I want some backstory on this. I really do

An Exasperated DM, part 3 (final)

Again, we are playing 3.5e D&D. Our cast is: an elven rogue, an elven ranger, an elven wizard, a psion, a dim-witted half-orc barbarian, and a now nerfed pixie. We barely survived the attack from the human ship in the last part of the story. All of the elven prisoners were killed in combat, and some of the party was fairly wounded. We made it to port, where we find wanted posters all over town with our general descriptions. The session is getting ready to end as well.

Barbarian (OOC): I’m getting bored as this character.

DM: Why? Is there anything I can do to help?

Barbarian (OOC): Not really. I just didn’t give him a backstory, so this character is bland for me. I think I’m just going to be done.

Me (OOC): Han on, just play a little longer. When we hit the next town (in the next session) you can switch characters. 

Barbarian(OOC): Makes sense.I can do that.

Me: I am going to disguise myself and see about getting us out of here. Ranger will you come with me?

DM: Okay. You guys notice that this town is very secure. There is a wall around the whole perimeter, with only 2 ways in and out: the docks, and the north gate. There are well-armed guards everywhere on patrol. You also notice that the wanted posters all spreadout throughout town, and guards are stopping every non-human to ask them questions. On top of that, there are 6 guards at the gate, and many more patrolling the docks.

Me (OOC): Is this because of the ship thing?

DM: May be. But you do find a merchant who is sympathetic to your cause. She will offer you her old wagon and a horse for cheap.

Me: Okay, but can you set it by the gate? That’s where we will need it.

DM, as shopkeep: Okay, but that’ll be extra. I’m not going to risk my life for free.

Me: That’s only fair.

The ranger and I meet everyone in a dark alley, seemingly safe for the moment.

Me: Okay. This place is on lockdown. Guards are everywhere, questioning every non-human that passes their sight, and there are even more guards at the gate. Neither of us can see a way out without gathering attention. I have a wagon set-up for us with a horse, but it’s by the gate.

Barbarian: *walks off, with one torch in each hand* You guys go now. I get guards. Wait 5 minutes, then get out.

Ranger: But wait! Why?

Barbarian: It no matter. Nothing matter.

DM, not fond of this plan: *with head in hands* Fine. In three minutes, the town catches fire, and all of the guards are looking for the perpetrator. All of you escape the town in the wagon unnoticed. There are riots all around and you never see the barbarian again. *sighs* I think we are done today. I need to rethink my plans for you guys. You are too damn smart.

Barbarian (ooc): And I need a new character.

If some people really want the show to be exactly like the book how bored would you get with 13 episodes of just Clary saying a 1000 different ways of calling Jace golden?

I like the books too but I’m being more open minded with the show and personally I do like it a lot. Not just for the Malec but it’s not all about Clary, Jace or Clace. There are other characters and they deserve screen time/backstory which is exactly what’s happening. Why characters are the way they are, etc. I do hope we get a 2nd season to see how far these characters will go and hope to see who will be our Sebastian.

Hot Tempered Hothead

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this is great, after i read the original request, i was thinking something along the lines of chimera. what luck! thinking of a way to portray three different beasts in a human female form was difficult, but i looked up and sketched a bunch of references during my break time at work and created a design i felt proud of.

although, i should have worked just as hard on a name. if anyone wants to give me their two pennies’ worth, please leave a name suggestion as a comment below and i’ll look it over, but i’m just drawing blanks. i do, however, at least have some kind of personality and backstory for this tough gal.

being the daughter of the Chimera, she is made from multiple animal parts, can breathe fire, and has immense strength. because of this, she’s very temperamental and doesn’t really listen to reason and can hold her own in fights (that she tends to start) with some of the older guys and jocks at her old school. but one fight got way out of control (hence the big scar on her face) and her mother transferred her to a new school. since then, she’s been trying to make friends with the ghouls at the new school, but her attitude and appearance seem to drive most people away. but eventually she finds the one ghoul who can understand and connect with her, Jane Boolittle, and the two become fast friends.

long ass hux meta im sorry

I’ve seen a few posts complaining that the new Hux backstory invalidates the narrative that he legitimately believes what he is doing is right, or at least a shitty means to an ideal end, instead replacing it with the idea that “he’s just doing this to make his dad proud/prove him wrong”.

I disagree.

