I want to make it look serious while displaying Light's happy side

One Condition(m)

Summary: You and Jimin have a perfectly-normal-good sex life, so you can’t really understand his need to explore further….whatever, two can play at that game. Looks like there won’t be much sleeping going on tonight.

Genre: A lil fluff/ lotta smut/ and hopefully I can make u giggle

Word count: 3,038

Warnings: Face sitting/ Breathplay (~light~Choking)…sorry mom

A/n: This is the FIRST EVER fic I felt comfortable releasing! I’m so super excited to share this w/ you guys and I hope u enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it:’’) . ps. this one for my chubby hoes or for my cuties w a lil more meat on ur thighs. jimin luvs u n so do i 💖💖💖

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The Sleepover

I realized that although I put the link on here for the A03 fic, I never actually posted the fic on here, so, without further adieu, a Bughead Sleepover.

“Hey!” Betty crossed the short distance to where Jughead was sitting in a booth at Pop’s. “I was hoping I’d find you here.”

Jughead had seen Betty coming through the door and hadn’t been able to wipe the smile off his face since. He picked up his coffee and took a sip, then set it back in it’s place. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I have a surprise for you.” Betty smiled. She got back up and stood at the counter. “Hey, Pop? Could we get an order of french fries please?”

Pop Tate smiled and nodded at her, and Betty turned to sit down with Jughead.

Jughead stared at her for just a moment before laughing. “Well? Are you going to give me a hint?”

Betty returned his smile. “No, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Can i request Reader and 76 cuddling after a tickle fight and reader finally says i love you and hides they face?

Tickle Fights

Originally posted by celestial-mercy

Soldier X Reader

Author’s Note: Rip me i love writing long stories. Hope you enjoy and sorry it look a while!

Right hook, left hook, kick!

Your eyes remained trained of the dummy ahead of you. Fists balled together, feet shuffling in anticipation as you use your weight to focus on the power of your attacks. You repeated the mantra in your head over and over while continuing to strike at the dummy.


“Knew I find you here.”

Your body tensed in surprise at the voice. The center of your balance faltered as your foot made uneven contact with its target. Before you knew it the ground greeted you none too kindly. A spike of pain running up and through your spine as you landed harshly on your rear end. A groan escaped your lips adjusting to lighten the pain.

“Whoa, didn’t mean to scare you.” Soldier chuckled having seen the spectacle play out.

Swiftly, he moved over to you before squatting closely in front of you. “You alright, sweetheart?” Jack’s hands roam to gently touch at your ankles. He looks over your legs, then back at your ankles checking for swelling or redness.

“Jack, I’m fine.” You assure him, slightly wiggling away from his grasp. “I could have done without the heart attack though. Thanks for that.” He smiles at you sheepishly while rubbing his thumb over your ankle affectionately. A small silent display of affection. You’ve noticed he tends to do that since you’ve begun dating months ago.

“Come on,” Soldier heaves himself up while extending his hand to you. “Let’s get you up.”

You smile at him, admiring the tired blue eyes that adorn his handsome face. However, something in you stirs. You take his hand in yours before a plan begins forming within your head.

It’s then the air shifts.

However, he’s noticed too late.

A mischievous smile comes to play as you use his weight against him. It happens suddenly. You hook your knee’s behind him pushing them forward. The older man is knocked off his feet quite literally. Gravity working its magic to pull him down on the mat straight flat on his back. You come to straddle him triumphally as he groans from the force of the unsuspecting fall.

“Careful,” He jokes. “These old bones aren’t what they used to be.” He means it with little seriousness, but he’s sure one day your ‘fun’ antics will get him hurt. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t look forward to it.

With a gentle laugh, you reply. “That hasn’t stopped you before.” Color immediately flushes to his cheeks and he frowns. “Aw come on, Jack.” You lean forward. “Smile for me.” You laugh, poking at his side and quickly moves to react.

The action causes you to lean back with a raised a brow. Immediately he begins to squirm under you. Desperately trying to get away. You add more pressure to where you sit and the friction causes him to still. Once more you go to poke at his sides and you smile when his face turns red.

“Jack…” You sing, wiggling your fingers over to his underarms. “Are you ticklish?”

The way he avoids your gaze speaks more than his silence. His face is red as he tries hard not to burst into a fit of giggles.  

Now, that won’t do.

You wiggle your fingers from his underarms to his collar bone then to his neck. Immediately he snaps down on your wondering hand. The offending fingers now trapped between his chin and his shoulder while he glares at you.

“Don’t.” He warns, chest heaving. He’s struggling to stay serious as your fingers still tickle his neck. You know he won’t hold out for long. Not with you.

“Don’t know what you mean, Hun.” There’s pause between you too. A stare down as he watches you carefully. He lifts his chin off your hand and you smile at him innocently.

That is, before all hell breaks loose and you rain your assault of tickles on the man under you. Both hands go to tickle him. One on his neck, the other works his sides. He’s knew it was coming but something in him is still caught off guard. The stoic face you’ve come to know turns into a huge grin and gruff laughter begins rumble underneath you. It’s almost odd in some way. The way his face lights up as he is on the verge of tears in a laughing fit.

You decide you like more than anything. No, wait. You love it.

He has the most adorable smiley eyes and biggest grin to match. It’s so captivating in its own manner that you catch yourself staring once again.

You love this man like no other.

He notices your slight distraction and just as fast he is now on top of you. Your positions switched as fast as you can blink. He’s panting but the smile still decorates his roguish face. You look at him carefully. Cherishing the moment while it lasts.

“Two can play at that game, sweet pea.” He smirks and you feel a tingle crawl up your sides. You start squirming as his hands begin to tickle about your body. He laughs as you try to return the action but hardly succeed under his grasp. Eventually, you’re a mess of laughter and snorts. Begging him to have mercy on you.

“Stop! I’m going to pee!” You yelp through giggles. He laughs over you, coming to rest his hands on either side of you. Carefully he leans down to press a chaste kiss on your lips. A truce of sorts for the meantime. He lifts up and off to lay next to you on the training mat, legs still tangled together.

There is nothing but gasps for breath and loose laughter as you two try to steady your breathing. The room is warm and a blush dusts over your skin as you look over to him. He’s chuckling with you and you can’t help but stare so captivated by his smile once more. It’s without a thought that you open your mouth and confess your thoughts out loud.

“I love you.”

He stops. “What did you say?”

Realization hits you and you quickly untangle your legs from him. Your hands come up to cover your face. The room feels warmer as you sit up trying to get away from him. A array of emotions run through you as you can quite comprehend how you feel. Was this too sudden? Was this a bad time? Does he love you as well?

He follows you up, bringing his hands to cup yours over your face.

You protest. Too suborn to uncover your blushing face. “I’m sorry.”

He leans in, pulling you towards him. “No, don’t be.” He tries at your hands again wanting to see you. Tenderly, he holds them for a moment before you finally let him.

You feel so vulnerable. So exposed to him.

“I just…I love seeing you so happy. I couldn’t help it. The words fell out my mouth before I could stop them. I’m sorry.” It’s so much easier to read his emotions without the mask. He looks just as vulnerable as you. It’s reassuring in its own regard but it does little to easy your nerves. He chuckles, the sound making you look up at him.

“God, you’re too good to me.” He sighs, relieved. “I love you too.”

Before you can manage a word, he captures you in a kiss. His hands moving to pull you into his lap in the process. “I love you so much.” He stops but continues to pepper kisses among your face. His stubble tickling you ever so lightly. “I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to say it.”

Whatever unnerving emotion you’ve felt before is taken over by the tenderness of his actions. He holds you close. Just as happy and content as he was when you tickled him to tears. Minutes pass as you both hold one another, planting innocent kisses on each other’s lips. Eventually, he pulls away to sit up. You’re a little upset at the loss of affection but he gives you a smile in apology.

“Come on, let’s go get something to eat.” He speaks softly before kissing the tip of your nose. He lifts you onto your feet, keeping his hand around your waist. You replicate the action while walking next to him. It’s a few steps out the training halls door that your hands snake up a little higher to poke at his side.

“Stop.” He grunts.

You laugh. “Alright, alright. Sorry.”

Jeff Atkins - Request #2

Okay Forrest off your writing? PERFECTION BABE! And second do you mind is you do a Jeff imagine where the reader is an introvert and extremely shy and throughout his relationship with her he pushes her out of her shell,he encourages to speak up and mingle and go to parties and all that cause he is really social

Originally posted by cynicalsunset

You had met in summer school the summer  before sophomore year began. He had flunked out of math and because you had no social life, you tutored at the school. Somehow, the gorgeous, drool-worthy jock started to like you and by the end of summer session, you two had become inseparable and he had asked you to be his girlfriend.

The only problem was - you were complete opposites. Jeff was very outgoing. He had a ton of friends, went to parties, participated in events, always wanted to go out and meet new people and have crazy adventures.

You on the other hand weren’t so exciting. You were extremely shy. You had three close friends. Your ideal Friday night was throwing in a bath bomb and soaking in the tub while reading a book. You rarely spoke to people you didn’t know. You liked watching shows like Law & Order and trying to solve the case before they did.

Polar opposites.

So when the school year began, you were nervous as to how your relationship with Jeff would transpire. Over the summer you two were in your own little world but in school, there would be other people in play. You knew Monty - of course - because that was his best friend, but other than that you didn’t know his friends at all and they only knew you as “the girl Jeff ditches us for all summer.”

“Hey gorgeous” Jeff smiled, approaching your locker.

 His hands wrapped around you in a hug and he placed a kiss on your lips before leaning against the locker next to yours.

“Hey.” You blushed, still not accustomed to the public display of affection he loved so much.

 “So - will you come to the game tonight?” He asked as a nervous expression took over his face.

You froze at the question, biting your bottom lip before lifting your eyes to look up at him. “I - I don’t know Jeff - I “

 “Come on, Y/N. It’s the first game of the season.” He cut you off. “Besides, you’re like super hot and I want to show you off. Is that so wrong?”

You blushed again, lowering your head to hide the redness in your cheeks. No - it wasn’t wrong, it was just different. Jeff was incredibly popular and that crowd was way to intimidating for your liking.

