I want some backstory on this. I really do

Hey I’m starting a dnd campaign

I. Really love dnd so im starting a campaign to flex my DM skills. If you like rping? I’m into that shit and I’ve got some super cool stories planned out. You want a character with a really cool complicated backstory? HELL YEAH I’m into that! Are you interested in some SUPER LGBT worldbuilding? IM INTO THAT! 

I’m going to cap it at seven people. Send me an *ask* and I will respond with a link to the discord I’m using. After I get seven people I’m capping it, because that’s a ridiculous amount of people. we don’t do anything tonight but 

PLEASE only inquire if:

-you can commit to one night a week. We’ll discuss which night, but it’ll be one night a week. Missing a night here and there is fine, but like. if you’re gonna be missing more often than not? Maybe reconsider! 

-You’re ok with voice chat! 

-You’d enjoy a campaign with an invested rp element! I mean, if you’re just looking for a “kill bad guys and rake in gold,” that’s not what I’m doing here. I’m planning on some good fights! But rping and talking to NPCs will be important too! I’m all about those goofs though, it can be both serious and funny. 




It. Is. DONE! It was as if the Gods did not want me to finish this part, but I finally did it. (cries tears of joy) I really hope that you guys like it as much as I do! And please don’t kill me because of the cliff hanger!! X,,D This was the perfect way to end this part and you would have done the same if you were in my shoes. :P

We finally we got some ladies showing their animal forms, including Anya! Some people had already guessed correctly, but till this day nobody has been correct when it comes to WHY she does not transform into her animal-self. Backstory time in part 4!!! :D And we will also finally leave the forest (yeeeessss!!) and venture forth to the ocean!

Regarding part 4 - I want to make at least 1 full length video that is not related to this series before I start on the next part.

PARTS: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

Hey y'all! It’s been a while since I’ve made a personal post, but I really want to apologize for not replying to messages as much as I used to or being as active on here as I was before.

I’m going through some really tough times now–I know this might sound super edgy or something, but I haven’t been doing very well mental health-wise. For those who aren’t familiar with my Sad and Tragic Backstory™, I come from a very abusive household and my time living there has taken its toll on me through things like PTSD and bipolar disorder. It takes a lot of energy for me to get out of bed, let alone interact with others, but I am trying my very best to get back on my feet again!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all your support for Puu; the story means a lot to me, and I’m glad that it’s bringing many people happiness. I never expected it to be received so well, so it’s a pleasant surprise every week when I see people’s tags, comments, and messages about how they enjoy Puu. All your support keeps me going, not only art-wise, but also in life! You all make things a little easier for me and put a smile on my face the times I need it the most.

Thank you for sticking with me! I hope you all can continue to enjoy my art and that I can keep on creating the things I love.

Wishing you all well! xoxoxo

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is there somewhere i can read your whole comic in order?? im a huge fan of it and the art style, plus Emilio's whole abuse backstory really resonates with me because i have been in the exact situation, including about him not being ready to be with Rocco because of it, and i feel like you've done an amazing job with it

Okie! I went back and put links for the comic in order! If you want to start with the first page, here it is! As for the previous comics that have some regards to the plot, you can find in the comic tags and ask tags! I do apologize how separated the plot of the comic is.. I didn’t plan to reveal much of the plot when I started this blog :( Only recently I decided to make a page every Sunday~ I hope this helped!!

Also, thank you so much!!! ;o;)/// I reallY APPRECIATE THAT!! I am sorry for your abusive relationship in your past though.. :((( I really hope you had a good week and weekend!!! ;w;)

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Allura has a right to assume the worst, and hold a bias from that, that's a perfectly normal thing to do, and as we see she does grow to accept that there are some good galra out there, i hope she keeps her bias in future seasons, until we're proven/given a good reason not to have it. My only thing is, i really hope is that she doesn't do what they did, and simply get them a good leader, one to set them right, not kill off a species who could be such a good help if set on the right path.


Honestly her whole backstory is the perfect recipe for a villain but she doesn’t even think of wanting to destroy them/kill them all?

She just wants Zarkon’s reign to end so his influence over others can finally stop and she can achieve peace for herself and others affected by him?

