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How Cap Gets His New Shield
  • Tony:*currently going through a tantrum* THAT SHIELD DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU!! MY FATHER MADE THAT!!! YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED M-
  • Steve:"ugh whatever, I don't need this shield anyway."
  • *sometime later in Wakanda*
  • *Steve scoots next to Black Panther.*
  • Steve:"So... Wakanda huh?"
  • T'Challa:"Yes?"
  • Steve:"Home of Vibranium...."
  • T'Challa:"Right?"
  • Steve:"...made that cool suit out of vibranium too. Not bad. Wish I had something like that."
  • T'Challa:"*sighs* what do you want me to make you stev--"
  • Steve:*whips out a huge rolled up blueprint out of his pants and spreads it across the floor*
  • "I'm gonna need a frisbee."

i should have kissed you i should have told you i should have held you as close as i could i mean we had something beautiful and taking an extra step could have broken it and i’m always breaking things and i know if i had you i’d ruin it but just god i fucking wish i had kissed you i should have fucking kissed you


’’I just watched the man I love die. The worst part is that I never told him I loved him. Not once, I was too scared. Too scared that- somehow, saying it would make it real, and change everything. But now I’ll never have a chance to take that next step with him because he’s gone. My only chance with him, is if you don’t make the same mistake I did.’’

‘‘When I watched you die, I was afraid I was never gonna get a chance to tell you something.‘‘
‘‘Tell me what?’‘ ‘‘That…I….’‘ ‘’I love you.‘‘

why would you self diagnose anything? there are people who dedicate their lives to these fields and you think you more qualified to diagnose yourself because somebody on skype told you something? one time i sneezed and thought i had the black plague because im black and i was in 5th grade… thought i wasnt gonna make it, thought jesus was coming for your boy… but nah he left me

2/4 Cake - You're Pregnant 5SOS IMAGINE


Anonymous said: Can you do a pregnancy imagien for cake where luke and y/n have been trying for awhile and they thought it would never happen but then a miracle happens cocaine-glamour said: k so i know this sounds dark lmao but can you do a daddy!5sos where you found out you’re pregnant but they arent happy about it and you have to like idk convince them everything is gonna be okay ?¿ idk i hope that makes sense

thanks for the requests ily x


You hadn’t had your period in two months. You hadn’t told Luke about that, you had been trying for a baby for ages but never had any luck. You didn’t want to get the boys hopes up until you were sure. Now, after secretly taking a pregnancy test, you were sure. He was out collecting your dinner, giving you around 20 minutes to practice what you’d say. You walked into the kitchen and started pacing, rehearsing words out loud.

“I need to tell you something, I’m pregnant.” You giggled at yourself, “I’m pregnant!” You yelled at the ceiling, grinning and running your hand through your hair.

“What?” You heard a whisper behind you.

You whizzed around to see Luke holding bags of Chinese in the doorframe, his mouth wide open.

“It happened, Luke. We’re gonna have a baby.” You said softly, moving to the boy, taking the parcels out of his arms and placing them on the counter, ensuring he wouldn’t drop the food in his shocked state.

You had barely turned around for a second when you felt Luke’s strong arms wrap tightly around you, just under your breasts, careful not to crush your stomach.

“Oh my god.” He laughed into your shoulder.

You loosened his arms and turned to face him. His eyes were glassy with happy tears, his mouth stretched wide into a toothy grin.

“It’s gonna be great, we’ll be a proper family, oh it’s gonna be so great.” Luke chattered, delirious with shock and happiness.

“I know.” You pecked his rambling lips, momentarily silencing him, before he was bound to start babbling excitedly again.


“Cal, I- I think I’m pregnant.” You stuttered.

You had met Calum just under three months ago. After a drunken one night stand you had decided to stay together and were dating, but you had no idea how Calum would react to this news. Honestly, you barely knew how to react.

“What? You can’t be. Oh no, no, no.” Calum covered his face with his hands, muffling distraught comments.

Tears brewed in your eyes, “Cal, please,” You stood closer to him in the large bedroom, reaching out to hold him but he shied away from you.

“The media are gonna have a fucking field day.” He removed his hands from his face, his brows furrowed angrily, “Do you want to keep it?” He looked into your eyes.

“I’m not getting an abortion if that’s what you’re suggesting?!” You yelled, tears starting to pour down your face, “Cal, it’ll be okay. We can work through this.” You tried to soothe the frantic boy.

