I support and respect you

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I think it's really cool that you sell your art on here. I'm glad you're not like all those other bimbos that have a wish list n are constantly begging people to buy them shit. What you're doing is pretty respectable I support u hahahah 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

thanks?? but there’s nothing unrespectable about posting your wishlist I do it too I just don’t have a permanent address at the moment for people to post things to lol honestly who cares if people post their wish lists 

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im so jealous of this new girl😭 but im also so so happy for you. i wish you the best❤️

This is super sweet and the kind of response I would like to get. I don’t want y'all being hateful towards me and who I like just because it isn’t you. Support me and respect me and I will do the same to you


Thank You, Eddie Cardona Jr. (SlyFoxHound) 

Just enjoy the ride

Thank you so much, Sly for everything you have done in the hub. When I first saw the video I thought it would be normal, until I saw the time limit. I wasn’t hoping or expecting for you to leave, but as you explained throughout the video why, I agreed completely. I support and respect your decisions, and wish you the best of luck and where your headed. I can’t wait to see you in Florida (which I just moved here). But, the Creatures wouldn’t be the same without youwe’re all going to miss that hype attitude, that smexy face. Sly, I just want you to know, just thank youThank you for the past 3 years of dedication, sweat, editing, videos, and content you have provided on the hub. If you were not a Creature at all I think everything would just be so different. Just a big thank you, Sly. I wish you the best, and Me and the rest of the homies will stand by with you no matter, Senpapi. #HomiesUnite

As long as you’re happy, we’re happy.

@/taylor thank you for sticking up for yourself, for others, and for setting such a wonderful example to people that everyone should stand up for themselves. i’ll love, support, and respect you always <3

hey guys…it’s been brought to my attention that there is a lot of hate, arguing, ship shaming, etc. going around the Jonnor famdom right now… i usually take pride in how loving and accepting the fosters/jonnor famdom is, and will continue to do so, but in order to keep my dash loving and positive, i will be unfollowing people who are starting/spreading unnecessary drama that is impacting or hurting other bloggers or is negative towards any ships or actors/actresses. just a reminder that the fosters is literally a show about loving yourself and others and learning and being educated about differences in society, and the famdom is supposed to be a place that loves and accepts everyone of all backgrounds. please keep that in mind, and please be kind to one another. thanks :)


I just want any potential boyfriend to know: if you ever decide that you want to be my girlfriend, I’ll support you. Or if you wanna be my boyfriend who wears dresses and does your makeup, I’ll support you. If you’re mine, you’ll be mine unconditionally. And I will support and respect you.

I just want any potential girlfriend to know: if you ever decide you want to be my boyfriend, I’ll support you. Or if you wanna be my girlfriend who rocks the “Men’s’ section and buzzes your hair, I’ll support you. If you’re mine, you’ll be mine unconditionally. And I will support and respect you.

Little one, I want you to know I love you. I won’t punish you for telling the truth. Your actions maybe, but we’ll talk about it and we’ll figure it out. I assume by the time you’re old enough to get ahold of alcohol or cigarettes or any kind of drug, that I’d have already taught you right from wrong. But either way, coming to me will never be the wrong thing to do and I hope I won’t ever make you feel differently.

fact: if you support the murder of children I don’t support you

fact: if you support the sale of these murdered children, I don’t support you

fact: if you feel that this makes me an asshole, then I’m not the one losing here

if you’re going to respect anything, respect life

Is Tumblr getting whinier and whinier or is it just me?

I’m all for equal rights, sexual awareness and gender identity….

….but its the way Tumblr is going about it that just annoys the fucking piss out of me.

Here’s what I mean, I got into an argument with someone because I wasn’t supportive ENOUGH. WHAT?!?!? I recognize you, I see our differences, I respect your life choices, but when I treat you like a person and see right through all of the outer labels… I’m still labelled a bigot because apparently that’s not fucking good enough.

Its getting to the point where I’m beginning to regret having my eyes opened because I just want to smack everyone who incessantly go on and on about the world is cruel, my parents kicked me out, I’m being persecuted, blah bl-blah bl-blah bl-blah….. UGH!

I get it. I truly do. I understand how hard life can be, how cruel people can be, how horrible the world can be, but GROW SOME THICKER FUCKIN’ SKIN FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. You are going to grow up think that if you whine enough and cry enough and carry on enough that the world will eventually change for you. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! No one will take you seriously. You need to suck it up and learn how to play “the game” correctly, and a million notes on Tumblr is not going to be enough.

The world is not going to change if you don’t do something about it, I mean ACTUALLY do something about it. Write to your congressman. Stage a public protest. Represent yourself at city councils, because the old farts in charge could give TWO SHITS about social media. Most of them still think the internet is just a phase we’re going through.

