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On the set of Dunkirk

Request from @emfrodo: hey love! i was hoping I could get a Harry Styles x Shy Reader request where the reader is super shy and anxious and she works on the dunkirk set with him (she’s a techie) and they are the same age and she can’t stop laughing during a scene in the background because Harry is trying to make her laugh when he’s floating in the water with the other crew?? and like the entire crew knows they like each other and it’s just so cute and fluffy!!! thank you!!

Ever since Y/N was a kid, she always thought it would be so cool to have a job in being part of a technical crew for a movie production. It was interesting to see how specific people would be in charge of creating sounds and making sure the lighting for scenes are perfect along with dozens of other jobs in the different departments. So Y/N had followed up a career to become a technician and she was quite happy with her job.

However, never did Y/N think that she would be working for a Christopher Nolan movie. One of the most well-known Directors for his movies: The Dark Knight, Instellar, and Inception. The list goes on. So when Y/N was asked to become part of this movie production, she jumped at the offer. 

Her job was quite simple. She was one of the sound technicians who would make sure all unnecessary sound is blocked out. 

Working on the set of the movie Dunkirk has been a great experience for her so far. From the moment she started, she was given a very warm welcome from Chris. Him and his wife made her feel comfortable in her job and she didn’t feel any pressure like she would when she worked in a her past productions. 

Another thing Y/N didn’t see coming were the actors on the set. One in particular. It was his first ever movie and from what she has seen, he was pretty damn good. He was currently on hiatus from a very famous boy band and Y/N very much knew him from one of her friends who was non-stop crying about them. 

His name was Harry Styles. He was a very cute guy, she thought. And from what she has seen, polite and goofy too. He would immediately become serious when there is something serious going on or when he is being told specific instructions. He was tall and very buff. He had brown hair that was shaved from the sides but left on top. She knew he had long hair before according to her friend and pictures because quite a big deal since it was all over the news.

Y/N noticed him on the second day of shooting but he didn’t notice her. Or at least, she thinks he didn’t notice her. She found Harry quite the sight with his very prominent dimples that would display anytime he laughed or joked around with the other crew or cast. 

She usually kept her distance from the other people, not wanting to budge in when she wasn’t needed. She wanted things to run smoothly since this was one of the largest productions she was working on. Not only because of that, but also because she is an extremely shy person. It’s not like she wants to be quiet all the time but for some reason, when she’s around other people, words just don’t seem to come out of her mouth unless someone asks her a question. 

So Y/N kept her distance from the goofy, British boy but admired him from afar. Little did she know that this boy had noticed her on the first day of shooting and immediately felt an attraction towards her. Harry admired her too. He thought she would look super adorable when she was so into her job Her brows would furrow and lips would set into a firm line when she would have a serious look on her face when doing her job. He even noticed her laughing once with one of the crew members and he instantly noted that her smile was his favorite feature of her. He also noticed how quiet the girl would be. While the camera is rolling, she would stand from a certain distance and just watch. 

Harry thought she didn’t notice him either.

He asked one of the crew members who she was and in reply he said, “Her name is Y/N. One of the sound technicians. Great gal but doesn’t talk much.”

But Harry really wanted to talk to her. He thought the whole crew was amazing and that every one of their jobs are significant for this production. He admired all of them for their hard work. And he thought, maybe he should introduce himself to Y/N too and let her know that she was doing a fantastic job.

So on one of the days of shooting, when there was a lunch break, Harry builds the courage to walk up to her and talk. Usually, he doesn’t have a problem with it, but for some reason he felt slightly nervous. 

He sees Y/N sitting on one of the wooden boxes, sandwich in hand, courtesy of Chris.

Y/N feels him in her peripheral vision, wondering if he’s looking at her since he’s so close and when she looks up, she sees him looking at her. Her heart lodges in her throat and her eyes slightly widen when he gives her warm smile. She gives him a timid smile back, not wanting to be rude. He walks towards her with his sandwich and water bottle in hand. 

“’S this seat taken?” He asks, pointing his arm towards the wooden box next to her. 

She quickly shakes her head no, scooting over a bit to make room for him. She couldn’t believe he wanted to sit next to her. Or maybe he had no other place to sit. She doesn’t really know.

Harry gives her a thankful smile, sitting down on the box. He unwraps his sandwich, taking a large bite out of it because he was so hungry. He looks at Y/N, who was sat beside him quietly eating her sandwich.

He finishes chewing before speaking, “M’name is Harry,” He introduces, taking you by surprise.

Holy fuck, he was going to talk to her too? She silently thought. 

“Y/N,” She introduces back, giving him a small smile. 

“Wha’ kind of sandwich have yeh got there?” He asks her, not knowing what else to say. Idiot. 

Y/N looks down at her sandwich before looking back at him with a slightly amused face. 

“It’s chicken,” She tells him. 

Harry narrows his eyes at her playfully, “Dammit, so yeh’re one of ‘em who took tha’! ‘M stuck with tuna. Now m’breath is gonna stink the whole the day.” He sighs dramatically.

Y/N slightly laughs before apologizing, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was going to finish. Would you like some?” She offers, holding the other half of her sandwich out to him and he shakes his head no, laughing. 

“No no. Was just messin’ with yeh, love,” Y/N’s heart flutters when he says the last word. Damn British people and their terms of endearment. 

She pulls it back towards her, looking away but not before catching his cute dimpled smile. Gosh, he was so darn cute.

“Great job by the way,” He compliments before taking a bite of his sandwich again.

Y/N arches an eyebrow at him, confused at what he means. 

Harry notices, quickly chewing and swallowing before he clarifies, “For the movie.”

Y/N’s cheeks tint red, not use to getting compliments or praises on her job, “Oh, thank you. I think you’re pretty great too,” She tells him shyly. The man could really act.

Harry smiles, “Why thank you very much.” Y/N nods as if saying you’re welcome. 

“Think ‘ve swallowed lots o’ seawater by accident though. Might puke it out later,” He tells her, making her nose scrunch up in distaste. Real smooth Harry, real smooth. 

Y/N laughs nonetheless, making Harry feel giddy because he got to make her smile. 

And for the rest of the lunch break, they share small talk and heart fluttering smiles. 

It’s been a few weeks since Harry and Y/N’s first encounter. Things have really changed between the two. Y/N has become more comfortable around Harry, feeling less nervous talking to him. She’s been starting to talk more on set and people have started to notice the special bond between the two. Harry would always goof around and make her laugh. The two would constantly exchange smiles from afar, Harry winking at her and making her blush and look away from him. They’ve started to develop feelings for each other, too afraid to admit it to each other. 

Y/N would still be a bit shy around Harry but that’s only when he says something that would totally make her face turn red. 

The pair would always hang out when there was a lunch break. Y/N would grab herself a chicken sandwich and one for Harry as well while he finishes up a scene. When he would finish, he walks to their seating spot, Harry giving her a grateful smile and peck on the forehead without thinking, making Y/N blush to herself at the sweet gesture. Sometimes he would give her a quick squeeze to her shoulder when walking by or his cute dimpled smile when she would just sit and watch him.

Y/N would watch Harry laugh with the cast and crew, her lips involuntarily pulling into a smile when she sees his face light up or when she hears his ridiculously cute cackle. Her feelings for him grew each day. 

Whenever they would sit together at lunch, Harry would always tell her his really lame jokes. Sometimes she’d think about it and smile at certain memories of them. 

“Why can’ the flower ride his bike?” He’d ask her, taking a bite out of the chicken sandwich she had brought him.

Y/N would roll her eyes playful, letting out a dramatic annoyed sigh, “I don’t know, Harry. Why can’t he ride his bike?” She’d ask him in a fake wondering tone.

“S’cos his petals fell off, pet.” He cackles and so does Y/N but not because of his joke–cause that was a really dumb joke–but because of his laugh and smile after he tells her the joke. She would laugh nonetheless because she finds it so funny and endearing when his nose scrunches up in his cute obnoxious laugh. 

“Gosh, you’re such a dork,” She’d tell him, laughing at him.

Harry would look at her with offence, “Oi! ‘M no dork! Yeh still like hangin’ out with this dork everyday but wouldn’ like to admit it now would yeh?”  He’d shoot back.

Y/N would sigh and pretend to think with a hand on her chin, “You’re right. I’m just too afraid to admit that I don’t like hanging out with you. Would much rather hang out with Fionn or Tom,” She lies, her lips slightly curved up, breaking her serious look. 

Harry narrowed his eyes at her, lips set into a firm line. A look of what she thinks is determination is set on his face. He leaned in close, making her heart slightly race. His intense green eyes, staring into hers.They might have been the most beautiful eyes she’s ever seen. Bright green with specks of gold and grey. His eyes were so hypnotizing that she didn’t notice Harry snatch her sandwich out of her hand. 

“Harry!” She slightly yelled, trying to take her sandwich back but her arms were too short and his were too long. 

“Nope,” Harry shakes his head. “Tha’s it. Tha’ was the last straw for yeh. Can’t believe yeh would do tha’ to me.” She stands up, taking advantage of him sitting down but he quickly mirrors her raising it above his head, too high for her to reach. 

“Harry, please! I’m hungry,” She’d complain but he’d still shake his head no with a fake look of betrayal.

“Take back what yeh said,” She was about to open her mouth to speak but Harry presses his forefinger against her lips. “Nuh uh, wasn’ finished speakin’, love.” And she rolls her eyes, crossing her arms. “Also have t’admit tha’ yeh like spendin’ time with me,” He smirks and Y/N’s jaw drops. 

“What? No!” She declines.

“Right then,” He says, looking at her as if he has no other. “Can’t get your lunch back. ‘M really hungry today. Second sandwich would be nice,” He whistles casually before opening his mouth wide and slowly bringing her sandwich to his mouth but before he could bite it, she grabs his arm and stops him.

“Fine,” She groans. “I take back what I said,” Harry nods, giving her an expectant look. 


Y/N rolls her eyes, “And I like it,” is all she says. Not wanting to admit that she really enjoys spending time with Harry.

Harry smirks, playing dumb, “And wha’?”

“Ugh, you know what I mean!” She says in annoyance.

His expression turns clueless, “Don’ know wha’ yeh mean, pet.” Y/N rolls her eyes again. 

“Careful, love. Gonna keep rollin’ yeh eyes at me and they’re gonna fall out,” She scoffs. 

“Wouldn’t have to see your ugly mug,” She speaks without thinking. Her eyes widening when she realizes what she just said. “I-I mean–””

Harry shakes his head, a look of pretense hurt on his face. “See how yeh feel ‘bout me.”

Y/N shakes her head, “Didn’t mean that!”

“Sure yeh didn’,” He says with a sad look. Drama queen.

“I didn’t!” She exasperates. 

“Want an apology then,” He mumbles. Such an idiot too.

“Fine. I’m sorry.” She apologizes because the guy was far from ugly. She just wasn’t going to tell him that to boost his ego even more, knowing him.

“And…wha’ were yeh goin’ to say befo’ tha’?” Great, he still wants her to say that too.

“ThatIlikespendingtimewithyou.” She speaks so quickly and he smirks at the flustered look on her face. He still loves how shy she gets around him.

“Wha’ was tha’? Couldn’ understand yeh. Slow down there, love,” He says in fake innocence, enjoying the flustered look on her face.

“Nope, I won’t say it again,” She says, harshly pinching his side and he involuntarily brings his arm down. She successfully grabs the sandwich, sticking her tongue out at him.

“Oi! Yeh menace!” He shouts, rubbing at his side and Y/N laughs. He picks her off the floor, throwing her over his shoulder and she squeals, smacking his bum. He carries them towards the end of the dock and pretends he’s about to throw her in the water, Y/N begging him not to. The both of them cause a scene, making the people around them watch with knowing looks, laughing at the two. 