He came closer to you and gripped your shoulders, his eyes locking with yours, you could see he was fighting to hold back tears too.

“This isn’t something we can undo, we can’t return this baby,” He looked at your stomach and then back into your frightened eyes, “If it doesn’t work out. You understand that?”

“Yes I do, Calum,” You said, an icy tone lacing your voice, he was patronizing you, “But I want this, don’t you?” A single tear leaked down your face as you became less hysterical.

“Yeah,” He sighed, hands softening their grasp on you, “I do, but I’m scared, you get death threats for being with me, no-one deserves that, let alone a tiny baby.” You looked into his chocolate eyes, now understanding that the boy was absolutely terrified.

"Cal,” You let him drop his head into the crook of your neck, hearing occasional sobs, “We can do this, I promise, we can and we will.” You rubbed his back as he secured his arms around you.

“I love you.” You heard him whisper in your ear, your face instantly broke into a relieved smile.

“I love you too.” You sighed.



Okay I haven’t seen anyone talk about this yet so I guess I’ll start it.

This panel was right after Natsu told lucy not to ask about gray again. And all I can think about is Lucy is tired of natsu keeping things from her. Look at her face!!! I can just hear her thinking “Guess I’m stayin out of the loop for this one too..”

Idk if I’m making something out of nothing but I can’t help but think this is foreshadowing. You know, like things natsu did over his trip, his bandages, I can’t help but think mashima is trying to hint that Natsu has been keeping things from everyone, and it’s gonna be really interesting when his walls start to break down. What do y’all think?

beyond repair ☾ stiles stilinski

request: I was wondering if you could do one of stiles when he’s in love with you and then u die (of something you can make it up) and he never told you that he loved you and he’s really mad? thanks

a/n: *whispers* hi babes i’m writing a liam fic on wattpad & the first chapter is gonna be up soon so u should check it my username is dunbars love u

   Hi, it’s Y/N, if you could leave a message after the beep that’d be great- Stiles, geez, you’re so annoying- the voicemail message cut off with a squeal, a joyful sound despite the words she had spoken mere seconds before. Stiles choked, biting down on his lip with brute force so that he drew blood. He could taste it, the metallic twang of it, on his lips. The pain, he supposed, felt better than the nothingness inside of him that had taken its place there ever since you had left him one week ago. Left. Like it was nothing. He resented whatever had decided that it was your time to leave though you were so young, your dreams so full and vibrant, your heart so willing to love and trust. 

   Stiles took his phone and chucked it across the room, hoping it would smack against the wall, the screen shattering into a thousand pieces just like he had the moment your breath left your body, your heart beating once more for him before you were lost. But the phone did not break, it bounced almost ironically onto his bed and lay still on the comforter. Stiles let out a frustrated, strangled cry, the result of quite a few sobs that he had not permitted to escape thus far. He had hardly mourned your death in that way, he hadn’t cried at all. He had yelled, screamed, threw things, punched things, shut people down, pushed everyone away. He barely slept, hardly ate. 

   He didn’t know what to do with himself anymore, that was it. He couldn’t remember what purpose his existence held, now that you were not in his life. 

   He had loved you with all of his heart and soul. His entire being. Every thought was overwhelmed by you; your intelligence, bravery, kindness, brashness, humor, beauty, warmth. You were everything he had ever wanted and more. But he had been so scared to tell you this, terrified of you rejecting him or laughing in his face because his feelings were so strong and he loved you so dearly. He kept his thoughts to himself, as he always had. And then you died. And it was like everything good had died along with you. 

    Stiles was shaking now, his hands trembling so fiercely he had to dig his nails into his palms to keep them still. He paced his room widely, removing his hands from his slick with sweat palms and running them through his hair, which reminded him startlingly of a time when you would do that, his head in your lap after a particularly nasty nightmare. His fists came down upon his desk with a thud, so harsh and loud that everything there shook or fell. He leaned over to clean something up, to allow the illusion that maybe something in his life could be organized or put together. 

