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(A/N: Okay, so this is definitely not originally from me… I mean, I actually did come up with the thought in my mind before I read it, but this idea was posted on here before. If anyone can give you the credit of who originally did, I’d be more than happy to credit them!

Like last time, the rating is PG. Only angst and fluff. And again, SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 9 OF LLS

You’ll find this extremely similar to the KananMari scene rewrite I posted earlier, but a twist in the end. It’s also little longer than last time. If you’d like to read the rewrite I posted earlier, simply click here. Thanks to everyone supporting me!)


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fearthesjw  asked:

Heyo, about the pansexuality thing you posted earlier. I agree with everything you’ve said about it, birb, except for one little thing. Would the aliens and sentient AIs even fall under pansexuality? I feel like those would fall more under the phrase of xenophilia. But then...would xenophilia fall under pansexuality? I don't even know. It's early for me and I haven't had enough coffee, so this thought process is the result of it.

Hypothetically, if people just called themselves mechanophiles and xenophiles, then they’d just be fetishising the AI and/or aliens, which really wouldn’t be fair to either of them. If AIs and aliens became part of our society, then they’d be treated the same as everyone else, depending on what came up.

AIs could choose their body parts at will if they wanted to have intimate relationships with humans, or even build casings to appear like the aliens, so, if that happened, a heterosexual man could still be heterosexual if the AI that he was in a relationship with chose to present as female.

I mean, you could argue then that bisexuality would be a case of, “is sexually attracted to/would have romantic relationships with any being that presents as male or female,” which could include AIs and similar humanoid aliens, but the definition might end up being flawed if the aliens have completely alien genitalia. I’d imagine that “pansexuality” would then work, because it really would be a case of, “is sexually attracted to/would have romantic relationships with any being no matter their genital or physical presentation,” especially if the aliens had, I don’t know, egg pods and tentacle-like protrusions, or simply enveloped their lover in some kind of jelly-like substance for procreation or pleasure.

In time, if both the AI and aliens walked around on Earth and interacted with us like any other human individual would, then bisexuality probably would be AI- and xeno-phobic, especially if the aliens had their own binary gender system. We’d have to worry about some kind of human supremacy in the same way that old fashioned (and some modern) racists say, “People should only date within their race,” then shifted up to, “Individuals should only date within their species.”

It would be nicer to think that at that time, we’d be so far removed from labelling as a species that we wouldn’t bother with orientation labels, instead simply shrugging as individuals and saying to someone or thing that was interested, “Sorry, I’m more into human women,” or, “Sorry, I prefer aliens with penile-esque tubas” and no one would be anything other than a little disheartened that their feelings or desires weren’t reciprocated.

But, yeah, I’d argue that pansexuality would include AIs and aliens. Definitely.

My apologies to everyone for my rash blogging earlier. Emotions have been piling up for way too long, and hearing about Mr. Wilder’s death really just pushed me off the edge. Not that his passing isn’t affecting me - trust me, it is. I’m devastated. But it was also an instigator that sparked the tangle of wires coiling around my mind, and everything kind of came out at once. I’m so sorry if I caused anyone stress for posting about my thoughts on the matter. I said I wasn’t going to be posting personal stuff (at least not that kind of personal stuff) anymore, and I broke that promise. I’m really sorry.

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you know what ive been thinking about for like a week? hanzo using his dragonstrike through mccrees gun. or dead eye through hanzos bow. i saw some really great art but cant find either post for the life of me. ideas? thoughts?

This is the fic I blogged earlier. If you look at the writer notes at beginning, it links the original text post and two pictures. :D

Further notes about Jenna in Victoria

My comments about the first episode of Victoria were posted separately (http://anotheruserwithnoname.tumblr.com/post/149634003519/thoughts-on-victoria-episode-1), but I wanted to make a few additional comments about Jenna Coleman herself with relation to the show now that, roughly 11 months after pre-production began, we’re finally seeing the fruits of her labours. This was inspired by a Radio Times article I linked to earlier about how Jenna has evolved and grown as an actress since joining Doctor Who in 2012.

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Got my 22 pushups in earlier today than yesterday, but was still exhausted when I started them. Maybe by the end of these 22 days I’ll actually be able to do ONE where I lower down to the proper depth … and be able to push back up.

Anyway, today I’m tagging @gainsofmythicality to join in this challenge, along with ‘TheManBeast”, since I know you guys workout together and I thought this challenge would have special meaning for you guys.

