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Two questions! A) what would be good motives for a prince villain BESIDES tragic backstory B) Any advice for writing a redemption arc?

Wow, I’m in love with this ask. Antagonist motivations? REDEMPTION ARCS? Yes please!!

Okay, so the plan is, I’m going to address the first question first and the second one second. I think that seems reasonable. This might get a little lengthy, I can feel it in the wind, so we’ll see at what point we’ll probably need a Read More.

Question A: (Princely) Villain Motivations

1. Perhaps the most obvious is, well, power. I know a lot of people get pretty tired of the whole “powerful villain wants more power/land/control/riches.” But the fact is, it makes sense, particularly for an antagonist that was raised in power. Keep in mind the kind of childhood this Prince might have had, and all the things they might have been told since they were young. Since they were a child, and during their most formative years, they were likely told time and again how it is their duty as the heir and future leader to uphold the reputation, stature, and altogether power of the entire kingdom. That’s quite a lot of pressure to be under, and it’s hard to get out from under that idea.

Now I’m caught up in the psychology of this trope so here are some points that are somewhat related.

- The first thing they have to fear is looking bad. A Prince is a public figurehead, many are looking to him. That’s a lot of people to disappoint. And when your only counsel is potentially people who are leading you askew, it’s hard to avoid counting on the wrong advice while under pressure.

- These people they could potentially disappoint are both people they personally care about (family/friends) and people that they are responsible for (the citizens)

- Particularly if it’s family applying the pressure, then this care stands to lose everything they have ever known of they try to stand for what they actually think.

2. Noble Ends: Maybe this character kind of has some good ideas or intentions, but for whatever reason, the execution is less than the best- as in, noble ends but evil means. This can take a number of forms, but often you see noble-ends/evil-means characters doing things like putting other people in danger if it means saving one specific character, etc. For every character, this can be different. This particular character is interesting because they are in a position of political and military power, meaning that things are pretty high stakes within their personal lives, the interior of the kingdom, and in their entire country’s relationship with other entire countries. I’m sort of going of the assumption here that you have an idea of the kinds of things your villain does, just not why. 

One of the most often quoted phrases I see about antagonists is that “every villain is a hero in their own minds.” Really take that into consideration for this option in particular, but really it applies to any antagonist.

3. “The Puppet King” Approach: By this I am referring to the trope where a political or powerful figure is actually just being used or manipulated by others with ill intentions. This can be the result of many things, such as straight up blackmail, or the controlling people having leverage over them (like hostages) or, if you want to connect it back to the first idea, through emotional manipulations.

- Blackmail: The controllers have something against them that, if revealed, could be disastrous for the character.

- Leverage: The controllers have something the character desperately needs or wants and are holding it over their heads.

- Emotional Manipulation: Borderline Tragic Backstory, and relating to the first idea, but the controllers could be telling the character terrible things in order to get them to do terrible things- perhaps they told them that they are useless or worthless if they don’t do these things, and this character craves the validation, attention, interaction, etc that comes with pleasing these people. 

4. “They’re Not Evil, They’re Just Misguided”:  Maybe this character is completely misinformed about the situation. This could be an elaborate manipulation on someone else’s part, or really no single person’s intention, but the product of the environment in which this character lives. It sort of ties back to “Noble ends and evil means”, except with a lot more deception and miscommunication going on. Keep in mind, they still have to make the choice to do some terrible things, so it’s not like they didn’t have bad intentions ever.

There’s also a few things you should keep in mind when writing a character like this.

First… if some of these ideas make it look like I am giving the “villain” something to be pitied, or like they have qualities or intentions that one could actually understand, or even an actual (gasp) tragic backstory, it’s because I actually am. If you want to write a good villain, and I mean a really good villain, they have to be just as complex and psychologically believable as the hero. Not only that, but it helps readers keep in mind that no one is just born with a gun in their hand and murder in their hearts. That layer of real tragedy is sometimes needed to show people that hey, this person fell real hard, and that is not just their personal tragedy, but a tragedy of the very world we all live in.

That being said, I am going to jump into my second thing to keep in mind… This villain can have understandable intentions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t gonna do villainous things. Make them do terrible, horrible, horrendous, awful, unforgivable things. After all, they aren’t really a “villain” if they don’t do entirely evil things sometimes. Yes, it kind of sucks that this person became this way, but now it’s a little too late. They are a threat that needs to be dealt with now, or they will only breed more tragedy. 

A villain’s “tragic backstory” only is meant to explain their actions, not to excuse them.

As for question two… I actually think I’m going to get back to you on that one. Redemption arcs deserve an entire post, because they are remarkably complex and I just can’t limit myself to only giving a handful of tips. I will be setting that post up probably later today, tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks for the questions, as always, and look for the redemption post on the horizon. 


So the other day I was looking back at some of my old Gem OCs I made a long time ago, and I decided that I might just redesign some of them! (And maybe give them a basic bio too)

I decided to start off w/ Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl first (since some friends and I on a su critical discord server are planning to do a dnd campaign some time soon w/ Gem characters)! Don’t get me wrong, her old design is super cute, but w/ making a backstory I gave her, I decided to give her a redesign that’d fit that.

