I support and respect you

Y'all they are two completely separate issues

I 100% support and respect our soldiers, but you don’t have to put down another group to do this. Maybe it’s hard to truly understand until you’ve sat in a therapy session with a transgender client, crying with them and begging them to be voluntarily hospitalized because they are seriously contemplating suicide, and finally coming up with a safety contract, but not knowing with 100% certainty that they’ll still be alive to show up at their next session the following week.
Political and personal beliefs/agendas aside, just please be compassionate, towards everyone. You never really know what someone is struggling with or what internal demons they’re fighting…

Going to the Chapel - Lucy and Alex

Lucy was about four months pregnant, they had agreed to go on honeymoon as a first anniversary celebration, to London, we join the scene as Lucy is reading her Vows 

I Lucero Olivia Anastasia Collins, take you babyfaced one to be my husband, my friend, my lover, my tormentor, my companion in life and my instigator in trouble.
I will love you unconditionally, support you in your goals, honor and respect you, without TOO much sass (except on fridays).
I promise to love you faithfully through perfect times and the merely fabulous times, regardless of how often you are ADD boi.
I hereby promise to resist the urge to beat your ass when you are difficult to get out of bed.
In the presence of our family and friends who insisted on bloody tagging along, I offer you my solemn vow to be your Brat in sickness and in health, despite your nancy boi whining.
In good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow,I give you my trust, my love and my…soul.

She heard a few guests laugh. She wanted to get people to relax a little she knew everyone had been tense.

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what if I wanna start being called Imbique and identify as a black girl instead of a white guy, will you respect that? hahahahaha

Okay well first of all race has nothing to do with being transgender. So..if you’re a white male and you feel like you’re naturally a women and you want to transition? I’ll respect that and support you. Race has nothing to do with that picture. Shut the fuck up.


Thank You, Eddie Cardona Jr. (SlyFoxHound) 

Just enjoy the ride

Thank you so much, Sly for everything you have done in the hub. When I first saw the video I thought it would be normal, until I saw the time limit. I wasn’t hoping or expecting for you to leave, but as you explained throughout the video why, I agreed completely. I support and respect your decisions, and wish you the best of luck and where your headed. I can’t wait to see you in Florida (which I just moved here). But, the Creatures wouldn’t be the same without youwe’re all going to miss that hype attitude, that smexy face. Sly, I just want you to know, just thank youThank you for the past 3 years of dedication, sweat, editing, videos, and content you have provided on the hub. If you were not a Creature at all I think everything would just be so different. Just a big thank you, Sly. I wish you the best, and Me and the rest of the homies will stand by with you no matter, Senpapi. #HomiesUnite

As long as you’re happy, we’re happy.

My Official Statement:

As you may have heard by now, mommy is pregnant. I have consulted with my lawyers and apparently this type of betrayal is legal in all 50 States, leaving me powerless. I know in time I will accept the new addition to the family, but until then, I appreciate your ongoing love, support and kind words. I ask that you please respect my privacy as I cope with the abrupt changes in my life. 


Nori [The original ‘Only One’]

“I really want to take this opportunity to thank all of my amazing royals. This could NOT have happened without y'all. When I say I appreciate your support, I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Sometimes I be feelin’ like no one supports me and sometimes I even feel like all my hard work goes unnoticed, but this reassured me that y'all got my back and that means the world to me. EVERY like, share, comment, reblog, follow gives me life. Even if this video didn’t get far, as long as we got one black youth to see the beauty in themselves….we did our job. And to my white royals, no hate. I love y'all too and I appreciate the fact that y'all respect what I do and you continue to support me and the #NegusNATION. It’s just that, the war on black lives needs to be brought to light and I will do anything and everything in my power to help our people progress. We are all human beings and we deserve love. – This has been a hectic year so far, but great things are coming. I can feel it! Again, I thank you for believing in me!” Moise Morancy, Negus X.

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Hey Cassy! I don't have a tumblr account, but I would follow you, but I just want to say that I am a fan of you and Rebs. Could you please tell Rebs this too? I really wish I could send you my fan art. I'm just some weird fan girl. Thanks!!

Tumblr isn’t too hard to sign up for matey, if your the right age I would recommend an account, you can easily keep track of those you enjoy seeing content from, and support them ouo /). However I respect you if you don’t want to.

And thanks,, eheh, and no your not weird!


I like how in all of those vegan ads you stumble across on FaceBook they have a kitten as the picture. An adorable KITTEN meowing out “please don’t eat me”.

Yes like I’m totally going to go out to the store and pick up some kitten filets later. Maybe grill it or something idk. Maybe five actually, have you seen how little meat kitten have?

