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this guy realllllly does not like being called short.

So I’m going to attempt to answer the question I’ve been asking for the last day: “WHO IS SHE RANDY?”

Brief recap: At GDC, Gearbox presented a tech test demo to show how Unreal 4 will affect lighting, shadows, and the art style overall in Borderlands 3. It specifically addresses a lot of things in the art style that I’ve wanted to see addressed for a long time, and I’m really happy with the way the game is looking. In it, they used a “development resource” character model, one we’ve never seen before, whose face they deliberately obscure. Randy Pitchford specifically draws attention to this fact.

You can watch that here:

So… who is she, Randy?

Obviously the first answer is: “It’s just a development asset, no one in particular.” I’ve seen a lot of tech demos like this, and when the devs aren’t using characters from their upcoming game, they either use:

  • a character model from the last game (who this clearly isn’t)
  • a character designed briefly in a game’s CC (which Borderlands doesn’t have)
  • a silly-looking character specifically made for testing purposes/to be funny (which this isn’t)
  • a blank slate (either something you’d see as a default in a CC or something that’s missing textures, which, again, this isn’t)

So in all likelihood… this is a WIP design for a character in Borderlands 3. Judging by the pose, this is very likely to be a new Vault Hunter (I say this because Vault Hunters’ rest animations tend to look somewhat heroic, like this characters’, while NPCs’ rest poses look far less asymmetrical).

They show a gas station-looking thing in the trailer, which is rendered in the Borderlands art style, and Randy implies that they will likely be used in BL3′s game world. If those are going to make it into the game, why wouldn’t this character design that seems very well-made.

At the start of the video, I was fully expecting them to just re-use a character from BL2. I was expecting to see Axton or somebody. That would’ve been a pretty normal move, I mean devs do it all the time for these tech demos. But they didn’t.

So, now, here’s the second answer to this question: “She’s a new character, one of the new Vault Hunters in BL3.” I’d say there’s a good chance of that. I’m about 50/50 on this. I say there’s a good chance of this not being her final design, but as it stands, I think this most likely will be the new soldier-type class in BL3, akin to Roland, Axton, and Athena.

“But why hide her face?” Well, they don’t want to outright confirm that she’s a new character yet. Showing a character’s full design–especially the face–is a Big Move for developers. It’s VERY likely that her design isn’t done yet, not only in the armor, but in the face as well.

But still… the question remains, “why hide her face?”

Let’s take another look at her:

I see the choppy straw-blonde hair and immediately think, Janey Springs. But Janey isn’t a soldier, and this character doesn’t have Janey’s scars on her arms.

Second thought, then, is “Janey’s daughter,” which would make sense: This certainly looks like someone who would’ve been raised by Janey and Athena. But after the way BL2 ended… I don’t think they would do a timeskip that far into the future.

But what are Borderlands timeskips like?

There were, if I remember correctly, roughly five or six years between Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2.

And who else do we know in Borderlands, specifically in Borderlands 2, who has choppy straw-blonde hair?

So, put on your tin-foil hats as we arrive at answer #3: “This is a grown-up Tiny Tina.”

Let’s say there’s another five or six year gap. Tina was 13 in Borderlands 2, that would make her 18 or 19 for Borderlands 3.

But, okay, I hear what you’re saying: “So she’s got similar hair, so what?” And, yeah. I agree.

But here’s the most damning piece of evidence:

Character artists like to assign parallels to character designs as they age, to show that they’re the same character despite how much has changed. It’s sometimes silly, but it works, and it helps keep the character feeling consistent. This soldier getup is a MASSIVE change from Tina’s BL2 design, I’ll give you that. However…

Their belts, for comparison:

It’s a silly, probably minor, probably meaningless thing. Tina had a pouch on the back of her waist with a knife stored in it, this character has a pouch on the back of her waist with a knife stored in it. That could be the world’s biggest coincidence.

This character’s even missing Tina’s trademark bunny. It’s nowhere to be seen.

Like I said, I’m still 50/50 on it being a new character, but… hey, I dunno. The character design VERY LIKELY isn’t final. Things like the star on her shoulder armor might be temporary.

And, perhaps more than anything, it makes a hell of a lot of sense to me that Tina would want to grow up to dress like Roland.

Tiny Tina reference model credit: DrySockett on DeviantArt.

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your writing is amazing, and i was just going through it all again when I say you were doing drabbles!! Just finished rereading It's Complimentary!! I love it so much!!! For the drabbles could you do “I don’t do hugs.” and “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”. You could do it separate or together I just would like Virgil to be the focus. I can't wait to read through the drabbles you do!!! They will be awesome!!!

a/n: ahhhhh, thank you!!! <3

7. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” and 56. “I don’t do hugs.“

warnings: mentions of previous parenting issues, swearing, self-deprecating thoughts, insults, mentions of fighting

Virgil hears the creak of the porch behind him and tenses—Patton’s come looking for him. Well, whatever. What the fuck does that matter? What can he possibly say to make Virgil any unhappier than he already is? Oh, I’m disappointed in you, kiddo or now, now, I expected better from you, or—or even maybe we should call your caseworker.

Whatever. Virgil doesn’t fucking care. At least if Patton sends him back to the group home he won’t have to put up with Patton’s other foster sons anymore. (And he is so terribly, terribly sick of dealing with them—especially Roman, that fucking airhead.)

But Patton doesn’t huff, or sigh, or even speak at all. He simply sits down beside Virgil on the porch steps, a couple of juice boxes in his hand. He offers one to Virgil, who narrows his eyes and shrinks away until his shoulder is pressed hard into the porch railing and snaps, “I don’t want your fucking juice, dickhead.”

Patton should definitely shout at him for that, but he doesn’t. Instead, he sets the juice off to the side and leans back on the palms of his hands. They sit in silence for a solid five minutes, staring out at Patton’s yard as the sun sets over it—it’s scattered with foam swords and plastic shields, tiny model trains, colorful toy dinosaurs, and a pair of unsolved Rubik’s cubes. It’s a house built for a family, and every part of Virgil recoils from living here. (Except, perhaps, the foolish part that utterly and entirely craves that pure belonging.)

