I wanna stay in bed

i wanna lay inside yr bed (sex song)
  • i wanna lay inside yr bed (sex song)
  • contron

yr lookin’ nervous to them

would you surface again?

i wanna see yr face one last time

in case i don’t get another chance

i wanna lay inside yr bed

i wanna stay inside yr head

like a terrible song you can’t forget

i’m so glad i came home today

(broken bones & broken hearts please open a window & let some light in)

“A ninja can also bore himself to death.”

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On August 4 of 1892, the home of the Borden family in Fall River, Massachusetts was the scene of a gruesome double-murder. Abby Borden and Andrew Borden were both viciously hacked to death with a hatchet. Andrew’s youngest daughter, Lizzie Borden, was suspected of the killings. She was put on trial in 1893 and was later acquitted by a jury. No one has ever been charged with the murders.

The Borden home is now known as the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. Eight guest rooms are available, including Lizzie Borden’s bedroom and the very room which Abby Borden was murdered in. A breakfast, designed to replicate that of the Borden’s on the day of the murders, is available every morning. The bed and breakfast also serves as a museum and tours are given on a daily basis to visitors.

Model Call: Nora Vai

Photo Courtesy of One Management

WWD: Have there ever been moments when you weren’t as comfortable with yourself?

N.V.: Yes. It’s always based on appearance, and you can’t control it. You have good and bad days. You don’t always feel like going on a photo shoot, you get pimples; all sorts of things. I have my moments…when you just wanna stay in bed all day and you have six castings.  For More

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