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so, this might be just me but, since i spent such a long time watching these more cutesy and chibified cartoons, jack’s body proportions kinda take me off guard, a bit. i mean, his design still is highly stylized, obviously, but his body type is that of an actual adult, not just soft shapes and long lines and stick legs. it’s kind of odd when you compare it to the others.

Soulmate Variations AU

Soulmate AU where everybody experiences finding their soulmate(s) a little differently. For example, Character A can only see the world in black and white until they meet Character B, who has Character A’s name written on their wrist. Cutesy paper hearts begin to manifest around Character C whenever they’re around their soulmate(s), while Character D has a cryptic, symbolic tattoo of Character C’s likes and dislikes. Character E can always see a red string leading away from their chest, and the end of it is connected to their soulmate.

Remember when E’dawn gave Hui a ring that said “I love dawn” on it

I mean they’re literally a married couple so uh

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"but I don't even have a grave... " "It's okay. I'll make one for you"

Happy Birthday messedupmoon!



“Where were you buried, Phantom?”

Danny nearly dropped the thermos that held the most recently captured ghost, Box Ghost on the sidewalk next to the Fenton Works “Wait, what?”

Jack Fenton, as per usual, missed the actual question. “Maddie wanted to know where you were buried,”

Danny clipped the thermos back on his belt to empty later “no, no, I mean,” Danny looked at his parents curiously “Why do you want to know?”

Maddie looked over to her husband “It was really Jack’s idea,”

Jack shrugged “It’s our anniversary!”

Danny blinked “ok… now I’m really confused.”

“Our anniversary since we made the truce! Since we, ya know, stopped… hunting you.”

Danny squirmed a bit at that “oh.”

Danny’s eyes widen as his mom, or Maddie got a bouquet of flowers out of no-where. “So, we got these for your grave.”

At a last-ditch effort to change the subject, Danny coughed “Um, yeah, well” He lowered the bouquet “I didn’t get you guys anything. So, it’s, um, only fair if I don’t get anything.” He drifted a few feet back “so… yeah.”

Maddie scoffed “you didn’t need to get us anything, it’s not like it was a part of the truce.”

“I- uh…” Danny took a deep breath “look, the truth is, I just… I just don’t have one, ok? I- those flowers… it was a really nice gesture, but I don’t even have a grave to put them with. Save your gifts for someone who was actually buried.”

Both parents were very silent. Danny, with nothing more to say, flew away as quick as possible.




“For a guy who took down millionaires, ghost of ancient yore and unspeakable horrors, you are one hell of a chicken.” Wes huffed.

Danny dragged his face across his hands and slumped down on Wes’s navy-blue bed “I knnnoooww

Wes then walked over and plopped next to Danny then leaned against him “So, why haven’t you told them yet?”

“Um, force of habit?”

Wes cut him a sharp look.

Danny sighed “I don’t know, I mean, sure. My parents aren’t trying to hunt me down for science. And that’s great! And I don’t want to tempt fate but…”

Wes was the one who finished the sentence “But you’re still terrified of them?”

Danny reached for Wes’s hand and squeezed. “… yes.”

“Danny, your parents hunted you down for sport and science, you don’t forget something like that too easily.”

Danny nodded “True. But I don’t see many options of morally telling them I’m dead and not feel guilty about it.”

Wes snorted “Danny, dude. They used to try to kill you. I think you’re ‘morally excused’ for lying to them to feel some sense of safety.”

Danny pause “good point.”

Wes hummed in agreement.

Suddenly Danny’s eyes widen as he jumped off the bed “Aw crap.”

Wes, because of the lack of support, fell on his side. “What? What!”

Danny quickly transformed into Phantom “I forgot to release the ghost box into the portal!”

Before Wes could respond Danny opened the window and jumped out.

Wes gave a small playful smile “freak’en, drama queen.”

Danny hovered up the window and gave him finger-guns “you know it.” Then shot off.

The town went off as a blur.

Within seconds, he was back at Fenton Works and eased through the bricks like butter. The familiar smell of singed ectoplasm invaded is nose as soon as he came into the house. He then drifted through the floors until he reached the basement.

As quickly as he could, he emptied the Thermos. Danny could swear that he heard a soft “beware!” before the toxic green vortex swallowed him.

“Hello, Phantom.”

Danny shot up another five feet until he realized who it was “ah, um, hello mo- Maddie. Didn’t uh, didn’t see you there…”

Maddie waved him over “C’mon. I got something to show you.”

Danny raised a brow “Ok… where?”

