I think I'm gonna work on a drawing or something

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Hi Annalise! Do you think you and your friend (I'm sorry I don't know their name) @anonbea would collaborate on any art projects? Because I love both of your art so much! Anyway, hope you have a great week!

@anonbea (Shan) and I ARE making something actually!

A story about my beekeeper witch Lavander, and Shan’s cute buff baker lady Mari (this post has Mari and her sister Rosa). The story is a work in progress at the moment, but it will be called Blumenbrot. Here is a picture I drew of them, that I never uploaded anywhere.

We’re not 100% sure how we’re gonna do it, whether we each draw certain chapters or work on seperate elements within the comic structure. But we do want to flesh out their story and make some sort of comic/illustration thing for them.

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I don't know if you do requests, and if you don't that's totally cool! You don't even have to reply to this if you don't want to!! But I'm a really big fan of Kai and I just read a fic where he got seriously hurt and the other ninja were afraid he wasn't gonna make it, and I was wondering if you'd be cool in doing a rough sketch of that?? If not it's alright I get that free art isn't something guaranteed but either way I love your work and I think you're one of the best artists in the fandom!

Thank you so much! and yes i take requests if they are smth i feel like drawing lol. This drawing was pretty challenging but fun (and emotionally torturing) hope you enjoy

me @myself: literally no one asked for punk yoongi

aka i can’t stop a sketch until it looks normal or i delete it

do not edit or repost

What Wilford Does

Wilford: -is actually working for once-
Dr Iplier: hey the host is gonna do some cool shit
Wilf: wooah really
Dr: no -leaves-
Wilf: ass- -starts thinking about what Host would’ve done- /it’s like this for hours\ -he then leaves work still thinking about it-
Next morning
Dark: did you write the paper I told you to
Wilf: you could say that
Dark: -takes the paper- it has drawings of the host doing back flips and singing
Wilf: yeah i know
Dark: who got you distracted
Wilf: Dr iplier
Dark: ofc

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I'd like to ask. How does one know what there gonna do with their art? I see all these amazing artists who draw comics, who work on game development (mentioning you), who make animations, and all sorts of things. But I don't know where I'm at. I just draw and that's it. I wanna be able to do more with my art then just draw fan art, or characters! I wanna make something that will have people amazed, but I never have enough confidence, or motivation. :( so what can do to find my place?

Oooh that’s a very interesting question ! ٩(●ᴗ●)۶

Mh let meh think. I’m not a good exemple. i’m a game artist but it’s not bc it was mah dream. Only bc school was not toooo far and mah sibbling pushed meh to this.

If i could reply to u honestly,it depends on few things: 

Skills,money and friends/ambiance.

-If u can’t chose,focus on waht u don’t like to do. the real answer will come by itself. it can take years. Try everything.Waht makes u happy will be easier for u to learn.

-Maybe u r too poor or not independant enough for goin’ to an expensive school that requires a lot of independance. Price/money is very important. R u ready to be in dept for ur art? 

-friends, the ambiance is important.If u don’t feel well somewhere, that sometimes means u don’t belong to this place. I remember spending wahn year in an art university and mah only thought was kill meh. 

Also,sometimes your actual art friends might help u to find ur way. Most of mah best friends r into comics/manga. Well,i can tell u if it wasn’t game ,i would have been glad to learn comics or 2D animation with them. (⊙ꇴ⊙)

Also. don’t draw for other ppl. draw for urself.

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Viriaaaa~ I miss your art so much. I find myself scrolling through your art tag a lot these days. Do you think you're gonna start anything big any time soon? I'm just curious, you don't need to :) Keep doing your art thing, I know it makes a lot of people really happy ^.^

H-how do you always know if I start something “big” guys?? how do you do it? 

