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You gotta stop lying to us. We can tell you’re lying to us. Stop telling me, “Well… someone one day will think that crooked nose is just cute as a button,” I don’t want to hear that. I don’t want to hear the only thing that you can reassure me with is based on what I look like.

Stay beautiful. Stay beautiful. Staying beautiful is why I’ve got shaky hands and no metabolism. Staying beautiful is why I keep crying myself to sleep. Staying beautiful to me meant staying empty. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of people who’ve never seen me telling me, “Don’t worry, you’re somebody’s wet dream.” I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be beautiful. I don’t want to be pretty.

Stop telling girls they’ve just got to love themselves because “Everybody is beautiful.” You say the word “beautiful” and we think of magazines. Beauty exists in each person but it’s not because you’ll eventually stumble across someone who finds you attractive. Love your body because it’s flawed, love yourself for your heart. Beauty exists in you, I promise.

It’s because when you breathe in, sweetheart, you’re swallowing four million words you could have said but when you exhale, you choose the ones that are kindest. It’s because you’ve got sharp teeth and round hips and a good grasp on video games. You’re beautiful because they’ve knocked you to your knees and you keep wiping the blood out of the corners of your mouth and getting right back to your feet. You’re beautiful because they told you that you couldn’t succeed so you strapped yourself into the fastest car you could find and told them to fuck off, that you were running away to somewhere their venom couldn’t pierce through your fingertips - you’re beautiful because you’ve got stories stacked up your spinal column, not because some dude one day is going to say, “Huh, I’d fuck her.”

Stop preaching the same few words to us. Stop saying, “You’re beautiful,” because yes she is but she’s only going to hear, “I’m only saying this because I feel bad and I have nothing else to say.” Stop talking down to us. Instead start giving out compliments that mean something. Tell me I dress like I’m a queen. Tell her that you’re more than willing to punch somebody who asks, “But weren’t you born a boy,” tell her that you are willing to protect her. Tell her you’re happy she’s alive, not that you’re happy about how she looks.

Baby girl, look down to your hands, because these are the bones that will build and break nations - stay strong, stay wild, stay free, but don’t stay beautiful. Get ugly. Get hair in your mouth and sand in your eyes. Bite the people who hurt you, draw blood. Have sex in public restrooms, laugh about it, keep notches in your belt. Kiss the girl in your class with blue eyes you can’t stop staring at, get her lip gloss all over your collarbones. Skin your palms. Moan loudly. Stop getting quiet when obnoxious people interrupt you, talk over them, talk while staring them down, show them you don’t give a shit whether or not they like what you’re saying, you’re going to finish it. If somebody calls you a bitch, wink. Be ugly. Stop tearing your sandwiches apart under the table so you can eat like a fairy. Stop trying to be dainty. Cut your hair. Pierce everything you want, tattoo the rest, roll your eyes at your parents. Don’t hide your hurt, wear it, stop thinking you’re going to inconvenience everybody. Take back this world you gave up. Make it yours. Don’t go down without screaming.

You don’t need to be beautiful. You are not somebody’s art piece. Baby girl, look down to your hands.

What’s important is that you can do anything. You have so much potential and that’s what makes you important. You are so much more than your cheekbones or the width of your thighs.

What’s beautiful is that you can make anything happen. Stop being beautiful. Get ugly.

Go be alive.

—  Be alive, be glorious, be good at sex. Be so much more than just plain “beautiful.” /// r.i.d | inkskinned
Day Eighteen

-A woman approached the counter with a three-pack of baby wipes in her hands. She proceeded to open the three pack in front of me, place the three individual packs on the conveyor belt, and hand me the packaging, telling me that it was for the three packs of wipes. I had gathered that much. What I still could not determine was her goal here.

-I asked a man if he had found everything alright, to which he bellowed, “yeaaaaaah buddy.” I genuinely admire his enthusiasm for picture frames and decorative pumpkins.

-Mid-conversation with a woman I was ringing up, I looked down. When I looked back up, she was gone. Thankfully she had just stepped away to get a drink from the cooler. I was worried that she had been a ghost all along, which would have been a problem for me, as I do not think ghosts have the ability to carry wallets.