She began walking up the steps. “It’s in the middle of town square, nothing unfamiliar.”

Partly out of curiosity, partly out of amusement, Danny followed her.


Danny looked around “Is there something I’m supposed to be seeing here?“

Maddie pointed to the statue. “look around there.”

“Well, alright. I don’t see anything wrong with…” then, Danny spotted it.

The bouquet of flowers.

But that wasn’t just it. Next to it was stones painted with little pictures of him that looked like they were made with small unsteady hands. Along with it were a stack of letters and a larger stone with the word “PHANTOM” across it.

Danny suddenly began to blink faster and smeared his eyes. He also recognized that these weren’t his parents handwriting “Who…”

Somehow, Jack, despite his size, managed to appear out of nowhere. “That would be the kindergarteners work! Turns out, they were already working on this certain thing and could never find you. And heard about the no-grave-situation. So…” he gestured to it all “they did this!”

Maddie smiled “It was so cute too.” After they heard they said, ‘It’s okay. I’ll make one for you’ and that was that.”

No matter how hard Danny tried to smear his eyes, teardrops flowed down and followed the curves of his face. He wanted to say something, preferably thank you, but his throat felt like someone stuffed cotton in it.

Jack blinked “are you- are you crying? Ghosts do that?”

That sentence made the tear fall down harder and Danny’s vison blurred. For both Jack and Maddie, that was enough of an answer.

Both Jack and Maddie looked at each other unsure, Jack looked back to Danny “so… do you like it?”

Danny gave a warm laugh “I love it.”



Authors note: So, I saw that you were posting a lot of Danny X Wes ships so if that’s ok I decided to sprinkle some of that in. Also, I hope you like?

ok so here’s a theory/prediction:

toneri might be the one to possibly “”train”” boruto to use his tenseigan and awaken his tenseigan chakra mode or w/e because, well. who else 

which is probably this u kno

boruto looks basically like a pink flame - kinda like naruto’s kurama chakra mode - but since he doesn’t have kurama’s chakra and instead inherited a powerful dojutsu which chakra mode looks like This

then that means…u kno 

also. hinata told him, “ONE DAY come to earth”

he didn’t exactly refuse

the dude is still on the moon and he can contact boruto but that doesn’t mean he can’t still come to earth for real? naruto and hinata were literally like, “even though you tried to kill all of humanity please come back to earth with us and everyone will love you” 

or they can just meet up in boruto’s dreams/visions who knows

so in conclusion:

“i wanted to put toneri back into the story but my assistants said no” - kishimoto


TERF Tips #59

Say male pregnancy doesn’t exist as a way to combat trans men AND trans women

this picture is making me really angry

can someone more eloquent than I am please comment with a list of badass female warriors/soldiers in history because i know there have been quite a lot

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Morty, you're such a sweet boy! So, question: what's the nicest thing Rick has done for you? Surely you don't hang around him if he's ONLY ever an asshole, right?

Um well, I mean, he did save my life as a kid that one time… and he’s smart and he’s funny when you’re not the butt of his jokes… but… I… dunno.. I actually don’t even know if he likes me most of the time….

He usually lets me have some of his tacos if he gets taco bell! So I guess yeah… that’s… a nice thing he does for me. I dunno. Maybe he’s doing other nice things that I just don’t see….

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[The Voltron Family] The Shirogane Family did grocery shopping every Sunday. They usually didn’t even need a list because Shiro and Keith were so used to what they buy, but for the sake of the kids enjoying the trip, they had one done. Every week, someone was The Grocery Ambassador which was basically someone who held the checklist clip board.

This week it was Hunk. 

They got two shopping carts, one for Keith and one for Shiro. Shiro placed Pidge on the flip-up child seat.

Pidge: *settled on the seat* Daddy Shiro!
Shiro: Yes, baby? *smiles*
Pidge: Come here. *grabby hands and pulls Shiro’s face to give him a loud smack on the lips* *giggles* I love you lots!
Shiro: *clutches chest* I love you lots, too. 
Pidge: Can I get gummy worms?
Shiro: *boops Pidge’s nose* Yes, you can, my darling.
Keith: You know she literally just tricked you, right? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: *turns to Keith* I would die for my daughter. *serious*
Keith: *rolls eyes fondly* *pats Shiro’s cheek* ‘Course, you would. *turns to Hunk* Now, baby. What should we get first?

Hunk looked at his list, his other hand holding a pencil to check the boxes once they were done. He looked around and back again to his clipboard. Being The Grocery Ambassador was a real important job that needed to be done properly.

