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HEY IT’S A (really late) VALENTINE’S DAY SEQUEL TO THIS! You should really look at that to understand what’s going on, but as a quick backstory to this, Adrien found out the scarf he thought his dad gave him was from Marinette, it upset him too much so he gave it back to her.

And then I hated that it was just angst so I made this to make up for it? What started as a one page thing turned into a too-many-pages thing. Hence being like… 2 weeks later for V-day. Oh well! Enjoy!

Also, as for what Marinette actually got Adrien…

Study Break (M)

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✕ pairing: Taehyung x Reader

✕ genre/warnings: smut, one shot

✕ words: 1,200

✕ summary: Having trouble studying for a test, you let your best friend Taehyung come over to help you. He also has a great way to help relieve your stress.

✕ notes: for the anon that requested this!! Hope you like it! 

“Why did I even invite you over to help me study when all you’re doing is complaining about not wanting to study?” I groan, falling against my bed, my body bouncing a little as it hit the mattress.

 “Hey, it’s not my fault that studying is boring!” he replied, throwing his pencil down against his textbook.

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First Sleep over with Josh (Fluff) Imagine

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Requested: Yes

Anonymous: Can you do one about the first time you sleepover with josh (just fluffy) and his guy friends all give him a hard time about it when they find you two the next day 

Word Count: 1,124

Boy: Josh Dun

A/N: This is acutally my first TOP writing! Send in more if you all want! :)

Josh was lying on the couch waiting for you to get out of the bathroom since you were changing into your pajamas, he was scrolling through his phone listening intently for the squeaky door to indicate that you were done. He set down his phone right when he heard that sound of the door opening, “I put in a movie if that’s alright, well I hope you are alright with Shrek,” He admitted giggling nervously, till you walked out into the living room wearing a twenty one pilots shirt with a pair of plaid pants with fuzzy socks. “Damn,” He whispered underneath his breath at the sight of you, your face clear of any make-up, though he thought that you looked better without any.

“Shrek is fine,” You mumbled trying not to blush at how Josh was staring at you, it was nothing special (you thought at least) that he was staring at. You were in PJ’s, no makeup on and your hair down, he stood up from his crouched position in front of the TV. It was the first time spending the night over at Josh place, and you weren’t just nervous but terrified; what if you farted in your sleep while he was still awake? Or you had a bloody nose ruining his couch and/ or bed?!

Or the worst of the worse, started the bloody river at night?

A shaky breath escaped past your lips, you were trying so hard in calming yourself down but the many bad cases playing in your head was not helping in anyway. Till you noticed what Josh was doing in front of you, “Are.. Are you making a fort?” You questioned him baffled by what he was doing right now, he was grabbing chairs from the table and blankets from the floor. Putting them all together with some patience, with a chuckle you stand up helping him with weighing down the blankets and setting up the inside of the fort.

The both of you step back observing the creation that took a little over an hour, the fort was filled with pillows and blankets. The outside was guarded with chairs and some plants, “It looks amazing,” Josh spoke finally breaking the silence between the two of you, during the whole process of making it neither of you had spoke to one another. Working around one another or observing watching intently at what the other was doing and helping them pick out a better way to make the fort better. “We did good,” You admitted holding up a hand for him to high five, a large grin graced his face. Clapping his hands together rubbing them before grabbing the bowl of chips and the case of Kool-aid on the counter, hunching down army crawling into the fort.

“It is amazing in here along with really warm!” He exclaimed poking his head out the entrance waving a hand in for you to follow suit.

Bending down hearing the joints in your legs popping, “Ow that sounds like that hurts,” Josh spoke up from inside the fort, “Just kind of, unless they lock up than it hurts twice as bad.”

“Okay, are you all comfy and ready for some Shrek?!” Josh pressed play on the remote, the movie starting with the music. You brought one of the pillows up front, bringing it up towards your chest for comfort and to rest on. “Chip?”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

After Shrek was over Josh let you pick out the next movie, choosing Lady and The Tramp for the second one. You knew the movie by heart since your brothers and sister always wanted to watch it when you all were younger, a yawn breaking over the part where the beaver was helping out. “You tired? We could go to bed,” Josh whispered towards you stuffing his mouth with more chips, with a shake of the head you reached over and took another kool-aid twisting off the top and downing it in one gulp.

“I’m good,” Though you knew that in any moment you were going to be passed out, or at least that was what you had thought. You both made it past three other movies, till it came down to talking about anything.

