I take all of those movies to heart



The studio that worked on Princess and the Frog, on Tangled, on Wreck-It Ralph, on Frozen (bear with me), and Big Hero 6. Is now working with Square Enix on Kingdom Hearts 3. The people who gave us those stories that so many people loved and love and means so much to so many helping with Kingdom Hearts 3.

And do you guys realize

How much

Disney must care about Kingdom Hearts 3

To let Disney fucking Animated Studios work on it? To take the time that could be spent on making more movies (and you know there are plenty out there that they’re working on) to instead help make the worlds we’ve come to know and love even greater?

I don’t know about you all but that’s really fucking exciting.

The most exciting thing I’ve heard all day.

Sometimes people just need to vent. All the things that have happened and that have been bottled up for so long can really take a toll on how that person views themselves as well as everything around them. That’s why I think every once in a while people just need to let it all out. Freak out over a pen dropping. Complain about the crappy weather. Scream at the stupid people in horror movies. Cry when you miss the street you were supposed to turn on. Let it out, let it all out, or all those things bottled up inside your head and your heart -will slowly eat you alive. 

My beautiful sons on V-day

It is Snowbaz’s first valentines day together and I am not ready. These lil babies are so cute and I’m trash help. Here are some HC’s 

  • Baz actually tries to make their relationship sappy, like he imagined it would be.
  • Lots of Pet names.
  • Baz makes heart-shaped Sour cherry scones for Simon.
  • Penny is visiting Micah, so the apartment is empty- you know what I’m implying.
  • Simon makes a little heart-shaped flap and slides it over his tail.
  • Simon buys Baz one of those bears with the heart in the middle.
  • (Baz secretly loves it)
  • They stay in and watch all the sappy movies Simon never could.
  • or
  • They both take a walk to the nearest park and sit in the gazebo, and just enjoy being in love.
  • Baz reads Simon romantic Poetry.
  • Simon surprises Baz with tickets to the symphony.
  • Baz has an arsenal of love-puns.
  • “You’re my butter half.”
  • He buys a appi plate with cheese and olives, little cards sport things like;
  • “Olive You. “Your looking so gouda today.” “Lets brie together forever.”
  • Simon laughs so hard he falls over. 
  • He responds by fetching a picture of Baz and taping to to a one dollar coin, giving it too him and saying, “You’re the one for me.”
  • V-day was the “erotic grope-fest” Baz had imagined.

add some more because this is sparse of cuteness

Let’s end by pointing out all the positive ways you can scare yourself and feel alive. You can tell someone you love them first. You can try to speak only the truth for a whole week. You can jump out of an airplane or spend Christmas Day all by your lonesome. You can help people who need help and fight real bad guys. You can dance fast or take an improv class or do one of those Ironman things. Adventure and danger can be good for your heart and soul. Violence and desperation are brutal things to search out. Why search out the horror? It’s around us in real ways every day. I’m talking to you, the people who made that movie The Human Centipede. No more Human Centipede movies please.
—  Yes Please by Amy Poehler

SCANDAL; “Documentary Film Opening” blogpost by RINA☆

SCANDAL "Documentary film「HELLO WORLD」” has started screening. Yesterday, we went about for stage greetings for 4 times. United・Cinema Toyosu and Urawa. Both were also wonderful and very good theaters! For the whole day, my heart was pounding, but being able to speak about all kinds of things directly, it was meaningful period of time.

We got to do greetings before watching the movie, and then after watching as well. The atmosphere in the venue between before and after was slightly diferent, and I’m somehow glad for it. Taking my seat while I’m all excited, then immersing myself in the movie, I wonder how did everyone feel upon finishing it allー…

Those who were gathered, and everyone who watched it from all over the country, thank you! I was happy to have heard your thoughts.

And then, the ones who’ll be (watching it) from now on. We packed together a documentary film of ourselves while overseas. Please do enjoy it plenty alright!

From now on too, us 4 will cherish what we have now, and go ahead making things true one by one.

OK, I just saw How to Train Your Dragon 2…. and I was not emotionally prepared for this.

DreamWorks really knows how to take you heart, rip it up into tiny little pieces and set on fire. I went into this movie knowing nothing about what was going to happen. You go into the movie theater all happy and cheerful, ready to see a friendly movie and you come out carrying buckets filled to the brim with your own tears. I shit you not, at this one moment (those of you who have seen the movie know what I’m talking about), tears were falling down my face and would not stop. It leaves you emotionally unstable afterwards. But the movie was so good and awesome, I’m gonna go as far to say it was better than Rise of the Guardians. There. I fucking said it. If you know me, this is the biggest possible honor I could ever give any movie ever. That’s it. Perfect movie 10/10


If you’ve managed to survive this world long enough to pose this question to someone where it is able to get picked up, even by a tiny local blog or whatnot, and are completely clueless about the concept of menopause, I think it’s time to do the humane thing, as one would do an old, rabid animal - and take him out back…

Also, use one of his guns and melt the remainder (because we all know this man owns several guns, there’s absolutely 0% chance he does not)

Good old Carl Unger lives right in the heart of the area Trump has been throwing those “rallies”, aka inciting race wars by demanding folks to “patrol” voting booths and make sure none of “them” do anything fishy. 

Old Yeller is a good movie.