Hunk: *points to the aisle 01* Fruits first. We need apples, oranges, pears—
Lance: *wraps his arms around Hunk and places his chin on Hunk’s shoulder* Can we get mangoes? I love mangoes.
Hunk: *frowns* It’s not on the list, Lance. We need to follow the list.
Lance: *looks up at Keith* Daddy Keith, can we get mangoes? We haven’t had mango shake in a while. I love mango shakes.
Hunk: But Lance—
Keith: *places a hand on Hunk’s shoulder* It’s alright, sweetheart. I’m sure we can spare some money for mangoes. *smiles at Lance*
Lance: *smiles so wide* Yay! Go write that down, Hunk! I’ll go get some!

They continued doing their shopping with Hunk leading the way.

Shiro: *notices some weird snacks on the cart* Pidge, put that back.
Pidge: But Daddy Shiro!
Shiro: How many candies do you even need? 
Pidge: *spreads arms* A lot! I’m a growing girl!!
Shiro: Indeed you are. But candies aren’t going to help you grow. It will just make your teeth rot and it will be ugly. Then all your teeth will fall out.
Pidge: *gasps* THAT’S NOT TRUE!
Shiro: Yes it is. *turns to his husband* You tell her, Keith.
Keith: All your teeth will fall out. *nods* And you can’t smile anymore.
Pidge: *cries* You two are so mean!! 
Keith: *smiles* Perhaps just two packs of candies, yeah? *caresses Pidge’s crying face* That way, only half of your teeth will fall out.
Pidge: DADDY KEITH!! *cries even more*

They were in the cereals section, a.k.a. The Aisle of Doom. Hunk had Keith hold his clipboard temporarily as he held onto KoKo Krunch and Cocoa Puffs.

Hunk: *looks so troubled* Koko Krunch or Cocoa Puffs?
Pidge: Koko Krunch!! 
Lance: Cocoa Puffs!!
Shiro: They’re kinda the same thing. 
Three kids: *turns to Shiro* THEY ARE NOT!!!!
Keith: *shakes his head in disappointment at Shiro* I can’t believe you just said that. The nerve!
Shiro: *gapes* But—they—they are the same cocoa flavoured!
Keith: *bends down so he’s eye level with Hunk* KoKo Krunch has some toy freebies. It has How To Train Your Dragon. *points at the back* Has games too. 
Hunk: I love How To Train Your Dragon. *sparkly eyes*
Lance: *leans to Keith and places his chin on Keith’s shoulder so he can nuzzle Keith’s cheek* What about Cocoa Puffs?
Keith: *places hand under chin* Cocoa Puffs has an activity book. No toys though, buddy. It’s a coloring and puzzle book.
Lance: *hugs Keith tight* *smiles* I love activity books.
Shiro: *sighs* *smiles* Why don’t you just get both?
Hunk: *looks at Keith* Can we get both, Daddy Keith?
Keith: *nods* Yeah, you can. *chuckles* *pinches Hunk’s cheek*

They were in the cold drinks section. Keith whispered something to Shiro that made Shiro smile at him and pull him closer to give him a kiss on the cheek. Then Keith saw an elderly woman looking at them, causing him to separate from Shiro instantly, straightening himself. 

Hunk: Daddy Shiro, how many chocolate drinks again?
Shiro: Just 7, Hunk. One for each day of the week. 
Lance: Can I get the big melon milk bottle for breakfast? Daddy Keith?
Keith: *distracted because he sees the woman approaching them* Uh…
Elderly Woman: *to Lance* Make sure you check the expiration date, honey.
Lance: *looks at the woman* Oh! Okay. *checks the bottle* 
Elderly Woman: It’s on the bottle cap. *points with a smile*
Lance: *gives to Keith* I’m not sure. But is it okay with that date?
Keith: *looks at the bottle* Yeah, it’s fine. You need to drink this in 6 days.
Pidge: *waves hand at Shiro* I want orange juice, too, Daddy Shiro? Can I?
Shiro: *chuckles* Alright, I get you a box, sweetheart.
Hunk: *tugs Keith* Daddy Keith, we’ve gone beyond the grocery list! *worried*
Keith: That’s okay, baby. You’ve done such a great job. 
Elderly Woman: Sometimes you go beyond what you planned, little boy. 
Shiro: That’s true. Especially when you have these three kids.
Pidge: Daddy Shiro!
Shiro: What? You were the first grocery list breaker!
Pidge: Daddy Keith! Daddy Shiro’s being mean to me again!
Elderly Woman: That’s just how your daddy loves you, little girl.
Pidge: *pouts* I don’t like it. *crosses arms*
Shiro: Awwwww, baby. Let Daddy kiss that pout away. 
Pidge: NO. I don’t love you. *turns head away*
Shiro: Keith!!!! Pidge won’t let me kiss her!
Keith: *shakes head* *turns to the elderly woman* Sometimes I feel like I have four children to be honest. *smiles fondly*
Elderly Woman: Never a boring day then. *chuckles*