    Of course, because Stiles Stilinski had the god damn luck in the world, it was a picture of you. And Stiles, obviously, but he couldn’t be bothered to look at his own ridiculous face because you were there, next to him, beaming as bright as one could and mid-laugh, as well. You had always hid your laugh behind your hands, but Stiles always insisted that you didn’t. He had never been able to capture a picture of you laughing your laugh, your real laugh, not hidden or apologized for until one summer day when he had smushed ice cream- cone and all- into his face in the hopes of Scott getting a picture at the right moment. And so he had. Stiles was staring at you as if you were the most precious thing in the world, vanilla ice cream smeared across his cheeks and pieces of the cone stuck to his nose. 

   Scott wandered through the house just in time to see Stiles take the picture and smash it to the floor, his foot coming down upon it equally as hard. His best friend lashed out at everything in sight at that moment, heaving his desk chair across the room as if it weighed nothing, kicking the legs of his desk, punching the walls repeatedly until he felt a pair of arms wrap securely and tightly around his shoulders, yanking him backward onto the floor, where he tried to pull away. He kicked, grunts of pain falling from his lips as he did so, yelling all the while. 

   “She’s gone, Scott, she’s gone she’s gone she’s gone!” He screamed, his voice raw. He hadn’t spoken in so long, his tone was rasped and hoarse. “She left me, she left me,” he repeated over and over again until sobs were wracking his body so violently he almost threw up. His face was streaked with tears, his eyes lined with red. “She shouldn’t have died, she shouldn’t have, she was so good I don’t understand why she died.” He cried, beginning to hiccup. 

   “She didn’t want to,” Scott said over and over again, “she didn’t want to leave you, Stiles, she loved you so much. It’s okay, it’s okay,” Scott tried to soothe him, and it sort of worked. Eventually, Stiles lay slumped against him, his breathing ragged. 

   “But she didn’t know- she didn’t know how much I loved her.” Stiles whispered, his voice so soft. “She never will.” That was the end of it. The two boys sat in silence, Stiles’ room reduced to a pile of rubbish, your picture at the center of it all. Sure, his bedroom could be fixed. But there are some things, inhabitants of that bedroom, that had been broken far beyond repair. 

So I know ya’ll like knowing what’s going on in Puckzillas life, so I’ll give you a quick update. I managed to land another small gig for this weekend at a bar in the city, because I’m freaking awesome. I told the dude I could fill the place so you all gotta come or you’re all lame as hell. And the chick from the bagel shop who keeps making me try bagels with fruit? Her cousin wants to learn to play the guitar so I’m gonna be showing him how to be a rockstar. Pretty sure this means I’m like, famous for my music now or something.

Death Omen, Shmeath Omen

Because @notllorstel always makes something that I have to write about… how do you always do it?

Anyway, moving onto the fic.

Winter has always been a terrible season for Stan. Even as a child, he often didn’t like winter all too much. In fact his mother told him that as a baby he absolutely hated to cold and almost died once. That dislike became downright hatred after he was kicked out. That hatred hasn’t lessened at all considering when he made the biggest mistake in his life and pushed his brother into the portal.

This winter is no better than any other winter except he’s in a nice warm house… or he would be if he weren’t down in the basement.

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Wrathia isn’t telling the whole truth about her past.

Given that we’ve still got a good month or two before the return of Ava’s Demon updates, I’ve been talking about the comic with a few close friends of mine, predictions, checking out concept art, and pretty much having a fun time making theories, regardless of how plausible they may be. But I think I might actually be on to something here when I say that there may be a lot more to the Demon’s pasts than what we’ve been told thus far. Now, for the sake of saving everyone from a huge block of text, I’m gonna put this all underneath a Read More, and hopefully you’ll give it a read, as well as any other input that would support, or even question the claims!

Alright, here we go.

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I told my mom about this whole bs thing about Harry and Louis’ “matching tattoos” and how Larry shippers make that out to be that Harry and Louis are “together” and she said “what that heck??! Harry and LOUIS??! They do nothing together! If your gonna believe that any of them are gonna be together it would be Niall and Harry!!! All of their meaningful looks, the way they finish each other’s sentences, and when they do goofy stuff they just like you know, and they are always are together and are hugging or something!” And I literally fell on the floor of my kitchen and was there dying while she said that

The one thing I’m holding onto at this point re: Robin’s fate is that after Hades killed him, he told Regina, “you won’t be apart long”. Maybe that was just a flowery way of saying he was going to kill her too, but I think I’m gonna choose to believe that it means that Robin did go somewhere where he can be reunited with his loved ones.

