I want to see more of u pls

i like imagining red hawke

  • having trouble with being anything but earnest and direct. it comes out rough, but that’s why hawke is valued. it is honesty, sharp and truthful, the excising pain that cuts out the lies and leaves the rawness you need to see behind.
  • not being able to articulate the finer points of their feelings, instead doing favors and easing schedules without ever referring to it. no, hawke truly knows nothing about the conspicuous lack of lawbreakers in lowtown.
  • having to deal with carver’s scorn though they would probably storm minrathous alone for him. smiling a small private smile because they know him better than anyone else, because they can relate on being unable to say the things they wish they could. i’ll always love you, baby brother.
  • having to deal with bethany’s quiet understanding–though they believe they don’t deserve it. smiling a small private smile because though the rest of the world may see only The Champion, bethany always looks at what’s beneath the armor, always reminds you it’s alright to stop and breathe. thank you, beth.
  • being difficult to understand despite being so simple and unchanging in their attitude. does hawke know how to smile? would they crumble to dust and wither away if they laughed? (”probably,” varric says with a shrug).
  • having moments of vulnerability. the serious, no-nonsense, cut-and-dry champion of kirkwall visibly having difficulty refusing their LI anything. soft spots are dangerous, but hawke doesn’t mind this one. 
  • aggressively guarding their newfound family and looming over them like an overprotective judgmental vulture.
  • maintaining that they are a ruthless hero while cuddling up to their mabari.

pls click it to see it in full view tumblr hates landscapey sized things?? 

I’m very excited for BotW, verY excited,, grumbles about how i’ll probably draw more Link later,,,


prints and hoo-diddlies of this available on my redbubble!; http://www.redbubble.com/people/babakinkin/works/22558066-zelda-breath-of-the-wild?asc=u&ref=recent-owner

Speedpaint video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQFfXIFyq0M

Commission info;  babakinkin.deviantart.com/jour…

dA; babakinkin.deviantart.com/

Youtube; www.youtube.com/user/BabaKinki…


uhhhhh so this happened?? what to heck ????

i let myself naturally pick my choices from days 1-4

unfortunately not zen T_T

i drew him the way he constantly wants the mc to see him QvQ
mature, strong reliable guy………… aaaa yoosung, ur perfect just the way u are.
but u guys will know what im talking about when u reach day 9 <3

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I have been working in this fanart for so long… I even feel bad uploading it, I can see so many things that need to be done better but I’m just too lazy and I want to start other drawings, I still need to do the 7 remaining girls!!

…Love Live is an important part of my life right now. My past self wouldn’t believe it. She’d probably be ashamed.

Anyway, I hope you like it! I expect that LL!Sunshine 2nd season shows us more about the girls as individuals! There’s so much potential there that season 1 didn’t even touch (they messed up all Ruby’s abilities, like what) By the time being I will assume what SIF tells me.

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here’s Marinette wearing Perfume’s Pick Me Up dress which was rly fucking hard to do and im never doing it again (yes i will)

i rly wanted to draw this because 1. i love perfume, 2. i love marinette, and 3. after seeing the MV with the whole “find urself behind a glass case and help urself become free” theme would be rly interesting to put Marinette in. jiyuu ni nareru wa~~~~

someday i will properly draw heels but it looks like today is not that day


So I really wanted to find out what might happen next week because I literally could not even try to think about Fitz more than 0.2 seconds without wanting to rip my heart out, so I went and looked at the 03x02 promo and I noticed something.

I mean…that’s 100% Fitz in that weird alien world where Jemma is, so I thought…why did that Paper thing he had say “death” when they’re both CLEARLY alive, just somwhere else.

I then proceeded to do some serious research..which was basically google the meaning of “maveth” the hebrew word and look what I found:


death, dying, Death (personified), realm of the dead

  1. death
  2. death by violence (as a penalty)
  3. state of death, place of death

See? “Realm of the dead” and don’t we know a little something about the realm of the dead in the mcu?

That’s right…HEL!! And who also lives on Hel?

Garm, “The monstrous hel-hound Garm guards the entrance to Hel, the realm of the dead. It lives in Gnipa-cave. “ 

That’s probably why Jemma covered up her scratch on her eyebrow, because who can sniff blood out better than a monstrous hound?? And even though I’m not 100% sure that there are like…just dead people that don’t bleed but its possible that she’s the only person that’s bleeding there soo…she would be pretty easy to spot.

We have also seen Fitz, the Team and someone asgardian in the promo pics inside…you guessed it…a cave. So my theory is that Fitz will get behind all that Realm of the dead stuff and, with the help of our Asgrdian friend, figure out where Jemma really is.

But don’t ask me how he’ll manage to get dragged backwards into the whole thing…..that’s a topic for another day.

goddamn i just feel the need to like, appreciate and love all the girls on the entire planet, MAN u know what i mean?? like i see them get so much hate and bullshit thrown at them for no reason when they are nothing but beautiful creatures and i just want to crush it and erect a monument for them all in it’s place sjhgjfdg

fakestgucci  asked:

Okay, pls help... Do U know any good victuuri fics ?? I am desperate pls

these all don’t include any NSFW content, if you want more tho feel free to pm or ask me!!!

like your french girls- http://archiveofourown.org/works/8398177/chapters/19241185 Viktor is an artist AU and it’s sO AWFULLY ADORABLE AND SWEET. - i see quiet nights poured over ice- http://archiveofourown.org/works/8224393/chapters/19156285 All the episodes, but Viktor has a hECK OF A LOT MORE love for Yuuri. iTs v v goOd. - Unwritten- http://archiveofourown.org/works/8293714/chapters/18997870 ok i love this fic, it’s the soulmate au where whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmate’s skin, and it includes oblivious yuuri and cuddly touchy viktor which is gREAT. (side note that im still learning how tumblr works gosh im sorry for all the bad spacing and all help me)