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Well, I had my first encounter with a transphobic a few weeks ago. Anyway, this guy was talking to his friend about how non-binary people are just "entitled children who want to feel special, and that tumblr influenced them" This isn't the first time I'd heard something like this, online I hear it everyday, but hearing from an "irl" person really troubled me and made me wonder if I really am just trying to be special and I'm wondering if i am in a phase I have been thinking about this for weeks

sorry you had to deal with that :( cis ppl/transphobes suck :(

its okay if tumblr “influenced” you. we can only learn things by seeing those things. i found out what trans ppl were throug tumblr and then later nb people. thats how i came to id as trans. through tumblr. bc there was literally no where else for me to learn that. it is not a bad thing to see lots of people are a thing and then realize through them that you are that thing too.

even if this is just a phase: when r ppl never not in a phase? everything is a phase. we arent stationary, we are constantly changing and growing and evolving. even if you id differently later down the road, you still id however you do now. ur experience is real and valid, no matter the circumstances, the past or future, or how u came to be. u r experiencing this NOW so it is real and valid 100%

even if u id differently later: it will not invalidate how u id now. the future doesnt invalidate the past. i used to id as pan and no i dont. but i was still pan then. bc that was what i was experiencing, that was how i was iding and it was just my experience. it was real it was valid. the fact that im not pan now doesnt change that i used to be.

nothing can invalidate how u id and wo u are. u r great and absolutely real n valid


[word: patron] [the piper’s son ver.]

It’s what he always seems to be doing—saving us from ourselves. I remember the saints from Raffy’s books in year seven. St. Jude was the patron saint of the impossible—lost and desperate causes. I think he hit the jackpot in that department when he met the Markhams and Schroeders.

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i love how people think that if you do something good you must do this on pro level, like why are you drawing everything from the same angle or sht. its not like its for FUN and if you find this angle comfortable you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT lol. ppl are jealous bc you are only 15 and you are great. god, i hope ppl will understand that artist is also a human, not an alien of some sort. everybody loves your art anyway!

yeah exactly, thank you! yeah i think some people mean well and are just trying to help but yeah ;u;

anyway heres the stage 3 theme from saidaioujou which i feel like was the only song that was relatively hype or memorable in a sea of ????

like. fuck. even the stage 5 theme was boring. i don’t think i saw tlb though but christ this game lives up to the “daioujou” part of its name in that it just looks so fucking boring

i’d normally link to the youtube video directly but the videos picture seems to be from an artbook and it’s two poorly shopped on nipples away from being too lewd. until then, it’s just relatively lewd instead

i cant believe waifus took over donpachi. nothing is sacred


When I was your age, used to dream of having a dragon of my own. Even a stunted, twisted, ugly little boy can look down over the world when he’s seated on a dragon’s back.

(for my dear Veronika ♥)

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What voice do you associate with each of the signs?

I think I know what you mean, but I’m not sure so I’ll try to do this anyway

Aries, Gemini: Somewhat high pitched, loud, you can hear them from a mile away. They tend to have really recognizable voices and they’re always talking. Think of Talk! by The 1975.

Taurus, Libra: Smooth, somewhat low voices. Usually really clear, calming, and pleasant to listen to. They probably have different tones and inflections they use for different people, but its still them.

Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo: The snootiest. They’re practically born with a Yalie accent. Very smart sounding, kinda low, but ultimately still nice to hear.

Cancer, Scorpio, Aqua: Low, deep, and extremely nice to listen to. Can be gruff I guess. I always think of morning voice, but all the time.

Capricorn, Pisces: Can be stern and quiet, but also loud and fun. Low whispers to high pitched yelling about everything who knows. You always wanna talk to them more though.

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what are the last words you heard from the signs

Aries - “you’re so annoying..”
Taurus - “remind Michelle to buy me bagels tommorow”
Gemini - “everyone knows im a hoe anyway” (one of my best friends just texted me this oh my god)
Cancer - “stop bullying me”
Leo - “ur a bad ass bitch” (me to myself because I don’t talk to any other Leos)
Virgo - “you need to do better”
Libra - “can u do my pre-calculus hw for me, make your handwriting really messy so mr. lieberman thinks its me” (I hate my friends..)
Scorpio - “can I borrow a dollar”
Sagittarius - “im sleeping over at ur house tommorow”
Capricorn - I don’t talk to many capricorns… but I’m sure if I do we’ll have poppin conversations about fossils..
Aquarius - “did you know that Snapple facts are actually not facts”
Pisces - “I’m 100% sure that ‘I can’t believe its not butter’ is actually butter how much do u want to bet”

The Thrill Inside All of Us

Happy Travel Tuesday!

