I usually don't even mean to

this picture is making me really angry

can someone more eloquent than I am please comment with a list of badass female warriors/soldiers in history because i know there have been quite a lot

You know how dogs will eat grass when their stomachs are upset? Well, for a cute, random headcanon, I’m gonna say that’s why Solas drinks tea even though he hates it and makes him ‘sick.’ It’s beneficial. It helps with stress, headaches, brief insomnia, etc. It tends to make him nauseous a bit, but the end result is usually worth it.

Even if Stefan being there for Caroline during Liz’s death is what makes her forgive him, so fucking what? Why is that a problem? Why is it wrong for Caroline to take a step back and realize that life is too unpredictable to hold grudges? Why is it a problem for Stefan to understand that he let her down, and to take this chance to be there for her like he should have been in the first place? Why is it wrong for Caroline to realize that Stefan is still Stefan and still the good friend to her that he’s always been and that it’s time to move on from their fall out? Why? Why? WHY? “It’s a plot device”. NO SHIT. Literally everything on television is a plot device in some shape or form, and USED TO FURTHER THE PLOT. It’s kind of how things are supposed to work. “They’re killing Liz JUST to make Steroline happen”. Listen. Steroline is happening and would be happening with or without this. There are literally a million other routes they could have taken to get them together that didn’t involve killing someone. This storyline’s sole purpose is to give Caroline something to do this season. The fact that it’s affecting her relationship with Stefan doesn’t negate that. It will most likely affect Caroline in every aspect of her life. Why is that a bad thing? WHY? Dislike the ship all you want, but why are we acting brand new? This would not be a problem if it was something you shipped.

I know that this new concept bighit’s doing is already starting to make people complain and shit but please please please don’t go and bash the boys once their promotions start. they’ve worked really hard to create something that is different and special and it probably means a lot to bangtan if we fully support and encourage them to express themselves in ways that aren’t usually seen in the kpop community so please, don’t make it any harder for them than it is already. okay? okay. thanks.

I can’t stop staring at the dogs in their new collars tbh

That feeling when you honestly don’t know if you matter in your fandom or not…

It’s that time again     ,     where I ramble on        &       thank you all for being here.      I usually write a witty remark here      ,    usually something along the lines of      ‘      *    enter Virgo sobbing      &      rambling about how much she adores everyone.    *      ‘       But I generally feel the need to let you all know    (     even if you’re not featured on this list because I follow so many people       &     it would be practically impossible to tag each     &    everyone one of you     !      )      that you mean the absolute world to me    ,    I’ve never received such positivity towards any of my blogs     &    it warms my heart.      Thank you     !      I  love you all.

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If you hate Red so much why don't you just ignore Generations. Gee. Sorry he's the most popular trainer in the pokemon world

if you love red so much why don’t you suck his dick

oh and also? most popular trainer? ha. ask anyone who isn’t a fan/is just a casual fan and to name a human from pokemon and gUESS WHO they’ll be more likely to say

mm that’s right, the one and only

ash ketchum

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No no no, I've been meaning to say that. I've been following after I seen your Steven universe drawing you made. And I honestly wanted to ask, how do you make your eyes? I have a hard time with drawing them..

yeah I figured it was just coincidence, the timing was still funny to me

that’s a little hard to explain?? Idk I guess I just think of them as spherical and imagine the shape of the eyelids over? People’s heads are curved slightly so keep in mind the shape will look a little different on the far eye

honestly just practice from real life and you’re golden

@poketin (i assume you mean mimi/kakusu so that’s what i’m going with)

request a writing prompt!

“This dorm is even messier than usual.” Mimi groaned and shut the door behind her. Kakusu was kneeling on the floor, rummaging through a dresser drawer. Mimi’s uniforms and casual clothes were strewn in a semi-pile around her. 

“Oh! Good afternoon, roommate.” Kakusu stood up and turned to face Mimi, a bright smile on her face.

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10 people you’d like to get to know better tag

tagged by @theslytherinmudblood (that cool bean)

Countries you’ve lived in: America (I’ve actually never even left)

Favorite Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender (but LotR will always be my number 1)

Spoken Languages: English (took Spanish in high school but let’s not count it)

Fave 2015 Film: It was a tie b/w Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World and I mean the Hobbit came out in December 2014 so….(i like movies)

Last Read Article: It was about everything happening in N. Carolina right now

3 Songs From Shuffling My Music: Heathens by Twenty-one Pilots; Where the Streets Have No Name by U2; Ride Your Wild Horses by U2 

Last Thing I Bought Online: My Art History Textbook? Which I haven’t used ONCE this year yet. At least I only rented it for like $30.

Phobias: Heights (mega big time); Walking alone; Everything??? idk man

How would my friends describe me: “Asshole” “Quiet” “Blunt” “Straight-foward” “Kind” Only my closest friends known me so well.

What would you buy if you had money to do it: Well a house. I’d like to not live in an apartment and just buy a house; my own studio space; a new latptop; ANOTHER DOG; and I would honestly spend it on traveling to national parks and stuff really. I want to do that at some point.

Um, I tag @paladincoolcats cause she is precious and people should know her better. 

I downloaded Overwatch in the free weekend thing and?? It’s still installing so I can only really do a couple of tutorials and things right now but it’s rad?????? definitely considering getting it even if that means paying for PlayStation plus honestly????

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😱 For someone my muse fears

Vide is scared of many things, but people usually don’t scare her. The only one that likely comes close is Jerath’s moirail, Ezzi – who has been dating Jerath since they were both tiny, is not only a seadweller but very nearly Vide’s image of the Highblood Lady ideal, and may or may not be interested in Jerath’s flushed quadrant. (Jolene would be a the first song on and Ezzi-and-Vide playlist, honestly.)

Vide is both very insecure around her and desperate for her approval, but her attempts to be docile and respectful just make Ezzi think of her as weak and she’s too afraid to be less than conciliatory around a highblood. So they’re at a bit of an impasse! When Ezzi visits, Vide tends to go visit Pertha or disappear off to her respiteblock after a minimal amount of polite small-talk.