“This is so clique,” Josh broke the silence between the two of you, a had to admit it was clique. The both of you in a fort made of blankets and guarded by plants and chairs, with the disney music of the credits in the background empty bottles lying around on the floor. “But it’s cute and kind of different,” You told him cuddling into his chest, blinking a couple of times fighting the sleep that wanted to take you.

“It is, and I’m happy the first night we spent together was like this,” Josh admitted bringing you in more towards him, his breathing becoming more slower, till you heard light snores. With a final deep breath you closed your eyes accepting sleep.

The giggling is what woke you up first, and than the sound of pictures being taken from outside the fort that Josh and Yourself both made. “It’s kind of cute,” You heard from outside the fort, shooting up from lying down on Josh chest, it was Tyler you heard. “Oh, someone is awake,” You heard another person say, Brendon.

“Sup Y/N, Josh. Did you guys have a fun and wild night?!” Tyler joked holding up the Disney DVD cases in the air, laughing a little harder at Josh messy hair and disoriented self. His yellow hair sticking up every direction, with a groan he fell back into the pillows that were on the other end of the fort. “Wait for us!” Brendon hollered climbing in after him, trying not to step or bump into you as you crawled out, Tyler following suit after him. There were shouts of protest and of annoyance, “Hey Y/N!?” Jenna greeted you though with the way she said it she was about to ask a question till Sarah beat her to it.

“Why are there Plants in front of the fort and on the sides?” Sarah asked pointing at the plants that were on either side and indeed in front of the fort.

How were you going to tell them that yourself and Josh put them there to ward off the Ghosts that were after the both of you. Or at least that’s what the both of you made up in your heads when you heard something fall late at night.

“They are to ward off the Ghosts!” Josh hollered from within the fort, yarning laughter and jokes from the guys and questioning but not going to ask any further expressions from Sarah and Jenna.

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OKay!!! So like I'm that one anon that asked about the fake marriage/dating au!! And do you have a good recommendation of one for a person reading them for the first time?!?! I'm am low key really excited about reading one!!! <3

Sure thing! I came across a few of them when I first started reading ML fics and have unfortunately long since forgotten their names, but I went ahead and searched up a few for you <:

The Two Of Us by AnabielVriskaMars 
Summary: Marinette doesn’t have enough funds for college and learns that more financial aid is offered to married couples. Wanting to help her out, Adrien comes up with a plan for them to marry so he can help his friend.
Status: In progress
Comments: Definitely a favorite of mine! So much fluffy cuteness I die. The first time I read it I binged it all night and was smiling so big my cheeks hurt.

Fooling the world (and maybe ourselves) by fullmetalpotterhead
Summary: When four years of fake dating start to catch up to Marinette and Adrien, it seems the only course of action is to take it to the next level.
A fake marriage.
How else are they supposed to get their parents off their backs?
Status: Complete
Comments: I confess I haven’t actually read this fic yet, but it is on my “marked for later” list!

Careful What You Wish For by shima_wishes
Summary: Marinette always wished for Adrien to ask her to be his girlfriend. But when he asks her to pretend to date him for a weekend, she isn’t so sure anymore. She figures, though, that even if her love is unrequited, she can use this opportunity to savour some quality time together with him and finally get over her never-ending, deep-seated crush.Or maybe she’s wrong, and this will go in an entirely different direction.
Status: In progress; unfortunately seemingly abandoned(?)
Comments: Fell in love with this as soon as I read it. It’s one of those fics that make me want to just keep reading, and although it only has two chapters and hasn’t updated in over a year, I still love it a lot ;o; It’s short but it’s something I could definitely see being one of my favorites if it progressed!

Anything for a Friend by rocknrollalien
Summary: Adrien would love it if fangirls left him alone for once in his life, but he knows that this will likely be a problem for as long as he’s single. Nino comes up with a potentially genius plan: just pretend to date a kindhearted classmate, and the problem will go away!Aka Adrien is oblivious and Marinette is too nice for her own good
Status: Complete
Comments: Haven’t finished this fic yet, but I do love where it’s going! (I have a vague feeling I’ve read it before, but I don’t know for sure. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it was one of my fist ML fics and I love it to pieces :D) 

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Since Papercrane made friends with TK sans and the others. How many friends does he have now? ( surprise for now a new comic idea -w- soon )

Okay, so Crane doesn’t have much friend even if he consider EVERYONE around him like such (he got a poor judgement for that you see) but people stay away from him because they have this awful impression that he is dangerous. (Which he obviously is.)