A Year On || Dantana

It had been a year since Dani had left the drugs behind, Santana was beyond proud of Dani and she wanted to treat her girl, she wanted Dani to know how proud she was of her. Making reservations at a new restaurant that had just recently opened, she hadn’t told Dani she was planning this, but she couldn’t keep it in any longer. Going downstairs she walked up behind Dani who was standing at the back door watching Ryan and Emily in the yard playing with their toys with Buddy running around. “Hey mrs…” she smirked as she wrapped her arms around her waist “sooo, I have something to tell you. Mom is gonna come over tonight and baby sit, whilst I take you out for dinner…”

Hey, so, can people read my answer to one of the questions I’m gonna be asked by the Beit Din and tell me if it’s okay? (The question is ‘Why do you want to become Jewish?)

Why I want to become Jewish?


The concept of justice is something Judaism does really well.

We live in an unjust world, where kids can get shot for playing with toy guns, if they’re black or brown.

Where, if I were able to handle a job right now, I could get fired for being gay if I told anyone. 

Where, as a disabled person, I could make as little as $0.34 an hour, here in the US.

Where moms of kids with autism, kids like me, use abusive ‘training’ to get a child to pretend to be neurotypical.

And I feel like Judaism helps fight against that.

Like, I came to Judaism when I had a spiritual experience back when I was a suicidal thirteen or fourteen year old. I don’t particularly like to speak about it, because most people’s first reaction is to ask me if I have a family history of schizophrenia. I’m not schizophrenic, but even if I were, why would my experiencing a spiritual event that saved my life be a bad thing?

Anyway. I grew up, as much as possible when I moved to Minnesota, but a lot more when I lived in New York, involved with other Jews.

One of my oldest and dearest friends is Jewish, and following her blog as a teenager helped me. She wrote stories and her stories were some of the first stories with queer characters that had happy endings I’d ever seen. That was justice for me as a little gay kid, bullied for being gay.

I follow a ton of Jewish blogs on Tumblr, which is a social networking site, and all of them, even when we’re talking about fictional worlds, talk about justice. All of us blog about social inequality.

Some related to things we experience, mentally ill bloggers blogging about mental illness, some not, bloggers who aren’t black reblogging about black lives matter.

Judaism as a religion has justice at its core. One of the packets we got in class had 'You must not remain indifferent’ from Deuteronomy 22:3 picked out by a rabbi as an essential teaching of Judaism and I agree.  In the fight against injustice, indifference kills.

We learned that giving tzedakah, a word that, if it were going to be translated into English, would probably be translated as charity, unlike charity does not come from the word for kindness in Hebrew, but the word for justice.

That’s important to me. Because making sure the poor have food to eat, making sure the sick are not without friendship, are visited, are not alone. 

These are acts of justice. 

So. Justice. That’s why.

Other reasons too, of course. But justice is the main one.

Sorry if this seems rly stupid? But like, yeah. Justice. Yeah.

(Unsurprisingly, my answer to the other question ‘Tell us your favorite holiday or thing you have learned about Judaism and why’ is Passover.)

Imagine Will deciding to propose to Riley though...
  • Kala:Oh this is so exciting! The two of you are truly blessed to have each other!
  • Will:Yeah, you’re into girly stuff right? I need help picking a ring.
  • Capheus:Did I ever tell you about the woman on my bus-
  • Sun:You’ve told that story a thousand times.
  • Capheus:*pouts*
  • Will:Focus, guys.
  • Wolfgang:I know a place where you can get top of the line diamonds for a good price. Just make sure you bring your gun.
  • Nomi:So how are you gonna ask her?
  • Will:Umm, I'm not sure yet. I was thinking something casual.
  • Lito:No! You must make a grand romantic gesture! You have to show her how much she means to you!
  • Will:*instantly regrets asking any of them for help*

I hate it when people basically tell me that books are a shitty gift.

I’ve been told so many times—whether it’s me wanting a book as a gift or giving it to someone else (who also likes books wow big shocker)—things like:

“Are you sure you don’t want something else?”

“Are you sure they’re gonna like it?”

“Why waste your money on a book when you can get them [this] instead?”

Like STOP! Yes, I’m sure about all of these choices I’m making! I like reading, or the person I’m gifting the book to likes reading as well! Trust me, I checked.

