I want a revelation

Several women accuse tech pundit Robert Scoble of sexual harassment
Robert Scoble, a longtime fixture of the Silicon Valley punditocracy, has been publicly accused of sexual harassment and assault by multiple women.

In a public Facebook post on Friday, Scoble wrote that he was “deeply sorry to the people I’ve caused pain to. I know I have behaved in ways that were inappropriate." 

"I know that apologies are not enough and that they don’t erase the wrongs of the past or the present,” he continued. “The only thing I can do to really make a difference now is to prove, through my future behavior, and my willingness to listen, learn and change, that I want to become part of the solution going forward.”

The revelations come months after many top Silicon Valley luminaries, including Chris Sacca of Lowercase Capital and Dave McClure of 500 Startups, among others, were named as abusers by The New York Times. As is the case in many industries that have been dominated by men for decades, inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment often goes underreported and unpunished.

Best Lines From Each Hamilton Song

Alexander Hamilton: You could never back down, you never learned to take your - TIME

Aaron Burr, Sir: Talk Less. Smile More.

My Shot: I think ya pants look hot ;)

The Story of Tonight: Raise a glass to freedom…

Schuyler Sisters: You want a revolution? I want a revelation!

Farmer Refuted: Is he in Jersey?

You’ll Be Back: I will kill your friends and family… to remind you of, my, love DA DA DA D-

Right Hand Man: Burr! Sir? Close the door on your way out.

Winters Ball: If you could marry a sister, you’re rich son. Is it a question of if Burr, or which one?

Helpless: Laughing at my sister cause she wants to form a harem: I’m just saying if you really loved me you would share him. HA!

Satisfied: … He’d be mine. She would say “I’m fineshe’d be lying.

The Story of Tonight (Reprise): You are the worst, Burr

Wait For It: When they died they left no instructions, just a legacy to protect 

Stay Alive: I’m a general. WEEE!!

Ten Duel Commandents: Okay so we’re doing this

That Would Be Enough: And if this child shares a fraction of your smile, or a fragment of your mind, look out world, that would be enough.

Guns And Ships: No one has more resilience or matches my practical tactical BRILLIANCE.

History Has Its Eyes On You: You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story.

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): Immigrants, we get the job done.

What Comes Next: Awesome. Wow.

Dear Theodosia: I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll make a million mistakes.

Nonstop: Hamilton wrote THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE

What’d I Miss?: I guess I basically missed the late 80’s.

Cabinet Battle #1: Turn around, bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits.

Take a Break: You’ve written “My Dearest, Angelica…. “

Say No To This: That was my wife who you decided to- fuuu

The Room Where It Happens: The art of the compromise, hold your nose and close your eyes.

Schuyler Defeated: They don’t need to know me they don’t like you.

Cabinet Battle #2: You must be outta your GODDAMN MIND


One Last Time: I’m sorry wha-?

I Know Him: They will tear each other into pieces, Jesus Christ this will be fun :D

Adams Administration: Siddown John YOU FAT MOTHER——

We Know: My god…

Hurricane: … We were sick and she was holding me, I couldn’t seem to die.

The Reynolds Pamphlet: You could never be satisfied, god I hope your satisfied.

Burn: You, you, you

Blow Us All Away: Everything is legal in New Jersey…

Stay Alive (Reprise): I know, you did everything just right.

It’s Quiet Uptown: Forgiveness. Can you imagine?

The Election of 1800: Well I’ll be damned…

Your Obedient Servant: Here’s an itemised list of thirty years of disagreements. Sweet Jesus

The World Was Wide Enough: America, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Oh I can’t wait to see you again, it’s only a matter of time.

Bonus Songs:

Congratulations: You know why Jefferson can do what he wants? He doesn’t dignify schoolyard taunts with a response

Dear Theodosia (Reprise): We bleed and fight for you, sometimes it seems that’s all we do.

Ten Things, One Thing (I genuinely can’t decide between these five so here you go):

- The sun is in my eyes. I am almost giddy as I watch it slowly rise over my New York City.

- I examine the gun that we shared. Philip never hurt a soul, he must have been so scared.

- I feel a sense of calm fill me, it’s not in his political interest to kill me.

- My Eliza is still asleep. I left her a letter, I could have written it better.

- They put us through our paces, we count to ten. God, I can’t wait to see her again.

Just a quick note to say I didn’t forget Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us, I just decided against including it because, in Lin’s own words, it’s more of a scene than a song. Really it’s just the The Story of Tonight sung over some quite, uneventful dialouge (very poetic given the content of that dialouge) so I decided to just leave it out. Anyways thanks for reading my random post I guess? Bye bye


Steve has many annoying quirks.  Given the smallest opportunity, Danny will elaborate on them at length to anybody who asks - and even to those who don’t if he’s feeling particularly spirited.

The truth is, though, that Steve is as endearing as hell.  He’s loveable, loving, a jumbled up mess of vulnerable badass sweetheart, and Danny loves him deeply.

He’s also a complete and total goof in bed.  Oh, he’s great in bed - they’re great in bed, thank you very much - but once the show’s over, he turns into a hilarious lump of limbs, pleased as punch to be naked and satisfied.  He loves a good snuggle, and, really, Danny is more than happy to oblige.