I’ll only count the friends that are actually alive just for you~<3 (I don’t want to spoil anything yet hehehe )

- Chill Vibe from @azraeltree (first friend and his ‘soul mate’)

- Goth from @nekophy, you can actually see an art chain of their first meeting here

- PJ from @7goodangel (sorta friend, more like Crane is an annoyance to him whenever he encounter him)

- @butterapplego (thanks to a silly ask XD )

And of course.

- TK!sans from @perfectshadow06

I think I got them all XDDD

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Can you do one where Archie and Jughead are talking about Jughead's feelings for Betty? PS I love your writing!!

Thank you so much! i love this idea!!

“Hey Jug” Jughead looked up in surprise as Archie slid into the booth. Jughead had not seen a lot of Archie recently. His friend had been focused on football and music and other nefarious affairs.

“Hi Arch” Jughead responded, sipping his coffee and eyeing his friend. “What brings you to Pop’s this late?”

“I wanted to talk to you.” Archie said, looking at him intently.

“What about?”

“I wanted to say that I’m sorry, for how I handled everything with…you know…you were trying to look out for me, you and Betty both were, and I wouldn’t accept it.”

“It’s okay Archie” Jughead wasn’t mad at his friend at all. Archie always had a weakness for girls, and what had happened to him hadn’t been his fault. He had been manipulated and taken advantage of by an older woman.

“Also, I’m sorry I bailed on our road trip, we should reschedule.” Archie gave him a big grin and Jughead couldn’t help but smile back.

“Sounds like a plan”

“We could bring Betty along too” Archie’s tone was casual, but something in his expression made Jughead pause

“Yes…we could” He said slowly, not really sure what Archie was getting at.

“So you’d be okay with that, it not just being us guys.”

“Of course” Jughead said, still confused. “I like Betty”

“Oh you do, do you?” Archie asked with his eyebrows raised.

“Of course I do!” Jughead threw up his hands in annoyance. “She’s one of my best friends, what exactly are you trying to get at?”

“Okay Jug, since I see subtlety isn’t going to work, I’ll be straightforward. You’ve been spending a lot of time with Betty recently and I’ve noticed a change in the way that you look at her. So do you like her as your best friend, or is it maybe something a bit more?” Archie spoke quietly, knowing how private of a person Jughead was, but even so, Jughead glanced around to make sure no one was listening. The diner was pretty much empty and it was obvious no one cared about what they were talking about.

“She’s my friend, I’ve been helping her out with the Blue and Gold.” Jughead responded, but he could tell from the look Archie gave him that his friend wasn’t buying it for a second.


“Okay, maybe it is a bit more than that…” Jughead confessed, and it felt good to say the words out loud. Archie broke into a huge smile.

“I knew it” He said triumphantly.

“Am I that obvious?” Jughead asked, the thought causing a wave of dread to spread through his body.

“No, I don’t think so at least. I just know you. You barely pay attention to anybody, let alone girls. You’ve always had a soft spot for Betty, but something has changed. Now every time she’s in the room it’s like you can’t take your eyes off of her.”

“Ugh” Jughead groaned and slid back in his seat, covering his face in embarrassment. “I can’t help it man. She’s just so…bright. She’s so pretty and happy and I find my eyes drawn to her.” Jughead peaked out at Archie and found him grinning at him.

“Dude, this is totally normal crush feelings. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I’m Jughead Jones, my mysterious persona would be completely ruined if people saw me fawning over Betty like an idiot.”

“Yeah, but she’d be worth it right?”

“Of course” Jughead sat back up

“Then you’ve gotta go for it Jug” Archie said firmly, leaning over to hit Jughead on the arm.

“I’m just…” Jughead cut off with a sigh, looking at his friend “I’m not sure if she’s over you.” He admitted finally.

“Dude, if that’s what’s stopping you, then forget about it. Betty and I have talked several times. She’s over me, 100%. She has even admitted that she realizes now that we are better off friends.”

“Really?” Jughead felt as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He had been dying to tell Betty how he felt, but he had wanted to give her enough time to move on from Archie.

“Yes, Jughead. Now you’d better make a move quick before someone else realizes how amazing she is.”

“Archie, what if she doesn’t like me back.” Jughead took a cup of coffee to hide the nervousness he felt asking that question

“I think she does” Archie said confidently, Jughead struggled to swallow his drink.