The fact that Calum didn’t have any facial hair was ironic. I mean your boyfriend Werewolf!Calum, couldn’t grow facial hair. But every month on the full moon he would grow hair everywhere on his body. It didn’t make sense to you, but you still made fun of him for it. You loved his weird tendencies, it made him, him. Like how he was competitive by nature and would even race Merman!Ashton in swimming competitions, or the way he would subconsciously huff like a puppy, or how sometimes his eyes would start turn gold when he looked at you, (Michael told you it happened when a werewolf looked at its mate). Granted some were not so great, like when he would howl at the moon to piss you off. “Babe its funny though. Stop frowning. I’m going to do it again. Fine, I’ll gonna go fetch something to make you smile. HA I SAW THAT! YOU SMILED. It’s because I’m hilarious isn’t it?” Which was always answered with a “shut up cal” But Calum wouldn’t be Calum without those quirks and because of those, you loved him even more. 
(A/N: Michael’s supernatural blurb explains why he knows)

iHeart You

Long live April 3



“Are you nervous babe?” he asked her chuckling bringing her back to life, his scruff tickling her cheek as he held her waist and her arms were wrapped around his neck

She had decided to that she wanted to thank Adam in her speech in the car on the way over here. It was something that she had never expected herself doing something he would never expect her to do. She was beating herself up trying to think of words to say without giving away to much

“No I’m good” she giggled as he pressed his cheek harder against hers to make her laugh because he knew it tickled her skin.  

“Don’t worry I’ll be right here baby and you’re gonna do fine anyway” he told her silencing her fears. She sighed and convinced herself that it was going to be ok. He was going to be out there if she needed him or needed his look of assurance that would push her to go on

“Don’t you have like fifteen minutes until they air you?” he asked her pulling away from the kiss noticing the body guard who told Taylor that it was time to go a couple minutes ago. When he was with her, all his attention was on her his eyes never leaving her for more than a few minutes  and his hands never too far away from her body.

“We still got a time but I just wanted to talk to Justin before ok? I’ll see you later” she leaned down kissing him. She had told her bodyguard to get her fifteen minutes before the show so she had time alone to think about what she should say to thank Adam, already having an idea of what she should say to thank the fans.

He kissed her multiple times and wished her good luck before letting her go so she could come backstage. She had given him a premise of what she wanted to say a couple nights ago but it just always seemed incomplete. He had told her that her speech sounded amazing and that she should not worry before kissing her head and going downstairs to prepare dinner. for them

She paced up and down the hallway trying to remind herself the words that she had  practiced with Adam before deciding what words she would say about him.  She just had no clue how to word the gratitude she felt towards him in a few words. She was stuck for once in her life she had no words to describe what she was feeling.  So she did what she always did when she had writers block, she put herself back into the situation and tried to start from there.

“Taylor, it’s just a tour. You know I’ll fly to you when I can and you always fly home to where I am when you come home” Adam rubbed her back and pulled her into his side. They had been going at this for a long time, and he told himself to do whatever he could to make her believe that they were worth it

She and Adam were on his couch, discussing what Taylor had been trying to avoid for as long as she could. Going on this tour was inevitable and she knew if she had to choose between Adam and the tour she would have to choose the tour. Before she got ahead of herself, she reminded herself, he wasn’t asking for her to choose. He wanted her to have both. Why did she have to be so stubborn?

“I know but it’s a good seven months long tour. And I’m sorry that I’ve been in rehearsals these last few months. I understand if you don’t want to be with somebody who has a schedule like this, Adam I do.” she rested her hand on his thigh.

They had only been dating for a couple months but Adam already knew that she was the one. He knew that the moment he met her. He felt that connection that he only believed was true in the movies. He wasn’t about to throw away something this magical over a tour

“I want to be with you more than anything and if you want to be with me just as much we can work this out ok?” he leaned into her catching her chin with his hand to bring her attention back to him 

She moved her chin away from his hand, unable to make eye contact “I do. You know I want to be with you but I just don’t know if this is the best time for me to be in a relationship. It’s not that I don’t like you because I do…a lot I just think the timing is wrong and timing is everything..“

It took him a while to register in his mind what she was suggesting.” I love you Taylor”

She finally stopped rambling and finally met his green eyes.