-I handed a mother a second sticker for her daughter. The mother told the daughter, “You can give this one to your sister!” The daughter told the mother, “I can give this one to me!” and proceeded to slam it on her shirt before she could be stopped. This is a hero who knows what they want and will not let anything get in their way.

-I heard a little girl shouting, “I hate this! I hate this!” As I heard her approach, I expected to see a child mid-fit. Instead, I saw a child thrilled with the concept of despising the world around her. At least she is happy with it.

-A girl was ecstatic that her mother agreed to buy her Tic Tacs. To make her day even better, I handed her the Tic Tacs outside of a bag, with a sticker hidden under it. She shouted “Tic Tacs!” and looked as happy as she could possibly be. Thirty seconds later, she discovered the sticker, and started babbling gleefully about having a sticker. This was the single purest, most unadulterated happiness I have ever witnessed, and I think my purpose in life was to bring about this moment.

-My manager brought me a Cadbury Egg Frappuccino. I do not know to whom he sold his soul, but no mere mortal should be able to put anything they desire so perfectly into frappuccino form.

-I talked with a man about the legal drinking age and why it is what it is. This was a good conversation. He then told me how Hillary Clinton looked like a specific blow-up sex doll. This was a finished conversation. 

-This job is officially turning me into a coffee person. At first I was disgusted with myself, but now I see a whole new world of opportunities before me. After a single grande salted caramel mocha frappuccino, I found that I had the ability to run the entire store single-handedly, run a marathon, hack the NSA, and register to vote for a candidate who is not a white supremacist. The possibilities are endless now.


I’m a nerd; Kurt’s much cooler than me. // He’s very, very different from me and I think that really disappoints a lot of people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met people like on the street and after like a minute of talking with them they realize he’s not real. // Honestly the biggest similarity is that we look alike. I’m not fashionable, and he stops traffic with what he wears - not in a good way.

Girl Inkling, Splatoon

Felt like drawing something Nintendo related. This time with yellow. Haven’t played with the new colour much, so might as well.

I think girl inklings look cool but the boy inklings have cooler gear. I’ve not played this game yet. Perhaps one day when I have the money and time for it? Took some liberty in changing/simplifying the design a little. Also added a skull hairpin for fun.


The Eleventh Tribute  → reasons why you love him so much

Thank you Matt Smith, thank you for being so brilliant and fantastic. Thank you for the adventures and for the memories. Bowties and fezzes have never been cooler. You will never be forgotten, and you will always be my Doctor. 

We all change when you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives and that okay. You gotta keep moving so long as you remember all the people that you used to be, I will not forgot one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me. “

Summary: Marinette and her classmates are going on a class trip to Germany for a few days to visit the annual Christmas markets there. During the long bus journey, Adrien catches a conversation between Marinette and Alya about a certain cat boy…

Note: Over 200 Followers? Oh. My. God. I don’t even know how I should start to write down how grateful I am for each one of you. Thank you so, so much, guys! Happy first Advent and I hope you like it.

Title: Winterzauber

They had been on this bus for at least two hours now and while Alya kept checking her blog until the internet connection worsened, Marinette stared out of the window; watching the passing trees and cars on the motorway.

“Who do you think is cooler?” Alya suddenly asked her best friend and ripped her out of her daydreams.

“Huh?” Marinette looked confused at the girl with the reddish brown hair, hipster glasses and bright smile.


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Araki has said that he was inspired by Clint Eastwood in Jotaro’s creation, and I think the idea of a taciturn, teenage Clint Eastwood is kind of brilliant. It’s a teenager trying to be cool like Clint Eastwood but not quite pulling it off because all teenagers are dorks. Look at his big YOU ARE EVIL speech to Kakyoin: He beats up people a little too much, he lashes out at teachers, and he doesn’t pay at restaurants when he doesn’t like the food, BUT HE KNOWS TRUE EVIL WHEN HE SEES IT. Jotaro is SUCH A DORK. The ladies above are fooled, because they are teenagers and have terrible taste, but Holly can see right through him. That’s why it never bothers her when Jotaro is in one of his asshole “YOU’RE SUCH A BITCH, MOM, GAWD” moods. He doesn’t mean it. He’s just a dumb teenager trying to be cool and independent without really knowing how to express or live it. Jotaro cares about things; his mom knows it, though lol at Jotaro trying to be COOL AND SERIOUS even when he’s asking his mom if she feels OK.