Because as much as Hux’s actions may be driven by a need to prove himself, I still think he wholeheartedly believes in the First Order. Because despite being illegitimate, despite having a father who has called him useless (we don’t actually know whether Brendol was necessarily an asshole throughout Hux’s childhood, as much as I think he would have been - because what kind of a father complains about a kid who’s barely more than a toddler being weak and useless? That’s kind of what happens when people are that young) - despite that, he still would have felt the effects of the Empire’s fall.

He still would have been taken from what would have been a relatively stable life in a presumably nice house (I’m assuming his father took him in at some point before the fall since he had plans to make him “better”) into exile on starships in the Outer Rim. There still would have been days where his family probably struggled to make ends meet, there still would have been sneers from people in the streets of planets they visited, he would have seen New Republic media depicting Imperials as evil, tyrannical scum and celebrating the day the Empire fell. He still would have lived on a barebones starship surrounded by impoverished planets seeing civilians on Hosnian Prime dressed in elaborate robes and stuffing their faces. He’d still be resentful towards the Republic for forcing him into exile and ignoring everyone but the Core Worlds when it came to cries for financial aid, more food, more resources, more crime control.

As much as Hux’s father expected his son to go into the First Order, as much as Hux’s success and drive may have been a result of his need for validation and eventually, when that need wasn’t fulfilled, his need to prove his father wrong - he’s still pissed at the Republic, and I think he has been since he was around six years old. Because how can the Republic be just, how can democracy be effective, how can they be considered morally superior when all they do is foster disorder and chaos, which leads to poverty and children being taken from comfortable beds on Arkanis to shivering in a cot on a freezing, groaning, beaten up star destroyer?

Destroying the Republic is still personal. It’s still enjoyable. It’s still going to bring about a system which Hux genuinely believes will be better for the starving, displaced, angry people he’s grown up around.

And I honestly don’t think that the First Order would care about illegitimacy. At least not the younger members, which seem to make up the majority of low to mid level command positions - most of the people on the Finalizer don’t look older than 40 at the very most. As long as you’re dedicated to the cause, as long as you’ve shared the struggles, as long as you know what the hell you’re doing (which Hux definitely does - he’s the most competent member of the First Order we’ve seen so far), who cares whether your mother was a kitchen servant?

tl;dr: Hux still believes wholeheartedly in the First Order, he legitimately wants to see it succeed - not just to fulfill expectations or as a fuck you to his father but because of what he believes. He’s still a scary ass villain. He still wants to rule the galaxy, and he still believes things would be better for it. The fact that he had an asshole dad who called him useless and probably never showed him any sign he loved him or was proud of him, and probably called him a failure every chance he got, doesn’t change that.

I just hope that those who love shinya could go love him as much as they want, but leave guren out of it. Theres really no need to make guren the bad guy so that you could feel sorry for shinya. I mean I understand some people just want their favorite character to be the poorest creature in the world, the tragic kind of intensity their love for the character, because woman do like men with sad backstory. But could they do it without demonizing guren? Cause their interpretation of guren and shinya is really off, and it was painful to look at. 

shinya is emotionally and physically strong eventhough he looks fragile. He has been through hell and lives. He is cunning and smart, and a realist who is rather rational, and wouldnt simply throw away his life for nothing. when guren asked him to abandon him, he did. Because he is rational, he knows this is the right thing to do.

Guren on the other hand is an idealist, who always put on a cold and distant disguise, often harsh to people around him, but when the time comes and you needed him, he will sacrifice everthing to save you, including his own life. he also has trust issue, because since childhood he’s been living in fear of being kill by the hiiragi for something he said or done. But once he decide he can trust you, he is very loyal.

Shinya was upset in the novel,because he knew he could not sacrifice himself for other, he could never be as selfless as guren. this is the part where most of the fans got it wrong, shinya is jealous of guren, but not because of mahiru. He is jealous of who he is, the idealist who is like the sun to everyone around him. Shinya once admitted that he doesnt know if he loves mahiru or not, he is just trained to love her.

However guren has motivated shinya to become a better person. When guren was possessed by the demon, shinya decided that he too can sacrifice his life to save a friend, so he risked his life and saved guren . and by that, shinya gained guren’s trust,and they are best friends ever since. So yes, if one day shinya is in trouble, guren will sacrifice everything to save him, this is why shinya decided to disobey kureto’s order to save guren, because guren will do the same for him.

