I want it but I have to wait

timeline of victor's pov probably
  • ep 1: "sHIT. i found him. he's ok. thank god. i was so worried after the season ended like where'd he go. i wANTED TO SEE HIM AGAIN AND HELP HIM AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I KNOW HOW"
  • ep 2: "getting to know the katsuki's. hello hasetsu! man i love these people. i'm gonna bring out that prince i saw that night in yuuri. oh hi yurio you were here too"
  • ep 4: *casually asks yuuri to be his boyfriend* *is kind of rejected* "... i wanted to death but not this way"
  • ep 5: "seduce me with all you have... (like you did that one night like DAMN)... wait shit... oh. oH."
  • ep 7: "im so sorry yuuri. i didn't mean to make you cry. i'm so so sorry. i was stupid. i love you so much, i just want to make you happy, i want you to win, and i had no idea... right now, if i could, if you'd let me, i'd kiss you, if only to surprise you more than you did me"
  • ep 9: "i would love to marry you. i never ever want to live without you."
  • ep 10: "P L E A S E M A R R Y M E"

even has been so so strong all this time, from the beginning, trying to act like he wasn’t scared, trying to act like he hadn’t been affected by isak’s comment, trying to stay away, trying to not reveal the truth to isak for fear that he would lose him. he’s been trying to be so strong from the start. he’s been trying his very best, hurting himself along the way. and i can’t wait for him to feel like he doesn’t have to always be so strong for isak to want him, i can’t wait for him to feel like he can be vulnerable around isak, i can’t wait for him to feel like isak is willing to stick around through the ups and downs. i can’t wait for him to feel like he doesn’t have to try in order for isak to love him, he just has to be, that him, all of him, the true him, is more than good enough 

“I just can’t wait to forget how much it hurts,” she said. My little sister, 17 and naive and so in love, had woken me up at 2am, crying because her boyfriend had broken up with her. “I never want to remember what I’m feeling right now.”

I pet her hair back as her head laid in my lap. “But you will remember it,” I told her. “You always will. Even ten years from now, when three other boys have come and gone since him, you will remember it. Because this is the only time you will have believed every word he said. This is the only time your whole heart will get involved. This is the only time you will be blindsided.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. “You’ll remember this pain for the rest of your life. But pain is natural. It’s how we protect ourselves.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #133

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the houses as Luna Lovegood quotes plz?


“Would you like me to fix it for you? Personally, I think you look a little more devil-may-care this way, but it’s up to you.”


“I think I’ll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up - it always does in the end.”


“My mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the ways we expect".

(Bonus: The whole exchange between Harry and Luna when they’re opening the Ravenclaw common room door.)


“Well if I were You-Know-Who, I’d want you to feel cut off from everyone else. Because if it’s just you alone you’re not as much of a threat.”

Another commission down and still got a few more to finish, for those who commissioned me I apologized it’s taking a little longer than I thought and I want to thank you for your patience and if you want to cancel your request then please feel free to do so if you feel that you have waited too long. 

This was done for the very patient @icanhearyouglaring 

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fuck coworkers. I had a mandatory 2 hour meeting and went home to change before coming back half an hour later and worked 8.5 hours. night shift showed up 20 min late, then wanted me to stay clocked in and wait till she finished coffee to leave (would have taken another 40 min). I hadn't eaten anything all day, hadn't had a break the full 8.5 hour shift. I told her no and left, 20 min later she called me at home to yell at me for leaving the desk uncovered. not today, satan. not today.

I’ve Got Your Back

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 638
Requested by @msimpala67:     Hiya! Since you are an amazing person with this awesome blog how about a dean and reader where she has a bad back and finds out she needs surgery again? He gives her back massages and waits on her hand and foot sickeningly super sweet lol? Thank you! I absolutely love the blog! 

A/N: @msimpala67 will be having another surgery this month and needs her spn family to be supportive and send her love!! <3
A/N 2: If you want to be tagged in anything, send me an ask. :)
A/N 3: Ir you’re on the tag list, but it didn’t notify you, it’s because it won’t let me tag you. Make sure your settings are where it allows your blog to be tagged. :)

        You walked into the bunker, taking the steps slowly. You weren’t really in the mood to talk, but you knew Dean would want to know how your doctor’s appointment went. He wasn’t happy that you hadn’t let him go with you, but you had insisted you wanted to go to this one alone.

           “There she is,” Dean rushed to your side to help you down the rest of the stairs, “How did it go?”

           “Not too good,” you grumbled.

           “What’s wrong, Babe?”

           You just shook your head as you walked toward the bedroom, “I just want to lie down for a little while.”

           “What did the doctor say?” he insisted.

           “That my back still sucks and I have to have another freaking surgery,” you said, “Can I just go to bed?”

