I think I can handle it heheh

Live stream today

I’ll be live streaming if my computer can handle the app and make the Internet work. I will be working on a personal project of mine since I got such a good response from the first drawing of this project. If you want to come and hang out I’ll start at 12h or 13h (eastern time) and the live stream might end up being 6-7 hours instead of just 2-3 hours. Depending if there’s a lot of noise in my house or not,I’ll plug my mic but if not I’ll answer questions you can ask in the chat, manually~ see you there!! ☺️

cagetheloki asked:

Are you rewriting YHMAL?! What is going on? What are you doing? I can't handle that fic again!!! Too many feels!!! Too many!

Hello there darling cagetheloki, I’m not rewriting it! hahaha goodness, I think I would drown in it if I ever did! But I was away on holiday and thought it would be nice if new followers could read that whilst I put a hold on writing for a bit :D Heheh and thank you for that very, very sweet compliment! <3 I’m glad to know it gave you that many feels! 

You Had Me At Loki

anonymous asked:

Hey sweetie, I just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing and beautiful person and I love you just the way you are. Your blog is one of my most favourites and seeing posts from you make me happy. I am so glad I followed you and I just wanted to let you know that <3333

h-honestly your message coulndt have come at a better time

and it reduced me to tears honestly 

thisi night was starting to be more than i can handle and i was going to do soemthign that i regreted

my chest has beenhurting a lto and i jsut have been having thoughts of disappearign

a lot of things are going on and i think i lsot even more frineds… heheh funny huh iamalways spilling my heartot people i think carebut then after about 3 or so years they justkinda fuck me over so hard it leaces my world spinning and i dont know what to do anymore 

so itsjust been building and all taking over tonight and i was going to do soemthign and your message made me smile and made me start crying becauseit was so needed  i thank you so much

anonymous asked:

Being in class with them, for me was the worst.. Like especially if I dont know when the cramps are coming.. Like I'd be sitting in class and then BAM pain.. And it would SUCK! I'd end up having to limp to the nurse it hurt so bad! I would of -con-

-con- I would of always had to ask my mom for me to stay home with them, because my dad made me go to school with them… He just never understood the paaaaaain!

OMF THE AMOUNT OF TIMES THAT HAPPENED TO ME IN HIGH SCHOOL. the worst was when i was just about to write a test and it happened, jfc— TT TT and oh man, mothers always understand OTL but yeah, i think with fathers, they want to try to understand but they still think (for the most part) that we can handle it. //weeps.

btw, are you a new anonnie? ; w ; hehehe. i feel bad that we’re talking about pain, oh gosh. (i mean, unless we are blessed with a jimin to take care of us sdkfjghsd) i hope you’re doing well, bb ^^

i just ordered myself tomodachi life so i can make all my favourite characters and just do silly things uh oh UH OHHHH IT BEGINS