“I love you” he repeated nodding he pulled her close

“I know we can work this out because I love you. I want to work this out because I love you. I know it’s soon and you don’t have to say anything but I just don’t want you to leave with doubts in your head that we’re not going to make it because we are going to make it” he looked at her anxious face and then saw it relax

“I don’t know what to say” she stuttered at loss for words

“Don’t say anything” he pulled her to his chest and kissed her hair “It’s ok to say it when you’re ready”

He wasn’t offended that she didn’t say I love you back to him. He told her knowing that it was soon in the relationship. He told her because he did love her and even if she didn’t love him right now he knew that she was working her way up to it. 

“We’ll make it through” she assured herself more than him. For the first time she believed that they could make it. They had a strong connection already and they had only been together for a couple months

“Yeah we will”

She smiled remembering the first time that he said “I love you”. She loved him then and there, her walls were just beginning to be broken down by him. She thought about how quickly he did break down her walls. He had flown out to see her as much as his scheduled allowed. He even flew in a couple times when he shouldn’t have but he did because she needed him. He was the most amazing person. More than what she could ever ask for.  

“No don’t call Adam” Taylor called as loud as her voice allowed to her mother. She had a coughing fit and her mother turned and raised her eyebrows at this request. “He’s got a gig in a couple nights that he’s leaving for tomorrow, and if you call him he will come down here”

She thought about the last time she called him crying because the tour had started taking a toll on her. As much as she loved the fans and loved performing, hotel after hotel and road after road could just get to be too much. She disliked being away from her Dad, her brother, and of course Adam for long periods of times. Adam and Taylor argued over rather or not he should come down here leaving her in even more tears.

“Ok, sweetie” her mother came over to where her daughter was surrounded in mountains of tissues “get some sleep though. You still have three days to heal”

Taylor nodded and reminded her mom not to call Adam once more before her mother left her alone to fall asleep. She was right now at her hotel in Minnesota and the cold weather and social interactions finally taken a effected on her full on. She had been avoiding calling Adam all day and just stuck with texting so he wouldn’t hear how bad her voice sounded and also so he wouldn’t worry. She felt her eyes close wishing that he was here

She woke up and saw that the light had changed outside her window. She quickly sat up and saw that he had texted her a few times asking her if he could call her. She also saw 3 missed calls from him. She texted him a quickly reply without thinking anything through. He again asked her if he could call her and before she could reply he was calling her. She quickly assessed her choices: she could not answer and he’d know something was up or she could answer and he’d still know something was up. She cleared her throat and swiped across the screen to answer the call

“Babe” he greeted in a relived voice followed by a sigh “Are you mad at me? What’s going on?“

“No I’m not mad at you” she spoke hoarsely into the phone regretting even texting him back in the first place

“Tay, are you sick?” he asked his voice worried 

“No?” she tried but she heard him scoff

“Nice try, babe” he said sarcastically “well it’s too late anyway I’m on my way to Minneapolis tonight”

She could hear him smiling though the phone “Adam! What no! You have a gig that you’re leaving for tomorrow. Adam!“

Her throat hurt from yelling and she cried out in pain. Adam was quick to answer “Don’t talk just listen” he paused before continuing “I called your mom when I didn’t see that you read my messages and you didn’t answer your phone and she told me you were sick. So I made some arrangements and am able to spend tomorrow with you and fly out tomorrow to play at my gig and I want to take care of you and so-”

“Adam I love you” she whispered  the three words for the first time 

“Taylor, you’re not suppose to be talking” he reminded her not sure if he actually  heard her right but deciding not to bring it up

“I don’t care. I love you” she told him again and he knew this time it was real

He had rearranged his schedule to come take care of her. He did it because he loved her. He loved her and she realized she had taken way too long to tell him that she loved him back and that she always loved him even before she met him. 

“I love you too babe. I love you too” he smiled widely and she could picture him smiling widely because there was a long pause before he said anything else

“My flight is leaving. I’ll see you soon ok? I love you” he said his heart beating fast because realized that he would be seeing her in less then two hours

“I love you too”

He had came to her hotel with her favorite soup and insisted on feeding her. They watched Grey’s Anatomy and for the first time in forever she had the best sleep that she had in a long while. She snuggled up and made sure that he knew just how grateful she was that he had taken time out of his day to come and make sure that she was ok.  

She remembered the most memorable moment on tour when he visited her on their six months. He had convinced her that he couldn’t come visit her and that he had tried everything he could. He had apologized time and time and she assured him that it was fine. She was upset behind closed doors but she was determined for him not to know.