And to me that’s like really great and fuck I’m crying we don’t deserve her

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Jinny imagine robin being turned into a kid, she's like eight and she's mentally deaged as well and for her Ohara was destroyed just months ago. So she suddenly wakes up on a pirate ship full of ppl that are really scary

ohh man i was thinking about this and i realized that really??  none of the straw hats know her backstory???  they have the basic idea (at least, some of them do) but they don’t actually know most of what happened….damnn

of course she’d be hella scared and distrustful of them, and they wouldn’t know what to do at first like…..i can see usopp or someone being like “oh god what do we do, normally in a situation like this i’d want to ask ROBIN what to do because she’s always so well composed but now we CAN’T”.  franky probably knows the most about her past so he tries to comfort her but she runs tf away from him because he’s a giant scary robot. (he’s low-key offended by this)

ok bUT little robin finding chopper and hugging him for comfort and him being the only one she likes/trusts omfg.  and she ends up coming to finally calm down only once he explains to her that they’re all good people and they’re her friends.  they all tell her how important she is to them and to the crew and she still doesn’t totally believe it but she feels really happy too, like she’s meant to be here.

I’ve always wondered. How do super villains get to be how they are? Like I know they all have tragic backstories and yadda yadda yadda, but I want to know how they actually become super villains. How do they start with their evil doings?  Do you think there are handbooks? Like “Supervillainy for Dummies” or something? Is there a super villain school where they teach you some of the trade secrets? Is that why some villains are really bad at what they do (ie Dr. Drakken from Kim Possible)?  Like the ones who didn’t go to the super villain school are pretty much clueless about what to do? Those who don’t go are just trying to catch up to the supervillains who graduated from that school. No formal training just the need to do bad things? or filled with the deep desire to rule everything, but with no training are kind of just bumbling around foolishly getting defeated easily by superheroes? 

I gotta know.

Random Iron Bull Thought

I just realized, and correct me if I’m wrong, but Iron Bull is I believe the only romancable party member who’s approval about Inquisitor drinking from the Well of Sorrows doesn’t change whether or not they’re romanced.

I’ve noticed in some romances the LI says something about being worried about partner doing it, and then what might’ve been slightly disapproves jumps up to disapproves. I want to say there’s even one who approves if not romanced, but disproves if romanced, but for the life of me I can’t think who that is.

I know there’s some who greatly disapprove regardless (Sera, Solas), but I’m not really counting them since there opinion stems from their own personal reasons—Sera being distrustful of anything involving magic and/or elves, Solas’s backstory.

Iron Bull’s reaction is the same no matter what, he thinks it’s important Inquisitor takes the well, and greatly approves if they do.

There’s something really interesting about that. I feel as though his reaction being the same when romanced really says something about the relationship. He accepts that Inquisitor has a duty to save the world and doesn’t try to sway them from that. Not to say other LIs necessarily get in the way of, or try to discourage Inquisitor from doing what needs to be done, just that Iron Bull is unique in that he doesn’t let his own feelings barge in when it comes to drinking from the well.

And his comment after Inquisitor drinks isn’t worried or frightened like others are. Of course he’s concerned, asking if Inquistor’s “feeling good”, but I feel like his downplayed concern is him showing confidence in his Kadan being an indestructible badass.

Others are like “oh noooooes, my love! Don’t be dead! If you’re dead I’ll be pissed/sad!” And Bull’s just like “hey Kadan you ok? Yeah you’re ok, of course you’re ok, it’s you, you’re awesome. Just shake it off”.

Which just makes my heart all pitter-patter at just thinking about it.

Thinking about this, and Iron Bull’s comments in the end scene expressing his pride, has me really thinking about the deep nitty gritty reasons why Bullmance is my favorite romance and how that reflects my ideal irl relationship, which if I got into right now would make this post a whooooole lot longer and all over the place, so just going to leave it at I just find the confidence and pride Iron Bull feels toward his Kadan to be beautiful and perfect.

A little backstory: I ran a Fighter (Brawler Archetype) named Hyde. Due to intemse training, some really lucky rolls, and magic, he was a Level 10 character with 30 points in strength. The remainder of the party was a sorcerer, a rogue, and a Ranger.

