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i bet if matt and allura were together he would constantly be telling her how beautiful she is but then she’d do something super badass and he’d be like “holy shit that’s my girlfriend?? the love of my life?? she did that!

How do you tell the most beautiful girl in the world that you’re in love with her eyes? The calmness, the freedom and the excitement you feel looking into them. How do you tell her that the way she always ties her hair up into a bun is cute? Or how your mind runs laps when she tries something new with it and you love her hair even when she hasn’t done a thing with it. How do you tell her that her smile is the most contagious thing you’ve ever experienced? Making the chemicals in your brain to jump around and go crazy, causing you smile back.

How do you tell the most beautiful girl in the world that you love the shape of her body? To tell her that you sit in awe, admiring the curves of her body when she sends you pictures. How do you tell her you love her legs? she says they are too thick, yet you think they are gorgeous, sexy. How do you tell her you want her to wrap them around you so I can grab them and hold them?

How do you tell the most beautiful girl in the world that her beauty doesn’t stop at her physical features? To tell her that she’s the sweetest, kindest girl you’ve ever met. That the way she loves you and cares for you makes you feel life is worth living. you love her at her highs, when she is talkative, bubbly and crazy. But I also love her at her lows, when she is tired, upset and needs someone to remind her just how special she is.

How do you tell the most beautiful girl in the world that you love the smallest details about her? Like her accent, her laugh, the way you can hear her blushing just from the way she talks. When her eyes light up talking about something she’s passionate about.

How do you tell her you love her, you want her, you’d happily spend the rest of your life with her? Wake up to her every morning and treat her with the respect, love and support she deserves.

I guess the thing is… You can tell her. I think the real question is… How do you make her believe it?

—  King-of-a-Queen

💗💜💙If you are bisexual I love, respect, and support you. I know it does not make you a cheat, or greedy, or untrustworthy. I know it’s not a phase or a stepping stone to being ‘fully gay’. I know you are not just straight and looking for attention. I know that finding someone and falling in love doesn’t mean you’ve ‘picked a side’. I know that being bi doesn’t mean you will always be on the brink of being tempted by someone of a different gender, even when you are in love. I know you are no more likely to be unfaithful than anybody else. I know that you are important, and valued, and deserve to be happy. 💗💜💙


You know when you think you’re out of a hellhole for good only to fall right back into it due to some small character that keeps being stuck on your mind? 

That is you, Connor.

I am not saying I will update a lot but god dammit these Assassin’s are going to be the death of me. 

how easier Connor’s life would have been if he only had Yellow pages to help him

shoutout to asexual trans boys who don’t feel like they belong in the LGBT+ community because of TERFs and exclusionists !!

no matter what they say, you are 1000% valid in your gender and your orientation and you are 1000% welcome in the LGBT+ community !!

you are deserving of so much love, respect, and support and i hope you know how wonderful and how loved you are !! 