“How do you know?”
“Because she looks at you the same way that you look at her when you aren’t watching” Archie told him with a grin

“Really?” A small smile was finding its way onto Jughead’s face.

“Dude, stop asking me that. Yes really.” Archie huffed in mock annoyance. The door of Pop’s opened, and both boys looked and saw the very girl that was dominating their conversation. Archie grinned and stood up, he clapped Jughead on the shoulder and whispered, “Go get her tiger.” And then he walked away, saying hello to Betty as they passed.

“Hi Juggie, can I sit?”

“Of c-course” Jughead stammered, watching his redheaded friend walk away. Archie turned around and made eye contact with jughead through the window. He mouthed “do it” and made a heart with his hands. Jughead rolled his eyes and fixed his attention on the pretty blonde sitting in front of him.

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Ok sam has been really active in sm today... I think his way to cope or try to entice the fandom after the shit storm is "look at me, I am a nice guy", valbo, MPC and "I'm with friends"... it gets old and it says a lot about him. So, sorry Sam not this time... unfollowed from twitter and IG. And tunning into Vikings.... let's all do it and he will se what it really means to loose fans...

He wants the regular fans to think he’s amazing, awesome, super, and fantastic. 


EXO Reaction: Waking Up After a Wild Night Out.

I’m sorry it’s taking me SO long to get to ya’lls requests! Work is hardcore kicking my ass so I’m trying to knock these out this week! I hope you like, Anon <3

[Note: I don’t own any of these GIFs unless I state otherwise.]

Xiumin / Minseok: 

Originally posted by overnightprincess

At first he would be in a state of shock, mostly out of love and respect for you he would HOPE that you two didn’t do anything that you would regret. So when he peaks under the covers to see you both still fully dressed he would let out a sigh of relief. After all, you’re his best friend and if anything more were going to happen he would want it to be something he had planned.
Feeling relieved, he’d reach over to boop you on nose and as you slowly open your sleepy eyes you’d see him grinning over at you.

Xiumin:”Good morning there, Princess.”

Suho / Junmyeon:

Originally posted by daenso

This boy has a very maternal nature so, like Xiumin, he would really hope that the two of you weren’t dumb enough to do anything that you could later regret. At the same time he would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to stare at your sleeping face, noting how peaceful and sweet you look.
He’d reach over to pull the covers farther up over you both and just lie there watching you until he fell back asleep next to you.

Lay / Yixing:

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu

In all honesty it’s more than likely that you woke up before he did. Unable to really remember much of the night previous you’d reach your hand out to shake him awake and stop midway, noticing that you weren’t wearing the same clothes you remembered having on. Rather, you’re now wearing shorts and t-shirt that you’re pretty sure belong to Yixing. Grinning to yourself you’d sit up in bed and lean down to lay a kiss on his sleeping forehead which would then wake him up.

You: “Uhh Xing? Any reason I’m wearing your clothes?”

Yixing: “I just wanted you to be comfy while you slept…” 

*all the blushes*


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

Something more than likely happened between the two of you. Maybe you didn’t go THAT far, but his shirt on the floor and your hair in tangles suggests that something definitely happened last night. He’d wake up to see your sleeping face very close to his and he’d grin to himself, probably having been waiting for this moment as now was as good a time as ever to confess that he sees you as something more than a friend. He’d more than likely let you sleep but at the same time he’s NOT the type of person to sit for long periods of time so you’d be woken up by his (GLORIOUS) hands trying to pull the knots apart in your hair.

You: “OW! Baek….what are you doing? Stop yanking my…ow!


*somehow removes his hand before you can start swinging*

Chen / Jongdae:

Originally posted by rxxbinc

I feel like, being best friends with Jongdae, sleeping in a bed together would just be a routine part of your friendship. The two of you would trust each other enough to feel completely at ease with this sort of closeness.
Him sleeping next to you shirtless would be so normal that he wouldn’t think twice about what may or may not have happened the night previous. So the second he woke from sleep, before his eyes were even open, he would simply reach out to drape an arm over you and leave a kiss on the back of your head before falling back asleep.

You: *mumbling and shifting in your sleep* 

Chen: “Hmm…go back to sleep, love.”
*nuzzles his face into your hair and pulls you tighter against him*

You: “Dae…I can’t….breathe..”

Chen: “Shhh just sleep through it.”


Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

This boy would wake up and be slapped in the face with complete and utter confusion. At first he was wondering where the hell he was and then he, upon looking around, would realize there was someone laying in bed next to him. After he realizes that it’s just you he would probably be even more shocked and unsure of what to do. Should he wake you up? Should he let you sleep? Did something happen last night? What if you didn’t want it to happen? What if you woke up mad at him?
I think he’d be a mess of emotions and wouldn’t be able to not wake you up.

He’s reach over and softly grab your shoulder to try and shake you awake, but you being so groggy would just turn over and lay your head on his chest.

Chanyeol: “So…I guess you’re not mad at me then…?” *a bit TOO loudly*

You: “Ungh…Chan shut up and go to sleep.”

Chanyeol: “Wait….does that mean…you ARE mad at me then?”

You: *lays your hand over his mouth*

D.O / Kyungsoo:

Originally posted by kyvngsoo

I don’t see Kyungsoo as the type to ever get too intoxicated, so he would more than likely remember the night before or at least parts of it. As soon as his eyes opened he would look over at you, sleeping peacefully, and although happy, he would be filled with regret. Regardless of what happened between the two of you the night before, I don’t think he would see it as appropriate to sleep with you outside of a relationship.
He would feel that this was in some way disrespectful to you and, depending upon his feelings for you, that he owed you more than a drunken night together.

As much as he would want to be sweet with you in this moment I think he would shut himself down emotionally and lock all of that up. Instead, he would quietly slip out of the bed, collecting any of his or your clothes that are on the floor. He would then lie them neatly in a pile at the foot of the bed, and make his way to the kitchen to make you breakfast. If nothing else, he at least wanted to ensure you had a good meal, and doing so would help to ease his guilt a bit.

D.O: *sighs deeply while cracking eggs and plopping them into the pan* 
”You really do deserve better from me…”

You: “I’m sure if you apologize, the eggs wont be too upset…”

D.O: *jumps but can’t bring himself to turn around and look at you…also can’t help but grin a bit*

Kai / Jongin:

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

This boy is a pretty heavy sleeper…but I also feel like he’s the type to sleep in either boxers or completely nude….regardless of who’s in his bed with him. Since the two of you are so close he wouldn’t really see this as a big deal unless he saw that it made you uncomfortable.
However, you may not have known this about him. So that when you woke up and your groggy eyes drifted over to him sprawled out on top of the covers, you yelped. Kai would jump and flail, nearly falling out of bed before seeing your shocked face and after a second he’d realize the blush on your face and your wide eyes. 
Before you know it this boy is letting out the single most attractive giggle-snort this world has ever seen, and whilst still cackling he’d pull you close and rest his head against your shoulder until you started to relax and laugh with him.

You: “But….you’re almost naked…like almost completely naked!”

Kai: “I promise it’s just how I sleep, if you want I can find clothes to put on.”

You: *of course, after much heavy contemplation* “….well I didn’t say that…”


Originally posted by sehurn

I can’t help but feel like Sehun is one of those people that can’t stand the feeling of having clothes on when he drinks, so he strips everything off and if that’s the case then you were more than likely the one who dragged him into his bedroom and tried to get him to sleep it off. However, you being pretty smashed too, would have ended up passing out next to him.

After a while, you would wake up after feeling way too cold in your sleep, just to look over and see Sehun wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. ALL of the blankets, in fact. You would also be pretty shocked to realize that all of your clothes are missing as well. Your mind would be buzzing with thoughts of what could have happened between the two of you, but you would tug on the blankets, trying to get at least ONE off of him so that you could cover yourself.

You: *pulling hard on the corner of a blanket but trying to not wake him at the same time*

Sehun: *breaks out into a huge grin the second his eyes open* 

“Well helllooo there.”


Sehun: “Nuh huh. Last night you said you didn’t see why it was so fun to be drunk and naked…..I’m having a blast.”

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Now that you read The Princess Diarist what do you make of Carrison ? Do you believe he just used her like some say or that he at least cared about her just not nearly as much as her or enough to take this further than co-stars hooking up turned friends still hooking up ? People to me are being too extreme about Harrison, either he didn't give a shit or she was the love of his life, how about neither.

