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You were a mess. You were covered in sweat and tears were close to spilling out of your eyes. Yoongi was in-between your thighs sucking harshly on your clit while his fingers were buried deep inside you curling just right so they hit that spot where it had you seeing stars.

And you could do nothing as your legs were cuffed to the bed posts and your hands were tied to the headboard.

“I..i can’t cum again..AH!..PLEASE! PLEASE! YOONGI I WON’T MISBEHAVE AGAIN! OH GOD” you had begged and as much as Yoongi loved to hear you beg for mercy he wasn’t going to stop…not anytime soon at least

He unlatched his mouth from your clit but still kept his fingers in you “now now princess you know I can’t do that we still have a long night ahead of us..I’m just getting started” he said all while he had a smirk on his face.

Red and Blue Spandex Pt. 2 Peter Parker x Reader

 I actually did kind of okay on the first part of this series and someone actually said they wanted a second part! I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this, but, here ya are.

Summary: After you get out of a toxic and abusive relationship, you move from Manhattan to Queens, not really having the intention of making friends and especially getting back into a relationship. 

Warnings: cursing, mentions of domestic abuse, mental breakdown (not too bad), fluff

Word count: 1.9k



You were still pretty shaken up about seeing your ex again. I mean, why wouldn’t you be. He tore you apart whenever you tried to build yourself up again. You still have to hide the bruises. 

It has been a week since that last encounter, and you’ve been sitting with MJ at lunch these past few days. You basically just bond about complaining about the arrogance of some of the kids at Midtown and say self deprecating jokes. You realized one of the reasons you make jokes about yourself so much is that if other people say those things about you, it doesn’t affect you. It makes people think you don’t care, which prevents you from emotional harm. But you are so tired of pretending not to care. The thing is though too, when you make those jokes, you truly believe it. “I won’t get anywhere in life, well I’m screwed,” you say it with a smile. Any flaw you see in yourself, you make a “joke” out of it. Because what’s the harm in a joke, right? If you were told you were ugly by him then you were ugly. If he said you weren’t smart enough or creative enough, you thought that was true. 

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The Void

Write a sonnet bout Dark. The most common are love poems and such, but there’s also incredibly dark ones :D

I did a lot of research and decided to do a Shakesperian sonnet :) 

i.e:  A Shakespearian, or English, sonnet has a rhyme scheme of abab, cdcd, efef, gg.

when she screamed into the void 

the void screamed back

to her that voice destroy

a myriad of black.

“twas I who said it?”

indifference was his charm 

she screamed again, taken back a bit 

and he chuckled, taking her by alarm. 

“Look here, look there, my dear!

Take it in while you can!

The longer you’re here- the more you’ll fear,

Running away is unforeseeable in your god forsaken plan.”

So really what’s the rush? Go ahead, scream again. 

Try to run- I see you there. I’ll give you to the count of ten. 

hambone1347  asked:

Hi i really Like your art and I just wanna know if Maybe you could give me some Examples on drawing skirts I'm sorry I'm just having a hard time And Drawing legs with skirts is difficult If you Don't want to I completely understand And sorry to bother you



I’m sorry if I missed what you were asking for I tried!!!

please message me if you have any more questions or want a video for a little more help!

Here the posing program Design Doll I use!