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this picture is making me really angry

can someone more eloquent than I am please comment with a list of badass female warriors/soldiers in history because i know there have been quite a lot

Closed RP with jasperbuffcheetopuff


It was getting late into the evening as the sky was starting to get dark.  A small Kindergarten-grown gem was making her usual trek into the woods outside of Beach City towards her “home.”  Well, the place she called home anyway.  The woods had always been private since she had been residing there for a few thousand years.  However on this day, that would be a different story.

As Black Star Diopside was making her stroll, she thought she had heard someone up ahead.  The little gem proceeded with caution, stepping over twigs and leaves so as to not make any noise.    Hiding behind a bush, the gem peeked her head around the corner.  Seeing a gem whom was much larger than herself, and likely superior to her in strength.  ‘She looks familiar..’ Black Star Diopside thought to herself, thinking she recognized the long hair from behind the other gem, but wasn’t one hundred percent sure.

‘But who is this gem?  And what is she doing out here?’

Imagine badboy!Woozi accompanying you when you’re at the library, studying to make sure no one bothers you while you’re trying to focus on your revisions. Badboy!Woozi is also there to help motivate you whenever you get tired and restless from all the studying.

Even if Stefan being there for Caroline during Liz’s death is what makes her forgive him, so fucking what? Why is that a problem? Why is it wrong for Caroline to take a step back and realize that life is too unpredictable to hold grudges? Why is it a problem for Stefan to understand that he let her down, and to take this chance to be there for her like he should have been in the first place? Why is it wrong for Caroline to realize that Stefan is still Stefan and still the good friend to her that he’s always been and that it’s time to move on from their fall out? Why? Why? WHY? “It’s a plot device”. NO SHIT. Literally everything on television is a plot device in some shape or form, and USED TO FURTHER THE PLOT. It’s kind of how things are supposed to work. “They’re killing Liz JUST to make Steroline happen”. Listen. Steroline is happening and would be happening with or without this. There are literally a million other routes they could have taken to get them together that didn’t involve killing someone. This storyline’s sole purpose is to give Caroline something to do this season. The fact that it’s affecting her relationship with Stefan doesn’t negate that. It will most likely affect Caroline in every aspect of her life. Why is that a bad thing? WHY? Dislike the ship all you want, but why are we acting brand new? This would not be a problem if it was something you shipped.

I can’t stop staring at the dogs in their new collars tbh

Girl Meets She Don't Like Me

I kiiiiiinda think this one is supposed to be pre-GM Triangle even though they taped it after, but who knows how Disney will air things. (This tweet: https://twitter.com/gmwwriters/status/679330807194906625 ) EDIT: SDLM is Definitely AFTER the Triangle arc/Ski Lodge/Bear.

So, like you’ve probably already heard, GM SDLM isn’t heavy on the drama. It actually sounds a lot like Permanent Record, tone and theme-wise. I only have the one source this time instead of multiple like I usually do, so what I know isn’t as detailed. Which also means I won’t be able to answer questions as well as usual, but feel free to send them and I’ll do the best I can! Oh, and it might take me longer to answer asks on this one since I don’t have multiple sources this time around.

-Cory tries teaching a new class.

-More Smackle acting like her love life is more complex than it is. (aka Lucadora 😂)

-Riley wants to meet new people, Maya doesn’t.

-There’s a cute moment that Rilucas, Zaya, and Smarkle shippers will lovvvvve. (Those of you who don’t ship any or all of the above…well, like I always say: I’m not stressed about it.)

-Riley really can’t control anything in this episode.

-There’s Riley/Auggie stuff!!

-Lots of wink-wink nudge-nudge saynomore jokes about health class.

-Smackle is apparently just insanely hilarious. My source says there’s a bit that might be one of the funniest moments on the show ever.

-The girl who doesn’t like Riley isn’t *that* big of a deal, she just kinda kicks off the whole plot.

-Pretty much like Permanent Record. High-key on the big lesson for Riley, way lower key with the ongoing arcs but they’re there.

Remember when E’dawn gave Hui a ring that said “I love dawn” on it

I mean they’re literally a married couple so uh

I feel like the fact that Ian cheated on Mickey is generally overlooked. I mean, he cheated, repeatedly, on his partner, who never even found out about it. Mickey still doesn’t know that the moment he finally let his guard down with Ian, Ian saw it as an opportunity to receive several generous blow jobs from at least two different men and with no apparent remorse.

