I want a revelation

I will also admit that the last reblog has some nasty wordings/iterations but I believe it was to prove or give a point because they are tired of seeing something else. Yeah they could have said it– nicer? But it would have had less of an effect.

It’s also your own job to not get offended by the words an anonymous person says on the internet. Unless you are a relative or their mom, they can speak however they want and they chose this way to deliver their message because I truly believe they wanted impact instead of nice quiet revelation from their peers. 

This also is not me condoning ‘be an asshole’ to everyone or anything, it’s me as a human being using my critical thinking skills to try and breakdown what has been said and why it has been said that way. Its truly an emotional and upsetting topic so the ‘negative words’ only help accentuate the importance or need to deliver the message in a way that it will actually stick to someone. Sure there are better ways of doing this but not everyone is a perfect literary genius, you know?

If it did effect you in a bad way, let me know how I should tagemy ‘controversial’ text posts/reblogs. Thanks!

This recognition of the truth we get in the artist’s work comes to us as a revelation of new truth. I want to be clear about that. I am not referring to the sort of patronizing recognition we give a writer by nodding our heads and observing, “Yes, yes, very good, very true—that’s just what I’m always saying.” I mean the recognition of a truth that tells us something about ourselves that we had not been always saying, something that puts a new knowledge of ourselves withint our grasp. It is new, startling, and perhaps shattering, and yet it comes to us with a sense of familiarity. We did not know it before, but the moment the poet has shown it to us, we know that, somehow or other, we had always really known it.

He wasn’t having the greatest of days - in fact, this day would have been pretty high up on the list of worst days. Not only had he still been unable to comprehend what the hell was going on, but he had seen people he loved - TJ … Ella … - transform into violent, killing machines right before his eyes. He felt helpless in the midst of chaos, believing that he should have been able to do something to help. With all the brainpower, Andy Hartley stood motionless, only really trying to save his friends at the last second, when it didn’t matter. He couldn’t stay passive anymore; Justin had encouraged him to drop by the lab to see if he could help Jesse and Texas. It didn’t take him long to catch up on what they were talking about, but they obviously had been more familiar with whatever ‘cure’ they had in store. Head aching, Andy decided it was safe enough to leave the lab to get a drink of water from the drinking fountain around the corner. He just hoped he’d wake up from this terrible nightmare any minute now.


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Half of these are old af (not many recent selfies because I look like the human embodiment of shit 90% of the time)but you can see me evolve from an awkward weird 13 year old to an awkward weird almost 20 human woman.

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I just had a revelation.

I think that, if TNA wanted to do something innovative, yet realistic for themselves as a brand, they’d strike up some kind of deal with Netflix.

Bare with me.

If TNA did a TNA Network for $9.99 a month, most wrestling fans probably wouldn’t be quick to jump on it. Not just because it looks like TNA’s slow, painful death is looking like it may be over soon, but rather because TNA hasn’t been producing a product that has been super captivating since the decade began. They’re struggling to get on TV somewhere, but as of right now, that’s not looking like a possibility after Destination America gives ‘em the boot.

I just think it may be time for TNA to be a bit more realistic and downsize significantly. Instead of attempting to run shows in bigger arenas and baseball stadiums where they’re likely losing a lot of money, they should go the route of say, Ring Of Honor and PWG, run in smaller venues, but bring in the same quality performers. That way, they’re still making their money, but they’re able to pay the wrestlers on their roster substantially.

Right now, TV has become an afterthought to so many people. It’s more like background noise. Most people of this generation aren’t turning their TV’s on to watch them, but rather to have as background noise while they’re on their laptops, cell phones, computers, etc. And, what people are talking about is what’s on Netflix. Netflix has categorically become one of the biggest “networks” in entertainment, and now that they’re able to produce their own shows, more and more people are subscribing to the service in order to watch shows such as Daredevil, Orange Is The New Black, and House Of Cards, to name a few.

If TNA had a weekly presentation on Netflix, released on the same day every week at the same time and available for archive, not only would fans have access to the shows on a weekly basis, but they could watch them at their leisure and even go back to watch previous episodes. No idea what’s going on in the storylines? Go back a few episodes and catch up on the action.  Of course, this would have to be something Netflix approved as you can’t just “hop on” to Netflix, but I think it’s worth a shot and both parties would benefit. Imagine fans who want Netflix but aren’t necessarily trying to jump on it, but now TNA’s on there, so they wanna keep following the show, and the benefits to having Netflix are that you get all these other shows with a subscription. With less to worry about by way of getting a TV slot, getting into bigger buildings, etc, I think this could be a few small ways to improve the TNA product. Essentially, start all over again, but rebuild toward a better product and a better future.


