I want to be his friend

Chapter 504 (Beware of Spoilers)

You can read the full chapter [here] courtesy of the great @yonkouproductions

Keep it in mind this is more ship than plot-wise.

Finally a chapter I actually really enjoyed.

First we see Gray and Natsu and they both look pissed. Understandable. But what really pleased me was the fact that Gray asked Natsu if he was END before everything started for two reasons: 1) he just can’t take the word of an enemy’s like that, and 2) he clearly still hoped Natsu wasn’t the thing he wanted to destroy and kill. Natsu has been his friend for more than a decade and I think this is what hurt him the most.

Another very strong point of the chapter: Gray can’t even say that Juvia ia dead. He just says: “Because of that, Juvia…” He is so hopeless he can’t even complete his thought because it hurts him to do so! He’s still floating on that cloud of pain and sadness.

Gray wants to kill Natsu. KILL his best friend. At any other day he wouldn’t say that, or even think it. Right now his loss is too fresh in his mind and he isn’t thinking straight. He doesn’t have anything else to lose (sure, he has his friends, but he saw the woman he loves sacrificing herself for him and he lost his mind).

Then it cuts to Lucy and she decides to go after Natsu. Lovely sweet Lucy. 💕

And to me one the best panels of the chapter: Juvia, even severely wounded, wants to go after Gray not because she wants to see him (that too, obviously), not because she thinks he needs physical saving but because she knows that right now he’s suffering so much with her death he is at his breaking point. She knows he is too close to break completely because he lost her. Juvia is well aware of his feelings for her now I still want a spoken confession and she knows he can’t handle another loss.

And then it cuts to a panel with Gray pretty much as a savage, hitting Natsu.

Natsu starts to turn into END when he sees Lucy’s “lifeless body” (in his mind) and starts to cry. I love it when the boys cry. It’s only when he sees her that way and he cries that END actually activates.

Basically the boys are losing it because of the girls and that makes me soooo happy!

Another great part was that the girls are going to get the boys. Lucy and Juvia have their minds set on finding them and they are most likely arriving together and in time to stop the two boys to hit each other. I sooooo want to see Gray’s stupid happy face when he notices Juvia is alive! I need at least a hug!

And guess who’s wound opened while fighting Natsu? Yeah! The Juvia Wound is opened now, it’s bleeding and I hope it means something. My headcanon is that when Wendy tries to heal it, Gray asks her to leave the scar because he needs that one to be on the outside instead of inside him.

Overall that chapter was pretty good even if I think it happened too fast, but with the interruption of the other stuff going on it will take a while for us to see the real fight.

Sometimes I think about how free spirited does-whatever-he-wants Felix ended up with the rebels and strict follow-protocol-you’re-just-a-weapon Locus ended up in the very rule conscious federal army.

And then I wonder how their act would’ve changed if they’d switched places.

Like Locus would probably still be very much a stickler for “the rules” but he’d also have to loosen up a bit I guess? Just because the News just wouldn’t trust him as easily if he didn’t? He’d also need to adapt to their style of winging doing things. 

Same for Felix, I don’t think the Feds would’ve taken it too kindly if he pulled his “I’m a mercenary I don’t have to listen to orders” thing. Having to conform to their very organised way of doing things would’ve probably made Felix 99% more murderous than he was with the News.

(also I just really like imagining what Locus trying to deal with all these young-lings would look like, just imagine him getting surrounded by the younger soldiers demanding he tell them about his past wars and exploits (I’m sure Felix told them plenty of stories to get familiar with them and gain their trust) and Locus just standing there like ???? how interact with children ????)

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sorry but who is don? i keep seeing his name but i have no idea who he is

don saladino: fitness expert, celebrity trainer, drive club owner, and the man who flies to atlanta fucking georgia to hang out with his friend sebastian stan when i can’t even get a text back

but don is so much more. don’s motivational, he’s kind and welcoming to sebastian’s fans, and he genuinely wants everyone to live their best and healthiest lives. he makes me want to be the best version of myself because he cares about people and their bodies. basically, i go to boxing because it’s a great stress reliever and knowing that i’m doing my best means don saladino would be proud of me.

@hoebarnes​ said it well when she texted me:

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Any thoughts on the ending of 91 days?