It was the last day of shooting in the waters before they head off to L.A. One of the most intense scenes where the men have to swim around in the water with oil on their faces, waiting for help from the rescue boats. 

Y/N stood on one of the boats, watching all the men swim towards the boats. She hears Chris say cut in between, stopping the camera and explaining a few things to the other cast members. While they wait, Y/N notices Harry’s “oil” covered face making faces at her from where he floats in the water. She chuckles, rolling her eyes playfully and looks away. 

She still feels his eyes on her figure and she can tell from her peripheral vision. She looks back at him, noticing his green eyes solely staring at her and she couldn’t depict the look on his face. She raises her eyebrow at him as if saying what? But he just shakes his head giving her another smile. She smiles back at him, blushing when he gives her a wink.

The two were so busy communicating with their eyes that they didn’t notice Fionn notice the whole exchange.

“Someone’s got a crush,” He teases Harry.

Harry looks at him and shoves his shoulder, “Shut up.”

“C’mon, mate. We all know yeh two like each other. Just ask her out yeah?”

Harry sighs, “S’not that easy. Yeh don’ know if she likes me back and I–”

“Oh please. Here I’ll do you a favor,” Fionn says.

Harry’s eyebrow furrow in confusion, not knowing what he means. “Wha’ do yeh-?”

“Hey Y/N!” Fionn calls, making her turn head and look at them. Harry’s eyes quickly widen. Oh fuck. 

“Harry here has something to tell–” And before he could finish, he feels Harry dunk his face under water. No way was he letting her find out this way.

Y/N’s eyes widen, wondering what’s going on. “What?” She says, blushing a bit when people look her way.

The sound techie beside her gives her a knowing look. “If it isn’t more obvious.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” She tells him honestly. What was going on? What made Harry dunk Fionn’s head underwater to stop him from saying whatever it was? Were they talking about her?

The techie parts his mouth to speak but before he could say anything, a deep raspy voice interrupts them. “Hey pet.”

They both turn their head to look at the person, Y/N immediately knowing who it was. She notices the look on Harry’s oil covered face. It was a look she’s never seen before and from what it looks like, it seemed serious. 

“Hey…?” She says, unsure. Since when did he get out of the water?

“Got a minute t’talk?” He wonders and she nods.

Y/N looks back at the techie who only gives her a wink. Okay really, what is going on? 

“Walk with me then,” He says, holding his arm out and gesturing his other hand towards the part of the dock where there was no people.

She doesn’t say anything, walking towards where he stood. He places his hand on the small of her back, the both of them walking side by side with their arms brushing against each other. The air smelt of seawater and the wind whistled, making it more breezy.

Harry was silent which was usually rare because whenever they were together, he would be the first to initiate the conversation and talk non stop. Y/N never minds though. She loves the sound of his voice. It’s deep and slow. Harry taking his time when speaking. Although sometimes she has no idea what he’s talking about but nods nonetheless. 

So why was he so quiet? What did he want to tell her? Was it about the fact that shooting for the movie was going to end soon and they weren’t going to see each other as often as they did? It was something that is inevitable. What was going to happen to their friendship? What if Harry might forget about her? Forget about what they had? She surely wouldn’t.

“So what was that back there?” She asks him.

“Wha’ was wha’?” He pretends to act clueless.

“With Fionn. Why’d you stop him from speaking?”

“S’nothing,” He brushes off, staring down at his feet while they walk.

“Really? Seemed like something since you dunked his head under water.” 

“Oi! Was jus’ helpin’ him out. Seein’ how long he could hold his breath underwater,” He lies. There was no going back from this. He had to tell her.

“Mhm,” She hums sarcastically. “Right after he calls my name,” She nudges at his shoulder.

Harry lets out an exaggerated sigh, “There’s no runnin’ from this is there?”

Y/N raises an eyebrow in question, “Running from what?

Harry clears his throat, halting in his steps and Y/N mirrors him. He grabs her hands in his and Y/N looks down at them in surprise, liking how her small hand fits in his large one. She looks back up at him, noticing him looking at her with his pale green eyes.

“Runnin’ from the fact tha’ I have feelings fo’ yeh,” Y/N looks at him stunned, not expecting this at all. Holy fuck, he likes her back!

“W-What?” She stutters.

“I like yeh, Y/N.” He admits, cupping her face. “Ever since I saw yeh on the first day of shooting. ‘ve noticed  how quiet yeh were but I was attracted to yeh,” He admits, his nerves slightly easing with each word. “An’ yeh know, we’ve been spendin’ time together and my feelings for yeh just keeps growin and s’okay ‘f yeh don’ feel the same way but–” Y/N cuts him off with the shake of her head.

“I like you too,” She mutters shyly looking down at her feet. She feels both of his hands cup her face, bringing her face up to look at him. They lock eyes, Harry staring at her with a surprised look.

“Yeh like me too yeah?” He says like he couldn’t believe it.

Y/N nods, red tinting her cheeks. “It’s kind of hard not to,” She admits. “Even if your dorky self tells horrible jokes.” She adds.

An offensive look takes over his face, “Oi! Yeh love m’jokes!” He squishes her cheeks together, her lips puckering and she holds his wrists, trying to pry them off her face.

“Nuh uh,” She tries to say through squished cheeks.

Harry smiles, leaning his face closer to hers and Y/N felt her heart rate increase. She looks deeply into his green eyes. Never had she seen them so close. She looks down at his raspberry colored lips that were slightly smudged with the black paint that was suppose to imitate as oil.

“Shut up yeh menace,” He tells her playfully. “Now back to where we were,” He says, still holding her cheeks. “How ‘bout a date? S’time yeah? Think we’ve kept our feelings long ‘nough from each other.”

Y/N nods, keeping her hands around his wrists. “Mhm.”

Harry gives her a happy grin, leaning in close to kiss her but she quickly presses her finger against his lips.

“Nuh uh. You‘ve got a dirty face.” She says, squirming in his hold.

Harry drops his jaw, “Oh c’mon, pet. S’just a kiss.” She shakes her head and he huffs. “Fine. A hug then?” She shakes her again.

“What?!” He shouts in fake anger. “Why not?”

“You’re wet!” She says in an obvious tone. “I’m gonna be soaked!”

Harry smirks at her words, wiggling his eyebrows. “Like yeh already aren’t.” He teases.

It takes a moment for Y/N to understand what he meant by that and when she does, she glares at him, hitting his shoulder while blushing really hard. 

“Oi! See what I mean,” He rubs the area where she hit him. “Call yeh a menace fo’ a reason! Always like abusin’ me.” He grumbles like a child.

Y/N chuckles, gathering the courage to stand on her tippy toes and hold his arms to balance herself, leaning in to give him a peck on the lips and quickly pulling back before Harry could process it. His small frown instantly lifts up into a happy grin. 

“Thought yeh said m’mouth was dirty.”

Y/N smiles, blushing again. “Couldn’t help myself. Now shut up.”

Harry pulls her close to him, this time pressing his chest against hers, ignoring the huff that emits from her mouth because his soaked clothes were touching her. “Not until yeh gimme ‘nother kiss. Proper one this time,” He demands softly, an expectant look on his face.

Y/N rolls her eyes but smiles nonetheless, leaning in to kiss him again but this time she felt a spark surge throughout her body, shocking every nerve. Her eyes involuntarily close, enjoying the kiss as it lasts for another five seconds. They let go, Harry pecking her bottom lip one more time before breathing out deeply. 

Man, he’s been waiting to do that for so long.

Their attention from each other breaks when they hear a whistle and they turn their heads to see Fionn and some of the crew and cast looking at them with smiles on their faces. 

“Finally! Took you guys long enough.” Fionn exasperates. 

“They knew?” Y/N asks with a blush on her face because of the amount of attention of them, wondering if they’ve been watching the whole time.

Harry chuckles, squeezing her close to his body and she groans, feeling her shirt soak. “Think they knew fo’ a while now, pet. An’ I think we both knew too. Just been too ‘fraid  t’admit it yeah?”

Y/N nods, pressing at his chest to push him off. “Now let go. You’ve got me all wet!”

Harry smirks dirtily, “Sure s’not from the kiss?” 

She narrows her eyes at him, pushing at his shoulders harder to get him off of her.

“You’re such an idiot!” Her face was a light shade a pink. He always makes her blush dammit. He just has to be so dirty.

“Yeah but yeh like this idiot,” He grins largely, stealing another kiss from her lips before running away back to the other side of the dock where everyone else was stood. Not before turning his head back to give her another goofy smile.

Gosh, she really does like that idiot. And it makes her smile uncontrollably. 

 This was longer than it should’ve been lmao. But i enjoyed writing it! Hope y’all liked it! I might’ve skimmed through it so there might be a few typos. I’ll fix them later tho. Some feedback would be nice :)

One Condition(m)

Summary: You and Jimin have a perfectly-normal-good sex life, so you can’t really understand his need to explore further….whatever, two can play at that game. Looks like there won’t be much sleeping going on tonight.

Genre: A lil fluff/ lotta smut/ and hopefully I can make u giggle

Word count: 3,038

Warnings: Face sitting/ Breathplay (~light~Choking)…sorry mom

A/n: This is the FIRST EVER fic I felt comfortable releasing! I’m so super excited to share this w/ you guys and I hope u enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it:’’) . ps. this one for my chubby hoes or for my cuties w a lil more meat on ur thighs. jimin luvs u n so do i 💖💖💖

Keep reading

All They Had [Batmom]

@kiwiwolf02 requested: “ Please do an imagine where batmom has a feeling someone is going to die on a mission so she says goodbyes to the batfam and they all just blow it but what she doesn’t know it is her that is going to die. Btw you’re one of my favourite writers on tumblr ″

A/N: This turned out a little different from the request, but I hope you don’t mind!

Pairing: Batfamily x Mother!Reader + Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warnings: Death

Word Count: 1399



There was nothing you loved more than your family, absolutely nothing. As the mother of a family of crime-fighters, complete with your crime-fighting husband, there were endless sleepless nights and graying hairs as a result of the stress, the worry and anxiety you faced. It was inevitable, being married to the Batman. You wouldn’t trade this life for anything, but there was no denying that sometimes you wished your family would remain safe and away from harm. There would always be that danger lingering over them which kept fear’s hold over your heart.

Usually, your concerns and fear were merely paranoia. A mother always felt that way for her children. She was always fawning over them, treating them like they had been born the day before when in fact they had all grown taller than her. Even when your family was quite extraordinary, you still felt this way and everyone loved you for it.

However, this was different. Tonight was different. You couldn’t get rid of this horrible, nauseous feeling at the pit of your stomach. It wasn’t a mere concern, it was something more, something dreadful. At the back of your head, there was a voice that told you something was going to go wrong… which would result in death.

When your family was preparing to depart for a sudden mission, interrupting a gala, you knew there was not stopping them. They loved you, but they were devoted to their job and you respected them for that. You had already tried many times before, but you still couldn’t eliminate the dreaded feeling you had.

“You be careful, okay?” you stated to Dick as he got ready. “Look after your brothers, don’t be reckless.” You patted his hair, neatening it.

Mom,” Dick whined, “you speak as if I don’t do it.”

“I know…” you sighed, “but still…”

“Come on mom,” Jason scoffed, checking his guns, “it’s going to be me who’ll end up looking after his ass.” Dick exclaimed in protest, causing you to smile sadly. They remained so cheerful even when there was so much uncertainty ahead of them. You were so proud of them.

“Ummi, are you okay?” Damian inquired, noticing your dull mood.

You lowered yourself in front of your youngest son and ruffled his hair affectionately. Usually someone would lose an arm, but you were the exception. “I’m fine Damian. Focus on the mission, okay?”