He was here. He was right next to her mother smiling and cheering her on proud as can be. She waved at him her heart beating fast. All she wanted was to get off the stage and be in his arms. He was really here. But how?

“Adam!” she cried running into his arms and burying herself into his warmth after the show was over

“Babe!” he responded wrapping her up tight breathing in her scent that he had missed

He noted that his shirt was now all the sudden wet. He pulled away and saw Taylor’s glassy eyes gazing up at him. His finger wiped under her eyes and kissed her cheeks.

“Don’t cry” he told her softly holding her face in both of his hands. He hated seeing her cry it was his biggest weakness

“I’m sorry. I just can’t believe you’re here.” she sniffled pulling away from him burying her head in his chest grabbing his hands. All she wanted was to be close to him.

“Why? I’m always here” he let go of her hands to wrap her up in his arms “I’m sorry I lied to you. I didn’t have any gigs planned. I’m sorry I made you upset because I told you I did but I wanted it to be a surprise”

“I love you so much you know that?” she said in reply looking up at him her chin resting her head on his chest. she didn’t care that he had lied all she cared about was that he was here.

“I love you more” he insisted but she shook her head her hands clutching him

“I love you most” she grinned leaning up to kiss him standing other toes to be able to kiss him just the way she wanted to

“Happy six months” he whispered to her pulling away

“Come on let’s get out of here, yeah?” she asked kissing his cheek and then taking his hand

“Whenever you’re ready. I’ll show you all night how amazing these last six months have been for me” he whispered in her ear she giggled pushing him away making a gross face at him

Him showing up at her concert when she didn’t even expect it was something she would never forget and forever cherish. Previous boyfriends, didn’t even show up to her birthday party let alone surprise her at a concert. 

She smiled as she remembered how she felt when she got home to him after the long tour was over. She was at home with him. He was home . When the spotlight went out and when the crowds were gone, he was the one who she wanted to be with at the end of the day. The one that she belonged with

She opened the door to this place after turning her key. It was dark except for the office light he always kept on if she was coming in late. It was 3 in the morning, he cats were the first ones to greet her. She had told him not to wait up for her, because the previous night she kept him up all night telling him about the end of the tour.  

“Babe?” she heard that voice that she would recognize form 1000 of miles away

She turned to him, a smile spreading on her face. She walked towards him noting his tired eyes and his rigid body. She threw her arms around him and finally felt the feeling of home sink in  

“I’m so glad you’re home” he whispered in her ear

“Me too” she told him kissing his lips allowing herself to completely melt into his arms  

“hey I was starting to run a bath for you upstairs. You said you weren’t hungry but I thought you might want to relax and I know you always feel disgusting after riding on a plane” he picked her off her feet easily and into his arms

“What? Adam you were suppose to be asleep how long have you been up?” she asked running her finger under his baggy eyes and caressing his face

“Well you said you’d be home at 2 so I set an alarm so I’d be up and then I got your text that there was a delay and I didn’t want to fall back asleep without you so I just stayed up and played with the cats a little” he said as though it was nothing but it meant everything to her

It was incredible even after a year, he still did the little things that made her feel special. He still  treated her as though she was his princess and made sure that she was taken care of before he checked his own needs

“You know you are the most amazing guy I’ve ever met” she declared wrapping her arms around his neck and holding on tight to him as he walked upstairs and into the bathroom. She leaned her head into the crook of his neck determined not to fall asleep. He noticed how tired she was and even though he had missed her body, he was determined to put his needs aside and take care of her first. Besides they had forever.  

He placed her on her feet and started taking off her clothes gently not in the eager way he did when he wanted to make love with her but in a slow gentle way. When she was naked he pulled her body close to his when he noticed the goosebumps arise on her skin.  

“Alright come on baby” he said lifting her up and placing her into the tub. Her muscles instantly relaxed and her body fell back.

“what about you?”  she asked as she watched him move fluidly around the big bathroom, he lit her favorite candles that were placed on the thick rim of the tub and then he dimmed the lights and got her a fluffy towel. When he came back into the room he noticed how the candles lit up her face casting shadows on her that made her look absolutely stunning  

“Let me spoil you first”

He reached to get the oils that he always uses to massage her feet with putting some on his hand and rubbing her feet in a gentle motion.  