My breath was taken away. Twice.

I thought in the chaos of the playhouse it was going to just be a mass death of everyone.

But nero spared angelo which surprised me.

If somebody had just killed my entire family i’d be pissed.

 Angelo getting yelled at for corteo’s death really satisfied me

I know he felt guilty but i wanted him to get yelled at for that. I didn’t want corteo’s death to slip through the cracks.

Corteo’s death legit made me cry.

but Then angelo being tied up, breaking down, and crying omfg

I’m glad he finally realized it was all for nothing. i suspected that if he lived the playhouse incident that he would soon see that. Because right when corteo died i knew angelo would end up with nothing. Angelo’s whole revenge was for his dead family. he had only one friend, corteo. Corteo was all angelo had left other than the “friendship” with nero. 

When i heard the ending music to this

i thought it was the legit ending. breath gone i thought the end would be angelo and nero taking road trips again. forever. good ending.

then off on to prank filled adventures as they had done before

angelo pretending to crash the car to scare nero is still funny to me.

I was ready for credits but then they wanted to go to the ocean

thought it might end up like the ending of samurai champloo where they go their sepreate ways and never see each other again. Nero wanted to give angelo a reason to live but after the playhouse probably realized you don’t really need one to live. You just live. but then 

Angelo finally admits he felt like nero was a friend at some points. That was perfect. Means angelo had one thing left after he was finally done with his revenge. Or that angelo finally gave pity to nero. i was ready to just watch them walk away. 

but that shit ain’t happening. He ain’t walking away from this.

And there goes any air i had left in my lungs.

Angelo knew it was coming. And let it happen.

First time was a good ending. Second time was a better ending.

Nero in the end wouldn’t be able to let it go. So angelo dying was what was left to be done.


Nero seems at ease though. And he goes off to who knows where.

and the mob is right behind him. ready to shoot him down.

Angelo and nero got one last adventure to the ocean which put them both at ease.

Then they finally ended it there.

Good series in all. i wish it was longer but this is good.

I loved it. Now i need to marathon through it all again after i’m done with commissions.

This is not math related, but today is the birthday of the best friend I’ve ever had. Many of you probably do not know him, and that makes me sad because he’s my favorite person of all time and I think his smiling face can fix any problem instantly. So I wanted to post this silly photo collage of the two of us being buddy-cops in the hope that you all have a most excellent day on this, the day of this wonderful human’s birthday. 

@pikachu88898 Eren Jäger. My favorite little psychotic ball of everlasting rage. I wasn’t having a good day one day, so I decided to draw my favorite character from the show. I wanted to make a mixture of rage and sadness in his eyes, but I didn’t know how to do it at first. Then I thought, “hey, maybe I could have a side of anger showing his darker side, the Titan in him. I drew that side with a lot of shading and blood leaking from the eye of his Titan form. And a softer side showing his sadness and loss for his family and friends. That side showed him crying with his human eye, thinking about all the people in his life he lost and his anxiety from being an outcast due to him being a Titan shifter. I put the two together and came out with this. I just want to say, thank you mama for making this wonderful manga. You’re such an amazing story weaver. Thank you for making characters like Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Levi, Erwin, Hange, and everyone else. Thank you for giving me life and love from your characters. Thank you Hajimama.

I really like this. You can see the emotion in it very well. It’s not perfectly proportioned, but that doesn’t really matter, because it’s very expressive. I hope you feel better now.

Lilo and Stitch AU
  • I like the idea of Shiro being the kid and one of the other paladins being the adult
  • Lilo:Shiro. Shiro scares off other kids when he showed them his doll which has the same metal prosthetic as him.
  • Stitch:Galra Keith. Keith crashes down to earth while he was running away from the Galra. He then becomes friends with Shiro.
  • Nani:Lance. Lance is Shiro's protective and pretty stressed older brother
  • David:Hunk. Gunk is Lance's adorable boyfriend who just wants a date.
  • Bubbles:Pidge. Pidge has a voice changing device to make her sound as intimidating as bubbles.
  • Plekalie:Thace
  • Jumba:Sendak