 “Well….” He poked your sides, making your giggle.

 “Okay.” You gave in. “Okay fine.”

“Really?” he asked, raising in brows in disbelief that he heard you correctly.

 “Yes, really.”

 “Good, then we can finally get some one on one time. I promise.”  

 You could hear the cheering from the gymnasium echo down the empty hallways of the school. This wasn’t the first time you were there after hours but it was certainly the first time you’d been there to attend a game. A game in which you’re boyfriend was apart of.

“Goooo Tigers!” The cheerleaders yelled as you dragged your feet to walk through the gym doors.

 Stepping in further you saw Jeff dribbling his way down the court. He seemed to spot you right away, his eyes lighting up as they landed on you. Mid-dribble, he blew you a kiss causing everyone to stare at you before a three pointer and everyone cheered in unison.

 You smiled, lowering your eyes to the ground as you made your way to the bleachers to take a seat. Though you loved knowing you had his attention, you hated the fact that now everyone else was looking at you.

 Sheri took a seat next to you, taking a breather from cheering while the game was going on. She smiled wide and bumped her shoulder against yours in a friendly gesture.


“Hey.” You replied, unsure of what she was going to say.

You knew Sheri because everyone knew Sheri. She was head cheerleader, organized a bunch of school events, always did good in class - yet the fact that she even knew you existed blew your mind.

 “So you’re the little darling Jeff never stops talking about.”  She  smiled.

 Jeff never stopped talking about you?

 “Well I can only hope.” You replied with a kind smile that mimicked hers.

 She laughed and held her hand out. “Well I’m Sheri. I wanted to introduce myself. When I found out Jeff had an actual serious girlfriend, I was super excited to say hi. Y’know these boys track record with women. They never stick around long enough but I’m so happy he’s found someone he likes so much!”

You smiled, nodding your head, you really weren’t one for small talk and she seemed like she could go on forever.

 “Sheri - get back over here!”

 The cheer leading coach yelled over at her. Sheri jumped up, not missing the pep in her step as she smiled down at you.

“It was great meeting you!” She waved back as she ran over to the rest of the team.

 Alex took a seat next to you, averting his eyes from Jessica who was cheering tonight.

 “Hey.” He said.


 Alex was cool, you always talked to him in class and waved when you saw him in the hallway.

 “What’re you doing here?” He asked. “ I never see you out.”

You shrugged, taking your eyes off the game to meet his. “Promised, Jeff I’d watch the game. What’re you doing here?”

 “Promised Jessica I’d watch her cheer. She made it seem a lott cooler than this.”

 Looking over at the cheerleaders waving their pom poms you laughed. “Yeah, it doesn’t seem all that exciting.”

The buzzer went off and Liberty won by 10 thanks to Jeff and Zach. You clapped and cheered along with everyone else before Alex said goodbye to go over to his girlfriend.

Jeff ran over after one last talk from the coach. He wrapped his arms around you, spinning you around as he kissed you. With your arms wrapped around his neck you laughed, hanging onto him.

“You won!” You smiled as he put you down.

 “See - it’s cause I got my lucky charm with me.” He smirked, leaning down to kiss you again. “Now let me grab my bag and I’m all yours for the rest of the night.”


“What’re you doing tonight?” Jeff asked, throwing his arm over your shoulder as he caught you walking down the hallway.

 Books in hand, you shrugged. “Nothing why?”

“Monty’s throwing a party and you’re going to be my date.” He smirked, looking down at you.

 “A party? I - I don’t think so babe. It’s not really my thing - “

“But it’s mine.” He stopped walking to stand in front of you. “Come on. I love hanging out with you. My friends are dying to meet you. We’ll have a few drinks, mingle a little bit, then we’ll be out.”

 His big blue eyes looked down at you and he stuck his lip out in a little puppy pout that you couldn’t resist. With a deep breath, you nodded.

 “Fineeee.” You let out in a whiny tone. “But it’s your job to save me from any awkward conversation.”

 “Deal.” He laughed leaning down to kiss you before you two started walking again.

 The closer you got to the front door of the house, the more nervous you got. This was Jeff’s crowd. These were his people. You had to make a good impression. Although, it didn’t look like it would matter that much since you could smell the liquor coming off everyone’s breathes the second you walked inside.

 How in the hell Jeff convinced you to show up - you had no idea. You hated parties. Hated the concept. Hated the crowds. You barely knew anyone.

 Still you kept your word, walking through the crowd with Jeff’s arm over your shoulder, claiming you as his. A few people chanted his name and he laughed, holding you closer until you got to the kitchen.

“Beer?” He asked, walking up to the keg.

 “Please.” You nodded, letting your eyes wander to see if there were any familiar faces in the crowd.

 “Look who finally made it!” Monty’s voice cut through the noise as he approached us with open arms.

 Jeff handed me the cup of beer before hugging his friend with a laugh. Monty hugged me after and through his arm over both of our shoulders while he walked us to the backyard .

“Alright, now we can finally get this shit started. Guys look who’s here!”

 Your eyes widened realizing you were about to be thrown into the lion’s den without any warning. Justin Foley and Bryce were the first to notice. Their lips curled into smirks as Monty walked us over.

 Jeff gave them all half hugs while you stood awkwardly behind until he turned back towards you. “Guys - I’m sure you know by now. This is Y/N. Y/N - this is Zach, Toby, Justin, and Bryce.”

 “Hey.” You did your best to put a confident smile as you gave a small wave.

 “Well now I know why Jeff’s been hiding you -” Bryce smirked, circling the two of you to take a better look before Jeff pulled you close.

 “Why’s that?” You asked, not liking the look in his eyes.

 “Cause one of us might want to steal you from him.”

 “Dickhead.” Jeff shoved him, half-playful, half-serious.

 Bryce laughed, and Zach shook his head. “I know you, you’re in my communications class right.”

 “Uh, yeah. I think so.” You nodded.

 “Oh you’re here!” Sheri’s voice interrupted them. “Yay! Come on! I want to introduce you to the girls!”

 “Go.” He smiled, “Have fun. Sheri’ll take care of you.”


 She took your hand to pull you away.

Later that night, Jeff had decided to walk you home. After a few drinks, driving seemed out of the question and the two of you walked hand in hand down the street.

 “Tonight wasn’t so bad was it?” He asked, taking his eyes off the night’s sky to look down at you.

 “No - I guess not.” You shook your head. “Just nothing I was used to.”

“We’ll sometimes you gotta break out of your comfort zone babe.” He smiled. “They all really liked you. I knew they would.”

He brought your hand up to his lips to kiss it and you smiled wide, your cheeks hurting like they usually did when you were with him.

 “It’s called a comfort zone for a reason though.” You returned.

Originally posted by tiiffanym

“Yeah well you’re not 90 and for as long as you’ll stay with me - we’ll be trying new things together, deal?”

“Ok. Deal.” You smiled, leaning up to kiss him.

 A/N: I didn’t proof read but I might later! Lol so please excuse any errors. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you have any requests, Please feel free to inbox me. :)

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30 with Ethan where we gets super protective over you and claims you as 'mine'

You and Ethan were out on a walk, you decided to go downtown as it was getting dark and you enjoyed the night life in such a busy city such as Los Angeles.

You were walking side by side, hand in hand with Ethan, looking around, enjoying the city as you had to leave tomorrow and you weren’t going to be able to come back here that soon.

Your boyfriend has been pretty quiet, that’s how he always got when it was getting closer to your departure. He would be more quiet and serious, a bit clingier too as were you. You didn’t want to leave, if you could, you would stay here with him but you had school.

You enjoyed your quiet and peaceful time with Ethan while walking down the streets but as it got darker, the streets were getting busier and fans started approaching your boyfriend asking for pictures.

In the beginning, there weren’t many so you were able to stick close by, offering to take the pictures with Ethan for them. Some even asked you to be in them and others asked you for a picture.

As more people started coming, you decided to stick to the back and wait patiently for your boyfriend to be done. His face would light up and his smile would get so big whenever he would be around fans, it warmed your heart, you enjoyed seeing him that happy. 

You were so busy staring at your boyfriend that you didn’t notice the guys behind you. 

“Hey there gorgeous, how’s it going?” A deep voice from behind asked you. 

The stranger was almost pressed to you, making you jump in surprise. You quickly turned around and stepped back to create a bigger distance between you and him. It was a guy closer to your age, he had his friends around him, all of them wearing an infamous smirk as they eyed you up and down. 

The boy who was in front of you had dark brown eyes and he was wearing a denim vest with a crop top underneath to show his biceps. He was looking at you in expectation of something in return to his flirtatious greeting. 

“I’m waiting for my boyfriend.” You respond curtly, barely acknowledging his presence, you barely even gave him a glance before turning around.  

“Oh common, don’t be like that. I just want to talk.” The guy persists as he wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you to his side. 

You immediately push back from him as you give him an annoyed look. Some fans that were in the back with you turned around and started noticing that some guy was bothering you. Some of them started trying to gain Ethan’s attention but he was too in front, his focus on the fans he was currently speaking to for him to notice what was happening in the back. 

“Listen, I’m not interested alright?” You say loud and clear for him to hopefully understand and leave you alone.  

“You haven’t even given me chance.” He said with a mock pout as he wraps his arm around your waist pulling you to him with much greater force than before making you collide into his chest. 

His hand quickly sliding down, giving your ass a squeeze. The second you felt his hand there, you immediately pushed him as hard as you could, the only reason he slightly stumbled away from you was because he wasn’t expecting that. 

“Touch me again and I’ll kick you in the fucking-” You spat at him in anger as you’ve been patient enough. 

“Is there a problem here?” A much deeper voice comes from behind you, that one is a very familiar one making you relax from your defensive mode. 

Ethan was now standing face to face with the other guy, his arm around your waist holding you close to him, his muscular built making you feel safe. Glancing up at your boyfriend, you could see him clench his sharp jawline, his eyes set into a menacing glare. You have seen Ethan angry before but he has never given someone such a glare. 

The boy was slightly taller than your boyfriend but despite his muscles that were showed on display, Ethan was more built than him. The guy stood straighter, for it being the only advantage that he had over your boyfriend. 

