I think this looks much cooler

"...watching you be in that much rage and pain is really scary."

ok like i can’t tell u how many times i’ve looked at danny phantom and thought “wow such a good premise! so much potential!!”

but then i actually watch an episode and think “oh, too bad this is a butch hartman show and the furthest nickelodeon will go is saying the word, ‘boobs’”

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For lacefedora

She asked me to draw her as a Dwarrowdam *jazz hands* And try did I,

(I would like to point out the two piercings on her face. The lip ring–denoting a singer–is the headcanon of determamfidd. Her headcanons are and she’s even cooler. The septril piercing above that denotes an artist. Annnd now you know!)

Lace also asked me to come up with a Dark-name for her. After much deliberation and hair-pulling, I decided upon:

Rathkhukhazâd (“Hand of the Dwarves”)

Now to explain. For one, I love your art. Not just for the look itself, but for the fact that you work on it so constantly. Not to mention I know you’ve created other stuff that I probably don’t even know about. What I’m trying to say is you have that Dwarrow-like urge to make and enjoy works of your own hand, and I respect that.

*hugs* Hope you like it!

jahmocha asked:

I think Rainbow Quartz's official design is a little disappointing, but the way you draw her makes her look SO much cooler! Love it!

tbh….. i felt there was a lot left to be desired but to be fair remember that that fusion comes from an earlier version of Pearl’s regeneration so if Rose and Pearl became Rainbow Quartz recently, like right before steven was born, it would probably look cooler

I think Fiona’s opening was cooler

Jack or Fiona. 

I generally feel no matter what you choose, you’ll miss out on golden moments, Telltale was not kidding about the choices being between awesome and more awesome! 

But I liked the Trust Fiona beginning waaay better then Jack shooting up the place. This surprised me, considering Jacks take over of the Drones looked a lot cooler in hindsight than Fiona’s flash grenade. But the girl really got to show off her skills. Fiona has shown to be a more natural leader for the group, and those hints have finally paid off. Unlike poor Rhys who, much in a TPS Jack like fashion, tries to awkwardly do and say things he ‘thinks’ he should rather then actually knowing what to do half the time. Not to say he’s useless, just out of his dept by a good couple of miles.

So when Vallory asked if Fi was in charge of our little band of underdogs, I was more then happy to answer yes. 

The banter between Rhys and Fiona was great. The two haven’t had any real alone time together, and if you choose the Trust Jack opening, they STILL don’t get much of a one on one interaction like Sasha and Rhys do. (well not including them in the present time of course)

My fav choice during the rescue mission was Rhys telling Fi to toss her hat to make the turrets shoot each other, and the girl being all clingy about it. She sounded so sad, then adorably happy when the plan worked. 


Fiona saving Rhys from a controlled Loader-bot was also insanely awesome.

Also this choice lead to Vaughn being paralyzed which was, the funniest thing in the whole damn episode for me. Oh sweet jesus I couldn’t stop laughing poor Vaughn.

It’s just a shame you don’t get that sweet heart to heart with the short accountant if you pick Fiona. I think that’s the only reason I lean more towards Trusting Jack in my main game. That and the hilariously uncomfortable mind screw that is Handsome Rhys.

anonymous asked:

Wait, how does one acknowledge the existence of Yahweh without worship, since the penalties for not worshiping Yahweh, should he exist, is eternal hellfire damnation?

Well, there are a few ways to look at that.

One is that those rules perhaps don’t apply to non-worshipers. I personally don’t think that religious rules apply to people who are not of that religion. Some may disagree with that.

Two is that maybe the modern interpretation of the religion isn’t necessarily accurate. As a lot of people like to say- canon Jesus is cooler than fandom Jesus. Figuring out how much of what is in a religion is actually accurate can be challenging, esp given that things can change drastically throughout history.  Again, some people may disagree with this.

At the end of the day, I’m one of the worst people to ask about this because I know nothing about Christianity or any of its subsequent branches. Suffice to say, I know a lot of people that acknowledge that the deity/ies of the Judaic religions exist and don’t seem to be concerned about hellfire. I personally do believe that there has to be some kind of entity/ies looking over these religions, and I feel it would be disrespectful to imply that Christians are worshiping a false god or no god (though I sometimes wonder if they’re worshiping a missing god, ngl). The finer details of hellfire are something I personally don’t worry about. But again, that’s probably because I know fuckall about the religion and have never given any fucks about afterlife scenarios in general. 