“You’re a goof,” he says, smiling when Steve draws him in, closer, tighter, warmer.  Oh yeah.  This is some tip-top snuggling, this is.

I’m a goof?” Steve harrumphs, stretches out a kink in his back before relaxing back into the mattress.  “I’m not the one who told Charlie about my time-outs.”

“Hey!  It’s not like I gave him specifics.  What do you take me for?”


Danny rolls his eyes.  “Still, nothing.  I made it sound like I put you in a cardboard box in the corner for 30 minutes, not that I-”

“-strip me naked in 5 seconds flat?  Have your wicked way with me?  Cunningly use to your advantage the fact that I like a good catnap after sex, and if I’m asleep then I can’t be blowing anything up?”

“Well I don’t see you complaining,” Danny responds, poking a finger into Steve’s side.

Steve captures the finger, lifts it up for a kiss.  “Of course not.  I love my time-outs.”

One Time

Prompt: One Time by Marian Hill for @whothehellisbella ‘s song fic challenge

Summary: After one night with the cocky Lance Tucker, he suggests a “no-love, all-fuck” relationship. You agree, but you’re not so sure about the “no-love” side of things

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Word Count: 3,185 Words

Warnings: Angst, fluff, mentions of sex (sfw stuff)

You know you’ve got that thing that makes the girls all swing
You know exactly what you do

All eyes were on him, even the girls who were with their partner. It was inevitable, because he had that effect on people. It cast a sensual atmosphere, the moment he stepped foot into the bar, his mouth curled into a smirk. He was looking for a new girl to dance with him, and then follow him into the bedroom, only for her to be left alone in the dark the next morning. Nobody could resist him, not when he was hotter than Eros himself. Soft, brown hair and piercing blue eyes with a jawline and physique that couldn’t even be real. You knew you were in trouble when his eyes landed on you and his smirk deepened. You knew better than to have one-night stands, especially as you knew that Lance ‘The Fucker’ Tucker never, ever did anything past one night and broke those girls’ hearts.

Yet, as he sat down beside you, flicking his fringe out of his face, you couldn’t back out. His eyes drew you in, trapping you in his gaze.

You like the hit and run, you say it’s all for fun
You think that I’m the one for you

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“I’m-I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N… nice name, but you ain’t gonna remember it by the time I’m done with you, darlin’.”

You looked over your shoulder at your friends, who drunkenly encourage you to go with Lance, their eyes slightly glossed over and grins wide.

“Yes,” is all you can say, the word slipping out before you can really assess your situation. He grabs your hand and tugs you off the stool, gasps making their way around the room, jealous looks flashed your way from girls that would’ve easily scored the womanizer’s night. It isn’t long before you’re out in the streets, heading into his apartment and then into his bedroom. As you stare into his eyes after you’re both spent, you don’t know how you’re gonna let him go.

I know I’ve got that sway that makes the boys all stay
I know the way that men can be

“So you’re proposing that we fuck, with no romance.” You say, crossing your arms.

“Precisely.” Lance leans back against the counter, raising an eyebrow and the corner of his mouth quirking up.

“That’s strange, considering that you don’t go steady on anything.” You mutter, looking him up and down. You’re hesitant to try out this relationship, because you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to not fall in love with him. He’s intoxicating, and you’ve already felt yourself develop something. You don’t know what it is, but it definitely isn’t just the excitement of being the only one to fuck Lance Tucker.

He snorts, playing with the hem of his signature red jacket. “I’m willin’ to go steady on this. ‘Cause I don’t want last night to be a one off with the moves you’ve got.” He winks flirtatiously, and you can feel your heart thumping out of your chest. Now you certainly know that he doesn’t want it because he likes you. But, it’s better than just one night…right? You should feel lucky to be the only girl to get this opportunity, but you don’t. You shift uncomfortably, biting your lip hard. Because you know, deep down, that it’ll spiral out of control, something will go wrong, and the worry settles on your shoulders, weighing you down. However, you can’t resist him when he’s looking at you like that.

“Alright, but don’t go fucking any other girls behind my back, okay?” You say, trying to hide the quiver in your voice.

“So I can have sex with a guy instead?”

“You’re an asshole, Lance Tucker.”

I like it smooth and slow, give it some time to grow
That’s something you should know about me

It’s been two weeks since you’ve agreed to the arrangement, but you haven’t even gone on any sort of outing together. For god’s sake, you hardly know anything about him besides his reputation, you haven’t gotten to know each other much at all. Yet still, at least every second night, you wind up in his bedroom with your clothes all over the floor and lust so thick in the air that it’s almost suffocating. You can’t resist him, nor do you want to, but you know you’ve rushed too fast into this. Relationships have never worked out for you before, because the relationship was always rushed but here you are again, making the same mistake you have before. You don’t know whether it’s because you don’t learn, or because Lance draws you in faster than anyone has before.

A month has passed, and you’re deeper in the ‘arrangement’ than you ever thought you would go. Just as you thought, you have developed feelings for the gymnast, but you’ve never given him indication that you have. And how could you? He’d break off the arrangement and you’d be lucky to ever see him again.