So here’s the scoop: 22 veterans and first responders commit suicide every day as a result of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This challenge is to raise awareness about the need for greater mental health supports for those individuals fighting against the burden of what they have experienced.

The rules are simple:

* Once you are nominated your 22 days starts the following day
* Every day you record yourself doing 22 push-ups, try your best to reach 22. If that means doing assisted (from your knees, against a wall, or on an incline) push-ups or that you have to stop and take a break that’s fine but try to get them all done in one video. You can start off one way and then change in the middle, too.
* Post that video publicly with the hashtag #22Pushupchallenge .
* Every day you must nominate a different person for the challenge, try to choose people you think will want to do this and/or have the ability to do it
* And finally, have fun with this. This is a simple and fun way to get the word out about a matter that more people need to be aware about. These brave men and women put their lives and mental health on the line to protect and assist us. It’s devastating that so many good people feel that suicide is the only way out.




Twisted Transistor - aphdinme - Zombies Run! [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

I mentioned in an earlier post (among spoilers behind a read more) that I had _thoughts_ on Ian Golightly that might be better written up in a fic. Well, I went and wrote it!

Do let me know what you think. It’s not gory, it’s not sexy, and it doesn’t have Runner 5, so I won’t be surprised if it gets 0 views.

Please note it does have Spoilers for Season 4 of Zombies, Run! and possibly very very mild spoilers for season 5 (unless you’ve done season 5, you won’t even notice it, I think).

140811 - "Sea Fog" Yoochun, absorb like a sponge?

Is there another lucky actor like him? There is an idol actor who’s come out with a movie produced by Bong Junho and starred by Kim Yunseok, Moon Seonggeun and other outstanding stars. This actor has performed well, no, much more than that. We are talking about Park Yoochun from JYJ who takes on the role of the youngest crew member, Dongsik.

There are stereotypes about idols these days without a doubt. Their popularity might’ve started off with fandom but whether or not idols establish their positions as actors is completely up to them. However, Park Yoochun grabbed the opportunity given to him and worked hard to make it work out his way.

Park Yoochun didn’t seem like he was over Dongsik yet. Those who worked with him mentioned that he was highly absorbent and we understood what they meant. Even while interviewing him, he was so honest about everything and then when it came to the subject of Dongsik, his eyes would change as if he was possessed by the character once again.

‘You are one lucky guy. Dongsik is the most remembered character from the movie.’ “Maybe that’s because he was in the movie until the end,” he said. “I didn’t know this while making the movie but now I think I was blessed to have had “Sea Fog” as my first film. I didn’t even think about the number of times I appear in the movie but many people who have seen the movie tell me that.”

“I was glad but because everyone is saying nothing but good things about it, I feel nervous and wish it would quickly be released. It’s been a while since we’ve completed the movie and it takes patience.”

Dongsik gives all his love to a girl named Hongmae (Han Yeri), a Chinese Korean descendant. When she falls into the water my accident, he hesitates for zero seconds and dives in after her.

“I wonder if that’s the kind of love the society needs these days. Everything has a price. People say they want to love but there are so many restrictions made by people. They say they like something about someone but they don’t realize when they start to fall in love. How many people do you think actually analyze the process of falling in love?”

Park Yoochun delivered his theory of love into Dongsik. He said, “Dongsik is the same thing. I wondered if Dongsik would be able to do that when she fell in the water but maybe he was thinking that life is precious. He might’ve developed feelings for her then because he saved her and he’s a man. Love fires up sometimes but being in a limited amount of space together for a long time could do that to any young man and woman.“

The question of his bed scene came up and he joked, “It was no bed scene. There was no bed.”

“It was hard bringing out my emotions. I guess I wanted to lean on someone because of the will to live, the wish to live and the feeling of being alive. I know I acted the part but I wonder if I could do that if it was me. It’s amazing. I think I’d be very nervous. I’d been too busy hiding.”

He picked the scene where he embraces Hongmae in the fish room because “My face doesn’t show much.” He then gave an unexpected answer to the fact that people say he’s very absorbent.

“Maybe that’s because I wasn’t a good student. I don’t remember being at school. Maybe that’s why I’m absorbent. They say I’m like a sponge but what’s in a sponge? Nothing. My JYJ members tell me I’ve become innocent after “Sea Fog”. While there are innocent people who become tainted as they go along, they say otherwise for me. I wonder if that’s even possible but I’m proud.”