His friends were whispering for him to let it go and with one last glance towards you, he turned around and left with his following. 

As soon as they left, Ethan’s tense posture relaxed ever so lightly. He looked down at you and pressed a soft his to your temple as he wrapped you in a tight hug. 

“Mine.” He whispers close to your ear, making shivers run down your body. 

You stayed in his arms, feeling safer than ever. 

A/N I don’t know how I feel about that ending haha. I didn’t want to make Ethan too aggressive because even though I do see him being possessive, I can’t really picture him pick a fight with someone, unless the other person would hit first.  Hope you enjoyed reading this small drabble. Thank you to whoever requested this !  

A Day in the Life

Pairing: Jin x Yoongi x You

Genre: Fluffy fluffiness 

It was too early to wake up, especially for what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. The sun was just beginning to mark its path above the buildings; rays of light managing to stretch through the curtains and lay warm hands upon what it could reach. The exhaustion still coursing through your body made it feel heavy, and made you regret waking up earlier than when you wanted to.

You attempted to close your mind off again, succumb to the dark void patiently waiting behind closed eyes. However, you felt your mind deliberately wake, becoming slowly alert one anatomical section at a time. A loud crash and subsequent “shit” floated down the hall from the kitchen, and you fully woke up with a loud, unpleased groan. The food loving maniac was probably making breakfast for the lazy people still curled in bed - curse him, why did he have to do something so thoughtful so early in the morning?

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EXO WOLF: Reaction to Their Mate Finally Wanting Pups


Minseok, I think, would bite his lip to fight back that pronounced smirk that always seemed to tug at his lips. No words would be spoken between the both of you–none would be needed. He made it clear enough with his actions that he was more than pleased with your confession.

Originally posted by strawberrrymilks


As this had been something that Luhan had openly wanted for a year or so now, it was safe to say his reaction displayed that well. He made no attempts to fight the grin that took place upon his lips, or the sudden need to hold your hand. Though his inner wolf was scolding him for being so soft, he felt that he could make an exception, just this once, “I don’t think you have any idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say those words, Baobei.”

Originally posted by wetsekai


The second you admit to being ready, Yifan’s cool-guy exterior would fall away, revealing the dork you’d fallen so hard for. Given that he hadn’t ever really been good with words or expressing what he was feeling, he instinctively wrapped you into a tight, bone-crushing hug. When you giggled and asked whether he was hoping for a boy or a girl, there wasn’t an ounce of hesitation in his answer, “I don’t care, as long as you’re happy.”

Originally posted by exo-wufan


In an instant, Junmyeon’s lips would be pressed to yours. It would be a soft, gentle kiss–full of genuine love and adoration. He almost couldn’t believe what he’d heard from you, and that was evident, just from soft look of surprise he still wore when you broke apart, “You aren’t just doing this for me, right?” He’d ask for confirmation.

Originally posted by suhocean


Yixing would pull you tightly to his side and give a chaste kiss to your temple, “My beautiful baobei,” he would murmur with his lips still grazing your skin, “You’re going to be a wonderful mother.”

Originally posted by laygion


Wolf!Baekhyun is notorious for being overly excited and hyper, so as soon as you admitted to finally being ready to have puppies, he would be over the moon–attacking you with a hug and peppering kisses into the crook of your neck. “I love you so much!” he’d exclaim lovingly, not releasing you from his embrace for even a second.

Originally posted by baekinthedae


The both of you had been chatting and watching tv when you brought it up very suddenly, just about cutting off the previous conversation in order to start this one, Aish, Jagiya, you’re going to give me whiplash,” he’d tease with light laughter. He grew more serious when he came to the realization that he had probably ruined the moment. In an attempt to save it, he would take your hand in his and–with the ghost of a smile still present on his face–say, “but I have no oppositions.”

Originally posted by drawien


Despite already being an extremely content, happy person normally, he would certainly be ecstatic, wanting to tell everyone in his phone contacts. Though instead of doing so, he’d flash you the biggest, toothiest smile. He would pull out his cellphone, except to show you something he’d been keeping hidden in his notes, “I’ve been thinking about this for a while,” he would admit, hardly able to contain his excitement, “These are some of the names I like!

Originally posted by zzzzem


Kyungsoo would be taken aback by your sudden proclamation, but nonetheless, he would feel so much joy at the fact that you were finally ready to take this next step with him. You probably told him this at a random time, like while first leaving the bed in the morning. He would grab your wrist and gently tug you back onto the bed, and to further things, onto his lap, “The sooner the better,” he’d hum against your lips, implying that he wanted to start “trying” as soon as possible.

Originally posted by kyunqdae


A big grin would immediately tug at his lips. “Baobei, you’re sure?” He’d ask, his voice nearing a tone of disbelief. The moment you gave a confident nod of confirmation, he would be pressing gentle kisses to each of your knuckles, “I’m going to love this baby just as much as I love you.”

Originally posted by chenclusive


Jongin, like Minseok, would take a more flirtatious, sexual approach on his reaction.He would wear a satisfied smirk when you confessed to being ready for puppies (although inside he’d be thrilled). He wouldn’t let his smug expression falter as he pulled you to his chest. “I guess we’d better get to work on that then,” he’d whisper into your ear.

Originally posted by itjustcomesautomatic


He would quirk an eyebrow at you, saying–seemingly in all seriousness–, “It took you long enough,” when you glowered at his response, he would roll his eyes while allowing a small smile to play on his lips, “You know I’m only kidding, (Y/N). Even if you did want to wait longer, I’d be fine with that.”

Originally posted by toomuchexoness

Swept Off My Feet (Part 3)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Light flirting (if flirty Misha needs a warning?), kissing, VERY slight angst (if you squint and turn your head just so).

A/N: Sorry there is a bit of filler in this, but I promise there is juicier stuff on the way! Enjoy, my loves. <3

Swept Off My Feet Master List

You adjusted your sweater as you stared at yourself in the mirror. Your lightly curled hair fell perfectly on your shoulders, making you smile. For once your hair was doing something you wanted it to do. The light makeup you found in a random drawer of your bedroom went perfectly with the rest of your outfit, a bit of navy eyeliner to match your blouse and jeans. The heels were a no-go, especially with the amount of walking that could be done at the Pier. So, you grabbed a not-so-shredded pair of navy TOMS and slipped them on.

You looked cute, which boosted your confidence. The other boost was the fact that you were going to dinner with Misha Collins.

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Nessian librarian/professor Part2

Ship: Nessian
Type: Librarian/Professor AU
Word Count: 1,231
Rating: T

I would like to say a special shout out to @dr-woodsprite who inspired  a certain someone’s apearance in this fic….your wish is my command 👓😉And also to @tintinnabulary@pharaohleviphantomhive @mara84aelinrowan @rowanismybae @acourtofpainandfeelz @ancientrosetta @luna-colorata for voicing your interest and support! 

This started out as an anonymous ask, but turned into something much bigger. I hope you enjoy!  

Part 1

Dinner had been surprisingly enjoyable given they had only known each other for about fifteen minutes.

He told her all about how he initially went to school to be a business man, but discovered a love for teaching when his best friend had a daughter. Cassian was the obvious first choice for babysitting on date night. Which more often than not turned into a weekend in some cabin they all loved apparently.

As his niece grew older Cassian started helping her with homework. This inevitably led to his discovery for the love of teaching.

Part of her thought he was lying.

Sure, it was a great story, but was it true?

Surprisingly, Nesta opened up a bit about herself. She told him about her two sisters and how her mother had died years ago from cancer. Somehow she managed to keep her father’s death out of the conversation. Those wounds were too new….too fragile.

He ordered steak which wasn’t surprising, but he seemed surprised when she ordered the steak as a well.

He looked shocked for a spilt second before a smirk grew on that sensual mouth of his.

She simply lifted an eyebrow, and sipped her wine.

Watching his eyes dilate, as her tongue flicked over the edge of the wine glass.

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A Family

For the Anon who requested 39 and 7 with Hotch, and the Anon who requested just 7 with Hotch. “I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.”
 “We need to talk”

You felt the bed dip beside you and stirred slightly, rolling over and rubbing your eyes, peering through the dark at your partner, before glancing at the open book beside you and the alarm clock on the bestand; 2:13am.

“Hey, how was the case?” You murmured, reaching a hand out to him and smiling sleepily.

“Hey there, I’m sorry I woke you up, go back to sleep.” Aaron leaned over and kissed your forehead before settling down into the covers more and yawning himself.

“No I tried to stay awake,” You assured, cuddling into his side and resting your head on his chest, “We need to talk.”

“Oh?” He whispered, his arm wrapping around you and pulling you closer.

“Yeah, love. But it’s good. We need to talk about something good.” You smiled, shifting so you could lay on your stomach, chin on his chest, looking him in the face.

“Well go on then, what good things do we need to talk about.” Hotch chuckled slightly, kissing your forehead again.

“I had to go to Jack’s school today, the kids did this big project and then displayed them in the hallways and all the parents came and walked through, it was really nice.” You felt Aaron tense when you said ‘all of the parents’ and smiled, grabbing his hand. “Jack understood you were busy and was happy to let me go instead. I took videos.”

“Thank you.” He nodded, “What was the project?” You broke into a grin, squeezing Aaron’s hand.

“They did projects on their heros. There were superman’s left and right, and oddly enough there was a Warren G.H. Crecy, who was some war hero from the forties. But do you know who Jake did?” You asked, grinning, “You, Aaron.”

“What? Really?” You nodded your head still smiling, watching your boyfriend’s face light up at the idea.

“You’re his biggest hero, Aaron, and you always will be. I just needed to tell you. I was going to call you, but I figured I could wait until you got home.”

“Now can I talk to you? About something good. Serious, but good?” You nodded again, head tilting slightly in confusion.

“Course.” Aaron sat for a minute and stared into space. When he came back to you his smiled sadly.

“When Haley died I thought that was it. Jack was going to be raised motherless, and even fatherless for weeks at a time. Then you came along…” Aaron’s smile deepened and he pushed some hair from your face, “And it took a little while but.. Here you are. You’re so ingrained into our lives in the simplest of ways.”