It’s one of the first times you’ve been seen out together, but you won’t be in the club for very long, what with Lance’s eyes raking up and down your form. You chose a dress that showed off all your assets which you prepared for this night, as well as your glamorous makeup look, and he’s definitely taken notice of it. Once women start moving closer towards Lance, he grabs your hand tightly and pulls you off the barstool, shoving through the crowds until the cold breeze of the winter night hits your skin, making you shiver. He hails a cab quickly, his hand moving to your waist and gripping on so roughly that you feel bruises forming. The car ride is filled with the need to just touch and once you get out of the cab, it takes no time at all to make it to his bedroom and for you both to get your hands onto each other. He’s passionate, feverous and so rough with his need, and you’re easily infected by it as well, bare skin against bare skin, his eyes staring into yours so lustfully that it just takes you away, not caring about the world outside and only focusing on him.

“God, I love you.”

Those fateful words, mumbled in the heat of the moment, make you freeze, your lips a hair’s breadth away from touching. You pull away instantly, your hands flying up to your mouth in horror, an attempt to catch the words that have already slipped through your mouth. You can’t move, you’re suddenly motionless as you inwardly curse yourself. How did those words manage to get by when you’ve forced down your feelings all this time? How could you be so stupid as to let them reveal themselves?

Lance’s eyes widen and he immediately stops his movements, pulling away from you roughly, his muscles tensing.

“What the fuck did you just say?” He breathes heavily, with a hint of shock, but you can definitely sense the concealed rage bubbling to the forefront, his hunger-filled gaze fading. At this moment, you just know that it’s going to go horribly, horribly wrong.

“I-I didn’t – “ You stutter, trying to save yourself from this situation, covering your quickly reddening face as his expression contorts into one of disbelieving anger, shaking his head as he backs away from the bed.

“You did, Y/N,” He growls, not the possessive growl that you’re used to, but one that makes you frankly terrified, “I heard you loud and clear.”

You try to reach out towards him, but he’s already putting on his pants, muttering fierce curses underneath his breath that make your heart sting with hurt.

“I didn’t mean it though!” You protest weakly, but it’s plain that you’re lying. You can feel tears forming at the edge of your eyes, because you’ve ruined it all.

“You sure sounded like you did.” He snarls harshly, pulling his t-shirt on, before slinging his signature red jacket over his shoulder.

“It’s because how on earth could I have not developed feelings for you during this arrangement? I was already falling for you at the start, and I knew that something would go wrong in the end, because it was a ‘no-love, all-fuck’ policy with you!” You pause to take in a deep, shaky breath, “it isn’t my fault that I ended up liking you after, what, a month of fucking?”

He moves towards the door, running his hand through his hair with jerking movements. “It is your fault, because guess what? I was able to not fall in love with you, so you should’ve been able to as well!” Once those words get out, you curl up smaller, letting out a whimper. You realise that of course he hadn’t had anything for you, that arrangement meant nothing to him, you were always just his fuck-buddy after all. It makes it hurt more, that you had thought that possibly, possibly, he could’ve liked you back, but it seems like he’s just ripped through your heart with his bare hands, just like the others.

“Just so you know,” his voice cuts through your teary haze, as he turns to look at you at the doorway, and you look up tentatively, your whole body shivering, “I’ll never say it back.”

That’s it. The final sentence that makes you fully breakdown, the door slamming shut so loudly that the echoes resonate sharply through your veins. You clutch your sheets tightly as you cry into your pillow loudly, your whole body wracking with sobs and trembles. Keep it together, Y/N, keep it together, it’s fine, it’s fine… you try to convince yourself that it’s okay, but nothing is doing it for you, because all you can think about is his eyes piercing daggers through you. You look to the closed door, and bite your lip to prevent any more cries escaping your mouth.

Boy if you wanna go I would not mind
But… I’m not the kind of drum you play one time


The moment Lance stepped out of the door, he could feel the guilt and absolute regret weighing down on him, his heart throbbing inside his chest as he clenched his fist so tightly that his nails made deep indents in his palm. He remembered that hurt look on your face, and it only made his regret worse. The things that he said to you, the words that spilt out of his mouth without his permission, were cruel and hateful, even for somebody like he. It was a whole new level, especially as the things he said, the things he hurt you with, were lies. The moment he had sat beside you in the bar, was the moment when he knew that he wanted to call you his girlfriend. But his reputation wouldn’t let him to do so, he was known for never keeping steady. So he swallowed his doubts, and offered an arrangement, an arrangement that made him suppress his feelings, yet it meant he could be close to you as much as he wanted to. It was insufferable, moving away when his lips were about to touch your cheek gently, clamping his mouth shut when he wanted to say, ‘I love you.’ And now, when you finally returned the words, he couldn’t say it back. His denial stopped him from doing it, making him spout out horrible words that he didn’t mean because he didn’t think you would actually ever like him, Lance Tucker.

He touched the door, contemplating going back in, when he heard you weeping softly. He inhaled sharply, before letting out a shaky breath, shutting his eyes tightly so tears wouldn’t leak out. You would hate him if he went back in, but he wanted to. He stopped himself, pulling away slowly as he took reluctant steps down the hallways, trying desperately to block out the sound of your sobs.

Lance tried to forget you, forget how his heart thumped out of his chest whenever he was around you, forget how his cheeks tinged red whenever he merely thought of you, forget how he loved you. He drank more than ever, getting smashed at bars and fucking girls who threw themselves at him. It was a distraction, or so he thought. No matter how many times he got drunk, no matter how many girls he had sex with, it never erased the fact that you were gone. He had made the one person that he truly wanted, leave.