When the silence becomes too much for Virgil to tolerate, he scowls at Patton and says, “Are you just gonna sit here all night or what, man?”

And Patton goddamn smiles at him. It’s not his usual smile, though. It’s not sunny and warm and blisteringly bright. No. This one is softer, quieter, and—and sadder. “I want to talk, kiddo.”

Virgil rolls his eyes. “Get it over with, then.”

Patton takes a deep breath and stretches his legs out in front of him, an image of picturesque relaxation. Virgil doesn’t trust it for a second. “I’ve already spoken to Roman about what happened, but I’d like to hear your side of the story before I say anything.”

“Roman was being a fucking jerk and I got pissed and I hit him.” Virgil shrugs, but tension is a tight cord running through him. What is Patton going to do to him? He hit one of Patton’s sons—one of his real sons, one of the ones who’s been with him for years, one of the ones who isn’t—isn’t Virgil, isn’t a blemish in their perfect little family, isn’t unnecessary and unwanted.

“Roman did admit that he said some mean things to you,” Patton says, nodding slowly. “It’s okay if you were angry. It’s okay if you are angry. But Virgil—”

Oh, there is was. But Virgil, I still have to punish you. But Virgil, hitting is completely uncalled for. But Virgil, you’re a fucking violent moron and we’re giving you back.

“—hitting isn’t a healthy was of expressing that anger,” Patton finishes, and that doesn’t comfort Virgil any. “You really hurt Roman.”

Virgil’s shoulders hunch. He hadn’t thought it was that bad. He’d just socked the dumbass in the jaw when he kept yammering on and on about how fucking great he was, and how very much Virgil paled in comparison. There’d only been a little red mark.

“Not physically,” Patton continues, and that grinds Virgil’s thoughts to a halt. How the fuck else could have hurt Roman? “Physically, he’s fine, although I know being hit did hurt him for a little while. I meant emotionally. He’s feeling a lot of things right now, just like you are. I won’t betray his confidence with me, but maybe you could talk to him later—once you’ve both calmed down.”

“No way.”

Patton inclines his head but lets the subject drop. They’re quiet for a while longer, and Virgil’s fingers are starting to tremble. What the fuck are they doing here? What is Patton waiting for? What is Virgil supposed to do? Should he sit here and brood in silence like a moody brat, should he snap and insult Patton like a jerk, or should he try his hand at sucking up and try to get back into Patton’s good graces?

It’s not something he’s ever contemplated before. Usually, he couldn’t care less about where he ends up or what his foster parents think about him. They’re all temporary, anyway. Everything is temporary. (Except, of course, his constant fear and loneliness—just his luck, really.)

But Patton is different. Not by much, but by some. He talks to Virgil instead of forcing him to stand in a corner or stay in his room or—or other things. He doesn’t ruffle Virgil’s hair if he leans away, he doesn’t sigh and roll his eyes if Virgil overreacts, he doesn’t give Virgil those sad, disappointed looks when his grades aren’t as good as they should be. He’s different, and that’s new and it’s scary and at times it’s stupid, but—

Virgil grinds his teeth. But nothing. “So when are you sending me back?”

Patton glances at him, surprised. “Back?”

“Yeah. Back to the home. Keep up.”

And Patton lapses into silence again. He draws one knee up up to his chest and loops an arm around it, staring hard at the grass where it’s being ruffled by the gentle breeze. Some awful, terrified thing writhes in Virgil’s chest as he waits until finally Patton says, his voice low and quiet, “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

Virgil doesn’t flinch. He doesn’t. “Yeah, well. Big deal.”

“I don’t think they’re right, though. You’re not a bad guy, you’ve just been dealt a bad hand in life, but Virgil—Virgil, if you’ll let me, I’ll do my best to change that.”

That startles Virgil into silence for a moment, and he shoots Patton a wary look. What?

“I want to give you a good life here. I want to make this place home for you.”

“But?” Virgil says, scowling.

“But nothing.”

Virgil opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it again. What is he supposed to say? He needs to think of a witty retort, he needs to spook Patton away with his barbed tongue and bitter sarcasm, because this is all impossible and ridiculous and—

“Can I give you a hug?”

Virgil recoils. “Fuck no. I don’t do hugs.”

“Okay.” Patton nods. “How about a high five?”


“Fist bump?”

Virgil stares at him, dumbfounded. “No?”


“Are you an idiot?”

Patton shrugs. “No, I don’t think so—and you aren’t either, Virgil. You know hitting Roman was wrong, so I don’t expect you to do it again. How about you come inside and we can talk about some better ways to express our anger, okay? The mosquitoes out here are starting to really bug me, if you know what I mean.”

Virgil rolls his eyes—Patton is really stupid, sometimes, but sometimes—

Sometimes, maybe, that’s not so terrible. At least it keeps Patton from yelling at him. Sighing, Virgil pushes himself to his feet and grabs one of the juice boxes Patton’s left sitting on the porch. (He ignores the surprised smile Patton offers him with steely determination. He doesn’t do it to make Patton happy. Why the fuck would he do that?)

The two of them step back into the house, and Virgil sips on his juice and listens to Patton ramble and make idiotic jokes and (for a brief, temporary time) finds himself okay. Not happy—he’s rarely happy—but okay, and that’s more than he used to. He can only hope that it’ll last. (It won’t, but—but he can hope, dammit.)

.:UnderLOVE: ReaperTale models~:.

When i read that life and Papy likes to chain alot outfit i desing two animable outfits by my own, I do that outfit to Reapapy because i want that he look more energic/HappyPapy them he’s brother Death, Flower to looks like a beatifull woman, Angel doesn’t have the glitch and the cut because the end of the comic aftertale, Gotty is so tiny because Anger and me talk alot about it so here is the height that we think that fits on him, Reaper is sexy and end of the story (?)