“I know Jack isn’t my son, and he’s not my blood, but you know I love him to death Aaron.” Aaron nodded his head.

“When we first got involved together, I was terrified. For not only me, dating for the first time in forever, but for Jack. I didn’t want him to become too attached too anyone too soon and have them leave again, I couldn’t keep doing that to him. I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me. Just to make it easier.. if … yeah.” Aaron nodded again mostly to himself and you nodded, letting him find his trail of thought before continuing. “But Jack asked me a question the other day and I realized, it was too late. Without any of us noticing, you have become a part of our life that’s irreplaceable. And frankly, I never want to replace you.”

“What did Jack ask?” You whispered.

“He asked me when he was going to start calling you mom.” You felt your chest tighten with an array of emotions.



“What did you tell him?” You asked softly.

“I told him that was something you two had to talk about together… “ You smiled, giving him a tight hug.

“And, how would you feel about that?” You asked hesitantly. Aaron sighed and smiled, settling down into the covers and holding you close, getting ready for sleep.

“It’ll feel a bit weird at first, but.. I’d like it. And once we’re actually married, we can look into you adopting him maybe? Incase something happens to me?”

“There doesn’t have to be an incase. I would love to, Aaron. You two are my family, and I love you, and I could never leave now. I let you complete me a long time ago.”

Sick Cuddles (Mick x Reader) Imagines [Request]

Requested by/Dedicated to: @thekaitj


To my darling readers…Normally, I don’t post off schedule; but, because this had been promised yesterday (12/15), I am posting it now. Otherwise, posts will resume as planned.


Since coming back from 1986 Moscow, you contracted an obnoxiously persistent cold that has rendered you sick for the past week. Of course, everyone on the ship is concerned that what you have is contagious and, as a result, avoids you. That is, everyone except a certain hothead…


“Mick?” you called out.

The gigantic hulk of a man snapped out of his thoughts and looked up at you, beer at hand. Although he lacked the glassy daze or body sway that many developed after getting a buzz, you could tell that he was easily on his tenth beer and still going strong.

As if to prove a point, he took a quick swig of his liquor before addressing you. “What do you want, little girl?”

Little girl…? You pressed your lips into a mullish line.

While you weren’t happy about his nickname for you, you couldn’t exactly argue with him. What, with your fuzzy pink slippers, your sheep-printed blanket and your comparatively short height, you practically looked like a toddler.

Pushing the thought aside, you stuck your bottom lip out. “You’re not busy, are you?”

He tilted his head skeptically.

“That depends,” He set his beer down on his side table and reclined in his seat. “Why?”

“I want to cuddle.” you answered briefly. “It makes my cold go away.”

The shocked expression on his face couldn’t have been more priceless. With his mouth dropping open, and his eyes widening in slow horror, he had been completely floored by your suggestion. ”You’re kidding right?”

The blunt look on your face betrayed no humor.

That was all the response he needed before gravely considering his options. While the pyromaniac did view you as one of his close people, he hardly ever displayed any affection he had for you.

Likewise, you’ve never really asked him for anything of the sort - physical or otherwise. So, what the hell were you doing now, changing all this?

“So…” he started off awkwardly, “Cuddling…?”

You nodded. “Cuddling.”

“Like, as in serious…” he made a gesture between you two that involved the explicit movement of certain fingers pumping into each other. Of course, he’d think that…

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes impassively.

Cuddling, Mick,” you emphasized through gritted teeth. “Holding a person in your arms and showering them with comfort and affection until they feel better? Not…”

You trailed off, reiterating his hand gestures with your own.

He gave you a rather significant nod. “Are you sure?”

“Of course I am,” you defended.

The slight edge to your tone appeared to have snapped him out of his honeyed dream, and he was left to finally make a decision. It took a moment or so, but once he had come to a conclusion, he reached for his beer and downed a substantial gulp.

“…Fine,” he grumbled deeply. “But don’t expect this to be a regular thing. Got it?”

“Of course,” you agreed, before lazily waving him over. “Now come here and cuddle with me.”

The command forced him to pause a beat, before he shot a nasty, challenging glare at you.

“You’re sick, not crippled, girlie,” Mick took another generous glug of his bottle. “You want a hug, you walk your ass over here…”

This guy… If words could describe your current emotional status, it would be annoyed. But, given the fact that you were sick and rendered helpless without Mick’s hug, you tightened the blanket around yourself and shuffled over.

You sat on the ground, nestled between his legs. 

Although you couldn’t see him, you could tell Mick was tilting his head in wonder. A ‘what-are-you-doing-there’ kind of look to his face.

“Relax, Mick,” you closed your eyes, laying your head against his thigh. “I don’t bite…”

Within seconds, you fell into a comfortable light sleep.

Unbeknownst to you, Mick’s heart was beating…hard. He really didn’t expect this position to be so…



Yeah, he knew what that word meant.

Yet, the small swell of pride he felt for his brief intelligence hadn’t been enough to distract him from your friendly touch. Shifting slightly so as not to wake you, he stretched back in his seat.

He stared at you for a long moment. 

“You know…” he muttered, well aware that you couldn’t hear a word he said. “You’re a brat.”

With a gentle hand, he pet your head before returning his attention to his half-empty bottle. He took another swig.


I really enjoyed writing this ask, even if it did take me a while to get out, I tried to keep it true to the characters (or at least their representation that I have of them?) but also as close to your ask as possible and I tried not to be overly specific in the characters description of their S/O so that people would (hopefully) be able to personalize it in their own heads whilst reading this. So, I really hope this is the sort of thing you were after and oh my did it take everything I had not to just include McCree in this ask, perhaps I will just write a little snippit about him later?? 

Genji Shimada
Genji, even during his earlier days was quite the cuddler, not necessarily PDA cuddling but he most definitely enjoyed cuddling up to his lover afterwards, regardless of his “playboy” reputation.
These days with things the way they are, Genji likes to take the time, really take the time to lay with his lover, him on his back and them casually laying half atop his chest, one hand stoking their back and the other running through their hair. He whispers loving words into their ear, words of comfort, words of kindness, sometimes he reverts back to his native language, whispering phrases that cant be conveyed in English.
It is one day laying in the warmth of each other that they take him by surprise and ask what it is exactly he likes about them, the tone of their voice is so quiet and their expression is so soft that he cant help but hold them a little tighter before answering them.
He pauses for a moment, not because he isn’t sure what to say but because he isn’t sure where to begin. “Koibito, the reasons I like you are as simple as breathing and as complex as physics, it is your kindness and your smile, it is your small nuances that make you so exceptionally you and I have come to love you for them.”
It is the way his partner half hides their face in his chest and the way he knows they are know smiling that prompts Genji to continue.

Hanzo Shimada
Hanzo has never been one for personal contact or over the top displays of affection, simply because that was not how he was bought up, it just isn’t proper.
Even now, when he has tried to disregard a lot of things to do with how he was bought up he still struggles to convey his feelings, but sometimes being with his partner, he feels like these things are okay, that he can be a little more open, even if it isn’t open he hopes they know he is trying.
Sometimes when he lays with his partner, side by side, legs loosely tangled together, their hand in his own, he struggles to believe how lucky he is to have them with him considering his past and it continues to amaze him that they can look past all that.
His thumb is lightly stroking circles onto the back of their hand and he doesn’t know what prompts it, but he all but blurts out these thoughts, and its all so very un-Hanzo like that if he weren’t half entangled with his S/O right now he would have swiftly exited the room. Instead he settles for staring at the wall. “I don’t know why you’re so shocked, everyone has a past, including me, if anything I’m the one who should be surprised that you’re with me….” They trail off giving his hand a light squeeze.
He doesn’t say anything immediately, a few minutes pass and his brow furrows as if in concentration. “You have a lot of redeeming qualities…” he trails off, again considering his words “there is a lot about you that makes me want to try and be a better person and it is through your actions that I have noticed makes others also want to try and do better.”
He’s still staring at the wall, but they’ve shuffled closer together and when he’s feeling composed enough to look at his S/O he’s glad to see the soft smile on their face and its enough to prompt him to place a gentle kiss to their temple. 

Jack Morrison/Solider 76
Jack Morrison is certainly not a PDA kind of guy, but you can be damn sure that when he’s alone with his S/O he’s the kind of guy that at the end of a long day is going to spoon his S/O, arms wrapped around his partner, legs all intertwined, placing small kisses on their head here and there.
He’s not much of a talker himself, but he’s more than happy to hear whatever his S/O has to say about anything and everything. Sometimes they lay in silence, quiet tender gestures, the only thing passed between them, sometimes these gestures lead to more “grown up activities” as Jack would call it.
“You’re so damn beautiful” he whispers, and he means it, he still steals glances at his partner from across the room at times and they still take his breath away, he knows he’s getting cheesy in his older years, but you come to appreciate the little things when you’ve lost almost everything before.
They smile and give a cheeky “back ‘atcha” it makes him chuckle and he presses a kiss to their forehead. “I’m serious” he says, they roll their eyes and mutter something about “sappy old men” his expression turns somewhat serious and it prompts his S/O to go quiet and look at his face properly.
“I’m sorry…” they mutter “Well…what is it exactly that you, you know like” they say gesturing to themselves with their hand.
His expression softens, “Never apologise” he starts “ you’re okay, more than okay…” he seems a little awkward now that all the attention is on him, but continues none the less, eventually its Jack who’s embarrassed and muttering words into the crook of his partners neck.