“Mmmm thanks babe” she whispered leaning forward to kiss him  

He stood up once he gave her other foot the same attention and stripped down as well. She scooted forward to let him in behind her. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her close resting his head on hers

“You know I missed you so fucking much. I mean I’ve never missed anyone like I missed you. The cats moped around, I moped around, my food tasted bad, the bed was freezing without you, the house just felt gloomy and empty without you” his lips lingered close to her ear making sure she caught onto every single word he said “by the way happy birthday baby”  

“Thank you” she snuggled closer to him the warm water “I missed you too you know. Every night I would just look out in every crowd hoping that you would be there, I just felt like a piece of me was missing without you around. You make me complete Adam. You are my person. I’m so glad I’m home for good even though the tour was fun and I enjoyed myself I’m happy to be home with you” she sealed her words with a kiss on his lips

He didn’t say anything back, he didn’t need to. None of them spoke anything for a while just enjoying each other’s presence soaking up each other’s presence. When she began to yawn he washed her air for her quickly, cautious making sure he didn’t get anything in her eyes before lifting her out of the tub and drying her off.

“Don’t worry babe there will be more surprises for you tomorrow..well later on today” he chuckled looking at the clock wrapping her towel around his waist, blowing out the candles and cleaning up a little “I believe we have some catching up to do”  

She change into his discarded shirt and headed to bed reaching for his hand on the way. “that we do. I’m sorry I’m so tired believe me tomorrow morning I’m all yours”  

“It’s ok I know. “ he turned off the lights and then climbed into bed feeling her arms vine around him  

She loved that the first thing he asked from her was not sex. It was love and just her presence. He made sure to make her feel loved and make her feel welcomed back home. He was always looking out for her and wanting to do what he could to make her happy.  

“I’m so happy you’re home babe. I love you so much” he whispered to her hugging her to his side and then letting her get comfortable  

“Love you more” She puckered her lips waiting for a kiss barely able to keep her eyes open anymore. He kissed her softly and then she whispered a “goodnight” before closing her eyes and falling into a deep sleep

For the first time she had someone to come home to. Someone who waited for her all those long months for her. Because he loved her. He wanted to be with her. For the first time she realized home wasn’t a place, it was the people that were at a specific place feel like home. She realized that he was home. He was her person.  

She finally knew what to say. She had a few keywords that she would combine to put into sentences. She felt more confident than she had before. She had a battle going on in her head, should she thank him or should she not? He knew that she was beyond grateful for him but she really wanted to dedicate this award to him as well because he had been there for her.

She made sure her outfit was smooth and her hair was in place before Justin Timberlake would call her to the stage to accept the  award. Somebody told her that it was time for her to go on. She knew that this was right that he deserved to be acknowledged for helping her get through this tour. She knew exactly what to say. She listened to Justin Timberlake introduce her saying the most sweetest things ever.  

“Tyler Swifte"

She walked out and instantly saw Adam cheering her on from his spot in the audience. His smile radiating the room. She hugged Justin Timberlake and began her speech making sure she got her statistics right.  

“There were 48 different artist who came out and surprised my crowds on the 1989 tour…” she started listing off people and giving them the shoutout they deserved  

She looked down and started to get nervous when she looked up she met Adam’s eyes. His face showed concern and worry as though he was asking her if she was ok.

“And um you know for the first time I had the most amazing person to come home to” she tried not to show how big her smile was, her smile was always big when she talked about him “when the spotlight went out and the crowds were all gone” she couldn’t help it she let herself smile and tried to hide the nervousness in her voice “so I want to thank my boyfriend Adam for that. And I love you guys so much! Thank you iHeart! Goodnight”  

She beamed as she looked at Adam who was smiling right back at her “I love you” he told her  

He met her backstage and greeted her with a long hug refusing to let go even when he knew her security guard was trying to pry her away.  It was as though she was his lifeline, the only thing in this world that was real. 

“Adam?” she asked concerned after a while  

“You are perfection, Taylor. I love you so much. I don’t.. I can’t even begin to describe how what you said up there made me feel. All I can say is that I love you more than anybody has ever loved someone”  

“I don’t think that’s true” she smiled teasingly “you can’t possibly love me more than I love you”  

“Oh I beg to differ” Adam said pulling her hand towards his and leading her back into the audience  



I hope you liked it!