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dopamine album song ramblings

10,000 emerald pools: hazy walks through river-filled forests, marveling at the wonders of nature. echoey caves giving an innate sense of the going-ons of the world, feeling magical, being immersed in deep aqua cavernous pools of water, inhaling a fresh perspective on life, deciding, this is what i live for.

dug my heart: an edgy love story between two girls who wanted nothing but to be together forever, risking it all. climbing fences in the dark just for those secret smiles and shared secrets, a couple cigarettes exchanging hands, all for a breath of the other across your left cheek, wherever the cracks in the pavement lead you, you always have her in your memory

electric love: birds cawing into the sunrise, an assurance that you’re going to have a hell of a time, sweet candy coursing through your veins, visiting dusty bookshops together and feeling like you’ve found the one true love of your life, hearts beating like the rain, downing tequila shots in awe of your electric chemistry

american money: thunderstorms, racing through the dust on a bike, listening to rock music through earbuds, kisses sweet like tennessee honey, murmurs into necks, driving on the highway indulging in whims of buried treasure, writing an ode to the other’s eyes being “green like american money”, proudly carving hearts onto local tree trunks

the emotion: taking polaroids of your lover as you wander, driving through the timezones, the emotion suddenly building up, having an inexplicable urge to just gush out and confess your love, deep red roses at her side and heart sunglasses on your head, her taking out a guitar and strumming dissonant chords with all her heart - you burst out laughing at how endearing she is. all your love, all your emotions are pent up inside and you’ve never experienced so much at once; you wouldn’t trade it for anything else

holy ghost: pouring rain outside, a cozy motel room filled with glasses of wine and perfume. desperate in proving love, fantasies of thirst and ecstasy, ornate gates of glamour welcoming divinity and paradise. in a club, locking eyes with a kindred soul whom you connect with while violins are cranking out their shrillest, purest notes giving you that fully amazed sensation

past lives: a song for all the dreamers and the ones that long for past lives, an ode to the magnificence of times long ago and eras that no longer exist, validating the dreamers and their, vintage hotel rooms with golden bouquets of roses, nights of rock concerts and empty bottles of wine, scenery of red rocks and canyons of majesty, young love adrift at sea, a happy wisp of feeling that leaves you content yet melancholy

clouds: sitting around idly painting, listening to some ambient disco music, thinking about your lover and how you’re absolutely enamored with them. going with them on a carefree journey through paris, lovely beaches with gentle, rolling waves. you can’t help but go along with this experience; as you watch the tide steadily edge in, you can’t help but gaze in wonder at how lucky you are to end up with them

dopamine: twirling through the purple-tinted disco, everything is fresh and tilted due to a little “dopamine” in your veins, looking for anyone to spend a night with you, outrageously flirting, making eyes at the prettiest girl in the room, a night to throw out inhibitions, throwing down shots of tequila, ecstasy surging through you, a pulsating beat, dancing your heart out, tinted funky sunglasses

overnight sensation: lingering touches when that really pretty bartender you’ve been crushing on hands you your drink, sunbeams lighting up her wispy hair, confessing all the sensations of what you’ve been feeling, finally allowing someone past your built up boundaries, a climatic love, daisies picked and left near your purse

fool: becoming a fool for someone you love because you don’t mind it, swaying in this dreamy visual of your loved one forever, being under a spell, reaching out to touch their hand, intoxicating smiles, knowing you’re a goner. once they leave, you can’t help but reliving everything - all your road trips through sunny fields, waving hands around in absolute giddy joy; it’s a bittersweet reminiscing

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YNWA Theory Discussion

Army #1: This all relates back to Demian, look at Jin’s and Tae’s collars. They are wings and the colors match the painting in the Begin trailer! And the two albums represent the good and bad worlds of Demian!!

Army #2: I think all of this goes into a timeline. I Need You and Run come just before Bus 59 that hits those 7 people (as told by the sign in the concept photos)

Army #3: No, they’re introducing us into a different book called Owl Service like on the sign in the concept photo! 