Stuff. Things. Not really my division. But that’s the best I’ve got.

iceborn-wanderer asked:

How hot and sweaty do you think it is for Shen or Zed to be put in stuff? Or Leona? Like even if it isn't real armor, costumes like those look like they would cook someone inside the costume. xD

((YO. OKAY. I COSPLAY. And I can tell you for a fact that fucking costume armor is HELLA hot and HELLA heavy. Everyone who wears that much armor (Shen probably not AS much) is probably bum rushing the water bottle coolers at every break. ))

andtheworldmoveson asked:

I had a feeling that they would try to pair Callie & AJ together when he was first introduced, but at the end of the episode I was literally shouting at my screen NOOO!!!! Like I thought Brallie was adorable and I'm okay with them not being together, but WHY does she need a love interest?... And I don't need anything taking screen time away from Jonnor ;)

I know! I was expecting some sort of connection, but I wasn’t expecting that! And right after she tells Cole she’s not looking for a boyfriend…then she gives that smile at his comment? I would much prefer if they developed their relationship as a really strong bromance, and I think that would be much cooler with their dynamic and in the long run. I mean if things don’t work out, how awkward. Then we got Callie avoiding 2 foster brothers in the home. Jonnor was so cute this episode! I really liked how they resolved things with them this episode, delved into Connor’s insecurities, and had Jude’s talk with Cole. This episode would have been perfection if they’d just left out that final comment f. Aj about jealousy. How subtle! /:

When I was taking a really hot shower I got tired of standing and sat down. The water felt cooler so I turned the temperature all the way up and leaned in. My feet, legs, stomach, everything turned red because the temperature was so hot but moving seemed so hard now that i was already down. After a few more minutes I felt lightheaded because there was so much water vapor and not enough air. Standing up without any support while struggling to breathe seemed to be the hardest thing at that moment, but looking back it seems so simple.
Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to overcome when you can’t think straight.

Fc verts are literally so much more interesting to look at because the composition of the rear. Rectangle rear with rectangle lights, that makes sense. That screams 80’s.

Hatches seem to be the confused brother who didn’t know what they wanted. Sloped rear with a flat back but round enough to seem ahead of time. Idk I like hatches but verts are cooler. I think they always will be cooler in my book, Dylan bias aside.

Idk hatches just ain’t really that great. Like ive seen an inverted hatch FC but it was so botched and lame

I’d like to think that if Equestria girls didnt use their pelt colours as skin colour, zebras would look much cooler, especially if their stripes are replaced with birthmark patches


You want to take a selfie, but it’s so awkward to hold up your phone and smile as everyone else watches on. You feel self-conscious, right? You wonder, “Will people think I’m vain? Do I look like a total moron taking this selfie? Do I come across as one of those people who takes selfies in public?” And if there’s a selfie stick involved? Let’s not even get started…

What if there was a cooler, more discreet way to take a selfie? 

Introducing: Selfie Hawk, a hypothetical (and probably completely impractical but who cares) concept that could just disrupt the way we take selfies while letting you preserve your dignity. If anything, it’ll make you look cooler, because HAWKS!

Monday, June 22, 7:00 PM

Not a whole lot to report today. The doctors on duty threatened us with expulsion to the step-down unit (don’t throw us in the briar patch!), but the cooler heads elected to leave her here until the final pheresis treatment tomorrow. She feels much better, especially since they found the right dose of oxycodene to control her pain and she walked multiple laps around the ICU with ease. She is off everything but the immunosuppressant drugs and antibiotics, is handling the nourishment with no problem, and her blood pressure and heart rate look like a super fit thirty year old. When it comes to her breathing, well, she has forgotten that she ever had a problem. I am constantly amazed to think that the pulmonary hypertension she battled for over 25 years simply vanished with her old lungs! Tomorrow will be the next big step as she really begins to work out and get educated on the care and feeding of her new body.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the visit from the psychologist who wanted to discuss stress management. Do those guys get training on how to talk like they are totally spaced out on pot, or something stronger? Anyway, thanks for the visit!

We are really looking forward to getting out of the hospital and seeing all of you very soon. We can see the brass ring at the end of this tunnel and are getting very excited about being “normal” again.

Love all of you,


Hahah, the worst photo editing ever! I swear, once its actually a cosplay instead of me doodleing over a picture of my cosplay, it will look much cooler. I honestly don’t know why im shoving this on the internet… oh well. Anyway Since my grand high immortan cosplay is still in the concept stage of development (or at least the immortan part, the ghb part is alredy done, as you can see) im not entirely sure how to mesh the two characters outfits together, but i like this setup the most so far. Hopefully i will get this done before nebcon. Hmm. Despite the fact that im puting this on here mostly for myself, im still gonna tag it i think.

ashtonirwunofficial asked:

i think i actually ship you with luke like i think he'd be in constant adoration of you because "you're so much cooler than me how do you do it" and y'all would go to so many concerts together and yall would look so hot together in paparazzi pictures before award shows and all that and i feel like ashton would occasionally tease you in front of luke like "you know she liked me first!!" and luke would be like "hEY we don't talk about that. she likes me i think. do you maddie?" and itd be cute tbh


ok u and ashton pls bc like i feel loke he would always take you on advetures in the woods or like you two would travel and explore different countries and hed love to take pics of u like exploring and hed love how calm it is being with you