Today I want to focus on something different than last week. Since you know who I am I get to skip that part. Now to update, I’m currently sitting in a classroom writing to you in hopes that I will somewhat inspire your travelling passions. I’m a traveler at heart and I long to get away from the place where I currently reside. Summer is 2 months away and this week was our first glance at the sunny weather and its warmth. I got to wear shorts it was insane. Warm weather makes me think of summer. So do shorts.

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“A little different from the style we usually go for but Mun was so happy this blog was well received so we’d like to thank you! Please keep supporting us! See you next illusion~!”

C: I’m a junior in high school, and this whole situation with the mistreatment of blacks is so close to my heart that it’s ridiculous. Today I wore a sign on my back that said “ It’s depressing to recognize the opression that my ppl face and know that there isn’t much we can do to stop those who abuse their authority. -(then I put my name bc its my quote)” and I got support from a lot of students and teachers of different races, all except two ppl who tried to argue with me about it. One was our librarian and another was this boy in my class. I live in racist ol Georgia. Anyways, I was on a natural high all day, until I came home and my grandma was upset that i did that & i think it’s because she was raised during the time when segregation was legal and think that it’s repulsive for me to use my voice. It really did hurt my feelings, but I vow to protest in this manner at school everyday until the end of the school term to raise awareness.

Convincing You

ilyharryhmu​ asked:  “ong can you make a blurb where harry comes home drunk after going to the bar with his friends and tries to corner you and sex you but he just falls on his face?(x ((I just totally feel like this is something harry would do))
Author’s Note: this is pretty short, but i think its pretty cute still. please tell me what you think :) xox
Warnings: Mentions of Alcohol/Partying & stripping yay

- - - -

“Hii, baby,” he mumbled, his breath hitting your face with his proximity. He had a palm on each arm of the recliner you were sat in and his shirt hung inches from his body as he bent over before you.

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I was thinking about a concept for a SU episode where Ruby and Sapphire split from being Garnet in some accident or something but instead of re-fusing they get into an argument over something and this big fallout happens and Pearl takes Sapphire’s side and Amethyst takes Ruby’s side and both different sides fuse and this big battle happens between Pearl/Sapphire fusion and Amethyst/Ruby fusion and then Stevonnie saves the day but yeah idk, I just love the concept of fusions so I wanna see as many combinations as possible 

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Do you think Anders really thought the only good thing about him was his looks? And that everything else no one could possibly like...?

Well, it wasn’t quite just his looks. I think his charm and humour and flirtiness were also things that he considered to be ‘likable’ about himself.

But then again, I firmly believe that ‘fun and flirty’ personality to mostly have been a front for his fear, anger, and need for affection, as well as to help bury all of his past trauma. Yes, a bit of it is definitely him, but he’s exaggerating the ‘fun’ part of him to cover up all the other parts, the parts he doesn’t think others would like because he doesn’t like them. So pretty much everything he thought people would like about him were surface attributes; his appearance, and this persona he’d crafted for the purpose of protecting himself both from others and his part. Because if people didn’t like him, bad things would happen to him, plus his general need for attention/affection didn’t help.

And he loses that part, a lot of it, when he merges with Justice, because Justice isn’t one for covering things up or deflecting the ones that hit deeper than they were intended to. Justice can’t lie, not to others or himself, and I think that bleeds into Anders as well. His humour’s still there, of course it is, but he can’t just avoid everything with a joke or a well timed flirt or anything of the like. He can’t cover it up anymore because Justice can’t, and Anders ends up being forced to be more honest about all of it. Both to himself and others.

So he loses that. The flirts and jokes remain a part of his personality, but he can’t use them as a shield anymore. Those emotions he tried so hard to repress, so hard to pretend weren’t there can’t be denied any longer. And this anger, this fear, this need are all things he believes will drive others away as they’re the things he doesn’t like about himself. Because why would anyone want to put up with all the ‘ugliness [he’s] going to bring into [their] life’ (line from Legacy)?

So with all of this now on display, those parts of himself he liked no longer at the forefront but just as a normal part of him, all he had left was his looks. Which he eventually stops paying attention to as well, because it’s not important and looks alone aren’t enough anyways. The time he would spend on his vanity isn’t worth it considering he could spend that time on more important things, such as helping people. So then he didn’t think he had anything left.

Because he doesn’t see the good in himself. He doesn’t see how kind and selfless he is, helping those who most need it for free. He doesn’t see his passion, considering it to be an obsession, always afraid that he’s wrong, that it isn’t justified and that he’s just out of his mind (because he definitely has been gaslighted before). He doesn’t see how funny and charming he still is, because he’s comparing it to before when that was all he allowed people to see of him.

All Anders has ever been liked for, his humour, his body, etc., were surface things, put into place for good reason. Now, in his mind, it’s all gone. So he honestly can’t understand why anyone would find him likable at all. Because the few things he did like about himself are gone, and the things he’d spent so long trying to hide are now more of him than he would like. 