(I also wanted to have her be yellow-green since most yellow Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyls are on the greener side)

(So my bio for her is under the cut if you wanna read all about it! It’d also help to read there, since I accidentally made this pic really small (so it’ll probably be very hard to read what I wrote jfdkdhkj))

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Finally able to sit down and babble about the newest chapter, because, guys, this was such a different chapter! We got to see a clash between Shigaraki’s villains and the new guy Overhaul, and the chapter ended on a short moment with All Might…

… but honestly, I don’t even want to talk about that. It’s awesome, it’s great, I can’t wait to see more, but here, I want to talk about this guy here:


Look at this cute, easily excited guy! A real nerd at heart, obviously, and I laughed out loud when I saw this panel. Dark villain-meeting or not – he’s more excited about the prospect of meeting a real yakuza.

I have to confess, I almost forgot that this fanboy is part of the league of villains. I remember him vaguely from the trainings camp, but not more. He’s Magne, or Hikishi Kenji if you want to know his real name, and he gets a few panels this chapter.


See this here? Nothing fanboy-ish here, huh? From what I’ve seen this chapter, Magne seems to be slightly cute and dorky when it comes to things that he likes – why does this remind me of Izuku a bit – but as soon as it gets serious, he has his head back in the game. He is ready to fight that yakuza, be it for Shigaraki as a boss he is loyal to or because he sees his dream getting endangered. Because his dream, guys, his dream – let me just say, this pulled at my heart strings when I saw it:


This is a friend of Kenji. We don’t know her name, and he describes her as shy and timid – and the first thing I thought was: “Is this Tiger from the Pussy Cats?”

But nope, it’s not. It’s not Tiger, but still, it seems as if Magne’s friend is a transgender woman – and honestly, suddenly I wish Magne and Tiger would have had met under different circumstances, with the possibility to talk and get to know each other. Because look at what Magne’s reason for becoming a villain is:


Magne wants to be free of chains. Possibly, most likely, the chains society gives people. And with the fact that one of his good friends (a friend that stays his friend even though he is a wanted criminal) seems to be transgender, I dare believe that Magne means the chain society puts not only on him, but on people who are different – different gender, different sexuality – simply people that are viewed as “not normal” by some dumb people in society.


That’s a big deal, at least for me. A very big deal. Because – what is wrong with that goal?


Exactly. Nothing. Everyone should be free of chains, should have the chance to be who they really are, and there is nothing wrong about that.

Magne’s whole reason to become a villain is because he wanted to give people freedom, and because he couldn’t think of a legal way to achieve that goal, he is ready to fight the whole hero society.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone. Him being a criminal, attacking people, attacking even the students of U.A., is far from okay. And if I remember correctly, he even committed murder before joining the league of villains. That is not okay, and his goal doesn’t make any of that better.

But his deeper wish for freedom – I think there is really nothing wrong about that. Especially not if that wish was born because Magne wished for equality for everyone.

And just when I am this close to melting and basically adopted this guy (never mind the murder part), this happens:


Like… Horikoshi, why do you make me love this character in a few panels when you kill him off right after that? Why? My heart is fragile, you know, it doesn’t handle such pain that well!

Basically, I find a new good character, and he dies right after.

Karma? Perhaps.

Anyway, I now dearly wish for Tiger to find out about Magne’s death and that Magne’s friend and Tiger somehow meet. Not only did the two – Magne and Tiger, I mean – fight each other, and, if I remember correctly, Magne even tried to do some Small Talk during that fight, but also I just… I just want there to be someone who comforts Magne’s friend when she hears about his death. Someone who will protect her in Magne’s stead, you know? I really hope for that.

At least give me that, Horikoshi, after you just broke my heart.

Updated thoughts on upcoming OITNB Season5

As the dawn of the new season of OITNB slowly approaches I have some thoughts and theories that I wish to share with all of you. So far we don’t have a lot to go on. We have nothing. No teaser, no promos, nothing. They are really being tight lipped about this however every now and then we get a vague behind the scenes photo that doesn’t tell us shit about shit.  So based on what has come out what do we know so far?

1. Laura is directing a sex scene between her and Taylor an episode.

2. There’s an episode called “Tattoo You”

3. The episodes take place within a span of 3 days.

4. In BTS photos BlackCindy and Abdullah are wearing guards uniforms and Linda from purchasing is wearing a prison uniform. (hmm interesting)

So what can we deduce from this?

Obviously tensions are still going to be very high as its going to take place right where season 4 left off. Not only were the black girls pissed over Poussey’s death but they are now hysterical thanks to Caputo’s complete and utter stupidity for not only throwing Poussey under the bus and not naming her but making Bailey the victim. So who’s going to be the villains next season? MCC and Caputo.

In my opinion the inmates are taking over the prison. Black girls are taking charge. Judy King, Humps, Mchullough (cant spell her name), and Linda will be hostages.

Lets face it Daya is not pulling the trigger because if she was they would’ve shown it. The way I see it this situation is going to end in one of two ways. The first way being Gloria is either going to talk her down which will make Daya reconsider what she’s doing and in that split second of doubt Humps might lunge for the weapon and a scuffle might take place causing the gun to probably go off. Or the gun might not go off and Tasty might somehow get a hold of it.

The second way might seem a bit farfetched than the first. Piper steps in as the voice of reason. Talking to everyone very similar to the way she talked to Bailey so he wouldn’t go into C dorm while the black girls were grieving. She’ll try to calm things Humps will seize an opportunity to take the gun, a scuffle will take place, the gun goes off and hits Piper. Now the only reason I say this is a possibility  because 1.Piper can never stay out of other people’s business and 2. This supports the claim that Piper will suffer from a near death experience.

But again this is pretty farfetched and I want to say a 10 to 15 percent probability.