Army #4: Nah fam, this positive and negative representation of youth is supposed to be what they see themselves as before they enlist in the army. (A/N: whoever came up with this one broke my heart 😭)

Me: *looks at empty pockets and wallet* I think their intention is pretty simple, guys…
~Bunny 😬😘

So this is the Vinyl Me Please record of the month. Nina Simone’s RCA debut, Nina Simone Sings the Blues.  If you have ever heard Nina Simone chances are good the track you heard is off of this album or the Soul of Nina Simone.  It is a record I have a passing familiarity with but not expertise.  I am about to give it a second listen through so I can listen to it.

This stands out as a remarkably frustrating excellent record.  I happen to know that RCA had a reputation of not knowing what to really do with Nina Simone. This is not uncommon for unique talents, half their career is spent being put in a box by executives who want to package them.  It’s a limiting way to make are but the business side, even if those executives truly love music, isn’t about art, it’s about making money.  So the reason this album seems to embody all of that is that it’s called Nina Simone Sings the Blues but it isn’t really a blues album. It’s a lot of Blues standards on a Jazz album but kinda sounds a lot like how the Blues sounded in 80’s movies.  It is the cliched, popular impression of how a thing sounds without it sounding like that thing.  The liner notes talk about the finest studio musicians there were being assembled to back this and it got me thinking, maybe that’s the problem.  This is all very.. staid and formal and that is never how I have thought of the blues.  More importantly, most great blues musicians didn’t go to conservatory.  They didn’t go to high school.  I am not saying a lack of education is essential, I am just saying that the blues is about a feeling not a virtuosity.  The great bluesmen were self taught musicians who were pouring their souls out.  And I think that is why I find this album frustrating while also being outstanding.  Nina Simone is unreal.  She has always been unreal.  She is one of the great vocalists of the 60’s.  I basically put her, Roberta Flack, and Aretha Franklin on this upper echelon of female performers who reign far above all others.  She might be the most talented and have the most range.  Not vocal range but artistic range.  She can do a lot.  This album puts her in a box though and it’s not really a box anyone should want because it’s a box made out of cliches.  Like that sentence was made out of weak metaphors.  It just feels like this is a great record that still feels like it’s limiting Nina Simone.  Which is generally scary because it makes me wonder what she could have done with more freedom.  I have no clue because even here with what I consider a pretty boring arrangement behind her her voice is so moving it’s ridiculous.  I could listen to this all day long.

Hi Tumblr, so yesterday my boyfriend got kicked out of his home. His parents said he had to take drug tests every time he left the house and every time he came back and anytime they thought he might be smoking pot. They also said that they can search him whenever he wants and he can’t sleep with his door shut anymore. He said he didn’t think that was fair and it was invading his privacy. His mother told him he has to leave and to not come back. He is currently staying with me, but he needs some help to buy some necessities such as toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, shampoo and conditioner etc. I have a job but all of my money goes towards my phone bill as I don’t work very much. If you would please donate some money to him so he can get his stuff together that would be awesome. I will try to give back as I do have some digital downloads for albums. Thank you.

The link to donate is paypal.me/SPierce547

I used to download music illegally. Everyone has. No one is innocent. Everyone has done that. If someone says, ‘Hey man, I love your album, it really got me through a breakup, but I downloaded it for free,’ I’ll be like, 'Good! That’s good!’ Maybe he didn’t have the money for the album, but if he still listened to it and it’s an important part of his life, that’s all I can ask for. I don’t want his twenty bucks.
—  Kevin Parker on BBC Radio 6 (x)
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Those wearing headphones beware. xDDD Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Jay Park freakin the fanango out with his hair raising album announcement that even one of the Purplow ladies got startled by his shout hahaha….

a sneak preview snippet from one of the tracks…and of course his album cover with that Fido dido hair xD

Jay in the dressing room with the Prepix and Purlow crew while waiting to film his MV

that ayyyy..….. 

aannnddddddd there you have Jay Park belly dancin’ like a pro…which I hope he incorporates in his MV haha….hanging out with DFD and Jessi G2 and pals…

work hard all day so of course they’re gonna have fun at night…that’s how AOMG do….