Coming back from a long coaching session, Lance sat down heavily on the couch, toeing off his trainers as he flicked through Instagram. Looking closely at a mutual friend’s picture, his eyes widened at the sight of you in the background. You were at the club that you first met at, and this was the first time he’s known your whereabouts since… that night.

He pulled his trainers back on, combing back his hair swiftly and grabbing his keys, he ran out of the apartment. This may be the only chance he’ll ever get to get you back. He only stopped once on the way to the club, to enter a flower shop with its lights still glowing dimly.


You gaze into the red liquid as it swirls around in its glass, before setting it back down, turning in your chair to watch the festivities of your friend’s birthday. You let a smile touch your lips, before it falls flat, as it often does nowadays, since Lance left you. You turn back around, taking another sip of the wine, unaware of somebody entering the bar, their eyes flicking right to you. However, you do notice that there are quite a lot more female chatter and gasps in the bar then there was earlier, and that can only really mean one thing. You stiffen, fingers beginning to tremble slightly. Why is he here? To rub it in that he’s moved on?

To your surprise, Lance sits down beside you, his voice quiet as he orders a beer. You don’t say anything to him, his presence making you wary and slightly frightened, but deep down, you want to throw your arms around him and kiss him deeply. But you’ll know that he’ll never stand for anything like that, not after what he told you before he left. He throws a few glances your way, steadily ignoring the women behind him. He doesn’t interact with anyone else, except for the looks to you, and you’re pretty sure that you’re the one he wants to talk to. But why? He made his relationship to you pretty clear when he left. You’re compelled to leave the bar, but you want to know why he came here to find you. Finally, you find the courage to speak to him, asking softly, “How are you?”

His head immediately turns to look at you, his mouth parted slightly and blinking rapidly as you finish speaking. You tilt your head expectantly, willing yourself not to cry or run out of the bar.

“Not good.” He murmurs, looking down at his hands, and you’re shocked, to say the least. Because you thought that he would’ve moved on by now. Or maybe it’s something else. Either way, you honestly don’t know how to act in front of him anymore.

“Oh.” Is all you can get out. You stare at him for a few moments more, the whispers in your head saying, ‘you don’t deserve to be treated like that again, don’t talk to him anymore.’ And you finally listen to them, stepping off the stool and giving him a tight nod before brushing past him.

A hand grips your wrist, and you whirl around quickly, tense as you watch him closely. “Y/N, wait, please.” He whispers, and the look on his face makes you stop. It’s filled with something that you can’t quite place, a mixture of emotions that you never thought somebody like Lance could ever have. He brings out a bouquet of white roses from behind his back, handing it to you slowly. You tentatively take it from his outstretched hand, staring at it in confusion.

“What is this?” You ask in a bewildered voice, inhaling its scent lightly.

He sighs, making a helpless gesture before his shoulders slump.

“Look, Y/N… I should’ve never said any of what I said to you. It was… it was cruel and I…” You cut him off, giving him a sad smile.

“Lance, it’s okay, I understand. I should’ve never thought you’d like me. Even if it was cruel, at least you told me the truth.” You shrug, though the words strike through your heart with every syllable.

“But it wasn’t the truth! I-I didn’t mean it and…” He trails off miserably, and you raise an eyebrow, your breath hitching in your throat.

A moment of silence between you passes, before you prod, “And…?”

“I love you.”

The words seem fluent, easy as they roll of his tongue, and you can’t help but let out a soft gasp at what he says, and feel your heart skip a beat. But they contradict the words he said when he broke your heart, and you’re about to laugh it off, before leaving the club with tears in your eyes, when he continues.

“I love the way your eyes crinkle up when you laugh, I love how you smile at everyone you pass, I love the way you moved when you used to dance on the kitchen table, I love how you curled up around the pillow when you slept and…” He pauses, to lean closer so you can feel his warm breath tickle your lips, “I love everything about you.” He says sincerely, and you watch as your slowly growing smile spurs him on to finish his speech.

“I promise you, I’ll never be the person you thought I was, ever again. I’ll be myself; I’ll love you with all my heart to prove that I never meant any of what I told you back then.” He vows, resting a hand on the small of your back when you don’t object.

Without warning, you move forward to press your lips against his, and he lets out an “mmph!” before laughing against your mouth. He kisses back gently, resting his forehead against yours as he lets the passion he had kept stored out. You pull away only for breath, before he nips lightly at your lower lip and kissing you again, the roughness and dominance of his touch that you felt in his kisses when you were in the arrangement, gone, with only the love and fervour remaining.

“I’ll hold you to that promise, Lance Tucker.” You say, your lungs working overtime once you finally move apart a little.

He gives you a lopsided and rakish grin, before he jumps off the stool lightly. “Care to dance, Miss Y/N?”

“Of course.” You smile at him, wrapping your arms around his waist closely, and he kisses you deeply, insistent yet loving.