Now the question of flashbacks. OITNB is known for its backstory telling so will we get some backstories in season 5? Personally I think they should hold off on the backstories a bit because if this season takes place within a span of 3 days its going to be all about the prison riot and too many flashbacks would lose the intensity of what’s going on in the present time. If they’re going to do flashbacks they should be minimal and serve a purpose. Flashbacks that I expect we will see in the future if not this season: Piscatella, Frieda, Kakudio, and Sanky.

I also want to say I’m really happy with the choice of allowing the next season to take place over a span of three days because this allows Piper to be able to stick around for the next couple of seasons. I’ll be honest I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out how they’re going to stretch Piper’s time. Because she came in with only a year of prison time then she committed perjury when she lied on the witness stand so I don’t know if we’re counting that as more time or what. Time on this show is so hard to keep track of. And if you go by Daya’s pregnancy Piper has already been in there a little over 9 months.  But overall I think a 3 day period was a good choice because it allows Piper more time on the show. Since the show started with Piper I think it should end with Piper.

Moving on to our lovely Laura Prepon and Alex Vause Laura is directing episode 10 of season 5. Now the only speculation I can make about this is she’s directing an episode that’s moving towards the climax and conclusion of the season so I imagine this episode is going to be pretty important. You can’t tell me that with Laura directing this episode there isn’t gonna be any Vauseman action in this. Sex, flashback, whatever. We’re getting Vauseman goddammit. I also get the feeling that the episode that Laura is directing is going to tie into episode 12 “Tattoo You.”

With the announcement of Laura’s pregnancy I’m wondering what this means for Alex.  But as much as it pains me I feel like something is going to happen to Alex and I’m thinking maybe SHU or Max.

This is what I have so far. Hopefully we’ll get a teaser or something soon we’ll probably get something by late February early March. Here’s hoping.

Beauty and the Beast - Thoughts

Okie so this is going to be a long post, just a heads-up. There may be unintentional spoilers, and if anything I’ve said is offensive I’m really sorry, the last thing I want to do is to offend anyone… But basically here is everything I loved about this movie after seeing it yesterday.

- All the backstory was great! Things that didn’t make sense in the original were explained, like how the village totally forgot about this castle, and why the Beast had emotional issues, and the whole age thing under the spell.

- Some minor characters got their own backstories and personalities fleshed out - Cadenza the harpsichord and Madame Garderobe, Mrs Potts’ husband, Cogsworth’s wife…

- Maurice was really well developed. He wasn’t just a bumbling inventor, he was an artist, a genius, a caring father, and I really loved the relationship between him and Belle. ‘How Does A Moment Last Forever’ was beautiful, it said so much in so little time; and getting some backstory on Belle’s mother was also great.

- Philippe the horse has officially earned his awesomeness ranking among the Maximuses and Samsons of Disney horsedom (I mean he already had in the original, but having a real horse made it even better)

- Belle’s girl power vibe was great - the way she stood up to Gaston, and how sassy her reprise was

- The librarian (he’s a librarian right? There were about four books but I guess it’s still a library…) - I won’t call him “the black librarian” or anything, that’s like saying “the female politician” - but I liked his character, how he defended Maurice, and that yes, he was a person of colour, which was awesomesauce.

- Also in general the ethnic diversity in the movie was well done, I thought. There were several mixed-race couples toward the end and everyone was chill with it, so I think that was great.

- Gaston’s character arc was excellent! I loved how he wasn’t really evil at the beginning, just extremely narcissistic, but then took a darker path later on…

- The enchantress got her own story too! No spoilers but she was a cool character

- Belle and Adam bonding over books was beautiful - I loved the Shakespeare references and the poetry, even if it was borderline cheesy at times

- Adam’s reaction when Belle says her favourite play is Romeo and Juliet - hahahahaha

- But then how he reads Guinevere and Lancelot in secret - aahhh <3

- Oh and Belle’s squeal when she sees the library - I would so do the same…

- Dan Stevens’ acting rocked in general. Obviously I was expecting that because Downton Abbey, but he really added new depth to the Beast.

- I’ll admit it, I thought Emma Watson was a bit overhyped as an actress, but she was amazing. I was proven totally wrong and it was great.

- By the way, about Gaston’s Macbeth reference (“screw your courage to the sticking place”) - I know this was in the original, but does that mean he does read books upon occasion? Not the sappy romances, but the dark and gory ones?

- The new songs were great - the part with young Adam gave me goosebumps, as did, like, the whole of Evermore

- Also the Beast got really emo toward the end there, haha

- I was a bit sad that one of my favourite lines was cut - “Lefou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking”, “a dangerous pastime -” “I know” - but it was okay.

