I want to be a tiny model

I’ve got a single asura doodle to show ya, wohoo. \o/ Yay me, yay productiveness..

This’s my growing up mesmer baby which freaks me out sometimes when I hear them ingame.. Because guess who stubbornly made a supposedly female OC out of a male model hahaha. I imagine their voice as a gender neutral one, higher pitched and way softer than the actual ingame voice. ^o^;;;; Anyways.. I’ve made my choice. B) I really wanted this hairstyle so.. Yeah..

Now that I’ve been staring at them for a bit, they’re giving me some utena vibes. >w<;;;;;

I love playing mesmer (more like.. discovering..), love the sword spells and animations a lot. My tiny fluffy fairy knight. >w<

Instacram: Kevin Hart’s Honeymoon in St. Barts
Kevin Hart has never taken a photo that he didn’t want to share on Instagram. After documenting his Santa Barbara, Calif., wedding, the tiny social media giant, who said “I do” to model Eniko Parrish on Saturday, has moved on to the honeymoon phase. See the pics the Harts have shared of their St. Barts vacation — taken by a photographer (and presumably third-wheel) who has joined them for their romantic trip.

The Harts do St. Barts

The Harts have brought their lovefest to the Caribbean! After their stunning California wedding, Kevin and Eniko are recovering from their hangovers on the celeb-frequented island of St. Barts. (Photos: Instagram)

Newlywed bliss

The Central Intelligence star takes his social media presence so seriously that he actually has a photographer — his go-to guy Kevin Kwan — on the trip with them, snapping #dopepix of their beach walks and private time. Celebrities are not like us. (Photo: Instagram)

Enjoying the views

No private hideaway for them. The Harts wandered right down a busy — but beautiful — beach, allowing Eniko to show off her bootylicious bathing suit. (Photo: Instagram)

Private pool time

Here’s Kevin, under the straw hat, photobombing his rib, who works one of her model poses poolside. It’s a photo the star may have actually snapped himself … but we doubt it. (Photo: Instagram)

Smoke out

The gym rat, who participated in the 22-Pushup Challenge from his honeymoon, is seen smoking cigars in several of the pics. (Photo: Instagram)

Attached at the hip

Swimsuit switcheroo! Here they are enjoying “views” on day two. She’s in another one-piece suit in white while he embraces a floral pattern. (Photo: Instagram)

Super swagger

In this cool black-and-white photo, Kevin shows off his “married man swag” — and tattoos. (Photo: Instagram)

Anchors aweigh

Here’s an even better look at those chest tattoos — if that’s what you’re into. Captain Kevin and his first mate Eniko chartered a yacht. We hope an actual crew joined them at some point. (Photo: Instagram)

Jumping right in

What’s the point in chartering a yacht if you can’t be photographed jumping into the water from it? (Photo: Instagram)

Nice form

Kevin predicted that you’ll think this is Photoshopped. It’s not, he insists. “Nailed the entry,” he wrote. (Photo: Instagram)

Him again

For a guy on his honeymoon, Hart sure poses for a lot of solo shots. (Photo: Instagram)

The other side of the lens

Finally, we see the photog. This is Hart’s personal shutterbug, Kevin Kwan (with his fiancée), whose full-time job is to snap posts of the star 24/7 — even on his honeymoon. Find out more about Kwan’s job here, including how he broke his arm on this trip after an ATV accident. (Photo: Instagram)

Matched up

Dressing in coordinating outfits on your honeymoon and posing cute? Yes, please. (Photo: Instagram)

Dope wheels

The couple rented a Moke to get them around — and Hart dug his ride. “I have to get me one of these in the states,” he wrote. (Photo: Instagram)

Little fish in a big sea

Hart’s underwater adventures left him a little uneasy. “I love the damn ocean….until I see the fish that can kill me,” the star, rocking some fab goggles, wrote. (Photo: Instagram)

Many happy returns (are planned)

But it didn’t keep him out of the water. The pair also went snorkeling. “I just want to thank the people of St Barths for treating me & my Wife to such a amazing time,” Hart wrote. “You were all so unbelievably kind & welcoming & it was much appreciated on our end!!!! We love u guys & can’t wait to come back!!!” (Photo: Instagram)