Goth by @nekophy

ReaperTale by renrink

AfterTale by loverofpiggies

BTS reaction: You being as tall as them

Anon requested:  BTS reaction to you being insecure about being almost as tall as them and non asian? You don’t really fit into the Korean beauty standard and people on the street look at you because of that. What would they say? Thanks~~


“You are tall and slim and I’m tall and slim. Together we’re a pair of chopsticks and chopsticks don’t belong into the korean beauty standard but into a bowl of rice. Stop saying you don’t fit in when you don’t even belong there in the first place.”

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“Ask them how the weather’s down there. Or threaten them to spit on their heads if they continue to bully you. There are million ways to make the dwarf shut up.”

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“Who said that being tall is a problem ? Let them stare. The more the better. Let them be envious of how outstanding and gorgeous you are.”

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“I love you the way you are. Even more because you’re different from the average. You’re special. Don’t feel insecure about it, baby.”

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“We can share cloths. You’d look good wearing my style of cloths. Espacially my t-shirts”

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“Y/N, let’s become models. The average won’t be able to become models with their tiny heights. I bet Gucci will hire us.”

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“Well, I don’t have to crouch down when I want to look you in the eyes, kiss you or squeeze your butt. That’s a plus.”

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Despecable me 3 has been released these last days so I guess I can put some stuff I did. I have no idea if this sequence is still in the movie, I guess not but I had a lot of fun to do it! omg it seems so old and crap, I fortunately improved a lot since I m at Pixar despite I feel I m so far away to my artistic goal.. neverending  same old shit.. but it s cool to show you also some bad stuff, this is reality..

I worked only 2 months on this show last summer, but it was my first real feature film job and the storyteam is extremely badass and kind so it s was a super great experience.  The more story  artists are great worker, the more sarcastics, satly, funny and great decent human being they are apparently. :P yes this movie is 90% (random number) frenchy :D. Thank you Pierre Coffin for giving me this great opportunity! and thanks to the guy who bravely put my name in the credits despite I was just a tiny shadow in this big production). Big up to the Illumination story fish ball <3 <3 <3

as you can see my biggest weakness in storyboard is to be on model, I m a on modelisshhh story artist, this is my curse I m fighting against, it cost me a lot of trouble.. I really want to be better at this.  but I prefer that than being non expressive in my drawing, so it takes time to improve .. it s too important to not loose yourself. I m still learning everydays!

top/dom!jimin vmin fic rec #1

misconceptions by softjimin | 9k | au, fluff

“So, Jimin has a daddy kink. Namjoon hyung, can you pass me the salt? Thanks.”

The Incident (and all that came after) by taetae_s | 28k | friends to lovers, switch!vmin

“Have sex with me.”

“Told you to get a mask; the fumes totally went straight to your tiny little head.”

“I’m 100% serious, and my head is NOT tiny.”

OR: Park Jimin wants to be FWB and Kim Taehyung can think of about 1000 reasons why that’s a bad idea (but he still does it anyways)

bigtown boys by stoplight | 6k | model au

New York’s all about looking up at skyscrapers and going down on your knees.

re della moda by stoplight | ongoing | model au

continuation of bigtown boys:  It’s Gucci’s show tonight, in the likeness of a 70’s nightclub with the lights—a solitude of being in love without the liquor.

i just wanna see you shine (and i shouldn’t cry) by peachguk | 12k | hitmen au

It’s always worse when you trust someone.

Chrome Hearts by roseok | 2k | pwp, fingering

“I-I, um… I want…” Taehyung’s face turns an adorable shade of pink. He starts to fidget with his fingers, and he bites his lip and suddenly refuses to meet Jimin’s eyes. His voice drops to the cutest whisper Jimin has ever heard from him, repeating quietly, “I want you to um… t-to finger me. With your uh, with your rings on.”

fell out of the sky by sundaytimes | 3k | magic, ritual sex

Taehyung’s magical affinity is the sky. Jimin’s is fresh water, and Seoul needs rain.

Just Breathe by 1995soulmates | 5k | pwp, sex toys

Jimin has just had the hottest idea of his life.

Rockabye baby part 2

Soooo you guys seemed to like my new multichapter so I thought I’d give the second part a go! Tell me what you think! Love you all!

Crying, shrieking, screaming. The halls of Riverdale were filled with the sounds of electronic home economics training baby dolls and overly stressed teenagers.

“It’s been two hours and Rex hasn’t cried since that first time, do you think he’s broken? Is he okay? All of the other babies are crying.” Betty held the tiny plastic doll to her chest, rocking slowly and humming softly under her breath as they walked the halls. It almost seemed too natural, too real to be strolling beside her as she cared for the fake infant.

Jughead ducked his head towards Betty’s shoulder pressing his ear to the dolls chest.

“Nope definitely not broken, I can hear him making that creepy breathing noise.”

Betty gasped swinging an arm out to whack Jugheads chest

“Don’t call our baby creepy! He’s perfect, maybe we’re just good parents! He doesn’t have to cry because we’re just such awesome parents.”

The dark haired boy snorted

“Yeah because we’ve got such great examples to model our parenting techniques after.” Images of late nights waiting for his father to come home, six year old Jughead sleeping on the couch by the front door to make sure no one came in and hurt his baby sister, flashed through his mind.

“Oh please, if anything our…… childhood experiences will benefit us as parents! I know for a fact I’ll never tell my daughter what she can and can’t be, if she wants to wear sweatpants to school well than she can wear them!” An indignant huff slid through the tiny blondes lips, Rex seemed to choose that exact moment to start whimpering causing both the teens to go stone still, Betty staring expectantly at Jughead as he nervously glanced around.

“He’s umm… he’s gonna start crying any second.” He offered.

Betty raised a brow

“I can see that, here take the baby, I have to find his pacifier, it’s somewhere in this bag.” She thrusted the doll forward, placing him in Jugheads arms as she rustled through the deep blue baby bag.

“Oh noooo, I don’t know how too… it’s small and…how do you even..” Jughead shifted the doll in his arms, awkwardly holding it in the stiffest way humanly possible.

“Aha!” Betty exclaimed! Pulling the pacifier from the bag and holding it up victoriously, her eyes fell on Jughead and she stifled a giggle. Moving closer Betty gently positioned the doll in the proper way and smiled “see, just like that.”