He doesn’t believe anyone would want what he really is. No one wants someone who wakes in the night, screaming, because of nightmares and bad memories. No one wants someone who clings so desperately for any kind of affection, because he’s been deprived of it for so long. No one wants someone who’s working for a doomed cause, who believes in something the world does not and is dangerous simply for wanting change.

That’s what he believes he is, and nothing more. All that good? He doesn’t see it. He only sees the bad, the things he tried so hard to hide with his looks and charm. And those, yeah, he basically did consider to be his only redeeming qualities.

And I believe that, because once he loses those, he believes himself to be entirely irredeemable and undeserving of even the simplest kindnesses, since he believes there is nothing worth liking about himself anymore.

Request: Any Excuse To Escape Chemistry

Request: ITS WEDNESDAY! OK I’m in chem rn, and I was wondering if u could write one where reader gets called down to the office in the middle of school to go on a hunt with TFW, and reader defeats said monster with a chem text book? (They r actually heavy)

Word Count: 1,341

Oh, how I loathe chemistry. Since I’ve gotten this request, I’ve sat through 90% of chem lessons thinking ‘damn, if only Sam and Dean would whisk me away from this hellhole’. Anyway, I hope you like it, thanks!<33

“So,” Your teacher drones on, and on, and on, “If you want to find the Empirical Ratio, you have to…”

You’re almost asleep. The classroom is majorly overheated by the sultry summer and lack of open windows, and there is nothing as boring as your chemistry teacher, who never seems to shut up. The blinds are down, leaving the room half-dark, and you absentmindedly watch as dust particles float through a pillar of light, left by the crack of golden light at the side of the window.

After a few minutes, there’s a sharp knock on the door, and the headteacher enters. This silences your chemistry teacher, and the whole class sighs with relief at this brief reprieve.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” He looks out over the class, his eyes landing on you, “You’re wanted in the office. Bring your bags and equipment.”

You nod obediently, shoving your work back in your bag and haul it onto your shoulder. You grab the textbook that lies open on your desk, and shoot a smile at your friend.

“See you later.” She mouths, and you nod.

She doesn’t know much about your extra-curricular activities – she knows that you’re part of a family business that you can’t say much about, but that’s all. You follow the teacher out of the classroom and down the corridor. He pauses outside the office, regarding you sternly.

You’ve only been at the school for a month, and he’s somewhat suspicious that a new pupil would have such important visitors so soon.

“Y/N, these visitors are here to see you, because they need your help. I’m sure you must already know this, but you must be entirely honest with them. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Go on in.”

You adjust the book, which lies in the crook of your arm. It’s heavy and uncomfortable, like carrying three bricks at once. You use your other hand to let yourself into the room, only to see Sam and Dean sat on the awkwardly close-to-the-floor chairs, wearing their FBI suits.

“Miss Y/L/N,” Dean stands up, coming forward to shake your hand, “Thank you for meeting with us.”

You’re both all too aware that the headteacher (whose last name is either Smith or Foster, you don’t remember) has his ear pressed to the closed door, getting all of the information he can.

“Anything to get out of chemistry.” You smile. Both Sam and Dean chuckle, and Sam stands up too.

“I’m Agent Jones, this is my partner, Agent Scott. We’re here concerning the disappearances in town lately.” Sam offers, looking warily at the door, “We hate to pull out out of your lessons, but it’s imperative that you come with us.”

“Of course. Whatever you need.” You nod, and Dean opens the door. Mr Smith/Foster nearly falls through, and he stares up at Dean in worry.

“We’re going to have to take Y/N with us,” He says clearly, “You can expect her back tomorrow, provided everything goes to plan.”

The man nods silently, and you follow the guys out of the school and into the parking lot.

“Indiana Jones? Really?” You say under your breath, raising an eyebrow at Sam. He shrugs, grinning.

“It was Dean’s idea.”

“You agreed.”

They bicker on for a while, as per usual, and by the time you’re getting into the car, the topic of conversation turns to the case.

“We have our witch,” Sam explains as you shove the huge textbook on the seat beside you, “She’s holed up down the local woods, in an abandoned hunting lodge.”

“Ironic.” You offer, watching as you pull away from the school and out onto the road, “Thanks for rescuing me there. If I’d been there one more minute, I was gonna stab him just for something to do.”

“Chemistry is important.” Sam says, trying to keep a straight face. You scoff.

“No. Knowing what’s gonna kill me if I eat it is important. Knowing how not to blow myself up is important. Knowing how to figure out the ratio of carbon to hydrogen in some sort of exotic, lab-creation-exclusive chemical is not important.”

“Amen.” Dean grins at you from the rear-view, and you laugh. So does Sam, who nods agreeably.

Before long, you reach the witch’s lair. In order to get close enough, you drive a little way along the dirt track that leads into the woods and stop there. The three of you climb out of the car and the guys make for the trunk when it happens.

