I want to be a tiny model

I can’t help but wonder who made that Mount Weather model in Lexa’s tent? Did Clarke and Lexa have a creative afternoon where they cut and glued pieces of wood and steel together? Do you think Lexa made sure to build little fake trees to glue them all around the moutain because “Clarke we need to make this look as real as possible, I want tiny little pine trees. I want a thousand of them because we have to show that it’s a forest. Clarke please.”


our hoodies - batgirl (babs tarr/cameron stewart design)

something i REALLY wanted us to get done before our US trip and thus couldn’t get out of my head till now TuT i know i want to give it a remake but i think it’s not that bad for a first try! ♥ obviously based on babs tarr and cameron stewart’s new batgirl design :3 i even forced kairi to be a model again heheh~ I’M SO SORRY for so many photos but i really love all the tiny details and couldn’t decide on what to include ORZ

But Felicity was just like us, regular girls: she had a crush on the hero, she wanted to be close to him, but she knew she’s not really a part of his story. His story was with someone else (“Gorgeous Laurel”, “Leggy model type”). (…)

And then, the unthinkable happened: the hero confessed his love.
Which was a ruse.
But it wasn’t.

And the girl that was not in the story, became the story. Because she was worth it. She was worth being not only a part, but a center of the hero’s life. And the tiny sparks of affection, the tiny glimmers of hope that I as the person watching saw between Oliver and Felicity (..) burst into a full-fledged flame.

Thus, a part of me adores Olicity because it shows that a regular girl, a girl who is not a skilled fighter, a girl who babbles and can be awkward, a girl who did not originated in the canon - can become the heart of the story. And if she can, we all can.

A messageboard poster beautifully describing why I’m fascinated by Olicity!

source: http://forums.previously.tv/topic/5534-heartaches-bromances-and-true-love-the-relationships-thread/page-53


Stuart: “Let me guess, your parents forced you to do this intern since it might be the last chance to prevent you from becoming a pretty faced porn star because the ‘wanted-to-be-model’ thing didn’t work out after you’re only about 5′2. I would be surprised if you could even tell me how to turn on a computer. Oh, it’s Stuart.”

Y/N: “Wrong. Now if we ignore the fact that I’m actually attending Stanford and probably way better at coding than you, there’s still the tiny little voice in my head that tells me we are in the same team. Which means you should keep your dumbass-comments for yourself if you want to win this and get over your sad, lonely teenage years with absolute no contact to girls that made you so bitter and pathetic. Oh, and in case you should want to text your mom about the ‘mean girl’ that didn’t start crying after a conversation with you, it’s Y/N.”

Lyle: “And now where we all greeted each other-”

Stuart: “What kind of name is Y/N even suppose to be?”

Companion comic to THIS

I’m playing around with the idea of aromantic Killua. He doesn’t mind sometimes giving silly kisses and goofy romantic gestures because Gon likes that, but serious “romance” like mouth-kisses make him feel embarrassed. Plus mouth-kisses are slimy and gross, ew :P

what features yall have that makes u gorgeous
  • aries: u have the cutest little nose and your teeth!! so white it can't dance
  • taurus: when u smile the whole world smiles
  • gemini: ur hands are so graceful and soft everyone wants to hold them
  • cancer: yOur HaIR makes everyone so jelly I mean how is it so soft and shiny??
  • leo: Angelina Jolie cheekbones much?? u rock them girl
  • virgo: cutest little booty everyone can't help but stare
  • libra: just ur voice man I mean it's like ur singing even if ur not
  • scorpio: ur tiny wrists tiny ankles and prominent collar bones WOW
  • Sagittarius: ur feet ok I mean high heels of flip flops u rock the feet world
  • capricorn: ur model legs nuff said
  • aquarius: ur laugh it's so adorable and is sometimes funnier than the joke
  • pisces: ur cheeks WHEn u smile and how ur eyes light up when u laugh

Rainbow Dash kinda doesn’t know what to do when her dumb jerk jock husbando gets all sappy

seriously why are we snuggling when we could be snarking at each other

but pregnant smol wife snuggles must be had, sorry Dash

Rainbow/Dumbbell is the ship I probably get the most flak for shipping…which only makes me want to draw it even more, really. It’s just one of my favoriiiites, snarky emotionally constipated jerk jocks in love~

