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She's Changed You ~ Part 4 ~ Gilinsky

Sorry for the wait lovelies! Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for!!!✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

I was sitting at the table at the restaurant being completely silent because I was afraid if I said something I would blow up. Madison was sitting next to Jack a few seats away from me. He had his hand resting on her thigh. I remember back when Madison wasn’t part of our friend group how Jack would rest his hand on my thigh at parties. Not in a sensual way, just in a reassuring friend way. At times I had wanted it to be more than a friendship thing. Everyone always thought it was. To be honest I still wanted it to be like that. But now we weren’t even on speaking terms. I hated how much I still wanted him.

Sammy was sitting across from me. The whole ride over he didnt talk to me. I didnt know what to do. I freaked when he tried to kiss me. Sammy was the only person who was close enough to me to REALLY help me in a situation like this. He knew that I had feelings for Jack too. I couldnt even wrap my mind around anything anymore.

“Well this is awkward…” Cameron leaned over and whispered to me. He was on my right and Nate was on my left.

I stifled a laugh, “Gee you think? I swear, I dont even know why he invited us all to this mess of a dinner”

“He said Madison wanted to get to know us all better.”

“I thought you, Carter, and Hayes were already on her buddy list.” I snapped.

“Y/N” Cameron said sternly as if he was my dad.

I sighed, “Look, sorry Cam.”

“You’re fine. I know you care about Jack”

I looked over at him with tired eyes, “I guess it’s obvious isn’t it.”

“Welllllll, you obviously hate Madison and I mean, come on, you and Jack were best friends, we all knew you were gonna end up getting married one day.” Cameron chuckled and lightly pushed my arm.

I blushed, “Yeah well I dont think wedding bells are going to be ringing anytime soon…”

“Just wait, he’ll come around eventually”

There was some small talk going around the table when I heard Madison speak up, “Um, hey guys…” She cleared her throat and got everyones attention. She smiled and her eyes lingered on mine. “Thanks for coming tonight, I’m glad everyone’s here”

I coughed and mumbled, “wouldn’t miss it”

Sammy and Jack both shot me looks. Sam’s said, ‘not here’ and Jacks was more like a threat. Madison didnt seem phased and if she was she did a good job of hiding it. “I know that some people at this table aren’t as fond of me as other” She looked over in my direction and then went back to her speech, “I don’t know what I did to deserve some of the hate that you guys have been showing me. It’s not fair to me or Jack. I have been nothing but nice to you guys and this is how you treat me?”

I looked around at the faces at our table. Jack seemed on edge and Johnson seemed amused. Nate was awkwardly picking at his food and Sammy was looking right at me as if he had to make sure I wasn’t going to say anything I might regret. Cameron tapped my knee under the table and I looked over at him.

“this is getting good” he mouthed and I tried not to smile to wide.

Madison kept talking, “Some of you should take into consideration Jack’s happiness and be a bit nicer to the both of us. And Y/N, I’d really appreciate it if you could stop being a bitch once in a while”

The table went dead silent. Jack was looking at the floor and Madison was smirking.

“Well now it’s even better!” Cameron chuckled and broke the silence.

I tried to stay calm but everyone at that table knew that Madison was playing with matches and someone was going to get burned. I looked over at Sammy and he just smiled at me, knowing what was coming.

I stood up and walked over to Madison at the other side of the table. Jack looked up from the floor as I came closer and moved so he was on the edge of his seat. Maybe so he could spring up and protect madison.

“You know you have a LOT of nerve coming here with my FORMER best friend, insulting not only me, but mine and his practically family, and then play it off as if it’s all of us who aren’t showing you the ‘respect’ you deserve! You’ve made a LOT of mistakes in your short life of 16 years and it’s outrageous to think that we’d just instantly forgive and accept you because you have had flings with half the guys in here!”

“ouch” carter mumbled.