Everlasting Flower 02: The cicada sang

Title: Everlasting Flower
Chapter: 02. The cicada sang
Chapter 01
Characters: Kaya, Zeno
Pairings: Kaya/Zeno
Premise: If only time came to a stop, the girl wished once. If only her lifespan could last longer, the man begged once. What if the golden god answered his prayers and granted them permission to spend his eternity together? What will she do with her timeless life? AU where Kaya is also immortal.
Chapter summary: The side effects of the medicine are gone, but now Kaya discovers the origin of that power during a scary emergency.

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all the fun home love after the tonys has got me thinking about my favourite line in the show, “i thought all my life i’d be all alone / but that was before i was lying prone in this dorm room bed with joan

like i just feel that so hard. i remember being a teenager and realizing there was no way i could end up with a man, but at the same time i hadn’t really reached the understanding that i actually could end up with a woman. for different reasons at different times, from ‘maybe i’m just not built for relationships’ to ‘i can’t be gay, that can’t be true’ to ‘what lesbian would ever be into me’

and then the first time i was with a girl it was this incredible revelation. it wasn’t necessarily that i wanted to be with her forever or that i was in love with her, but rather that this actually was possible for me, after all. 

and i just. fun home is so beautiful and real and it hits so hard and please let it run forever. 


I would apologize for the influx of the ShikiMika/RivaMika things on my blog except I’m just too damn happy and excited right now. I am a shipper first and foremost, as I say in the very first sentence of my blog description. And yes, I’m usually calmer than this but this came out of nowhere, at the heel of some unpleasantness in the tags and I just want to revel in the fact that for once, something good and unexpected happened to this precious ship of mine.

I know the cold hard facts. I know the movie is set in a different world, that Shikishima is not Levi as we know him (none of the characters are), that the 0.33 second of the kiss might eventually turn out to be just a minor thing.

But I don’t care.

For once, I’m going to let my shipper side run wild. I’m going to dissect and overanalyze and enjoy every single little thing about the kiss. I’m going to be happy because the kiss made me happy. And I’m going to let my happy feelings bubble all over my blog. And if anyone’s going to try and shit on my parade, well, I am fully capable of defending myself if attacked. Try your best. It won’t be enough.

Thoughts on ‘Inside Out’-High Positivity Head’s Up.


Okay, to calm down a little, I really, really enjoyed the movie! It was just extremely well written, voice-acted, animated, put together and produced. Just, every last scene was worth it, from beginning to end. Even the one you might think at first don’t mean much of anything, were just a detour, a waste of film and time-


Very pleasantly wrong! Every last element pays off and flows naturally, from the big things to the little parts that help strengthen the story’s message and value from a first time viewing and rewatching standpoints.

It, actually, got me to tear up and even cry at some scenes! Which, while sounds like nothing, is actually pretty significant in terms of media. I don’t really cry at death scenes or tragic moments most of the time. I didn’t cry when first seeing Lion King, not when Aladdin was banished and had no way to return, doomed to die in the ice and cold and snow, or even when it looked like the end for Frodo and Sam in the Return of the King (Lord of the Rings movie set). So yeah, extremely touching and impactful, and most likely will hit a chord with most people, if not everyone, for the reliability of the struggles the emotions and the child they belong too experience throughout the runtime. I won’t go into detail, because that would be spoilers, but just know that as the trailers are good, the movie is 20x better!

It gave me TONS of inspiration I hope I can put to good use, and I give it a 9.5/10 to 10/10, as there’s gonna be flaws someone’s bound to find, well, fault with, however this film is of such high quality that in my recommendations it can’t fall lower than a 9.

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Almudena Jiménez shared The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official)’s photo.

January 27, 2013

God doesn’t prevent evil because it’s not his job. We have free will, and we all share in the Divine Essence. And that’s right, we don’t call It “God” – we call It Source, although It is really Nameless. The most God-like individual entity is Archangel Michael: The One Who Is Like God – literally. At the level of this world he exists only as potential yet to be fulfilled.  But hey: all of this is coming your way. My Way. It’s complicated.

The aspects or attributes of Source are:

Gobinday - Sustainer

Mukunday - Liberator

Udaray - Enlightener

Aparay - Infinite

Hariang - Destroyer

Kariang - Creator

Nirnamay - Nameless

Akamay - Desireless

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The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official)

This gentleman made this statement over two centuries before Christ. He is STILL waiting for a rational counterargument. Any takers? Anywhere……? – Sean Faircloth, Dir. of Strategy & Policy.


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//I had a revelation while deckbuilding I wanted to share.

With the FF7 Remake. The Best part? Rudes shiny head in HD. Maybe we cna see reflections in it oooooo