Gabriel Reyes/Reaper
Reaper doesn’t cuddle. Reaper doesn’t get close to people, he can’t afford to do and feel arbitrary things like that anymore, those are things Gabriel did and as far as Reaper is concerned, Gabriel died in that fire. At least this is what he tries to tell himself, because here he is laying with someone who he considers important.
The past few days had been taxing on them both, this sort of lifestyle doesn’t leave a lot of room for comfort and carelessness, so after a few days spent being physically and mentally drained, he finds himself in the privacy of his room, his lover laying next to him, their arm loosely draped across his chest.
He tries to tell himself that this is all for them, he doesn’t need the comfort at all, makes some off handed comment about it being a waste of time and they just smile at him, he wants to be gentle, wants to run his hand through their hair and maybe smile back, wants to. Instead his leg lightly brushes theirs and his hand comes up to rest on their arm they have draped across him.
They lay in silence and he isn’t sure how much time has passed but he’s pretty sure they’ve both dozed off at some point because he comes to and he’s now almost spooning them, he mentally chides himself for becoming so relaxed with another person but a part of him is relieved, it is nice to not feel so angry all of the time.
On a whim his hand comes up to brush the hair out of their face “You’re important” he mulls out softly unsure of his own words “I don’t know if I like that yet, but you are.” He feels awkward but the soft rising and falling of their chest relaxes him somewhat, he’s pretty sure they’re still asleep, he closes his eyes and for once lets himself be relaxed around someone else, lets himself fall asleep to the sound of someone next to him.
They weren’t actually asleep, had half woken up when he had, they would keep this to themselves, both as their own pleasant secret and for Gabriels sake.

Appreciate The Art

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2.3k

Summary: You and Taehyung are on a museum date because you’re both art geeks but for some reason, the Mona Lisa doesn’t seem to take his breath away

Note: I’m an art freak and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t imagining myself on a museum date with Taehyung ever since those Van Gogh photos came out. 

Originally posted by toughchim

“Look! It’s the ‘Portrait of Patience Escalier 1888’! Oh the colour is so much more vibrant than the pictures!”

“They’re duller due to old age, actually.”

“Holy shit! It’s his ‘Portrait as an Artist 1888’! And the ‘Peasant Woman Portrait of Gordina de Gredoot 1885’! And the ‘Portrait of Adeline Ravoux 1890’!”

“Honestly, Jagi. You’ve been here a thousand times, do the paintings really still amaze you that much?” Taehyung asked, watching you fret over the various Van Gogh paintings positioned on the pristine walls of the museum.

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Birthday Dinner

hope you guys enjoy 😊 i don’t own anything! except i guess laura’s snooty boyfriend that i gave the most snobbish name to😂
Sylvie wanted to be optimistic about this. She really did. But she knew that something about this night was going to go terribly wrong.

Today was Diego’s birthday, and his only wish was to go out to eat as an entire family. Antonio and Laura had tried to get him to agree to a separate dinner, but he had refused. Over these past couple months of dating Antonio and getting to know Diego and Eva, Sylvie has realized that Diego was actually the one who had taken the divorce harder than Eva. He knew his parents were not getting back together, but still enjoyed any time when the original four were back together. He didn’t even mind if Sylvie and Laura’s boyfriend Gerald were there as well.

Sylvie had never been to one of the infamous Dawson post-divorce dinners that Diego always requested, but what she heard from Eva has given her a pretty good idea. They were extremely awkward, with Diego being the only one who had a good time because he was completely oblivious.

“Ready to go?” Antonio called from the living room. Sylvie finished putting on her nude shade of lipstick, throwing it into her purse. They were only going to a casual local restaurant, there was no need to dress up.

She stepped out of the bathroom, approaching the patiently waiting Antonio. “Sorry I took so long.” She apologized, grabbing her jacket off of the coat rack.

“You can take even longer if you want.” He offered, which made Sylvie roll her eyes. He really didn’t want to go tonight, they actually were going to have a nice dinner at the apartment tomorrow for Diego. Probably make up some excuse for the reasoning in case he gets mad.

“We are already running late.” She told him, opening the door. She stepped out into the hallway, awaiting for him to join her. He locked the apartment before turning around towards her, stuffing the keys into his pocket.

“This is going to be a night in hell.” Antonio grumbled as they headed towards the elevator.

“Hopefully Diego and Eva can dictate the conversations….?” Sylvie pointed out, pressing the button to go to the main floor.

“We can only hope for Diego.” Antonio told her, leaning against the elevator wall. “Eva hates this kind of stuff, she will probably be hiding in the bathroom multiple times tonight.”

“Oh.” Sylvie managed to say, wondering if there actually was any hope for tonight’s dinner. She only hoped so for Diego’s sake. Some divorced parents are able to get along, but some can’t, and unfortunately for the boy, his parents fell under the can’t category. The way Laura ended hers and Antonio’s marriage still was a grudge held by Antonio against her. Yes, he had moved on, Sylvie was positive about that. Their relationship was strong and serious. But Laura had hurt Antonio, and how she handled it hurt their kids as well, which was something Antonio definitely couldn’t forgive.

“How about you?” Antonio turned the conversation on her, a soft, concerned expression on his face. “Are you going to be okay?”

With that question, Sylvie couldn’t help but grimace. Her and Laura…..didn’t get along too well. Ever since she embarrassed her in front of everyone at the firehouse, Sylvie couldn’t help but feel negative towards her boyfriend’s ex. And time and time again, Laura continued to display behaviors that didn’t help improve Sylvie’s view on her.

“You could just stay—”

Stay home? That wasn’t an option. “No, no.” Sylvie shook her head in protest. “Diego is looking forward to this. I would feel like I was letting him down.”

They exited the elevator, heading towards the front doors. “I hate how she talks to you though.” He sighed with frustration. “It seems harmless, but we both know that they are jabs she’s throwing at you.”

“I’ve handled it before, I can handle it again.” Sylvie replied, but internally her stomach was twisting with nerves. Ever since she got back together with Antonio, she was more confident than she ever has been with a relationship. But when the person throwing your insecurities at you was your boyfriend’s wife for 15 years, it’s pretty hard to just shrug your shoulders and move on. However, since she didn’t want Diego and Eva to begin hating their mother, she kept her mouth shut and took it.

“I don’t know if I can handle it again.” Antonio grumbled, hitting the unlock button for his car.

Sylvie rolled her eyes as she got into the passenger seat. “Yes you can, for Diego.” She reminded him. “And if you can’t….well, you can go hide in the bathroom like Eva does.”

Antonio snorted, but didn’t protest to her idea. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

When he slowed down as they were approaching the red light, Sylvie leaned over to press a kiss on his cheek. “This is more of a special occasion.” She tried to not only assure him, but also herself. “I think everyone will be on their best behavior.”

He briefly removed his hand from the steering wheel to squeeze Sylvie’s own. “I’m glad that you are going to be there with me.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She squeezed right back, until he removed his hand from her’s to place it back on the wheel. “For both you and Diego.”

Their talk had given Sylvie some confidence, but as they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, the nerves began to take over. Every encounter she has had with Laura has been unpleasant and awkward, she wasn’t too optimistic about this one being any different. She might not be nasty while her children are present, but somehow she will probably get in a side comment that will rile Sylvie up.

“Don’t let yourself get anxious.” Antonio cautioned as he pulled into an open spot and stopped his car.

“Don’t let yourself get irritated.” She echoed back at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Well there are our goals for tonight then,” He said as he got out of the car. “As well as making sure Diego has a good time.”

“And that Eva doesn’t get too upset.” Sylvie added, shutting the car door and approaching Antonio’s side as they began to walk into the building.

Her boyfriend sighed at the mention of his eldest child. “I’m afraid that I don’t have much hope on that.” He muttered. Eva and Laura especially have been butting heads lately, over a magnitude of reasons. Sylvie couldn’t help but feel slightly bad for Laura, even though she knew that the woman was the cause of everything. Her treatment of Sylvie was not going unaware to Eva, one of the main issues of their relationship currently.

When they walked into the restaurant, they spotted Eva, Diego, Laura, and Laura’s boyfriend right away. To Sylvie’s relief, they were sitting in chairs, not a booth. At least they weren’t being forced to sit super close to one another. Sylvie and Antonio took the seats between Eva and Diego, meaning directly across from them were Laura and Gerald.

“Sylvie!” Eva excitedly greeted her, throwing her arms over her shoulder. “I’m so glad to see you!” The teen gave a big smile towards her mother, using her interaction with Sylvie to piss her off. Seeing this, Sylvie quickly detangled herself from her, not wanting to start drama as soon as she arrived.

“Hey, Eva.” She responded warmly, but making sure to keep her distance. She stretched her neck to view Diego on the other side of Antonio, wanting to say hello to him as well. After all, he was the reason why they were all here. “Happy birthday, Diego!” She then decided to tease him. “Maybe I’ll let you win at chess as a present.”

He rolled his eyes at that. “Let me?” He shook his head, disagreeing with her. But the smile on his face let her know that he knew that she was teasing. “I think it’s the other way around, Sylvie.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Sylvie could see a relaxed smile on Antonio’s face as he viewed their reaction. Maybe this wouldn’t go too badly after all.

Then the woman who seemed to cause all the drama spoke up. Sylvie herself couldn’t help but cringe when she heard Laura’s voice. “Aren’t you going to introduce yourselves to Gerald?” She questioned. It was obvious that she didn’t like the interactions between Sylvie, Diego, and Eva, and she was trying to divert the four of them.

Sylvie took this time to actually look at Gerald, Laura’s boyfriend. Antonio had only met him briefly one time, and really didn’t have much to say about him. So Sylvie only really knew a few things about the man. That he was older, in his 50’s, divorced, had children in their 30’s, and was pretty rich. And according to Eva and Diego, he treated them like babies.

Sylvie reached her arm over the table to shake his hand. “I’m Sylvie, nice to meet you.” She politely said, before giving a smile to Laura to try to be amicable. However, her returning smile was definitely fake.

“Nice to meet you.” He answered back. And just when Sylvie began to think that maybe he would be different than what she had been told, that he would maybe be a decent guy, he opened his mouth to speak again. “Wow, Laura told me you were young, but I didn’t expect this! Can you even drink yet?”

At that rude, blunt statement, Sylvie couldn’t help but drop her jaw. She was taken completely off guard, in such surprise that she didn’t know what to say. Next to her, Antonio started to get defensive.


They had barely been here for five minutes, she didn’t want this night to go to hell this early. “I’m 30, actually.” Under the table, she pinched Antonio’s side to warn him to calm down. Luckily, he listened, leaning back into his chair and the tension on his face and in his shoulders disappearing.

Thankfully, Diego began to tell a story from school and that slightly eased the tension of the adults. The waiter came by, asking them what beverage they wanted.