“No way,” Yoongi shook his head vehemently, his lips curled in disgust as he stared at the frilly pink apron in his hands. He crumpled it into a ball and tossed it onto the counter, “There is no way in hell I’m wearing that.”

“Well if you want a job, you’re going to have to,” Seokjin picked up the apron and smoothed it out. “And since you spent all your rent money on hip-hop albums, you need this.”

Yoongi ripped the apron out of Seokjin’s hand and grumbled, “Fine. Whatever.”

“I had to do a lot of begging to get you this job, so you better do it right.” Seokjin watched with his hands on his hips as Yoongi tied the frilly monstrosity around his waist, “It’s not just your ass on the line here. I vouched for you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Yoongi waved him off. “I won’t screw up.”

Yoongi had begged all his friends for jobs, but Seokjin was the only one who had come through. Yoongi would much rather be working in the music shop with Namjoon, or at the movie theater with Hoseok, but he was stuck here in this stupid bakery. He’d arrived only ten minutes earlier, and the pink was already starting to give him a headache.

“Okay, so you’re going to work the counter today,” Seokjin pointed. “It’s super easy. We have coffee and tea, but it’s all standard stuff. None of those ridiculous fancy drinks like they have at Starbucks. All the prices are already in the register, all you have to do is press the button and it will come up. I’ll be in the back, baking for tomorrow, so just scream if you need anything. If there’s a lull, you can grab a rag from under the counter and wipe down some tables. There’ll be the occasional busy spurt, but it’s nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle. But, like I said, just holler if you need help.”

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My Pleasure

You’re in need of extra cash and seek potential sugar daddies online. One day you happen to stumble upon a rather interesting profile of a 34 year old, Kim Namjoon.

Word Count: 2,011

Ch.1| Ch.2| Ch.3| Ch.4| Ch.5| Ch.6 | Ch.7

A/N: I was listening to a midsummer night’s sweetness on loop for an hour and also Eric Nam’s new album when I wrote this. Just thought I’d let y’all know.

-Admin D

Are you awake? 

You stared blankly at the gray text. What would he want at this hour? It’s almost 3 in the morning. You put the phone back down on the counter and lied back in bed closing your eyes. But sleep didn’t come to you as you found yourself staring at your phone. “I can’t be mean to him, after all, he did give me enough money for 5 months worth of rent,”you huffed as you texted him back.

Text: I’m awake. Do you need something?

Not even 3 seconds passed before your phone buzzed.

Namjoon: Can I pick you up at your house?

“Boy it’s 3 in the morning,”you said out loud in shock.

Text: Do you not realize what time it is?

Seriously this man.

Namjoon: Come on maybe you can come over to my place like I promised…

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girlsgotpowr  asked:

I didn't wanna comment on it but I'm literally so embarrassed by your lies you spread about me (@ louisftperrie). I came to London on Monday night, checked into a shabby airbnb to save money for the week in London, which I only lived in from 2015-2016 because I've been an AuPair. This is when I won a place at the album pre listening Party and after that the marketing person (Katy as mentioned in my bio yes) asked if I wanted to come to the London session as there were free spaces. Then they -

- needed fans to be in the background of 1D when they performed history on Alan Carr. Again, people who had won stuff through Sony Music have been asked to come. 2) I do not Stan a child. Why would I? Plus, where have you seen me “stanning” Freddie? Because I once said Freddie is a cute baby? If that’s the reason then that’s pathetic and embarrassing. Y'all call Louis/Harry whoever your tiny son or whatever but I can’t call James who I’ve been a fan kg for 5 years my son? Alright then. -

- now the juicy bit: how in god’s name was I supposed to know Louis would come or where did I say that? If you think I knew it before because I tweeted the Guest List tweet then sorry, I was hoping for him to come since he was in London and my friend and I talked/joked about it before. Which you would know if you knew me. Call me what you want but don’t pretend to know me. It’s embarrassing

If you don’t know me don’t spread lies or at least confront me and ask me about it. Itd easier than doing a whole rant

I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start with the fact that you claim you are a larrie but then you go around saying that Louis and Eleanor were cute, you posted pics of them saying that you did that to ‘annoy’ this part of the fandom, and you RT’d a pic on twitter saying ‘name a more iconic duo’ and the tweet included a pic of Louis and the kid (Very Much a Larrie Behaviour™). If you are going to use the excuse ‘I’m a chill larrie’ I am going to scream. Just be upfront and say you ship Harry and Louis if you have to act like that, do not just blatantly lie.