lil reasons to love bangtan's syub-d

- album reviews
- when he used the faux fur from the coat as his ‘blond’ hair
- dressed up a mj figurine bc he thought he might be cold
- enjoys working in messy environments
- flipped rm off when the latter ranted in english nonstop
- being extra in rm’s log
- him reacting to kumamon irl
- “swag”
- the roommate who’d offer to watch movies together but fall asleep in b/w
- when he got jealous bc jimin asked namjoon to help him write lyrics for ‘tony montana’
- OTL moments
- licked a bath bomb bc he wondered if it’d taste like fizzy vitamin
- “lost my bag”
- says drinking coffee from a straw is 2 much so pours it in a bottle
- everything that happened in ‘first love’ and his entire mixtape
- blatantly sticking his ass out for hoseok to kick
- “i teared up but the tears evaporated”
- stitching the doll’s nose then leaving the needle there
- first idol 2 write music for weekly idol
- specialty: yelling jhope even when he isn’t on screen, only having eyes for jhope, can only focus on jhope’s fingers, laughing hysterically @ jhope’s reaction, loving jhope
- when he n jim were trying to push each other using hands only but the former ended up goin straight to jim’s crotch
- pulling chopsticks out of his sleeve
- his lover aka the neck pillow
- his reaction after telling fans he’s turning 24 in a month
- personally thanking heechul for taking care of them in weekly idol (even tho he didn’t get no screen time in the end)
- his trophy gazes
- jimin once described him as, and i quote, “an angel w no wings”
- suggested getting broccoli n salmon sponsorships for hobi bc of his dark eye circles
- do you ever just realize how he’s the first to react to hobi
- running to steal jin’s flag from behind
- saying how rm stealing his food was “so cute”
- when hobi said he was nervous for the rehearsal he replied, “hyung will carry everything so don’t be nervous”
- the legendary leather jacket
- “lost my taehyung”
- invented the lazy way to make a wrap
- making armys convert to the religion called bts
- stretching = lying down
- self added the rude hip thrusts in dope
- attempted in using chopsticks w left hand
- how he charges out of the scene right after the shooting is over
- lil feet claps
- plays basketball
- always there to reassure hobi’s nervousness
- always hyping jhope up before its the latter’s turn to rap
- how he covers his entire head in the airport
- ok but consider this….he was The One who encouraged jimin to write lyrics


tell me more about jay halstead’s past [54/∞]

Swimwear advice!!

So sorry, this turned out really long. Anyone is free to message me if you have questions or just want to talk :)

I’ve seen several asks from guys who aren’t out or aren’t accepted feeling anxious about swim wear- I thought I’d pitch in my suggestions on swimwear that is fairly gender neutral, or at least not over the top feminine.

If you’re going to be stuck wearing a “girl swimsuit,” you can definitely find stuff to wear in the women’s sections at places like Target, Walmart, or sporting goods stores. There’s usually a big section of trendy bikini/one piece stuff, but there should be a section that’s more basic and less revealing options.  Check there for basic swim or board shorts. A lot of these are still probably going to be pretty short compared to most men’s trunks, and they’ll probably be more form fitting, so look for some with a drawstring or adjustable waistband and go a size up.

As far as tops go, you also want to go with something pretty basic and toned down. If you can find something that’s basically just a tank top, then that will probably be your best bet. Try to find something with a relaxed cut instead of something that goes in at the waist (going a size up for this will probably help too). Look for something that has wide straps or even sleeves, since thinner straps tend to look more feminine. Almost all women’s suits will have bra cups built in to the top. If you’re lucky enough to find one without them, then that’s great, but in most cases, you can pull out the foam bra cup inserts. Do that! Those will define your chest more. If the suit is a thin material or you feel self conscious, you can take a few pieces of a stiff fabric like denim or canvas and insert those into the pockets the bra cups were in. Doing this won’t work like a binder, but it won’t define your chest like the cups did, and it’ll help to keep you from poking through your top. Be sure to remove the fabric as soon as you take off your suit, since it won’t dry very well and could get moldy or gross if it’s left in.

Other routes you could go would be to wear a basic athletic style one piece with shorts over it, or shorts + bikini top or sports bra+ rashguard top. If you cant find what you’re looking for in swimwear, don’t be afraid to try stuff like sports bras or lightweight athletic shorts/shirts, as long as you don’t leave them wet for too long- toss them in the dryer once you take them off to avoid aforementioned mold.

Some basic pointers on picking swimwear that’s not super feminine:

-Go for darker colors, neutrals, and earth tones. Bright, neon, and pastel colors are usually seen as more feminine.

-You can never go wrong with basic, plain pieces. If you love prints like me, though, stuff like stripes, plaid, geometric patterns, and camouflage tend to read masculine. Anything with superheroes/Star Wars/ video games/ sci-fi is also a pretty safe bet.