Guys this friendship is mutual, and it is beautiful.  Can you stop turning it into something ugly?

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I feel so bad for Shinoa. Her family is really messed up, how does she go through that everyday T-T. Btw, could you tell me a little backstory on the relationship between Shinoa and Mahiru and also Shinoa with her brothers (especially Shinya)? Thank you :)

She really does deserve more love In and out of canon. How does she do it you ask? Wit, sass, and backbone. She got that Hiiragi survival instict. I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for in the way of backstory  as there’s about 6 light novels worth of information there haha. If you haven’t read them, I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll just tell you some of the things I’ve noticed about how Shinoa reacts with her family. Her childhood was obviously less than standard as from a very young age (7, likely even younger), she lived alone in a 2LDK (which for the record is suuuuuuper nice. It’s larger than my apartment here which I even share with a roommate). This is most likely the reason for her stunted growth as she couldn’t possibly properly take care of herself at such a young age. She didn’t even have a fridge. Her family basically ditched her. For a family such as the Hiiragi’s it would make perfect sense. Tenri already has 2 sons and a daughter who is a prodigy, and an adopted son with exceptional talent in spells. Why should he care about a young girl? Yet we can see that Mahiru really did care for Shinoa. She was willing to take in another demon to spare Shinoa the pain and attraction of such a worthless family. Many people argue the Mahiru didn’t care, but there was really no reason for Mahiru to take the risk of Shinoa’s demon on top of her own. There would be no benefit to her research on the black demon series. It actually is more of a liability, yet she did it anyway. The other Hiiragi shown to care, is as you mentioned, Shinya. I’m sure Shinya sees himself in the little Shinoa. Both of them were forced to basically grow up fending for themselves (because of the Hiiragi family). Both feel the betrayal of Mahiru. Both take refuge in the caring Guren. They share a sense of wit and banter. There interactions in the past aren’t the most deep or emotion-filled, but that’s not really the way either of them show their true feelings. You always can get more out of what they really feel through their teasing and banter. Which is what they do when they interact in the light novels. She doesn’t interact with Seishirou (nobody does lol). Kureto…that one’s tricky. I believe he sees her as another tool in his arsenal. Just like everybody else. Yet his pride as a Hiiragi also affects his interactions with her as seen in the light novels when he uses Shinoa in an attempt to get to Mahiru and in chapter 39 (I think it was) of the manga where he gives her a chance to pick his side. There’s obviously no affection or banter in their interactions. You didn’t ask about Guren, but I feel like it’s worth pointing out their relationship as it seems, is oddly enough the most affectionate filled one in Shinoa’s childhood. So the best interactions in her childhood were when those 3 (Shinoa, Guren, and Shinya) were together imo. 

Body image talk with my 10 year old sister
  • [Quick backstory:After that Always "Like a Girl" commercial, I wanted to see where my sister's self esteem was especially after dealing with bullies and negativity concerning her looks. I talked to her a while back and I hope the words stuck. I intentionally asked some misleading/negative questions to see if she would fall for the bias in my tone or stick to how she really thought and felt.]
  • Me:How do you feel about yourself? Are you happy with the way you look?
  • Sis:Yeah I guess
  • Me:Do you think you're ugly or is there anything you want to change about yourself?
  • Sis:...no I don't think I'm ugly and I'm happy with me
  • Me:Do you think you're pretty?
  • Sis:Mmm...yeah. Sometimes I feel bad when people make fun of my weight or say I'm too dark or talk about my nose though
  • Me:Don't listen to what they say jus-
  • Sis:I know, I know. It just annoys me but they don't convince me enough to change myself or make me hate myself cause I'm not going to change for anyone. I wouldn't change anything about myself
  • Me:*ridiculously proud of my badass sis who's going to kick patriarchal butt in middle school*

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Can we see some more backstory with Cronus and Kankri in the merstuck AU? (I'm very intrigued.) (also your art is amazing omggggg)

maybe but really I have no idea, I’ve been meaning to draw those backstories for such a long time and never found enough motivation to and even less now so;;

Anon:Hi!! First of all I’m such a big fan of yours!!! Love your blog and your art!!   So amm before my phone dies.. I was wondering.. would you want draw something.. Jasico.. like one day?   Just a suggestion thoght)

thank youu! and I already did c:



wholling73  asked:

Hi there, how's it going? I'm having problems giving my characters goals, purpose, or reasons to live - if I dare to go so far. I've fleshed out their backstories, given them names, given them friends, but they all just kinda do stuff without much reason. I can't really justify making them want power, money, revenge, or whatever else could drive a character. I guess I'm just asking for some help with making my character a bit more... involved... in the plot?