Damian nodded slowly before walking away to the others. You felt someone hug you from behind, and from the corner of your eye you saw Cass’s familiar form. She seemed to also notice your sadness and tried to make you feel better.

“Thank you Cass.” you whispered. “I love you, you know that?”

“Love you too.” she responded, smiling at you.

You then walked up to your boys and brought them into a tight embrace, causing them to groan.

“Mom, I can’t breathe.” Tim wheezed. You laughed heartily and pulled away, looking at all of them with kind eyes that held a certain sadness and fear.

“I love you all, don’t you forget that.” you said genuinely, “you are all my children.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Dick questioned, frowning at your behavior.

“As I said, don’t worry about me.” you informed, “we can talk later.”

They all shared worried glances but nodded slowly before walking away. You sighed as you watched them go, feeling as if it may be the last time you’ll see them.

“You’re worried.” you heard your husband state as you turn to face him. His eyes were filled with concern over your welbeing. “Tell me.” he urged gently, placing a hand on your cheek.

“I… I don’t know Bruce, I feel like…” you closed your eyes and shifted your gaze down, “I feel like someone’s going to die tonight.” You looked at him and shook your head rather shamefully. “I know it’s stupid–”

“It’s not.” Bruce cut you off, bringing you into his arms, “it’s not stupid of you to feel this way.” He rested his chin on your head and you cherished the feeling of having him with you. You really had no idea why you felt this way, but it made your heart drop for some reason.

“I love you.” you whispered to him, “I love you, Bruce Wayne.”

“I love you too, [F/N].” he responded with equal love, kissing you softly, as if he was frightened he’d break you though you still felt his love through that one action.

“Be safe out there.” you told him, right before he left, “and protect our children, Bruce. They’re all we have.”

“I will [F/N], I won’t let anything happen to them.”

“It’s great to see you too. Have a wonderful evening.” you said for the millionth time in a sickeningly sweet voice. You kept your award-winning smile as you made your way through the crowd, greeting the guests of the event that you and your husband organized.

They had all asked where your husband and your family went and you had to make up some lie about a business emergency and how Damian had ended up getting sick, leading to the others staying home while you bore the responsibility of appearing at the gala.

The event went smoothly without any new scandals or problems, and soon you were on your way back home. It was already late, so late that the others should be back by now. Knowing this, you called Alfred and anxiously waited for an answer.

“Miss [F/N], good evening.” came Alfred’s strangely soothing voice from the speaker.

“Alfred, how is everyone? Are they safe? Are they alright?” you asked, trying not to panic.

“They’re fine, not even a scratch on them. Would you like to speak with Master Bruce?”

“Yes please.” you sighed in relief, smiling.

A while after, you heard Bruce’s voice from the speaker. “[F/N], everyone’s safe. The mission went without a hitch.”

“Thank goodness.” you breathed, approaching a green light, “my concerns are for nothing then… like always.”

You could hear Bruce’s chuckle and your heart fluttered at the sound, but it was ruined by that feeling of dread once more. You didn’t know why you still felt that way.

As you crossed the intersection, you said, “hey, everyone at the gala was asking where you were–” You were cut off by a loud honk before a force slammed into you from the left, and you remembered nothing after that.

All there was… was darkness.

It was no one’s fault really.

There was a technical error in the traffic light, one caused by a fallen tree that had damaged it a few days ago. The light had displayed a green light for both sides, causing a tragic collision.

Bruce supposed he should be glad that the other party survived; a family of three who were returning from a road trip. They had minor injuries but nothing too serious. The doctors had said they very lucky.

But he wasn’t happy.

He tried to tell himself that it wasn’t their fault, but he was desperate for someone to blame. In the end, he blamed it on himself, for putting the event on that day, for leaving you alone, for speaking to you and distracting you.

Your funeral was brutal for everyone, but none more than you dear family. They had all cried, some vocally, some silently, some only when they were safe behind the walls of their room. But they all knew that they were hurting.

Dick isolated himself from the family and kept to himself in Bludhaven, not wanting to be in a city that was filled with memories of you. Jason shut off completely and began to be even more brutal, killing without mercy. He blamed the world for this, and the world will pay. Cass grieved silently, but sometimes she would embrace those close to her, afraid of losing them. As for Tim and Damian, they drowned themselves in work, distracting themselves from their broken heart.

Your dear husband, like Tim and Damian, also plunged himself into endless work, but he also became more reckless, coming close to killing several people. He often got nightmares about the whole ordeal; you haunted him day and night and he avoided sleep, just to escape the terrors of the night.

You had said your children was all you had, when really you were all they had.

sheer joy || bill skarsgård

description: in which you’re reunited with the one you love

warnings: none that i know of

notes: holy shit i love dad!bill so much. what’s more adorable than that man w children? nothing, nothing i tell you. i’m in the softest mood ever because of this lmao

Alarm clocks. Who needs ‘em when you have an energetic four year old jumping on top of you the moment the sun decides to shine its rays through the windows? 

Was it always enjoyable? Not particularly. But on this morning, it was welcomed, because along with that little girl’s excitement came an equally as childish excitement of your own, with your eyes fluttering open as a smile reached your face. 

He was coming home today. 

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anonymous asked:

Can i request Reader and 76 cuddling after a tickle fight and reader finally says i love you and hides they face?

Tickle Fights

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Soldier X Reader

Author’s Note: Rip me i love writing long stories. Hope you enjoy and sorry it look a while!

Right hook, left hook, kick!

Your eyes remained trained of the dummy ahead of you. Fists balled together, feet shuffling in anticipation as you use your weight to focus on the power of your attacks. You repeated the mantra in your head over and over while continuing to strike at the dummy.


“Knew I find you here.”

Your body tensed in surprise at the voice. The center of your balance faltered as your foot made uneven contact with its target. Before you knew it the ground greeted you none too kindly. A spike of pain running up and through your spine as you landed harshly on your rear end. A groan escaped your lips adjusting to lighten the pain.

“Whoa, didn’t mean to scare you.” Soldier chuckled having seen the spectacle play out.

Swiftly, he moved over to you before squatting closely in front of you. “You alright, sweetheart?” Jack’s hands roam to gently touch at your ankles. He looks over your legs, then back at your ankles checking for swelling or redness.

“Jack, I’m fine.” You assure him, slightly wiggling away from his grasp. “I could have done without the heart attack though. Thanks for that.” He smiles at you sheepishly while rubbing his thumb over your ankle affectionately. A small silent display of affection. You’ve noticed he tends to do that since you’ve begun dating months ago.

“Come on,” Soldier heaves himself up while extending his hand to you. “Let’s get you up.”

You smile at him, admiring the tired blue eyes that adorn his handsome face. However, something in you stirs. You take his hand in yours before a plan begins forming within your head.

It’s then the air shifts.

However, he’s noticed too late.

A mischievous smile comes to play as you use his weight against him. It happens suddenly. You hook your knee’s behind him pushing them forward. The older man is knocked off his feet quite literally. Gravity working its magic to pull him down on the mat straight flat on his back. You come to straddle him triumphally as he groans from the force of the unsuspecting fall.

“Careful,” He jokes. “These old bones aren’t what they used to be.” He means it with little seriousness, but he’s sure one day your ‘fun’ antics will get him hurt. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t look forward to it.

With a gentle laugh, you reply. “That hasn’t stopped you before.” Color immediately flushes to his cheeks and he frowns. “Aw come on, Jack.” You lean forward. “Smile for me.” You laugh, poking at his side and quickly moves to react.

The action causes you to lean back with a raised a brow. Immediately he begins to squirm under you. Desperately trying to get away. You add more pressure to where you sit and the friction causes him to still. Once more you go to poke at his sides and you smile when his face turns red.

“Jack…” You sing, wiggling your fingers over to his underarms. “Are you ticklish?”

The way he avoids your gaze speaks more than his silence. His face is red as he tries hard not to burst into a fit of giggles.  

Now, that won’t do.

You wiggle your fingers from his underarms to his collar bone then to his neck. Immediately he snaps down on your wondering hand. The offending fingers now trapped between his chin and his shoulder while he glares at you.

“Don’t.” He warns, chest heaving. He’s struggling to stay serious as your fingers still tickle his neck. You know he won’t hold out for long. Not with you.

“Don’t know what you mean, Hun.” There’s pause between you too. A stare down as he watches you carefully. He lifts his chin off your hand and you smile at him innocently.

That is, before all hell breaks loose and you rain your assault of tickles on the man under you. Both hands go to tickle him. One on his neck, the other works his sides. He’s knew it was coming but something in him is still caught off guard. The stoic face you’ve come to know turns into a huge grin and gruff laughter begins rumble underneath you. It’s almost odd in some way. The way his face lights up as he is on the verge of tears in a laughing fit.

You decide you like more than anything. No, wait. You love it.

He has the most adorable smiley eyes and biggest grin to match. It’s so captivating in its own manner that you catch yourself staring once again.

You love this man like no other.

He notices your slight distraction and just as fast he is now on top of you. Your positions switched as fast as you can blink. He’s panting but the smile still decorates his roguish face. You look at him carefully. Cherishing the moment while it lasts.

“Two can play at that game, sweet pea.” He smirks and you feel a tingle crawl up your sides. You start squirming as his hands begin to tickle about your body. He laughs as you try to return the action but hardly succeed under his grasp. Eventually, you’re a mess of laughter and snorts. Begging him to have mercy on you.

“Stop! I’m going to pee!” You yelp through giggles. He laughs over you, coming to rest his hands on either side of you. Carefully he leans down to press a chaste kiss on your lips. A truce of sorts for the meantime. He lifts up and off to lay next to you on the training mat, legs still tangled together.

There is nothing but gasps for breath and loose laughter as you two try to steady your breathing. The room is warm and a blush dusts over your skin as you look over to him. He’s chuckling with you and you can’t help but stare so captivated by his smile once more. It’s without a thought that you open your mouth and confess your thoughts out loud.

“I love you.”

He stops. “What did you say?”

Realization hits you and you quickly untangle your legs from him. Your hands come up to cover your face. The room feels warmer as you sit up trying to get away from him. A array of emotions run through you as you can quite comprehend how you feel. Was this too sudden? Was this a bad time? Does he love you as well?

He follows you up, bringing his hands to cup yours over your face.

You protest. Too suborn to uncover your blushing face. “I’m sorry.”

He leans in, pulling you towards him. “No, don’t be.” He tries at your hands again wanting to see you. Tenderly, he holds them for a moment before you finally let him.

You feel so vulnerable. So exposed to him.

“I just…I love seeing you so happy. I couldn’t help it. The words fell out my mouth before I could stop them. I’m sorry.” It’s so much easier to read his emotions without the mask. He looks just as vulnerable as you. It’s reassuring in its own regard but it does little to easy your nerves. He chuckles, the sound making you look up at him.

“God, you’re too good to me.” He sighs, relieved. “I love you too.”

Before you can manage a word, he captures you in a kiss. His hands moving to pull you into his lap in the process. “I love you so much.” He stops but continues to pepper kisses among your face. His stubble tickling you ever so lightly. “I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to say it.”

Whatever unnerving emotion you’ve felt before is taken over by the tenderness of his actions. He holds you close. Just as happy and content as he was when you tickled him to tears. Minutes pass as you both hold one another, planting innocent kisses on each other’s lips. Eventually, he pulls away to sit up. You’re a little upset at the loss of affection but he gives you a smile in apology.

“Come on, let’s go get something to eat.” He speaks softly before kissing the tip of your nose. He lifts you onto your feet, keeping his hand around your waist. You replicate the action while walking next to him. It’s a few steps out the training halls door that your hands snake up a little higher to poke at his side.

“Stop.” He grunts.

You laugh. “Alright, alright. Sorry.”