My view of them changed a lot after /properly/ reading the book. IMO she used him as much as he used her. At the time they were strangers and didn’t know each other well – she wanted to have an affair and he obviously was looking for someone to blow off some steam. I do think he had his eyes on her early on, enough to notice how she spoke of men and think that she was much more experienced than she actually was. That was the main difference between them. Harrison was, by all means, her first adult relationship. She wouldn’t have forgotten him, I don’t think, because this sort of thing stays with you. Do I think he was the love of her life? No. Just as she was not the love of his life. They had a thing and I think Carrie looked back on it fondly, but even in her diaries, it was more like… she had this thing she was doing, and he was married, and she obsessed more over the situation than over him. She was 19 and she said he was boring, and that he didn’t care for her and that she frankly didn’t care for him. Mutual attraction that ended in mutual respect. I understand some people think they shared this great love and were still in love but… love affairs don’t have to be about love or about lasting forever to be good. It’s still a good love story.

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Can.. can i get some young jesse x adult hanzo headcanons? I've been really feelin' it.

Ooh ok I got you fam. So we’re assuming it’s like our Old McCree Young Hanzo but reversed. So it’s like Hanzo is in his late 30’s and he just joined Overwatch, but Jesse is in his mid 20’s and has been in blackwatch a few years. So I imagine it would be like Jesse doesn’t like him at first cuz he’s friends with Genji but would be assigned to show him around, and while he’s doing it he would kind of want up to Hanzo. Hanzo thinks he’s young and brash but finds it to be relaxing, a welcome break from the always up right life style he’s come to know. So they probably become friends pretty quickly, and Jesse hangs out with him and Genji a lot.

Let Me Process First

Yoongi x Reader


Warnings: none

Word count: 612

Summary: Your best friend Yoongi has something to confess to you.

He parked the car in your driveway and turned off the engine. Suddenly it got really quiet and you remembered what he had said earlier. “I have something important to tell you before you go by the way.” 

Nerves crept up your spine, but you kept your cool, waiting for your best friend to say something. 

He hesitantly shuffled in his seat and then turned his head to look at you. You raised your eyebrows when he didn’t say anything. Regaining his confidence, Yoongi patted his legs, indicating you to move to sit on his lap. A bright blush crept on your cheeks and you prayed to God that he wouldn’t be able to notice it in the dimly lit car.

You didn’t want to seem too nervous, so without hesitation, you kicked your shoes off just to make sure you wouldn’t dirty his car. Your body responded to his request so fast you were afraid it was too fast, but he didn’t seem to react to it.

You carefully slid yourself on his lap, taking support by placing your hand carefully on his thigh to lift yourself up enough. Yoongi kept his cool, even though he was screaming and panicking from the inside.

You nervously brushed some of your fallen hair away from your face behind your ear. Yoongi placed his arm protectively behind your back, his fingertips brushing your skin through the thin fabric of your shirt, sending shivers down your spine.

He locked eyes with you again, took a small deep breath to prepare himself.

“So you remember when we first met at that music store?” he started calmly.

“Why do I sense this is going to be the most cliche thi-” your words were cut off by Yoongi covering your mouth with his hand. “Don’t ruin this now (Y/N).” he shook his head and you giggled to his hand, raising your hands in surrender. He removed his hand and continued.

“The real reason why I came to talk to you was not because I wanted to ask you about the latest Justin Bieber album-” he was interrupted by your small giggle, glancing at you, but soon going on. “-truth is, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.” he finished. Realization hit you like a train at what he was saying and all you could do was stare at him while he was looking anywhere else but your eyes.

“So, I guess this is my confession.” he added, confident enough to bring his eyes back to yours. Not much to his expectations, you just kept staring at him with a hint of shock on your face, combined with a sly smile. 

“Oh God, say something!” he threw his hands in the air out of frustration, which made you smile wide, realizing how nervous he actually was.

“I’m still processing this!” you defended yourself, half joking. 

“Still processing? It’s God damn daunting!” he chuckled nervously at you.

You needed to give the boy a relief, after all it must have been difficult to confess like this, so you put on the widest smile and basically dove into his chest, hugging him.

“This is me accepting your confession.” you smiled and mumbled against his chest. Yoongi instantly let out a huge sigh of relief, wrapping his arms around your smaller figure, pressing his head against yours. He smelled so good and felt so warm. You felt so safe and protected wrapped in his arms like in a cocoon. As you rested there comfortably, you soon felt a pair of the softest lips press a kiss in your hair as his thumb rubbed calming circles to your back. Pure happiness.