Not every character has a clearly defined motive such as “revenge.” Stories would be boring if they worked like that. People would be boring if we worked like that. 

Think of Harry Potter. What was his motive? You might say “To defeat Voldemort.” But… was it really? Maybe in Book 7. But what about in books 1 through 6? In those books he had no clear “motive” - nothing like a need for revenge, or for power. 

The clearest motivation Harry Potter had was a need to belong somewhere. A need to feel accepted, and loved, and cared for. Which is why some of the most poignant moments IN Harry Potter are when he’s at odds with the wizarding world - when the school turns against him. When he’s fighting with his friends. When people don’t believe him when he says that Voldemort has returned and he becomes an outcast. 

And this motivation derives directly from his backstory. From his abusive aunt and uncle and the loss of his parents, which led him to grow up in an environment where he NEVER belonged. It gave him a strong desire to want to have a family, and friends, and a place where he felt accepted. 

So look to your characters’ backstory to find their motivations and goals. And from there, figure out what drives them, and utilize that in figuring out what it is that is going to make them move forward in your story.

After a long, vanilla campaign through Skyrim with Mercy Storm-Crown, rather than embark on another character I get all emotionally invested in, I created the creature you see here, named simply Gossamer.  Spawned out of thin air deep in the wilds, Gossamer is, quite literally, a force of nature.  Powerful beyond reason, for awhile she simply roamed the wilds, completely feral, killing anything she saw, until a few tentative contacts with people allowed her to be a little more civilized.  She still has yet to set foot in any city or town.  Rumors of her existence have spread across Skyrim, though slowly, because few people who see her actually live to talk about it.  She is very much a “run around and do whatever I want” type of character, and I don’t really have a backstory for her beyond the sneaking suspicion that she’s some kind of previously unknown Daedric Lord in human guise.

Obviously, I used the console to power her up, but to understand just how powerful we’re talking, here’s the numbers:

Started maxed out, level 81.

Health, Magicka, Stamina: all 1,000,000

Every skill is 1000.  Not 100, 1000.

She has every perk.

She has every spell.

She does 500 points damage with just her fists.

She knows every alchemy ingredient effect, and every enchantment.

The one thing I didn’t give her was every Shout, but she has enough dragon souls to immediately unlock any she finds (I figured Shouts are a language, and as she started with no language skills, she needs to learn the words)

I play her on Legendary difficulty, and even there her battles are like a hot chainsaw going through warm butter.  She deals so much damage I don’t even bother upgrading her weapons anymore, just so her opponents are able to survive more than a single blow.

Her one weak spot (if you could call it that) is a total lack of defense.  No armor at all (she wears only a loincloth; and will kill anyone who comments on her lack of attire) and no resistances, except the race-specific Nord resistance to cold.

But then again, with a million health points to spare, and the ability to survive leaping off mountains… defense isn’t really a big concern.

I’m anticipating setting some records for wanted levels with this one.

Pokemon Drawing December Challenge 2015

Day One: Your first starter Pokemon

Let’s see if I can do this! First up is Pikachu, since my first Pokemon game was Yellow. Fun story: I really wanted Raichu (always preferred it over Pikachu tbh) so I traded my Pikachu over to my friend’s game, evolved it and traded it back, thinking I was super clever. Needless to say, I was distraught to find that Raichu didn’t follow me around anymore. I reset my game and let Pikachu be haha.

Considering the nature of some of the prompts from this challenge, be prepared for needless backstory that nobody asked for and nobody cares about :P

Finally figuring out this guy’s backstory!

I can’t tell you much cause I need to work some more things out.
But, his brain was addled by the people(if you can call them that, I don’t really know what they are) he worked for. He still thinks and is entirely aware of what he’s doing, but outwardly all he can convey is bird-noises and twitchy movements. (warning, he may try to climb you.)

He desperately wants to communicate, to tell someone that there’s still a person in there.

Wolfheart has thrown my timeline into some disarray.

(Full disclosure: despite having the book for three years, I have yet to even make it to Varian’s first entrance - again on page 151 - and was flipping through last night because Niece. I had known the plot of the novel, but not specifics that wouldn’t be mentioned on WoWPedia.)