It’s uncomfortable when John tells Dean to put Sam down and come over. Reluctantly, he makes a bowl for Sammy from the frayed and weathered fabric of the comforter, laying his brother’s small form on the motel bed. He always sets up Sammy’s bed like this, telling his little brother in whispers that they’re birds now, making homey nests from trashy comforters and eating pretend worms. 

Birds don’t need homes, they grow up and fly away. It’s a game, Dean thinks. Even when sometimes he has to remind himself.

Because, even as little as he is, Dean knows their home is gone. Knows John is lying when he says that the motel rooms are temporary. His father can’t even bring himself to hold or look at Sam for long periods of time.

At first they went to day care centers. A few times to Bobby’s. But, after awhile, Dean began watching his little brother while John ran “errands,” the trips getting longer and longer with a “look after your brother” and a decent sized pocket knife stowed in the older brother’s jacket.

So, Dean sings “Hey Jude” to Sammy when he cries, sitting him on his lap when he can’t carry him any more. In fact, there’s very little time Dean spends without the warmth and weight of his baby brother in his scrawny arms. He knows how to warm up a bottle and change a diaper while he lifts his brother’s pudgy arms like wings to tickle his sides.

“C'mere, Dean,” John says again.

Dean peeks at Sam’s red, chubby cheeks, watching his brother’s deep breaths, eyes screwed tight as he dreams. Of ice, Dean hopes, still seeing fire in Sammy’s eyes when the toddler is awake. The older brother makes his way to his father, watching as John lays out cold metal against the hard surface of the dresser with tiny plinks and thumps.

“Do I need to remind you of how to treat these?” John asks. Dean straightens his shoulders, shaking his head with confidence. Dean knows the rules. Knows that Dad’s weapons are dangerous as John’s voice echoes “these aren’t toys” on repeat in his head.

John nods, satisfied, picking up a new addition to his ensemble. It’s long and silver, the wane lights of the motel lamps dotting the surface of it as his father lifts it from the pile.

“This one’s new,” John says, his voice leaking a small amount of pride as he talks. “Got it from a friend. Had to special order it.” Dean stares at the edge of it, mesmerized by the sparkle. It’s pretty, the way the light glitters against the side of the machete. Not that Dean would ever say that out loud.

“It’s deadly,” John says gruffly, “to vampires.”

Dean nods in understanding. “You cut off their heads with it,” Dean says in reply, wishing his voice sounded deep like his father’s, and not small echoing against the tiny walls inside the motel.

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When their s/o pulls them in for an unexpected kiss

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It’s honestly hard to say with Mark.  I feel like he’s a little more brazen than some of the other guys simply because he’s American and didn’t grow up in the more polite culture of Korea, but even with that said, he’s still a shy little bub.  If it’s early on in the relationship, I feel like he will be more shy about intimate moments like that.  His face will go red and he’ll probably let out one of those ridiculously cute nervous giggles.  However, if we’re talking later in the relationship, BOI!  He’s a Virgo.  He’s Cheeky.  He’s teasing.  He’s going to make you squirm before he’s done with you.  I think it would depend on where and when this is happening.  If out in public, he’ll kiss you back, but not linger (I feel like he’s more conscious of how others perceive him).  Now, if it’s at home, you can expect things to heat up pretty quickly, whether it be a steamy make-out or something a little more energy exerting.  Either way, I think Mark is a toss up kind of guy.  “Baby, you should know better than to surprise me like that.” (do I really need to even say ‘wink wink’?)

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I don’t know what it is about this man that I just think he’s a fluffy, flustered puppy.  Like he seems the type to be more gruff and tough, but he’s not.  Okay?  Whoever is blessed with the chance to be this one’s significant other will learn quite quickly that he’s a giant push over.  He loves to love and loves to be loved.  Lots of blushing, lots of stuttering, lots of unintended aegyo.  Of course, he does have a more ‘serious’ side for when he’s hot and bothered, but you have to get there first or he has to already have the bedroom on his mind.  I don’t know, I guess when I think of Jaebum I just envision cheese.  Like he’s so cheese-y!  Horrible dad jokes, puns that only make sense to him, and dirty, dirty mind that he shares with LITERALLY NO ONE EVER.  Fluff, flustered, puppy?  Yes.  Daddy material? Also yes.  He ain’t even my bias, ladies and gents!  I know one when I see one, I’m just sayin’!  Anyway, even if he leans more towards the Tsundere side of his personality after you surprise kiss him, don’t be alarmed or discouraged.  This guy LOVES when you kiss him, especially when he doesn’t see it coming.  Also, am I the only one who envisions hot, steamy, make up session?  Like you’re both arguing and suddenly BAM you’ve smashed your lips together and the rest is history?  I can’t be the only one!  

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The Sleepover

I realized that although I put the link on here for the A03 fic, I never actually posted the fic on here, so, without further adieu, a Bughead Sleepover.

“Hey!” Betty crossed the short distance to where Jughead was sitting in a booth at Pop’s. “I was hoping I’d find you here.”

Jughead had seen Betty coming through the door and hadn’t been able to wipe the smile off his face since. He picked up his coffee and took a sip, then set it back in it’s place. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I have a surprise for you.” Betty smiled. She got back up and stood at the counter. “Hey, Pop? Could we get an order of french fries please?”

Pop Tate smiled and nodded at her, and Betty turned to sit down with Jughead.

Jughead stared at her for just a moment before laughing. “Well? Are you going to give me a hint?”

Betty returned his smile. “No, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Pairing: Theo x Reader (thx for requesting love)

Warnings: angst, moderate language aka swearing, self deprecating thoughts, the reader being practically naked, lots of kissing and a steamy makeout (veering towards smut)

Summary: Y/N is having some self image issues and starts picking out her flaws. Thankfully her boyfriend, Theo, shows her how wrong she is, proving to her that she’s everything and more than perfect in his eyes and every ‘imperfection’ she speaks of is just another thing that made him fall in love with her.

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: Friendly reminder that you’re beautiful. You hear me? You’re so damn gorgeous, you fucking go girl (or guy)! For every second you’re worried about how you look, I’m thinking about how amazing you look with that hairstyle or those cute shoes. You slay! Okay? You’re not allowed to fight me on this, because in my eyes you’re perfect. For every flaw you pick out, there are people in your life that could pick out 10 characteristics they love about you. Darling it’s all about perspective :)))) and from my angle you’re looking hot goddamn!!!



I sigh, my palms laying against the tile to hold me up steadily as hot water rushes down my back. I roll back my shoulders, trying to force the tension in my body away.

I push one last hand through my hair, turning the metal knob to stop the stream of water and pushing back the curtain.

I step out of the shower, reaching out to the nearby hanger and grabbing the plush robe and set of underwear. I wrap myself in the soft fabric and pull on the panties and bra. I gather my hair to one side, wringing out the excess water, then grabbing the towel on the other hanger to dry my hair as much as possible.

I hang the wet towel back up and tug open the wooden door, leaving the bathroom to walk the short distance to my bedroom, hoping to snuggle into my covers for a cozy night in.

I’m about to plop into bed and turn on some Netflix when I turn a bit, catching sight of myself in the full length mirror. My expression falls, seeing my worn-out features and disheveled hair.

I step closer, examining my face and every imperfection; the way my nose is slightly crooked, my lips are too thin, and how my eyebrows are uneven.

I shrug the robe off my shoulders, critiquing my figure as well. How could someone as hot as Theo be with someone as ugly as me? My breasts were way too small and so was my ass. The stretch marks and veins that normally didn’t bother me, were sticking out like a sore thumb against my pale, lifeless skin.

I bend over, the rolls of my stomach becoming prominent. I grab at the fat between my thumb and forefinger, groaning at the extra weight. I wish I looked like one of those skinny girls in the magazines, but no, I had to be given a terrible metabolism.

I spin on my heel, looking at how repulsive I was from new angles. Small tears start to trickle down my cheek on their own accord.

I hear the front door of the house unlock, footsteps sounding up the stairs quickly and before I know it, Theo’s at the doorframe, shock displayed across his face.

My eyes widen in surprise as well, looking down at my almost naked body. “I guess this is the first of many times I come over without invitation,” he says, a smirk taking over his previously shocked expression.

He starts to saunter over to me, but stops short, a frown filling his pink lips. I realize why, brushing away any leftover tears and avoiding his eyes by looking down at my feet.

Theo raises his hands, cupping my cheeks and guiding my eyes to look into his own, ignoring my obvious hesitation.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” He gently asks, his dark brows pulled together in concern.

My tongue skims over my lip, before I bite on it. Weighing if I should spill the truth or not.

“Babe, don’t even think about lying. Remember, I can hear your heartbeat.” He basically reads my mind, stopping me from considering lying about what was bothering me.

“Why are you with me?” I query, genuine interest coming from my question.

“What?” Theo asks, incredulously. “You cannot be serious right now.”

“You’re way out of my league, Theo. You’re so hot and I’m just…” I motion back to the mirror. “How can you say you love someone as ugly as me,” I reiterate, but disbelief stays plastered across his face.

He rolls his eyes at my words, but I stand my ground, wanting to hear his answer. “Love, you can’t seriously be asking me this. You’re fucking perfect.” Theo’s fingers start roaming along my shoulders then my arms then on my waist.

“Y/N, I can’t believe you think you’re any less than perfect. Every single damn ounce of you is made of perfection.” He backs up towards my bed, pulling me with him, but once we reach the edge of the bed frame he picks me up bridal-style and lays me down carefully on top of the covers.

“Theo, but I’m fat and look at my gross stretch marks,” I mutter, a grimace on my face.

“Baby, you’re not fat, whatsoever. You’re body is so beautiful. Whatever size you are, is the size for me.” Theo starts kissing the expanse of my stomach, then to my upper thighs. “And these, baby, these stretch marks are sexy as hell. Each one is like a tiger stripe, marking your journey as a human being, and that thought, fuck. I just love you so much and seeing you hating yourself, makes me so angry, because all I see in you is how damn lucky I am to be able to witness a fucking glimpse of your beauty.”

“But, don’t you think I have so many flaws? Like my boobs are way too small and my hips stick out too mu-”

“Y/N, how many times do I have to say you’re perfect?” He laughs, his lips moving to kiss the laced fabric of my bra. “These aren’t too small and I’d hate to see them any other way if I’m being honest, because I’m so used to them.” He gives them a playful squeeze, causing a light chuckle on my half.

He peppers kisses along my hip bones too, a stifled moan coming from him. “And your hips, damn, they just, fuck, they’re one of my favorite parts of you.”

“Love, I’ll spend all night kissing every inch of you if that’s what it takes for you to believe that you’re perfect. I couldn’t care less about a number on a scale or the size of your bra. All I care about is your happiness and self love, because baby, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t love yourself.”

Theo looks up at me with those hazel, but prominently blue eyes, his brown hair looking soft as ever. My hands delve into the strands, tugging them towards me playfully. He smirks at me, crawling up the bed until he hovers over me, my lips planting on his as my fingers tug and pull in his hair.

His hands clasp onto my waist, massaging the tender flesh, while deepening the kiss. Theo runs his tongue over my bottom lip in askance and I oblige, our tongues dancing together beautifully, fueling the kiss with more passion and love than we’ve ever had.

Our noses bump into one another’s as he pulls back a millimeter, both of us trying to even out our breaths. “Youre perfect in my eyes, baby, and that’s all that matters,” he murmurs against my lips between deep breaths.

“Thank god I have you to remind me,” I whisper, so damn grateful to the universe for bringing us together, resting my forehead on his.

“Thank god I even have you,” he replies and I just respond by pecking him on the lips again, savoring the taste of his mouth on my own.

His lips start trailing down my neck, leaving hot, wet kisses down my skin, whispering “perfection” after every single one.

Going Back

Solo triplets x fem. reader

Warnings: Cursing and mentions of a suicide attempt.