           “Yeah,” he said, “Yeah, I got you.”

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Hi ! Speaking of fics, have you got some recs for more than 10-20k fics ? (besides fandom classics, i must have read aaaall of them haha) Maybe some recent ones or old but not well-known ones? I dunno hehe . Anyway, no pressure to answer this, and love you and your blog! :)

Hi to you too, anon-chan! First of all, thank you for willing to be so patient with me ;_____; I am notoriously late for answering any asks, so I do apologise I kept you waiting so long ;-; and thank you for your kind words too! ;////; whoever you are anon, know that I have love in my heart for you too~ ♡♡♡

Oh, you want some fics more than 10-20k?? No problem I can help you with that! ^3^ I’ve tried to include fanfics that I think don’t get enough love in the fandom and aren’t that well-known, but are really good! I enjoy all of these :) so I hope you will too!

Ongoing/WIP fics

Candid Moments by Lohrendrell

Dirty Little Secret by KillerKunoichi

Lifeline by spacepie

More than Just Rumours by Drunk_Scribbler

To Love and be Loved by Nightborn

Write Me A Love Story by narutophobia

Completed fics

A Beautiful Nightmare by InstantKarma83

Beyond the Eternal by KiyaSama

Changes by victimofmywoes

Ecchi no Shachou by melissen

Five Shinobi Institute by sepia_cigarettes

Hands Full + Free Time by FlairForTheVeil

Knife Ears by CharcoalHeart

Masterpiece by Nightborn

Post Traumatic by IsolaVirtuosa

Of Guns & Glory by sowell

Me: *loading knives into the dishwasher*

Me: Our children are going to rebel against us by moving out and starting houses where they can actually keep knives sharp

Alicorn: They totally are

Me: Either that or they’ll have their own knives in the kitchen that we’re not allowed to use. Actually, I hope they can do that, rather than waiting to move out.

Alicorn: Yeah! We can get them sharp knives for Christmas. Merlin, do you want sharp knives for Christmas?

Kelsey: Maybe don’t get the baby sharp knives for Christmas this year.

To the loud blue boy💙,
Your videos make me laugh and smile when I can barely breathe and I’m so proud of us for how the channel has grown and proud of how you’ve been able to connect to your viewers on an individual level, not always easy to do. I consider you more of a best friend rather than guy a guy on a screen with games. You’re always here when nobody else is and you’ve helped calm me down in dangerous situations without even knowing it. You’ve saved my life and continue to do so on bad nights, which are frequent. Thank you so much. I love you with all I have left, which isn’t much. And I can’t wait to see what you have waiting ahead of you, I know you deserve every bit of it. Keep up the amazing work. And please don’t forget about me.

And please guys, don’t repost. I want him to see this as my original post.

Ok so I know I said I’d tag peeps but it’s gotta wait till I can charge my laptop to find the list of folks who wanted a tag in this. Here’s the first version of Fare Thee Well for you guys xx hope you likey :)

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Some of you have already seen it but I didn’t want you to feel left out :D If I’ve missed anyone please let me know for the next version xx

Edit2: I forgot my bubbas @spookydefendordreamer @littlesasquatch @ohmy

I can’t wait for the day when I can have my own place and I can make one room into my own personal library and then another one into my writing room

and I can go to the local animal shelter and adopt my own cat

and I can hang framed movie posters and art and nouveau prints on the wall 

and I can decorate my own kitchen and bathroom and bedroom with whatever themes I want

and I can splurge on an enormously deep claw-footed bathtub where I can take all the luxurious baths

and I’ll have my own cups and plates and dishes with a pattern I chose

and I can have flower and herb pots sitting on the window sill that I can use in my cooking

and a fire place with a big comfy rug in front of it 

and a bunch of wing backed chairs with loads of pillows and blankets 

and a window seat where I can watch thunderstorms

I can’t wait for that. I hope I get that one day. 

here's my thoughts on season 20

the season started off strong. SO strong. it had so much potential. i’m just. there are still so many unanswered questions…why does cartman see vaginas with balls still?? he doesn’t like heidi. we know that now. are the girls and guys cool or?? i wanted gerald to get exposed. i wanted cartman to put his red jacket on. i wanted him to..go back to normal. he kinda did but i want his racist asshole self back. all the girls and boys are still broken up. stan and wendy didn’t get back together. kyle and cartman didn’t have their moment. i’m so sad. it’s not how i wanted it to happen:( and now we have to wait 9 FUCKING MONTHS, for a whole new story, like none of this ever happened. i don’t know. i’m like about to cry. here’s the episodes from my favorite to my least favorite, and my ratings. 1) skank hunt: 10/10 2) wieners out: 9.5/10 3) member berries: 9/10 4) fort collins: 8.5/10 5) not funny: 7/10 6) oh jeez: 5/10 (only for the end) 7) the end of serialization as we know it: 5/10 8) the damned: 3/10 9) members only: 3/10 10) douche and a danish: 1/10 the first 4 were the only good ones with stuff actually going on during the episodes. the entire season i was just waiting for something big, and it never. fucking. happened. my overal rating for the season is a 6.5/10, maybe a 7. i’m so sad.

