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Hey I just want you to know I am a Jewish American and I respect and support you and everything you stand for. Not only that, but using resources you've posted, even my sixty year old Jewish parents are proud to oppose the actions of Israel. you do good stuff and many of us Jews are here to fight against the actions of those who claim to represent us.

Thank you!!! You really made my day :)

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I really hate the whole Suga/Agust D vs Rap Monster thing some fans have going on. It's fine to have a personal preference but please still appreciate the talent of both and stop trying to put down the other/make everything a competition.

Oh man I agree and I’ve made heaps of rant replies to this so IMMA keep it short I agree with you..

The boys respect eachother and support eachother they wouldn’t want to be pitted against eachother like that but some fans are just immature

I hope they receive alot more love from those who respect both artists

If you’re a fan of one boy more than the other please remember you don’t need to praise your bias by putting down another idol please be respectful


Thank You, Eddie Cardona Jr. (SlyFoxHound) 

Just enjoy the ride

Thank you so much, Sly for everything you have done in the hub. When I first saw the video I thought it would be normal, until I saw the time limit. I wasn’t hoping or expecting for you to leave, but as you explained throughout the video why, I agreed completely. I support and respect your decisions, and wish you the best of luck and where your headed. I can’t wait to see you in Florida (which I just moved here). But, the Creatures wouldn’t be the same without youwe’re all going to miss that hype attitude, that smexy face. Sly, I just want you to know, just thank youThank you for the past 3 years of dedication, sweat, editing, videos, and content you have provided on the hub. If you were not a Creature at all I think everything would just be so different. Just a big thank you, Sly. I wish you the best, and Me and the rest of the homies will stand by with you no matter, Senpapi. #HomiesUnite

As long as you’re happy, we’re happy.

Today is the Transgender Day of Visibility! According to Trans Student Equality Resources:

TDoV is a day to show your support for the trans community. It aims to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans people around the globe while fighting cissexism and transphobia by spreading knowledge of the trans community. Unlike Transgender Day of Remembrance, this is not a day for mourning: this is a day to be empowered and get the recognition we deserve! 

Trans followers, I support, respect and celebrate you 100%. Each and every one of you is totally badass. Keep bein’ you. And to find a TDoV event near you, click here


friendly reminder you’re no better than the admin of fykai

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just to be clear - you can still ship larry. as long as you’re respectful and not causing anyone any harm (aka erasing freddie’s existence or louis’ role as a dad, harassing louis and harry and their fam and friends, posting ‘larry is real’ on everyone’s insragrams) then you’re free to ship who you want. enjoy the fanart, enjoy the fanfiction, make your manips. just leave the real people out of it

I’m still often afraid to call them my abusers or myself a survivor or what I’m experiencing trauma. Half the time, I feel I don’t qualify.
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I don’t know how I feel about this tbh. I understand people are upset over the whole Luke and Arazaylea situation but why is that going to change your support of the band. Luke losing followers, sure I guess that’s understandable, but cancelling orders on the album. Why are you going to let one person’s possible relationship and new attitude affect your support of the band. I get you might have lost respect for Luke but why are you going to take it out on the other boys; Calum,Ashton, and Michael all worked really hard to create this beautiful album and you’re just going to destroy their hard work because you’re mad at one person. Go ahead go unfollow Luke if you’re angry but don’t take it out on the other boys because they don’t deserve to pay for someone else’s mistake. Anyways rant over, continue enjoying your day

When I say I’m a feminist, don’t you EVER confuse me with a man-hating woman with a need to have more rights than men. Don’t ever think that I hate people who are NOT feminists. Don’t assume that someone HURT me and I’m a feminist because I’m angry and want revenge. Don’t assume that I’m angry at all. Don’t even assume I feel oppressed. True feminism is not like this. I don’t have to be oppressed to support the ones who are. True feminism is about equality, and equality only. Equal rights, equal possibilities and equal consequences. I am not above any other gender, ethnicity, sexuality or belief, unless your beliefs are douche beliefs that support oppression and make people suffer. I respect everyone unless you are a douche. It’s quite simple.

Reasons to live alone
  1. Adopt cats!! 
  2. NEVER wear clothes at home
  3. Be gay all I want
  4. Safe place for friends to crash whenever they need
  5. Gay art in the walls
  6. “Me time” whenever I want
  7. Lil home bar + no one to call me alcoholic 
  8. Witchcraft practice 
  9. PROJECTION SCREEN instead of TV
  10. Bake space cakes (& brownies & cookies & PIZZA)

I don’t even ask for much ya know, just want to do my stuff in peace. Won’t hurt anybody. Gonna print this list and look at it any time I need motivation to work. 

I used to feel sick to my stomach all the time. I felt nauseous waking up in the morning, I had trouble eating because everything made me feel sick, and I got motion sick very easily. Now that I moved out of the abusive household I was raised in, that doesn’t happen anymore. I’m starting to realize that all my health concerns stemmed from the abuse. I really have been sick this whole time and it’s because of how my parents treated me. I’m both disgusted and relieved.
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