Also, Jotaro is clearly moe as fuck, because his entire family line is super moe.

—  A perfect summation of Jotaro Kujo, provided by this gent on The Cart Diver.
Summary of Gates Solos Per Album
  • <p><b>Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet:</b> Power ballad paradise<p/>
  • <b>Waking the Fallen:</b> Look Ma, I haz fast fingerz<p/>
  • <b>City of Evil:</b> Whammy bar for basic bitches<p/>
  • <b>Self Titled:</b> My guitar can whistle pitch better than Mariah Carey aka Welcome to Triplet Heaven/Hell<p/>
  • <b>Diamonds in the Rough:</b> Pretty much a little bit of all of the above on an album no one really ever talks about<p/>
  • <b>Nightmare:</b> All of the above but 20% cooler<p/>
  • <b>Hail to the King:</b> I wanna sound like the bands I grew up listening to and end up making someone's dad think we covered Slayer<p/></p>

Story Introduction : Post Apocalyptic Scene Artwork

You can view a 300 percent scaled version of the image here:

Well, the piece still needs some tweaks, but I’ll lay it aside for a while.
I tested a lot of colour variations, but I think that it will stay in brown. For a reason: even if the colour doesn’t match 100% the traditional post apocalyptic theme and in addition, the so far used Sirius colours seem to be much cooler than the warm brown palette, it’s a good contrast to the blue/greyish look. Since I plan to create an “on earth” level, it would be weird to fly on a blue/greyish earth … not to mention that it would be boring to see the same colours all the time. 
But nothing is carved in stone yet.

Even if it took me much longer than expected to create this picture, i look forward to the next story elements.

Speaking of “story”: I had known these things before, but I’m not a good storyteller. I’ll see what happens …

2day at school we had a cyber safety talk nd the speaker was like ‘on the internet you can be a completely different person, you show what you want to show. you can trick people into thinking you are much cooler than you actually are’ and my friends looked right at me i hate them all

I also doodled a bit of what I think Underfell Monster Kid would look like.

He’s like, that edgy kid on the playground who thought he was cool  for listening to hard rock and grunge music he didn’t even really like that much. He looks at Undyne and Papyrus and swears he’s going to be cooler and stronger than them one day, and that he’s too old for “kid things”. He’s got a short fuse, and can huff out fire breath when he’s angry, but only like, a warm puff, like when a gas stove gets turned on at first. He’s not really “mean” though, he just wants people to think he’s cooler than them, and besides being a little rude, he’s harmless, and just kind of wants a friend.


I had a really cool idea for a Giygas-themed smash stage so i decided to make a poorly-done edit of it!

it looks so much cooler in my head i swear ….i was even thinking Pokey could come out in his little machine and KO some fighters (or at least do a big deal of damage) kinda like the ultimate chimera in New Pork City…

i was thinking the stage’s main music could be a remix of Giygas is Wounded! because that would be just really cool to hear tbh

Ruki's interview for 13th anniversary pamphlet

- I would like to know the difference between the current Ruki-san of Ruki-san, who was 13 years ago, and what feelings you experience when you look at the “past” yourself and initially formed the Gazette?

R: I have not really thought about these things, but if we talk about “the past” me, I think that I had such a feature - I have always acted very impulsively, more than now. It is no longer, when I didn’t understand and didn’t think of such things like “What is right, what’s cooler, etc” but I just scooted in a hurry. Of course, I have these thoughts swirling in my head like “What is better, or how can we look cooler” but in fact, in reality everything was not as I had imagined, such cases were very much.  In addition, I think that still there is no a clear concept in the group “let’s make something, or let us choose this or that …”, we just do as we want. If we take age, we are adults already but inside we still are children.

