I want people to see how absolutely amazing they are

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hey there..i am just confused and lonely but i have no reasons do be like that.i have everything i want.a boy who loves me.i just stopped to be a happy and i am afraid to become sad person again which i was before him.

to be very honest, being happy does not depend on whether you have everything you want, or have a amazing boyfriend, a lot of money or friends. its about how happy you are, with your life, with yourself. I know some of the greatest people whom have either “a lot” of money, many friends but still feel miserable every single day and that is sad because they simply do not see how absolutely wonderful they are. but it is because things or other people do not make you a happy person, maybe temporary, but it won’t last. you will be happy once you start living for yourself, appreciate small things, do things that make you happier and you enjoy, learn to forgive and love yourself. allow yourself to grow, learn, and love and you will be happier and stronger than you have ever been before


Patrick: Char! I didn’t even hear you come in. How’s my babe?

Charlie: Heh…I’m great…I just got back from seeing Molly.

Patrick: That’s cool…Looks uh…you know, with the whole proposal–can we tell people now?

Charlie:/I had almost forgotten that I told him to hold off on telling people. How fucked up was I that I didn’t want to exclaim it…?/ Uh.yeah! I mean, it’s time,right? /What the fuck was I doing here? Patrick was an amazing guy…He welcomed be when I first came here from New Zealand and then he fell in love with me….He was so excited, yet I felt absolutely lifeless…yet still compelled to play along. Ridiculous/

Patrick: Awesome! Mom is really looking forward to hosting a dinner to welcome you…

Charlie: /Uh-oh.../

So back in October of 2014, my friends and I ( [Left] Sam allbored-allsotired, [Middle Left] Me, [Middle Right] Sophie feelyoufxrgetme, [Right] Rachael rachrose6456 ) all entered this Good Morning America Taylor Swift contest, where we had to make a 30 second video of us dancing to Shake It Off, and the people with the best video won. The winners got to fly out to NYC and see Taylor perform on GMA, and meet her! Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we were featured on GMA twice!!!:!!:?.&/!:&.!:$:$:!
IT WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING AND SO UNBELIEVABLE. Seriously it was so cool and I still can’t believe it.

I wanted to post this to tell you, Taylor, how insanely hard we worked on this. We were making our T-Shirts (that you can barely see in the video) for 10 HOURS! We used puffy paint and just experimented with the shirts to see what we could do, and I think they turned out really cool! We also drew cats on our hats with puffy paint aye (which you cannot see at all in the vid). Then the next day, we had to make the video, and that took 6 hours. It took a long time to do all of this, and it was so much work, but it was all worth it. Even though we didn’t win, I was (and still am) so proud of my friends and I for making this! It’s just an amazing memory to have, and it shows how much we love you Taylor ❤️ We put so much effort into this and it was sooo much fun! AND IT WAS PRETTY FREAKING COOL BEING ON GMA LIKE WHAT.
We love you so much taylorswift, and thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make this video, and to create this memory❤️
(P.S, shoutout to my cat Poppy for being in that last scene of the video, I think she really tied this video together🐱)
I can’t wait to see you on tour August 8th in Seattle!
Love, Mandie


For a long time, I wouldn’t let myself walk around my own house without covering up my acne. I was too ashamed of my own face and how my own family would see me if I was open and vulnerable. I’m only now able to post pictures like this, without makeup or a filter or anything to alleviate the obviousness of my acne in the middle of a breakout. I’m here today to say that your skin is amazing, and your face is amazing, and if you want to go barefaced, then you absolutely can. I’m here for people with irritated skin, people with birthmarks or widespread acne or facial scars. It can be a struggle but your face is nothing to be ashamed of. Self-love can be a difficult, tricky thing, but sometimes I feel like it’s one of the most important things in the world. It’s okay to feel bad, but I want you to know that I think you’re beautiful, and I’m not the only one. Stay strong, lovelies.

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sora san, im sorry for asking such an awkward question, but do you have any suggestions as to subbing seiyuu videos and uploading them? i used youtube to sub some videos but one of them was taken down due to copyright issues. i absolutely respect copyrights but at the same time i really want to let more people see how amazing seiyuus are... thanks for taking the time to read this > <

Hey! No problem at all :D Hmm you could unlisted your videos on youtube so then the only way to access them is that you would have to share the link~ Or that you would have to upload them on to another streaming site like dailymotion or vimeo maybe? Some people tend to reverse the window or make a mirror version of it so that it doesn’t get taken down easily (on youtube). Other than those options I don’t really know what else I can tell ya >___< And I know the feeling, people need to know more about seiyuu’s and their awesomeness!!! They need more appreciation on what they do best!! 

If any of my followers have any other suggestions that they would like to share publicly, please do! This user and myself will feel thankful towards you! Thank you very much! And thanks for dropping by! 