Jughead sighed in relief, already he felt more comfortable holding the baby, maybe it was Betty’s gentle way of teaching or maybe it was just the doll but for the first time all day he felt like maybe they could do this.

“Soooo…” betty broke the silence “I think you should take the baby home tonight. It’s the first night and I have cheerleading until 8.”

“What?! No I don’t think…”

“I’ll take him tomorrow Juggie, he’ll be fine! Just feed him and give him lots of cuddles! That’s all babies really need… oh and maybe… keep him away from some of your… friends okay? I know they ….play rough and we can’t afford to have little Rex all scratched up.”

He knew who she was referring too. The Serpents. He did a fairly good job at hiding his gang affiliation but she knew. Betty Cooper knew everything.

“I’ll keep him away from the Whyte Worm, they might try to fill his bottle with beer.” Jughead teased, wiggling his eyebrows playfully as Betty scrunched her nose and bit back a smile.

“Yeah yeah yeah. You’ll be fine Jug, it’ll be a piece of cake.”

He had believed her.

She had been wrong. So so wrong.

1:30 in the morning, the flashing red numbers on the bedside clock mocked him as the shrieking Screams of the baby doll in his arms pierced his ear drums.

“What do you want?! What can I do?!” The tired teenager moaned, rocking the baby quickly. Rex didn’t stop, he had been crying for two hours straight now.

“Screw it. If I can’t sleep your moms not sleeping either.”

He dialed Betty’s number so fast he didn’t even realize she was his number one on speed dial.

“Hello?” The sleepy voice of the long legged cheerleader answered from across the line.

“You were right, he is broken. Either that or he’s possessed, and honestly that second one is looking mighty plausible right now.”

He could hear sheets rustling before she spoke again.

“Mrs. Beasley said these dolls are just like real babies, they have all the Sensory features newborns do, tap his back, super slowly and super softly and use your fingers to tap out a rhythm.”

Jughead stalled

“Betty what are you..”

“Trust me Okay?”

Of course he did, he always would. And so he tapped, happy birthday, twinkle twinkle little star , the pledge of allegiance, until sure enough silence filled the tiny trailer.

“Did it work?” Betty’s questioned sleepily as Jughead placed Rex back in his carrier and dropped onto his bed.

“You’re a magician.” He answered.

He could almost hear her smile through the phone.

“Actually, that ones all you Jug.”


“We were seven I think and your mom, she got sick and she put us in charge of Jellybean, she was only a few months old, we were terrified, we sat by that crib in absolute silence for at least an hour, Afraid to even move. You held my hand for the first time that day remember?”

Jughead couldn’t keep the smile off of his face, Yeah he remembered, her hands were soft and tiny and he remembered squeezing so tight he was afraid her might hurt her

“Anyway” she continued “she started crying, really bad and your mom wasn’t waking up.” Sleeping pills, his mother was an addict, Betty was the only person who would ever know that “so you started tapping on her back because it was the only thing you could reach in between the bars, I sang have yourself a merry little Christmas and you tapped it out on her back and she stopped crying. It was the most relived I had ever felt in my seven year old life, do you remember?”

It was silent for a moment before Jughead spoke, voice barely above a whisper

“I remember.”

A pause

“I miss you Juggie.” She whispered.

“I miss you too betts.”

They stayed like that for a few moments before Betty yawned into the phone.

“Okay now that our child is sleeping I better get some rest of my own. I’ll see you tomorrow, and don’t forget to bring the diaper bag.” She hung up before he had a chance to respond but..

He felt lighter than he had in years.

She's A Bitch C.H

Summary: Basically, Calum’s girlfriend is a bitch and can’t stand you and vise versa, so you and the boys set out to try and make him realize how cruel she is.



Words: 2,000+

“Calum!” His annoying girlfriend called out to him as soon as she barged into his house on our friend group’s annual movie night. Calum his my best friend, and in our group is Michael, Ashton, and Luke. They are literally my only friends, and I love them dearly, but I hate, hate Calum’s girlfriend. She hates me too.

Whenever Calum turns his back, or isn’t around, she a straight up bitch to me, and sometimes to the other boys too. Yet, Calum doesn’t know, and one time I tried to tell him, he yelled at me and we didn’t talk for days. It sucks honestly, but what can you do? Calum is oblivious.

When she came and sat down on his lap, I groaned and rolled my eyes. Michael chuckled and Luke tried to hid his smirk. Ashton just smiled and shook his head. “Oh, you’re here.” I said with a distaste in my mouth. The boys -all except for Calum- chuckled. Calum sighed, “Y/n just leave Molly alone, we’ve been over this, we’re a couple.” I sighed and let out a half-hearted laugh.

 "Ok Cal, whatever. You can go back to sucking your girlfriend’s dick now.“ I said as I walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. In the background, I heard the boys howling with laughter.

I turned around to look at the person who was standing in the doorway, and what do you know? It’s the bitch herself. "Listen to me Y/n, I don’t understand what you’re doing, but you really need to back the fuck off of Calum, he’s my boyfriend, and you’re nothing but a loser piece of shit who can’t get her pathetic life together.” She spit out and turned away and left before I could attack her.

I growled and stormed back into the living room, “Cal, can I talk to you?” I asked as he nodded and walked into the kitchen with me. “What’s up Y/n?” He asked as I sighed, “Listen Cal, I’m going to say this straight out, and I’ve tried to tell you before, but Molly is a total bitch ok? She literally just said how pathetic I was and how I’m such a piece of shit and can never do anything right!” I shouted as I started to grow angrier and angrier.

Calum sighed, “Listen Y/n, I don’t mean to offend you or anything,” oh no, he isn’t, “But, maybe she’s right. You are kind of reluctant on leaning towards my fame and wealth to leach off of me.” He said as my jaw dropped.

“How the fuck can you say that, when all I do is buy everything when we go out, spend the most money on you guys, take care of you guys, buy everything we ever need to have parties and movie marathons, and do everything I fucking can to help and support you!” I fumed at him. “All she does is make you buy her things, and call me names, and make fun of the boys, and all of that shit that you must think is so amazing. Right Calum?”

