I want creepers

Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Villain Revealed
Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist will face off against a foe familiar to many viewers.



With a flick of her wrist, Sarah pressed down on the nozzle of the spray paint can and released a thick, black line over the words covering her wall. “There’s no way there’s gonna be enough paint in here,” she muttered, words muffled through the t-shirt covering her nose. Feeling a pair of steady eyes on her, she glanced up to find someone standing in the doorway and yanked down the neck of her t-shirt with a grimace. “It’s … not what it looks like. Look, don’t tell anyone, okay? I’m trying to cover somethin’ up.”

Here I am, too lazy to make an ace day card, yet drawing a picture about it. What do you know.

But my icon is a flag with a little ornament on my head and you expect me NOT to draw my ace of spades as a cute flag, too?

I needed this definition years ago. Growing up, I just figured I was a late bloomer or just different with no legit way to describe it. Now I can finally explain to myself how I feel as someone who doesn’t experience romantic or sexual attraction. I’m a proud aromantic asexual. An aro ace ;)

Another Lord of the Rings interruption to your Dragon Age feed.

Hipster Legolas is TOTALLY a huge creeper whenever a new dwarf comes to town. Also Pabst.


head angle and expression practice did u mean the perfect excuse for a smol shy popoto to draw cool rpers on her dash that she’ll never interact with

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wHOSE IDEA was it to let Osric Chau make a youtube channel?! I can’t handle this. I want to scream OSRIC CHAU IS THE MOST PERFECT HUMAN BEING AND IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I AM PHYSICALLY THROWING UP MY HEART