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i know everyone likes malec and saphael double dates but i mean-- clizzy and saphael double dates would be lit bc they would be simon and clary being bffs and izzy and raphael surprisingly bond and talk about how cute their dates are in spanish

Okay sooooo this is made my night!!! Omg

•it starts with both of them not really wanting to go on double date but when they start talking instant friends

•Isabelle and Raphael spends hours and hours in all night malls.
•Simon complains because he’d rather be home cuddling with his boyfriend but Clary’s insisting that he comes and sit with her while Isabelle and Raphael rant about the different shades of blue and the value for fabric
•when Clary and Simon freaks out about some mundane pop culture, Izzy and Raphael just gushes about their respective baes in Spanish and it’s the cutest
•also Izzy and Raph sending ugly (I mean can these people even take ugly snaps I think not but) snaps of Clary and Simon to each other
•honestly can you imagine the amount of sass and style this friendship would be based on??
•we need more of Izzy/Raphael friendship

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Akakenhina is my jam. I just wish it were somewhat popular

oh wow i just checked our AkaKenHina tag and the tumblr tag and it’s…literally the exact same post, so uh

have some headcanons, anon:

  • like Kenma and Shouyou work in a coffee shop together, and they always have the same shift so they’re quite close
  • Akaashi’s the sleepy eyed regular who always comes in for an expresso, and who always looks ridiculously attractive and sweaters and stuff
  • (like Kenma swears the way Akaashi looks up at him after counting his change carefully and handing it to him is like, illegal)
  • I imagine Shouyou will realize Kenma has a crush on Akaashi first, and so of course Shouyou tries to get the two of them together because Shouyou just wants his friends to be happy so he’s super enthusiastic about it
  • Shouyou approached Akaashi first, asking him if he wants a refill on that expresso one afternoon and Akaashi says no, but Shouyou can strike up a conversation with everyone so they start chatting
  • Kenma watches from a distance until Shouyou finally gets him to ask Akaashi if he wants the refill
  • and Akaashi pauses for a moment because he was expecting Shouyou, but then he says yes this time. and then they starting making quiet conversation
  • so so so halfway through the attempt Hinata realizes that he likes Akaashi too??? and Kenma starts develops a crush on Shouyou??? and it’s all a bit confusing and angsty until Akaashi figures out what is going on and goes like, “Hinata, Kenma, there’s something called polyamory
  • And Kenma’s eyes light up in recognition and they go on from there
  • Hinata is the sunshine in Akaashi and Kenma’s life, that goes without saying. But Akaashi and Kenma can literally be the most terrifying Hinata Defence Squad/Duo just by the glares they can shoot you
  • I’m missing Autumn immensely right now so:
    • imagine Akaashi wrapping Hinata and Kenma up in scarves, then placing a soft kiss on their forehead (Kenma) or nose (Shouyou).
    • Kenma just wants to stay inside with warm socks and sip his tea, but Shouyou insists on dragging them all out to play under orange red trees
    • imagine Kenma and Akaashi cuddling on the sofa, and then Shouyou gets hom
  • Do you think Shouyou gets flustered over how pretty Kenma and Akaashi are??? because i think i would.
  • i’m just rambling now but CUTE
Happy, Natsu & Nalu 504

On a more serious note, I wanted to point out why I think the last chapter was a serious development for NaLu. I am not a NaLu fan that gets excited about the slightest interaction. I do however pay close attention to the emotions and character building which I am being shown by Mashima. I love to character profile and piece things together. So you can take my observations however you like, but I am doing this for a bit of fun.

Natsu has always taken what Happy has to say seriously, unlike the other guild members he always listens even in the heat of battle.

After the Zeref fight, Happy specifically asked Natsu to look for another way and not to go after Zeref because he doesn’t want Natsu to die. Natsu having a high regard for his best friends feelings agrees to this. I have never seen Natsu do anything that would directly hurt Happy. Even if you don’t support NaLu the strength of friendship between Natsu and Happy is irrefutable. 

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Apple Pie Confessions

SPN Writing Challenge | blissfulcastiel vs. deanghostchester
Prompt: Apple Picking
Pairings: Destiel, Sam/Jess, brief Mary/John
Word count: ~6k
Tags: High school au, friends to lovers, fluff, mutual pining, almost first kiss, awkward aftermath, first kiss, shipper!sam

Pleeease, Dean?” Sam whines, and Dean can feel those puppy dog eyes burning into the back of his head.