He rolled his eyes and stalked back into the living room with everyone else. I was fuming, and I was so fucking fed up with her putting things into Calum’s head like that. I waked back into the living room as calmly as I could and spoke loudly. “Hey Luke? Can you come into the kitchen with me, I have a problem and I need a real friend to help me.” I said glaring at Calum the whole time.

Luke looked around at me and then to Calum and widened his eyes while getting up quickly and rushing into the kitchen with me. “Listen Luke, Calum was just all like how I leach off of him and do all of this shit, and how Molly never says anything to me, or you guys for that matter, so I have a plan. I’m telling you first, because you’d be my seconds best friend, after that dickhead I call a best friend, and I really need your help to get Molly on tape, to talk about what she always says to us.” I spoke in a quiet hushed tone.

Luke grew a huge smile on his face and nodded his head enthusiastically, “I’m totally in, I hate that bitch just as much as you do.” He said with a chuckle. I laughed along as we walked back into the living room. “Hey guys, I was thinking we should go back to my place. We could play video games and I have beer.” I suggested facing Ashton and Michael.

They both looked at each other in confusion and I faced my back towards Calum and Molly. I directed my eyes to the side Calum was on and slowly shook my head so they could -hopefully- see that we needed to get away from Calum and Molly.

Ashton seemed to catch on and nodded his head for him and Michael. “Yeah, me and Mike will come with you guys, it sounds like a lot of fun.” He said with a smile as they both got up. They said goodbye to Calum, as did Luke -yet no one said goodbye to Molly. I didn’t say goodbye to either of them, and right before we left I heard Calum call out to us, “Wait, guys, can we come with you?” He asked with a look of doubt on his face.

I laughed sarcastically, “Of course not Calum, you’ve been a dick to me, and I really just want to hang out with my best friends without someone who finds it ok -and apparently loves- when my self esteem gets lowered.” I said with a glare as I turned and motioned the boys to leave so I could go to. The last thing I heard when we left was Calum sigh and Molly laugh.

We arrived back to my house and I gathered everyone in the living room. “Ok, listen up, I say, Luke, you get Calum out of the house while us three set up some cameras and everything all around his house. When everything is finished, we’ll call Calum and have a get together to ‘apologize’ and all that.” I said as we started to make the plan.

Ashton chimed in next, “We need to also somehow get Y/n and Molly in the same room alone so Molly says all of those things to her again. This time, it will all be on tape so Calum will be forced to see how awful she is.” I smiled and nodded along to what he was saying.

“Great!” Luke said, “But why do I have to distract him?” He questioned as I sighed, “Listen Luke, you always know how to force Calum to do things he doesn’t want to do. Have him out of the house and do something until we tell you we’re done ok? That’s the most important part of the mission so don’t fuck it up. Ok?” I asked as he nodded with a small smile.

“Ok, let’s get this started,” Michael said with a smile, “I have a friend who works at a tech store and can get us some really good cameras. I’ll bring them here tomorrow so Luke, call Calum up and tell him you want to do something tomorrow.” He instructed as he went to call his friend about the cameras.

This is going to be so good.

Everything was going according to plan, Luke was out with Calum, and Michael had brought the cameras. Me, Ash, and Mike were at Calum’s house setting everything up. We had three cameras out in the kitchen, four in the living room, and two in the hallway. We didn’t want to do the bedrooms or the bathrooms just incase something we weren’t supposed to see happened.

When everything was finally finished, we left Cal’s and called him to have an 'apology’ get together for Molly and Cal. He bought the whole thing.

When the 'party’ actually started, the boys had somehow figured out a way to get them into the kitchen while me and Molly were both sitting in the living room across from each other.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?” Was the first thin Molly started off with in her spiral of insults. I smirked as she kept going. “I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back.

Calum sat next to Molly on one couch, and the rest of us sat piled on top of each other in the tiny couch. “Ow Luke you punched me in the face.” Michael complained as I laughed at him, my laughter was then cut short as Luke was pushed onto me and crushed me. “Ow Luke.” I whined out.

“Maybe we should head out and do something.” Ashton suggested, “Is everyone game?” He asked everyone, including Calum and Molly. Calum looked over to Molly and she nodded with an eye roll. Calum smiled, “Yeah, we’re in, let’s go,” Everyone stood up. “Actually, I think I’m going to go home, I’ve some things to do today, so I can’t really hang out.” I lied as I looked at Michael knowingly.

Michael gasped, “Oh shit, I just forgot I had something to do as well. Looks like it’s just you guys going.” He said as everyone left Calum’s house. While they all went in a car somewhere, me and Michael drove around the block so Calum wouldn’t get suspicious, and walked back inside his home.

“Alright, lets get these cameras down and into a dvd to show Cal her bratty attitude once and for all.” I said with a small smile on my face as we started getting to work. When it was all finished, I took the tape to my uncle’s to get it changed into a dvd to show Calum. “By this time tomorrow Mikey, this should all be over.” I sighed with a smile as Michael pulled me into a side hug and rubbed my shoulders.

When the next day hit, the boys and I walked up to Calum’s door and knocked so we could get in. The dvd in my hands was starting to get sweaty because of my palms. The door opened and Calum showed up and looked confused, “Hey guys, what’re you doing here?” I ignored him and walked inside with the boys following behind me. “Is Molly here?” I asked as I looked around the room.

Calum shook his head, “No she’s not here.” I smiled, “Good, the boys and I have something to show you.” I had Calum sit down on the couch as I put the dvd in.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?" The Molly that was on the screen said. I smirked as she kept going. "I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back, and she put a large smile on her face.

The video cut out and we all looked at Calum. Ashton was the first to speak, “Listen man, she’s been saying things like this for the whole amount of time you’ve been dating her. It’s also not just Y/n she says these things to, she says things to all of us, we just got this part on tape to show you.” Ashton sighed as we all looked to Cal to see his reaction.

He sighed and walked out with his phone in hand. We all looked defeated as he walked out to the kitchen. We were all silent for a while until he came back with a bright smile on his face. “I broke up with her, thanks for showing me that guys, and I’m really sorry for not believing you guys. Can you forgive me?” He asked while not looking at any of us.