Play the drum

Notes: Sorry for all the sap at the end, it’s 10:21pm and I have to go to somewhere at 7am tomorrow, so this is rushed. Anyway, hope you enjoyed :)

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a bunch of rambling thoughts about satisfied
  • it starts with angelica surrounded by people, seemingly satisfied and content, and ends with her all by herself on stage, privately devastated and unsatisfied
  • it’s framed like an essay. intro & thesis, three body paragraphs, conclusion and restatement of the thesis, showing her intelligence
  • while analyzing alexander, even in a lovestruck daze, angelica notes that he’s penniless. this comes up again in reason one, yet is once again dismissed. his financial state doesn’t matter—eliza does.
  • in the sia cover, the aforementioned singer sings both “and i knooow” and “helpless”, signifying that once angelica realizes eliza’s feelings, she is helpless to do anything but acknowledge them
  • helpless is repeated by eliza, three times, one for each reason.
  • angelica notes both alexander and eliza’s eyes, but never her own, symbolically linking them 
  • angelica also mentions “the first time i saw her face / then i turn and see my sister’s face” once again connecting the two people she loves more than anything
  • “intelligent eyes” she notices his mind first, a link to schuyler sisters, “i’m looking for a mind at work”
  • angelica says “mind” rather than heart during “i know my sister like i know my own mind”, showing that this is both a rational and emotional decision; she is using her head and her heart to manage this sacrifice
  • angelica only says “heart” once in the whole song, with ‘set my heart aflame’
  • in the first verse: “i remember that night/i remember those/i remember that dreamlike” angelica uses remember three times, and never forget for alexander, drawing attention to the line that “i have never been the same”—alexander is breaking the pattern of angelica’s world
  • the fire symbolism throughout the song, in comparison to helpless which uses “drowning”. angelica “match” wits, aflame, etc. there is also electricity (ben franklin with the key and the kite), another flame-filled metaphor. 
  • angelica also links alexander to icarus in BURN, in this case, angelica is icarus (clothed in orange), destined to fall, and alexander is the sun. eliza (clothed in blue) is the sea, this metaphor established by helpless and then by satisfied
  • angelica’s reiteration of the wedding toast is a reminder that this is all replaying with her mind; much like “i realize three fundamental truths at the exact same time”, this is all happening within a matter of seconds, showing how fast her brain truly works
  • “he’d be mine” / “that boy is mine”
  • angelica reflects on his eyes right before the reintroduced wedding toast, reiterating the feature she once again first noticed about him
  • satisfied is in many ways a revelation on a scene we thought we previously understood. this is another callback to schuyler sisters with angelica “you want a revolution? i want a revelation!” and the other wedding-goers go “union / to the revolution” what happens next? a revelation 
  • “i just might regret that night for the rest of my days / i’ll never forget the first time i saw your face” regret and forget are the first half of this rhyming scheme, connecting the two. if angelica could forget her feelings for hamilton, she would not have to regret this night.
  • “i’m sure you don’t know what you mean” “you’re like me: i’m never satisfied” / “nice going angelica, he was right: you will never be satisfied” angelica now painfully, acutely, understands what he was saying
  • at least my dear eliza’s his wife / at least i keep his eyes in my life—rhyming scheme, in addition to showing that, even when it comes to consoling herself about losing alexander, eliza still comes first
  • he will never be satisfied. i will never be satsified. is one of the only times in the song alexander and angelica are directly compared the same way that eliza & alexander are on numerous connections. a callback to “you’re like me: i’m never satisfied”
The Lunar Chronicles + Hamilton Quotes
  • Cinder: I've seen injustice in the world and I've corrected it.
  • Kai: They're asking me to lead, I'm doing the best I can.
  • Thorne: I prob'ly shouldn't brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish.
  • Cress: Helpless, look into your eyes and the sky's the limit
  • Scarlet: Uh...France.
  • Wolf: Ev'ry day you fight like you're running out of time.
  • Winter: I am the one thing in life I can control.
  • Jacin: Geniuses, lower your voices.
  • Levana: I will kill your friends and family, to remind you of my love.
  • Iko: You want a revolution, I want a revelation.
  • Dr Erland: Immigrants, we get the job done.
  • Konn Torin: Talk less, Smile more.

Druid Shiro Theory Part 2: Shiro’s Arm

Following on from this post about how Shiro is probably a part-Altean Druid who can do magic and make wormholes, let’s talk about Shiro’s arm for a sec. Specifically: why did Haggar give him the arm, and what is it intended to do?

First up… let’s talk about Haggar. She was the one who gave Shiro his Galra arm. We know she loves combining magic and technology, as evidenced by all the robeasts. Perhaps the most dramatic example is the Komar Experiment:

It’s got that weird black smoke surrounded by the purple glow (obviously magic) and the purple lines running across the metal supports (the technology element). Here’s another, wider view of the whole rig:

And now here’s Shiro’s arm, the first time it activates:

Pretty similar, right? And a moment later, he gets that black smoke and purple glow around the hand, right before he overpowers it and then hacks up a bunch of Galra sentries.

{TBH I just wanted an excuse to include this screenshot}

Of course, the revelation that Shiro’s arm is Galra magi-tech is a surprise to precisely no one at this point, but here’s the thing: the Komar Experiment was powered by a bunch of druids. The black smoke and purple glow all came from them. What’s powering Shiro’s arm?

Now, imagine for a minute that you’re Haggar. You find out one of your captive test subjects is part-Altean and has the dormant ability to do magic. You want to turn him into a powerful magical weapon: a Druid completely under your control, trained to fight and do magic. Do you (a) sit in his cell and spend hours walking him through Sorcery 101 until he learns to control his powers, or (b) fit him with some kind of device - say, a prosthetic arm - that activates his magic for him, against his will if necessary.