heyhey pls call me by my name when u talk to me in japanese

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Could you do the tfp insecticons getting a new queen after all they've been through?( megatrons abuse, being forcibly controlled by airrachnid/ Their recent escape from the moon) so they don't trust anyone, but this new queen just blows them away and even gives them names and not just "drone"

You didn’t specify who the queen was so I took the liberty of choosing one :)

Soundwave’s Log



Location:??? Shadowzone

Attempt to open Groundbridge:Unsuccessful. Attempt to open Spacebridge: Unclear. Portal opened in Location: Unknown. Portal opened to Location: Unknown.

Lazerbeak: Recharging. Energon levels: Low.

Will now attempt other means of contact…


           Her studies were paying off, Franki decided as she hopped into bed. She was usually quick to absorb information, but botany turned out to be a struggle. Hailey was a patient teacher, however, and she was eventually introduced to the relationship between plants and insects. To say it was fascinating would be putting it dully. Frankie was captivated by the world of entomology. How could such tiny, short lived creatures be so utterly essential to life? To her bugs were the most interesting cog in the big science machine that was the universe. She giggled and tugged her pigtails out, untangling the knots before falling back onto her pillow. Yes, she was glad she stuck it out for botany.


           Heatwave couldn’t believe his optics. Honest-to-Primus could not believe them. It had to be a dream. Doc Green had not called at one in the morning because a portal spit up insecticons in Frankie’s bedroom. Frankie wasn’t cuddled up to giant metal bugs in a pillow nest. She was not naming them, for Primus’ sake!

           Heatwave’s obviously-dream-self reached through the window and tugged Frankie away, making the insecticons hiss.

           “Get away from them!” he shouted. “They’re dangerous!”


           “Unhand our queen!” The largest insecticon trembled as he stood, raising his pinchers. He was clearly unfit to fight, but more than willing. Heatwave sneered, daring the thing to come closer.

           Frankie wriggled out of his grip. “Stop it, both of you!” she snapped. She knelt and smoothed her hand over the insecticon’s helm. He leaned into her touch; Heatwave shuddered.

           “Heatwave, it’s okay. This is Katydid. He’s my new friend.”

           “Friend?” said Heatwave. “Frankie- those are insecticons! They’re dangerous. Now come with me before you get hurt.”

           With a low growl, Katydid moved to shield Frankie. She patted him and said, “I won’t get hurt, they like me. And they aren’t dangerous, either- they’re just scared… and hungry.” With that she gazed up at Heatwave, eyes wide and shiny, bottom lip poking out. The dreaded puppy dog pout.

           No. No way. They were already low on energon as it was. Now way in the pit were they going to waste any on vicious, savage-

           Frankie’s lip started to quiver.

           “Fine,” he grouched. “I’ll get them some energon. But they aren’t staying here!”

           The insecticons didn’t seem to hear that last part, cheering “energon!” and “all hail the queen!” as they buzzed and nuzzled Frankie happily.

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This is going to blow people's minds. Did you know that artists don't exist to cater to other fans' every desires? I know, it blew me away too. It's almost like artists have their own opinions! Crazy, right? I mean, who would have guessed that people creating free content for a fandom might be doing it because they want to? And that they're not obligated to please someone that doesn't have the guts to even be an ass off of anon? Crazy, absolutely nuts.

Truly. Never would have guessed.

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Can I request makeout headcanons for Bokuto if you don't mind? Thank you>.<

Thanks for 700! :’)

  • Definitely more of a sloppy kisser, he’s passionate but hella messy.
  • Yell ‘Hoot hoot captain’ in the middle of making out will drive this owl into an overdrive. Expect some really kinky sex too.
  • Loves roaming his hands and exploring his s/o’s body. Every touch he leaves will make you crave for more and will leave a tingling sensation.
  • Hickeys everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Even at your inner thigh, if you get what I mean.
  • Makeout sessions usually happen when you’re both laying down on his bed and when his hands start’s creeping that’s a good sign of what’s about to happen.
  • Bokuto loves it when you’re dominant. But most often he’ll take the lead.
  • Run your fingers through his hair and he’s all yours.
  • Grabs your ass when you makeout just because.

