I support this actually

From what I’ve read so far Tim Kaine is more progressive than Bernie Sanders on majority of key progressive issues, like on guns and immigration, so idk why brogressives got their briefs on a twist

The thing that bothers me the most about Hux’s backstory in Aftermath is that his mother is supposedly a “kitchen woman.” Wtf does that even mean in the context of the Star Wars universe? I mean, surely they have droids for tasks like food preparation? It’s like Wendig inserted the cliched villain back-story from second rate faux mediaeval fantasy novel without thinking about the fact that it didn’t really make sense. 

Though I totally support the idea that Hux’s mother was actually some sort of badass warrior secret super assassin or something, and Hux senior only tells people she works in the kitchens as a kind of a in-joke. 

What if she and Hux Sr. started out hating each other? And then developed a grading mutual respect and eventually feels? And learned to work together using their complimentary but different skill sets?…Rather like two certain someones a generation later.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you can’t say, let’s say for example, Sorey/Alisha can be real but call Sorey/Mikleo shippers “delusional” when we have more to support us in the actual text itself (again: I’m not debating what is canon or not, I just go with the hard facts presented in canon). I don’t care if you want to ship anything, I really couldn’t care less, but don’t pretend it’s not there, because it’s there.

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SON! When are you going to get some grandkids and visit me on the ol' farm!?


So I got into drawing a while ago and posted it on my old blog and thought they were really bad so I took them down. I was thinking of re-posting them and continuing drawing as my bff keeps asking why I stopped in the first place. I would really like to know your opinions on the few I have done do far and if I should continue. Thank you for the support today, a lot of new followers, likers and re-bloggers joined the blog today with a ton of support and I’d like to thank them! 

But that’s all for now and I will ask you about more if this actually gets support, thank you and talk to you all later.

I actually think it’s good that Sanders is supporting Hillary Clinton.

I don’t see this as Sanders selling himself out. Rather, he is doing this out of necessity to stop the force that is Donald Trump.

I can understand not liking Clinton, but we have to stop pretending that she’s somehow as bad or worse than Trump.

Clinton won’t waste taxpayer money on a pointless wall, she will not try to make abortion or same sex marriage illegal, and she wants stricter gun regulations and to expand Obamacare.

Also she’s much more honest than Trump. (You can check how honest they are on the Politifact website.)

Even if Clinton was not your first choice, I still recommend voting for her in the November election.

Every vote for Hillary Clinton makes it harder for Donald Trump to get elected.

It’s not too much to ask. Though I may have drawn this for reasons other than this prompt.

I do love their relationship a lot. They contrast each other pretty well. They’re pretty opposite in the sense that one is the straight man that grounds the group, while the other is the wild card that can’t be held down by anything. Despite that they seem to get along pretty well and it’s always fun to see them interacting with each other.

Choromatsu needs to cry more.  


@cheeseburgerhelper asked: How about Felicia or Azura?

As much as I do love Felicia, Azura has probably become one of my favourite FE characters ever. ❤️


🍼🍭🎈Melanie Martinez - Gingerbread Man | Charlotte Winslow Cover 🎈🍭🍼

This is my cover of Gingerbread Man by Melanie Martinez!!💖 I’ve been obsessed with this song ever since I heard it 😍 + A lot of you guys were requesting me to do a Melanie Martinez cover, so here you are 😋 I do fitness videos on my channel as well, and I want to be a singer as my career, so the support means a lot 💗 I’m actually now working with Taylor Swift’s first manager, Rick Barker. :) Please make sure to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP, and COMMENT on YouTube to show your support 😍

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Well Nissa was a xenophobic supremacist until she got retconned to hell (because character flaws aren't marketable).

My post was intended to answer the long-running misconception that Nissa was heavily retconned. The truth is, Nissa was no more retconned than any of the other Magic Origins characters - all of whom had elements of their backstories changed.

The thing everyone thinks was retconned? It was her magic duels profile from her initial introduction. Lorwyn isn’t even mentioned during In the Teeth of Akoum. I’ve actually tried finding any other support, and those few passages I put in the main post were all I could find.

Now, to be fair, I was operating under that assumption too when I wrote my first articles on Zendikar last year. But outside of Nissa’s old profile page, there really isn’t anything to support the elf supremacist angle.

Nissa, Worldwaker illustrates how she was growing as a character to move past the Joraga nonsense she was raised with. Then, throughout BFZ, it mentions that she still struggles with her old ways. Here is one example from Nissa’s Resolve:

In that moment, Nissa realized that she had come here to Bala Ged to save the world’s soul not just for the land, for the plane, for the people, and not just for its power: She had come here to save the world’s soul so she could save herself. Without it she would once again become the elf she had been the last time she was here—wild, reckless, and sure to misstep.

So, she recognizes she was arrogant and she’s actively working to not let herself slip into that old mentality. I think that’s a pretty interesting trait. It’s even heavily implied she still experimented with black mana, and that, if she wanted to, she could have used it to help her win various fights in BFZ… but that it would lead her back down a dark path she’s spent the last two years trying to become better than.

You know what I’m mad about though? Where is the outrage for Sorin the Songbird’s retcon? Why wasn’t he serenading Nahiri with death spells in their confrontation? :P

Someone being banned from a privately-owned platform for inciting harassment against another user, against the ToS of said platform: MUH FREE SPEECH

Milo Last-name-I-can’t-remember-how-to-spell has actually expressed support for banning trolls in the past, but I guess the rules only apply to people who are not him or who don’t subscribe to his views.