You are also very welcome to stan James Arthur and call him your baby, but I am not going to respect either you or him when you are such a big fan of a homophobic, mysoginist ass.

It’s also quite hilarious that you come to me saying that I should have talked to you before ‘spreading lies’ but you have also reposted my posts on your twitter account blatantly ignoring that tags just in order to be a whiny baby (I am talking about the Katy vs Katie one btw).

Now, let’s say everything you are saying is legitimate and everything is just a big fat coincidence, let’s review the facts: you tweeted about Louis attending the concert before it even started (and I might have even given you the benefit of the doubt on that one since a similar thing happened to me - and I have actually said so to my friends last night), then boom!, Louis is in fact there!, and with Eldemort nonetheless! You claim you were 100% focusing on James but you just happened to see them, take pictures of them ‘cuddling’, and you also claim you saw them making out (but obviously you haven’t taken pictures of that bit because…. because? You managed to take several pics just fine so I don’t understand why you couldn’t snap a pic or two whilst they were ‘making out to impossible’ which implies they were kissing for a while). Then you just happened to meet James and hug him! Wow! What a coincidence! And on top of that your bio screams ‘I am well connected’. Again, let’s say that yesterday’s events are just a coincidence… do you really blame people for thinking that you have links to Sony and that you were asked to tweet and post those Elounor pics when you yourself admit that you do? Have some self-awareness, please.

And you know what’s embarassing? The fact that instead of just being happy you’ve been to James’ concert and just have a blast about it, you are actively looking for blogs who called you out on your lies to defend yourself. If you knew what you’re saying is 100% genuine then why aren’t you just ignoring the people who say you are lying, especially when said people have not even directly contacted you on twitter to send you ‘hate’?


Basically, someone posted a picture of a credit card on Twitter (numbers and all) and some Kpop fan retweeted it with the caption “buy yourself something girlies.” And people used it to buy massive amounts of expensive products, landing the owner of the card in serious debt.

Okay, honestly, what in the hell is wrong with people. Obviously it’s not smart to post credit card information online, but what is so baffling to me is the fact that people actually decided to use it. They consciously decided to use someone else’s money to buy themselves whatever products they wanted and they think it’s fine.

And to all the people that have actually used the card: What the ABSOLUTE HELL is wrong with you?? It’s not your money and it’s not okay. I’ve seen so many memes about it, but it’s not a joke; there’s a person who has literally had hundreds of dollars stolen from them, because you just absolutely needed that album.

Every single one of the people who used that card is full of shit and is the worst kind of person.


“The Fame is about how anyone can feel famous. Pop culture is art. It doesn’t make you cool to hate pop culture, so I embraced it and you hear it all over The Fame. But, it’s a sharable fame. I want to invite you all to the party. I want people to feel a part of this lifestyle. […] This idea of ‘The Fame’ runs through and through. Basically, if you have nothing—no money, no fame—you can still feel beautiful and dirty rich. It’s about making choices, and having references—things you pull from your life that you believe in. It’s about self-discovery and being creative. The record is slightly focused, but it’s also eclectic. The music is intended to inspire people to feel a certain way about themselves, so they’ll be able to encompass, in their own lives, a sense of inner fame that they can project to the world, and the carefree nature of the album is a reflection of that aura. I like to funnel interesting ideas to the rest of the world through a pop lens.”

anonymous asked:

Oh I see... The fact that they always overlap with the others SM artists really makes me mad and all. Happily that Rookie was successful. This year is really SM year, F(x) comeback, TVXQ and SUJU, but if Red Velvet, Exo and SNSD really overlap this will be the worst and at the same time, I don't want to SM delay our girls comeback. It's just so complicated. Also SM have time to do NCT life (don't blame the boys) but nothing about RV reality show...

