I take all of those movies to heart

if i had a girlfriend i picture us being the best of friends. her having more of a sarcastic, feisty, approach but with same good heart as i do.

i see us going thrifting together, the beach, movies, makeup shopping (she wouldn’t have to be in to it but if she were it’d be so fun) & all that other fun stuff.

we’d be those corny ass people in relationships & i picture her being able to put the biggest smile on my face.

i’d take pictures of her all day because her little dimple is the cutest thing to me & i can’t get enough of it. i’d kiss her there a bunch of times too.

we’d obviously start off as friends, but as soon as she shows interest in me that’s when i’ll become most shy. someone so beautiful having interest in me would be a dream. 😩✨