I want to be a tiny model


Stuart: “Let me guess, your parents forced you to do this intern since it might be the last chance to prevent you from becoming a pretty faced porn star because the ‘wanted-to-be-model’ thing didn’t work out after you’re only about 5′2. I would be surprised if you could even tell me how to turn on a computer. Oh, it’s Stuart.”

Y/N: “Wrong. Now if we ignore the fact that I’m actually attending Stanford and probably way better at coding than you, there’s still the tiny little voice in my head that tells me we are in the same team. Which means you should keep your dumbass-comments for yourself if you want to win this and get over your sad, lonely teenage years with absolute no contact to girls that made you so bitter and pathetic. Oh, and in case you should want to text your mom about the ‘mean girl’ that didn’t start crying after a conversation with you, it’s Y/N.”

Lyle: “And now where we all greeted each other-”

Stuart: “What kind of name is Y/N even suppose to be?”

I can’t help but wonder who made that Mount Weather model in Lexa’s tent? Did Clarke and Lexa have a creative afternoon where they cut and glued pieces of wood and steel together? Do you think Lexa made sure to build little fake trees to glue them all around the moutain because “Clarke we need to make this look as real as possible, I want tiny little pine trees. I want a thousand of them because we have to show that it’s a forest. Clarke please.”

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ahhhh can I just say??? ur newest askxephos about lalna having dreams is so so good. i rly love the art style and the colors. thank u i rly appreciate the hard work you put into it! keep at it and have a good day

aa thank u i didnt get the notif about this ask .. i had a lot of fun drawing it nd its gonna suck to go back to th usual ax style bc i cant do as much with it p: 

i dont like … i dont usually spend a lot of time drawing/colouring things so it was rly nice to push myelf

what features yall have that makes u gorgeous
  • aries: u have the cutest little nose and your teeth!! so white it can't dance
  • taurus: when u smile the whole world smiles
  • gemini: ur hands are so graceful and soft everyone wants to hold them
  • cancer: yOur HaIR makes everyone so jelly I mean how is it so soft and shiny??
  • leo: Angelina Jolie cheekbones much?? u rock them girl
  • virgo: cutest little booty everyone can't help but stare
  • libra: just ur voice man I mean it's like ur singing even if ur not
  • scorpio: ur tiny wrists tiny ankles and prominent collar bones WOW
  • Sagittarius: ur feet ok I mean high heels of flip flops u rock the feet world
  • capricorn: ur model legs nuff said
  • aquarius: ur laugh it's so adorable and is sometimes funnier than the joke
  • pisces: ur cheeks WHEn u smile and how ur eyes light up when u laugh

lol guys im seriously in fear of never getting a girlfriend because im too tiny and i looked something up last time with a friend(we made jokes about me being the tiniest male model ever and wanted to see if they actually are tiny male models) THERE ARE DISCUSSIONS WITH THE TITLE: ,,CAN TINY MEN BE ATTRACTIVE?) and the majority just lists arguments why they can’t be, it was so depressing, anyways, bye

5 things meme

sniped by @weekend-writer - thanks, i love these! 

also, i’m jealous of your car. ‘69 models are the best :”)

Five things you’ll find in my bag:
Wallet, phone, earbuds, twelve tiny sneks, the country of Russia

Five things in my bedroom:
1. Two (2) pieces of Marvel art which I drew

2. twenty (20) bunches of garlic

3. A LOAD of merch - mostly Marvel, some DC, some LOTR, some cars, AC/DC

4. terrible, horrible Australian “autumn” weather

5. the souls of the damned

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life:
1. grow a beard

2. travel - Italy, Spain, the seventh circle of hell, South America…

3. drive a Lamborghini


5. decapitate a chicken and impale its head on a stake to warn off my enemies

Five things that make me happy:

1. Avengers Assemble (don’t judge me, I’m 12 at heart)

2. actually liking something I’ve come up with

3. vivisection :)

4. being alone in a quiet, green place with the wind in the trees

5. listening to the screaming of the damned

6. robert downey jr (cause i had to put him in there)

Five things people may not know about me:

1. I’ve been on one (1) date haha what a player

2. i like ‘30s music

3. i have a kid whose name is jeremy but he’s nicknamed “the antichrist”

4. i named myself after samuel l. jackson :)

5. i love maths !!!

