I think I'm funny anyway

Me listening to a Christmas CD

My parents have this weird Christmas CD with a bunch of different people singing Christmas carols on it, and we were listening to it while we were there.

I was in the living room Tumblring and trying to keep my neck straight in hopes it would stop hurting so much (didn’t work) and brother #1 was helping my mother in the kitchen. He laughed at my comments, so I assume I was funny.

And then this one song came on, and I have no idea who it was singing but it was a group of men. And OMG the lead singer was flat most of the time.

And then they hit the last note.

“That wasn’t even in key, how did anyone think that was a good final cut?”

Remember when we were all like “lol the new Star Wars is gonna suck because Disney is gonna make it all shitty lol.” Look how far we’ve come.


excuse me but i need ff based on this song
im drowning in feels sorry brb