Do you think that if Mickey were to find out, it would be what finally convinced him that, you know what, he deserved/s better than this shit? Or do you think we’d have a repeat of the prison scene? Him hanging on desperately to Ian’s every word, still hoping he’ll take him back as if he, not the cheater, not the liar, not the one who left his partner (lover, family) to rot in jail, he was the one who messed up.

People fuck up. Ian fucked up. But what irks me, what pisses me off beyond belief is that he still doesn’t express any sense of remorse, regret, or apology for the things he’s done to Mickey. Ian, who was once the most sensitive of all the Gallaghers, no longer has any care for Mickey’s, or anyone else’s for that matter, feelings. I get it, Shameless is a “gritty, realistic” TV show, and I get that shit is going to/supposed to happen. But it would have been nice if the writers had kept their characters, in character.

21 Kisses (Jikook)

Alternately titled Birthday Kisses (Re-imagined)

Hi guys. I just wanted to write a little fic for Jimin’s Bday like I did Kookie’s. Remember, just because we didn’t see Kookie kiss Jimin doesn’t mean he didn’t…if that makes sense. Anyway, please enjoy! It’s my usual fluff. Legit, just 100% fluff.

Alternately Titled: Birthday Kisses (Reimagined)

It starts early in the morning, before Jimin’s even out of bed. He wakes to lips on his cheek and a smiling maknae hovering above him.  

“Morning hyung! Get up, Seokjin hyung’s making breakfast.” Jeongguk skips out of the room, leaving a half confused, barely awake Jimin behind. Jimin’s pretty sure he just imagined the whole thing, so he shakes his head and pulls himself out of his warm bed, heading towards the shower.

He’s sitting at the kitchen table, minding his business and eating his breakfast when it happens again. Lips press against the opposite cheek this time, and Jimin starts, whipping his head around to stare at Jeongguk. Jeongguk smiles at him, bunny-like.

“Happy birthday Jiminie hyung!” Jimin blinks.

“Th-thanks, Kookie.” Jeongguk moves on to fix his breakfast, completely unaffected. Jimin looks around to gage anybody else’s opinion, but no one is paying attention.  

They arrive at the practice early that morning to find presents for Jimin lining the back wall. Jimin almost tears up at the sight. He’s too busy admiring all the gifts to notice Jeongguk sneaking up behind him. He places a small kiss at the tip of Jimin’s shoulder.

“Don’t cry hyung.” Jimin almost leans into Jeongguk’s warmth, but he’s gone again, off fighting Seokjin for a turn with the bike. Jimin is so very confused, but he really doesn’t feel like questioning it. During the V app video Jeongguk remains unusually distant for most of the time. He teases Jimin like usual and Jimin think’s that’s it. No more weird Jeongguk.  

They practice vigorously. They have a comeback coming up and they have to be perfect. The song plays through for the ninth time straight when people start stumbling. Namjoon calls for a five minute break and everyone collapses to the floor in sync. Jimin accepts the water bottle Taehyung tosses his way and downs almost all of it in one go. He stretches his legs out in front of him and winces when his knee twinges. Jeongguk notices and slides over to him.

“You okay Jimin hyung?” He asks with a raised eyebrow. Jimin sighs and brings his knees up to his chest.

“I’m fine Kookie. Just need to rest a bit.” Jimin watches Jeongguk this time, as he leans down and places three deliberate kisses on his knee.

“Don’t push yourself to hard hyung. We can’t have you getting hurt.” Jimin catches Jeongguk’s eyes as he pulls away and he knows the question shows on his face. Seokjin calls Jimin over to help him on a move and Jimin is forced to break his gaze away from Jeongguk’s.

Seokjin suggests they go out to lunch that day and no one disagrees. As they settle into a booth Jeongguk jumps up, gesturing towards the bathroom. He asks Jimin to order for him if he doesn’t get back in time and Jimin nods, not looking up from his menu. Jeongguk leans over the booth to kiss his temple.

“Thanks hyung!” Jimin’s eyes follow Jeongguk until he’s behind the bathroom door. When he turns back, the others are staring at him. He lifts his eyebrows and his shoulders.  

“Don’t look at me. I have no idea what he’s on right now.” Taehyung snorts.