Option (b) is really more Haggar’s style, right? And the Komar Experiment is proof that Haggar has zero chill and will happily rip the quintessence out of an entire planet if she wants to, because she’s the real Chaotic Evil of this show.

Now let’s take a look at this picture. This is Shiro’s hand right before he brings the arm under his control:

This looks like Shiro is about to do some druid magic. He looks like he’s about to fling some purple lightening or some of that weird black smoke - but he doesn’t. Instead, he overpowers the arm, brings it under his control, and uses it as a weapon.

So here’s an idea: what if Shiro’s arm is a mechanism that forcibly activates his Druid abilities? It would be powered by his own magic, if that were the case. And the reason why it looks like Shiro’s about to do druid magic is because… well… he is. But it’s being forced out of him, and it’s painful and harmful (like forcing the crystals out of the Balmera is painful and harmful). And now that Shiro is free of Haggar’s influence and control, he reins it in and reduces the magic to a level that doesn’t physically hurt him.

What if every time Shiro activates his Galra arm, he’s actually doing magic?

I mean… that arm LOOKS pretty magical. It has multiple functions that Shiro can apparently activate at will, and it gets that cool purple glow every time he uses it, and it leaves a trail of purple light when he wields it as a weapon.

Does that purple glow remind you of anything?

That’s Allura, right before she throws a bunch of magic back at Haggar and the Druids.

Shiro obviously isn’t consciously doing magic - but I think he might be subconsciously doing it. Just enough to make the arm do whatever he needs it to do. After he uses the arm in the Pilot, Pidge asks him: “Where did you learn to fight with that?” and Shiro says: “No idea.” He clearly knows how to use the arm, and we see him use it multiple times, but he doesn’t remember learning how to use it. His {procedural memory} is intact, but his {episodic memory} is damaged. He’s just working on instinct, intuitively channelling quintessence into the arm to power it up and make it work for him.

We’ve seen Shiro’s Galra arm do multiple cool things throughout the series, and whenever we see it, we just assume it’s the arm that’s doing it. But what if it’s not? What if it’s Shiro? The arm is just a tool - like a magic wand - that helps him activate his Druid powers, but all the functions we see are actually Shiro doing a bunch of low-level magic without fully realising what he’s doing or how he’s doing it. We’ve been crediting the arm, when we should have been crediting Shiro and his ability to manipulate quintessence.

Shiro is a Druid, and he’s been doing magic right in front of us this whole time.

College Majors as lines from Hamilton
  • Psychology: Some men say that I'm intense or I'm insane
  • Chemistry: SHA-BOOM
  • Accounting: We need to handle our financial situation
  • History: But Jesus between all the bleeding and fighting I've been reading and writing
  • Business: Shake hands with him, charm her
  • English: He started retreatin and readin every treatise on the shelf
  • Creative writing: You built me palaces out of paragraphs
  • Criminal justice: Stay out of trouble and you double your choices
  • Pre Med/Nursing: Stay alive
  • Education: Give us a verse, drop some knowledge
  • Theater: Yo yo yo what time is it? SHOW TIME!
  • Music: You changed the melody every time
  • Foreign language: I came from afar just to say "bonsoir!"
  • Political Science: Don't modulate the key then not debate with me
  • Current Affairs: How lucky we are to be alive right now, history is happening
  • Fashion: I think your pants look hot
  • Philosophy: You want a revolution, I want a revelation
  • Theology: I'm searching and scanning for answers in every line
If you had to choose~ Hamilton edition

Okay, I’m not sure if this has been done berofe or not, but let’s give it a try! 

The rules are simple- in each question, you’ll have to choose which one of the two things (characters, songs…) listed is your favourite (and why).

Sometimes It’s gonna be a really difficult choice (I know it’s lose-lose but if you had to choose)!

Feel free to reblog this with your answers, I’m looking forward to hear your opinions! =^^=

(Also, you’re welcome to add more if you like)


1) Act 1 x Act 2

2) Eliza Schuyler x Angelica Schuyler

3) Cabinet Battle #1 x Cabinet Battle #2

4) Lafayette x Thomas Jefferson

5) Lams x Jamilton

6) Helpless x Satisfied

7) Hamilton wrote the other 51! x Deep voice saying ‘damn’ in Reynolds Pamphlet

8) Chick-a-plao! x Awesome, wow!

9) Lafayette’s rap in Guns and ships x Mulligan’s rap in Yorktown

10) MyShot x Non Stop

11) John Laurens x Hercules Mulligan

12) Wait for it x Burn

13) Peggy Schuyler x Maria Reynolds

14) Immigrants? We get the job done! x You want a revolution? I want a revelation

15) Right hand man x What’d I miss?

16) Sit down John, you fat motherf- x Eliza beatboxing

17) Free tickets to Hamilton x Your own island in the Caribbean

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So i’m not really in Supernatural fandom, but my roommate is and I’ve seen the series (except for the most recent few episodes), and I wanted to share a revelation I had.

Some fans have noticed the inconsistency between the episodes “After School Special” (4x13) and “Bad Boys” (9x07).