GM: A dragon is soaring through the air, getting ready to land. How do you react?

Hyde (IC): “I want his head!” -attempts to judo flip it by the neck-

GM: Are you sure you want to do that?

Hyde (OOC): Yes i am.

GM: Roll strength check then.

Hyde (IC) -nat 20 on strength check-

GM: You flip the dragon, breaking his neck. It dies instantly. -proceeds to facepalm several times-

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Now that you mention it with shadow's quote from rise of lyric , maybe shadow already knew of sonic's so called friends and wants to help sonic ? Or maybe that could give us a clue on boom!sonic and boom!shadow's backstory?

I definitely think Sonic and Shadow have some sort of history together that they don’t share with the others.

Note that, in the first cutscene he appears, Sonic regards Shadow as a threat (or at the very least sharpens his gaze) while Tails just stares blankly and is basically like, “Oh, what are you doing here?”.

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oh my god pleASE ramble more about your military AU it is literally my life now and I really want to create a fic off of it but I also want to see what you do with it and ahhhhhh it's so good!



I don’t really have a plot going for this au, and i mentioned before that most of my ideas for this au is a collection of short stories and introspective analyses of the characters. Their motivations, struggles, goals… things like that.  I;ve been working on some character notes that go into each characters’ backstory but they’re still rather incomplete so I don’t want to post them in the public yet…

If you ever want to talk to me about the AU or ask me anything feel free to leave a question in my box and i’ll be sure to address it ! 

lolirock season 2 episode ranks~<3

well I got a green light from the lolirock team, so here’s my rank of fav episodes and what I enjoy about the episode XD


and the BEST episode goes toooo: FORGET YOU!

this is the episode that gave me so much inspiration to do a backstory for Praxina, literally every animator here had so much feels for praxina after watching this episode, some even cried.T.T

and now episodes that are equally EPIC but not as best as the above(sorry XD):

-Princess Brenda P1& 2: I wanted to animate this!!Why? cause mephisto and praxina rocks here,the beautiful visuals of them showing off their powers are seriously wow!

-Stop in the name of Lev P1 & 2: prepare for uncertainty and heartbreaks~~ This really reminds you that ephidea is at war and why people are what they are.

-Truth be told: prepare to be mindblown for this episode, really,I only got to see the character designs and story board, but even that was already very shocking, truth be told indeed……

-Wicked Red: OK, every animator had fun with Auriana here, we did a lot of acting, n crazy hair flippings haha, favourite episode of auriana so far.

-Amaru-niverse: Best Amaru episode ever! also because we  have creatve freedom to do what ever we want to make him super uber lovable  =W= 

- Dancing shoes: awesome Talia episode, was gonna be my last episode but they gave me something else to handle. none the less, i am sure my friends will do a good job for Talia.

-Cute as a doll: ok I had fun torturing Lyna =P but many animators love doing Lyna and Carissa~

-Super cute kitten: this tittle is very hilariously ironic, i was in charge of animating the big revelation scene, so do look forward! XD

-Desert heat: prepare tissues for this too, it was the last episode I handled a special arc for Auriana.

-Puppylove: my best animation sequence,we are getting a lot of amaru this season, and a lot of surprises in store for him.

-If you can’t beat em: we had fun with mephisto~~then again we always do, prepare for a lot of laughing in this episode~! XD

- Amateur hour: A simple story, but wow the fight sequence and acting with this side character was so good.

-Rex: a certain someone is back~, tho animating him was quite hard ==(his facial proportions are really hard to keep on model), but I got best animation so not complaining XD

-Statue game: Carissa,go~!! she is fast becoming my favourite to animate.I think her personality can be relate able to many girls out there.

-The ruby of the Orient: another simple story but I love the sub character and the delivery of the mystery and plot twist.

This is the end of my list, some of you might be wondering why I didn’t put the big epic finale, “Crowning Glory” up, thats because I only saw the character designs and story, I will only judge it once i see more news from my friends.

An Exasperated DM, part 3 (final)

Again, we are playing 3.5e D&D. Our cast is: an elven rogue, an elven ranger, an elven wizard, a psion, a dim-witted half-orc barbarian, and a now nerfed pixie. We barely survived the attack from the human ship in the last part of the story. All of the elven prisoners were killed in combat, and some of the party was fairly wounded. We made it to port, where we find wanted posters all over town with our general descriptions. The session is getting ready to end as well.