I threw a sorry back at him and went back to my rant, “You are no good for Jack and it’s sad that everyone can see that but you and him. You’re the only ‘bitch’ here and if I were you, I wouldnt go around insulting the people who have helped you get to where you are today just by hanging out with you, which I’m sure we all regret. It’s pathetic how you use people for their fame and then treat them like complete garbage once you’ve gotten what you wanted. I bet you’re gonna leave Jack as soon as the next offer comes along or as soon as you’re instagram followers double. Have a nice life, and thanks for ruining mine.”

I was about to go back to my seat when Jack stood up, “Y/N you need to leave. Don’t talk to my girlfriend like that ever again, she has done nothing to you, so stop starting all this drama. I get that you’re jealous of her but just lay off!” He snapped at me. I was holding back tears that were about to start falling.

“Jack, stay out of this” Nate got up and walked over to me. Jack looked over at him, “Shut up Nate, this doesn’t even concern you”

“Okay, Jack just cool down” Johnson was getting out of his seat to try and calm everyone down.

Jack ran his hand though the hair that I missed tangling my fingers in. I could feel the tears slipping down my cheeks. I couldnt take this anymore, I needed to get out of here. I took one last look back at the table. Taylor was up and he, Johnson, and aaron were trying to calm down Jack. Nate, Sammy, and Cameron were all looking in my direction watching the tears fall down my face. Sammy took one look and came running over. Before he got to me, I turned and ran out of the restaurant. The last thing I heard before I stumbled out into the darkness and took off running down the road was Sammy calling my name.

OMG you guys… What do you think???? Have any ideas at what is going to happen?? Have any ideas for the story?? Send me some messages telling me what you think and I’ll try and work some of your ideas into the story! You guys up for a PART FIVE!?!?!?!?!?! Tell me if you’re down!!!


Where and why:

Julien Casas is a French artist with an eye and obsession for patterns. I first met him last year through instagram when he contacted me wanting to draw his most identifiable geometric patterns on my skin for a series he still works on today. I was familiar and interested in his work prior and invited him to my tree fort of an apartment in Nolita hoping to photograph his process. That day Julien’s focused, calm demeanor and my spontaneous and irreverent picture taking birthed a great friendship.

Julien came back to NY this year staying with Marcus, Luke and I in our new not-so-tree-fort apartment in the west village. By the end of this trip Julien had met and made more friends in New York City than my years of living and traveling here combined. But what impressed me most is that between his social butterfly flexing, sight seeing and great deal of time spent working on his art, he never felt rushed or disingenuous. It’s because he’s not. With the busy schedule that Julien so effortlessly breezed through, he found time to leave two gifts in our apartment. Shown amongst the portraits he allowed me to take of him is a picture of his popular geometric pattern painted/drawn on a window in our living room and not shown but in my own jumbled words is another fond memory of time spent with this strapping, talented man.

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hey I need help w situation. this guy wants me to suck his dick and I wanna suck his dick I'm just nervous like how do I not be nervous about this.

just do it (nike)

yolo like dont even be nervous

wtf im so bad at advice im sorry hahah

update my friend just sent me a text of advice for you:

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You cute asf shawty and that shit trips me out how you were bullied because I was bullied in elementary and that shits never fun but when middle school came around wasn't havin that shit I had mommas coming up to the school saying I was bullying their kids when they did the same up till 5th grade 😩 but what I wanted to ask you was did you ever use violence to get your point across like I did?

i never ever use violence. still til this day, haven’t used violence nor have ever hit someone. the most violent i’ve ever gotten was either in a basketball game or one time in school when this white boy followed me down the hallway yelling “nigger nigger nigger what up my nigger” and i said “you have no right to call me that so i just suggest you cut the sh*t” he continued to do it in front of his friends so i opened up a water bottle and spilled it all over him and said, “yay now you’re wet p*ssy” 😂😩

it was necessary, water was better than catching hands.
Mega oops

Hi there!
Just wanted to apologize for the last “fucking fuck” post I reblogged. It contained an ableist usage of bipolar disorder. I want to point out that I initially wrote that post 1-2 years ago and that I reblogged it without looking. My absolute bad. When it was written I didn’t have the same understanding that I do now. I’m 100% sorry if it offended anyone, as I didn’t even realize it was on the post at all. Deleting it now :) thanks for letting me know!