The flashbacks in the two episodes should only actually be a few months apart.  But in “Bad Boys” Dean is shown to be a fumbling teenager who has his first kiss…

We don’t see him and Sam together, but the glimpse we get of Sam is a little kid playing with a toy plane out the Impala’s window.

In “After Schools Special” Dean is portrayed as a towering badass love ‘em & leave 'em sex god

And Sam is a realistic highschool freshman.

Anyway… I figured out why this makes PERFECT SENSE!  Because “After School Special” is a Sam-centric episode, and the flashback we get is thus shaped by his POV.  So remembers himself accurately, but remembers Dean as this mature badass.

On the other hand “Bad Boys” is entirely Dean’s POV, so he remembers himself accurately, but remembers Sam as a sweet little kid, even though he should have been pushing into his teens at the time.

So in other words Dylan Everett (2013) and Colin Ford (2008) accurately reflect high school aged Sam and Dean at the same time.  Brock Kelly is just how Sam saw Dean.  And the little kid with the plane is how Dean saw Sam.

hamilton   /   starter sentences.

feel   free   to   change   the   pronouns   to   make   these   fit!

  • ’ this kid is insane, man! ’
  • ’ the world’s gonna know your name! ’
  • ’ what’s your name, man? ’
  • ’ there’s a million things i haven’t done. ’
  • ’ just you wait. ’
  • ’ in new york you can be a new man. ’
  • ’ you could never back down. ’
  • ’ you never learned to take your time. ’
  • ’ the world will never be the same. ’
  • ’ pardon me, are you [ name ], sir? ’
  • ’ i’m at your service, sir. ’
  • ’ i have been looking for you. ’
  • ’ i’m getting nervous. ‘
  • ‘ can i buy you a drink? ‘
  • ‘ while we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice. ‘
  • ‘ don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for. ‘
  • ‘ you can’t be serious. ‘
  • ‘ you want to get ahead? ‘
  • ‘ fools who run their mouths off wind up dead. ‘
  • ‘ what time is it? ‘
  • ‘ pour me another brew, son! ‘
  • ‘ to the revolution! ‘
  • ‘ good luck with that. ‘
  • ‘ what do you stall for? ‘
  • ‘ if you stand for nothing, [ name ], what’ll you fall for? ‘
  • ‘ who are you? ‘
  • ‘ i am not throwing away my shot. ‘
  • ‘ i’m young, scrappy, and hungry. ‘
  • ‘ with every word i drop knowledge. ‘
  • ‘ i’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal. ‘
  • ‘ only nineteen, but my mind is older. ‘
  • ‘ i have learned to manage. ‘
  • ‘ the plan is to fan this spark into a flame. ‘
  • ‘ don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me. ‘
  • ‘ i will lay down my life if it sets us free. ‘
  • ‘ if you talk, you’re gonna get shot! ‘
  • ‘ i think your pants look hot. ‘
  • ‘ what are the odds the gods would put us all in one spot? ‘
  • ‘ oh, am i talkin’ too loud? ‘
  • ‘ i promise that i’ll make y'all proud. ‘
  • ‘ rise up. ‘
  • ‘ i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. ‘
  • ‘ i never thought i’d live past twenty. ‘
  • ‘ this is not a moment, it’s the movement. ‘
  • ‘ we need to handle our financial situation. ‘
  • ‘ i may not live to see our glory. ‘
  • ‘ i will gladly join the fight. ‘
  • ‘ let’s have another round tonight. ‘
  • ‘ raise a glass to freedom. ‘
  • ‘ remind me what we’re looking for. ‘
  • ‘ i’m looking for a mind at work. ‘
  • ‘ there’s nothing like summer in the city. ‘
  • ‘ your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money. ‘
  • [ name ], you disgust me. ‘
  • ‘ you want a revolution? i want a revelation. ‘
  • ‘ chaos and bloodshed are not a solution. ‘
  • ‘ they’re playing a dangerous game. ‘
  • ‘ for shame, for shame! ‘
  • ‘ it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face. ‘
  • ‘ honestly, you shouldn’t even talk. ‘
  • ‘ my dog speaks more eloquently than thee. ‘
  • ‘ i’d rather be divisive than indecisive. ‘
  • ‘ you say the price of my love’s not a price that you’re willing to pay. ‘
  • ‘ why so sad? ‘
  • ‘ now you’re making me mad. ‘
  • ‘ you’ll be back. ‘
  • ‘ soon you’ll see. ‘
  • ‘ you’ll remember you belong to me. ‘
  • ‘ time will tell. ‘
  • ‘ i will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love. ‘
  • ‘ don’t change the subject. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll love you till my dying days. ‘
  • ‘ when you’re gone, i’ll go mad. ‘
  • ‘ i will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love. ‘
  • ‘ any hope of success is fleeting. ‘
  • ‘ i cannot be everywhere at once. ‘
  • ‘ i’m in dire need of assistance. ‘
  • ‘ close the door on your way out. ‘
  • ‘ have i done something wrong, sir? ‘
  • ‘ dying is easy, young man. living is harder. ‘
  • ‘ why are you telling me this? ‘
  • ‘ we are a powder keg about to explode. ‘
  • ‘ i have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight. ‘
  • ‘ where are you taking me? ‘
  • ‘ i’m about to change your life. ‘
  • ‘ this is not a game. ‘