I’m back to my Homestuck thing finally….and hopefully this time I will manage to make it decent and actually finish it gahhh

but well, it still would take a while so I guess I’ll be drawing some sketches in the meantime…I also have a lot of works to do for our design final that is coming upon slowly, so that’s why I’m a bit unactive these days. (and because I felt like I couldn’t draw anything at all but I think this one passed)

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hEYYYYY SO I LOVE UR ART SO SO MUCH. So I wanted to ask a question and that is, I'm one of those people who can imagine and think about things really well in my head but I can never put them onto paper, and I'm not like super super bad at art just average so I was wondering if you have any tips or anything. lYSM111!!!

I am pretty sure that the majority of artists aren’t able to draw exactly the way they see it in their head. At least I can’t. BUT not being the same doesn’t make your work bad!!

I don’t have tips except for keep telling yourself one day you’re gonna be really GREAT and working for that moment…At least I’d say that is something I’ve been doing and keep doing?

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I'm not going to ask you to draw something I promise I just wanted to compliment you on how cute your doodles are c: I think that people are spamming you because you're actually good... But don't over-work yourself please ily <3

Thanks! Your kind words are much appreciated. :)

I’m gonna use this space to go on a tangent (sorry anon, I’m kinda veering off topic here, nothing against you)

I know people just drop me random requests in hopes that they get lucky, but the problem is, I get them daily, daily, and sometimes it feels like this is it, this is my life, drawing shit for people for free. Because even if I do it sometimes, when I have free time and want to, it is never enough - people will always ask for more. Every day. 

This has been happening to me - and most artists - since we were little. Since middle school, high school. It’s a never-ending onslaught of “can you draw me _____?” And at first, it’s cute, because, aww, you’re appreciated.

But months pass by. Years. You realize that you are just a machine that spits out pretty drawings on command. You start to get angry and frustrated. 

But when you complain about it, or snap at people on tumblr, people call you cruel and heartless for not wanting to fulfill the wishes of a single anon. 

Because yeah, it’s easy. I can draw stuff fast. Most of the time, it’s effortless.

But the amount of mental energy it takes for me to heave my carcass up and become an etch-a-sketch for the 20 people that are begging me to do this thing for them for free - please, please, pretty please, ur such a good drawer!!11!!! - is enormous, and we’re all human (except for me) and I have limits, so. 

That’s basically why some artists are assholes - not because we are. But because we are very very tired. 

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Hey Kylee! I'm doing everything I can to stay organized and push myself to draw more and I'm wondering if you have any advice about keeping on schedule. I know you had gone through medical school AND continue to work on your nuzlocke which just seems.. SO difficult! Do you keep a calendar? Make lists? How do you mentally prepare yourself for something you don't want to do? Do you think your mental health (whether good or bad) effects your busy schedule? I don't mind if you publish this.

OH BOY we’re gonna get into some personal stuff with this answer…

Apologies for the delay on this ask, but I’ve had a rough month overall so I pushed this back until I felt like I am sane enough to address this. Putting this under a cut because my answer is ridiculously long

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Hullo! I was wondering how do you chose your colour schemes? Whenever I've tried, they've always been a bit shitty tbh, but I know that my drawings will be better when I can pick out a colour scheme and not just choose the colours as I'm going along.

Hi anon!

OMG, I don’t know what to tell you. Choosing my palette is the only thing I do (and practically ever did) without even thinking about it. It’s natural. I just…know! I mean, I studied color theory and all, but when I draw something, I know what nuance of blue or green is gonna work for my drawing. T___T

I use construction lines for perspective and faces and I base my work on the technical knowledge I gathered through the years but for colors….I see the artwork I want to draw in my head before starting and..BAM! I create my palette. When I’m not happy, I don’t hesitate to use the “color balance” command to adjust the image but otherwise I don’t use a color wheel or something like that. However, unlike you, I don’t choose the colors “as I go along”, I have a defined palette from the start. Let’s say 10 basic colors.

I’m so sorry! All I can do is giving you the link to great tutorials about color theory that will maybe help you:

I hope it will be useful somehow! Good luck to you even if…