Also it’s 5am, so i hope this makes sense.

Hi, I’m Paige and I’ve been living fully transgender since the 3rd of June last year. It was a decision a lifetime in the making and I want to thank my friends for their glowing support. Life is a lot easier and a lot more fun when you embrace who you really are.

Okay, no, you know what?

Eddie can feel bad about lying to Iris and he can make Barry and Joe feel guilty for it all he wants. But now he’s living the same damn lie. I’m not giving Eddie credit for feeling bad about doing something that he’s still doing all the same. 

Especially not when characters like Caitlin, whose relationship with Barry is way stronger than her relationship with Iris, gets all this anger for lying to Iris. Caitlin is Barry’s friend and doctor and co-conspirator. Her loyalty is to Barry. Eddie is Iris’s long-term boyfriend. His priority should be her.

So. Whatever. I’m glad someone will be canonically pointing out the BS behind everyone lying to Iris West. But I’m not gonna give him special credit, because guess what? He’s still gonna be lying to her.

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on solving the rooming conundrum next year: it wouldn't be fair for two of the guys to room together and the third to have his own room, so Chowder gets a maltese puppy and calls it his roommate, and that makes it fair for Dex and nursey to room together (Chowder is matchmaking. and getting a puppy)

Pffffffft that’s super adorable. Chowder has/sees literally no downsides ^_^

Teach Me Mr. Hemmings Part Two (Luke Hemmings Smut)

WARNING. SMUT. WARNING. SMUT. Alright so a lot of people wanted a part 2 so here it is. Tell me what you guys think by messaging me. :) 

 Click here for Teach Me Mr. Hemmings Part One. 