I tag - if y’all want to do it - @tardisfordemigoddeductions @gay-hamlet-is-yay-hamlet @slightlyburntcinnamonroll @galactic-cactus123 @i-will-always-kneel-for-smut @antiisepticeye @ask-winter-bucky @symphonysoldierr

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Toast me my friend (Cyunaaa on dA)

i actually really like your gallery! the only thing i can say is you might want to add a bit more background work to your pictures. you also need to improve on that tiny line where the model and the background go together just right. it’s hard, but i’m sure you’ll find it soon!

good luck!

~mod nieva

Rainbow Dash kinda doesn’t know what to do when her dumb jerk jock husbando gets all sappy

seriously why are we snuggling when we could be snarking at each other

but pregnant smol wife snuggles must be had, sorry Dash

Rainbow/Dumbbell is the ship I probably get the most flak for shipping…which only makes me want to draw it even more, really. It’s just one of my favoriiiites, snarky emotionally constipated jerk jocks in love~

Y'know, in the show, Dumbbell’s character animation model is only a tiny bit bigger than Dash’s, but I headcanon him as being really goddamn huge, and Dash as being pretty tiny for a mare, so yah silly size differences are my jam. Dash is currently pregnant with Stormy

Headcanon: Rainbow calls usually calls Dumbbell just Bell, or Dummy if she’s feeling affectionate/playful, or occasionally, Dumbass when mad

does this mean Stormy gets his snuggly nature from his dad
why yes
yes it does

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Who is your favorite female role model(s)?

Imma do like three because I don’t want to do my history homework

IDA BELL WELLS-BARNETT Definitely on the top of my list for female role models. Before I lecture I’ll wrap up her story as she was a Black Woman actively working against both racism and sexism years before MLK’s Civil Rights Movement and during a time where she would be told to march in the back. Everything about her is absolutely awe-inspiring and I love her so much. Here’s her wikipedia page for detail: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ida_B._Wells

ST. JOAN OF ARC I grew up a tiny asian girl in a tiny catholic school so you can imagine my excitement when I found out about this warrior woman. Literally I was obsessed and would probably fight anyone who thought Joan wasn’t really that cool. Link (though i don’t think anyone would actually need it): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_of_Arc

CHING SHIH Probably less of a hero compared to Ida and Joan but Chung Shih’s got my respect. If she didn’t she’d probably murder me on the spot. Like not gonna lie she may not have the greatest history in terms of morality or whatever but she’s definitely one of the greatest pirate stories I’ve ever heard in my life. Link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ching_Shih

There’s definitely more women who inspire me. The world is full of women and their mere existence is totally amazing! So please feel free to let me know of more amazing women!

Cosplay Tutorial: Create Accurate Cosplay - Extract model from game for cosplay reference
In this tutorial we show you have to take a unreal engine game and take the characters out of them and bring them into a system (blender) where you can use t...

This just saved my life.

I don’t usually advocate processes like this because I personally find them to be a lot of extra work. I just find it faster to look at a model and measure myself to draw my proportions out then to use a computer to calculate the exact dimensions of every piece of my costume. Especially since how many of us actually have the same proportions as an idealistic computer model?

That said, the part of this tutorial that shows how to extract character models is great. You can view them from any weird angle you want, and zoom in on them to nail down the tiny details. Smite models can be hard to find from every angle-Athena has given me hell trying to figure out what parts of her look like. I decided to try this out so I could get a better look at her spear and shield. What I didn’t expect was that scaling the model size down helped me a ton. A shield is a shield-regardless of if her legs are ridiculous for a girl of my stature-and tackling down those proportions really did give me a good base to start with and saved me a lot of time “just guesstimating”.