While two-character (in Korean) movies worth 10 billion won (~US$10 million) have been flooding the theaters these days, the audiences are highly excited. “KUNDO : Age of the Rampant” and “Pirates” has been out for a while and currently “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” is causing a syndrome. It’s not that much of a great news for “Sea Fog” but Park Yoochun says, “I am happy to have just been in that movie because the film itself is amazing.”

“I think this movie makes you think a lot. Those of you who think about a movie after watching it will definitely not be disappointed.”

Source: TV Daily

Translation: Hacinema

Shared by: JYJ3

In Which I Attempt to Analyze Journal 3 But End Up Gushing About Ford Instead

It’s late, and earlier tonight (or this morning), when it was slightly less late (or early), I decided that even though I’m super late to the Journal 3 train, I needed to get my thoughts down on paper. Those thoughts are apparently gooey and disorganized, because the real analysis stops after the first paragraph, I started to ramble about halfway through, and I’m not sure most of it makes sense. (Mostly because it’s late. Or early. Or whatever.)


Journal 3 is the best kind of supplementary material.

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sulu has a small collection of tattoos across his skin – mostly floral-inspired that he got when he was younger, a four leaf clover on the inside of his wrist for luck and a little hydrangea bloom on his shoulder for perseverance through difficult times. they’re important parts of him, and have been for a long time, but he doesn’t think to add to them – at least not until he meets ben, meets their daughter for the first time, has his own family. eventually after a lot of thought, he decides on another. ben notices the flash of colour and film peeking out from under sulu’s t-shirt sleeve. It’s a chain of three daisies wrapped around his arm, one for each of them, tied together and unbroken. ben swears he’s just got something in his eye when sulu explains it to him. 


Battlefield 1 Trailer Analysis

A few months ago I examined the first trailer for EA’s new entry into the Battlefield series - Battlefield 1. The new game takes place during World War One and the new trailer looks at the Middle Eastern theatre more than previous trailers have. The new trailer showcases some interesting firearms, while this post isn’t an exhaustive rundown of what’s seen I’ll look at some of the more interesting firearms. 

Check out my earlier trailer analysis here

While there are now plenty of gameplay videos from the beta launch floating around I thought it would be fun to take a look at another trailer and see what new weapons might be hinted at.

Remington Model 10A

The first weapon we see is a hammerless shotgun, a Remington Model 10A - with a stylised British flag on its receiver. In the background two aircraft fly over some temple ruins. 

Beretta M1918

Next we see a soldier armed with a Beretta M1918 submachine gun firing on a horseman riding through the ruins. The italian M1918, chambered in 9mm Glisenti, was a development of the earlier Villar-Perosa. An estimated 5,000 M1918s were made and saw limited service towards the end of the war.

Ottoman Mauser

A Mauser rifle, probably the Gewehr 98, outfitted with a scope and an anachronistic bipod, again with a stylised Ottoman flag on the receiver. 

MG 08/15

An armour-clad soldier wields a MG08/15 light machine gun complete with belt-drum. 

Borchardt C93

The unmistakeable Borchard C93 is an interesting choice to include. Obsolete by the outbreak of war, however, the trailer showcases the pistol’s unusual action as it shows the pistol firing and being reloaded. 

Lewis Guns

The Lewis Gun appears mounted in a number of vehicles with a MkII Aerial Lewis Gun seen first followed by tank and armoured car mounted guns. 

Cei-Rigotti Rifle

The unmistakable Cei-Rigotti is seen during a sequence of street fighting. The rifle is one of several erroneous weapons that have been included as it certainly never saw action during the Great War. It was developed in 1900 and while a fascinating design it was never adopted by any nation. The distinctive operating rod can clearly be see on the side of the rifle.

Bergmann M1915 n.A

Another light machine gun, the Bergmann M1915 n.A, is briefly seen as a something explodes in the distance. It is seen again towards the end of the trailer. 

Steyr M1912

The Steyr M1912 is seen for the first time in the new trailer, this Austro-Hungarian service pistol is seen as the anachronous desert armoured train passes and a bi-plane explodes above. The M1912 had an internal box magazine in its grip and was fed with stripper clips. 

Standschutze Hellriegel

Another interesting inclusion is the Austro-Hungarian Standschutze Hellriegel submachine gun was developed during 1915. Its distinctive receiver and large drum magazine can clearly be seen. The soldier carrying it is killed by the armoured train  

The rest of the trailer is made up of some set-piece scenes showing aerial and naval battles. While it’s inevitable that there will be inaccuracies and liberties taken, some improbable accessories attached to weapons but I have to say I’m looking forward to getting the chance to open up with a Standschutze Hellriegel!

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