- LEFOU!!! Okay, I’ve been building up to this, I could make an entire separate post about it so bear with me here. I was amongst those getting mad about an LGBT Disney character, for a whole bunch of reasons. The fact that his name literally means the Fool; that he’s your classic imbecilic sidekick; that he’s in love with a self-obsessed straight guy who does nothing but abuse him in return; that Disney is using him as some kind of marketing scheme and token “representation” (gee thanks Disney); that he’s pretty much just a joke, and that his sexuality is therefore made into a joke as well. But… I was proven really wrong about, like, all of this. Disclaimer, I’m not part of the LGBT community, so I realise I have no authority to speak on this… but I thought he was portrayed really well. He was so much more than just a stupid sidekick, so much more than the comic relief, so much MORE than the “token gay character”. He had real personality, his own values and character arc and everything… And the relationship between him and Gaston wasn’t really abusive, not at the beginning. They actually had a nice bond toward the start, Lefou wasn’t just some hopeless obedient guy following him around… And the best part was that when Gaston went from being narcissistic to being plain evil, Lefou had real integrity, he saw Gaston’s true colours and stepped right out of it. He stood up for what he believed in, and got his own happy ending. As for him being nothing more than a joke - I think it depends on the audience. People /could/ take him as just the comic relief, I heard plenty of people laughing at the beautiful moment where he dances with Stanley… But that was up to the viewer. Josh Gad acted him excellently, I thought. Lefou wasn’t a serious character - he was never meant to be - but the actor took the role seriously, so that if audiences looked past the humour, they could see the depth he’d added to him. Tl;dr - Josh Gad exceeded my expectations as Lefou and it was wonderful. 

- Not only that, Lefou got some of the best lines in the movie - the part where he tries to spell Gaston but realises he’s illiterate; the part where he calms Gaston by reminding him of “happy things, like war, and widows”; and how he tells those girls fawning over Gaston “It’s not gonna happen, ladies” (we were all thinking it)

- Which reminds me - STANLEY!! My new favourite minor Disney character… His face when Lefou sings “whose team they’d prefer to be on” and doffs him on the head; the way he grins when Madame Garderobe dresses him in girls’ clothing; and of course the part where he and Lefou dance - how they stare into each other’s eyes… Aahhh I ship it

- The whole symbolism about being a beast was super deep

- Oh and Stephen Chbosky wrote the screenplay! I didn’t realise until the end, but I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyway, overall I loved this movie, it was amazing and beautiful, and really did justice to the original… I’d recommend very muchly if you haven’t already seen it! :D

Hey y'all! It’s been a while since I’ve made a personal post, but I really want to apologize for not replying to messages as much as I used to or being as active on here as I was before.

I’m going through some really tough times now–I know this might sound super edgy or something, but I haven’t been doing very well mental health-wise. For those who aren’t familiar with my Sad and Tragic Backstory™, I come from a very abusive household and my time living there has taken its toll on me through things like PTSD and bipolar disorder. It takes a lot of energy for me to get out of bed, let alone interact with others, but I am trying my very best to get back on my feet again!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all your support for Puu; the story means a lot to me, and I’m glad that it’s bringing many people happiness. I never expected it to be received so well, so it’s a pleasant surprise every week when I see people’s tags, comments, and messages about how they enjoy Puu. All your support keeps me going, not only art-wise, but also in life! You all make things a little easier for me and put a smile on my face the times I need it the most.

Thank you for sticking with me! I hope you all can continue to enjoy my art and that I can keep on creating the things I love.

Wishing you all well! xoxoxo

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dad more wolf gang au please!

Taehyung doesn’t remember their first meeting.

Yoongi could never forget it.

Yoongi’s wolf never wanted to forget it.

The way deep brown doe eyes lit up with excitement as a little boy, not much older than six years old, ran up to the too large creature on the streets with a smile so bright it put the sun to shame. The wolf side of Yoongi always whined quietly as it thought back to the way the little boy had giggled and gently raised his hand to run small fingers through its midnight black fur, ignoring the way the creature growled in warning.

No one had ever touched him so softly before.

It was as if the little boy thought the wolf was the most beautiful thing on the entire planet. Nothing like the sneers and horrified looks it had been used to. No one, not even Yoongi’s own parents, shone with the same love as the little boy had when he happily, loudly, squealed out;


Yoongi doesn’t remember their second meeting.

Taehyung remembers it every night.

The younger remembers the way he’d been so lonely, walking to an empty home, as he thought of the money he didn’t have for food and what he could maybe steal to help him make ends meet. Taehyung would always think back to the familiar growls he’d heard and the longing that filled his heart as it sung to his soul when he slowly approached the black mass curled up at the base of a nearby tree. 

The wolf had been injured badly, deep gashes tearing at it’s legs and snout, but also seemed to be healing itself slowly. 

The then fifteen year old had no idea what to do to help so he did the only thing he could think of. The boy slowly reached out a hand to let the wolf sniff at it slowly. When he’d been sure the creature wouldn’t attack he tossed down his bag and sat next to it all night as the creature slept, making sure the wolf knew it wasn’t alone, making sure Taehyung himself knew he was also no longer alone. 

“Your wolf loved me from the moment it met me”

Taehyung’s voice laces with the night in a playful dance as he wings his and Yoongi’s locked hands together between them and the elder rolls his eyes, his cheeks only slightly pink at the boy’s teasing.

“It’s an animal, Taehyung.” Yoongi sighs out. “It doesn’t understand love.”

Taehyung stops to frown at Yoongi. He wasn’t dumb, of course, the younger understood the two sides of his soul partner. Taehyung knew there was Yoongi, human and filled with annoyance that simmered into love for him, and then there was The Shadow. There’s was the wolf side of the elder that was nothing but a wild beast hell bent on ripping the throats of anyone that pissed it off. Yoongi had constantly explained The Shadow had no feelings besides anger, rage, and bloodlust but the younger knew better.

Taehyung had seen other emotions years back when he’d been walking through the woods near his home and stumbled across the large injured creature.

Taehyung had seen hope, he’d seen warmth, he’d seen trust as he gently kneeled before the whining creature with an outstretched hand and a whispered “Puppy”.

