made and they were super cute! I love ur art style, it's really super nice:)

oh no I don’t mind at all, it’s good to see what people like too! But yeah of course, I still have silly stuff on my laptop since this summer even, I’m shit at posting stuff unencouraged haha