I think.

I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but the way the sound of her name could silence my demons.

Christopher Poindexter

(Quote taken from a fan edit by @freespriritfly04044, I think, as I want to start collecting them for this pairing… #KyloRey)



I shall try to explain their personalities now. Imnotgoodatthisimsorry.

>Is the gentle giant in the cast. He is the sweetest and kindest here. He is also very fond of children. He is a sensitive fellow and tends to burst in tears when made fun of. Most reasons why you may find him drowning in his tears is when he has been insulted, bullied or his puns got him hit by some pun-hating fellow. When he starts crying, it may take hours for him to stop, faster way of calming the big baby is by having him near children to play with him (if there are no children present, find the nearest child looking fellow–which is usually Chica) or have him listen to lullabies.
Other things about him:
-Likes puns
-Cannot handle spicy food (welp if they can eat that is.)
-Horror Films are a big no no.
-Voice is +++++

>Is obviously the music man in the group. Contrary to his appearance, he likes all genres of music. Just as long as he feels the passion in it. Aside from being the music man, he is the most sarcastic little piece of metal you’ll meet here. He can be nice when he’s in the mood, but usually he’s not. He also has the attention span of a gold fish. He is very fascinated with insects and squirrels (I dunno why too) and will immediately go and observe one when he feels that one is close by. This is the main reason why he has eye bags, he often forgets the time and day whenever he starts observing. He is interested in the small chicken and tends to bully Freddy for clinging on to her most of the time.
-Can play any instrument
-Slow claps
-Trivia Books
-Voice is +++

>The sanest one in the crew(?). She always ends up having to take care and look after the crew when things get weird (which is all the time). Tends to nag them after the chaos then sleeps like a log after. She has earned the nickname “Momachi” (Mommy Chica) for acting like a doting, nagging and worried momma all the time. Do not ignore her, for doing so will usually get her depressed. She can be proper and nice when needed to be. Is used to being made fun off for being small, so try something else hun.
-Cooks real good
-Fast Sleeper
-Stress Eating
-She might be Italian???
-Voice is ++++

>He’s just there. You’ll find him cooped up in his curtain, sleeping or trying to fix himself. Will jump at any given moment to go and tell people about his wonderful youth. He tends to act like an old man albeit just being 40. Is he mature? Yup, gullible? Absolutely. Because of his gullible nature, GFreddy always has a prank ready for him. His favorite past time is running and playing pirate in the bathtub. If you are in need of advice, find him.
-Penmanship is ++++++++++
-Walking stick
-Might be Scottish???? KILTS!
-Voice is +++

Golden Freddy
>Is a ghost? I, myself, am not sure. Never seen without her feathery fan (or any kind). Will hit you with her fan. Takes pleasure in bullying and pranking others (favorites are Foxy and Freddy). Uses pretty old pranks. Is pretty old fashioned and dislikes modern music. Will lie about her age. Albeit her sassy and cool front, she is actually a loser. She snorts when she laughs, is clumsy, does old dance moves like no ones watching and likes to knit sweaters.
-Passes through walls
-American?? British??
-Voice is +++++