Y'know, in the show, Dumbbell’s character animation model is only a tiny bit bigger than Dash’s, but I headcanon him as being really goddamn huge, and Dash as being pretty tiny for a mare, so yah silly size differences are my jam. Dash is currently pregnant with Stormy

Headcanon: Rainbow calls usually calls Dumbbell just Bell, or Dummy if she’s feeling affectionate/playful, or occasionally, Dumbass when mad

does this mean Stormy gets his snuggly nature from his dad
why yes
yes it does

anonymous asked:

it has been almost 2 months and I still can't get over the photo where jimin is applying lip gloss to jungkook's lips with the makeup brush, and jungkook is looking at him with so much love in his eyes???? That photo makes me want a jimin makeup artist jikook au so bad

omg jikook makeup artist au where model!jungkook falls in lov with rookie makeup artist jimin and ends up scheduling his gigs wherever his fellow supermodel kim taehyung tells him jimin will be.. and whenever they meet jungkook’s like “hey lol what a coincidence ur here too? can u do my makeup” jimin is totally oblivious bc jungkook doesnt even talk to him when hes working but in reality jungkook just rly likes the way jimin’s brows furrow in concentration and his tongue pokes out a little when their faces get rly close so hes too distracted to even say anything

Cosplay Tutorial: Create Accurate Cosplay - Extract model from game for cosplay reference
In this tutorial we show you have to take a unreal engine game and take the characters out of them and bring them into a system (blender) where you can use t...

This just saved my life.

I don’t usually advocate processes like this because I personally find them to be a lot of extra work. I just find it faster to look at a model and measure myself to draw my proportions out then to use a computer to calculate the exact dimensions of every piece of my costume. Especially since how many of us actually have the same proportions as an idealistic computer model?

That said, the part of this tutorial that shows how to extract character models is great. You can view them from any weird angle you want, and zoom in on them to nail down the tiny details. Smite models can be hard to find from every angle-Athena has given me hell trying to figure out what parts of her look like. I decided to try this out so I could get a better look at her spear and shield. What I didn’t expect was that scaling the model size down helped me a ton. A shield is a shield-regardless of if her legs are ridiculous for a girl of my stature-and tackling down those proportions really did give me a good base to start with and saved me a lot of time “just guesstimating”.


While looking for parts for my J.C Higgins Model 20 shotgun project, I recalled the name J.C Higgins is associated with a ton of other stuff, all sold through Sears & Roebuck. Bicycles, baseball bats and gloves, even fishing gear. I figured since my shotgun project is sort of post-apocalyptic themed, I wanted matching accessories.

Looked for the ugliest J.C Higgins fishing tackle box I could find on eBay for a decent price. It’s dented, pitted, just a tiny bit rusty and crushed on all sides. The original owner’s name looks like it was scratched into the finish with a nail. It still has the intact J.C Higgins nameplate.

Which matches my shotgun’s markings.

But instead of fishing lures, it holds shotgun shells. Inside is just a mix of target and game loads that I used for testing whether the wads get caught in the shotgun’s compensator/choke. My slugs and buckshot are for my other, modern tactical shotguns.

Sears used to sell cars and even guns, now they sell Kardashian crap. No wonder they’re going out of business. Next up, J.C Higgins baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire…


So after spending the last few days to learn SFM I decided I was gonna tackle using one of the Dishonored models for a TF2/Dishonored crossover and then realized - Corvo is fucking tiny, especially compared to some of the TF2 character models. I was reasoned into making a height comparison render of the three main dudes, in case anyone would want future reference. 

Bonus Corvo/Outsider interaction at Pell’s request, she wanted to see how tall Mr Whale God there is compared to Corvo since we always see him in game from 1st person. 

Credit for the SFM models goes to 64GIGS for making them available on the Source Filmmaker Steam Workshop! 


You want to know why I NEVER LEAVE MY HOUSE?!

