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Have you ever read "Warriors" by Erin Hunter? If not, what are your thoughts about it?

ahh yeahh I read some of the books some years ago out of curiosity! the first series and half of the second were nice, not particularly well written imo and you can see the plot twists coming from miles away but still endearing in a way like reading a book from your childhood could be, same for the characters ;v;

but after then I think the story and writing just got sorta dull and very repetitive, and the characters less likeable so I had to stop;;


Olicity Meme: favorite quote [18]
“You’re the man that I….”

The Princess Plan (Cinderella AU Pt. 9)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,029

Warnings: Copious amounts of fluff

Summary: Well the title kinda says it all but you’ll all find out soon enough ;) I just really want to thank the lovely jensennjared for helping me out when I got stuck!!! You’re the best darling!!! :*

Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5  Pt.6  Pt.7 Pt.8

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Dorian leaving notes for Cullen around Skyhold for him to find when he's off with the Inquisitor?

Sorry this took so long! <3


Cullen squinted against the faint guttering of the candles as he raised the next report up to his face. He sighed and it turned into a yawn that tore through him, forcing a frown. 

The hand was crisp, clean, imperious; the parchment heavy and rich, stamped with an intricate wax motif. A noble’s hand and definitely a noble’s seal. He groaned. Another ridiculous request, likely for influence or someone’s hand to agree on an alliance. Clearly one for Josephine, delivered by mistake. He skimmed it despite himself. 


Definitely NOT one for Josephine then. 

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I hate being around cute girls because I’m so gay and I just wanna grab them by their cute faces and kiss them but you just cant do that to any girl and all the cute girls I’m around are never gay too

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inuyasha was super awesome but now I'm sad. Do you have any other anime recommendations that are like inuyasha? Or at least have epic sword fights? Btw, love the blog.

Tbh I think Inuyasha as a little something that I never really found in any other anime but still, if you want an anime that has a good mix of every genre (action, adventure, drama, comedy, etc.) I think you would like the other big shonen anime! I’m talking about Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin (this one is set in feudal japan too!), Hunter x Hunter and Yuyu Hakusho for example. If you want epic battles you’ll like those anime for sure!

Also, I’m sure you would love anything else by Rumiko Takahashi, like Kyoukai No Rinne, Urusei Yatsura and Ranma ½. Some tropes come back really often in her works and her characters are often very similar. 

Oh and I also want to add Kamisama Kiss and Noragami because these are both similar to Inuyasha in some ways!

Pinpoint - equestrianstatue - due South [Archive of Our Own]
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So if you’d asked me at any point over the last couple of years “when you finally finish and post any kind of Due South fic what do you think it will be?” I’m pretty sure the answer would not have been “Fraser and Vecchio gen!!!!” but that is, apparently, what I have done. I did this for johnnyvod who described their phone call at the beginning of season three as “the worst two minutes of my life”.

Fraser & Vecchio (or F/V if you want it to be)

Post-season two AU. Fraser calls Vecchio from his vacation.

“Ray,” he says, and I stop talking, because suddenly that’s not the Mountie voice at all. He sounds real upset, just for a moment, and don’t ask me how I get that from only my name, but I do. “If I’m not on that flight next week, I don’t want you to be unhappy. That’s why I’m calling. I’m sorry for the inconvenience it might cause. As your friend, I wanted to let you know.”

“Okay,” I say, slowly. The pen’s back in my hand, jabbing dots of ink onto the pad of paper. “You sure everything’s good there, Benny? Nothing you want to tell me?”

“I want to tell you this. I want to tell you that I might not be on that flight.”

I breathe out through my mouth, frustrated. “Sure. Consider me told.”

Even if you are not particularly interested in reading this I’d like you to know that I printed it up as a sort of weird fanzine for her with poor-quality promo pictures and intensely 90s WordArt. Unfortunately I don’t have a colour printer and I did not want to print this at work so I had to get it done at a print shop which I can now never go back to.

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Started off as basically no one but evolved into a beautiful bad ass female

this is so hard if you guys don’t include fandom like this could be literally anyone lol

umm… hayden??

badly describe a character and i’ll guess who it is!

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I have this HC that I'm not sure if it's allowed, okay? Isaac and Erica used to ship Sterek and update each other if the other wasn't there. After Erica died, Isaac almost cries every time Sterek has a moment because she's not there to see it! :'(

Stop yourself the moment you justify an abuser’s behaviour with, “but at least they don’t hit me,” or “but they’ve done it less lately,” or “it could be so much worse.”

The moment you think that, they’re in your head. They’ve gotten you to accept that abuse is the baseline for how life should be.

Reject that urge to justify your own abuse. This is not how life should be. You deserve respect.

i really hate the fact that defending trans women is considered controversial. even on this website, the only amount of support i really see from a majority of cis people is faux positivity posted alongside pictures of laverne cox and caitlyn jenner, and whenever something happens to us they try pulling the “we’ve cared all along” bullshit.

society hates trans women, terfs are free to express their bigoted opinions against us, and some people even try to profit off of our deaths. ive seen us being called “wolves in sheeps’ clothing”, being harassed to out our own genitalia, and people even consider us subhuman.

trans women get so much hate and violence that the fact that people will not defend us against terfs and others who wish us harm makes my physically ill.

A program with food as its focus is a natural fit for the health-conscious Toews. He grew up trying to drink milk until he found out he was lactose-intolerant. After his first season in the NHL, he found he was so out of gas in-between games he was spending most of his time lying on the couch. He was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and needed sleeping pills to sleep.
—  Jonathan Toews has a reason for wanting to eat healthy

ok can i just say if you’re sending nudes and you’re underage please stop. i understand if you’re in a relationship and want to send pictures of yourself, but you need to be careful of who you trust. sending nudes if you’re legal won’t be that big of a deal, but if you’re still a minor, please don’t do it, it is considered child pornography and you can get in serious trouble if your pictures are leaked. someone i know who is only 15 has had their nudes and pictures posted on a child pornography website all because of the fact that the guy she sent them to shared it with everyone he knew. please, think before you send