I think Ill delete my blog then

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im reporting this blog since u dont seem 2 take me seriously. ur very immature and u need to watch ur mouth. grow up, little bitch. ill be laughing when tumblr deletes this blog and so will the other grahamfield shippers

I don’t think tumblr would delete me when I’m just posting my opinions in a way I find funny :3


sorry tbis is at 3 am my time but i dont wanna go to sleep so im doing this.
ive been thinking abt it lately and i want this blog to be an art blog. my plan is to delete all non art related posts on this blog and make a sideblog to shitpost (bc i cant do anything better w my time).
ill drop a url 4 a personal account when i make it, so if u want to follow my personal posts/reblogs, go follow that blog when i make it.

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if i may make a minor nitpick: the r slur is used more specifically towards developmentally disabled people than mentally ill people (in reference to /post/137782114887) (if i'm misinformed on this, please do let me know!)

I think when I said one I meant the other or was trying to include it within. idk tbh with you, I was still partially drunk at the time. I’m going to probably delete it cuz I don’t like that slur on my blog in any way

Slight FAQ update.

This page is making a mockery of my illness!

That’s your opinion, but any asks like this are deleted as I literally don’t care enough to argue with you.

I’m only posting this to make it known (since it hasn’t been brought up before formally), but I literally don’t care.  I don’t care if you don’t like this blog and I don’t care if you don’t think a character is bipolar.  You can literally block or tumblr savior this blog and you won’t see any of my posts in the tags. I tag them for visibility, not for people to come to my ask box insinuating that me, a person with bipolar, is making fun of you, also a person with bipolar. Because, you know, that was totally my train of thought when I made this blog, to make fun of people with the same mental illness as me (this is sarcasm).  If you’d have any mind to read the FAQ you’d probably realize that this isn’t a “troll blog.”  

To sum up: I don’t give a shit and I’m not a nice person so don’t send me inane asks like that that waste my time because I’ll just block you. Thanks.

hey guys i dont post personal stuff on my main anymore ik but i’m…kinda proud of myself. i just had my intake meeting with my case worker because of something that happened a few weeks ago (it was a stupid little thing) and unless the agreement is rejected by the DA and i have to go to court ill be on probation for the next year and im required to do 20 hours community service along with regular counseling and AODA counseling and i feel like im ready for it

i think i’m ready to start getting better for real, and even if im not, i kinda have to but like honestly i’m gonna try to cut off bad influences i guess…i need to delete my drug blog and stop talking to a lot of people and be more open and i need to try to get clean and stay clean this time

i dont know guys its just like i think i might have a chance here and i feel like im making progress and i dont know. maybe ill feel differently when i totally sober up but for now im kinda proud of myself i guess

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I can't fucking believe you are doing this again. You always say "send anon hate omg i deserve it" ,but then you get all these people to suck up and tell you that oh you'll be ok and oh its fine. What are you trying to get at here? What do you want???? You want us to be your charity of suck up compliments??? If you want good compliments just say you do, and hell don't be asking for hate when you really want compliments from these suck ups.

I actually got hate n posted it but decided I don’t want negativity on my blog
if you had seen earlier I made posts and deleted them about how I’m having a really hard time and was considering self harming again
that’s what those are in response to

sometimes I get really unstable and ask for hate because I want/think I deserve negative attention because I’m mentally ill
I was abused my whole life, it’s what I think I deserve. I’m just an ill poor child

This used to be in my art blog (now deleted because I think that art blogs are unnecessary -no offense- at least for me)

Also Idk how to shade so I just kinda put some random colors on the overlay layer

Edit: I just realized I forgot charas rosy rose cheeks ill fix it later and by later I mean tomorrow

y are people so nasty when you ask them not to reblog a post or when you ask them to delete a post you didn’t want reblogged… like i don’t care if you don’t think i should’ve posted it maybe i don’t want my name on your soft core porn blog that’s fetishizing mentally ill folks like full offense but there was no other way to describe it

so my laptop thinks my blog has “inappropriate content” on my blog when i try to go to the actual website form, and so thats why ill end up deleting a lot of stuff until it works.. I’m sorry