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you are super special to me even if we haven't hung out but I really value your happiness and I hope very much that you are able to feel better soon! seeing you struggle is hard and I know how tough it is to move on from people but I know you can do it and you have so many strong people behind you! <333333333333 I am always here and if you want to talk about anything we can absolutely do that! enjoy your day to the best of your ability lovely!

ahhh Em thank you so much <3 you’re always such a ray of sunshine, thank you, you’re an amazing friend <333

accepted (2/7).

congratulations, samantha! i’m so pleased to say that your character, orion edwards (with the faceclaim of ezra), has been accepted to be a part of theclusterrp. i was hoping to get a hacker character from the very start (and not just because of nomi’s awesomeness). you’ve definitely pleased me in this sense, but you’ve also made orion so amazing and lovable beyond his technological skills. i really see him fitting in well with the other characters. plenty of other people in the group have problems that orion can help with, but orion also has some issues that i think that all of the characters can help him with in different ways. the plots that i can see coming up with him in addition to the fact that he is absolutely adorable and i want to adopt him already is really how i knew he had to be in this group. not to mention, your writing is fabulous. samantha, i can’t wait to see orion and to start interacting with him! 

please check out the checklist here so you know what to do next. please get your account in within 24 hours, and message me if you need more time. i can’t wait to interact and plot with you.

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I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your stories! I honestly check here everyday to see if there is a new story! You are one of the best writers one this site!

Aw, thank you so much darling! I’m so glad you enjoy the stories enough to continually check up on the blog - that is absolutely amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your support. Thank you, dear!

But also just like !!!! here is something I really do not understand !!!!!

I am so sick of people who complain about aspects of their life THAT THEY HAVE CONTROL OVER. You don’t like this? You can change it. You’re tired of this? Eliminate it from your life. This isn’t exactly how you want it? Fix it, or just suck it up, make the best out of it, don’t let it ruin your time, and move on. I’m so completely over people who just want to throw themselves pity parties. Life can be terrible, but it can also be absolutely amazing. About 90% of the time, you are able to change what you don’t like. As for that 10%? You learn to deal with it, and make the best out of it. I just don’t see the point in wasting time dwelling over the bad things in your life THAT YOU CAN CHANGE. Stop complaining, stop telling the same terrible stories, and start being proactive and making your life the best it can be. I just 24r2dfkjsa;O come on, people!!!!!!

06/28/15 told my parents today. they took it really well. they were both unbelievably supportive and just said they want me to be happy. 

no words can describe how grateful i am for all the support i have gotten so far.  there have been a few hang ups for sure, but ultimately my team of doctors, my family and friends have been absolutely amazing.

im so much more comfortable since i began telling people.  i still feel a lot of dysphoria, almost more so now because people are aware of my dissatisfaction and in my mind i feel more like myself but obviously still don’t like what i see. 

im really hoping i get to start t by the end of the month. fingers crossed

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You do a lot of cosplay of both genders. All your cosplays are awesome. I don't really know how to ask this. wanted to ask, but don't want to be rude or annoying. Jw if you are cisgender or fluid? Also whats your opinion on androgyny, crossplay + other stuff like that. Sorrys ^-^'' youre so mysterious and cool

hey there~ not to worry my friend, aha you are being just fine c: not rude or annoying at all. <3 no worries. also alright let me see here, i am indeed genderfluid , my opinion on androgyny is basically like, it;s amazing. i absolutely love and support all people. and being androgynous myself, it’s great. i love and admire people who have the ability to be who they are and not worry bout’ dumb butts. it’s amazing. also, crossplay is like, bae. i love crossplaying. and people should be allowed to do so. i mean like, whoa man there are some heLLA cute crossplayers dude. <3 ( really wishin i was cute like them like ahh i love people lmao ) and aWH GAWSH <3 thank you fo’ saying my cosplays are awesome, it means so much to me ! C: and chea anon i’m so mysterious :P <3

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Hello!! So I know that you graduated from Macrob back in Melbourne for VCE. I have a couple of questions about that. Did you decide that you wanted to go to this school? Looking back do you think that it was the right decision to go to selective school? I see the general feeling of the school is super Asian and nerdy how did you cope with the change of environment and friends? xo Thanks so much!

Hi !!!

Ok I’m gonna give a really biased view about this cos I absolutely hated Mac.Rob LMAO, I went to 3 high schools and it was defintiely my most hated one. BUT out of the hoards of people I did meet a few of the most amazing people who are still my friends today, come rain hail or shine.

