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Why can’t I just produce all my favorite musicals and cast myself as every role like is that too much to ask

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Okay but can you imagine a scenario where Lena -I am a registered badass- Luthor carries a gun, like it's strapped to her thigh under her dress and she is a really skilled shooter (because I can!). So Kara looses her powers again and Lena takes her to a shooting range and she stands behind her and they do some gay as hell shooting as Lena guides Kara's hands and so then when Kara shoots perfectly Alex is just like "wtf how???" and Kara just blushes. It would be super cute (pun intended)

Ahhh!! Give me this! I mean look at this look on Kara’s face after Lena shoots Corbin!

Kara being able to fight and defend herself outside of the possession of her super powers is so important which is obviously one of the reasons Alex taught her to fight. I always wondered why Kara never learned to shoot. I can definitely get behind Lena taking Kara to the range and teaching Kara everything she knows. 😉

This is two of my favorite things in one headcanon. Katie with weapons meets SuperCorp. Let me have it!!!

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So obviously Lena is very handy with a gun, considering the situation with Alex and Corbin... do you think she's just packin' heat on the daily? I feel like this is something no one is talking about. Lena Luthor is a boss ass bitch and she knows that because of her family she's ALWAYS at risk, so... At any rate I'm impressed if she's found a way to conceal carry in some of those couture outfits! ;)

Ah! Why don’t people talk about this more?! I definitely had a similar thought during 2x01 after she took Corbin down so casually. Just a calm aim and shoot–she even managed not to hit Alex and then later praised Alex for saving her life. Like oh, nbd. I do this all the time! She didn’t appear to be particularly shook by the whole thing. Her comment to Clark in her office pretty much indicates, now Lex knows not to mess with me! I have absolutely imagined Lena carrying or having one strapped under her desk at the very least.

You know what would be cOOL?

If we started a RA fandom “penpal” sort of thing where everyone is a Ranger from a different fief and it’s like this massive role play where you physically send letters and bits and pieces to the other Rangers about whatever’s going on in your fief etc. etc. I don’t even know how to explain the idea that’s in my head…