“That’s not true.” The younger sticks his tongue out at the elder. “He loved me, why else would he have imprinted on me when I was a little boy?

Yoongi smirks playfully.

“Maybe because he knew you were an annoying little shit that would join a gang by accident and need someone to constantly save your ass.”


(I know there isn’t a bunch of gang related stuff in this but i needed to get some backstory out on them so yeah pls forgive if you wanted something really gang like i’ll try and do more soon!)

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Can you tell me more about your tmnt crystal gems au? Like gem placement, headcanons, just whatever you feel like sharing! I really loved the fusion posts and I've been thinking about the AU a lot I lowkey (highkey) want to draw some fan art whenever you get around to telling us about the designs a bit! You're super talented keep up the awesome work!!

Hello! It took a while to get back to this bc I hadn’t quite worked out the gems for everyone. I have now, though! Because you reminded me to, lmao. also if anyone wants to get technical about the meanings or whatever of the gems I picked please don’t, I’m a lowly fic writer and did minimal research and don’t care to get super deep about things, thanks.

Alright, so I wrote that one ficlet a while back about Donnie and April, and they were the only two I had for sure down with what gems they were. (I’ll recap them tho, in case folks missed it.)

Donnie = Purple Pearl. (because of reasons.) Gem placement is his forehead.

April = Yellow (or was it gold?) Tourmaline. Gem placement is her hip.

Raph = Pyrope. Gem placement is the back of his right hand.

Leo = Blue Iolite. Gem placement is between his shoulder blades.

Mikey = Jasper. (like, similar to canon Jasper, but smol like Amethyst ended up.) Gem placement is his chest, also like Amethyst.

Casey = (tentatively, may change if I feel like it) Onyx. Gem placement is his left palm.

Splinter = Fire agate. Gem placement is the same as Mikey’s.

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They essentially move from planet to planet once the whole crew is together and have interstellar travel once again, staying outside the range of the crumbling empire’s reach, but mostly hang out on one specific planet that’s got very little sentient life on it. Very relaxing for a collection of people who really need to calm down sometimes. except Casey who is raring to go any time all the time and needs to be stopped

And here’s some descriptions and stuff, because hell yes I’d love fanart pls and thank you:

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Fairy Tail Chapter 525 Review

Lets get into Fairy Tail: Why his majesty’s child was not loved

So chapter opens with the first chapter of Fairy Tail. Awww. Want to see me ruin this because actually there are a few canonical issues.

Bora was actually looking directly at Natsu when this happened, Natsu didn’t even look at Lucy rather he was looking at Bora. Also Lucy was behind Bora while staring at Natsu. Really the most consistent thing is Lucy’s boobs in the first chapter were slightly smaller than they are now.

This was their direct meeting, you should’ve used this.

We open with Gildarts vs August. Pretty much the only Spriggan fight that hasn’t ended in 3 chapters and is total bullshit.

So after Judo tossing Gildarts Augusts begins on repeat asking why his majesty’s child never received love. And get used to it folks he’s on repeat this whole chapter.

Again I’ve said this before, I like that Cana is getting involved but the sad truth is, she is nowhere August or Gildarts level. She may be S-class worthy but these two are just so above her that Cana trying to help will most likely not amount to anything other than make Gildarts try harder.

We cut first to Larcade crawling upon the ground and then, cut to FT’s guild where Natsu is getting darkness punched in the face.

Okay Question. Larcade was scene made a appearance at the universe one battlefield but with Irene’s death universe one wore off and everything returned to where it was. I guess I’m asking did that only count for the continent because the people were clearly moved around. So shouldn’t Larcade go back to Mt. Zonia where he was when Universe one was first activated? I guess not because Lucy and Natsu didn’t return to that ditch where they met August. Also why didn’t Sabertooth bind this up? Did Sting just look at his bloodied corpse and say “not worth it”?

Back to the story

So Natsu and Zeref are still fighting until, ugh, Mavis contacts them. Now to be fair she does give the order of stay away from the guild because Larcade will use one of his pleasure magics and it will effect everyone in the area. Good advice Mavis.

OR AT LEAST IT WOULD BE IF SHE DIDN’T ACT LIKE HER USUAL MAVIS SELF! I pretty much said that the Larcade’s magic would hurt everyone in a range which is true but Mavis doesn’t bother to explain that, she just speaks in her usual faux wisdom and asks people to trust in her.

Okay I actually really like that move Natsu just did. Natsu’s always has been hand-to-hand but not much of a grappler, so just seeing him grab Zeref and punch him to the ground is brutal.

I’m with Natsu on this one

I’d make a joke like “what no tentacle hentai for natsu?” But really he is still a virgin so pleasure wouldn’t work, soul of the wicked meal wouldn’t work because there isn’t anyone to canabalize, leaving only RIP.

Natsu Stop Hitting yourself. Oh wait you need to live, never mind.

So in Zeref’s anger we get a flashback

Oh no. Okay Laracde is my favorite spriggan and if you want to know why please just read this post I made. But I’ll say here’s one of the big reasons I can’t get too much into Larcade it because of how iffy his origin is. We know Mavis and Zeref kissed and then she died there was no sign of recreation. Now if your reading this you’ll say “What I thought people didn’t want FT to be a hentai” well if this is going to be a big plot point in the future it should’ve been explicit that the two had sex because with the stuff we’ve been given the only way for them to have had sex was while kissing Zeref just inserted himself which is very iffy or, God Forbid, he had sex with her dead body.

