I tried.

Bennefrost AU: Guardian-of-the-written-word

It was weird to think he was already finishing his first semester of college, it felt like yesterday Jack was still in high school hanging out with the few friends he had, he almost missed it although he had to admit college was a lot less brutal and he actually didn’t mind going to class, which was completely different from him skipping half of school. If it wasn’t for his friend Jamie he probably would have failed it completely.

Jack walked into his bathroom as he messed up his silver locks before throwing his favorite dark blue beenie on. He glanced into the mirror, taking in his appearance it was something he could say he was comfortable with even if most people didn’t like it. His shocking blue eyes against his pale white skin stood out the most, his lip piercing had gotten him into a lot of trouble with his parents when he was seventeen. He chuckled at the memory of his mom trying to convince him to take it out.He was wearing a baggy white muscle shirt, with his favorite pair of black skinny jeans. His blue and white snowflake tattoos standing out against his pale skin. Jack took a deep breath before he left the bathroom. He grabbed his bottle of Vodka as he left his dorm room.

Jack sighed it seemed like he had been going to parties all this week, well with having exams over everyone was throwing them and to be completely honest he really had nothing better to do. He walked down the street, shoving his free hand into the pocket of his jeans; hearing the music blaring before actually seeing any sign of a party.

Jack turned the corner glancing up as he noticed a large group of people who he didn’t like at all. He rolled his eyes as he walked past them, ignoring whatever it was they shouted at him. Jack opened the door slowly as he entered the house, there was more people here then at the last party.

He leaned against a wall, as he unscrewed the cap of his vodka. Taking a large gulp and wincing as it burned his throat going down his throat, by the end of this week Jack had found that the alcohol was getting a lot easier to drink down.


The now 11 year old Matt stared at his reflection in the mirror and sighed. He crawled into the back of his closet and located a box. He opened it up and pulled out some of his old clothes, Matt was never very good at remembering to get rid of things. He quickly threw on a black T-shirt and green cargo pants. ‘Baggy.’ He held his pants up with one hand and located a belt with another. When he was sure his pants would stay on he hung his now too big goggles around his neck and left his room, Gameboy in hand. 

“Mello?” His voice sounded a lot more childish and it made him frown. He looked all over the apartment and found it completely empty. 'Work.’ Matt sighed and sat on the couch opening his Gameboy. he sat back and began to play. A few hours must’ve passed before Mello entered the apartment.

DCI Letter Ask.

Dear _____ (Tumblr user),

You would look awesome marching _____ (Instrument / Guard equipment) because you have _____ (Reasons why). I think you would look best with _____ (Corps) because you are _____ (Reasons why).

I think that if we marched the same corps we’d be good _____ (Relationship type), because _____ (Reasons why). If not, I would love to meet you at _____ (Specific show) and we could _____ (Activity description).


_____ (Asker)

P.S. (Whatever you want to add)