In Wolfheart, it’s revealed that Varian was 9 during the First War (when the portal actually opened) and 13 when Llane was assassinated. I had been under the impression he was 10 when the portal opened and that Llane was assassinated the same year.

Which would have made Varian 41 at the start of the Legion, and Camdyn would have been 30 or 31 (as Varian doesn’t have a canonical birthday I’m aware of, it depends on if he’d turned 11 during the evacuation to Lordaeron, since that’s when I’ve placed her birth).

But if Varian is 9 when the portal opens and 13 when Stormwind falls…that means he’s 40 during the opening of Legion. All’s well and good there. But it means Camdyn’s only 26 or 27. And that’s an age difference where I sort of hesitate, at least from his perspective. (Funnily enough, I wouldn’t blink about it in real life; my mom is 9 years younger than my stepdad, and 13 years isn’t that much of a stretch either.) The fact that he’d be 40 is where I hesitate - I’m afraid that, at 40, 27 would feel too young to him. Also the fact that she feels too young to me at that age to have achieved all she has.

And Anduin…again, I’d been under the impression that Varian and Tiffin married fairly quickly after his official coronation when he was 18 and that Anduin came along fairly quickly after. At least within a year or two. But in Wolfheart, it’s specifically called out more than once that Anduin is 13 (and he is shown at 13 in the novel to be “wiser” than his father and oh my god i want to break things but i digress). Which would make him right about 16 when Legion starts as opposed to the age range from 18-21 I’d assumed. Which means that Varian and Tiffin waited anywhere from 3 to 6 years to have him (assuming they married somewhere in the timeframe from when Varian was 18 to when he was 21). Which makes not a whole lot of sense when you look at how unstable Stormwind was at that point in its history. One of the chief jobs of monarchy is producing heirs to secure the lineage (not that the Wrynns seem to care overmuch about that particular duty: they seem to be a line of only children produced by only children).

Wolfheart, and Knaak’s writing in general, already made my head hurt. This has just made it worse. I really don’t want to rip out her whole backstory. I mean, I suppose I could slide some things and have her being born during the First War, but that changes…a lot. Mina isn’t as likely to have died in childbirth, for one. For another, even if Mina still doesn’t survive, it shifts some of her base motivations and her personal timeline gets really screwy. And as I’m typing this and thinking this, if I have her born during the First War rather than during Stormwind’s fall, I have to essentially redo her entire backstory, which I don’t want to do.

Knaak’s writing doesn’t make sense to begin with. Why am I such a lore nerd that I’m beating myself up over this? Why can’t I just ignore it and go back to my timeline (that makes much more sense, in my opinion)?

I’m honestly completely open to thoughts or feedback or consolation,

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so i want to get into some of the flashfam stuff and i especially want to see dawn (bc ur dawn is perf). where do you think i should start?

OH MY this is so lovely!

Okay let’s see. So if we start with Dawn (and by default, Don too) there’s really very little to read with them? Because tragically the writers really used them for angst and for Bart and Jenni’s backstories. In fact, they were characters originally written as simply ‘Barry’s descendents’ and then later changed to Barry’s KIDS for heart tugging purposes (but because of that they were developed a little more since their original comic). It’s also probably why they’re wearing purple and are so vastly different in costume design to any other Flash Fam member. PS: if you enjoy me @donthespeed & @ofaarok are my fam members. We still have no Meloni Thawne though.