He sighs in annoyance, busying his hands with folding his clothes just so he doesn’t have to look into those wide, fourteen year old eyes because as soon as he does, he won’t be able to say no. “Sammy, why would I want to be the third wheel of your little play date? I got better things to do.”

“Like what?” Sam huffs, “The only things you do on Saturdays are go to the garage with Dad and watch porn before bed. And it’s not a play date!”

Dean snorts, cheeks warming. “Well, that sounds like a pretty damn good Saturday to me. And you’re forgetting that Cas and I hang out too so I’m not gonna ditch him to play chaperone.”

Dean’s a little offended that Sam thinks he has no life, but doesn’t dare correct his assumption that he watches porn at night. It’d be the only explanation as to why Sam probably hears him through their too thin walls. Dean could never admit that every Saturday night, the only thing he gets off to is thoughts of his best friend. He really does try to be quiet about it – he’d do it in the shower to conceal his activities if it didn’t look suspicious taking an additional, unnecessary shower – but sometimes his imaginings just make it too hard to contain his moans.

“Then ask if he wants to come with. Cas likes being outdoors so I bet he’d have fun.”

Dean finally turns around to meet Sam’s gaze, noticing how that telling smirk instantly melts to puppy dog eyes and he scoffs. “Do you really think Cas wants to spend his Saturday trailing behind and you and Jess while you two make goo goo eyes at each other?”

Sam sighs. “I don’t know. Dean, can you please take us? You’re the only one who can. Dad’s working with Bobby all day and Mom’s not feeling well. Jess was super excited for this weekend and I really want to make her happy.”

Dean studies his brother’s crest fallen face, almost like he’s given up hope and Dean groans inwardly. He was really looking forward to spending a lazy day with Cas in his room while they chose a new show to binge on Netflix. As much as he wants to say ‘no, maybe next time, Sammy,’ he can’t.

“I don’t understand what’s so exciting about apple picking,” Dean starts and Sam looks up warily at him, “but fine. I’ll take you guys.”

Sam’s face instantly lights and he surges forward, arms wrapping around Dean as he knocks into him. “Thank you so much, Dean! It’ll be fun, I promise!”

“Yeah yeah. You owe me. Now get out of my room.” Dean ruffles Sam’s hair affectionately despite his grumbling.

Sam swats his hand away before trotting happily out of the room and not even a minute later, Dean hears him through the wall talking to Jess on the phone about tomorrow.

He chuckles to himself, lying on his bed and grabbing his phone from the nightstand, tapping on his most recent call and holding the phone to his ear.

“Hello, Dean,” Cas greets in that gravelly voice after only two rings.

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Paradise Fears - You To Believe In

So, in celebration for @justchasingghosts’ brilliant idea of a day to spam Jack’s tag, I thought I’d actually use what I’ve learned in my Digital Design class and put something meaningful together.

I honestly don’t think I deserve to take part in such a thing, since I’ve been in this community for a much shorter amount of time compared to many others’ (will be a year on the sixth! I might make something for that too.), but I thought since it’s a day dedicated to Jack and how much he’s impacted us, I knew I’d want to make some appearance.

My favourite part about searching for all these videos was seeing Jack’s never-ending smile whenever he meets someone, whether he’s met them before or not, he always treats the people he meets as if they’re his best friends and you just haven’t seen each other for a while. Those tight hugs with him look like the best you could receive, and I hope one day I might be able to do so.

Now for the corny part: I chose this song as a way of emphasising how this community relies on Jack to make us smile and laugh, the same way he relies on us to make him smile and laugh. We are here together, everyday, interacting - person to person - as if it were natural. And, being in this community, I’ve noticed that it is natural. Interaction shouldn’t be scary the way it is in some other communities and fandoms, and Jack makes sure we know that he will always be here for us the way we are for him.

And to that, I have to say thank you, Jack. Thank you for continuing to interact with us, thank you for getting that same smile whenever you meet someone, thank you for appreciating us and caring for us like family, thank you for always giving us that bear-hug tight enough to strangle.