Barbarian (OOC): I’m getting bored as this character.

DM: Why? Is there anything I can do to help?

Barbarian (OOC): Not really. I just didn’t give him a backstory, so this character is bland for me. I think I’m just going to be done.

Me (OOC): Han on, just play a little longer. When we hit the next town (in the next session) you can switch characters. 

Barbarian(OOC): Makes sense.I can do that.

Me: I am going to disguise myself and see about getting us out of here. Ranger will you come with me?

DM: Okay. You guys notice that this town is very secure. There is a wall around the whole perimeter, with only 2 ways in and out: the docks, and the north gate. There are well-armed guards everywhere on patrol. You also notice that the wanted posters all spreadout throughout town, and guards are stopping every non-human to ask them questions. On top of that, there are 6 guards at the gate, and many more patrolling the docks.

Me (OOC): Is this because of the ship thing?

DM: May be. But you do find a merchant who is sympathetic to your cause. She will offer you her old wagon and a horse for cheap.

Me: Okay, but can you set it by the gate? That’s where we will need it.

DM, as shopkeep: Okay, but that’ll be extra. I’m not going to risk my life for free.

Me: That’s only fair.

The ranger and I meet everyone in a dark alley, seemingly safe for the moment.

Me: Okay. This place is on lockdown. Guards are everywhere, questioning every non-human that passes their sight, and there are even more guards at the gate. Neither of us can see a way out without gathering attention. I have a wagon set-up for us with a horse, but it’s by the gate.

Barbarian: *walks off, with one torch in each hand* You guys go now. I get guards. Wait 5 minutes, then get out.

Ranger: But wait! Why?

Barbarian: It no matter. Nothing matter.

DM, not fond of this plan: *with head in hands* Fine. In three minutes, the town catches fire, and all of the guards are looking for the perpetrator. All of you escape the town in the wagon unnoticed. There are riots all around and you never see the barbarian again. *sighs* I think we are done today. I need to rethink my plans for you guys. You are too damn smart.

Barbarian (ooc): And I need a new character.

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Has it really been that long since the HP films ended that your this desperate for a backstory about some random kid named Amanda who appeared for two seconds in only one of the films 16 years ago?

“this desperate” is a debatable word bc i’m very apathetic inside tbh (wHAT A SHOCKER?? GASP???). (also i was born 18 years ago so ykno) (some logistics there) ( p sure 2 yr old me did not give a shit about hp)

idk what’s wrong with wanting to know why the directors thought that mme hooch should personally greet a random kid by name? on their first quidditch lesson? sometimes i like to wonder about random details like that rather than deal with the ongoing sn*pe discourse or the fanon vs canon discourse bc that is just… a yawn. and i’m tired. so amanda it is. 

tl;dr - i’m much rather be desperate abt amanda than have to think about shitty fandom stuff. 

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I have this feeling the episode is not really gonna be Sanvers centric as they said before.. with the Mon El and Kara thing that I don't wanna see (I'm sorry but I just don't like it) I don't want the episode ruined. I like Mr Ihavenoideahowtowritethat but I can't stand what they are doing with Mon El and I feel so bad cause I don't wanna hate anyone-- help?! (Remember to vote for Shoot and Sanvers kids)

Yep I have the same feeling but I will take what they give us ^^ I’m trying not to get my hopes up. But the Mr. Mxy guy seems funny :P We will get some Maggie backstory, some Maggie/Kara bonding, and of course Sanvers !

