SO I thought about this like two weeks ago but just now got the motivation to actually draw it
I was like.  Peridots fingers are like super floaty.  And then I thought of the thing aang does from ATLA

And then this forest fire

I really hope no one did this yet

Brittana oneshot based on this text post I made “headcanon that future Brittana are watching the Tony’s in their pjs and when Rachel wins Santana’s really excited and texts her and Brittany’s just like “yay she won can we watch house hunters now?” and immediately changes the channel. and when they Santana send her flowers Santana includes a heartfelt note about how she’s glad Rachel finally proved everyone in high school, including herself, wrong. and Brittany just writes “congrats” on the card that comes with the bouquet”

"Brittany, hurry, it’s up next!"

"Yeah, yeah, I’m coming. Do you want the M&Ms in the popcorn or separate?"

"Mixed in, duh!"

"Of course, how could I be so foolish?"

Brittany pours the candy into the popcorn and sets the bowl on a tray and heads towards the fridge to grab their drinks.

"Get your butt in here he’s calling out the nominees!"

"Okay, jesus, why do you care about-"


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