A tree right by your side bursts into flames and you throw yourself out of the way, crouching by the car. Sam and Dean, who’re stood by the back of the car but have yet to open up the trunk, cry out.


“I’m okay!” You call, sidling back towards them, “I’m fine.”

They fling the trunk open while you scout out the surroundings. Apart from the burning tree, of which the flames are quickly dying, there’s nothing of note. That is, until the witch comes barreling out of the woods, cloaked in smoke.

You barely have time to cry out a warning to the brothers before she’s upon them, sending them flying to the ground. They don’t have time to get back up again before she’s flinging them like ragdolls against the huge trunks of a pair of ancient oaks and pinning them there. She stands before them, with her chest heaving and a wild anger burning in her eyes.

Although she has them at her disposal, she hasn’t seemed to catch sight of you. You’ve crouched yourself behind the Impala as you watch the witch launch into a rant about how they’ve killed all of her sisters and now, they dare to come for her, too? It’s a very generic monster-y speech and although you’ve only been hunting for little over a year, you can pretty much recite it from memory.

You know you have to act. You know you can. It’s not that you’re scared – rather, you’re at a loss as to how to. All of the guns are in the trunk and you have little to no hope of getting in and out without her seeing you. You have to find something else…

Your first idea is a sharp branch, but there are none strong, sharp, and long enough that you can reach. Then it hits you, that you should hit her.

You slowly, quietly, bring your hand to the car door. When her yelling seems to reach a crescendo, you open the door as quietly as you can. You reach into the back seat and pull out the chemistry book.

It’s big and it’s heavy. The corners are sharp enough and if you get the angle right and put enough force behind it…

Smashing her skull in seems rather unorthodox – but, you remind yourself, there is very little orthodoxy in the life you lead. You slowly, gently, straighten yourself and move across the clearing as quietly as you can. She doesn’t see you, and you make it to about a foot away before she turns and-

It’s too late. The books comes down on her head with a sickening crunch and she crumples to the ground at your feet. You step back in disgust before looking over to Sam and Dean, who seem to have been released. They run towards you, making sure that the witch is dead before checking you over for injuries.

“You’re good.” Dean grins proudly, “Nice thinking there, kid.”

Sam nods in agreement, “Sneaky. I like the way you think.”

You laugh, “Thanks. The book’s a little ruined, though.”

“Don’t worry about it. We’re out of here after dinner.”

“You mean I don’t have to do chemistry there anymore?” You grin, straightening up at the prospect. Dean nods.

“Sure thing!”

“Yes!” You celebrate, “Leave the damn book, and let’s get out of here!”

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How did you feel about the episode? I know the end was gross, did it ruin he episode for you? i feel kind of guilty cause I still love it but God, that ending.

You don’t have to feel guilty for loving something that was super enjoyable throughout! The ending was disgusting (and I had a few other major issues with it that soured it for me a tiny bit) but that’s what the whole concept of a ~problematic fave~ is for, right? We can acknowledge flaws and still enjoy something problematic. (Which is why I want to cry every time I see Zelena on my screen h o n e s t l y)

ANYWAY. LOVED IT. I didn’t breathe at several points from one commercial break to the next omg. I think the show did release two of its better scenes in advance but overall! I am here for Team Swan Queen on road trips, for them being supportive and looking after each other, and sometimes- especially S4- it’s felt a bit like there’s an unevenness in the relationship where Emma has cared so much more for Regina onscreen than Regina has Emma? And while I don’t think that’s a necessary reading of the relationship (bc there’s a lot that goes unsaid from Regina when Emma’s shouting declarations of love to the sky and Regina literally just risked her life for episodes because Snow asked her to protect Emma), it’s really all I’ve wanted to get an episode that’s 100% unequivocally about Regina taking care of Emma.

And MY GOD. It’s like the writers finally stepped back and understood what it is that’s so compelling about the relationship. We have them talking about resisting their fates (a counterpoint to Lily the unreliable narrator, who believes so firmly that fate is responsible for the darkness in her life even as Emma’s arc is directly disproving that notion in vice versa) and we have Regina drawing on her own past to do everything in her power to keep Emma from following the same path.

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text: Ari 🐱
  • Lewi:correct me if I'm wrong but being friends is something we've already attempted, and it didn't last long.
  • Lewi:and just to throw this out there...you're the first person I've allowed myself to get remotely close to in nearly four years. Its probably no easier for me than it is you, but this time I can't bring myself to just run from it. I wish I could help put it in better perspective for you but once I tell you I'm not sure you'll ever think of me the same.
  • Lewi:anyway, I honestly don't know what the hell I'm saying at this point, long text messages aren't my thing. but I'll give you whatever you want, whatever makes you comfortable..that doesn't mean though that I want to start looking for someone else. things take time.