 After your encounter with your teacher you decided that it was probably best if you got your teacher switched if you guys were going out, but you hadn’t done that yet. A couple nights after what had happened you decided to call him and tell him that you wanted to go out. So here you are getting ready to go out on your date and your best friend helping you along. “I still can’t believe this happened.” She gawked. “Yeah I know… Not to mention it’s illegal. I mean he could lose his job and I might have to switch schools not just switch my class.” You huffed brushing out your wet hair. “Don’t switch class you’ll leave me alone!” You rolled your eyes. ” really? I don’t want Luke to lose his job! I mean come on Emma.” She huffed before speaking ” you have a point. I’m sorry y/n. And don’t call him Luke that’s weird for me.” You guys started laughing. “Well saying Mr. Hemmings is weird for me too! I had sex with the guy and am going on a date with him!” You guys burst into laugher. I mean it’s not like I’m underage so he couldn’t go to jail and the worst thing that could happen is he would have to get a new teaching job. “Alright my fashion stylist go pick out my outfit.”you told your best friend. Emma had always been the one to be good at choosing outfits shoes and accessories while you were good at hair and makeup. You were kind of nervous while you were doing your makeup because you don’t really go on dates. “What time is he picking you up y/n?” Emma asked scrolling through your closet. “7:00” you said slowly trying to concentrate on your perfectly winged eyeliner. “You better hurry girlfriend. It’s 6:25 now.” Oh shit. You thought. You began to rush around a little bit fumbling for your makeup but still managing to look good. Your final touch for your makeup was your signature dark red lip stain. You always knew you could pull it off and it drove guys crazy. “Ah ha! I have the perfect outfit!” Emma screamed. “That’s great. Hold on let me do my hair then I’ll check it out!” You yelled back. You quickly dried your hair straight and fixed up a few pieces that weren’t straight with your straightener. You looked at yourself in the mirror impressed at what you see them you realized you were only wearing a bathrobe. “Fuck.” You mumbled under your breath running to your bedroom to find Emma. “You hero.” You told her as she held up the dress and shoes in each of her hands. She had my coral colored Qupid’s Women Zane heels in her right hand. And in her left she had a short flown halter dress. It had black on top with a hole in the middle of the chest and where it started flowing was a creme white. In the middle it had black gems identical to the the gems on the collar of the dress. On your bed she had laid out accessories. She had a hair bow that You quickly snatched and put in your hair pulling your bangs back. She had out gold hoop earrings, a necklace that was a camera and a gold charm bracelet with a heart on it. “And here are your stocking my love” she said and smiled. “Oh I won’t be needing stockings.” You said and winked at her. Her jaw just dropped and she walked out of the door. (click here to see the date night outfit) You put you dress on first then the heels then the accessories. You felt like You were missing something. Oh yeah! You went into your closet and got your coach purse that was hanging up. “Sweet” You mumbled to yourself. You then sprayed your pure seduction perfume from Victoria’s Secret on. And walked out the door. Emma pried herself off the wall and looked at you. “Damn girl. He won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.” She said. You laughed and playfully hit her. That’s the point, right? You thought to yourself. You heard the doorbell ring and got butterflies in your stomach already. You walked down the stairs as Emma tagged along and opened the door. Luke looked you up and down. “Damn you look h-” he stopped as soon as he noticed one of his students. “Err. Hi Emma.” He said. You put your face in your hands. “I’m sorry. She’s my best friend and she won’t tell anyone.” You quickly said. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” He said smiling. “Alright Emma. I’ll see you tomorrow make sure you lock the door when you leave! Thanks!” You shouted walking out the door. “Alright. Well now I can say, you look hot as fuck.” Luke said. “I can say you don’t look too bad yourself.” You said putting your arms around his shoulders leaning in for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed you. “Let’s save this for later, we have reservations.” He said throwing his keys in the air and catching them. We walked to the car and he opened the door for you then quickly ran to the other side starting the car and driving away. 

 At the restaurant 

 ”Reservation for Hemmings” Luke said to the hostess. You saw the girl check him out for about 10 seconds so You went up to him and wrapped your arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. She scoffed and walked away. You just raised my eyebrow and shot her that ‘back off’ look. “What was that y/n?” Luke asked. “That was me marking that you are unavailable.” You told him. He just laughed at your response and kissed you on the forehead. The blonde slut came back and directed you guys to your table. This time she didn’t even look at your Luke. After you guys ordered you just talked. “Alright. Well y/n. We need to talk before we start this whole dating thing.” You nodded your head agreeing with him. “I’m switching my English teacher Monday and I think we should go to the board of education and tell a little lie and say we were dating before you got hired at the school and you didn’t know that I went here.” He nodded. “True. We could do that. That had happened to one of my teachers before and that’s what they told the Board.” He said agreeing with you. You reached over the table and put your hand on Luke’s. “I don’t want to hide my relationship Luke. I really don’t.” You told him. “Neither do I and we won’t.” He said smiling.