As time passed, it seemed like things were looking up and they were going to get through this dinner unscathed. Eva and Diego were the ones who controlled the conversation, while everyone else contributed here and there. Eva only escaped to hide in the bathroom once. And when their dinner came out, Sylvie was feeling optimistic that tonight was going to be a success.

Until Laura decided to confront her children on something that had been apparently bothering her for some time.

“Why haven’t you two looked or talked to Gerald this whole dinner?” She asked them, a frustrated look on her face. “Actually, this isn’t the first time this has happened. She turned her head towards Sylvie. "You talk to her all the time.” She regarded Sylvie like she was nothing but scum at the bottom of her shoe.

That made Antonio enter the conversation. “Laura—”

“Because we like Sylvie.” Eva said, shrugging her shoulders. “She is actually interested in us, treats us like actual human beings, and also has a personality instead of being a robot.”

“Er—” Sylvie tried to insert herself, with the goal of somehow changing the subject, but everyone ignored her.

“Maybe because Sylvie’s practically the same age as you and you view her as a cool friend, while Gerald is an actual mature adult—”

“Again, I’m 30…” Sylvie said. Yet again, no one paid attention to her.

Now Antonio was getting angry at Laura for attacking Sylvie. “God dammit Laura, we are trying to have a nice dinner for Diego’s sake, but all you’re worried about is your boyfriend’s ego!” Sylvie placed her hand on his back, but unfortunately he was too riled up for this small action to calm him down. “And you’re attacking Sylvie for it! This is not the time and place for this shit!”

Oh, hell. There was no going back now. Their voices weren’t too loud, but they were still getting attention from nearby tables. The overwhelming tension was very noticeable.

“So how’s everyone’s food?” Sylvie interjected, just as Laura was opening her mouth. “I know for me, this chicken parmesan is really good.” She babbled, wondering how much she was currently sweating from nerves. “Laura, you got the same dish, right—”

“I don’t find Sylvie to be a good influence on our children.” Laura stressed out the word our, sending a nasty look towards Sylvie’s way.

“I like Sylvie.” Diego piped in, an attempt to break the tension between all of the adults. However, he was ignored.

“Laura, seriously—” Antonio was gritting his teeth, seeming like he was about to blow, but then stopped talking, took a breath, and got out of his chair. “I’m going to get some air.” He muttered, before placing a hand on Sylvie’s shoulder. “Come on, you probably need some too.”

Sylvie shook her head. “No, go by yourself.” She told him, gently taking his hand off of her shoulder. “I’ll be fine, I promise.”

He didn’t budge until Eva spoke up as well. “She’ll be fine, dad. She has me and Diego.” She reassured her father.

With that, Antonio left to get some air. Sylvie turned back to face the table, fully aware to the awkward silence.

“I guess Antonio couldn’t handle being embarrassed, but he shouldn’t be surprised.” Sylvie squeezed her eyes shut and tried to count to ten to calm herself down. Laura’s shrill voice wasn’t helping, though.

“That’s what you get when you date an immature, college blonde—”

“I’m 30!” Sylvie hissed, slamming her hands against the table. Everyone’s eyes widened at her outburst. She couldn’t help but be surprised at her reaction too, she usually just bit her tongue and took Laura’s words. But now that she had opened her mouth, words kept falling out. “I’m a full grown adult! In a mature, consenting relationship with, guess what? Another adult! Pretty sure that’s none of your business!”

Laura tried to speak, but Sylvie’s burst of confidence meant that she continued to speak. “And I am not this evil woman who is trying to steal Eva and Diego away! I’m not trying to be their new mother! I just want to get to know them and spend them with them because they are great and fun and amazing! Which I don’t know how with you raising them—” Next to her, Diego began choking on his water.

Her pumping adrenaline was slowing down. “Anyways, I’m not going anywhere, so I would appreciate you getting off of my ass and start treating me with decency. You’re not only making me feel upset, you’re making Antonio as well,” Sylvie brought attention to the pacing Antonio outside of the restaurant. “And you are damaging your relationship with your kids!”

“Point is, I love Antonio, I love your kids, and I don’t really love you, Laura. Actually, you are kind of a menace. But no matter what you say, it’s going to affect you more than me in the long run.” She stood up, fed up with the disastrous dinner. She turned to hug Eva and then Diego, whispering “Happy birthday, I’m sorry.”

She then dashed out of the restaurant, not wanting to hear Laura’s response, or anyone else’s for that matter. It was bad enough seeing everyone whisper and stare as she left.

Antonio was confused when he turned around and saw Sylvie appear out of the doors. “Sylvie, what are you doing?”

“Oh. My. God.” She gasped out, finally coming to terms about what just had happened. “Holy shit! I can’t believe—” She was incapable of staying still, walking around aimlessly, in complete shock.

“What? What happened?” He grabbed her shoulders to stop her pacing. “Did Laura say something—” His voice was beginning to become dark, as he seemed to think about marching back into the restaurant. He was eyeing the door… Sylvie realized that she had never vocally said her disgust of his ex wife when she was in their presence, so her bursting out all frazzled would certainly have him concerned.

“No, no! It was me!” Sylvie denied his accusations, shaking her head rapidly. God, after their worrying about Laura ruining today…..it ended up being her! “I was the bitch!” She moaned, dropping her head dramatically against Antonio’s chest.

“You talked back?” He seemed amazed by this. Sylvie took it as a good thing that he wasn’t yet mad. He was the one who took the high road, stepping outside. While she attacked like a crazed lion.

“Oh no, more like screamed back.” She shuddered at the memory. “She again referred to my younger age, saying I was some stupid blonde bimbo basically…and ugh! I just hate it when she refers to me as the blonde so…that’s when the dam broke.” Sylvie began, allowing herself a quick moment to catch her breath.


Antonio tried to interject, but she wanted to fully explain the whole story first. She ignored him, continuing on. “So I said that we were two consenting adults in a relationship, and that it was none of her business.”

He widened his eyes at that, which made Sylvie want to laugh. She wasn’t even halfway done. “Yeah, that is practically nothing compared to the rest.” She sourly told him.

“Then I said I wasn’t some evil witch trying to steal her children away, that I just enjoy spending time with them because they are sweet and awesome kids,” She hesitated before saying the next part, knowing it was pretty bad. “……and that I don’t know how that is with you raising them—”

Sylvie was appalled when Antonio began laughing. “Don’t laugh! It’s not funny, I was so immature and inappropriate—”

“Sylvie, baby, she’s the one who has been immature and inappropriate ever since you’ve met her.” He softly told her, as he rubbed her arms. “You weren’t any of those things. You were badass because you stood up for yourself.”

“……that wasn’t all of it.” She said, wishing it was. “I told her I wasn’t going anywhere, and she should treat me with more respect. Er, and then I said I love Antonio, your kids, but I don’t love you. And that she’s a menace.” Sylvie finished, glad she was finally done explaining. “So, that’s it. That’s how Sylvie Brett ruined Diego’s 14th birthday—”

“Sylvie. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Antonio pressed his lips against her forehead. “I bet the only ones mad in there are Laura and Gerald, and who cares about them, right?”

“What about Eva and—” The door opening behind them caught her attention, as she whirled around to face whoever joined them.

“Diego? Eva?” Sylvie was surprised to see the two teens, coats on and looking ready to go. “What are you two doing—”

“Whatever you two plan on doing.” Eva shrugged. “We couldn’t be in there anymore, mom’s being too unfair and…..well, excuse my language dad, bitchy.”

“I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear it.” Was Antonio’s response. “How did your mom react when you said you were leaving?” He asked his children.

Diego was the one who answered. “Uh….not good.” He looked pretty nervous when thinking about her. “I’ve never seen her so mad….” To Sylvie’s surprise, he now turned towards her. “It was awesome what you did! Mom didn’t know what to say when you left!”

“Um, thanks?” She responded, glad he wasn’t mad at her for yelling at his mother, but at the same time feeling guilty about making a bigger wedge between Laura and her kids. Yes, it was definitely Laura’s own fault, but Sylvie couldn’t help but feel bad.

“What are we going to do now?” Eva said the question everyone was thinking. They definitely couldn’t go back into the restaurant, after the chaos that occurred.

“We could go get ice cream?” Diego suggested, eyes going back and forth between Antonio and Sylvie. “That sounds good, since we did just eat dinner. Well, most of it.”

No one protested, which Antonio took as a sign of an unanimous agreement. “That sounds like a great idea.”

And for the first time that day, Sylvie felt completely stress free. They would all be able to enjoy and celebrate Diego, without the presence of Laura.

christmas presents

Originally posted by chokemewinwin

◇ In which Johnny gets the best Christmas present ever thanks to Winwin’s obsession with ice cream.

◇ Johnny x reader

◇ werewolf!au

◇ oh yeah a werewolf au B) also can you sense my desperation for christmas?? the request said nothing about chrismtas but im desperate and impatient so have some winter in august!!


Johnny was a sweet guy, really. He helped old ladies across the street, bought ice cream for a kid who just dropped their cone, didn’t punch Donghyuk after his last prank - all in all, Johnny Seo was a nice guy, and everyone knew it.

But if these grandmothers kept pestering him about finding his mate, he was going to lose it. “Why are you taking so long?” One frowned, leaning back in her chair, “I’ve lived for 300 years and I’ve had a mate for 287 of them.”

“You’re getting older now, Johnny,” another one chastises, shaking her head at him, “It’s time to settle down.”

Johnny bites his tongue, refraining from telling his elders that 1, he’s only twenty one, and that 2, he wants to find his mate as much as they want him to. Do they honestly think that he’s avoiding you on purpose? Hell no, Johnny would swim across the icy ocean right this minute to find you, and once he did, he promised that he would pick you up and give you the best kiss you’d ever experienced.

Ten must see the irritable look in his eyes, because he’s quick to appear at Johnny’s side, an award winning smile on his face that quickly averts the elders attention from Johnny to Ten. Shooting Johnny a look that clearly says ‘get out of here’, he turns to older women, beginning a story from the top of his head. “Did I tell you about how Doyoung and I once-”

Johnny takes the hint well, and leaves. His blood is boiling and his frustration has reached the roof. Why can’t anybody see how hard he’s trying to search for his mate? Is he not looking hard enough? Is that why those grandmothers blamed him for not finding you?