I dislike how normalized it is in the NSFW G/t community to take peoples’ images and use them for fetish shit without their permission. I don’t care if they’re paid models, celebrities, amateur porn creators, whatever.

If a person hasn’t given you or anyone else permission to use their image for your fetish shit, then don’t fucking do it.

I know the people reblogging this stuff don’t mean any harm by it, but imagine not being into this kink at all, and seeing your image used for it without your permission. 

A person’s image BELONGS TO THEM.

This goes for collages, video editing, gifs, anything in which a live-action model is used.

If the people in the image didn’t want to be manipulated to look like giants or tinies, then just don’t do it. It’s that simple.

Don’t involve someone or their image in your fetish shit without their permission. End of fucking story.


While looking for parts for my J.C Higgins Model 20 shotgun project, I recalled the name J.C Higgins is associated with a ton of other stuff, all sold through Sears & Roebuck. Bicycles, baseball bats and gloves, even fishing gear. I figured since my shotgun project is sort of post-apocalyptic themed, I wanted matching accessories.

Looked for the ugliest J.C Higgins fishing tackle box I could find on eBay for a decent price. It’s dented, pitted, just a tiny bit rusty and crushed on all sides. The original owner’s name looks like it was scratched into the finish with a nail. It still has the intact J.C Higgins nameplate.

Which matches my shotgun’s markings.

But instead of fishing lures, it holds shotgun shells. Inside is just a mix of target and game loads that I used for testing whether the wads get caught in the shotgun’s compensator/choke. My slugs and buckshot are for my other, modern tactical shotguns.

Sears used to sell cars and even guns, now they sell Kardashian crap. No wonder they’re going out of business. Next up, J.C Higgins baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire…


So many great things that can be said about All-New Wolverine (2015-) Annual #1. I want to talk about one in particular (actually, I want to work on my model railroad, but I can’t find my tiny flathead screwdriver so I’m doing something else to clear my mind and get inspiration for further search locations): The short part where Laura—in Spider Gwen’s body—interacts with the Gwendad.

Partly, it’s just hilarious. This whole issue seems to be mainly about showing off how well Marcio Takara draws body language, and it excels at that in every single panel. You always know who is in what body just based on the way they move, the way they stand or sit, or their facial expressions.

But I also like how surprisingly sweet it is. George Stacy is just a nice, well-written dad, but it’s also nice to see how Laura - utterly confused at this point - almost instinctively trusts him and drops her guard, at least as far down as it ever goes for her. The hug may confuse her a tiny bit, but there’s no hint that she’s uncomfortable.

It’s also somewhat bitter-sweet. In just three pages, George Stacy establishes himself easily as the best dad (and parent in general) that Laura has ever had. He’s nice, he accepts everything weird around her and he trusts her completely, and he also offers to buy her pizza. Obviously he’s working on a false premise here (though I’m unclear why Laura doesn’t just explain herself once she knows that he knows about super-heroes), but it’s obvious that he really is that good a guy.

Also interesting: When Laura wonders whether anyone is messing with her mind, her first thoughts go to Emma Frost and Jean Grey. Emma makes sense, she actually has a history of torturing her (though she sort of atoned for it later by torturing Kimura on Laura’s behalf. Emma is always interesting, but I would not ever say that I like her). Jean, though? She’s never done anything to Laura… but messing with people’s minds is something that Jean does, and Laura is fully aware of that. Does Laura have reason to believe that Jean would do it to her friends?