Mon-el doesn’t really bother me really much. He is cute and funny. Okay not the best but he is a lot better than other love interests *cough Hook* *cough Hood*. As long as it doesn’t turn into a Mon-el show I’m okay with him. But the thing is he has too much screentime compared to Maggie or Lena. Supergirl used to be centered around its female relationships Cat/Kara Lucy/Kara Alex/Astra Kara/Astra and of course Alex/Kara. Now, I get the impression that it’s only about The guardian and Mon el. And I gotta say, I always disliked Jimmy but this guardian story I truly hate it. But I’ll always love my sweet Winn ♥

Anyway try not to hate on him you will feel better :D Try to think about the great Sanvers scenes we will have ♥

Yep of course I’m voting ^^

Sorry; the ask was too restrictive for the question and explanation. Some time ago, I had a canon muse I really enjoyed playing, and last year I stopped playing him altogether. Looking back over his blog, I want to bring him back and started preparing to do so, but every time I look back at my headcanons, I get put off. I developed much of his backstory (it’s bare bones in canon so I got to get creative) while I was also writing with someone who kept pushing her character on mine, which was bad enough, but she kept berating me in the tags for not having my character respond to her character’s advances the way she would have had him respond. She even outright indicated that her version of the same muse was better because she likes to explore character development, as if my (villainous, distrusting) character not immediately warming up to hers meant he wasn’t developing. She unfollowed me and made a vaguepost about my apparent mistreatment of her, which should have made it easier to continue. But it didn’t. I felt like she’d been trying to manipulate me and with a bigger grasp of the fandom than me, I worried she might turn people against me. Plus, at the time, I started to worry that she was right and I really was being too stiff in my character development.

I feel now like I’m pretty much over her because I know I wasn’t in the wrong for standing my ground. She was being pretty awful for trying to force my muse to accept the treatment he wasn’t comfortable with. But trying to enjoy the muse still brings back those negative feelings. So I just wonder if you or anyone else has any advice for pushing past those feelings and regaining control of my muse?

sorry this took so long to get back to, i just have had a rough week or so and haven’t had the mindset to truly focus.

i’ve been there before, where you suddenly dislike everything about a character you used to love. it took me forever to get back to even enjoying a character i have loved since her reveal. trust me, it’s taken quite a bit for me to get over all the distaste i have because people sorta ruined the character for me? like they didn’t do it purposely, but i suppose since stuff had been aimed toward me, it added on to my distaste.

anyway, i finally got back to enjoying my character, and i think my main thing was telling myself that the past doesn’t even matter anymore. it’s all about getting into the right frame of mind to accept the character again? if that makes any sense.

it’s going to take some time, trust me.

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I 100% agree that the latter half of Bunheads is far superior to the beginning. What's most disappointing about the show getting canceled is that we were just touching the surface of getting to know the characters. I wanted to get to know them more - Michelle's (her childhood sounded really rough) and Fanny's (I'd love to know what she did back in her youth) backstories; more about the girls lives too. Melanie and Boo were my faves. Its a really underrated show.

Yes!! I do love some of the earlier episodes as well, but on the whole it’s rougher at the start. I feel like you’re right - it was cancelled just when things were getting good! I loved how each bunhead was so different, but none of them stereotypes - I loved how they showed the different kinds of families they came from and how that realistically impacted their development and relationships. 

By the end I think Ginny might have been my favorite, but the best part honestly is the four girls’ relationships with each other (as pairs, a threesome or a foursome). I also adored Michelle and Fanny’s relationship, and as you said, I’m sad we didn’t get to delve more into their pasts. I love that romance was peppered in as a way to better understand the characters, and not as a huge thing like in GG. I love that the six main characters actually all had relationships with each other, which made the show feel very different from GG.

I just love this show so much - more and more every time I watch it. I love that it’s a little bit more of a comedy than Gilmore (which can be emotionally exhausting to watch), and despite knowing nothing about dance, I adore the dance elements. I love it even when it’s imperfect, and I wish more than anything we could’ve gotten another season or two. 

Backstory: Group is trying to convince a crazy wizard to help us. Turns out later that the Wizard is Mordenkainen btw

Fighter: Come on we need some help!

Mordenkainen: Why should I help you? You must be working for the enemy!

Fighter: Preposterous! We are no friend to Strahd!


Mordenkainen proceeds to turn the fighter’s armor hot pink.

Fighter ooc: Hey question, does the pink have a timer because I really want to keep this.