Thank you for always giving me someone to believe in. I hope I can continue to do the same for you.  

justcharliebruh  asked:

Currently, I am writing a story with an asexual assassin as the main character. Her best friend has been taking by a mafia don as retribution for his father's demise. How do I introduce the main antagonist and make sure this is not too cliché?

First impressions count, even for characters. This is why I suggest to answer your own question you figure out how you want this antagonist to be viewed by the reader. 

You could take the route of introducing the don as a grieving son who the assassin doesn’t know will later come after her, which would cast some sympathy toward the antagonist (this can be a great thing, adds to the motive and humanity of the character). 

You could have them show up and brutally rip the best friend from the MC as they are saying goodbye after a nice day out, which would shock the reader and have them see the antagonist as a skilled and formidable opponent while wondering why they are targeting the MC in this way. 

You could have the assassin and the don meet in a neutral sort of setting where the MC knows he is a mafia don but not that he is “the son” and therefore doesn’t really care as she meets plenty of criminals in her life, but dearly wishes she had killed him when she first saw him later on in the plot.  

Maybe the assassin doesn’t meet him in person. He sends out his cronies to do the dirty work and sits in his untouchable fortress and taunts her over the phone. 

How do you think the antagonist would want to approach this situation and how would they introduce themselves to the MC? 

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i was wondering if you have fics that have a pining+jealousy or jealousy plot in it? like someone gets jealous over someone they're pining over because they thought the person is inlove with his bestfriend/friend kind of fics? :]] i hve realy wanted fics like that? Preferably yoonmin/jikook/vmin (any pairing is ok i just prefer those three :])

I sure do anon! 

- the dutiful brother and his sister’s way too handsome boyfriend by tangomcgrand (yoonmin)
- shooting stars and silver moons by mucha (vmin)
- breakwater by mintsugakookies
- love loser by sugadoh (taekook)
- let’s not fall in love by tteokie (yoonseok)
- take me home (take it slow) by buttstrife (stormfall) (taekook)
- keep the water warm by sassyneki (taekook)

- admin s

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So I've got this crush on this dude... He's part of the track team and he's 2 years older than me. He likes mcdonalds and running and he has an egg allergy which I tease him for. He's really egotistic but extremely loyal to his friends. His best friend is really smart,nice, and blond. He has spiky hair and he makes a lot of enemies. Like his rival in the track team who's the complete opposite of him and is all edgy.. I want to ask him out but this girl I know already likes him.

Ah man I’m sorry you have to be rivaled in your love!! But if you try hard enough I think you can woo your crush!!

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I had this guy friend who I was really close with for like 10 years until he got all douchey and "you friend-zoned me" our 1st year at university and his sister, who is a year older than us and goes to the same school, found out the shit he was trying to pull with me and reached out to me and we've been getting close. Like really close, and I'm gay as hell and she's bi and cute and really affectionate and such a good friend to me and I really want to date her so much, should I ask her out???


im going to call this Fuckboi AU

skyla-ace  asked:

So as soon as someone says Jamie isn't hot or just wants to be friends he gets disinterested


He’s a normal ‘I can’t really care’ person but whenever you go flirty or say anything about his looks then BOOM Over cocky over flirty guy

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Hi there, I once sent you an ask about being in love with my best friend and all that. Tonight, she told me she's talking to a guy she likes and it completely broke me down. I'm happy she found someone that makes her happy, but I feel like the only way I'll be able to cope is to see her less. Just the thought of losing her as a friend is super painful, tho. I really don't know what to do to keep myself from crying over her, because I don't want her to have such a big impact on me, but it's hard

My advice: Let yourself cry. There’s no need to keep any feelings in. Go find your safe place, turn on some of your favourite soft music, and let yourself feel the sadness. 

There is no need to end the friendship completely, but if you feel like you need to see her less, then do that. You need to do what makes YOU the happiest in the long-run. I know it’s difficult to NOT let people you love affect you. It took me a few years to get over my first love after we broke up; I really had to force myself to stop thinking about him on a daily basis - I still think about him all the time but now it’s more remembering the good times we had rather than being sad it ended. 

You are loved. Spend time with those who love you, and then when you’re ready, be her friend.