I told you I was gonna make something

Classic quote from John Wayne during his role as Marine Corps, Sgt. John M. Stryker in “The Sands of Iwo Jima.” 
“I’m gonna make it simple so you’ll all understand it. They handed me you guys as a present, a regular Easter basket. They told me to get you into shape so you can handle a piece of this war. That’s what I’m gonna do and that means I’m gonna tell you what to do, every day, and every minute of every day. I’m gonna tell you how to button your buttons, I’m even going to tell you when to blow your noses. If you do something I don’t like I’m gonna jump and when I land it’ll hurt. I’ll ride you until you can’t stand up. When you do stand up, you’re going to be marines.”

- Sgt. John M. Stryker

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I just read Nightwing rebirth #1- #3 and I really enjoyed seeing the batgirl Nightwing moments but something told me they weren't gonna last :(. Do you think that they will get together at this point. I mean I've been practically begging DC now.

Not until Dick stops messing around with the Owls or shady people like Raptor, I don’t think. Babs has always had a really strong set of morals and she sees Dick as being in the grey-zone at the moment – I don’t think she’s keen on making a commitment with him, considering.

But honestly, I’m just glad we got to see them interact again after so long!

[PM] holy fucking shit why did you even tell me this after i literally told her not to like
point fingers at anyone else
look im not looking for trouble either
i just want her off my back and the back of my friends
leave our collective backs alone you know
were just a bunch of kids
we dont need back pain until were at least thirty five
or something i dont really know when back pain becomes an issue

[PM, a few minutes later] so which one are you then

[PM] You’re not gonna make it to 35 at this rate, kid.
[PM] And I didn’t want her to implicate anyone else I guess. There were only two guys online at the time, you would’ve figured it out anyway.
[PM] I’d help you if I could, but she’s got it out for me too.
[PM] Christian Slater, but blonder.

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Hey!! Lovely Fez here again! So it's been a while but I, long ago, told you I'd comission you something as long as I got my first paycheck!Also the 28th is my birthday so I'm gonna comission here a super total cool comission, u know, the expensive ones with color and all!... And I'd love it to be about Jasper and her pearl (she's gorgeous, well both are, you make amazing fan arts!) if that'd be possible? Any scenario, you choose!, I just love em too much!


Of COURSE you can commission jasper and her pearl omg im so flattered °////°
IM whenever you want to give me more details and all about the commission :)

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Hi!!! I wanted to ask if you still taking requests? If you do could you please gif something from that lovelyz wonderland episode when woollim told lovelyz that they gonna disband and girls started crying? It was so emotional! :'(

hiya! I am forever taking requests, but i can gif something from it. there’s a lot to it, maybe even a couple of gifsets cause i can’t decide what to focus on, but rewatching it now… my heart, i forgot how much it makes me cry. ;;;; 


dear @trevelyngrace-blog,

i know i never post on here anymore, but given the circumstances it seemed appropriate. today marks two years, which feels all too long and all too short at the same time. i’m now as old as you were when you passed, which is strange all the same. i just wanted to say that i miss you; i re-read most of your blog today & found so many microcommunications between us that felt thoughtless back then. it feels stupid, but i want to live in a way that makes you proud? you always told me to put myself before work, not to be involved with things that were hurting more than helping. you were older and i looked up to you and now i’m about to start sophomore year of college and i promise i’m gonna take that cross country roadtrip one day.

i guess what i’m trying to say is i’ll meet you out in the twilight, or something.

till then,

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Noooo girl noooo!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! I told you not to make Larry suffer anymore and you go after Laurent!? You are mean :'( ... but yeah, I loved the chapter. There is sooo many things that I would love to know and read about this story... like are they kinda human now? they would have to learn how to live with te livings? (that would be FREAKING awesome) Is this something temporary? Are we going to find out more about their past? its gonna be some bromance? are they even twins? ok I stop..

All I’m gonna say is : to be continued. :D
Thanks for being this passionate about my writings ❤️ keep questioning, I like the way you think ;)