Yeah clearly SM has priorities that are unfavorable towards the girls…anyways I wish them success with their 2nd full album AND A GOD DAMN SHOW SM If they can make 10+ versions of NCT Life for NCT then they can, at the least, spare some of the money used to make ONE NCT Life to make a show for Red Velvet. It wouldn’t kill them to do that, I am sure. I hate SM

bluekyun  asked:

I wanna buy the new album too, but I don't know which one I want?? They're all so beautiful?? HELP???

seriously though, monsta x’s newest albums look like the absolute shit and i need that in my life. but do i have money? no.

does anyone want to be a doll and just ship one over to england for me?


get to know me: [1/10] favourite bands/musicians  →  Melanie Martinez

It’s very hard to be an artist, on my first album, and I’m like asking for money for a music video for every song - it’s so hard to do. You have to pick your battles for sure, but I definitely want - and I’ve always worked to make it all connect - for all of it to feel cohesive.

Pledis needs money

I’m honestly surprised at how pledis can afford a group like seventeen with 13 freakin members even when they are broke as shit. Idk if all of you Seventeen fans know but pledis has been in a huge financial crisis for quite some time now. Seventeen really was their shot at trying to bring in some money cause they need it. Bad.
I’m praying 17 won’t end up like nuest or any of the pledis artists that have flopped over the years but it’s up to us to not let that happen. Buy 17’s album even though promotions are over because it still gives them money. If you got money to spend buy more than one album. If you want more seventeen comebacks support them! Not only with your love but also with your money. Sounds odd but that’s how it is. Nuest did so well with their debut but the comebacks after that failed basically. They had very very little to none exposure to the public and fizzled over time after that. It’s not only pledis’ lack of good promoting but also us the fans not buying their albums, voting, streaming, etc. enough. Their next comeback is gonna be even more important for their career. Pledis can’t give them another comeback or put them on shows if they don’t have money. In pledis’ case thats the main problem. After School hasn’t come back since 2013 with first love and they didn’t even win a single award then. Same with Orange Caramel despite their popularity. Helping Seventeen isn’t only benefiting them, but also the other groups in pledis. Honestly we decide whether or not they succeed. We can’t let them die out like the others. Seventeen has worked so hard for so long and so many of them stuck with pledis even though their debut was delayed so many times cause pledis couldn’t afford to debut them. Some members left because of the long delay but that just shows how dedicated the 13 members that stayed are. We need to work as hard for them just as they worked hard to get where they are at now. Share this so others can be aware. Let’s continue to let these 13 diamonds shine!
Update : if you would like to purchase their album and don’t know where to, here are some online shops that you can buy the physical albums from : Yesasia, KpopMart, KpopTown. If you can’t afford the shipping from Korea buy their digital album on ITunes. It still supports them overall. Thank you guys for sharing this. Continue to reblog so others can see!

Frank Ocean's Blonde exists in a beautiful limbo

On Channel Orange and 2011’s Nostalgia, Ultra, Ocean’s queerness was merely hinted at if it appeared at all, but on Blonde, it’s much more explicit. On “Self Control,” Ocean sings, “I’ll be the boyfriend in your wet dreams tonight.” And yet, Blonde is not shy about acknowledging an attraction to women, like on “Nights”: “Get some pussy have a calm night.” In a post-release note about the album on Tumblr, Ocean wrote, “Consciously though, I don’t want straight — a little bent is good.” There is no gap between the masculine and the feminine here, either. In the “Nikes” video, Ocean leans against a muscle car, sipping out of a Styrofoam cup and wearing winged eyeliner; a man lies naked in a pile of money; glitter streams out of a woman’s vagina. On the cover of Blonde, an album whose title exists in both the masculine and feminine forms, Ocean’s hair is a genderless green.

n late 2012, Ocean posted an essay to Tumblr in which he wrote that he had fallen in love with a man when he was a teenager. Ocean compares this unrequited love to a tumor: “By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant.” Blonde has that same duality to it. Everything is at once beautiful and destructive. Decisiveness is boring; delineation is sterile. Blonde is gorgeous, painful, serious, and sensitive. And no matter what, you couldn’t have expected it, because you can’t predict something that never stays the same.


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