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If I was your girlfriend, then expect to be treated right. I will respect you, support you, and love you no matter if I agree with what you're doing or not. I will put you first before my friends. I will try to take you on really cute dates, but I have to pay bills so I'm broke. I will cook you dinner at my place and have a movie night. When it's nice out, we can go play sports or find something cool to do. I'll always keep you on your toes and make you feel beautiful.

you sound like exactly what I need tbh

Talking to artists is my favorite thing about my internship. I think, as a writer, I can understand and I know how to ask the right questions and build off of what they’re saying and make them feel important. I’ve interviewed 3 artists so far and each time I am left with so much joy and inspiration in my heart. Also, a lot of audio and quotes to work with. 

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I support you bb. People need to learn to respect, regardless if they don't agree.

Idk man thanks I’m just so heated

Like me and Bre and just really good friends and we knew people would blow the fuck up about us talking so we egged it on but to receive a fucking death threat dude? Fuck outta here man that’s pussy shit and I honestly will give my address out if anyone’s got the nuts to threaten me like they threatened that girl

fuckin…..a really bad thing about my relationship roght now is like…homie wants an open relationship and i am BPD as fuck and need attention/love to SURVIVE like god it kind of like…hurts lol

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So I totally respect that you support culturally homogenous, religious monarchies but do you really think they could realistically exist in todays world, or at any point in the future? and if not what do you support/why, as a more realistic alternative? (i.e. someone might believe communism is the best system, but realize it is unrealistic to fully implement today, so they support social democracy...)am i making sense? I'm honestly just curious.

Cultural, religious homogeneity is only possible in some societies right now; those which have not yet completely developed the cosmopolitan mass-urbanization and globalization such as has been adopted in the west. 

The only chance for these societies is to adopt an alternative system of economic and social development in the next few decades, but that does not seem too possible.

For the west, the only way any sort of homogeneity of this nature could occur is by de-urbanization and de-globalization, and so a switch to agrarianism and localization of community. In order for this to be done, the west needs to go through a heavy shift in trajectory, in fact, a reversal. The only way this will happen on a mass scale is through disaster.

The thing is, I’m beginning to lean towards the idea that as things start getting worse here, religious, traditionalist people will be forced to form communities of their own. Rob Dreher conceived of something known as the “Benedict Option” whereby localized communities of religious traditionalists are formed, and if we take modern liberal society to its modern conclusion (the mass moral and social decay will inevitably lead to an unsustainable society), then one can conclude that these communities which are self-sustaining (the family is the base economic unit of society, and those societies which preserve the family model will survive), will grow while mainstream society declines, until a point comes where the traditional model of community becomes desirable and standard. From this, monarchical forms of government can easily form.

So, truly I do think that there is some measure of possibility for society to “correct” itself, but in the end, God’s Will be done. I’m a long-term optimist, and a short-term pessimist. Problem is, it’s much easier to predict things short-term, so stay tuned for the next few decades.

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Just wanted to let you know that I'm proud of you for standing up to that jerk. You're amazing as you are and deserve to be respected. I'll be here to support you no matter what and if any more mosquitoes (haters) come along, I'll bring bug spray.

Thanks. I actually feel a lot safer now than I have in the past four hours. Still have to go down to the police station tomorrow but yeah.))

Anyone can vouch for me, I think all transgender people are the height of courageous and I have the utmost of pride and respect to see them pursue happiness. I also respect and honor every sexuality and all of their nuances. However, every time something big happens in these areas, tumblr turns into a really negative place. Rather than celebrating what an achievement Caitlyn Jenner has made, a good portion of tumblr users take this as an opportunity to slam anyone and everyone. Suddenly it’s not okay to exalt the physical beauty of a woman, simply because she is transgender. And the amount of “if you don’t reblog *this post shaming Caitlyn’s “supposed supporters”* I have lost all respect for you”, posts is ridiculous. Everyone needs to chill and maybe celebrate a little for a woman who finally got on her right path ✌🏼️✌🏼


we don’t talk much, but from the times we have i’ve grown to see you as a sort of older sister figure, or maybe a drunk but very supportive aunt. more simply put, i have an insane amount of respect for you, and you may laugh or disagree but you’re a role model. 

you absolutely do not take shit from anyone, and god have mercy on anyone around you being walked over. you talk with such fire about the things you care about, and maybe there might be a few hurt feelings along the way, but i know it comes from a good place.

i’m sitting here writing, erasing, rewriting, erasing again, trying to find the words to let you know how much i really respect you but it’s all just spaghetti, virtual spaghetti. 

you’re so, so wonderful and i really hope that others see that kindness in you. 

i’ve never really had any particular life goals, but since meeting you i’ve realised at the very least what kind of a person i aspire to be. 

thank you for sticking up for me and supporting me in a group full of people who i came to realise weren’t really worth wasting my time on in the first place, and thank you for being there supporting me in all the ways you have. some of them might seem little, but in no way does that change how much it means to me.

i hope i can return the favour!