I shrugged and walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. “Of course Cal. We forgive you. At least you broke up with her right?” I asked with a laugh as he hugged me back. “Group hug!” Luke yelled and everyone was suddenly engulfed in a hug.

At the end of the day, we are all the five best of friends, and nothing, not even a demon from hell can stop us from being together in the end.

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omg!!! i loved those headcanons of katsuki, todoroki and kirishima watching they're s/o working on design softwares!!! so damn cute!! could I ask one for aizawa, toshi and hizashi? :D thank you so much!! you rock!!

Of course dear!! I’m glad you liked them! 

Aizawa Shouta

  • When he and his s/o are at home, they’ll usually do their work in the same room. Since his s/o’s work can be time consuming, he’ll often end up finishing before them! He’ll grab his sleeping bag and sit near them while they work. 
  • If he’s not asleep, he’ll watch his s/o work in silence. He’ll make an occasional comment or ask a question, but its mostly comfortable silence for the both of them. 
  • His s/o once modelled a tiny version of himself in his sleeping bag and 3-D printed it. He keeps it on his desk at work and is very attached to it!

Yagi Toshinori

  • Toshinori isn’t at home as often as he’d like, so when he is at home he takes any opportunity to spend time with his s/o! He is fairly good at using technology but the work his s/o does astounds him. 
  • He’ll ask questions because he likes learning about his s/o and what they do! He may even have a go at it, with his s/o’s help. Together, they made a cute All-Might charm! 
  • His s/o got the charm made for the both of them, Toshinori treasures it dearly and keeps it on his keys! 

Yamada Hizashi

  • Hizashi cannot sit still while his s/o works, so he’s often pacing around their room, talking about something! He’ll ask his s/o a million and one questions about their work and “what does that bit do?” types of questions. 
  • He’s pretty good with technology, being a radio host and all, so he would get the hang of his s/o’s work pretty quickly! He likes to make things with his s/o when they have the time. 
  • His s/o modelled him a tiny, working radio and Hizashi thinks its the cutest thing! He’ll show it off to anyone willing to listen. 

I wish people wouldn’t describe radical feminism as an ideology that’s all about opposing transgender ideology. Because the trans issue is actually so peripheral to feminism in general, and the notion of transgenderism as an identity is only like thirty years old. (And yes, I know that the concept of transsexuality dates back farther than that, but the modern concept of transgenderism is really extremely recent, and only came about because of the degree to which neoliberalism has reduced all political analysis to analyses of individual, personal, chosen identity.)

Radical feminism is feminism. Radical feminism is about liberating females from patriarchy, a hierarchy created and enforced by violence which is used to extract labour and resources from women and give them to men. The logic of patriarchy is than applied to other forms of oppression, just the social construction of race, because racism justifies slavery and colonialism, but it’s really the same logic at heart: I’m me, you’re you, I am stronger and more violent and I will take what I want by force. Racism is real and harmful, and fundamentally, about theft of labour and resources. So is misogyny. Both of these things share their roots in patriarchy.

Radical feminism is about not falling for the hierarchy-justifying traps that liberals fall into (”But some women enjoy make-up!” or the no-longer-in-vogue “But women are too weak to take care of themselves!” or “But children need fathers as male role models, even if their fathers are abusive!”).  Radical feminism says FUCK ALL OF THIS BULLSHIT, IT’S ALL A LIE.

The radical critique of transgender theory is only a tiny portion of radical feminsim and should not be used as a way to describe the purpose of this ideology. I’m pretty fucking sure the suffragettes didn’t spend their time literally hiding from the police and having their children taken away and being raped and beaten because they were talking shit about non-binary people. Radical feminism is the only true feminism and it’s about liberation, not “representation,” not “diversity,” and certainly not about “trans exclusion.”


Prompt was from @rmh8402

This turned out longer than intended and also sappier. *Shrugs*

           “Remind me again, why are we doing this?” Draco demanded to know with a curl to his lip as he peered down at the muggle contraption.

            Harry rolled his eyes as he sat comfortably down on the floor. “We are going to play Monopoly because you lost our last bet.”

            The reminder of the first Quidditch match of the season did not improve Draco’s thoughts one bit. How was he supposed to have guessed that the Chudley Cannons wouldn’t lose? They always lost.

            Harry ignored the grumbled complaints as he set up the board. This wasn’t something he himself had really ever had a chance to do. Sure, he knew how to play but that was only from watching other people. Doing this with his boyfriend was honestly something he just knew he would enjoy.

            “What are these?” Draco wondered as he picked up a handful of pieces. “Do they talk?”

            “No.” Harry snorted. “Those are the playing pieces. You choose one to be you. It will be your character piece for the whole game.” He watched the way Draco straightened up and peered at the pieces with an intense stare, as if judging them.

            “Some of these are silly. Why would I want a dog to represent me?”

            “Because you like attention, food and hog the bed. They obviously modeled the dog after you.” The glare Harry received was still worth it.

            “I hate you.” Draco snarked without much heat, still focusing on the tiny pieces. “I think I will be the hat. It’s regal, like me.”

            “If you say so.” Harry mumbled as he dodged Draco’s smack to his leg. “I think I will be the dog.” He shrugged when he received a curious look. “You like dogs, even if you won’t admit it.”

            Draco refused to let that melt his insides. But the small smile that was released was proof enough.  “Alright, enough with your sap. Let’s get this over with.”

            That had Harry rolling his eyes. “Let me grab the rules.”

            “Who cares about rules?” Draco waved Harry’s hand away. “We will just wing it.”

            That seemed like a bad idea but Harry knew that Draco wouldn’t change his mind. Perhaps this would be amusing.

            Twenty minutes into the game and Harry discovered that he wanted to strangle his boyfriend just as much as he wanted to coo at the adorably confused boy. The nonstop questions were driving him up the wall but he couldn’t help find them cute at the same time.

            “That’s a really shitty jail. Where are the Dementors? Is that what muggle inmates really wear? Those stripes are not flattering. I have to pay to leave? That’s actually a very shady thing. I mean, the guards are obviously taking bribes if I can just leave. Which means they definitely have some Slytherin qualities. I think I am liking this.”