headcanon about ep 10

seeing how JJ acted in front of his fiancee and reflecting that to his over all attitude, i think he just does that as a front for show.

cause when everyone blew him off at the dinner when he randomly showed up stating he’d take the gold and marry his fiancee, you noticed the immediate switch to “what, no i was kidding guys NO WAIT” that was going through his head.

To me this means that deep down he’s probably wanting to just be a big hearted goof with everyone else but for some reason feels the need to have this “i’m better than everyone else” blunt persona.

i’m REALLY hoping we get to see a softer side of JJ that’s buried deep down somewhere in his self-inflated ego because just like how everyone was shitting on Chris until today (i knew from day one he was a sinnamon roll), I want to see a JJ redemption episode too before the season is done.

Mark Scenario - First Time Sunshine - Part 2 - Smut

Scenario Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Hello! Can you add more smut to the Mark scenario please? That wasn’t my request though, but it would be nice if you can. Thank you

You can find Part 1 Here

               Admittedly, you’d passed some of the time Mark was gone on promotions teasing him via text messages and vaguely suggestive snap-chats, usually of you wearing his shirts with your legs exposed. Since your first time you hadn’t been able to have sex again and you were looking forward to the moment he returned, desperate for the moment you could feel him again.

               Mark: Getting on the plane to come back now! I’ll see you in a few hours!

               Y/N: Can’t wait! I’ve missed you!

               Putting your phone down, you began cleaning up your apartment and pampering yourself before he arrived. You wanted it to be perfect, and you wanted to be the best version of yourself that you could be, which mostly meant using the shampoo that really smelled good, taking care while shaving and using lotion, plus blasting your favorite tunes (mostly Got7 obviously) so you couldn’t get a smile off your face. Not that it would have been easy to stop smiling anyway – your boyfriend was coming back!

               You were making sure to keep yourself busy for those few hours though, to make the time pass faster. Eventually, there was a knock at the door and you were flying off the couch. Mark barely had time between the moment you opened the door and the moment you’d thrown yourself into his arms to set his bag down. But he managed it, lifting you off your feet and spinning you, laughter bubbling out of your lips you were so happy just to see him.

               “I missed you!” You said, squeezing him tighter as he walked slowly into your apartment, managing to kick your door closed behind him.

               “I missed you, too, probably more than you missed me.” He said with a cheeky smile, those brilliant eyes of his sparkling as he looked at you.

               “No way.” You said. The second the words had left your lips, you found yourself drowning in his eyes, a swirl of desire and hunger suddenly building in your stomach. More than one part of you wanted to just push him up against the wall right in that moment.

               “What?” Mark asked, his brows furrowing in slight confusion. “You’re looking at me weirdly.”

               Blood rushed to your cheeks as you were embarrassed by your thoughts, but that desire was still growing in your stomach, prompting you to toss modesty aside. You hadn’t spent nearly a month teasing him in messages and pictures to get nothing when he got back.

               Held up in his arms with your legs around his waist, you leaned forward. “I was thinking that we should go to the bedroom…” You whispered right into his ears. You could feel his heartrate pick up with your chests pressed together.

               “I hope you’re going to do more than be a tease tonight.” He finally said clearing the distance between your foyer and your bedroom, gently dropping you onto the bed when you arrived.

               This time it was your turn to barely get a moment to catch your breath. Before you’d barely gotten adjusted, he’d already gotten on top of you, his eyes boring into yours.

               “I missed you…” He said in a lower voice, his fingers softly stroking your cheeks.

               “I missed you, too.” You whispered in reply. Your heart was racing as you anticipated what was coming next.

               “The guys could tell…” He said in an even lower voice.


               “They could tell how much I missed you, and how exactly you were teasing me. More than once Jackson half-jokingly appealed to our manager to let me come back early.” He continued, his fingers and hands running lightly over you as if to let him regain his familiarity with your every curve.

               “Oh…” You said, not knowing what else to say.

               He smiled softly, his eyes warm.

               “Just how much did you miss me?” He asked, his hands gliding over his thighs. He was leaning down to you, leaving barely an inch between your lips. As an answer, you closed the distance and kissed him.

               As soon as your lips came together, you entered into a beautiful state of bliss. Kissing him again after so much time…You couldn’t get enough and neither could he; he was already pressing his body against yours, hardly allowing more than a few millimeters to come between the two of you.