A/N: This is pretty short and it sounded a lot better in my head hahaa *nervous laughter*

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high school byeler headcanons? i love ur headcanons!!! i am bleSSED when they're on my dash

certainly, my dear anonymous friend! sorry this took me a few days, i hope you enjoy :’)

  • mike is the second one in their group to get his driver’s license (lucas is first and he holds it over all of their heads while he can, driving up to the school every morning in his mom’s station wagon like it’s the pinnacle of adult achievement). mike starts picking will up and driving him to school as soon as he is granted permission to drive nancy’s old hand-me-down car. sometimes instead of going straight home after school, mike drives them just to the outskirts of town where there’s a rolling field nestled up against a small, serene lake. they sit on the hood of mike’s parked car and eat french fries from the local fast food joint and go over their trigonometry homework together, competing over who can get the correct answer first (will usually wins this - mike swears sometimes that he’s got a calculator in his brain that can process numbers faster than mike can even finish reading the word problem). when mike drives will home as the sky is streaked with broad strokes of pink and orange and the sun is dipping slowly below the horizon, he always makes it a point to walk will to his front door and say goodnight with a soft, sweet smile that leaves will’s brain turning with thoughts for the rest of the evening.

    when will gets his license a few months later, mike still drives him around (just until you save enough for a car of your own, he says). sometimes he lets will drive his car from the lake in the dusky evenings of early winter and tries not to stare too hard at the adorable look of concentration on will’s face as he navigates the winding roads back into hawkins.

  • when will gets a job, on the days when he can’t borrow joyce’s car because she’s working too, mike drops him off and picks him up (even when will has a late shift and they have school the next day). karen hears mike sneaking in late at night after taking will home on a week night, but she can’t bring herself to get upset with him for it.

    will’s manager at the game & hobby store always makes the same remark when she sees mike’s dark car pull up in the parking lot five minutes before will’s shift is over: your boy is here, she’ll say with a soft smile and a ruffle to will’s hair. and will always ducks his head and blushes but doesn’t correct her. because she never sounds mean about it and something about those words makes will’s heart bloom in his chest - a pleasant heat that sits with him as he turns to the window and waves to mike in his car, wondering if he can see the pink blush that’s sitting on his cheeks from that far away.

  • will and mike skip most of their school dances together and instead play video games in mike’s living room while listening to will’s mixtapes. they don’t talk about the fact that they’ve both turned down dates to be there with one another. they also don’t talk about the way mike sits right beside will on the couch, despite there being plenty of room for them to spread out. or the way will ends up grabbing mike’s hand as this charming man begins spilling from the speakers of mike’s cassette player, and they dance unselfconsciously in the blue glow of the television, all uncoordinated limbs and cautiously brushing hands and breathless laughs blooming from their throats like unfurling spring flowers caressing against apple-red cheeks, lips coming all too close to catching against sharp cheekbones in a way that isn’t so unintentional.

  • will kisses mike for the first time on the night of their graduation from hawkins high. they drive to the lake and play the top 40′s radio station as they lie on the grass, still in their caps and gowns, eyes going spotty from all the camera flashbulbs they’ve stared and smiled into for the past few hours. maybe it’s something about the stars reflecting in mike’s eyes like the echo of entire universes, or maybe it’s the way they’ve been smiling and hugging each other all night, or maybe it’s how mike hasn’t stopped reminding him that it’s only two months until they pack up and move into their campus apartment - together.

    it must be one of those things, will thinks to himself as he leans over and presses his lips against mike’s, one hand intertwining their fingers and the other poised on the sharp of his jaw, shaking just slightly. mike inhales sharply and smiles a little, and then laughs, tickling against will’s lips like a summer breeze cascading through the hushed night air. and will laughs too, pulling back and tucking his head up against mike’s shoulder, feeling the drumming of mike’s heart as they point out their favorite constellations, reaching skyward with entwined fingers and soft voices and secret, earnest smiles.

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sorry to bombard u with messages lol i dont have any other friends to talk to about soc/ ck because they don't read... but do you think jesper kind of had a crush on kaz before wylan??? because he's always looking for kaz to notice and wants his attention

it’s fine to bombard me this is what i’m here for lmao. i’m always willing to talk about these characters guys. ALWAYS. it’s a lot more fun when i don’t have to talk to the void asfjlghslh. 

jesper definitely had a crush on kaz before wylan. this was something i thought about heavily while reading soc. he just seemed…so fascinated by him. and like he admired him and he definitely wanted his attention, especially to impress him. to me it always seemed it was more than someone who just wanted to impress their gang leader or friend in general.