- When in fact you have already crossed the border into adulthood and became adult members of society.

R: Yet nothing has changed. This does not mean that after passing a mandatory ceremony of passage into the world of adulthood, you immediately become an adult. I, too, would seem to have become an adult. But so to speak only to the moment when parents say “do it!” and I do (laughs). Until some time I was blonde. The place where we met, was like a banquet room at a local hotel. Of course, local friends were going also, and all the guys in the style of “Yankees” went to the University… of course I also try to look like them. (hair!) And often heard “Are you still in the band?” (laughs). In addition, the group in which I was once broke up the next day. So I was in a very bad mood. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I don’t conform to society. and I was very offended, and had no desire to reassemble the group.

- When you meet in that place, it felt as if you were from another planet.

R: Quite so. Although, usually I didn’t care about this. But it is now normal, and I have the money already (laughs). But in those days, and the pockets were empty, and the group broke up, and with hair … this feeling like I can not be a blonde (laughs).

- When you have created the Gazette, I think that from the beginning you were convinced that this group is for all of you forever. And now can you say that you were sure 100%?

R: I was sure of it all 1000%! In those days, several groups in which I was falling apart in such a short period of time. And when the last group disbanded, just before entering the path of adulthood, it was just ridiculous. “Failure again !!”. Whether because of this, but I kept telling myself  "Whatever it was, but the next group will be the last in my musical life". In the end, none of my group didn’t stand a year. And also I have always had the desire to perform at live-houses. In such mood I was 8 months.

- I think also it was influenced by the fact that you have not yet fully clarified for yourself, what would you like to do next.

R: Quite so. Those and these times are different, at that time I began to feel that this can not continue like this anymore, I need to be more open in self-expression. Now I have found such band, this means that no matter what happens, we are one, we are one family. But in those days the groups were quite different. You know, it was a definite concept, if you are the first in this genre, you will be able to successfully get ahead. That is to say, there were many bands, which converted themselves in eccentric manner. And therefore, all of them  moved in the same direction. as long as someone came up with any new direction.

- And what goal you set for yourself then?

R: Well … to put it bluntly, I very much wish we were the first band in the genre. At the time, I wanted to become the best band in such things like songs and in all generally (laughs). I was obsessed with it. All around me wanted the same, senpai, for example, also felt such passion. Everyone thought, how do we become cool group. So when someone from the older generation spent on a fantastic performance level, all of us thought about what to do to get round them with our performance. And these things are repeated constantly.

translation japanese-russian  by Gaukhar Almenova
translation russian-english by me