He can only groan, leaning his head against the doorway of the kitchen. It was too bad that pack get-togethers were mandatory, because otherwise he’d be halfway home by now. He shuts his eyes, sighing deeply and hoping that it will shut out the chattering from the large living room.

A soft chuckle catches his attention - one eye peeking open, he can’t help but smile at the sight of his mother, a bowl of food in her hands and raised eyebrows. “What do you think you’re doing?” She asks, setting a hand on her hip.

Johnny shrugs, moving away from the doorway. “Nothing much. Not like there’s anything to do here.”

“All your friends are here,” she replies, as if that would completely solve his boredom.

“All my friends are here with their mates,” Johnny groans, throwing his head back and missing the pitiful look his mother throws him. “The next time I hear Hansol say something cheesy I’m gonna stab myself with a silver knife-”

“Hilarious,” his mother rolls her eyes sarcastically, holding out the bowl to him. “Well, make yourself useful and put this on the table, will you?” It sounds like a request but Johnny knows better - even at twenty one years old he doesn’t dare disobey his mother.

Reluctantly, but slightly glad for a distraction to his boredom, he takes the silver bowl, turning on his heels and setting off towards the kitchen table. As usual, Jaehyun is there, without his mate this time, critiquing the food and putting almost everything onto one plate. “If you eat so much, your fur will start to shed,” Johnny teases just for the fun of it, watching as Jaehyun narrows his eyes, a sarcastic laugh coming from him.

Johnny sets the bowl onto the table, before turning to talk to Jaehyun - only to see that his friend was back at his mate’s side, laughing brightly and looking at them lovingly. Johnny sighs, turning away from the sight. Was he cursed to be mateless forever?


It’s a few months later and Johnny has had no luck whatsoever with finding you. He’s tried to let destiny do it’s thing, to let everything play out, but he had quickly grown impatient. What would it take to find you?

“I’m telling you, hyung,” Mark declares one day, “It’s best that you get out of this slump and start dating. Your mate won’t be angry, promis-”

The idea of dating sounds almost… offensive. Imagine knowing that somewhere out there, there’s a person who’s destined to be the love of your life. A person who’s perfect for you. Now imagine completely disregarding that fact and dating random people anyway - getting involved with them, falling in love with them… Do you see the problem?

“I’m not dating,” Johnny says firmly, making the younger boy groan. “Shut up - why’s this such a big deal to you anyway?”

Mark looks sheepish for a second, biting his lip and lowering his face to sip at his hot chocolate, “Well… we’ve noticed that you’ve been kinda down in the dumps lately, and so we just though that… maybe, you’d be a bit happier if we-”

“Set me up?” Johnny concludes, unimpressed but at the same time glad that his friends cared so much about him. Mark stutters to find an answer, but Johnny stops him with a chuckle. “Whatever, it’s fine. Just don’t try it again, right? I’m not dating, and that’s final.”

Mark lets out another groan but he shuts up and goes back to drinking his hot drink. Sighing, Johnny leans back in his seat. The cafe was stiffling warm, and with the heat of a werewolf, he was definitely getting too warm. “When will Taeyong and Jaehyun be here?”

The younger shrugs, too focused on his drink to answer. “Yah, answer your elders,” Johnny chastises jokingly, pushing him on the shoulder gently.

Mark is about to retort, but the bell above the cafe’s door rings and the boy’s heads snap towards the sound. As expected, in stride Taeyong and Jaehyun, smiles on their faces, not bothered one bit by the fact that they were 10 minutes late. Letting out a sigh of relief, Mark downs the rest of his steaming drink - wincing in the process -, and scampers to meet his hyungs.

Johnny shakes his head with a fond laugh, but he follows him anyway. And so, the Christmas shopping begins.


“Winwin wants ice cream for Christmas?” Mark is asking incredulously from in front of Johnny. Taeyong nods distractedly, rifling through the presents he’s already bought and muttering under his breath. He only looks up, a glare on his face, when Mark chortles, “How has your mate not gotten fat already?”

“Shut up, please,” he replies dryly, before turning to Johnny. “Can you guys please get the ice cream Winwin wants? It’s from that little shop down the road, you know the really fancy one-”

“Shouldn’t you be getting your own mate’s presents?” Johnny comments, but he accepts the money Taeyong passes to him anyway. Taeyong is rolling his eyes now. “Jaehyun and I are gonna go to the jewelry store to shop for something.”

“Finally doing it, hm?” Johnny asks, raising his eyebrows. “I’m happy for you guys.” A blush actually spreads against Taeyong’s normally cool and calm face, and he quickly thanks Johnny in embarrassment, before he takes a deep breath to calm himself.

“There’s a wolf that works there, her name is ______ . I placed an order with her a few weeks ago-” Taeyong glances in annoyance at Mark, who’s made a comment about how serious Taeyong is about getting Winwin’s presents - “Just ask for her and give her the money. I’m counting on you to not mess this up, Johnny.”

“How low do you think of me?” Johnny asks cheekily, before he’s towing Mark along, through the snow covered bustling streets that are covered in a soft golden glow from the various street lights and shop displays.

Heavenly Bites is a small shop located just off of the main street. It’s cked out in warm colours, like reds and golds and yellows, and it seems to be a popular place for people to buy gifts, judging by the large crowd that just exited the shop.

The moment Johnny and Mark set foot in the shop, they’re bombarded by numerous smells - sweet chocolates, delectable toffees and cold ice creams, among with the gentle chatter from outside. Apart from an old couple, Johnny and Mark are the only people in the shop - though Mark is quick to scatter off, babbling about getting some chocolate to share with Haechan and Jeno.

That leaves Johnny by himself. Heaving a sigh, he waltzes up to the cash register that’s currently empty. He leans against the wooden counter top, tapping his finger as he waits for someone to come from the back of the shop.

“Can I help you?” The voice is sweet and helpful, but Johnny barely looks up from where he’s staring at the menu when he answers.

“Uh, I’m looking for _____ - I’m picking up an order for Lee Taeyong…?” He finally looks up, and he can’t help but trail off and become speechless as he finally makes eye contact with you. Pupils dilating, he seems to be thrown into another world, scenes playing out before his eyes.

You, spinning around with a smile on your face, stumbling into his arms while he glances down at you lovingly. Him, kneeling down on one knee and watching as your eyes fill up with tears of happiness and elation. Him, standing behind you, a hand on your protruding stomach-

It’s gone before he can register it. He’s left back in reality, eyebrows furrowed and eyes completely fixated on you. He - you - you were his mate.

“Oh, my God,” he hears you whisper, a hand coming up to your mouth. Then, there’s a squeak of happiness, and you’re running around the cash register to hug him. Reacting quickly, he winds his arms around your waist, completely beaming as he feels you burrow your head in the crook of his neck.

“I’m ______ ,” you breathe, pulling back with such a cute smile on your face that Johnny finds it hard to breathe.

“Johnny,” he murmurs back, not being able to hold back the laugh bubbling in his chest. “I can’t believe I’ve finally found you.” Your laughs are disbelieving but you’re unbelievably happy.

“I’ve been looking for you for ages,” you explain. His arms are still around you but you honestly don’t want him to let go, so you say nothing - if anything, you bury yourself further into his embrace. “This is so surreal…”

Johnny’s so caught up with taking in you - your image, your voice, your smile, your laugh - everything, when he suddenly realises something. “I - I kinda have a promise to keep,” he bites his lip, a cheeky smile blooming on his face at the confusion painted over yours. “I only have on question - can I kiss you?”


And, as he promised himself earlier, he takes you in his arms and gives you the best kiss you’d ever had. The best Christmas present ever.

Chapter 17

A/N: Here is the next chapter! Hope you enjoy it xx

Harry wrapped his arm around Addy and pulled her in close to him. She leaned her head down on his shoulder resting it comfortably there. The feeling of having her back in his arms was by far the thing he had missed the most during his deployment. Addy glanced up at the prince casually grabbing his hand around her and holding it tight. 

“Come a little closer.” He spoke softly to her. “I cannot get any closer Harry unless you want me on top of you… again.” Addy glanced up quickly at the prince giving him a wink reminding Harry of their late night activities.

“Oooh. Do not tempt me like that.” Harry let out a low groan having to re-adjust himself at the mere thought of having Adalyn on top of him. 

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Needy (Request)

he’s feeling extra lovey and clings to your side the whole day you might notice but chose not to acknowledge it and just go on with your day and maybe you would have to go to the grocery store or run some sort of errand or something and so he comes and when you tell him he can’t hang onto you bc you need to push the cart or be able to grab things he gets in the cart or I don’t know just something with similar ideas that’s full of fluff and more fluff


You woke up that morning unable to move.

It took you all of about three seconds to realize that it was due to the fact that there was a lanky, curly haired boy lying essentially on top of you. His arms wrapped tightly around your waist, legs intertwined with yours and head resting just inches from your own. You smiled in the morning light of the bed room and reached over to run your fingers through his hair. You always liked watching Harry sleep, and you didn’t get to do it nearly often enough. Half the time he was away on tour and the other half he would always wake up before you. On the rare occasion that he was home with you, the first couple days were always spent catching up on sleep which you were more than happy to let him do.

It was already pretty late into the morning, but you couldn’t bear to leave him alone in the bed. You craved every moment you got alone with him, even if he wasn’t awake to enjoy it. Being able to lie there and watch his chest rise and fall with each breath and the sunlight cast a glow on his cheeks was more than good enough for you.

After a few moments of your hands in his hair, you felt him stir slightly and blink one eye open slowly. A small smile crept over his face when he saw you.

“Hello.” He rasped.

“Good morning, my love.” You whispered.

Harry snuggled himself down further into your shoulder and gave a contented sigh.

“How’d you sleep?” You asked, playing with one of the hands that held on to your waist.

“Really well.” He replied. “Been way too long since I’ve been able to fall asleep next to you.”