Now I cannot speak for all straight white males, but I am NOT rich, my folks are NOT rich, and I have never even HELD a silver spoon. I was taught to work for everything, and that there is NO SUCH THING as a free lunch. I worked very hard for the house I now own, but still money is quite thin. And I am personally teaching my children that no matter the color of your skin, your gender, your nationality, your sexuality or your religion….

…ALL voices are worth listening to. THAT is how I am working to change the world. By influencing the next generation that sexism, racism, and all forms of intolerance are wrong so that I can do my part to end the viscious cycle.

Now… besides reblogging a post, or signing a petition, or fowarding an email, or any other MINIMAL action you can think of… what have you REALLY done to change the world?

I know I could do more… let’s all do this together.

some people should respect if someone still supporting eminem, I’m not saying they should accept it or support him too, just respect, you don’t know why we do it or the impact his music has had in us, I admit that it bothers me a little when people say shit about him, or about us, but at the end of the day we are the ones who are saved (yes, saved) for his stories, maybe those people have never needed that kind of distraction for their minds and that’s why they don’t get it…

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Dang baby. I would respect you so hard. UH! Dedicate myself to supporting you in your career and life choices. I'd treat you so good like you were an autonomous human being with independent aspirations and goals. Oh yeah! Learn your desires and behavior patterns like clockwork to know when it was appropriate to make sexual advances as your consensual significant other. Holla! O_O

I … Uh … ??????? I can’t tell if sarcasm or…???


Everyone deserves a chance..

Listen up everyone, I understand why you are pro-choice, I respect that. If you believe it is the right thing I respect that that just like I respect all believes and opinions. But I as a young woman can simply not think that having a abortion is the right thing to do. There are some extremely horrible parents out there and that’s really sad, but there is and will always be adoption. And there is also CPS who do the best they can to get kids out of bad situations. Why I’m pro-life you ask? Because everyone deserves a chance. That thing, that child, that fetus, deserves a chance just as much as me. If deserves to come out of the womb into this world and have a freaking chance. It’s deserves the chance to become a doctor, or a engineer, or a president! It deserve a chance to learn and listen and to live. So how can you take that chance away and not feel guilty about it? I understand that if the circumstance were that it was conceived thru rape, or that you did not feel fit for a mother, or that you just plain out did not want to be a mother, put it up for adoption. Do not take away that baby’s chance just cause you can’t live with having it inside you for 9 months. You were given a chance at life, don’t take the most innocent thing in the world away. That’s what’s wrong. Like I said if you are pro-choice I will respect your opinion just like I hope you will respect mine back. Have a good day.

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This is truly a beautiful blog for anyone who needs help! It's a really open and I'm sure Taylor would be very grateful for this awesome and open blog! I followed because I support everyone on this blog and respect you all! :)

Thank you so much! It means the world to us to hear that people are liking this blog, and hopefully getting some support and advice from it. The power of Taylor Swift continues! If you want us to keep helping more Swifties, feel free to reblog our main posts and spread the word. (:

- Swiftie Support Group xx

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Do you think aromantic heterosexuals are straight or nah?

I personally don’t consider them to be.  Aromanticism and asexuality are both queer identities on their own, regardless of other gender, sexuality, or romantic orientations. ‘Straight’ denotes heterosexuality, but usually carries a connotation of heteroromanticism as well. Since discussions about sexual orientations rarely mention romantic orientations, there is a gray area about whether ‘straight’ denotes someone who is heterosexual AND heteroromantic, or simply heterosexual. 

I, along with most people I know, consider ‘straight’ to indicate someone whose attraction orientation/s are not ‘queer.’ We would then consider aromantic heterosexuals not straight. However, if an aromantic heterosexual person feels (more) comfortable identifying themself as straight, then I will of course respect that and fully support them!

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to come off anon and we can talk about it more in depth! :)

(Sidebar: in a previous post, I vehemently said that heteroromantic aces were definitely not straight. I would just like to add that there are many heteroromantic aces as well as aromantic heterosexuals who identify as straight, and that is perfectly fine; what we hope to avoid is people who identify as queer being considered straight by others for whatever reason. The LGBTQIA+ community should be welcoming and a safe haven for people of all queer gender, sexuality, and romantic orientations.)

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I don't understand why people are getting mad and trying to start a fight with people who are just upset and saying they should be happy for him I mean he left us lost and confused for four months thinking that his wasn't doing ok mentally. But other than that I'm happy for him but still a little upset

I’m 100% alright with people loving him and supporting him as long as I get the same sort of respect back, you know?