 After dinner

 You were in the car and you guys were kind of silent. It wasn’t an awkward silence. It was more of a comfortable one. “So do you want to maybe come back to my house and you know..” He asked. “You know the answer.” You said in the most seductive voice possible. When you arrived to Luke’s house he pushed you up against the door and started kissing you full force. You moaned into the kiss. You started to unbutton Luke’s shirt without breaking the kiss. Button after button after button. It seems to get harder as you got lower. When you were done unbuttoning his shirt he left it on but picked you up and carried you upstairs to his bedroom. When you got to his bedroom he threw you down onto the bed and took his shirt off. You smirked and bit your lip. “Take that dress off.” He demanded. You slid it over your head and onto the floor leaving you in your dark red laced up bra with a matching thong. “Lace. Y/n what did I tell you.” He said in a deep husky voice as he got closer to your face. You pressed your lips to him and flipped him over so you were now on top of him. You started kissing down his neck then down his abs and finally reached his pant line you slowly started to unzip his pants and take them off. You slid down to your knees and started sucking his dick. He wrapped his hands through your hair and started moaning. You kept pumping and pumping till he finally cam. He pulled you up and threw you back on the bed. He started kissing down your thighs. He reached a couple sweet spots causing you to moan. “Luke.” You moaned. He got closer and closer to your vagina which made you go crazier the closer he got. He started licking and sucking on your clit and at the same time was fingering you. The intensity made you moan so loud that the neighbors could probably hear. You hit your climax and Luke stopped, pulling out a condom from the drawer next to you. He shoved his hard dick inside you and thrusted harder and harder each time making you scream louder each time. “Oh my fuck Luke.” You screamed hitting your climax at the same time he hit his. He pulled out and took the condom off his penis and laid next to you. “Holy fuck y/n.” He said and kissed you. You both laid there for a little while cuddled next to each other watching a couple movies before falling asleep.

About TDOV

I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time, and I’d really appreciate it if people could reblog my posts.

I in no way want to take away from other trans people who need this day, and I feel embarrassed having to make this post and make it about me, and I sincerely apologize if I am overshadowing or speaking over other trans people.

This day, three years ago, was they day I found out one of my best friends died. Part of why he died was his being trans and the abuse he suffered. I wasn’t the same after that day, and he isn’t here, and we don’t have any pictures of him.

I’m autistic with ADD and hypersomnia and a learning disorder, and time management, executive functioning, processing reality and performing a lot of tasks is HARD for me. I hid this for years because I was ashamed of it, thought I was just lazy, and when I did realize, thought no one would believe me.

I’m almost always tired/sleeping and the amount of caffeine it takes to get me awake and functional makes me so anxious that functioning gets even harder. I also have dyspnea that we don’t know the cause of yet, and having a hard time breathing shockingly doesn’t help my anxiety.

I’m mentally ill and struggle with depression, mood swings, dissociation, the occasional good ol’ psychosis, and a host of self-image and interpersonal problems due to my BPD.

And yes, all of this is professionally diagnosed, yes I am getting help, yes I am TRYING, yes I am on medication.

I wasn’t comfortable being open about being trans and being read as anything other than a cis dude until less than a year ago despite being out since 2010.

I really tried to put something together for today when I wasn’t able to make myself look nice. I tried planning in advance to get nice photoshoots done, it didn’t work out.

I really, really need this day, and I’m really upset, because when I see my posts not getting notes when it took so much to put them out there and I’ve been looking forward to this for so long and this day is so fucking hard for me already, it makes me feel like and believe it’s my fault, or that I’m not good enough, and also it just… generally sucks to feel let down and disappointed when things are already rough.

I really need the support and validation. I see posts about appreciating and supporting mentally ill, disabled, and neurodivergent trans people and I feel like they don’t pertain to me. I didn’t have the time and energy to do something special like I do desperately wanted, but I really tried, and one of the reasons that it’s been so hard to perform tasks and put myself out there is because part of my BPD is the feeling that not trying at all is easier than trying and being rejected, not believed, invalidated, or ignored, because for me, it really is.

This is hard for me to post, it’s embarrassing and I feel stupid, and I’m not saying other people are responsible for my mental illness bc that’s fucked up, but if you could please, please reblog my posts, if you are able, I would appreciate it more than you know.

My post about top surgery (cw for scars, stitches, breasts, hospitals)

My cosplay favorites post

Collection of favorite selfies

DAY 14: On Body Image

Hi friends!
I’ve been feeling kind of sick lately, so I was able to do this selfie thing the last couple of days.

Either today (yesterday?) was trans visibility day. I wanted to take this opportunity about body image.

