I think

  • Price: I love you
  • McKinley: I love you too
  • Price: ...We’ve literally been married for 3 years
  • McKinley: You were at the wedding, remember?
  • Cunningham: You totally like each other. You should go out
  • McKinley: ...You were Kevin’s best man. Your speech made everyone cry.
  • Cunningham: *doing finger guns and walking away backwards* I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone ;

little things i love about driving

- the efficiency of four-way stops
- the tiny little amount of pressure you keep on the pedal to maintain your current speed
- that one radio station that plays songs from a few years ago that you love and no one else plays anymore (and occasionally they play 2k songs that remind me of when i was a little kid)
- when you’re early getting somewhere and so you just drive around slowly for a while
- turn signal. idk why i just love him, he’s pure and his little clicky noises are good

Florida vs. Irma

How Hurricane Irma looks to the rest of the country:

How Hurricane Irma looks to Floridians:

How the rest of the country thinks we should prepare:

How Floridians actually prepare:

What the rest of the country is demanding:

How Floridians feel about the evacuation:

What everyone else thinks will happen to those who stay:

What Floridians actually do during a hurricane:

jack where you’re videos go?

hi jack this is a text post but i will just ask something !

when you upload your videos to youtube what do you do to the recorded ones after that do you save them somewhere or what? cuse you have like thousands of videos lol do you delete it or save it? cuse i think saving all these videos takes a lot of space! i know its a wierd and dumb question bur it just came to my head and thinking about it lol 

i hope you reply to this and thanks!

Have a great day!

Sirius: So, how’s the prettiest person in the world doing today?

Remus, not even looking up: I don’t know, Padfoot, how are you?

Sirius, voice cracking: I’m fine.