            Harry didn’t bother answer any of them. He knew he would end up laughing if he did.

            “I don’t understand why I have to pay you. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is still mine.” Draco grinned at the glare he received as he reluctantly handed over the odd rectangular parchment. Galleons would make more sense. Muggles were just strange.

            “Because that’s just how it’s done. It’s a rule.”

            “Rules are meant to be broken. Merlin knows you have that seared into your brain. I can’t even count how many school rules you broke over the years.”

            Harry watched Draco search the room dramatically, as if hoping to spot something. “What are you doing?”

            “Looking for Dumbledore. If someone is breaking rules then he must be somewhere waiting to award you points.”

            “Fuck you.” Harry choked out with laughter as he threw a hotel at Draco.

            Draco winked. “Maybe once I win.”

            “Who says you are going to win?”

            That had Draco lifting his nose in the air in a snub. “Me. I have the most money.”

            Harry looked down and sure enough, Draco did have a lot more money than him. “How is that you have no idea what you are doing but are beating me?”

            “I’m just good at everything I do.” There was a pause as Draco smirked wickedly. “Including you.”

            Harry rolled his eyes. “Randy bastard.” Draco’s light laughter was honestly more enjoyable than the game itself. He smiled softly as he watched the blonde become invested in the game.

            “I don’t like chance, the variables and odds are stacked against me.” Draco complained as he picked up the card. He huffed angrily when it told him to go straight to jail.

            “You know, that’s actually unfair.” Draco complained as he placed his piece on the designated spot. “I didn’t even get a trial. What if I was innocent? Do muggles not care about justice? I didn’t go before any form of the Wizengamot either. What am I, a suspected deatheater?” A pause. “Fuck, it’s like they know me.”

            The suspicious way silver eyes were narrowed at the board had Harry laughing. “Love, they made this long before either of us were born.”

            Many hours later, Harry was willing to let the game go and go to bed but Draco was determined to finish it out.

            “It’s not my fault you wanted to play this.” Draco pointed out as he placed a hotel on his property. “If I am going to win, it will not be by default because you quit.”

            “We could always pick back up where we left off tomorrow.” Harry suggested as he yawned.

            “No way. I have better things to do tomorrow than this.” The retort was emphasized with a glare.

            “Fine.” Harry grumbled, giving in. “But we have been at this forever.”

            “Your own fault.” A pause as Draco smirked when Harry rolled enough to land on his highest property. “You owe me.”

            “When don’t I owe you?” Harry handed over the exact money and tried to keep his eyes open enough to continue. He knew that his money wasn’t enough to cover the next time he landed on something of Draco’s.

            Draco tuned Harry out as he set about completing his last set of hotels. He smirked down at the empire he built. Despite this being a muggle game, he was rather liking it. Not that he was going admit that to Harry.

            When Harry’s turn came around, he jerked to attention enough to throw the dice down before his eyes closed again.

            The lack of movement had Draco looking at his boyfriend, only to roll his eyes at the small snore that was released. He looked to the dice that had been released and made a triumphant noise at the number. He would have won regardless. Draco took the money that was owed to him and announced himself the winner before he waved his wand and cleaned it all up.

            Harry wasn’t really aware of much, he woke up briefly as he was being laid down on their bed. Sleep was calling but he did have enough awareness to roll over and lay his head on Draco’s chest.

            “Next time, I’ll be the dog.” Draco whispered as he tightened his hold on Harry and let his boyfriend’s even breathing lull him into sleep as well.  

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an: heres some bby peter fluff that i wrote in attempts to get out of my midnight funk(i feel like it isn’t my best work but i guess thats for you guys to figure out) gif aint mine, also im working on requests but feel free to send some in!!

warnings: wittle bit of angst, fluff, peter being a fluff ball

words: 1,623 oops

summary: peter’s cheeks darken, his heart rate quickens and his voice fails him, but only when he’s around her. only problem is, he’s her best friend.

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I am getting so overemotional about these few tiny seconds of the preview, someone needs to save me. But seriously folks, let’s take a look at this for a second. You’ve got Dean, finally opening up to Cas and Sam and admitting that he has a serious problem. And you can read the way he pauses to glance at Cas here really any way that you want, but to me it’s almost pleading. We know in the last episode that Dean had that talk with Cas about flinging him into the sun if he ever fell off the wagon again and now here they are. And to me Dean is looking at Cas like, ‘Okay, is this it?’ because Cas, in all the time that Dean has known him, has never once believed he couldn’t be saved. And I think its so telling who Dean chooses to look at here. I know it doesn’t always seem like it, but I think Dean cares so damn much  about what Cas thinks of him. For example back at the diner when Cas essentially called him a role model and Dean couldn’t help but allow himself a slight smile. And I think that in this moment Dean doesn’t even know what he wants from Cas. Because on the one hand, he knows he fucked up, he even called what happened at the house 'a massacre’ and I guarantee he’s beating himself up over it, having nightmares and replaying it all on a loop. But I also think there is a large part of him that still wants to see Cas look at him like he’s a role model. So he looks straight at his angel, the one who within 5 minutes of meeting him for the first time had stared straight into his eyes and proclaimed that Dean didn’t think he deserved to be saved. And now he’s questioning because does he still deserve to be saved? And Cas just kind of blinks and looks down and away and you can just see Dean’s face fall and he gives that tiny little micro-headshake and I can almost just hear him wondering what Cas thinks of him now and jesus fucking christ I have been compromised by 3 seconds of preview…

On Kylo Ren concept art...

In the beginning we have plastic baddie. metal, robot, droid baddie.

Then more human shapes. I’m thinking this coincided with casting Adam.


Adam, obviously.

And then….

…we get partial humanoid, partial robot kylo with what must be rey, obviously modelled after Adam.

