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What if there's 3 killers? Jake mysteriously disappeared at Brooke's party just to return when she's missing and ran straight to the freezer where she was. Plus, he survived twice. He's strong enough to drag/restrain Will. Audrey is really good with technology which explains why the killer(s) had controls to calls, texts, webcams, etc. Piper probably bribed or persuaded them to get revenge at their friends. They prob cycled being Ghostface which explains how they can cover up their alibis.

Well personally, I thought it was going to be Jake and Piper, so I’d love it if he had a hand in everything (plus yes!!! more ghostfaces!!! more ghostfaces is always good!!! well i mean not for emma but…). Those are all excellent points, and all reasons I thought it was going to be him. Honestly I think this would be super awesome, because it makes a ton of sense, plus it’s such an odd grouping of people and I love it!

I’ve been fighting for so long, I can’t just give up now…

I’ll never do! (#2)

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You know, I know a lot of people really want the revelation of Johnny being a spectral to be serious and dramatic, but I kind of hope it’s kind of anti-climactic and silly? Like Johnny and Max are arguing over something ridiculous and Johnny goes to yell at Max for an especially sarcastic remark, but fire comes out instead and singes the brim of Max’s hat.

There’s a beat of shocked silence before they start pointing at each other and screaming in terror and confusion.

Dudes, I am slapping on a smile as hard as I can because I’m so done with work today. It’s hot as hell out and I want to revel in what’s left of summer.

Things are good. Not having to work for a living would be better. Happy Wednesday, my long distance muffins.

i want to live in a world where i can revel in canon hannigram without feeling a little guilty bc it’s one of the only well-developed queer relationships ive seen in mainstream media and it’s a manipulative and unhealthy disaster

what im saying is i hope this sets a precedent for other slow-build queer arcs where the characters are actually good for each other

Oh my gosh




Hmmmh, thats three or four people now who agree that the revelations tarot isn’t very “user friendly” apperantly it’s a straightforward idea but is actually quite challenging to derive meaning from? I really want the revelations tarot but I’m seeing so many people struggle with it.


It was almost two months ago, what the heck.


  • She loves peaches and nectarines, bananas, sometimes blueberries or strawberries. That’s it. No other healthy foods. No other fruit, and she absolutely loathes veggies, unless they’re coated in hummus.
  • She still loves to snuggle with me to fall asleep. My parents want me to break her of the habit. I don’t. One day she won’t want to snuggle with me. I’m going to revel in it while I can.
  • She loves, loves, loves to sing and dance and just listen to music. Her favorite songs include: any song ever by One Direction (her favorite varies by day, it’s either Liam or Niall), Cheerleader by OMI, that stupid fucking Crazy Frog song or anything by Alvin and the Chipmunks, I Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd, and every nursery rhyme ever. Any song with a quick beat, she’ll dance to it.
  • She also likes to (pretend to) lip sync. She’s doesn’t do a very good job, but makes the funniest faces, and giggles at herself.
  • She’s still not completely potty trained. When it comes to pee, as long as she’s in underwear, she’ll go on the potty all damn day. The second she’s put in a diaper or pull-up, she doesn’t care anymore, just goes in it. And she refuses to poop on the potty. She’ll literally ask me to put a diaper on her in which she may poop.
  • She loves to swim. Absolutely loves it. She’s a little fish, she swims so well. She’s not a clumsy little toddler in the water anymore. She’s so fluid and graceful, and loves to exclaim, “Look, Mom, I’m a mermaid!”
  • She knows her full name, and knows when I use it I mean business. Her response to it is always, “Don’t say my full name, Mom! I’m not wrong!” (Her way of saying, “I didn’t do anything wrong!”)
  • She loves to play with my hair and pat my tummy and butt. She’ll say, “I love you hair, Mom!” or “I love your butt, Mom!” She also likes to play the drum on my mom’s fake boob (my mom had a mastectomy and is a breast cancer survivor) and say, “I love your boob, Grandma!” I can’t handle her.
  • She loves puzzles. Absolutely freakin’ loves puzzles. She’ll do them all damn day and sing to herself and ask anyone and everyone to do them with her.
  • She also loves Barbies. Which I can’t complain about because it’s SO MUCH FREAKIN’ FUN playing pretend with her. I’ve been waiting for this moment since she’s been born
  • Also Play-doh. Which I now hate. I hate it. It always ends up everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE
  • She’s still doing well with learning letters and learning everything she is so stinkin’ smart and I just want her to be potty trained so I can put her in preschool and dance and gymnastics and hockey and soccer and EVERYTHING GOSH I LOVE HER

Emberlyn Ryan, you are three years old now. Three. I love you more than ever and you are everything I’d ever dreamed you’d be and more.