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Btw I've played Inquisition a good many times and romanced a number of people but never gotten around to Cullen yet and your fics are making me really want to change that ASAP and I don't even usually read fics like this. Love it!

:) <3 <3

I honestly love Cullen. On the surface he’s a really straightforward character, but he’s so complex underneath. My Cullen meta / headcanons could go on for days. I mean for fucking days. But despite his complexity, he’s super honest and upfront – even when he’s being rigid, and a bit of a twat.

And his romance is just…really lovely. 

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Two questions about Viktor's aborted bottoming atemp: 1) why did yuuri decide he wanted to bottom that first time? Is it what he really likes/prefers, is it an assumption of which is viktor's usual role, did he feel pressed in some way? And 2) why do people assume that at last viktor was lucky for not bottom for yuuri? Both chap 8 and specially 9 are great examples of how used viktor should have feel after sex with yuuri and i don't think assuming one role or the other could change that feeling!

Yuuri never even thought of being on top??? I mean if he wants to surpass Victor and so, and thinks everything they do is some kind of power battle… why he didn’t top?? It was because of his inexperience?? And what would have happened if Victor actually switch positions to be the bottom? How Yuuri would have reacted then?


Yuuri bottomed the first time for a number of reasons, most of them relating to his inexperience. From the image of Viktor he has in his head he assumed that Viktor would want to top but he doesn’t feel pressured by that. He was genuinely fine with bottoming, if he hadn’t been he wouldn’t have slept with Viktor in the first place and he really did enjoy it. It was also easier to bottom during his first time as, while he might have acted confident, Yuuri literally had no idea what he was doing. It was easier to let Viktor take the lead and then turn the tables when he got more confident in what was happened (so when he flipped them over in that scene). Plus, even though he sees it as a sort of power battle, there’s nothing inherently weak about bottoming and so Yuuri wouldn’t see it as losing in any way. He still ends up in control of the encounter by the end even though he is technically the ‘bottom’. And because he makes the assumption that he is going to bottom, Viktor just follows his lead because he assumes that’s what Yuuri wants and he’s fine with it either way.

As for Viktor, regardless of position, he’s going to feel used by what happened, especially in chapter 9/3. Position wont change that. I can’t speak for the anons but personally, the reason that it was much better that Viktor didn’t bottom the first two times is just about the fact that it would physically be much worse. Emotionally the impact would be the same but the actual sex would have been very different if Viktor had been bottoming. Anal sex isn’t exactly something that is going to go naturally perfectly first time, especially for someone like Yuuri who would have absolutely no idea what he’s doing. When they’re a couple and comfortable with each other and communicating  they could take it slow and laugh about it if things go wrong and generally have a good time regardless. But in chapters like 8/2 or 9/3, the only reason it works is because Viktor is experienced, he knows what he’s doing and he can easily make it playful and rough sex that is mutually satisfying for them both. While obviously Yuuri would never ever hurt someone on purpose, during his first time, if he’s bottoming, it’s pretty safe. If he was topping, complete inexperience combined with assuming it’s hatesex is not going to add up to anything good for either of them. The cold comfort that Viktor gets after both encounters is at least the sex was great, even if emotionally it was pretty much a slap in the face. If Yuuri was topping, for those times at least, he wouldn’t even have that. 

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It is eerily quiet for Louis in the media, before he was constantly in the papers (even if it was for stunts and was promo for the desperates) but now there's literally nothing, even though Louis has things coming up to promote. I don't know whether it's down to the usual incompetence or if it means something that no one can even seem to mutter Louis' name.

I am very very very curious.

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So some people on one of kpop main threads on weibo are saying that Onew is having a ballad début album on May/June this year & that sm rushing him to début with a concept of their choosing to have a public friendly concept/album before his enlistment summer 2018. is it true? did you hear anything about this? is it just a rumours? because I heard Chinese fans know everything & I don't want Onew to be forced into anything even tho I know he might be till at least he comes back from the army

i mean. rumors are rumors but you’re right that c-fans on weibo usually get hold on information earlier on than others. i wouldn’t be surprised if he had a solo debut this year but i’d take the “summer 2018″ enlistment rumor with a grain of salt. it’s not impossible but that’s also really personal information and sm nor onew have discussed it with the public yet so it could easily be wrong (and enlistments are usually pushed back, tbh). but, ia: i do hope that onew is able to do what he wants when he wants to re: a potential solo.