And Zeref up and kills Larcade in the present. So much for the love between parent and child.

Post Chapter follow up: I wanted to like this chapter a lot, I really did but man…

Okay I want to get with the biggest problem in this chapter and probably the only problem in this chapter stuff happens but not really. Nothing gets done this chapter. We have this theme of “why does his majesty not love his child” and we get no answers. Zeref talks about protecting humanity but curse of contradiction effect on him but it goes nowhere. We get a backstory about Hades operating and finding Larcade in Mavis but again just goes nowhere.

On to the positives, This Chapter had some nice action. Zeref vs Natsu is still even matched no OP ability what so ever and I do find it nice how we get Fire Dragon’s Roar this chapter, one confirming he still is a dragon slayer, but two, because that’s the first spell Natsu used in the series. Also Gildarts vs August is still good but again no ground is really gained either side I’d understand if people weren’t a big fan of it.

I’m glad were bringing back Larcade’s plot point because damnit there’s been too many forgotten this arc.

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • Nothing bad happens this chapter but nothing really does happen
  • The action is solid
  • Just lukewarm chapter

This was actually my first time cosplaying at a convention. I’ve been going to #C2E2 and other comic conventions for years, but have never dressed up! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but could never find the time for it! This year I told myself I had to do it no matter how busy I was.

I knew I wanted to be a character from #RickandMorty because the show is FILLED with such awesome, unique characters. I’ve always felt very inspired by it! Such a brilliant show. I decided on #ScaryTerry because he’s such a memorable character with a great backstory. I also knew I only had a couple days to pump something out, and he only required a mask and some gloves! I was inspired by his dream of being late to class and pantless and knew I could really play that up at the show. I was basically living his nightmare being at a huge convention filled with people staring at me without pants!

I sculpted the mask out of clay, molded it, ran it in Dragon Skin silicone and painted it with Skin Illustrator. I also threw together some gloves the same day by cutting and painting tiny swords out of foam and glueing them to some leather gloves. The day of the convention I was running late and ended up doing a lot of my makeup while I was driving to the show (super dangerous, don’t recommend)! I basically just painted my body fuscia and added drips of silicone to my arms.

The response was great and I can’t wait to cosplay again!! There was even a little girl who was probably 8 years old who yelled “Scary Terrrry!!!” and asked for a pic with me. I thought it was hilarious that this cute little girl loved this gross character who says BITCH all the time. Can’t wait to bring more Rick and Morty characters to life!


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How would Akashi's Teiko-scientist-creator-person, the one featured in You Could Never Wear My Crown, have reacted to finding out that Akashi called Masaomi 'father'? I'm sorry if you've already addressed this at some point, I looked but I couldn't find anything. (I love your stories and they bring joy to my life, particularly this latest arc you've started because it talks about Youji and his background, and Youji is an amazing person!!!)

0102 drifts in and out of consciousness, and he has lost too much of himself. He hears voices, but does not fully understand what is said.

“—sure that we should have done this. He was adopted by Akashi Masaomi, after all, and Akashi-san is not someone who we should anger—”

“Don’t be absurd. Akashi is a pragmatist, I doubt there is any emotional attachment we need to be concerned about.”


“And anyway, you give that businessman too much credit as an adversary. He is not a threat to us.”

0102 stirs, and he is not fully aware of where his own words are coming from when he says, “You should not underestimate my father.”

There is a long silence, followed by an incredulous exclamation of, “Your father? You don’t have a father. You were created in a lab; I designed you. Don’t be sentimental, 0102.”

In the eyes of the law I am not your guardian but your father. It’s a trite and antiquated title to express forced familial bonds we really should have moved past as a society by now, but it’s important to keep up appearances for the lesser folk.

“I am not being sentimental,” Seijuurou says, returning to himself just a little as he focuses on the man who created him. “In the eyes of the law, he is my father.”

The scientist looks almost dumbfounded. “You can’t expect me to believe you think he’s going to save you.”

“No,” Seijuurou says. I expect you to be able to handle yourself in any situation, Seijuurou. If you need me to bail you out then you wouldn’t be an Akashi. “I do not expect him to come for me. I only meant that you would be wiser not to make him your enemy.”

“Why, 0102, you continue to surprise me. Have you really formed some sort of familial attachment?”

“Don’t be absurd.” Let me tell you something about family, Seijuurou. Bonds created by blood ties or love will only ever let you down. In the end, the only bond worth forging is solidified by mutual respect. “He is not my family. But he does have something you will never have.”

“I can’t wait to find out what.”

“My respect.”

There is another long silence, and the man who created him just stares down, with cold calculation. “Clearly, 0102, today’s session has not worked properly. We will have to start all over again.”


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do danny sexbang and ninja brian have backstories? is there NSP lore that i can read into?

Dan does give some more in I Just Want to Dance. He says he was the toughest fucking ninja that anyone has ever seen and that he killed a king and changed the course of European history. But after all this killing he decided ninja'ing didn’t really make him happy and that he really just wants to dance. And also bone a lot, which is not said in the song but is pretty obvious. That’s about as much backstory as you’re gonna get.

Ninja Brian is a mystery, we just know that he’s been with Dan during Dan’s ninja days if you go by the song and that he’s there killing during the recap. So they’ve been best friends forever, which is also a good song for lore on their relationship.

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do you guys have any tips for developing realistic group dynamics with characters?

Great question! We each took the time to answer below. 