Summary: The reader visits her old childhood friends, Matt, Kylo, and Ben, after not seeing them for several years for their birthday.

Word count: Almost 11k (10,949 words)

A/n: Lots of fluff and some drama. Instead of breaking it up into parts I tried to write it as one. (lol been working on this for a while now(sorry I’ve been so busy btw, teaching it so tough!!! :( )) I was inspired to write this after listening to ‘Lovesong’ by The Cure. Special thanks to @skellingtonbatz for the help!!


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Lackadaisical (Jooheon x Reader)

Originally posted by xwonho

 Admin: Mimi

Prompt/Ask: Fluffy and smutty (but mostly fluffy) Jooheon request? Thank you! I love your blog, you’re so good to us by writing for us 😭❤️ thank you

Fandom: Monsta X

Genre: Fluff, slight smut?/lime

Pairing: Jooehon x Reader

Warnings: Slightly NSFW at the end

Word Count: 1056

Authors Note: I’m so sorry this took forever, college has been my sole focus lately and I’m trying to get back into writing again. Thank you for the kind words, you’re too sweet to us, I love writing for you all! ALSO THIS WASN’T SMUTTY AT ALL AND IT’S KINDA SHORT IMO AND I’M SORRY FOR THAT FEEL FREE TO COMPLAIN TO ME. Other than that mess, I hope you like this, thank you for the request and happy reading!

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anonymous asked:

How would dads react to the MC being a well-known stunt-double for action films? and how would they react if MC got seriously hurt on the job?

Robert 🔪 - “That’s fucking awesome, y/n!” You expected excitement, but he is easily the most enthusiastic about your job that anyone has ever been in a while. “How long have you been doing it?” His eyes light up and he’s fully attentive, ready to listen to your stories. 

 “Oh- a while, professionally for a few years!” Robert is on the edge of his seat, and you could gush for hours under his curious attention, he just seems so interested and it warms your heart. 

He’s snuggled up next to you on the couch, an arm around your shoulder as he waits to hear something interesting, something fun, maybe a near death experience, and then he finally asks. “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had to do? Jump a shark? Scale a building?” 

You start laughing, and he’s dying with suspense, running a hand through your hair and waiting to hear something crazy. “One time I had to jump over like 5 cars and I almost got ran over?” 

You can practically feel the exhilaration that Robert radiates, his inner adrenaline junkie coming out to play. “Can I watch sometime, kid?” He grins and is immediately asking you for movies you’ve stunted in so he can find your name in the credits, he asks if he could come with you to a shoot to watch you do your stuff, and supports you 100%.

(But if you get hurt, that’s another story. He’s immediately rushing to whatever hospital you’re at, worried out of his mind and demanding to see you. No matter how much you tell him you’ll be fine, he stays by your side until they discharge you and lectures you about being careful.)

Joseph ⛵ - “You do what?!” The fear in Joseph’s eyes is apparent, even if he’s trying to be supportive, and he seems genuinely concerned for your well being. “What if you get hurt?” Joseph is standing across the counter from you, ingredients for the next bake sale’s brownies forgotten in front of him. 

You try to comfort him, looking him straight in the eye and waiting for him to calm down. “I’ve been doing it for a few years, I’m well practiced.” You assure him that accidents are few and far between and slide up next to him, a soothing hand on his shoulder. “I have a lot of fun doing it, too.”

He takes a moment of silence to reflect, and you take the time to pull out your phone, searching for a video somewhere of a recent stunt for him to watch. “You like doing it?” He raises an eyebrow and you nod as you pull up a short video on your phone, just something small.

Joseph’s expression goes from worried, to shocked, to amazed in just a few seconds as he watched you get punched in the face and then vault over the guy and take him down. It’s a simple fight scene, but it still makes you smile. “Yeah, I like doing it, something about that adrenaline rush- and it pays good.” You chuckle.

“Well, y/n, if that’s what makes you happy, then by all means.” Joseph fidgets a bit, looking down at his feet before staring back at your phone. “Do you have any more videos?”

(In the event of you getting hurt, Joseph is an emotional wreck. He comes to love watching you do fight scenes or stunts, he really appreciates the passion you have for it and understands that adrenaline rush, but an accident would have him in hysterics. He would cry more than you, but at least he would be there to help you get better.)

Hugo 🧀🍷 - “Oh- is it…safe?” Hugo stares up from his book and over the top of his glasses when you tell him, an obvious interest in his gaze. You shrug and he sits up in his chair, setting his book aside and waiting for an answer.

“As safe as dangerous stunts can be.” Hugo chuckles and crosses his legs where he sits, looking ready to question you on exactly what that means. You decide to beat him to the punch. “I have experience and I don’t get hurt very often.” 

He nods and motions for you to come closer to him, putting on a sort of serious face. “I don’t mean to pull out my authority, but,” You let out an embarrassing giggle as Hugo clears his throat and puts on his best stern teacher voice. “If you let yourself get hurt, I will kick your ass, y/n.” 

He breaks into laughter along with you and gives you a gentle pat on the back, hoping that you get his message. You lean down and press a kiss to his lips to let him know that you definitely understand. “I have the raw footage of this one intense wrestling scene-”

You can pinpoint the exact second that Hugo’s eyes light up, and he grabs your arms with a newfound joy in his eyes. “You had me at wrestling.”

(True to his threat, if you end up getting hurt his first reaction is probably anger, and he asks himself why he let you put yourself in danger. He does, however, come to his senses and comfort you while you get better, telling you never to scare him like that again.)

Craig ⚾ - “Awesome, bro!” Craig stares at the phone you’ve handed him, a video of you jumping off of something terrifyingly tall and flipping through the air with skill. He looks genuinely amazed. “Is this was you were practicing for in college? I thought you were just going to work on films.” 

You laugh and slide onto the couch next to him with a smile, watching yourself do dangerous, risky stunts that you’re quite proud of. “I do work on films, Craig, just not like you thought I would.” A sound of amazement leaves his mouth when he sees you jump off of a trampoline and flip onto a moving car. 

“This is too awesome, bro, I’ve gotta show the girls!” You can’t help but smile at Craig’s enthusiasm for your interests, the way he leans forwards to look at the phone closer. “They’re gonna think you’re the cool dad, y/n.”

“I’m glad you think so.” The look on his face is enough to keep you entertained as his eyes stay glued to the screen, trying to track your every movement. 

He goes back to replay the video again, pausing to point at you flying in midair with astonishment on his face. “Y/n, how did you even do that!?” You just laugh and tell him that you’ll show him later, grinning as the twins run into the room to ask what’s going on.

(If you get hurt, Craig is packing everyone in the car and coming to help you, maybe even bringing another dad with him for support. He makes you protein shakes specially to help whatever ailment you’ve managed to give yourself and he tries not to freak out even if that’s certainly what he’s doing internally.)

Mat 🎸♩- “Woah, really?” Mat is making a drink for you in the coffee shop when you decide to bring it up, after all you have been seeing him for a while and he happened to ask what you do for a living. 

“Yeah, it isn’t easy, but,” Mat hands you your drink and you take a long, well-deserved sip, watching as he leans closer with his elbows on the counter. “It’s really fun, and I think I’m pretty good at it!” Mat swipes a bit of whipped cream off of the side of your mouth with a grin, a dreamy look in his eyes.

Mat takes the whipped cream into his own mouth and smiles up at you, laughing nervously. “Kudos to you, I could never do something like that, takes a lot of courage.” He grabs a muffin from under a display and starts munching on it, looking into your eyes. “You aren’t going to make me watch while you do it though, right?”

“Of course not, not if you don’t want to see it.” Mat sighs with relief and seems to slow his stress eating, swallowing the piece of chocolate chip muffin in his mouth. “But if you ever do, I will happily show you.”

He promptly shoved a large chunk of muffin in his mouth and covered his mouth with his hands, taking a few moments to distract himself before speaking. “For now, I’m good, I don’t think I can stomach it.”

(Mat is immediately guilty if you get hurt, thinking that he should have paid more attention to what you had been doing, maybe watched you, but he gives you as much support as he can. He heals you with the power of free coffee and hugs, even if you being hurt sort of scares the shit out of him.)

Damien 🌹🌼 - “Oh my!” Damien whispers quietly as he stares up at the movie screen, a much different kind of movie than your first date. He seem equally as terrified, though. “You had to do that? How did you not get hurt?”

You cover your mouth, trying not to sputter out a loud laugh in the middle of a crowded movie theater, and he gasps again while staring at the screen. “That’s not a very difficult stunt, Damien, just wait.” You stare up at the screen, waiting for the big scene. 

You smile and he forgets to breath as you watch yourself leap across the screen, Damien covering his mouth and watching intently. He knows you won’t get hurt, it’s editing and prerecorded and the magic has been done, but he still seems to be on the edge of his seat until the stunt ends.

“So, what do you think?” Damien turns to you and places a hand on your shoulder, taking a deep breath and trying to collect himself. He looks a little stressed, but also kind of proud in a way.

“Do, please, try not to hurt yourself while performing those.” He laughs softly and looks back at the screen to make sure that he’s done watching you do crazy stunts for sure. “But, I do admire the art involved, you’re very talented at what you do.”

(Damien is very shocked when he hears you’ve hurt yourself, and he’s over-worried, which he pints out, is not a bad thing. He checks on you every so often to make sure you’re feeling alright and cations you on not getting back into the danger before you’re ready.)

Brian 🐟 - “Stunts? Now that’s something interesting!” Brian is rubbing his hands together almost like he’s scheming, and for a moment you think he’s trying to find a way to one-up you, but he looks genuinely amazed. “Why didn’t you lead off with that when we met?” 

“I- I didn’t think it was important introduction talk-” You trail off and quickly stumble from your train of thought, having to kick yourself back into gear. “But if you’re interested?” Brain smiles and pulls up a chair, settling in for some story time.

A firm hand on your thigh tells you that he is more than interested, the look in his eyes filled with intrigue. “I like to think of myself as a thrill seeker, y/n.” And there it is, that rivalry. “But, you take it to a whole new level if you’re being serious.” 

You feel butterflies in your stomach as you pull out your phone to showcase some impressive moments, watching the stoic look on Brian’s face and attempting to decipher its meaning. “So…?”

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Brian’s face changes to wonderment as he watched, some of the tricks seeming to render him speechless, even if he tries to hide it. “You aren’t half bad!” 

You roll your eye at his response, but it’s to be expected and you know that he under-sells all of his reactions by now. You can see the pride in his eyes, and it makes you feel great. “Half good is fine by me.” The smile on your face shows it all as he smiles back.

(If you get hurt, Brian is protective. He wants to know what happened and what went wrong and why you were allowed to get hurt. He certainly treats you like a king while trying to make you feel better and heal faster.)

-Mod Arin

Jeff Atkins - Request #2

Okay Forrest off your writing? PERFECTION BABE! And second do you mind is you do a Jeff imagine where the reader is an introvert and extremely shy and throughout his relationship with her he pushes her out of her shell,he encourages to speak up and mingle and go to parties and all that cause he is really social

Originally posted by cynicalsunset

You had met in summer school the summer  before sophomore year began. He had flunked out of math and because you had no social life, you tutored at the school. Somehow, the gorgeous, drool-worthy jock started to like you and by the end of summer session, you two had become inseparable and he had asked you to be his girlfriend.

The only problem was - you were complete opposites. Jeff was very outgoing. He had a ton of friends, went to parties, participated in events, always wanted to go out and meet new people and have crazy adventures.

You on the other hand weren’t so exciting. You were extremely shy. You had three close friends. Your ideal Friday night was throwing in a bath bomb and soaking in the tub while reading a book. You rarely spoke to people you didn’t know. You liked watching shows like Law & Order and trying to solve the case before they did.

Polar opposites.

