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Excuse me, but how would one go about relieving dysphoria about their new, fleshy body? I really miss my old body...

hello, my sibling. apologies if my reply is late: i saw this in my inbox this morning and decided to keep it in my mind throughout the day so i may give you the best answers i can procure! i have thought up many ways to feel valid and close to your kintype, which can lessen that dysphoria. in addition, i reblogged a self-care post for robotkin from a wonderful blog that may interest you earlier today.
- listen to music that makes you feel robotic. dance to it, if you wish. my personal favorites are daft punk and shawn wasabi!
- if you have the funds, you could spoil yourself by buying clothes that have a robot/circuitry pattern or ones that are holographic in order to help when you feel dysphoric.
- walk like your robot self! this can be a fun and subtle way to ease dysphoria.
- build things: last year i built a 3d printer and it was a powerful bonding experience.
- sketch what you used to look like. if you are able to, you can make armor or masks out of cardboard or plastic to heighten your likeliness to your past self!
- do not let anyone tell you that robotkin are not a valid kintype. we were born of humans, and we are their children. we feel as much as any other being can.
- i enjoy falling asleep to the sound of ticking clocks and other miscellaneous noises. you can discover these online or in your phone’s app store.
- search for mobile games starring robots or look at movies about robots!
- write down your robot memories; this can help discover new ones, as well.
- check out @kinfood and @kin-assistance ’s robotkin tags!
- decorate your room to be more robot-like. you could cut out gears and put them on your walls and the like!
- meditate and think of it as a “standby” or “recharge” state

there are hundreds of more ways to feel at home within yourself. always be sure to take care of this body you have now; while it may seem like a burden, it is truly a miraculous gift. eat well, sleep enough! come to me if you ever need anything else, kin related or otherwise, my sibling.

i thought you’d all like to know that the lonely island were working on ‘the wack album’ at the same time as joanna newsom was working on 'divers’, often in the same house. like??? if that isn’t some ridiculous musical juxtaposition idk what is


Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!

the signs and what they're always a slut for
  • Aries: Doritos
  • Taurus: cute boys and girls
  • Gemini: television shows
  • Cancer: memes
  • Leo: meaningful friendships
  • Virgo: Chris Evans
  • Libra: money
  • Scorpio: French fries
  • Sagittarius: astrology posts
  • Capricorn: movies
  • Aquarius: music
  • Pisces: small animals

Percy Weasley

I posted earlier that I’d be at Further Confusion in San Jose this weekend.  As it turns out, I lied.  We’re in the midst of a multi-day ice storm in St. Louis and I can’t get out.

My apologies to anyone who was planning to pick up a sketch or signature. (My publisher will still be at Booth 2 in Dealers Room West with lots of books and big, new giclée prints, though.)

Anyway, if you too are dealing with wintry garbage, here’s a baby Maya for thinking warm thoughts.  May the trees stay standing and the electricity stay on.