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haru just wants reen’s love. why does funimation have to take that away.


If Rose is over there, and she’s all you want in the Universe and you’re desperate to get to her, you want to be able to run flat out, don’t you? - DT


You’re my king and I’m your lionheart.

Inspired by x || Bigger version here.

So I sketched this out a few months ago, and recently decided to work on it again, coincidentally the weekend before the latest TW ep came out.

I kinda gave up on the background (Stiles alone killed my hand), but I think they look okay with the top ‘previews’ at least o<-<;;


happy holidays, nora!

i was your secret santa & i know how you love olicity au’s so much, and instead of picking just one for a gifset, i decided to include multiple au’s (the more the better!) 

you’re amazing, so i only hope you have an amazing christmas too. i love you. ♥


kh name challenge - lauren

an organization member - luxord

Tried drawing all the Hyperions. Should I clean it up? Maybe I should slow down on these sketches and try making some cleaner stuff.

19sai by pol

Here’s something new XD

I’ve been reading way too much Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess lol feels have been intensified since then *le sigh*

This is very much an experiment, I have lots of silly Skywalker shenanigans so I thought it would be nice if I could unite them under a comic series…idk, I’m terrible at keeping up with stuff, but it’s something that gives me joy so why the heck not :P

sorry if my handwriting is illegible, I’m still working on it <_>

what a cute little sweetums, little dorito queen, peridot ver. 2 , excited mtn dew with a nerf gun awwwwwwwwww

you can throw shade when a relationship end in two ways

you can be bitter about it

and make everything be about the person


ended is in the past

and you don’t want anymore association

But really…

  • Karui falling in love with Chouji because he is one of the sweetest ninjas in the entire manga
  • Chouji falling in love with Karui at first sight because she is the most beautiful person he has ever seen
  • Karui feeling so flattered and amazed every time Chouji almost absentmindedly does something nice for her because that’s just how he is (makes sure she has a snack when they are working on documents together, lets her know its not good for her to stay cooped up all day working, asks after Killer Bee and Omoi and whoever else she considers family, etc.)
  • Chouji not stepping one foot into Ino’s flower shop until he is beyond certain exactly what type of flower he wants to get Karui when they start dating
  • Karui waiting forever for him to ask her out and getting kind of downhearted and frustrated when he never does; only to find out he didn’t want to assume that just because they were friendly with each other that she would be automatically receptive to the thought of them going out (nope, no ‘friendzone’ mentality from Mr. Chouji here ^^)
  • Chouji taking Karui out to a certain place where there are the most beautiful butterflies and then telling her (albeit in a cheesy way and stumbling over every other word) that she’s the most beautiful of them all
  • Karui convinced that her fiery temper would definitely put him off, only to find that Chouji doesn’t mind in the least (he loves how passionate she is about things, and thinks she is amazing ^^)
  • Chouji convinced that his body structure would definitely put her off, only to find that Karui doesn’t give a hoot
  • Both of them cooing over and in total awe over their beautiful newborn daughter



You love him. I’m not saying in what way. Maybe you don’t know yourself. But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him.