HDB - Have to Do Better

In just my few short weeks of being here in Singapore, I have noticed that the administration of this impressive city-state is highly shrewd. Since inheriting its independence from Malaysia in 1965 (SG50!), Singapore and its governing body, the People’s Action Party (PAP), has done a remarkable job of ensuring efficiency, stability, and a sustained way of life so that Singaporeans don’t feel less than or othered because of their small size and limited supplies. Of course this has required some hefty hard work on the hands of Singaporeans, but if you look around their country today, I think you can deduce for yourself that their hard work has paid and continues to pay off:

On the other hand, Bombay, later named Mumbai (Bombay is much cooler in my opinion), is India’s most modern city. In Joseph Gugler’s article, World Cities Beyond West: Globalization, Development, and Inequality, he describes Bombay as, “the first Indian town to experience economic, technological, and social changes associated with the growth of capitalism in India.” But as you can imagine, capitalism has major negative effects on the poor. One exemplary case of this is in Bombay’s housing. There is a vast difference between Bombay and Singapore’s housing system, yet it is interesting to compare because while Bombay is so big and resourceful and Singapore so small and limited, Singapore seems to have mastered secured housing for its citizens.

Poverty, space, and deprivation: 

When I read that “more than half of the city (of Mumbai)’s population does not have legal tenure of the land they occupy and [that] in 971, the slum population was estimated at 1.25 million,” my heart sunk. It’s disheartening to know that while I am enjoying a beautiful two-acre home in a nice suburban, people halfway across the world are struggling to acquire sanitary water and are forced to live in overcrowded, cramped quarters that are not suitable to live in. Not only did this infiltrate inequities of land and housing across caste systems, it also perpetuates diseases and wreaked severe havoc on the formation of the family as a whole. Why? Because housing is not affordable to everyone due to their caste system classifications. It’s sad because Mumbai makes suitable housing a luxury while Singapore, though a crowded nation, shows that regardless of your socioeconomic status, you deserve a satisfactory place of residence. 

HDB to the rescue: 

In the early days of Singapore, it is recorded that Singaporeans were living in similar quarters to the ones in Mumbai that I’ve previously described. Taking note of this, the administration of the city state decided to alleviate this atrocity through the establishment of flats by the Housing and Development Board (HDB; now you see where I got the title of this post from). Flats are housing quarters vertically built for the purpose of sustainably housing citizens of Singapore. Of course, there are privately owned flats for those who are more wealthy and can afford them, but the flats governed by the HDB are affordable and sustainable. This way, Singaporeans do not have to fear the slums Mumbai’s citizens reside in.

In the case of flats versus slums, Mumbai, you HDB - Have to Do Better. It is not okay for your citizens to fear their own residences and to not feel secure at the place they call home all because of their class. Singapore has secured a method of housing its citizens sustainably that is cost effective and resourceful to its country so adopting its method of ensured housing in Bombay is very essential as well.

A video of the slums of Bombay. It’s incredibly sad. Please watch at your discretion.

i’m sorry but i was so disappointed in taylor swift’s bad blood video

like first off lena dunham is disgusting and taylor supporting her is so gross holy shit

second off i mean it was decent don’t get me wrong but damn all the gifsets made it look so much cooler than it was. it just felt like it had very little substance and i could see the story she was trying to convey a little bit but it was just her being betrayed by babyface gomez for something? and then she dies i think and gets put back together and there’s just a bunch of name puns and references to different movies and stuff while women tbh don’t really do much except show off their rather ridiculous weapons. and then they meet babyface gomez and there are explosions but all they do is slap each other and it’s over? like it felt like there was just so much build up for nothing and it really left me wanting more.

like don’t get me wrong, i like the song and i like taylor (especially fucking wildest dreams holy shit i can’t stop listening) but damn tumblr made that video seem way cooler than it ended up being.

and like i said lena dunham is scum and i am just so disappointed that taylor swift supports her after everything she’s done.

whimsyandmayhem asked:

Whatever the last four are :]

61. Do you often read your horoscope?
I like reading it on the zodiac posts! I used to read it regularly but then I deleted the app. I think it’s fun to look at. Mostly I get annoyed with people who get annoyed with people who like horoscope stuff. Chill out, bro, you must be fun at parties.

62. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
I was going to pick one and then I thought the other letters might feel bad :c. I guess I like how R looks.

63. Which is cooler: dinosaurs or dragons?

64. What do you think about babies?
I really do not want babies. I have like zero maternal instincts and having a million much younger siblings did nothing to help that. I really don’t find them cute in most cases, and they’re sticky and the sound of babies crying makes me want to die. I literally did not realize for 20 years that some people hear babies crying and it makes them sad because they want the baby not to be upset? Like I always just thought it was annoying. Having a baby just also seems SO limiting and I would never want to tie myself down like that, I have no interest in having a baby or having that responsibility bc I am selfish and want to live my own life.

That being said I’m not the kind of person to be like EW BABIES *FUCK* THAT bc they’re babies and I don’t understand people who hurt children or are mean to children because that is sad :c. They’re just not for me.

Also the very last question was a choose your own one, so I skipped that one!