Gabi: This was is a tough one. It’s one of my favorite things about my writing when I get it right. I do have some tips but what works for me may not always work for you.

First of all, I think understanding each character is one of the most important things you can do. Spend a lot of time working on each character’s backstory, personality, habits, pet peeves, family, and anything else you can think of. Really understand each character before putting them in a group situation.

Secondly, I think reflecting on reality can really help. How are you with family and friends, how do you speak to each other, what’s your humor like, how do you interact and what not. You want to breathe as much reality as you can into the story.

Next, write a lot with them. Before putting them in a plotted out story or book, it might do some good to write a bit of dialogue between some or all of the characters. Write little pieces of them doing something mundane together like getting ice cream or sitting down to watch a movie. Another thing is really letting everything flow. What I mean by this is not forcing any character or relationship be a certain way: that can be disastrous. Let your characters think for themselves as if they were a real person rather than your own personal robot.

Lastly, I say to make sure you have enough people who are different and similar. Don’t make two characters completely alike or so opposite they would never get along. In real life in real friend groups, people are usually mixed up, and they usually have some similar world views (but not exactly the same) and some people will have interests that maybe none else in the group has. For example, you may have five characters in a friend group and two of them may be really really different but they have three others between them to keep everything balanced.

Alright, that’s all I have for you guys. I definitely think understanding your characters and writing with the group a lot are the two most important ones. I really liked this question, and it really made me think about each group of friends I write about and whether they work or not and how I got them to where they are. I hope this helps someone and feel free to talk to us about anything we’ve said or ask if you’re curious or in need of help. Love you guys! 😘

Sarah: I’ve found this to be one of the most difficult (and most rewarding) aspects of writing stories with numerous main characters.

Firstly, I think it’s really important to go really in depth with each of the characters separately. Get to know them, map out what their likes and dislikes are, what they look for in friends and partners, etc. Once you know all of these things, start writing pieces with all of the characters together. It, however, is equally important to not build the characters around each other. They must be their own people outside of this group.

Next, practice dialogue and natural reactions. These are key. If you characters speak how people speak in real life, it will feel more natural. If you include their natural reactions and physical actions in their interactions, it will feel more natural. It is also worth remembering how real people act in groups of friends. What types of people generally group together?

Finally, making letting the group develop on its own throughout the fiction without any preset agenda of romantic interests, etc. will allow the relationships to develop naturally and ultimately feel more realistic. This also means not creating a single character and then building an empty social circle around them of one-dimensional side characters. That’s not really a group dynamic.

Alright, thanks for asking this! I’m really glad I got to go into this topic. Hopefully, you found this helpful!

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With Volume 4 done let’s talk about hopes for v5
  • Some indication of Jaune’s semblance please??? I’ve been waiting for this since v1
  • STRQ backstory. I don’t expect the entire thing but like maybe how Qrow and Raven joined beacon or some insight on how Summer died would be nice
  • Less fake-outs with character deaths. I get it no character is safe thats not RWBY but its kinda annoying and my poor heart can’t take much
  • This maybe only me, but like I want Yang to go after her Mom, idk I feel like she needs more development (emotionally and mentally, cause this volume has shown she’s gotten better at fighting) before she meets up with the rest of her team.
  • For two members for RWBY to meet up next volume. If you hyped up the team separating then make them apart for awhile. I’m glad that they didn’t meet up this volume, but like with all the tension and shit going on I can’t imagine all of RWBY reuniting at once and being okay. 
  • Backstory on Ozpin and/or Oscar.
  • For Mercury and Emerald to do something.
  • Another maiden please
  • Winter and Qrow interacting. It doesn’t have to shippy or anything I just want more of them.
  • We got a good chunk of Pyrrha angst this volume, but you know what we can use more of? Penny angst. Where the hell is your creator.
  • Team SSSN
  • If Salem is the big bad, I want to see some of her power. I want to see a glimpse of how powerful this chick is, make me scared of her. Make me fear for Ruby’s sake. 

Miraculous Defenders - WIP: The squad in the caves.

“I really don’t think we should be out here” Adrien mumbled under his breath, barely attempting to resist the tugging at his sleeve anymore.

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I know it won’t happen, but instead of both Jon and Sansa wearing new wardrobe as the season starts, I’m wishfully hoping we get a “New dress?” parallel in season 7 when Jon spots Sansa’s new dress.

Sansa would answer, “Yes, do you like?” as she did in the previous season.

Jon smiles and awkwardly stumbles on his words, “Y-Yeah, i like the ring…and the two wolves…bit.”

Sansa grins, “Good! I had some armor made for you,” rendering an awkward Jon speechless and emotional that Sansa had this beautiful Stark armor made for him.

Honestly, I just really want/need some backstory to Jon acquiring that Stark armor

anonymous asked:

Perry, do you think you'll ever tell Heinz any of your backstories? I know you probably can't right now, what with the probation and all, but what about after?

I mean, once his probation’s up and he’s officially not a villain anymore and part of O.W.C.A. I don’t really have any secrets I’m required to keep from him. 

He’s a bit scatterbrained and tends to run at the mouth so it’s probably not a great idea for him to spend a lot of time with my family in case he mentions anything about y’know, being a secret agent now, but as far as backstories, well…there’s lots of things I want to to tell him, like about my family and reasons why I couldn’t do or say certain things before with him. 

But there’s also a lot of fear that if I tell him some of the not-so-happy backstories I have, he won’t….view me the same. 