So when the school year began, you were nervous as to how your relationship with Jeff would transpire. Over the summer you two were in your own little world but in school, there would be other people in play. You knew Monty - of course - because that was his best friend, but other than that you didn’t know his friends at all and they only knew you as “the girl Jeff ditches us for all summer.”

“Hey gorgeous” Jeff smiled, approaching your locker.

 His hands wrapped around you in a hug and he placed a kiss on your lips before leaning against the locker next to yours.

“Hey.” You blushed, still not accustomed to the public display of affection he loved so much.

 “So - will you come to the game tonight?” He asked as a nervous expression took over his face.

You froze at the question, biting your bottom lip before lifting your eyes to look up at him. “I - I don’t know Jeff - I “

 “Come on, Y/N. It’s the first game of the season.” He cut you off. “Besides, you’re like super hot and I want to show you off. Is that so wrong?”

You blushed again, lowering your head to hide the redness in your cheeks. No - it wasn’t wrong, it was just different. Jeff was incredibly popular and that crowd was way to intimidating for your liking.

 “Well….” He poked your sides, making your giggle.

 “Okay.” You gave in. “Okay fine.”

“Really?” he asked, raising in brows in disbelief that he heard you correctly.

 “Yes, really.”

 “Good, then we can finally get some one on one time. I promise.”  

 You could hear the cheering from the gymnasium echo down the empty hallways of the school. This wasn’t the first time you were there after hours but it was certainly the first time you’d been there to attend a game. A game in which you’re boyfriend was apart of.

“Goooo Tigers!” The cheerleaders yelled as you dragged your feet to walk through the gym doors.

 Stepping in further you saw Jeff dribbling his way down the court. He seemed to spot you right away, his eyes lighting up as they landed on you. Mid-dribble, he blew you a kiss causing everyone to stare at you before a three pointer and everyone cheered in unison.

 You smiled, lowering your eyes to the ground as you made your way to the bleachers to take a seat. Though you loved knowing you had his attention, you hated the fact that now everyone else was looking at you.

 Sheri took a seat next to you, taking a breather from cheering while the game was going on. She smiled wide and bumped her shoulder against yours in a friendly gesture.


“Hey.” You replied, unsure of what she was going to say.

You knew Sheri because everyone knew Sheri. She was head cheerleader, organized a bunch of school events, always did good in class - yet the fact that she even knew you existed blew your mind.

 “So you’re the little darling Jeff never stops talking about.”  She  smiled.

 Jeff never stopped talking about you?

 “Well I can only hope.” You replied with a kind smile that mimicked hers.

 She laughed and held her hand out. “Well I’m Sheri. I wanted to introduce myself. When I found out Jeff had an actual serious girlfriend, I was super excited to say hi. Y’know these boys track record with women. They never stick around long enough but I’m so happy he’s found someone he likes so much!”

You smiled, nodding your head, you really weren’t one for small talk and she seemed like she could go on forever.

 “Sheri - get back over here!”

 The cheer leading coach yelled over at her. Sheri jumped up, not missing the pep in her step as she smiled down at you.

“It was great meeting you!” She waved back as she ran over to the rest of the team.

 Alex took a seat next to you, averting his eyes from Jessica who was cheering tonight.

 “Hey.” He said.


 Alex was cool, you always talked to him in class and waved when you saw him in the hallway.

 “What’re you doing here?” He asked. “ I never see you out.”

You shrugged, taking your eyes off the game to meet his. “Promised, Jeff I’d watch the game. What’re you doing here?”

 “Promised Jessica I’d watch her cheer. She made it seem a lott cooler than this.”

 Looking over at the cheerleaders waving their pom poms you laughed. “Yeah, it doesn’t seem all that exciting.”

The buzzer went off and Liberty won by 10 thanks to Jeff and Zach. You clapped and cheered along with everyone else before Alex said goodbye to go over to his girlfriend.

Jeff ran over after one last talk from the coach. He wrapped his arms around you, spinning you around as he kissed you. With your arms wrapped around his neck you laughed, hanging onto him.

“You won!” You smiled as he put you down.

 “See - it’s cause I got my lucky charm with me.” He smirked, leaning down to kiss you again. “Now let me grab my bag and I’m all yours for the rest of the night.”


“What’re you doing tonight?” Jeff asked, throwing his arm over your shoulder as he caught you walking down the hallway.

 Books in hand, you shrugged. “Nothing why?”

“Monty’s throwing a party and you’re going to be my date.” He smirked, looking down at you.

 “A party? I - I don’t think so babe. It’s not really my thing - “

“But it’s mine.” He stopped walking to stand in front of you. “Come on. I love hanging out with you. My friends are dying to meet you. We’ll have a few drinks, mingle a little bit, then we’ll be out.”

 His big blue eyes looked down at you and he stuck his lip out in a little puppy pout that you couldn’t resist. With a deep breath, you nodded.

 “Fineeee.” You let out in a whiny tone. “But it’s your job to save me from any awkward conversation.”

 “Deal.” He laughed leaning down to kiss you before you two started walking again.

 The closer you got to the front door of the house, the more nervous you got. This was Jeff’s crowd. These were his people. You had to make a good impression. Although, it didn’t look like it would matter that much since you could smell the liquor coming off everyone’s breathes the second you walked inside.

 How in the hell Jeff convinced you to show up - you had no idea. You hated parties. Hated the concept. Hated the crowds. You barely knew anyone.

 Still you kept your word, walking through the crowd with Jeff’s arm over your shoulder, claiming you as his. A few people chanted his name and he laughed, holding you closer until you got to the kitchen.

“Beer?” He asked, walking up to the keg.

 “Please.” You nodded, letting your eyes wander to see if there were any familiar faces in the crowd.

 “Look who finally made it!” Monty’s voice cut through the noise as he approached us with open arms.

 Jeff handed me the cup of beer before hugging his friend with a laugh. Monty hugged me after and through his arm over both of our shoulders while he walked us to the backyard .

“Alright, now we can finally get this shit started. Guys look who’s here!”

 Your eyes widened realizing you were about to be thrown into the lion’s den without any warning. Justin Foley and Bryce were the first to notice. Their lips curled into smirks as Monty walked us over.

 Jeff gave them all half hugs while you stood awkwardly behind until he turned back towards you. “Guys - I’m sure you know by now. This is Y/N. Y/N - this is Zach, Toby, Justin, and Bryce.”

 “Hey.” You did your best to put a confident smile as you gave a small wave.

 “Well now I know why Jeff’s been hiding you -” Bryce smirked, circling the two of you to take a better look before Jeff pulled you close.

 “Why’s that?” You asked, not liking the look in his eyes.

 “Cause one of us might want to steal you from him.”

 “Dickhead.” Jeff shoved him, half-playful, half-serious.

 Bryce laughed, and Zach shook his head. “I know you, you’re in my communications class right.”

 “Uh, yeah. I think so.” You nodded.

 “Oh you’re here!” Sheri’s voice interrupted them. “Yay! Come on! I want to introduce you to the girls!”

 “Go.” He smiled, “Have fun. Sheri’ll take care of you.”


 She took your hand to pull you away.

Later that night, Jeff had decided to walk you home. After a few drinks, driving seemed out of the question and the two of you walked hand in hand down the street.

 “Tonight wasn’t so bad was it?” He asked, taking his eyes off the night’s sky to look down at you.

 “No - I guess not.” You shook your head. “Just nothing I was used to.”

“We’ll sometimes you gotta break out of your comfort zone babe.” He smiled. “They all really liked you. I knew they would.”

He brought your hand up to his lips to kiss it and you smiled wide, your cheeks hurting like they usually did when you were with him.

 “It’s called a comfort zone for a reason though.” You returned.

Originally posted by tiiffanym

“Yeah well you’re not 90 and for as long as you’ll stay with me - we’ll be trying new things together, deal?”

“Ok. Deal.” You smiled, leaning up to kiss him.

 A/N: I didn’t proof read but I might later! Lol so please excuse any errors. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you have any requests, Please feel free to inbox me. :)

The Debt: Theo Raeken One Shot (Request)

This is the third of my five requests. Thank you to the amazing @thelittlestkitsune​ for asking for this. I hope you enjoy it Lau!!!

Author: @susybird

Relationship: Theo Raeken x Reader

Description: Fluff and angst plus some weird shit! You meet Theo in a club and quickly become close. But your past is holding you back.

Word Count: 2325

Author’s Note: Okay so this idea is very different from what I usually do. Hopefully you all enjoy it!

As always thank you to my Beta reader @redstringlovers for having my back and reading my stuff.

Let me know what you think, I love love feedback of any kind. Also let me know if you want to be added to my forever tag. Enjoy :)

Prompt: “I don’t give a fuck.” “You give so many fucks they’re visible from SPACE.”

Originally posted by eggstiles

I was in a noisy crowded club the first time I laid eyes on him. In the heaving mass of people, his face was the only one that stood out to me. Of course I always had been attracted to bad boys.

He caught me staring and I flicked my eyes downward and back up again, a small smile playing on my lips was all the invitation he needed.

He weaved his way through the crowd of people, his gaze set firmly on mine as he dodged flying limbs and writhing bodies.

“Hi.” He drew up beside me almost breathless with the effort of pushing through the undulating crowd.

I decided to make him work for it, turning to face the bar, holding my hand up, indicating to the bartender that I wanted another drink.

He wasn’t that easily put off. “My name’s Theo,” he introduced himself, holding out a large hand my way.

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SVT Ouran AU  -  Minghao

Originally posted by sunkissedhao

request: Hello~ can I please request a Host Club au with The8? Something like Ouran High School Host Club

a/n: thank you OurAnon for requesting! who knows! this might be another series! i hope you enjoy reading this anyways!!



-sweetie kid!

-ok so you know how you got the really snooty rich kids

-*cough cough the rich kids of instagram my college is full of them lmao cough cough*

-well guess what!

-our lovely minghao isn’t one of them! 

-instead he’s a really quiet and sweet chinese kid who really likes martial arts and getting to know people 


-for his host club type i would put him as the natural type

-he isn’t flamboyant or silent or anything like the other hosts


-speaking of seungcheol

-he was the first one to find minghao 

-he was jus chillin in the library reading his homework for that week

-and seungcheol just came over like

-”hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,first year,,,,,,wanna be a host?”

-and minghao is like 

-”host?? what is that??”


-and minghao is just like wait what’s going on?????

-so poor minghao is just being dragged through the hallways by this prince character who introduces him to the other hosts 

-so he asks seungcheol what he gets out of being a host

-and seungcheol goes out and says that he gets to miss out lessons that he’s good in 

-ie science and maths 

-and that he actually gets to make new friends and converse with people

-he said (and i quote)

-”being a host is an enlightening experience in which you get to meet new people and make friends. it’s basically freshers but without the alcohol and the 8am hangovers”

-bearing in mind that minghao is pretty good in those said classes

-and minghao wasn’t exactly making any new friends due to his studies

-so fuck it

-he might as well join the host club

-so going up to seungcheol

-he just looks him dead in the eye

-and is just like

-”sign. me. the. fuck. up”

-well not in that way but from the way that seungcheol was shaking he might have well of said that

-seungcheol’s so happy because his host club is getting bigger

-but he’s still a little confused,,,,as to why the school needs a host club

-and seungcheol just said

-”it’s to entertain people who have too little time to do so themselves”

-and minghao is just like

-”ok?? i guess…”

-so for him business was slow 

-but in the first week or so he got a couple girls asking to see him the next week since they were rlly stressed and needed a new host and they saw him and stuff

-and minghao is like “wow ok this is going so fast !!”