“Not that you’re complaining or anything.” Jimin aims a kick at his shin under the table, but he accidentally kicks Namjoon instead.

“Shush. I want answers just as much as you do.” Jimin looks back at his menu but he can feel the heat rising in his cheeks.

The kisses keep coming. More at practice, during breaks, at dinner. By the time Jeongguk steps into Jimin’s room to ask for help on his homework, Jimin’s not really surprised to see him. He sighs and pulls the Japanese workbook closer as Jeongguk takes a seat next to him on his bed. He’s reading the current question when he feels eyes on him. Looking up, Jimin raises an eyebrow.

“Trying to figure out where to kiss me next?” Jeongguk rolls his eyes. He takes Jimin’s hand in his, studying his ink stained fingertips. He holds the middle three apart and kisses each fingertip slowly, never taking his eyes away from Jimin’s.

“18…19…20.” He whispers as he kisses. Jimin thinks he finally gets it.

“I’m turning 21 this year, Kookie.” Jeongguk smiles, lowering Jimin’s hand but not letting go of it.

“I know.”

“Then where-” Jeongguk shuts Jimin up with a kiss to his lips. It’s short and sweet and cute. Jimin really should have seen it coming.  

“Happy 21st birthday, Jiminie hyung.” Jimin bites his lip to keep from smiling too hard, and he can still taste Jeongguk.

“…but, I really do need help.” Jimin laughs and shakes his head, turning back to the workbook. Jeongguk scoots in closer behind him, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s middle and resting his chin on Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin’s sounding out Japanese words when Jeongguk kisses his neck.

“Kookie, you’ve already reached 21.”

“I know. I just really really like kissing you.”  

i had my very last exam today ( history & social studies ) and i had to talk about the Holocaust and the german question of guilt for fucking 10 minutes and i did it guys, i talked for 10 minutes without stopping and I’M SO PROUD bc usually i can’t even talk a single minute straight?? someone please be proud of me, i almost died ;;;


3x03/3x04 parallel - Oliver’s “trying to get Felicity’s cuteness out of my mind because I have things to do” face

In 3x03 we all saw Felicity trying to light things up with her usual cute self, and even if he wasn’t in the mood for that in that moment because he couldn’t be, that doesn’t mean she didn’t have the same effect on him as usual. You know, the effect where he just wants to grab her, kiss her and propose to her right on the spot. But he just can’t allow himself to be distracted by her cuteness, because he has to find Sara’s murderer. Same goes for the 3x04 scene. Because if you imagine that moment when she told him that “an idiot can run” that program, you know she must’ve been incredibly adorable there too. Just thinking of that moment is too much of a distraction for Oliver, and he can’t afford that in that moment either. That’s why you can almost hear the “lalalala just don’t think too much about her I mean more than in general because you think of her too much anyways” going on in his head in these moments, and I love it so much! 

So, you guys know how a lot of the time names and the characters in them in Haikyuu!! usually hold meaning. For example, the characters that make Bokuto’s surname 木兎 can be read as mimizuku, meaning horned owl; the contrast between the Hi in Hinata 日 meaning sun and the Tsuki in Tsukishima’s 月 meaning moon, etc.

I’ll get to the point now but well, the character for Iwa in Iwaizumi’s name 岩 translates to rock, boulder. And so that got me thinking. It’s canon that Iwaizumi is the friend that keeps Oikawa in line and we’ve seen him pull Oikawa back from some dark places and we’ve seen him be supportive and worry. Therefore, it might just be the cheeseball in me but I like to think the 岩 in his name symbolizes how he’s always been Oikawa’s rock, his support, and helped him stay down to earth.

So I made a comic page. For that relatively new vampire AU. Yep. On the list of things that were probably unnecessary and definitely time-consuming: this. XD

No but it… it was good practice? It’s been a while since I really did something complicated with pencils? Idon’tknow

You know I’m so happy for Colin. I was thinking about him just now as usual and it’s so amazing to see everything that he’s accomplishing/has accomplished through the years.

Like who would know that that shy thin boy would be this strong, talented and successful man, actor and musician that he’s today.

We’re not even on the middle of 2016 and the guy that said that the hardest thing at the beggining of his carreer was to actually get a job just wrapped his third job, just this year.

I mean, this is everything he deserves, you know: the world. And I’m so happy to be here to witness this. :’)