  • You definitely want to read Adventure Comics 353, and The Life Story of the Flash by Iris Allen. Flash Vol 2 114 is where I get a lot of my understanding of Dawn and her relationship to Wally and Barry from. There’s a second comic where Wally and Dawn interact but for the life of me, right now, I can’t find it. I plan to eventually make a Dawn Allen guide, so keep your eyes peeled!  Flash Secret Files and Origins Vol 1 gives you a bit of insight to the FlashFam as well. There’s also a comic which shows the DEATHS of Dawn and Don but this conflicts previous canon so I count it as AU.
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths is the REASON Dawn and Don grew up without Barry so of you want to read that, it can inform you on the hows and whys– #8 is Barry’s death and the sacrifice for the multiverse.
  • I’m not an expert on Jenni (Dawn’s daughter). I have read a few things, mainly to get an idea of her and of Jeven (Dawn’s husband) but I wouldn’t know where to send you to start. Might be better off asking @legionrunner who is amazing!! 
  • @dementedspeedster is super knowledgeable on all things FlashFam. And I love reading their analysis on the Thawnes and on Bart & Jenni. TBH they probably know more about the 30th century than me.
  • Wally West has a LOT of appearances and I started with Teen Titans Year One and watching him in Young Justice and Teen Titans cartoons. I then started reading the original Teen Titans comics and kinda went from there. The Flash: Born to Run is a good starting point as it talks about early Wally West working as Kid Flash alongside Barry. @keystone-city-speedster @velocitatum and @wallyingwestward might have some ideas for you? oh and @pluckyladypark & @thefastestgirlalive!
  • Bart I started with the original Young Justice comics and the Impulse comics. If you want to get an idea on Bart and his relation with the 30th century, the love affair of Meloni and Don, his relationship with Dawn and Jenni… then definitely read Impulse 23-25. And Impulse Vol 1 #9 has a great amount of Bart & Jenni. 45 & 88 are also good with some Mom-Bart stuff. You could also try asking one of my many Bart friends like @strayimpulse @speedyistheotherguy @sweater-stealer @iimpulsc @flashlegacy
  • http://comicsalliance.com/flash-comics/ this has some great ideas on how to start whether it’s for Barry, Wally, or Bart as the Flash. 
  • @elextrospeed @scarlettspeedster @ofscarllet @barriums might know of how to start for Barry??
  • I know very very little about Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, Jesse or John Quick, Irey West (AU), Irey & Jai West, etc. But looking up the name of the character and then ‘Recommended Reading’ is usually my initial research point. 
  • I know nothing really about N52 and I probably won’t get into it unless Jenni comes back from war, and they maybe do a Dawn-Don storyline? Which I pray they do. @thegoof plays Bar-Torr which is a version of Bart in the n52.

I’m sorry this turned into a bit of a FlashFam pimp out as well but seriously so many more people know so much more than I do. I just love the family TBH. And fam you can hit me up anytime for anything.

October Claymore Challenge Part 1/3)

I’m doing these in 3 groups of 10 because I’m too lazy to remember to do them each day (plus october is almost over lol)

1. Which character do you relate to most and why?

Hm…. I’m probably going to have to say riful lol mainly because I always want to make friends but for some reason it’s really hard for me to make them & keep them :/

2. Who is your favorite character overall? Why?

I have to say Teresa lol Before she appeared I was just like “this manga is ok” but honestly she made the whole manga series for me her backstory & the way she ties into everything… i just love her so much

3. Favorite quote?

This little girl, who’s not even half my size… taught me that tears can flow even from these silver eyes. 

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

^^^me reading that the first time

4. Which character do you wish we could have gotten to know more about?

I know a lot of people said this but i have to agree with Renee. I feel like there was so much potential with that character just for her to be killed off so quickly

5. What in the manga do you wish was expanded on more? (the mainland war? the organization’s experiments?)

I definitely would’ve liked more backstories on all the characters like riful & other awakened beings. i feel like if they did a mainland war arc it would’ve either gone really well or really badly lol but more claymore in general plz lol

6. What is a battle you’d like to see? Who do you think would win?

Honestly I’d love to see a battle between like Miria & Galatea (because that would be all kinds of amazing) or two groups of claymores that were pretty equally matched (like if the teams in the battle of the north decided to spar or something). Something where you literally have no clue who’s going to win.

7. What is your favorite headcanon?

*googles what a headcanon is* lol oh god that’s so hard. Is deneve & helen being in a relationship a headcanon? I’m so bad at this lol 

8. What is one headcanon you have that is unpopular or not widely known?

oh god, um….. well, my headcanon for the longest time was that ilena(irene) was still alive & that rafaella let her live & that ended up being canon at the end lol so idk

9. Favorite awakened form?

I LOVE Miata’s. Riful comes at a close second though lol

10. If you could change one thing about the story, what would it be? What would the effects of that change?

I really didn’t want riful to die lol but I’m not sure if that would ever work out since obv the warriors would want to take her out eventually. in my reality they’d just leave her alone and she’d leave them alone… idk oh! maybe she escapes to the mainland? lol

im having the kind of night where i want to talk about my trauma out loud and in public but it sounds like some fucking edgelord backstory shit and i know it and i would spend the whole time being like “no one believes this” and also, it makes it really hard to talk about it naturally. but anyway. i’m fine. things are complicated and i’ve been having trauma nightmares for almost a month - @ my sleep disorder thank you i appreciate that you feel i need to process these memories and integrate them but repression was really working for me - but i’m going to be okay and i’m doing SO much better but……. i wanna talk about it but i know i would regret it! boy howdy do i need therapy but i don’t trust therapists enough to talk to them either! aaaargh!!!!