It’d definitely change his perception of me, to see his former nemesis with a reputation for being fearless with an iron grip on my emotions, as a PTSD-riddled wreck. And I don’t want to lose him because he learns I’m not really who he thinks I am…

Thanks for the ask. -P

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Hi! Now that the series is over, is there more you can tell us about its construction and the way it developed over time? Like what was planned from the very beginning, what did you come up with as you went, is there anything you had to drop or change radically? I'm always fascinated by the way a story changes between its conception and its completion and how major plot points can shift

Yes, thank you for asking! I’ve wanted to do a retrospective post of some sort about the whole thing but I sort of don’t know where to start, it was such an EXPERIENCE that took over my mind entirely for a while there.

Short version is: I saw fan art and thought it was cute and since I thought the dynamic could be fun for the sort of humor/porn themes I was into in my last fandom I started writing a fic with nothing really in mind beyond ‘here’s what happens when Hux rescues Ren.’ It immediately was not a humor fic, for whatever reason, and about five pages into it (this was the first chapter of Life Sentence) I started to get really into the Hux POV and backstory in a way I hadn’t anticipated. I think I was nearly finished with that first chapter when I decided I also wanted to do a hurt/comfort story where Ren rescues Hux from a terrible situation and spends some time helping him get back on his feet. I’d also spent a lot of the previous year thinking about prison fic ideas and coming up with nothing fandom-based or original that I really wanted to write. At one point I’m pretty sure I woke up in the middle of the night and was like ‘what if this is all one fic, a continuation of the chapter I just wrote.’

I think it was around the time I came up with Pella (so when I was making notes toward the second chapter, I think shortly before I posted the first one) that everything started falling into place in my head and I realized I wanted to write this huge story about Hux going to prison, how the hurt/comfort interlude between the first and third parts would work, and how I would incorporate Ren reconciling uncomfortably with his family for the purposes of defeating Snoke while Hux dealt with a trial and prison life. I started working on my notes toward how this would all play out nonstop and in January was constantly writing scenes and shifting things around. I had the big picture of the conclusion of the first part, the tensions in the hurt/comfort scenario during the second part, and the plot of the third part planned out, but there were a lot of details I still needed to work out as I was posting the first installment.

Originally Hux was going to remain in prison at the end of the story, but pretty early on I was already iffy on that and thinking about how else I could end things. I had this scene in mind where Ren comes to see Hux on the roof of the Tower right after defeating Snoke and Hux is just like ‘fuck you’ and very cold to him– a lot of my original idea for the third part was based on Hux remaining very cold to Ren because he blamed Ren for his imprisonment and also for ‘trying to kill him.’ But in the process of writing Ceasefire I realized that Hux thinking that Ren was behind the attack rather than Snoke wasn’t going to work, since Ren reveals a lot about how Snoke can control him to Hux during Ceasefire and Hux would be smart enough to figure out that Ren didn’t just randomly turn on him. A lot of Under the Ruins details came into focus while I was doing the actual draft chapters of Ceasefire.

Some details were really vague in my outline until March/April– I knew Snoke was this ancient Force user who had jumped from body to body for centuries since the start but didn’t come up with the ‘Snoke gets defeated through healing’ thing until I think I was already posting parts of Ruins. I just had ‘Snoke is defeated’ in my notes generally. Waffled about Ren losing an arm or not basically up until I was working on the draft of that chapter, and the gold tooth thing was something that popped into the narrative as I was working, too. Some details like the last appearance of Chewie were there in my original notes for Ruins, though (once I figured out that Hux was going to escape, and how– lol I remember being excited about the fighting ring idea. Now I feel like I could have come up with a better way to give Hux conjugal visits (which were so important to my initial thoughts about Hux’s imprisonment! And I think originally Ren was going to use his powers to get in? But then I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t just break Hux out, beyond ‘he feels indebted to his family’ and in that sense the timing of Ren not getting these visits until after he’d ‘defeated’ Snoke and lost access to his powers for a time came into the plan), but I did ultimately like the way that worked with Hux having temporary access to Ren’s powers. 

So this is turning into not such a short version, but basically: the framework for what I was trying to do was there since almost the very beginning (lonely villains falling for each other in part 1, fragile hurt/comfort bonding in part 2, aftermath of crisis and facing what they’d done as they tried to get back to each other in part 3), but the details and plot mechanics evolved as I worked on the actual draft, especially with all the Force mysticism stuff in the latter parts of Ruins. I tend to write like this, where I trust the details of my major plot points (’[defeat Snoke here],’ etc.) to come into focus as I work on the actual drafts, and sometimes it works! Thanks for asking, it’s a great question.


RED VS BLUE - Part 3 (A-Support) 

With Brandon @sakudrew

cameo Wunibald @soundlessroom @soundlessreblogs (QwQ forgive me idk which is your main one lolz)

This one one was probably one of longest comic I worked on! I wanted to try a more complicated and srs style for better emotions and textures X’’’D wtf am i talking about? It’s also has some of Haku’s backstory and the gloves, I haven’t been able to fully explain it till now. lolololz 

P.S. don’t worry Haku’s not dead, he’s just passed out from blood loss and probs hungry

I was going for a shaking effect that gets hazier towards the end to symbolize Haku losing consciousness.

((Which also has him hallucinating caressing Xander when really it was Brandon honhonhon))

They do a blood oath with Brandon’s injured hand and the one Haku just stabbed himself

If it was a bit confusing to understand here’s the gist of it:

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