I support and respect you


You know when you think you’re out of a hellhole for good only to fall right back into it due to some small character that keeps being stuck on your mind? 

That is you, Connor.

I am not saying I will update a lot but god dammit these Assassin’s are going to be the death of me. 

how easier Connor’s life would have been if he only had Yellow pages to help him

I’ve seen many people defending pewdiepie and saying things like #istandwithpewdiepie so I’d like to send a message to those people.

How can you be so ignorant? Is the fact that there are many people who truly do want to kill Jews not enough to convince you that maybe joking about such things is wrong? Are you that insensitive to the history of the Nazis who killed 5-6 million Jews? Have you forgotten what has happened when people let anti semitism go ignored?

While it may be all a joke to you, it is far too real to others who face the possibility of being killed for being a Jew. So while you’re laughing and brushing it off, someone else is facing oppression.

You shouldn’t be so surprised the media reacted this way. You shouldn’t be surprised that they called him out for it. This is, after all, not the first time he has done something like this.

Image it as something like this: 

Your classmate is allergic to peanut butter. Even just touching it will cause an allergic reaction. You are fully aware of this. 

You decide to one day bring a PB&J sandwich to lunch. If that wasn’t enough, you also decide to deliberately bring it near them. And when they point out how insensitive this is, you throw a fit claiming that “you don’t deserve this harassment” and “you’ve done so many nice things in the past”.

If you truly cared about your classmate, you would have respected their allergy. 

So go ahead and keep supporting him. But do understand that by supporting him, you are also supporting the harassment of millions of people who face real threats by real Nazis.

shoutout to asexual trans boys who don’t feel like they belong in the LGBT+ community because of TERFs and exclusionists !!

no matter what they say, you are 1000% valid in your gender and your orientation and you are 1000% welcome in the LGBT+ community !!

you are deserving of so much love, respect, and support and i hope you know how wonderful and how loved you are !! 

asexual people who still want to look sexy are no less asexual than asexual people who do not!

regardless of your reasons, you are allowed to want to look sexy and still be asexual!

regardless of other people’s perceptions about asexuality, you are allowed to want to look sexy and still be asexual!

regardless of what other people tell you, you are allowed to look sexy and still be asexual!

no matter how you present yourself, you are still 1000% valid in your asexuality and you are deserving of respect, understanding, and support! i hope you have an excellent day!

My dear lgbt+ kids who wear Hijabs (or other kinds or religious headwear),

You belong into the lgbt+ community. You belong, and you are loved, accepted and respected. I support you wholeheartedly - and with you, i mean all of you. 

No matter which gender you identify with, who you feel attracted to or not or what your individual reasons for wearing it are, you are welcome here. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 


I cannot find the words to express just how much Seán means to me. He has helped me get through some tough times and I cannot thank him enough for everything he does for me and the community. He is so sweet, caring, and kind to every single one of us. He amazes me more and more each day and I am so damn proud of him. He has come so far and has accomplished so much. I really hope that one day, I’ll get to meet him and tell him just how much I appreciate him being here. If you see this @therealjacksepticeye thank you so much for everything. I hope you know that you will always have my support, respect, love and appreciation, no matter what. <3

agender people who have to deal with being misgendered as girls are still agender

being misgendered sucks but no matter how people perceive you, your identity is still 1000% valid and you are 1000% valid

you deserve to be around people who will respect that you are agender

you deserve to have your identity accepted

you are wonderful and amazing and absolutely agender and you are deserving of lots of love, respect, understanding, and support, and i hope you get exactly as much as you need!

I’m just really overwhelmed with how much I love this fandom right now.

It’s times like these that remind me that fandom is the place where the emotional labor happens. Where fans check in on other fans, and are there to support and encourage them. Where people are reminded about the value of self-care, or are given a place to rant or cry and express their emotion, where you can message or inbox your favorite blog and say “I’m right there with you” or “I feel this way, I need your help/support” or “I disagree, but I respect the hell outta you”. 

Fandoms will always be such unique, wonderful, and special places because beyond all the irritation, disagreements, and occasional ugliness, there is at its core this fundamental understanding of a mutual humanity, and a special kind of empathy that no network or show could ever understand or value as much as the fans themselves. We’re human, we make mistakes, but we work it out and we get there.

When shows fall apart in various ways, it’s the fandom that deal with the fallout. And I’m not saying it should be the show’s responsibility (although I do think there’s certain things that should and should not be done by shows and their creators in response to actual or predicted pain/outrage from fans). But I think it’s worth acknowledging that we are the carers for each other. The emotional labor falls on us and we don’t even question that responsibility, because the fandom becomes your family. And that’s such a beautiful and human part of an online community.

Message to the tumblr drug community

I care about all of you drug users (and recovering drug addicts): addicted or occasional users, doing heroin or meth or coke or benzos or painkillers or whatever substance that can be abused to get high, black, brown, white, asian, lgbt and non-lgbt, young or old…I don’t really mind your personal and social status, you’re all humans to me who deserve support and respect, and I care about every single one of you, no categories excluded. I see drug using women in particular and people of color are being bullied by a hateful asshole here and it makes me sick. We should all report him to tumblr and end this abuse.
A big hug to my followers who are into drugs. Stay strong and safe y'all and remember my inbox is always open!

election blurb: a soft comfort from harry xx

if you are a trump supporter, i respect your view the same way you respect this democratic post: completely / congratulations on your victory, i hope you do make this country great.

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“i’m so….disappointed.” “i know you are, i am too.” harry holds you tighter. impossibly tighter. so tight your ribs hurt, but you don’t say anything. if it wasn’t for his arms, you’d be a pile of limbs and fragile bones on the floor. it was three a.m. and the election polls are locked and finalised. donald trump is the winner of the 45th us presidential election. “i’m so scared,” you cry into his shoulder, and he rubs gentle circles into your back. “i’m so scared.”

“i am too,” harry pulls away a bit and you can see his tears are stained with tears as well. “it’s okay,” he runs a thumb across your face, killing a tear. “we’ll get through this. everybody will be alright.”

your lips quiver, and your eyes dart over to the coffee table–where your phone buzzes alive with messages from your…muslim friends. you squeeze your eyes tightly shut as harry practically jumps up to reply before you can cry any more. you can’t even imagine the messages: what do i do? do i leave the country? where do i go? 

“2016 was supposed to be brilliant,” you whisper.

“it will be,” harry comes back to your side and presses a soft kiss at the side of your cheek. “everything will be brilliant. i will not allow for anything less.”

I’m still often afraid to call them my abusers or myself a survivor or what I’m experiencing trauma. Half the time, I feel I don’t qualify.
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Finally able to get into digital art. Granted it’s just using an app on my phone and a shitty stylus pen. But I’m happy with the style I’m creating for myself. This guy’s dope as fuckin shit and a wonderful muse, thank you for brightening my days, I love and respect and support everything you’ve done thus far, and everything great and bright and beautiful that I know you will come to achieve, if you believe you haven’t already. I’ll be right here every step of the way, and keep your eyes open, my name is gonna be side by side with the greats someday and you’ll remember these things. 💜💚