(We later named the color Preposterous Pink)

How I prepare for exams

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on this topic ans I’m aware that I do some “bad” things while studying, but I just want to keep this real and explain to you how I really prepare for exams without sugar-coating it. Hashtag relatable :D

Firstly, I’d like to tell you a little backstory so you can see where I’m coming from. I am a senior right now, that means an incredible amount of tests and exams that are coming my way since last year. I will talk about this in depth in a post about German education system, but as a fact: throughout the last 2 years of school we have to write exams in each subject every semester (sometimes even 2/semester). I started my last semester after Christmas break and I have exactly 12 exams to pass before I will take my A-levels in April. So 12 exams in 8 weeks (I don’t count winter break in February), that makes an average of 2 exams a week. 

This right here was an explanation of the thing I will say now: I prepare for the coming exam on the day before. Ok, now you can start judging me. I know that this isn’t exactly what you are supposed to do, but I find it impossible to start earlier because I constantly have to pass exams on different subjects (not to mention at least 2 tests for every subject in every semester). I’ve been doing this for years now and it works out just fine for me, but you have to decide what is best for you.

Ok, so lets get into it!

Step 1: Preparing flashcards

This is always the first thing I do. I don’t really have a fancy technique on how to write flashcards. I basically transfer my notes onto them, while I try to condense the information I have as much as possible (and maybe paraphrase it). An example of my flashcards is in this post where I showed my preparation for tomorrows Physics exam.

If I am super motivated and have enough time (or if there is way too much information to learn) I’d start with this step on the weekend before the exam. Usually, this process takes around 2-3 hours.

Step 2: Memorizing 

Well, this is the most important part - to actually memorize the information you need. This is where all the studying methods start to make sense. Personally, I learn quickest while reading/writing and doing. At this step I will review my flashcards and sometimes even rewrite the information on them over and over again on another sheet of paper (without worrying about how pretty it looks) until I remember every fact.  This can take any amount of time - from 30 minutes up to 3 hours. Depending on the subject, the amount of information and my (dis)ability to stay away from social media while studying :D

Step 3: Read about the topic

After I take a longer break from studying I come back to it and read about the topic in my textbook. We don’t really use them in class, they are just additional resource for studying at home. So I already have most of the information about the topic from my notes I took in class, but it’s always good to take a look into the textbook. Most of the times there is additional information that can turn my A into an A+ or help me see the connection between facts and subtopics. 

Step 4: Practice

Ideally, you should practice everything you learned before. Answer possible exam questions or solve some example problems (in Maths or Physics). I’ll admit that I often skip that part, because I’m either too lazy or find the topic easy enough to have confidence in my abilities to solve the problems in the exam without having to practice it.

Step 5: Check formulary (optional)

I don’t know if this is just a German thing, but in scientific subjects we are allowed to use a formulary (Tafelwerk) in exams. This is a book where you can find all the basic formulas you need. It is so so so so handy omg I don’t know what I would do without this. You don’t have to memorize all the stupid formulas if you are able to modify and combine the ones in this book.

So before the exam I always check on which page the formulas I need are. This saves me lots of time during the exam, because I don’t have to search for anything. 

Step 6: Review topic

On the day I have to take the exam there are usually a couple of students that either didn’t study or didn’t understand something. So when my friends ask me, I try to explain it to them as much as I can. It really helps to get your thoughts together and paraphrase the information in the easiest way possible. I will also ask questions if I got something wrong and often my classmates explain the topic better than the teacher :) We just know how to phrase things right in order to make them understandable for students. 

Right before the exam I look over my flashcards. It isn’t really productive but it helps to get into the topic and boost self-esteem.  

That’s pretty much it :) Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

In the Akatsuki Hiden novel Hidan told Hohozuki that he didn’t see Kakuzu as a neighbor and that he was different with the miser. This made me really think, what does Hidan see Kakuzu as? Are they merely partners or could they be considered friends? On the surface it seems like the two hate eachother and are polar opposites. In certain scenes from the anime/manga it seemed to contradict that; they are seen caring for eachother.

Considering their backstories the two came from villages that discarded them, so they had to leave. In some ways they are the only people who could really understand eachother. (immortality, struggles, emotions, ect) Their relationship is so complex yet, so simple at the same time. If Kakuzu really wanted to get rid of Hidan I’m sure he could but why doesn’t he? (same goes with Hidan) I wish Kishimoto would elaborate more about them and their interactions in canon. What do you think?