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Um firstly your blog is amazingggg. Ur writing is amaazingg. I look forward to it everyday when i come back from school. Please keep it up! Anyways, what do you think Kacchan as a hip hop dancer? If Deku was a dancer, what dances would he dance?

Thank you dear ;; ♡ its messages like this that make me so happy to run this blog.

As for your questions ~
I could see Katsuki being a hip hop dancer, and just doing free style or even doing certain competitions. Him, Denki, and Kirishima go to the studio everyday. They blow off steam and energy by dancing, and its something Katsuki loves to do because hes really good at it!

Izuku would be a ballet dancer. His dancing would be graceful, delicate, yet powerful. Hes always wanted to be a professional at it, because he loves it so much. He dances with his friend Ochako and Todoroki, and they practice different moves and routines together.

Izuku and his friends go to the same studio as Katsuki and his group. And at first they just mind their own business until one day at practice, Ochako is like. ‘Izuku that blonde one keeps watching you’. And Izuku is low key watching Katsuki too.

And Kirishima is eventually going 'Dude, stop checking him out from a distance and just say hi’ and Katsuki is just. Shut the fuck up.

And they watch each other through the mirror as they practice.

The first time Katsuki ever actually says hi, is when he secretly goes to one of Izuku’s performances. And he meets him afterwards and says
'Hey. Ive been watchin you for like. 5 months now. My names Katsuki and you’re fucking cute. Lets go on a date’.

Izuku just stares and is a flustered mess, but eventually stutters out a yes.

I think itd just be so cute for them to go on a date. And they’d probably have days they help each other practice, and they go to each other’s shows~♡♡

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um hey its the anon from before, think ya might not have gotten the message from me?? wanted to send this again then but if u dont want to answer it its totally fine don't worry! it was about if you wished the characters from raven cycle had had more diverse sexualities and genders and races? and also that adam and ronan had said openly that they were gay or bi or acknowleded it themselves? like other than adams dads rude comment u feel me

hi bud! sorry about that - tumblr mustโ€™ve messed up, because i never got that message!

short answer: yes, i do wish the characters in trc had been more diverse, and i do wish the diversity that it did have had been handled better!

long answer under the read more. :โ€™)

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also i know this is like a touchy subject but it’s so weird to see how much drinking culture differs between australia and the rest of the world?? like i don’t like to encourage excessive drinking or anything but we’re out here waiting for stories of luke playing goon of fortune or doin a shoey while everyone else is Truly Concerned about his habits?? and anyway.  what i’m tryna say is he’s literally fine he’s obv being a Bit excessive but a) he rarely gets to see his straya friends b) he’s been on tour for like 5 years and he’s just having fun c) he’s a grown adult who can make his own choices and he truly will be fine i promise u that he’s got at least 2 months to recover 

Where have I been???

Hey guys! So it’s been a long long while! I know. I didn’t put up an update because I thought it wouldn’t be all that necessary.

But anyways! Where have I been? Where are the comics? Are you still alive?

First of all I took a break from making comics because school was literally my enemy, motivation was also a devil to me and of course I didn’t want to make content when I’m not motivated to do so. ~Cuz we all know it’ll turn out really bad!

Second of all where are the comics? I actually have another page (page 4/5, I think) I was supposed to post a Lil while back, but didn’t do so cuz it was lacking for more pages. But since its been awhile, I’ll just post it anyways. Don’t worry, the comic is still going. I have a long weekend ahead of me, which gives me time. So look out for that.

And lastly, am I still alive? Yes! I’m alive. I’ve been inactive for awhile because of school work and just other interests that intrigued me. I’m still into Zootopia and I still ship wildehopps! ♡

P. S. There’s been supposedly a YouTube video being made with all the Occupational Hazard pages. See I was fine with it. BUT it was just lacking credit AND permission from the author/artist… Me ~ Basically. Thank you for the anonymous that notified me for that. So please guys, if you see any videos or reblogs of these types of things, please let them know to Credit and ask permission from the artist before making such content. Thank you!

BTW. We reached 1003 followers! That’s crazy guys! Thank you so much for supporting this blog and still loving the content! I’ll be more active this time around, so tag along with me!

~ Rese Y.

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Excuse me, but I was wondering with your, at least seemingly, vast knowledge if you know anything pertaining to the 'Fluvius Flu'? - sphinxfordblogs

Common cures for the fluvius flu include “learning an important lesson about yourself” and reverse engineering a cure based on the river from which the fluvius flu originated.

If you can’t find that river, I suggest talking about your feelings. A lot.



Your… Your leg


Short Disney Challenge . { Day 02 // Favorite Female Character }  | Tiana

“My Daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed; he had love. He never lost sight of what was really important and neither will I.”


pretty odd + subtitles

She’s the betta half of the two

The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire: “The Internet is here.”


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

It’s St. Lucia’s day today! :D

Not many people celebrate St. Lucia (or St. Lucy), and I personally love it, so I thought I’d make some Lucia themed ot4 art :)