-until,,,,they see him in the hallway 

-and they say that they can’t do it because of their studies

-which is a defeat 

-but he doesn’t mind 

-which makes him the natural type

-he doesn’t get upset 

-but he’s a little defeated because well,,,,he was kind of looking forward to it

-the next time he comes in it’s a fancy dress special


-policeman minghao


-so every other host is wearing a police outfit from another country 

-so what is minghao wearing? 

-the chinese police outfit of course

-(i’m using the hetalia police outfits for reference im so sorry that im a huge weeb–)

-sitting at his table he noticed that his flower was always a light pastel red

-which was really pretty to look at 


-he was too distracted by the flower to notice that you were right there

-observing him

-you were just look at him looking at the flower

-and he was so pretty!!

-wait….a second who are you??

-you’re a first year but you’re in a different class

-but you knew minghao through a friend

-you two rarely talked but maybe a hi in the hallway was exchanged

-”hi minghao..”

-”o-oh hey y/n…what are you doing here?”

-”ah….the regular host i see isn’t here due to their studies….so i might as well see you today. is that ok with you?”

-”oh sure take a seat. tea?”

-”yes please”

-you were so cute that he couldn’t help but to have his cheeks display that feeling of love going through him 


-even though it was the first proper time you two have talked 

-you two became attached to each other like wooooooow

-you two were always smiling to each other 

-and it became so cute

-that you kind of just switched hosts with your friend

-so now your host was always minghao 

-and your friend got your host 

-over the time that you were with minghao 

-you accidentally grew….to like him

-a lot…

-and minghao….was the same…


-there was nothing to say that a host couldn’t date their princess…..right?

-even though minghao was biased towards you

-he had to keep a professional outlook on this whole thing


-he kind of found that keeping this professional facade…kind of made him like you more

-he was attracted to everything about you….

-your smile

-your laugh

-your eyes

-he found everything about you so….appealing to him 

-well…..maybe there’s a chance for him to tell you how he feels? maybe

-since the profits from the host club don’t go back into the school and are funded straight into club activities

-the club hosts a fancy schmancy ball from time to time

-it was so fancy that they got servers for this thing to go around giving otu drinks and snacks

-think of it as like a school dance or formal

-and just times that by the size of the whole school budget

-it’s that fancy 






-your friend got you a dress that was really cute 

-it was a dusty pink and it was really light and flowy and it was so cute woowowowowoww

-so when you got to the dance with your friend

-minghao saw you 

-and was just like 

-minghao on the outside: (●♡∀♡)

-minghao on the inside: (●♡∀♡)

-heeeee was so in love in that moment!!

-you smiled and you couldn’t look more beautiful in that moment than you did 

-his heart - stolen

-by who - you 

-and your heart - still his 

-so while you’re just at the drinks table 

-minghao comes up to you and he’s just in awe about how you look and how beautiful you are 

-”you look amazing…”

-”oh thank you minghao..you look great too!!”

-cue the 3 minutes of really awkward silence while standing by the drinks

-then the little baby peaked up the courage

-”hey…..can i have this dance?”


-and hand in hand 

-you two jus kind of made it onto the floor

-now trust me when i say that this scene 

-looked exactly like a fairy tale

-it was so romantic

-the best bit about it was that it was quite a slow song and it was so pretty 

-but the best thing about this was the fact that you looked like you were glowing with beauty 

-and minghao couldn’t do anything else but smile 


-a brilliant idea

-he remembered seeing a really pretty place on one of the top floors of the building 

-so he’s like to you

-”hey can i show you something?? i promise it won’t be bad or anything…”

-so you’re like “fuck what is he gonna show me i’m sCAREEDNMEJFVN”

-but lil y/n there’s nothing to be scared of 

-so you agree and he just whisks you away into the building

-but there’s one thing you notice

-he’s been holding your hand this entire time 

-so when you two get upstairs he just leads you to a really pretty window

-it’s huge too

-and you can see everything that’s going on downstairs and it’s very romantic and every–


-romantic scenery 

- + minghao 

- + you

- + the feeling of that one shot in the my house mv by 2pm

- = ??????? cONFESSION


-to put it lightlyYES

-there’s a little edge that he just leans on 

-and he’s still holding your hand

-”it’s so pretty here…”

-”yeah….but i see something prettier…”

-you’re just like???

-and then you see him stand up and turn to you 

-and he just squeezes your hand while he’s smiling and i’m pretty sure your soul has melted and is making an exit through your brain 

-”i’ve been thinking about this for a long time…..and the thought of you makes me so happy….and i guess….if it’s ok with you….we could be more than just a host and a princess?”

-”minghao…..are you serious?”


-”w-when did these feelings come around for me…?”

-”when we first started to talk”

-”oh…so the same time as i started to get feelings for you…that’s good to know!”

-”right….w-wait you have feelings for me too?”


-you’re both little bunnies and he’s the cutest thing he’s just so happy that you like him back !!

-he’s so happy…that he pulls you in for a hug 

-your face is so red !!

-but you hug back because aaaaAAAAAAAAAH 

-but when you two look to each other

-you don’t realise how close you two are

-you might as well kiss 

-you were THAT close to each other

-hey…kissing doesn’t sound so bad at this moment

-so what does this lil-fairy-kid-cutie-pie-love-of-my-life-but-my-heart-belongs-to-mingyu-but-i-have-a-very-soft-spot-for-him-i-love-my-small-martial-artist-baby do?

-his hand elevates from your side 

-cups one of your cheeks

-and just leans in slowly



-he just kisses you

-don’t fuckin lie you wanted him to kISS YOU TOO YOU LITTLE FUCK

-ok yeah his lips are fuckin soft what does he use to fuckIN MAKE THEM SOOOOOFT HEEEEEEEEElp

-h my god

-you’re caught off guard cause so many thoughts just go through your head

-”will minghao get in trouble for this”

-”will he be able to continue in the host club?”

-”why are there not fireworks where the hell are the fireworks what the–”

-you think about fireworks you get the fireworks

-so one goes off and of course you’re gettin into this kiss

-but you didn’t realise that one went off

-so boi 

-you get SHOOKETH

-and you accidentally jump a little

-and minghao is just like there laughing because you squeaked a little because fuck how are you this cute 

-”did the fireworks scare you?”

-”a-a little…yeah”

-he laughs a little more before placing his arm around you 

-and you two end the night watching the fireworks and it’s so pretttttyyyyy

-and this whole scenario is making me wanna watch ouran again

-go watch ouran

-where the fuck is the second season

-funimation/nippon tvn get started on it 

-“you and y/n have gotten close huh?”

-”how close are we talking seungcheol?”

-”like…..dating close….you know?”

-”you could say that”


-”and wait for it to kick in…….”




-plot twist minghao kept his role at the host club the end

A Day in the Life

Pairing: Jin x Yoongi x You

Genre: Fluffy fluffiness 

It was too early to wake up, especially for what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. The sun was just beginning to mark its path above the buildings; rays of light managing to stretch through the curtains and lay warm hands upon what it could reach. The exhaustion still coursing through your body made it feel heavy, and made you regret waking up earlier than when you wanted to.

You attempted to close your mind off again, succumb to the dark void patiently waiting behind closed eyes. However, you felt your mind deliberately wake, becoming slowly alert one anatomical section at a time. A loud crash and subsequent “shit” floated down the hall from the kitchen, and you fully woke up with a loud, unpleased groan. The food loving maniac was probably making breakfast for the lazy people still curled in bed - curse him, why did he have to do something so thoughtful so early in the morning?

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anonymous asked:

30 with Ethan where we gets super protective over you and claims you as 'mine'

You and Ethan were out on a walk, you decided to go downtown as it was getting dark and you enjoyed the night life in such a busy city such as Los Angeles.

You were walking side by side, hand in hand with Ethan, looking around, enjoying the city as you had to leave tomorrow and you weren’t going to be able to come back here that soon.

Your boyfriend has been pretty quiet, that’s how he always got when it was getting closer to your departure. He would be more quiet and serious, a bit clingier too as were you. You didn’t want to leave, if you could, you would stay here with him but you had school.

You enjoyed your quiet and peaceful time with Ethan while walking down the streets but as it got darker, the streets were getting busier and fans started approaching your boyfriend asking for pictures.

In the beginning, there weren’t many so you were able to stick close by, offering to take the pictures with Ethan for them. Some even asked you to be in them and others asked you for a picture.

As more people started coming, you decided to stick to the back and wait patiently for your boyfriend to be done. His face would light up and his smile would get so big whenever he would be around fans, it warmed your heart, you enjoyed seeing him that happy. 

You were so busy staring at your boyfriend that you didn’t notice the guys behind you. 

“Hey there gorgeous, how’s it going?” A deep voice from behind asked you. 

The stranger was almost pressed to you, making you jump in surprise. You quickly turned around and stepped back to create a bigger distance between you and him. It was a guy closer to your age, he had his friends around him, all of them wearing an infamous smirk as they eyed you up and down. 

The boy who was in front of you had dark brown eyes and he was wearing a denim vest with a crop top underneath to show his biceps. He was looking at you in expectation of something in return to his flirtatious greeting. 

“I’m waiting for my boyfriend.” You respond curtly, barely acknowledging his presence, you barely even gave him a glance before turning around.  

“Oh common, don’t be like that. I just want to talk.” The guy persists as he wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you to his side. 

You immediately push back from him as you give him an annoyed look. Some fans that were in the back with you turned around and started noticing that some guy was bothering you. Some of them started trying to gain Ethan’s attention but he was too in front, his focus on the fans he was currently speaking to for him to notice what was happening in the back. 

“Listen, I’m not interested alright?” You say loud and clear for him to hopefully understand and leave you alone.  

“You haven’t even given me chance.” He said with a mock pout as he wraps his arm around your waist pulling you to him with much greater force than before making you collide into his chest. 

His hand quickly sliding down, giving your ass a squeeze. The second you felt his hand there, you immediately pushed him as hard as you could, the only reason he slightly stumbled away from you was because he wasn’t expecting that. 

“Touch me again and I’ll kick you in the fucking-” You spat at him in anger as you’ve been patient enough. 

“Is there a problem here?” A much deeper voice comes from behind you, that one is a very familiar one making you relax from your defensive mode. 

Ethan was now standing face to face with the other guy, his arm around your waist holding you close to him, his muscular built making you feel safe. Glancing up at your boyfriend, you could see him clench his sharp jawline, his eyes set into a menacing glare. You have seen Ethan angry before but he has never given someone such a glare. 

The boy was slightly taller than your boyfriend but despite his muscles that were showed on display, Ethan was more built than him. The guy stood straighter, for it being the only advantage that he had over your boyfriend. 

His friends were whispering for him to let it go and with one last glance towards you, he turned around and left with his following. 

As soon as they left, Ethan’s tense posture relaxed ever so lightly. He looked down at you and pressed a soft his to your temple as he wrapped you in a tight hug. 

“Mine.” He whispers close to your ear, making shivers run down your body. 

You stayed in his arms, feeling safer than ever. 

A/N I don’t know how I feel about that ending haha. I didn’t want to make Ethan too aggressive because even though I do see him being possessive, I can’t really picture him pick a fight with someone, unless the other person would hit first.  Hope you enjoyed reading this small drabble. Thank you to whoever requested this !  

Quiet Moments

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12229737

Gently straddling Hanzo’s hips, you hover your face just over his. Teasing your lips across his own. Laying brief, whispers of kisses everywhere but his mouth. All along the beard that lines his jaw. His cheeks, his forehead. Cradling his face in the palms of your hands. No need to be harsh with your hold. After all, Hanzo dragged you into this. It’s a bit juvenile hiding away in an abandoned office, but lovers in a high strung military organization have to take the time and the privacy where it shows up. Never a moment to waste.

It’s usually up to you, to ensure that no opportunity just passes by unused. Hanzo, even for how much he values time shared with you, doesn’t always keep a mindful eye out for the opportunities. For all of the effort he puts into being a better person, some things still and always will slip through the cracks. That’s okay, you guys are a team. For every one thing that you help him out with, he’s actively doing the equivalent for you.