A lot of my anons are in some way or another about body image. From how to bind to how to tuck, body image seems to be a key focus here,

Now, I think I should tell you my experience with poor body image. Growing up I was always really scrawny, but I always felt like I could lose weight. I never developed an eating disorder, but I was never happy with my body. I also had other issues with myself. Some things were things I had no control over - like my height, the shape of my nose, the color of eyes, etc.

I was only able to overcome this because one day I looked myself in the mirror, and thought to myself: what if I change my outlook/change my attitude. I soon developed a “fuck it” attitude when ever I paid attention to the features I didn’t like about myself.

However, this changed again when I realized I was genderfluid. Some days I wish I looked more femme, and I try to think of ways to change it. It is a privilege of some people to be able to form a “fuck it” attitude, and then accept their bodies. However, what if genderfluid/genderqueer people tried too? I think we should focus on the things we can control, and not dwell over the things we can’t. If you have curvy hips, that doesn’t mean you can’t look/feel masculine. But, if you can find a way to hide it, go for it, but don’t beat yourself up over it. We’re not perfect, and that’s what makes us so beautiful. So, let’s focus on what we can control because at the end of the day we can’t control everything about us.

-The Author

P.s. My tattoos have definitely helped me with my body image

A Sorry For Everyone (Requested)

Okay, I got excited about the whole “1,000 followers thing,” so I went ahead and wrote this one out. I was happy, and when I’m happy, I like to write - especially for you guys! :)

“I’m so sorry.” The phrase, whispered in your boyfriend’s voice, just keeps ringing in your head over and over again. How could this have happened? Everything had been just fine a few weeks ago, but now… Well now he wasn’t actually your boyfriend anymore.

“I don’t love her. I want to be with you.” Stiles had said this with such conviction that you’d almost given in, but then there was something in your gut telling you not to believe him.

You park your car in the apartment complex where your best friend, Isaac lived. When he had come back from France, he had moved into his own place. Technically Chris Argent lived there as well, but given that Argent was out looking for Kate with the Calaveras, Isaac basically lived on his own. You quickly find your way up to his door and knock softly, sniffling and trying to wipe your tears away before Isaac can open the door.

“Hey.” Isaac swings the door open with that wide, dimpled grin of his on his face, but that smile immediately fades away when he sees the state you’re in. “Oh my God, Y/N, what’s wrong? Isaac quickly reaches forward and pulls you into the apartment.

“Stiles che… cheated on me.” You mumble out, trying to keep your eyes at bay while you sat down on the couch in the living room.

Isaac, who had just sat down, stands right back up. “I’m going to kill him.” Isaac starts pacing. “He hurt you, and I’m going to hurt him in return.”

“Isaac…” You start shaking your head while bringing your hands up to cover your face. You were feeling all kinds of vulnerable, and all you wanted was for Isaac to listen to you and to help you. You didn’t want him to beat up Stiles. That wouldn’t help you at all.

Isaac stops pacing. He looks down at you, and he can easily see how broken you feel. It was obvious how much pain you were going through, and there he was, just making it worse. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry.” Isaac tells you as he sits back down and wraps his left arm around you, rubbing your arm up and down with his left hand, while his right hand reaches forward and takes a hold of your hand and squeezing it. “Talk to me. Tell me what happened.”

You take a few seconds to gather yourself before shaking your head to yourself. “It was Malia.” You glance over at Isaac’s face, but you immediately look away when you see the pity in his eyes. Those cerulean blue eyes were quite literally the window into his soul. There was that saying that people wore their heart on their sleeve, but with Isaac, every bit of emotion he felt could be seen in his eyes at any given time.

“Why would he cheat with Malia when he had you? She left him, and he moved on.” Isaac grinds his teeth together, locking his jaw tightly afterwards.

You shrug your shoulders noncommittal-like while shaking your head. “I suppose he never got over her, no matter what he says.” You roll your eyes to yourself. I want to be with you. His words sound off in your head again.