Prime example, right here:

I decide I want Chipotle for lunch and hop into my tiny little car to go down the street. I get my Chipotle, hop back into my tiny little car, roll down the windows because AZ is no joke even in January, back out of my parking spot, only to witness a tiny little Prius and a gigantic lifted truck of undetermined make and model start to back into each other.

“Oh, no. Oh, no.” I mutter to myself. “Look in your mirrors. One of you.” 


Then this fucking GIANT walks by my car, looks in the direction of the Prius and the truck, says something to me and GLARES at me. 

I look up, confused. Vance Joy is blasting in my speakers about messes. The guy glares even harder, reaches into my car, slams on my horn and breaks it. 



Someone must have called the cops because by the time I regain my ability to speak and throw my door open and hit this GIANT, the cop pulls in to see me hit him. He looks confused and this GIANT that I now realize is more than A FOOT bigger than me is telling the cop what happened and then the cop looks at me and I pointed at this GIANT that I now realize has a man bun and tattoos covering every surface of his visible skin and is wearing basketball shorts and a tank top and tell the cop, “He broke my horn.” 

The cop is understandably confused. “What?” 

I repeat myself and the guy starts to say, “Well you weren’t-” 

And workers from T-Mobile and Verizon burst out of their respective shops and say, “He reached into her car!” 

Well, the cop holds up one finger, points to the two people that might start brawling over who should have stopped first. He comes back to us a bit later and says, “Are you sure that its broken?” And reaches into my car and pushes gently on the horn.

It sounded like a gently dying sheep.

The T-Mobile guy lost his shit and starts wailing with laughter. 

The cop looks sternly at the giant who says, “She wasn’t going to do anything!”

“You should have kept your fucking hands to yourself!” I yelled back. The guy looks startled that a girl that is at least twelve inches shorter than him is yelling back at him. 

The cop took both of our information, gave the dude a warning and told me to contact my insurance to get it fixed.

As he was pulling away, I saw that he too, was laughing. 

This is not atypical. In fact, this is pretty typical. 

I am a walking human disaster. 

I dislike how normalized it is in the NSFW G/t community to take peoples’ images and use them for fetish shit without their permission. I don’t care if they’re paid models, celebrities, amateur porn creators, whatever.

If a person hasn’t given you or anyone else permission to use their image for your fetish shit, then don’t fucking do it.

I know the people reblogging this stuff don’t mean any harm by it, but imagine not being into this kink at all, and seeing your image used for it without your permission. 

A person’s image BELONGS TO THEM.

This goes for collages, video editing, gifs, anything in which a live-action model is used.

If the people in the image didn’t want to be manipulated to look like giants or tinies, then just don’t do it. It’s that simple.

Don’t involve someone or their image in your fetish shit without their permission. End of fucking story.

New Look: Host, Masterchef, Semi-actor

Self-evaluation: to continue to work hard, work hard and work even harder

Keeping the positive vibes:

LAY proved the truth behind the “practice makes perfect” when he became a temporary host during his solo activity. All things are unlikely to be smooth sailing at the beginning, being an MC on his own even facing the CCTV live broadcasting lenses, this requires more than jumping over a hurdle: “Being a host is quite difficult, it requires one to be a keen observer as well as having an ability to respond quickly, all of our hosting buddies are really awesome!”. To sum up Lay, practicing hosting after an MC model would make one develop an even more impressive hosting ability: “In the future, if given the chance, I would want to challenge myself in hosting again because I realized that hosting brings joy to everyone.” Aside from hosting, Lay’s cooking skills were tested in a tiny segment of a music program, afterwhich he immediately received an invitation for a variety show, transforming him to becoming a masterchef- an exhibition of traditional Chinese culinary. At the same time, he received love calls from a renowned Chinese director, Gao Xixi: “In my next 2 films, you will definitely have a role”. This made everyone look forward to and at the same time become curious of his acting skills. Showing a very strong exuberance and an endless stream of aggressiveness and a passionate heart, the people could see “EXO’s Lay” as someone versatile, and a Lay yet to be honed further, at the same time also working to add more to the group’s image: “We will surely work hard, work hard and even work harder, not to show how good we are, but to be part of EXO’s own style”.

-当代歌坛 Issue 606

 © yixingology | @jiashuais