I want to be his friend


sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment

and now, finally,,  shiro in a nice!! skirt!


HEY IT’S A (really late) VALENTINE’S DAY SEQUEL TO THIS! You should really look at that to understand what’s going on, but as a quick backstory to this, Adrien found out the scarf he thought his dad gave him was from Marinette, it upset him too much so he gave it back to her.

And then I hated that it was just angst so I made this to make up for it? What started as a one page thing turned into a too-many-pages thing. Hence being like… 2 weeks later for V-day. Oh well! Enjoy!

Also, as for what Marinette actually got Adrien…


Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!

One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.