“What did he say to you?” Isaac questions you, still holding your body close to his.

“The usual.” You roll your eyes again before continuing. “He told me that it was a moment of weakness, and that he just let himself get too comfortable with her. He was sorry, and he’d do anything to make it up to me… He loves me. Not her.” You turn your head and purse your lips while looking into Isaac’s eyes, lifting your eyebrows in the process.

Isaac rolls his eyes back. “So, screw him.” He shrugs his shoulders while locking his eyes on yours.

“See, the problem is that apparently he’d rather screw Malia.” You open your eyes wide before letting them return to normal.

“At least you’re making jokes…” Isaac teases you.

You take a deep breath, lifting your shoulders and letting them drop as you let the air out of your body. “I just don’t want to cry or be angry right now.” You pout your lips at Isaac.

Isaac can’t help but smile a little bit. “How am I supposed to comfort you when you look so cute?” Isaac asks you, lifting his chin up and smirking at you. “It makes me want to do something entirely different with you.”

You raise your eyebrows at Isaac’s forwardness. Truth was, there had been something between you and Isaac before there was a you and Stiles. But, Isaac had felt like he still needed more time to heal after Allison, and by the time he was ready, you had already moved on with Stiles. You hadn’t known when Isaac would be ready, or if he really ever would be, and you did like Stiles. You two had fit together nicely, but there was always something off about the two of you…

After Malia came back about a month ago, what was missing had become quite apparent. Stiles still loved her, and he wasn’t anymore ready to be in a relationship with you than Isaac had been.

“I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you.” You whisper to Isaac. “If I made you feel any bit like I do right now, I can’t imagine why you’re being so nice to me.” You lift your hand to caress Isaac’s cheek, leaving your hand there just long enough to rub your thumb along his defined cheekbone. Then, you let your hand drop back down into your lap.

Isaac shakes his head, holding your gaze. “I could never be mean to you.” Isaac pauses before licking his lips quickly, giving him a second to think of what he was going to say next. “I understood why you couldn’t wait then. It was a difficult situation for both of us.”

“But I hurt you?” You let your eyes search Isaac’s, trying to find a hint of what’s he’s thinking deep in that mind of his, but for the first time, you can’t see it in his eyes. It’s not there, and that fact scares you more than anything.

“I didn’t blame you. I never have.” Isaac tells you quietly while shaking his head slowly. “I’m sorry I wasn’t ready befor.”

“There’s a sorry for everyone tonight.” You joke before biting your bottom lip and gathering the courage to ask your next question. “It’s probably completely unfair for me to ask, but will you wait for me now? Just until I can not want to breakdown at the thought of Stiles.” You go back to biting your lip, nervously awaiting Isaac’s answer.

“Of course I’ll wait.” A smile slowly covers Isaac’s face. “What do you think I’ve been doing for the last four months?” He asks you in a sly whisper, that grin covering his face again.

You can’t help the smile that pulls at the corners of your lips. You couldn’t believe that Isaac had waited for you this long, let alone that he had agreed to continue doing so. “For right now, will you just hold me though?” You ask him.

“I’d love nothing more.” You and Isaac lean back and lay down on the couch. Isaac reaches behind him, reaching for the blanket on the back of the couch, and laying it over the both of you.

You let yourself settle backwards, forming to Isaac’s body for a few seconds, your head resting on the small pillow there while Isaac drapes his arm around your waist. After a few more seconds, you turn your body to face Isaac. You take a few seconds to look into his eyes before leaning in and softly kissing his lips.

When you pull back, Isaac has a soft smile on his face. “What was that for?” He wraps his arm around you a little tighter, bringing your body a inch or so closer to his own.

“It’s just a thank you for now.” You bite your lip, letting the smile pulling at your mouth form. “In a few weeks though, it’ll mean a lot more.” You let Isaac look at your smiling face or a second before burying your face in his chest, letting Isaac wraps his arms more fully around you, and let yourself fade off into sleep.



