I want to see his face and see what made her smile like that

Knives 1/? | Dan Howell

Psycho/Noun/ a crazy or mentally unstable person


(Unknown) Hey Daniel,

(To unknown) Um who are you?,

(Unknown) Someone who knows your secrete,

(To unknown) what secrete?,

(unknown) oh, you know what secrete,

(To unknown) who are you?)

(unknown) Left the chat


Getting out of bed.

It was hard. But at the same time exciting as I will see her. Her beautiful face. I didn’t even made the bed I rushed to get changed. I wanted everything black, like always, that way I blend into the crowd.

I was right behind the tree and I could see her, she was chatting to her friend, a smile never leaving her face. It was satisfying to watch. Until him approached her. Anger flew through my veins. His hand touched her arm. It send me flying out of anger. I wanted to choke him right there. But I know I couldn’t I was surrounded by people and teachers, basically the whole school.  

I looked to the left and I cough someone staring. No one stares at me. I look more into the person face, it pale, blue-ocean eyes. I see him! smirking at me. Like he won something. I shake my head and carry on watching her. That guy is gone finally. The bell rings which means everyone has to go to class. Which means she will leave to.

I have a choice, by going to class or not. This time I’m going as I have her finally in my class. One and only class. It gym. I hate exercising but if it meant I will be near her then it worth it.

I could see her stretching. Her hair in a messy ponytail. Her eyes was shining bright and her brown hair was silky and probably smooth. The whistle blew. We all lined up. I was right at the end I didn’t want to get noticed by her. She has never seen me in all those years but I have seen her.

The trainer said to pick a partner, she picked her best friend Chloe. Obviously. One person in the group has to be left out as there isn’t enough people to be in partners. Which was fine by me as I didn’t want to be with somebody anyway. I didn’t have friends but I didn’t care. No one did. Not even the teachers. In this school they never do.  

We had to make a routine from what we have learned this year and to preform it, which I’m not doing at all. She will see me, my body and face and think I’m a freak. I’m not fit like all those other guys she is probably into.

When the first performance came, I sneaked out before I had to do it. It was her turn to perform. It was a dance routine. I watched as her arms stretched and her skin shined. Her body moved. Her smile never left her face all the time. I was shocked they way her body moved, I have never seen it before and I wanted more of it.

I get addicted to stuff quickly, the same way I got addicted to her.

It was home time and I was behind the same tree again. Watching her, saying goodbyes. She left her little friend group and I followed her right away. I wanted her to get home safe and not harmed. I was overprotective, over her.

She was standing in front of her door, struggling to get the key in. I would of helped her but she will see me and I can’t let that happen. The door opens and she is inside by any second. I sneak closer so I could see her inside. Her parents car wasn’t parked which meant they not hear. So they wont see me.

She is sitting on the little couch reading a book. It a red cover with white font writing. She is so engaged reading it. That she doesn’t even hear me tripping on the rock and falling.

I kept watching her until she was gone.




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