I’ve been thinking..
John must felt guilt after what happened in TRF. I think he must felt that Sherlock’s death was HIS FAULT. And thinking that makes my stomach struggle.. because thinking that you were the cause or the motive of death of someone, and that “someone” it’s not only a random person, but YOUR FRIEND.. it is a horrible feeling. It does not allow you to sleep, a thought that is always present in your head… and I don’t even imagine the things that he was feeling at that time..

I mean, what was the last thing John said to Sherlock face to face?..

And I understand why he said that, Mrs Hudson had an accident, and Sherlock were all like: “Oh, Okay. Fine.” If I were John I would react the exact same way..
But then…

And that’s where John explodes and told him the last thing he will ever said to him before the fall..

He said that, because he thought Sherlock didn’t care about Mrs. Hudson, didn’t care about him, didn’t care about anything, in that moment, just for a moment John believed what everyone said about Sherlock.. “He’s just a sociopath he doesn’t care about anything”.

But surprise, surprise.. Moriarty’s final threat was..

Your FRIENDS will die if you don’t *jump*.”
Moriarty knew, even Mycroft knew.. Sherlock DOES care, that’s his weak, John is his weak, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, his FRIENDS. It was obvious, the people who did not realize that, only saw but did not observe.

So, John realised that something was wrong when the emergency call was fake, and then he ran unto Sherlock but…

Yes, OF COURSE, Sherlock jumped, it was the ONLY way to save his friends, because like John said: Friends protect people.

And John get it, he understood what Sherlock did and why, because earlier, he told him that he was a machine. In short, that everyone was right and he was only a sociopath..

That’s why he was asking, he was wishing, BEGGING to him not to be dead, because he was his friend and he, John was wrong, EVERYONE ELSE was WRONG, he wasn’t a sociopath, nor a Psychopath either, he was The best and wisest man that he have ever known.

And I think John thought that now Sherlock was dead because of that comment that he did on that lab.. And for two years he blamed himself for his death…
That’s why I think Sherlock’s death was twice hard for John.. And maybe  that’s why he was so pissed when he found out that Sherlock was alive and he (Sherlock) didn’t contact him even once, so he was angry because he spent two years blaming himself..

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I know how strongly bts has an effect on you but can you talk about how much you love your husband ?? o(`ω´ )o tell him I said hi

My husband?  You guys want to hear about that dork?  Well he’s pretty much the best friend I’ve ever had (just don’t tell my best friend of sixteen years, she would be crushed) and he makes me laugh constantly.  Honestly though, there is no one else in the world who can make me laugh when I’m struggling or suffering through something.  And no one has ever made me laugh harder than he has.  I am definitely one of those people who find humor the most attractive quality in someone.

Anyways, he is the sweetest and I love him but he is also a jerk and makes fun of me for my “Korean shit”.  Of course he says that then will be like, “hey do you want to watch Running Man?”  He also secretly loved the drama Flower Boy Ramen Shop but shhhh don’t tell anyone.  He would be devastated if the world found out about his love for that drama.  

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hey i'm currently going through a difficult breakup, and i want to know if you had anything that could possibly make me feel better, thanks

Hi friend,

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Here are some Bible verses for you (followed by some words of my own):

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
  and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
  and he will make straight your paths. - Proverbs 3:5-6

He heals the brokenhearted
  and binds up their wounds. - Psalm 147:3

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
  and saves the crushed in spirit. - Psalm 34:18

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” - Revelation 21:4

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. - John 14:27

fear not, for I am with you;
  be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. - Isaiah 41:10

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” - Matthew 11:28-30

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

And now to my (probably not so) divine wisdom:

Sometimes all it takes is time. Lean into God during this time. Talk to Him and read His Word. Surround yourself with friends and family who love and support you. It’s going to hurt, and it’s probably going to hurt for a good while, but, eventually, when enough time has passed, it will get better. The sun will rise again, so to speak. And He will still be there once it does.

Sending prayers and love and light. <3

All my love,


One of my supervisors at work seems to think I’m the office’s Official Gay™ or something.

Friday she says, “My friend is a chef and visited with his husband” –then looks over at me with a nod– “last week for dinner…”

Earlier in the week I get, “It’s a nice little place, and you see ALL kinds of couples there…” –looks at me and smiles big–

And lots of other little things.

And I want to tell her, like,

Lady, I thought I was straight for about 40 years.

I’ve had exactly ONE same-sex relationship in my whole life.

It’s flattering and all, but I’m not Ellen DeGeneres.

I don’t represent the entire LGBT+ community.

I’m still a trainee-level queer person over here.