               He was hungry, desperate, for you just like you were hungry and desperate for him.

               “I really missed you…” He murmured listlessly while his lips moved from your lips to trail kisses all over every exposed piece of your skin while his hands slipped underneath your shirt. As you sucked in a hasty breath, already growing breathless after a couple minutes, he seized the opportunity to capture your lips in a deep passionate kiss.

               But you didn’t want to be the only one getting the attention.

               Your hands searched under his shirts to touch and trace his torso, his muscles, feel his heartbeat thundering against your palm. His breath hitched between your kisses while his fingers fumbled for the buttons of your shirt, letting it fall open. Taking the cue, you pushed his shirt up. The warmth of his skin pressing against yours was as good as a drug to you.

               Soon, both your bra and leggings had be stripped away along with his skinny jeans and he was pressing hot kisses into your neck and chest.

               “I really did miss you.” He whispered against your skin. His words were met by a stifled moan when his mouth sealed around one of your nipples. If you weren’t already pooling, you knew you were then. His fingers moved up to your panties, the lone article of clothing left on your body. You shuddered when his hands glided over your inner thigh.

               “Mark…” You moaned in a low voice as his fingers barely pressed against your clothed heat. Your hands gripped his arm while your body continued to shake with a growing desperation. You were coming to want Mark more than you ever had before.

               “What baby?” He said in a low and seductive voice. It only mounted the desperation and desire building in you.

               “Please…” You whined, wiggling underneath him, trying to get more friction on your heat from his fingers.

               “Please what?” He cooed in reply, giving you a bit more pressure. You only whined in response, giving him a desperate, pleading look. Chuckling to himself, he leaned in and brought your lips together while his fingers hooked into your panties and pulled him down. Your lips locked together, he swiped his fingers through your folds a couple times, leaving you wholly unsatisfied and leaving you whining for more.

               “You’re pretty wet, love, do you think you’re ready?” He said in that low cooing voice that practically made you pool in and of itself. You nodded, honestly just desperate for anything more than what he’d already done. He kept giving you teasing swipes through your folds while he slipped a condom on with one hand. As soon as he was done, he crashed his lips to yours and lined up at your entrance.

               You had never felt so much anticipation before in your life, at least that you could remember.

               Then he gently slid into you.

               You gasped as he filled you, after all, it was only your second time. But he just wait slowly, letting you squeeze his arms as much as you wanted as you adjusted. You finally had, he pulled out and slid back in, slightly faster than before. He continued like that with his tongue tangling with yours and his hands pressing into your skin. Steadily, his pace rose and his hand dropped to your clit in an effort to push you to your own orgasm in succession with his.

               His effort was successful and you disentangled yourselves breathless and satisfied.

               “I think that is how I should be welcomed back every time.” He said as he tossed the used condom in the bin.

               “What if I’m mad at you?” You asked suspiciously.

               “Then it’s make up sex, not welcome home sex.” He answered with a big smile. You rolled your eyes.

               “But what if I’m seriously mad at you?”

               “We’ll work it out and then, depending on the state of things, have make up sex.”

               “You just don’t want me to expect sex huh?” He said and you nodded, snuggling against his side in the bed.


               “Hahaha, of course, well, either way, I’ll still love you even if we don’t always have sex.”

               “That’s good, me too.” You hummed happily.

               “I really do love you.” He said, slipping his fingers into your hair.

               “I love you too.” You replied, leaning up to kiss his cheek.

               In all honesty, his idea wasn’t so objectionable but you never knew if you’d be in the mood or not. But you figured you’d still love him.

~holiday requests update~

i’ve been considering posting requests in batches on separate days since there are so many
and i don’t want to flood people’s dashboards with 40+ posts on christmas morning
so what i might do is select 10ish requests per day and post them on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th

this would also allow people to reblog some of the christmas themed ones before christmas is over lol

i hope that would be alright with everyone?
anyway im really excited to post these tho,, i hope u like em

( all the previews are gravity falls that way nobody can tell which one theirs is lmao )


I ship Otabek and Yurio

Does that mean I want them to have sex right this minute, of course not
Relationships are more than just sex

Does that mean if the do have a romantic relationship later on down the line instead of just staying friends [which I’m also totally fine with because that’s another ship: A FRIENDSHIP] with Otabek waiting for Yurio, - Abso-fucking-lutely

But I’m not in the characters or creator’s mind, so I don’t know where that would go down the line

So what’s wrong with wanting to see more interactions between these two while we can?

At least it’s less toxic than JJ x Yurio which was popular

So if you want to hate on Otabek x Yurio shippers, do some self checking because not every ship has to end in sex!

Rant over