A Gorgeous D&D Character Portrait by Kim Sokol 

Chelbi commissioned this gorgeous portrait of her D&D character through ArtCorgi and we can’t stop looking at it. Kim Sokol did the art in her digital portrait style.

Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Chelbi

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art?

Chelbi ©: I’ve been playing this character in D&D and various tapletop games for a while now and had always wanted to have some sort of solid physical portrayal of her. Since my own art skills are minimal at best, I decided that commissioning a piece would be the best choice, but even then I wasn’t really sure how to go about doing that. 

Luckily I found ArtCorgi with a simple Google search and from there actually commissioning the piece was really simple.

AC: How did you go about selecting an artist/style?

C: Choosing an artist was probably the hardest part. There are a lot of different styles and everyone is insanely talented, but when I saw Kim’s work I just knew I wanted to order from her. She had the right amount of realism and it was clear she was experienced in fantasy portraits, so she was a great fit for what I wanted.

AC: What advice would you give to a friend who is commissioning art for the first time?

C: Commissioning art for the first time is kind of a scary experience, especially when you’re commissioning a portrait of someone who has, until then, existed solely in your head – and the only real advice I have for anyone considering it is to just do it! It can definitely be a surreal experience, but everyone I’ve been in contact with has been nothing but helpful and you can really tell that they want you to be as happy with the final piece as you want yourself to be. 

I can honestly say that I was surprised at just how smooth the entire process was, and all I can really say is that I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future and you definitely should too!

If you want your own portrait done by the talented Kim Sokol, you can do so from her commission style page or by clicking the button below!

anonymous asked:

I love You Know Better more and more every time a new part comes out, you're so good at writing Peter's character and I love how you've made their relationship develop in a noticeable but totally natural way, that's something I always find quite hard to get the balance of when I write but you do it so brilliantly!

Gah! You are amazing, thank you so much! 

I’m really trying to make their relationship at least kind of natural. I don’t feel like they could just jump into a relationship without some kind of long backstory and for once, I wanted to tell the backstory in full.

But really, you guys are great saying such nice things about me and this story. You guys are the reason I write this stuff so thank you so much!

diveremblem  asked:

If Adi has a tragic backstory I will be surprised, but I will also say Dorian annnnnd maybe Aban?

Adi’s Tragic Backstory is that he’s so beautiful but he’s living out in a magic forest and eating bugs. 

Aban was exiled from his home and forced to get by by himself in a shitty old shack (where some weird shitty things went down in before he got there, but that belongs with another character’s backstory) next to some shitty old fields while this shitty woman (Nashira) visited every couple of months to pester him about coming to live and travel with her.  

AND GOD Dorian’s Tragic Backstory™ is different depending on if you want the Headworld Version or the FR Version… but I’ll go with the FR Version (which is still in the works ugh) because I don’t want to sit here for the next 5 years writing the Headworld Version. 

Anyways, Nashira and Aban aren’t his bio parents. When Dorian was a child (maybe an infant) his pack was obliterated by… something. Military? Raiders? The Shade? Nobody knows, but Nashira and other wolves searched the ruins and found the gross little dog and took him home.    

anonymous asked:

When I ask about Resident Evil 1 analysis, I was actually thinking of a different kind of analysis like each character's profile, history, and who's the culprit behind various situation such as why is the T-virus being made in the first place? is zombie outbreak an accident or on purpose and is part of Umbrella's far bigger plan than it appeared to be?

Ahh, I see.  I’m admittedly not sure I really know enough to do something that detailed.  Like there’s a lot of the out-of-game continuity I’m unsure of.  For example, I only recently found out that there’s some sort of non-game source, a book or something I’d guess, that does confirm Rebecca surviving the first game, I know there’s a CG movie that deals with further adventures of Claire that I’ve never seen, etc.

Plus if I were going to do major backstory analysis vids, I’d probably want to wait until I had a few more games on the channel than just the first one.