It’s really just another stupid cartoon about how ‘Blacks/Gays/ Liberals are over-sensitive crybabies’ from Garrison, who at this point really deserves to be subjected to some harassment so he might stop acting like people are being babies for being affected by it. Dude already pitches fits when 4chan makes nazi edits of his cartoons. The FEMINISM CANNON is kind of fun though.

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I love your art, but I love your writing even more. The way you portray sans and papyrus, seriously it's so spot on. It's exactly what you'd expect from a comic version of FINAGLC. Sad, but with some humor sprinkled in, and a really unique take on sans and papyrus's relationship. Really it's so much like the fic I kind of want to scream XD

omg that is so nice to hear, i can hardly express how happy it makes me…

Cause i have issues with the flow of the story but shh don’t tell anyone…

Thank you so much for liking this! QwQ

Seventeen Reacting to You not Being their First Bias - Request

A/N: Hi there! I’m doing great! I will be putting a little conversation between you and them, I hope you’re alright with that :). Thanks for requesting, please request again. Thank you!


We hit 400 followers! Thank you guys so much for the support and it’s honestly surprising I have actually gotten this far. Thanks again, please enjoy! <33


He’d feel the prick of jealousy as he would be all whiny to you about it as if you could change your decisions from before. 

“Seungkwan? What was so special for you to like him more than me~?” 

“It was before we were dating~ He’s really funny… and cute.” 



He’d be all confident that now that you had him you didn’t need your first bias anymore. 

“I bet my beauty overwhelmed you to switch over from Wonwoo to me, huh?”

“Hmm… maybe this is why Wonwoo was my bias at first.” 



Definitely not the jealous type but would still bring up the fact here and there. He’d be all laughing about it too. 

“I can’t believe you liked Dino as first, so weird.” 

“What? Dino is just so adorable, who couldn’t?” 

“I mean, I am too, right?” 


I can just tell Jun would be jealous that you didn’t pick him as your bias at first and he’ll let you know his distaste. 

“So… Vernon..” 

“Yeah, what about him–” 

“You liked him better than me… that’s mean.” 


When he finds out that your bias was not him at first, he’d feign shock. 

“H-how could y-you cheat on me?” 

“Soonyoung for the last time we weren’t dating at the time–” 

“But like, still~!!!!!” 


He doesn’t look like the jealous type too much but I can see it in him that he couldn’t help but act sad about this. 

“So uh… You liked Jun at first, huh? Hmm..” 

“Yeah, I don’t know, he looked pretty cool to me.” 

“B-but I wasn’t? I thought I was pretty cool too.” 


To be honest, Woozi doesn’t seem to be the jealous type so he’d be pretty chill about it. 

“I see you changed from one vocalist to the other.” 

“Jeonghan’s voice is really sweet and his hair looks so– pretty.” 

“Trust me, I hear that alot.” 


If you assure him that your his favorite now, he’d just give you a smile, but let’s say you didn’t yet. 

“I see you like Hoshi….” 

“I did… when we weren’t dating, but your my bias now~” 



This smol but tall boy would be so jealous and he wouldn’t even think he was until he heard what he was saying. 

“You betrayed me! The8?! Not Mingyu?” 

“Come on, your my bias now, don’t worry~.”

“Whyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~ What did he ever do for you~~~?” 


Pouting is all it took for you to see that he was jealous since he would be all sad that you weren’t his first bias. 

“Minghao, you okay?” 

“Why don’t you ask your first bias, Joshua? Hmph.” 

“Come on, that was such a long time ago~” 

im sorry this gif is like my lyfe now 


One word. Salty. He’d be salty to not even just you, but your first bias. Of course, it would be pretty funny to watch. 

“Seungkwan can you pass me the salt–” 

“Ask Seokmin!!! He’d give you all the salt you wanted!” 

“I told you he’s not my bias anymoreeeeee.” 

when someone interrupts you when you talk 


He’d be acting “chill” (though anyone can read him like an open book at that point) but really he’s just full on jealous inside.

“Really? Woozi? Your first bias? Really?” 

“Yeah, he’s so cute!” 

“W-what? I’m.. I’m cute…” 


When Dino asks you about your first bias and you tell him it’s not him, he’d be all jealous though he really hoped you couldn’t tell. 

“Whaaat? Mingyu..? Why?” 

“I don’t know, he looks so adorable and cute.” 

“Noooo, that’s me~” 

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Do you know of a good way to watch and support the show when it actually airs? because I don't have cable and can't afford to buy the episodes or any merchandise

If you don’t have cable then you can’t watch through CNs website, but you can still support the show in a number of ways without spending any money!

Watch CNs official SU clips on YouTube, the CN website, and CN app!
Engagement in social media is also great, so tweeting about SU, favoriting tweets regarding SU from CNs channels, giving SU videos a thumbs up and comment, etc. really helps.
They pay a lot of attention to social media engagement, more than most people realize, so supporting the show in that way is great!


it’s VERY flattering when you all print my work out and hang it up and send me photos and stuff but PLEASE consider that i am a writer/artist that sells her work and hopes to eventually make a living off of it. i can’t do that if my photos just get printed when i’m already selling them. they’re not expensive and i ship internationally, so please consider that when looking through my work!! like i said i’m flattered and grateful for any support but actual support would be terrific!! love u all thank you!!!!

you can find my work for purchase at refiningfire.bigcartel.com 🌻