I want to see his face and see what made her smile like that

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Hey Maddy! How do you think Sasuke proposed to Sakura?What did he say??

I think he probably would have asked during a conversation in which they were discussing a future together, which would take place shortly after their first time, something which I made a mini fic for over here :)

I imagine that Sasuke would ask once more if Sakura truly wanted to spend the rest of her life by his side. Sakura would answer affirmatively once again, and would then exasperatedly go on a comical little mini rant about how many times she needed to say that she loved him before he got the picture.

I can then see Sasuke interrupting her little rant with a ring or a necklace, saying something like “then, let’s make it a promise”, with a smile on his face, and completely catching Sakura off guard:

Sakura’s mixed expression of shock and pure happiness would only make Sasuke’s smile grow larger.

That’s how I can see it happening ^_^