He was right. It had been far too long. Harry had been away on tour for the past four months. Other than a brief stretch of five days that you had flown out to see him, you hadn’t been together. It wasn’t an unusual occurrence, but still neither of you were used to it. Before meeting you, Harry had never had someone in his life that he ached to spend every second of every day with. Sure, he had his family whom he missed while he was away, and other good friends that he loved seeing whenever he could; but there wasn’t someone who caused the same type of heartbreaking longing as you did. Normally, Harry could go a good couple of months before he started missing home and his family and friends, but with you it was a matter of days.

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Hello there! I love your writing and I always get so excited when yours requests are opened again! Could you write a Hotch x reader where the reader has been on the team for a couple years and is secretly dating Hotch but the rest of the team doesn’t know?! Maybe she has to keep making up excuses as to why she turns down other dates and then somebody catches them in his office or something? I would he happy with anything like this with lots of fluff! I also understand if you can’t! Thx so much😊

I can do that!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Are you sure!?  They are the cutest.  And!  They’re brothers.”

“Garcia, if they’re twins, I know they’re brothers,” you chuckle, walking alongside your bubbly friend who was trying to sell you on this double date.

“Come on, Y/N.  I know you like beef cakes,” Garcia says as she wiggles her eyebrows.

“Beef cakes, huh?” Hotch says, crossing your paths as you shoot him a light glare.

“Sounds like a nice time,” Hotch murmurs, glancing up at you with a sly smile on his face as you bite the inside of your cheek.

“See!?  Even the bossman thinks you should get out,” Garcia whines lightly.

“Well…if the bossman thinks I should…” you trail off, watching Hotch’s brow furrow lightly as you smirk in his general direction.

You and Aaron had been dating for a few months now.  At first, you weren’t sure the two of you could hide it, but with the two of you being uneasy with public displays of affection, it was easier than you thought to hide it from the team.  Being with them for two years has given everyone ample time to find your little quirks, so you were always making sure you kept them under-wraps.

Like if a woman flirted with Hotch when you guys were traveling.

Or when guys would ask you to coffee after a case was wrapped up.

As you watch Hotch walk away, his back pulled taut and his lips pulled into a thin line, you snicker and shake your head as Garcia continues to babble away about the date that you still hadn’t conformed, but that she was keen on getting you to attend.

“You never go out anymore,” Garcia whines as you sigh lightly.

“This job is stressful.  I need time to myself to relieve it,” you admit, the memories of your time spent with Aaron wafting to the forefront of your memory.

It had been a few weeks now…

“Or you could find someone to relieve it for you,” Garcia whispers as she wiggles her eyebrows again playfully.

“Jesus, Penelope,” you breathe, your eyes widening at her bold statement.

“I know.  I know…the public prude can’t take a sexual joke,” she says as she wafts her hand in the air.

“…but I bet you’re a hell of a minx in the sack,” she murmurs.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” you smirk as Garcia’s jaw playfully hangs open.

“A sex joke.  You made a sex joke!” she squeals as she claps her hands.

“Y/L/N,” Hotch booms from on high.

Looking up at him, his face twisted and irritated, you sigh lightly to yourself as you flicer your gaze towards Grcia.

“Guess the bossman doesn’t like sex jokes,” you murmur lowly, eliciting another stifled giggle from her before heading for the stairs.

Walking into Hotch’s office, his blinds pulled taut and the only light from the room beeming into his face from his laptop, you stand in the doorway waiting for his command.

“Shut the door,” he lulls.

Stepping in as you shut the door, you keep your eyes on him as you watch him clench his jaw.

“Really, Y/N?” Aaron sighs.

“You started it,” you shrug lightly.

“I was joking,” he says, finally peeling his gaze from the screen and glancing over at you.

“So was I,” you toss back.

“Were you?” he asks, his eyes stern and his voice steady.

Was he serious?

“Of course I was, Aaron,” you say, furrowing your brow lightly as you take a step towards him.

“You know you could always go find someone else.  Someone stronger, not so busy with their job…or tied down with a kid-”

“Hey,” you interrupt him, taking another step forward, “that’s my decision to make.  Not yours.  You may be my boss inside of these walls, but off the clock?  You’re the man I love.”

You watched his shoulders relax a bit as you close the distant between your body and his desk, your hip raising up to sit cockeyed on his as your fingertips reach out, shutting his laptop slowly as nothing but the moonlight streaming through the window illuminates the room.

“Do you want out?” you ask lightly.

“No,” Aaron says, looking you in your eyes as you nod lightly.

“Do you want me to leave?” you ask, a bit softer this time.

“God, no,” he says lowly, slowly standing to his feet as your eyes take in his towering form.

“I’ve missed you…” you whisper, your eyes watering lightly as you drop your gaze to his chest.

“It’s been a long few weeks,” he murmurs, stepping forward as you shift so that your entire butt is sitting you on the edge of his desk, your legs swinging lightly as he slowly steps in between them.

“Yeah…” you breathe as you try to keep your emotions at bay.

“I have a bit of good news, though,” Aaron says as his hands begin sliding up and down your arms lightly.

“What’s that?” you swallow, looking back up at him as he smiles lightly down at you.

“Our mandatory summer vacation starts next week, and Jack will be away at camp for 10 days.”

“He got in!?” you squeal, a huge smile lighting up your eyes as Aaron chuckles lowly.

“He did.  He’s very excited.”

“Oh my god, I bet so!” you exclaim as you clap your hands lightly.

Meanwhile, the team heard your light squeal, and had turned their full attention up to Hotch’s office.

“She’s been in there a while,” Derek murmurs beside Rossi as a smirk begins to play on his cheeks.

“I wonder how long they were able to hide it from us,” J.J. wonders as Spencer steps up to her side.

“Hide what?” he asks.

“Why don’t you come stay a few days with me?” Aaron asks as his hand makes its way to your face, cupping your face as his thumb strokes your cheek.

The two of you had taken it slow over the past 4 months, and the two of you had yet to spend a night together.

Both physically and sexually.

“Y-…you want me to…to come stay?  For a bit?” you ask, your voice lightening in shock as your eyes dance around Aaron’s face.

“Only if you want,” he says, his free arm slipping around your waist as he steps closer to you.

The feeling of his body between your legs made your cheeks burn brightly.

“I-…think I would really like that,” you breathe.

“Good,” he smiles, bending his body lightly as his face starts inching closer to yours.

“B-b-but…we’re at work?” you whisper against his ghosting lips.

“I dismissed the team a while ago,” he whispers back, capturing your lips in a sensual kiss as an involuntary moan escapes your lips.

But by now, the entire team had gathered outside of Hotch’s door, listening to the sounds as Garcia’s eyebrows shoot up on her face.

“That’s why she hasn’t been going on any dates!” she whispers harshly to Derek as he chuckles to himself.

“Way to go, Aaron,” Rossi murmurs.

Feeling yours hands make their way into his hair, his arms cloak your back as your hands begin to tremble, his tongue dancing deep within your mouth as both of your breaths become heavier in the darkened room.

“Oh, god,” you gutturally groan just after Aaron breaks the kiss, his nose nuzzling the tip of yours before your eyes flutter open.

“Or maybe you could just spend the whole vacation with us,” he breathes.

“I like the sound of that,” you whisper, smiling broadly as the two of you begin to giggle.

“Come on.  Let’s get you home,” he murmurs, helping you off of his desk as he grabs for his coat, your hand reaching out for the doorknob as you swing the office door open.

And you stop in your tracks when the team comes into full-view.

“Y/N, is everyth-”

But when Aaron appears behind you, the team smirking at you both with their arms crossed around their chests, J.J. playfully shakes her head as Rossi begins to chuckle.

“You two are good, I’ll give you that,” he acknowledges.

“How long!?” Garcia squeals in shock.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hotch this shocked,” Morgan muses with a grin on his face.

Feeling the deep flush creep back up to your cheeks, you feel Aaron wrap his arm around your waist, pulling you close into his side before pressing a light kiss to the top of your forehead.

“4 months,” Aaron answers Garcia.

“Oh my god we have so much to talk about,” Garcia breathes, pushing everyone aside and grabbing yours and J.J.’s hands, “we’re ordering pizza and I have tequila and mix and oh my gosh I cannot believe you kept this a secret and there’s ice cream because you have four months of juicy gossip to fill us in on what in the world is wrong with you I-”

And as you look back at Aaron, craning your neck and pleading for him to help you, you watch him slowly become bombarded by the guys as you see Rossi put his hand on Aaron’s back, probably leading him to go have drinks and cigars.

“Y/N?” Hotch asks sternly from the balcony as you fully turn around, waiting for him to bail you out of the situation, your jaw goes slack as he says, “Leave out the beef cake parts, please.”

“OH MY GOD!” Garcia squeals, pushing you onto the elevator as you glare hard at Aaron.

anonymous asked:

okayyyy so, i'd be really happy if you write a blurb where harry and y/n is best friends since xfactor and y/n is a professional guitarist, and she becomes 1d's guitarist and then they realize their feelings for each other when theyre on tour together?? thank youu ❤️

Ok so I think this will be a two-parter (or maybe more?? idk yet). I think there’s more to this story than just a blurb. So here’s Part 1:

Heartstrings - Part 1

I need to talk to you

You must have stared at the text for ten minutes. Harry never said he needed to talk to you. He just talked. Whenever, wherever. The most he might do is ask if you were busy before immediately going into what he wanted to talk about. Even if you were busy, he knew you’d get back to him when you could.

But this…this wasn’t him. This wasn’t light-hearted, cheeky Harry Styles that you’d known since he was sixteen. The best friend, the confidant. The one person who could make you laugh even when you were at the lowest of the low. This? This was a serious text.

The truth was, you had started to develop feelings for Harry. Feelings that surpassed those of mere friendship. It had started out as a little flutter in your chest about a year ago when you’d gone to his house to hang out. You’d watched a movie that was one of his favorites but you’d never seen, and you were enthralled by his enthusiasm. You’d sat on the sofa next to him, your legs tucked underneath you as you watched his mouth while he spoke. Then your eyes travelled down the length of his body, his torso and long legs both clad in all black. You’d blinked and shook your head. This was your best friend. When you’d gotten home that night, lying in bed and thinking of Harry in a different light, you dismissed it as a crush. That was all it was. It would go away.

One year later, and it hadn’t gone away. In fact, the feelings were stronger. But you resolved never to let him know.

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