This time, however, Hanzo had ‘jumped’ you in the hallway. Wrapped two strong, insistent arms around your waist, and stole you away.

You were so delightfully shocked, that you had giggled like a kid. Letting him drag you backward, not bothering to walk or protest. Your heels gliding across the floor as you clung to his arms. Taking note of the prying eyes that followed you as you disappeared out of sight. You wonder if they were pondering taking a picture. Since you guys are, two quote-unquote ‘cryptids’ as your fellow agents call you, thinking that you’ll never hear it. Not knowing that you’ve got a certain ninja who loves to let you in on all the latest nicknames for you and Hanzo. Not that you mind, you think it’s hilarious actually. Hanzo naturally doesn’t get it, choosing not to pay it much mind.

After the door had closed, you spun around, placing both of your hands onto his chest. “You must really want my attention.” You teased as you craned your neck, so he could give you a peck on the lips.

“I always do, my love.”

A playful growl reverberated through your chest. Your head shook from side to side, “So you’re just gonna pull out the, ‘my loves’, huh?”

Hanzo hugged you close, buried his face into your neck. Breathed deeply, nuzzling his beard along the exposed skin. The stuff he usually does when a day has been particularly hard for him. All the tell-tale signs that he’d like to be spoiled by you without having to blatantly ask or beg. Still uncomfortable with just saying, “Take care of me, please.”

Of course, you give in. You’re more than happy to, feeling grateful that he’d grant you these chances to help him feel better. Never wanting to push him too far, never wanting him to feel unsafe being vulnerable around you. “Alright, Han, why don’t we relax for a bit?”

So now you’re here lavishing him with kisses. Softly giving him compliments on his display of skills that you saw him expertly execute earlier today. The perfect posture, despite strenuous situations. Hitting every target with flawless accuracy. The focus! The unwavering display of bravery! “And to top it all off you looked so damn good doing it, babe. You are unsurpassable.”

You’ve almost got him there, almost got him to his melting point. A smile pulls at the corners of his mouth. Air huffs out of his nose, as his chin drops down towards his chest. It’s dark in here, but it’s not dark enough to hide that blush. Perfectly framed between dark tufts of beard and his serious brown eyes; that are softening, becoming more and more lidded my the moment. You acknowledge the blush with two long planted kisses on each cheekbone, humming against his skin with each one.

Hanzo’s forehead rests against your clavicle as you gently tug away the scarf holding his hair back. Throwing it around your own neck like an actual scarf for safe keeping. Starting from the very edge of his hairline, drag your nails all the way back to the base of his skull. Hanzo experiences a shiver so potent, it causes his shoulders to shake, and the grip he has on your hips to tighten. It’s your natural inclination to laugh (albeit a bit smugly), so you do.

Hanzo thinks he’s sly. Thinks he suppressed his own chuckle at himself enough that you wouldn’t notice. “Do not laugh.”

You choke out between suppressed giggles, “I’m not laughing.”

“Hmph. Lying and laughing in the same sentence.”

You beg for forgiveness in the form of several successions of scratches across his scalp. Press your thumbs against his temples and massage gentle circles. The sensations give him even more tingles, brings goosebumps to the nape of his neck. He has to give you praise even if he’s grumbling it, “You have a talent.”

There is something about this that is calming for you as well. It may the closeness of your boyfriend, the way you can feel every breath he takes. His heart that beats strongly against your chest. Perhaps it’s the quietness of the office, the way for a short amount of time, it seems like there isn’t a big bad world right outside of that door awaiting both of your attendance. No, for this precious amount of time the weight of responsibility is lifted off of your shoulders, feeling light as a feather.  

Time is running thin. So while Hanzo could stand to do this all day, he has to deny himself any more of your stress relieving ministrations. It will be hard to go back to training and meetings, with his body feeling like a useless pool of fuzz. Hanzo will have to charm a cup of coffee from you. He doesn’t usually like coffee, but there’s something special about the way you make it. His common sense tells him he’s being biased, but he truly believes that it manages to taste good when it comes from you.

Hanzo gently pulls your hands away by your wrists. Plants kisses on your knuckles, looks up at you with words in his eyes, but says nothing. “What?” You say playfully, nudging his forehead with your own.

“Nothing— just… thank you.”

Placing one more kiss against the swell of his cheekbone you say, “Anytime.”  

A Family

For the Anon who requested 39 and 7 with Hotch, and the Anon who requested just 7 with Hotch. “I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.”
 “We need to talk”

You felt the bed dip beside you and stirred slightly, rolling over and rubbing your eyes, peering through the dark at your partner, before glancing at the open book beside you and the alarm clock on the bestand; 2:13am.

“Hey, how was the case?” You murmured, reaching a hand out to him and smiling sleepily.

“Hey there, I’m sorry I woke you up, go back to sleep.” Aaron leaned over and kissed your forehead before settling down into the covers more and yawning himself.

“No I tried to stay awake,” You assured, cuddling into his side and resting your head on his chest, “We need to talk.”

“Oh?” He whispered, his arm wrapping around you and pulling you closer.

“Yeah, love. But it’s good. We need to talk about something good.” You smiled, shifting so you could lay on your stomach, chin on his chest, looking him in the face.

“Well go on then, what good things do we need to talk about.” Hotch chuckled slightly, kissing your forehead again.

“I had to go to Jack’s school today, the kids did this big project and then displayed them in the hallways and all the parents came and walked through, it was really nice.” You felt Aaron tense when you said ‘all of the parents’ and smiled, grabbing his hand. “Jack understood you were busy and was happy to let me go instead. I took videos.”

“Thank you.” He nodded, “What was the project?” You broke into a grin, squeezing Aaron’s hand.

“They did projects on their heros. There were superman’s left and right, and oddly enough there was a Warren G.H. Crecy, who was some war hero from the forties. But do you know who Jake did?” You asked, grinning, “You, Aaron.”

“What? Really?” You nodded your head still smiling, watching your boyfriend’s face light up at the idea.

“You’re his biggest hero, Aaron, and you always will be. I just needed to tell you. I was going to call you, but I figured I could wait until you got home.”

“Now can I talk to you? About something good. Serious, but good?” You nodded again, head tilting slightly in confusion.

“Course.” Aaron sat for a minute and stared into space. When he came back to you his smiled sadly.

“When Haley died I thought that was it. Jack was going to be raised motherless, and even fatherless for weeks at a time. Then you came along…” Aaron’s smile deepened and he pushed some hair from your face, “And it took a little while but.. Here you are. You’re so ingrained into our lives in the simplest of ways.”

“I know Jack isn’t my son, and he’s not my blood, but you know I love him to death Aaron.” Aaron nodded his head.

“When we first got involved together, I was terrified. For not only me, dating for the first time in forever, but for Jack. I didn’t want him to become too attached too anyone too soon and have them leave again, I couldn’t keep doing that to him. I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me. Just to make it easier.. if … yeah.” Aaron nodded again mostly to himself and you nodded, letting him find his trail of thought before continuing. “But Jack asked me a question the other day and I realized, it was too late. Without any of us noticing, you have become a part of our life that’s irreplaceable. And frankly, I never want to replace you.”

“What did Jack ask?” You whispered.

“He asked me when he was going to start calling you mom.” You felt your chest tighten with an array of emotions.



“What did you tell him?” You asked softly.

“I told him that was something you two had to talk about together… “ You smiled, giving him a tight hug.

“And, how would you feel about that?” You asked hesitantly. Aaron sighed and smiled, settling down into the covers and holding you close, getting ready for sleep.

“It’ll feel a bit weird at first, but.. I’d like it. And once we’re actually married, we can look into you adopting him maybe? Incase something happens to me?”

“There doesn’t have to be an incase. I would love to, Aaron. You two are my family, and I love you, and I could never leave now. I let you complete me a long time ago.”

Sick Cuddles (Mick x Reader) Imagines [Request]

Requested by/Dedicated to: @thekaitj


To my darling readers…Normally, I don’t post off schedule; but, because this had been promised yesterday (12/15), I am posting it now. Otherwise, posts will resume as planned.


Since coming back from 1986 Moscow, you contracted an obnoxiously persistent cold that has rendered you sick for the past week. Of course, everyone on the ship is concerned that what you have is contagious and, as a result, avoids you. That is, everyone except a certain hothead…


“Mick?” you called out.

The gigantic hulk of a man snapped out of his thoughts and looked up at you, beer at hand. Although he lacked the glassy daze or body sway that many developed after getting a buzz, you could tell that he was easily on his tenth beer and still going strong.

As if to prove a point, he took a quick swig of his liquor before addressing you. “What do you want, little girl?”

Little girl…? You pressed your lips into a mullish line.

While you weren’t happy about his nickname for you, you couldn’t exactly argue with him. What, with your fuzzy pink slippers, your sheep-printed blanket and your comparatively short height, you practically looked like a toddler.

Pushing the thought aside, you stuck your bottom lip out. “You’re not busy, are you?”

He tilted his head skeptically.

“That depends,” He set his beer down on his side table and reclined in his seat. “Why?”

“I want to cuddle.” you answered briefly. “It makes my cold go away.”

The shocked expression on his face couldn’t have been more priceless. With his mouth dropping open, and his eyes widening in slow horror, he had been completely floored by your suggestion. ”You’re kidding right?”

The blunt look on your face betrayed no humor.

That was all the response he needed before gravely considering his options. While the pyromaniac did view you as one of his close people, he hardly ever displayed any affection he had for you.

Likewise, you’ve never really asked him for anything of the sort - physical or otherwise. So, what the hell were you doing now, changing all this?

“So…” he started off awkwardly, “Cuddling…?”

You nodded. “Cuddling.”

“Like, as in serious…” he made a gesture between you two that involved the explicit movement of certain fingers pumping into each other. Of course, he’d think that…

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes impassively.

Cuddling, Mick,” you emphasized through gritted teeth. “Holding a person in your arms and showering them with comfort and affection until they feel better? Not…”

You trailed off, reiterating his hand gestures with your own.

He gave you a rather significant nod. “Are you sure?”

“Of course I am,” you defended.

The slight edge to your tone appeared to have snapped him out of his honeyed dream, and he was left to finally make a decision. It took a moment or so, but once he had come to a conclusion, he reached for his beer and downed a substantial gulp.

“…Fine,” he grumbled deeply. “But don’t expect this to be a regular thing. Got it?”

“Of course,” you agreed, before lazily waving him over. “Now come here and cuddle with me.”

The command forced him to pause a beat, before he shot a nasty, challenging glare at you.

“You’re sick, not crippled, girlie,” Mick took another generous glug of his bottle. “You want a hug, you walk your ass over here…”

This guy… If words could describe your current emotional status, it would be annoyed. But, given the fact that you were sick and rendered helpless without Mick’s hug, you tightened the blanket around yourself and shuffled over.

You sat on the ground, nestled between his legs. 

Although you couldn’t see him, you could tell Mick was tilting his head in wonder. A ‘what-are-you-doing-there’ kind of look to his face.

“Relax, Mick,” you closed your eyes, laying your head against his thigh. “I don’t bite…”

Within seconds, you fell into a comfortable light sleep.

Unbeknownst to you, Mick’s heart was beating…hard. He really didn’t expect this position to be so…



Yeah, he knew what that word meant.

Yet, the small swell of pride he felt for his brief intelligence hadn’t been enough to distract him from your friendly touch. Shifting slightly so as not to wake you, he stretched back in his seat.

He stared at you for a long moment. 

“You know…” he muttered, well aware that you couldn’t hear a word he said. “You’re a brat.”

With a gentle hand, he pet your head before returning his attention to his half-empty bottle. He took another swig.