That actually brings me to something completely different: I’m fairly certain Laura is not okay with how Jean told Bobby he’s gay. Telling someone who they are, when they are still trying to figure it out for themselves, goes against the core of Laura’s convictions. The reason she went on a solo series with Gambit back in the day was explicitly that she didn’t want people to tell her who to be - even if they were right. She wanted her own control over her life. Nowadays, she’s fighting to give Gabby the same right, and explicitly tells Old Man Logan to shut up when he says he knows something about the world’s deadliest little sister (God I hope she doesn’t die. Just imagine Laura and Jonathan visiting her grave together in the rain. Even writing that sentence almost makes me cry).

(If you know whether Gabby dies or lives, or at least believe you do, then please, don’t talk to me, at least about that. Absolutely nothing personal, it’s just if I had such knowledge, I know I’d end up dropping tiny hints about the topic everywhere, and I don’t want to read any hints. Sorry.)

So I imagine that Laura and Jean could have a very intense discussion about this topic. This might make a great fanfiction. If I weren’t so damn lazy, I might even write it instead of just writing a quick meta post about it (Depending on where that screwdriver ends up hiding, I might yet). I also have a related vague headcanon that Laura may already have known Bobby was gay, based on slight behavior patterns, or how he smells when he looks at Jean vs. how he smells when he looks at Warren. If she did, then I imagine it was a conscious choice of hers not to tell him, and not just because he had been kind of an asshole towards her.

Alright, I think that’s sufficient distraction. Now, I know I had that screwdriver yesterday…


Luxury Park Model Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace

This is a neighboring cabin in the same tiny cottage community.

As I’ve said time and time again if you like the idea of simple living…

But you don’t like going as extreme as 200 sq. ft. or less…

Then you may want to consider a home like the one you’re seeing here.

Park Model Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace
© wildwoodlakefrontcottages.

It’s still mobile but has much more space than most tiny homes.

And when you tow it, you do need a special permit to move it.

© wildwoodlakefrontcottages.com
Townsend Park Model Floor Plan

i don’t want your future universe if it’s “fascinating” to dream up ways to continue horrors like eugenics or if you think “existing social problems” would still exist under a different model of production, consumption, and community because “innate human nature” or whatever bullshit you think is universal

i want to break down your universe and tear it into a thousand tiny fucking pieces and bury them to fertilize mine

Dear Fashion Industry,

Seriously… can we forget the 10 foot tall 100 pound model standard?

This is the worst example of how clothes look on a body ever. EVER. Those women make up like… 10% of the population, at best. AT BEST!!!!

Can I at least get a 5'4" chick with some Crush-A-Man’s-Head style thighs every once in a while? Maybe? I know America is made of deep-fried-grease and overweight people, but maybe lean a tiny bit more towards the average consumer.

C'mon, I know you’re the fashion industry… but you sell to EVERYONE, not just models. Unless you want my giant ass walking around naked. 

Hint: you don’t, so stop it.


Luxury Park Model Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace

Earlier I showed you a similar park model tiny cottage to this one.

This is a neighboring cabin in the same tiny cottage community.

As I’ve said time and time again if you like the idea of simple living…

But you don’t like going as extreme as 200 sq. ft. or less…

Then you may want to consider a home like the one you’re seeing here.

Park Model Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace

Park Model Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace

© wildwoodlakefrontcottages.com

It’s still mobile but has much more space than most tiny homes.

And when you tow it, you do need a special permit to move it!

Park Model Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace
© wildwoodlakefrontcottages.com
Townsend Park Model Floor Plan

things I learnt at the ATL/Good Charlotte Gig:

1- Alex has massive nipples

2- Benji Madden is Jack’s dad

3- Benji & Rian are both models for men’s sleepwear

4- Jack has tiny nipples

5- Jack loves Biebs

6- Jack ships Rilex & wants them to 69

7- Joel can freestyle about ATL

8- it’s not the meat of the taco it’s the stuff on top

9- Jack wants to pour his ‘white cream’ over the top of a taco bc apparently that’s how he was made?

10- Zack knows how to play ‘Don’t You Want Me’ for some reason.

11- Zack likes to sit at home and learn 80’s songs