  • ‘ you strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ you’re like me. i’m never satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll see you on the other side of the war. ‘
  • ‘ love doesn’t discriminate. ‘
  • ‘ there are things that the homilies and hymns won’t teach ya. ‘
  • ‘ i am the one thing in life i can control. ‘
  • ‘ there’s only one way for us to win this. ‘
  • ‘ i’m sorry, is this not your speed?! ‘
  • ‘ can we agree that duels are dumb and immature? ‘
  • ‘ my name’s been through a lot, i can take it. ‘
  • ‘ i’m more than willing to die. ‘
  • ‘ look around at how lucky we are. ‘
  • ‘ how long have you known? ‘
  • ‘ you should have told me. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not sorry. ‘
  • ‘ look at where you started. ‘
  • ‘ the fact that you’re alive is a miracle. ‘
  • ‘ we don’t need a legacy. ‘
  • ‘ we don’t need money. ‘
  • ‘ no one has more resilience. ‘
  • ‘ i know that we can win. ‘
  • ‘ history has its eyes on you. ‘
  • ‘ immigrants: we get the job done. ‘
  • ‘ so what happens if we win? ‘
  • ‘ the world turned upside down. ‘
  • ‘ do you know how hard it is to lead? ‘
  • ‘ don’t come crawling back to me. ‘
  • ‘ you’re on your own. ‘
  • ‘ i’m dedicating everyday to you. ‘
  • ‘ domestic life was never quite my style. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll be around for you. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll do whatever it takes. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll make a million mistakes. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll make the world safe and sound for you. ‘
  • ‘ why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room? ‘
  • ‘ why do you write like you’re running out of time? ‘
  • ‘ why do you always say what you believe? ‘
  • ‘ it’s the middle of the night. ‘
  • ‘ is this a legal matter? ‘
  • ‘ you’re making a mistake. ‘
  • ‘ don’t forget to write. ‘
  • ‘ we have to win. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve come home to this? ‘
  • ‘ headfirst, into the abyss! ‘
  • ‘ let’s get to the bottom of this. ‘
  • ‘ so what did i miss? ‘
  • ‘ you wanna pull yourself together? ‘
  • ‘ take a break. ‘
  • ‘ i am on my way. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve got so much on my plate. ‘
  • ‘ it’s good to see your face. ‘
  • ‘ screw your courage to the sticking place. ‘
  • ‘ close your eyes and dream. ‘
  • ‘ there’s trouble in the air, you can smell it. ‘
  • ‘ i hadn’t slept in a week. ‘
  • ‘ i don’t know how to say no to this. ‘
  • ‘ i am ruined. ‘
  • ‘ nobody needs to know. ‘
  • ‘ we oughta give it a try. ‘
  • ‘ talk less. smile more. ‘
  • ‘ hate the sin, love the sinner. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve always considered you a friend. ‘
  • ‘ i swear your pride will be the death of us all. ‘
  • ‘ now is the time to stand! ‘
  • ‘ we’re too fragile to start another fight. ‘
  • ‘ have you an ounce of regret? ‘
  • ‘ ev'ry action has its equal, opposite reactions. ‘
  • ‘ it must be nice
. ‘
  • ‘ i wanna give you a word of warning. ‘
  • ‘ relax, have a drink with me. ‘
  • ‘ why do you have to say goodbye? ‘
  • ‘ i don’t have to tell you anything at all. ‘
  • ‘ do you promise not to tell another soul what you saw? ‘
  • ‘ are my answers to your satisfaction? ‘
  • ‘ rumors only grow. ‘
  • ‘ i wrote my way out of hell. ‘
  • ‘ overwhelm them with honesty. ‘
  • ‘ have you read this? ‘
  • ‘ i came as soon as i heard. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not here for you. ‘
  • ‘ you could never be satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ god, i hope you’re satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ that’s one less thing to worry about. ‘
  • ‘ you ever see somebody ruin their own life? ‘
  • ‘ i saved every letter you wrote me. ‘
  • ‘ i knew you were mine. ‘
  • ‘ you said you were mine. ‘
  • ‘ i thought were mine. ‘
  • ‘ you and your words flooded my senses. ‘
  • ‘ you built me palaces out of paragraphs. ‘
  • ‘ you have ruined our lives. ‘
  • ‘ i hope that you burn. ‘
  • ‘ they don’t exactly cover this subject in boarding school. ‘
  • ‘ stay alive. ‘
  • ‘ is he breathing? is he going to survive this? ‘
  • ‘ there is suffering too terrible to name. ‘
  • ‘ i never liked the quiet before. ‘
  • ‘ that never used to happen before. ‘
  • ‘ can you imagine? ‘
  • ‘ i know i don’t deserve you, [ name ]. ‘
  • ‘ is there anything you wouldn’t do? ‘
  • ‘ i’ll be damned! ‘
  • ‘ what if this bullet is my legacy? ‘
  • ‘ legacy. what is a legacy? ‘
  • ‘ i’m the villain in your history. ‘
  • ‘ who lives, who dies, who tells your story? ‘

i need that acceptance video asap cause i want to have it on repeat to revel at the fact that liam spent all of it saying how much one direction love each other and that’s who they are and how they love their fans and not say shit about satan cowell and ben windchime fullwell