I’m trying to find the words to describe what I feel about this tour but.. I can’t. There’s just so much.
I remember that May 5th, I was going to bed and checking tumblr to see if there had been any news yet, but it was too early. So I woke up the next day and I remember having breakfast looking for pictures or videos. I remember being on the car on my way to school and seeing the light-up bracelets thing. I watched two videos that morning, one of them was of the whole stadium lit up, and I think the other one was of I Knew You Were Trouble. I remember I had my mouth wide open, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I also remember looping a video that had mashed up the MUCH COOLER THAN MINE and the AND WE RUUUUN every day for like two weeks lmao. And being sad “knowing” that I wouldn’t get to go to this tour just like it happened with all of the other tours.
I remember my mom saying “Caro.. I’m considering taking you to the US to see Taylor” and how much I smiled when she said those words but at the same time not getting my hopes up because I still thought it was impossible. I remember looking at the ticket prices of almost every show and trying to buy Pit tickets but not being able to. And then finding good tickets for the Miami show. I recall buying them on June 13th. Having them in my hands. I would see Taylor. I finally could say that.
I remember counting down the days. I remember checking the countdown thing I had in my phone and seeing “280 days” and suddenly it was 20 days. I remember getting on a plane knowing that I was getting closer and closer to my idol, and to my dreams coming true. I remember getting to the hotel and seeing the arena from the window, all lit up. I remember when the trucks arrived -oh my, I was dying of excitement that day. I remember the day coming closer and closer until it was the day. I was finally going to see the woman who had been my idol for more than three years. I remember going to the venue in the morning and seeing some groups of people already and my stomach felt like a rock because I was so nervous and excited. And telling my mother to wear her keds instead of the high heels she wanted to put on because it would be a long long day and we would have to run. And being at the queue of the merch shop trying to find a picture of Emma aka @taylorslistofexlovers aka my internet best friend so my mom could help me find her and suddenly hearing a loud “CARO!!” and feeling someone’s arms around me (side note: I have tears in my eyes as I’m writing this). I remember meeting @miserablemagics and her squad. And finally getting into the venue and realizing it was so huge and I was in the same place as Taylor was which had never happened to me before. And going to the Taylor Nation booth and meeting Tania ( @tanialovestaylor ) and her being so nice to me. And Vance Joy playing and me starting to realize that it was about to start. I remember listening to the songs waiting for Feel so Close to come up at any minute. And talking (even more) to Emma and hugging her every two seconds because I couldn’t believe I was physically with her. I remember when Feel so Close came up -WHAT A MOMENT. I started to dance and I remember screaming to my mother things like “TAYLORS COMING OKAY” and the happiness on my mother’s face because she had always wanted me to see me happy just like in that moment (side note two: in 2013 for my birthday she posted on my facebook wall and she wrote she hoped that all my dreams came true and she specially mentioned going to Taylor’s concert someday). When Taylor came out I didn’t record it. I wanted to fully live the moment. And I did. I danced until the very end of the concert. I had fun, screamed, jumped, danced, sang. I remember her looking at me and smiling during Shake it Off. And I remember forgetting (pretty ironic, huh?) about loft all night and really enjoying the show. I seriously can’t thank Taylor enough for all of these memories I’ll always keep in my heart.
I remember sitting outside the venue and my mother wanting to get me into loft ilegally lol, and me saying “It seems like it just wasn’t meant to be mom, it’s okay. I still had the best night of my life”. And feeling kinda sad but also not being able to stop smiling because it had happened.
I recall being at the airport, with my light-up bracelet on, thinking about what had happened the night before.
Taylor, thanks for inspiring me, for giving me something so special to share with my mother, for being so nice to everyone, for always being there for me even if it’s through music, for following me on here, for making me so happy. I love you so much.
PS if any of you actually took the time to read this I love you and thank you!


Some people wanted to know if there were any new prefabs coming. I forgot I made this luxury cabin and Rick made the variant of it on the right in the second image with the green roof. People also wanted to see before and after of Unity 4 to Unity 5 but we’re not ready for any after shots, but I will show you work in progress.

The first shot was Unity 4 and the other one is where we are right now, which is still upgrading our textures and materials to use the new unity 5 shaders. If you look closely you’ll see the windows are accurately reflecting everything now and even the tone of the flagstone and wood has changed, basically everything soaks up surrounding colors like in real life and stuff reflects upon itself. Since this is just in creative mode there is not much but some other houses and a lot of blue sky, but you get the point. 

I think you guys will like this luxury cabin, it comes with a beer cooler, decent storage and best of all, a forge. So if you are looking for that forge ahead book and can’t find it but stumble into one of these, your all set you can start forging stuff.

Oh and there are many more prefabs than this one. A huge hospital for one :)

Norman Reedus and Jason Paul Michaels while filming “Ride”

Jason Paul Michaels: You learn a lot of things when you’re on the road with someone for months on end. I learned that my pal Norman cares more about the art of something that the production of it, that he loves riding motorcycles (but not ice cream) just as much as I do and that his hair really does naturally look that messy and good, he doesn’t do anything to make it that way. Jerk.

Seriously though, there’s a new show airing on AMC June 12th folks that I had the pleasure of being a part of. It’s called Ride with Norman Reedus and I think you’re gonna dig it.

We (There’s guests way cooler than me too!) visit motorcycle shops, historic destinations, eat some epic food and spend a ton of time with cool people both in and outside of the motorcycle industry. All the while riding awesome motorcycles. Whoo hoo!

Tune in, and check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 💣⚡️🏍
Confederate Motors, Inc. Motus Motorcycles Biltwell Inc. REV'IT! Norman Reedus