-If anyone questions why you’re so covered up, or not wearing a “normal” swimsuit, or whatever, you are not obligated to tell them anything you’re not comfortable with. Lots of cis women prefer to cover up too, for a lot of reasons. You have permission to lie like hell if you need to for your physical/emotional safety and comfort. You can say that you want to protect your skin from the sun, you can say that you don’t like “trendier” swimsuits because you’re worried you’ll flash everyone, you can cite religious reasons, etc, etc. Or you can just say it’s more comfortable and leave it at that. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for how you dress.

Most important: I know it sucks to feel stuck trying to fill a role that you’re uncomfortable in, and it’s really hard and depressing trying to be someone you’re not. Remember that it’s not forever, and some day you’ll be able to have fun swimming with friends, wearing what you want and feeling comfortable and confident. Someday, you’ll get to decide what haircut you want, what clothes you wear, what name you go by, what surgeries or HRT treatments you want, and you’ll be surrounded by people who respect and support you. I know it’s hard, and I know it seems like a long wait, but be kind to yourself. Someday, you’ll look back at how things are now, and you’ll be proud of how far you’ve come.

shoutout to genderfluid, bigender, and other multigender people who feel like they’re not welcome in achillean/sapphic communities because they’re not exclusively mlm/wlw !!

you’re 1000% allowed to be both sapphic and achillean and 10000% valid in your feelings of frustration when mlm/wlw spaces exclude you because you’re not exclusively a mlm/wlw !!

your identity is 1000% good and legitimate as is !! you don’t have to fit in static, binary understandings of gender !! and neither do your attractions !!

and honestly like !! you are deserving of so much love and respect and support !! and i hope you have a lovely day !! sending lots of love to you !!

I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I support Taylor Swift. I respect Taylor Swift.

Dear Superfruit fans

I know y'all are probably freaking out rn over the groundbreaking news (I know I am), but we need to remember a few important things:

- Scott and Mitch are PEOPLE, and this is their actual life, not a made up story.

- they have NO obligation to share their private life with us. So being mad they didn’t tell us sooner, harassing them to share more details or trying to bully them into talking about their current relationship status is NOT OKAY.

- no matter what your opinion is on their relationship (wether you ship them or not), you have no right to attack people that see things differently.

- be nice to your fellow fandom members, and most importantly

- show Scott and Mitch your love and support in a respectful way

Thanks fandom family, I love you 💜

My Top Voltron Ships

In no order, these are my favourite ships in Voltron.


The bond they share is incredible. Keith’s dedication to finding Shiro and never giving up searching for him, their mutual respect and support they have for each other, I could go on and on honestly. Also, I love that Shiro is basically a damsel in distress for Keith to save constantly.


I love it when Pidge clearly get’s annoyed by Lance’s flirting, and when Lance, even though he doesn’t understand all the science-y stuff, still tries to understand for Pidge. They care for each other, and there are numerous scenes with them looking out for and protecting the other. All in all, their dynamic is adorable and the fact that Pidge’s VA ships it too is amazing.


The red/pink aesthetic of the ship is great, and also I love their bond. They work well together as a team a respect each other, and I love seeing them star together in an episode. I also found Kallura was canon in previous incarnations of Voltron too, which is amazing.


The bond they shared in their respective episodes was just…so cute??? Hunk was so dedicated to going back to help Shay, and saving her and the other Balmerians was all he wanted to do. Also that sunset scene kills me every damn time. I wish we could see more of them. Also Hunk calling Shay pretty in the official handbook..holy shit.

Even though these are my favourites, I still respect all Voltron ships and will support you no matter which ones you enjoy :).

genderfluid people who use multiple gender related terms to describe themselves are stupendous !! it makes perfect sense to want to use different gender related terms depending on your gender feels and like !! is a completely valid and reasonable thing to do !! and regardless of the language you use, your identity is still real and valid and good !! you deserve lots of respect and support and understanding and i hope you have a lovely day !!

((hey can i just say i really fuckin’ love and appreciate y’all–))