But in the end..on that screen, we get this pretty boy with fluffy cloud-hair who looks so vulnerable and young, you kinda wanna hold him:


Early-version metal-Kylo would’ve been around the same gross/terrifying-level Darth-Maul was, something for the boys to fap over because jolly evil robot grievous-style badass…bet he’s gonna be real evil and give no shit.
But that’s not what they wanted or went with in the end.
I’m asking myself, what if they started out planning Kylo Ren as this half robotic Darth Vader impersonator, who was merely fascinated with the old Sith and Rey was conceptualised as the Skywalker legacy, Luke’s or Han’s and Leia’s. Then, fairly early on after talks with Driver started or shortly before, Kylo Ren was turned into a half-bionic half-intact human.
Then I imagine Adam Driver signed on and the art and concept starts to shift again, and suddenly there is this potential and they actually commission a painting to be made of Kylo Ren with his arm around Rey modelled on a picture with Adam Driver holding a woman protective/possessively which is likely supposed to show the abduction scene (with a conscious Rey instead of the bridal carry). So they look at that…and look at the actor they got.

Adam Driver and his great scope and renown for sensual parts and they look at the female character they planned. And they look at Driver again.

And I have this tiny little theory that they switched things around then. That they wanted to use that potential, not just for the potential but also to have a twist, an epic twist that most people wouldn’t expect - the evil guy going good, for real.
But now, if we want this, we need a reason for people to root for him. So what do we do? We make him the legacy, we make him human. And Ben Solo was born.

Now bare with me, I think there was a time where Ben Solo and Rey Skywalker were the plan. I think they were at the point where Kylo Ren was still half-robot.

But I believe that didn’t last too long. I think by the time Daisy Ridley had her final audition for Star Wars doing the interrogation scene, potentially with Adam present to play off of, Rey was no longer a Skywalker.
Because they looked at the potential and they saw it. That’s why we got the Kylo we got. Not bionic-man, but Disney-Prince-Wella-Hair with the smoulder and the pout. Because there was potential beyond Ben Solo, Han and Leia’s son, there was potential for Ben Solo/Kylo Ren romantic hero. So we got a romantic hero underneath an evil robot-ish-kinda mask. 

All the intent from the original concept art but with that new, endlessly compelling twist that obviously very many people don’t anticipate even now.

I think that’s one of the biggest Reylo-clues and it’s been right under our noses. The way he looks as opposed to the way he was originally planned to look.


Thank you so much for all the sweet messages! 

Also so close to 1k so thank you all so much for that! Message me anytime if you have questions or anything! 

Rap Monster: Namjoon loves the fact you are a plus size model. He would always cheer you on, have his favorite photo of you in his wallet and as his phone background. He would make sure you always felt comfortable about yourself around him as well. 

“My baby is beautiful. I couldn’t be more in love that I am right now.” 

Suga: Suga is very tiny but he is also the type of guy to not notice things such as weight or height. He loved that you were a model. He loves to show your photos of you to everyone and tell them you’re his girl. 

“Look how cute she is? Wow I’m so lucky.”

Jin: Jin is the type of guy who would want to show you off all the time. He would always make sure people knew you were his. He’d also love going to your shoots and seeing the action behind the picture.

“Beautiful. That is all I have to say.” “She’s so talented. Like me. We’re both pretty beautiful.” 

J-Hope: He loves everything about you and your modeling career. He would be extra and always post about you on social media saying how much he loves you and how good you look.

“Look at my baby GO! SHE IS AMAZING!” 

Taehyung: *Writes a strongly worded letter to Gucci about how they need to hire you*

Jimin: He would get all nervous when he saw a new photo shoot of yours. He loves that you are a model but he also gets a little scared because of how beautiful you are to him. 

“You still love me right? Like you’re mine?”

Jungkook: Just like Jimin, he gets all flustered whenever he sees a picture or goes to one of your shoots. He can’t believe he has such a beautiful plus size model girlfriend. He’s do lowkey things like tell people you’re his or just ask the person if they think you’re pretty. 

“See her? Yeah that’s my girlfriend.” “Oh her? She’s so hot. Yeah and she’s my girlfriend.” 



Ayyeee.. I wasn’t really tagged but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Challenge by @butterfly-tattoo 

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

I’m tagging @plumb-barb, @simtasia, @simgallery@touchmypixels, @cakenoodles​, @girl-just-simming-around​, @fanaskher​, @buckleysims​, @obsimmian​, @pixelddump​, @freckled-pixels​, @lanyxie​, @narusasu-simblr​, @gohliath​, @itsniiaa-simblr 

Notes: I did a girls edition (or at least the more relevant girls that I have). Fenix looks like god either way and tbh for the sake of this I gave her a little more makeup than usual because I normally don’t have her wear lipstick. With Ani I’m very happy I did this because I didn’t realize how much I actually LOVE her with a complete bare face. She looks so different and kind of like this one girl I wanted to model her after.. so she might just wear some tiny lashes from now on and call it a day because I’m into it. And finally there’s Jaide.. she wears the most in game makeup because I spent the least amount of time on her custom skin. I wish I could get her lips the same texture as the one she wears in game.. also her eyes look so different without eyeshadow lol.

P.S. If you did this already then please disregard.. and if I didn’t tag you it’s because I already seen you do it ^_^


Requested by @grizzlymusume

“ohhh this one would look so good on you Y/N” Diana said for the fifth time in 5 minutes, the goddess seems to find every piece of lingerie perfect for you and was more than happy to buy it for you…even when you protest not to

“Diana stop! you’re going to buy ever-that’s…that’s very tiny” You blushed at the sight of the piece of lingerie she had chosen

“yeah I know..that’s the point right? the smaller they are the faster I can rip them off-” You gasped at this and covered your blushed face.

“wow! okay we better get going it’s getting late and-” you keep dragging her to the cashier, your face being decorated with differents shades of red, Diana could be a way too honest sometimes. The goddess giggled at this.

“But I want to buy more thing for you!” The goddess protests, with a tiny smirk on her face, she will never get tired of making you blush, and the best of all, you blush for almost everything she says.

“another day love, let’s just get out of here-” Diana follow you to the cashier, giggling at your face once more

“okay…but you have to model for me at home” and with that, she started walking away from the store, leaving you like a shocked tomato.

this took a different turn of events I’m sorry xD

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