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Today is TDoV, and I’m happy to see all the wonderful faces and stories on my dash today. You are all amazing and I’m really proud of you all for standing up and being who you truly are.
The blogs I tagged above are friends I know in real life. No matter how you feel about me I tagged you because I want you to see this.
Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Benjamin. I use he/him/his pronouns. I am a boy. I am transgender. I’m aromantic. I like working for my school newspaper, drawing, and talking to/hanging out with my friends. You will usually see me in a T-shirt and jeans, I’m shy and awkward but as loud as I can be around people I’m comfortable with.
It’s not fun to be misgendered, and it’s not fun closeting yourself to others and being scared. So I challenged myself to tell you this, I tagged you to be sure you’re seeing it.

I’m now going to challenge you:
-Use my pronouns in real life
-Use my name in real life
-If people ask why, tell them or ask permission from me first
-Ask me questions if you have any

I care about you all, you have great things to give the world. You’re important to me and I hope you never forget that.

-Benjamin Oliver J.


This is my friend Kevin. He was the first friend I made when I moved here in 6th grade and we’ve pretty much been friends ever sense. I knew for a long time that he was uncomfortable with himself and this past summer he told me that he was trans. His family is very unsupportive and he’s been going through a really rough time recently because he has to be a brides made in his sisters wedding. This being the day of transgender visibility I wanted to post some of our pictures and hopefully get some supportive messages for him?

Proud of Him

So yesterday my bezzie mate took part in the Trans Day of Visibility. I’m so incredibly proud of him and how far he has come in such a short amount of time. I’m happy that he feels comfortable posting the pictures for you to see (and guess which lucky bugger gets snapchats from him? :D). I just want to say that I am such a proud friend and wish him luck as he furthers himself and his confidence in his identity grows. Well done Rae. I’m so proud and happy for you.

“I just don’t get why you would hide something like that,” Levi muttered calmly. He could feel the conversation turning quickly & despite the distaste he had with Archer’s new relationship, that wasn’t what he wanted.  

“I obviously wasn’t hiding it if you saw me with him,” Archer growled softly, feeling more than annoyed. “Why do you suddenly care so much?”

“Suddenly?” he asked, his voice louder than intended. “We’ve been friends since we were like eight, Archer. I’ve always fucking cared. The guy’s an asshole & you know that. We grew up with that dick. And now what? He starts paying attention to you & you suddenly forget that?”

“You’re the only one being an asshole, Levi. People change,” he explained, aggravation & hurt in his eyes. “You should hear the sweet things he says to me. He tells me all the time that he thinks I’m attractive & talented.”

“I’ve always thought you were attractive & talented.” The words came tumbling out of his mouth without thought but he wasn’t ashamed to have said them. He meant them. 

anonymous asked:

In the crossover. Did Richard really have to kill pg? The feels. It was like "don't worry I'll comfort you" *Stab*

He felt that he had to, thinking letting Scott live through the experience with the death of his ‘friends’ was too harsh, a burden too heavy to bare. That’s why he killed him, despite how much he didn’t want to.

cyborgpsychic asked:

hi! i id as agender but i was curious about how you see agender vs gendervoid? if you could talk abt it that would be awesome, ty

HI!!! i hope its ok for me to copy-paste sth i said to a friend who asked me kinda about this same thing earlier today bc i like what i already wrote to them, so here goes

while for the sake of clarity i usually say “agender,” “gendervoid” is the word that most closely communicates how i feel about The Gends bc actually what i feel is like. a conscious rejection of gender! i dont want it anywhere near me!! rather than just being neutral to gender or even just being passively “empty” of gender, i feel like a gender vacuum!!! i feel like my identity is one that purposefully and aggressively rejects gender as a concept. so i guess even tho agender is fine, gendervoid just gives that extra punch

ofc as i said before this is just how i personally experience being agender/gendervoid!!! it could mean sth totally different to other ppl