I didn’t really have a choice, my parents forced me to do the exam and was basically like do or die and I HAD to get in, according to them ahahah.
To be honest, I think I would have had a much more enjoyable experience at another school. But take into account, that I do hate going to school LOL. A lot of the teachers are really bad as it is a a public school and all our good teachers kept getting taken by the private schools.
I basically lived through private tutors in year 11 and 12 cos I couldn’t understand or keep up of with what any of the teachers were teaching and kept flunking SACS in ½ LOL.
And because it is super nerdy the pressure and competition is crazy. A lot of people would hide their own scores but like sneakily figure out everyone elses, and everyone has tutors and stuff etc. 
I wasn’t necessarily smart, but I was always at the top of the class at my other schools, so to come to this school and always be at the bottom of my class, and being happy with getting 60/70% was a major flip for me.
Some people need the push, but it does get discouraging, especially if all your friends are ahead of you. I had a good group of friends in year 12 though, we were all around the same smartness level LOL and studied together which was really good. I often found that the really smart kids didn’t have time to help or weren’t all that willing.

Change of environment was hard, when I first got there in year 9, I remember I went home crying everyday for a while, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY LOL I just really didn’t like it, and then the whole crapola continued into year 10 LOl. Things got really good in year 11 when I was actually involved in school. I was part of formal committee and choir and band and stuff and it actually made me feel like I had somewhere to go. I also had a change of friendship group that year and befriended a bunch of really great girls so that helped.
In year 12 I tried getting involved in house and leadership and stuff cos I always wanted to be like that, but just kind of got smothered when I got to Mac.Rob. There’s just too many amazing talented smart people LOL (but that’s not to say you don’t get a lot of opportunities, you just have to be prepared and start early)
To be honest I kind of just felt like I very averagely and invisibly lived my 4 years at MacRob and it makes me sad that I didn’t necessarily ‘leave my mark’ but what can ya do, I’m just glad to get out of there haah.

Another thing was that it got really boring for me. I hadn’t stayed at a school longer for about 2 years so staying here for 4 years WAS SO MUCH STRUGGLE. I did change friendship groups like 3 times so I guess that kind of helped with the whole situation.

Also have to take into account that it’s a girls school. So it gets really catty and gossipy because girls get bored and it’ll be like ‘hey we gonna hate on her today cos she eats all our food’ or ‘the whole group is not talking to her because she said something to that guy at the party’ AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT LOL.

But yeah, I think there’s a lot to consider before going to a school like this and while there may be a lot of nerdy people, nerdy doesn’t mean you ain’t a hella awesome person. Sure you meet a VERY wide variety of people in this school, but there are some real gems here.
And not everyone’s what you imagine as the stereotypical ‘nerd’, you’ve got girls who go partying all the time and never study and still top the class (urgh those people) and you’ve got people who don’t study and just don’t care at all SO YEAH. 
But yes I do have a very biased opnion about Mac.Rob, so maybe get some more opinions haha ^^


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I see how many people complement your art and I know everybody likes complements but hearing something over again can get annoying, so if you are annoyed in hearing it sorry but holy crap I love your art. I often get swept away in others style but I think out of everything I've seen I've never admired one this much. You are truly amazing and I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your work. ( your drawings literally take my breath away )

i really really appreciate it. i cant say how happy i am right now cuz my English not very well.this really means a lot to me!  have a nice day<3

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The Book Thief is absolutely amazing. Nothing is in your face about the Nazis or antisemitism. Most of it is implied. When the bombing is described it's just her reading. The movie shows the main parts if you want to see how it is before reading.

Thank you very much! I simply wanted to be prepared because I understand some people are not as sensitive about these subjects so the book wouldn’t be as difficult but this doesn’t sound too bad and I understand that it’s a very metaphorical book with a lot of symbolism. So thank you! I will hopefully be able to read it.

the only things I’m not looking forward to about the gathering are:

  • shitty racist ass people who claim to be juggalos
  • going by myself and not having anybody to share it with
  • seeing people couple up and feeling left out because I’m a shmuck who can’t even make friends or talk to strangers
  • puddle of mudd
  • leaving ass early on sunday morning because i’m afraid of missing my bus
  • wanting to call someone and tell them how amazing the gathering is and not having anybody who would want to hear about it
  • homophobic people claiming to be juggalos
  • hoping that my depression doesn’t absolutely wreck my weekend because it tends to be worse when I’m tired and I’ll have spent 3 days on a bus so I’ll be pretty damn tired from the beginning
  • all the drugs i won’t be able to afford
  • accidentally sleeping through the events i want to see the most
  • if juggalos don’t like ho99o9 imma have to fight someone
  • Losing the art contest
  • not being able to masturbate for like a week
  • heat stroke
  • having pictures of me show up on the internet where they’re laughing at my ugly fat ass self 
  • Hipsters who come to the gathering to laugh at juggalos and then go home talking about how “they’re real people just like everybody else’
  • having severe gas cramps
  • basically everything I normally hate about life plus puddle of mudd playing right before my favorite band