I still trust it tho


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.


I just love them so much!!!! Ahhh I wanna know everything about them!!!!


I know I haven’t posted anything in ages and that’s uncool. Trust me tho I’m still 100% invested in this blog and Star Trek but finals week really ate me alive. I had no time for anything because I was so busy trying to memorize scientific names of native animals in Ohio and how to ID them. I also need to basically move out so you can imagine how stressed I am.
With that being said everything will return to normal tomorrow and I will also start watching DS9 at some point next week.
Thank you for understanding!
Have a prosperous day 🖖


Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

❈Requested by digital-wings | Insp x | taken from wikia character page

hm uh anyway. time to pretend that welcome to the madness isn’t a thing

tfw u would be further along in the game if u weren’t constantly distracted by your protagonist’s face


“Do it! What are you waiting for? Pull the trigger!” His father hisses. Farkle stares down at the girl in front of him. The girl he fell for despite being told several times not to. He had tried so hard. So fucking hard. But in the end, he fell hard and fast for Riley Matthews.

“It’s okay Farkle,” His hand trembles, the Glock 22 shaking along with it. “I trust you.” She looks up at him her eyes full of the same blind confidence she’s had since the day they first met.

The same confidence he’d tried to destroy.

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So my girlfriend always ask for a break every year because she said she doesn't feel like herself. She said she always feels depressed. She was like this before I met her. Very depressed person. We've been dating for 3 years. Any thoughts?

some ppl cope with depression in different ways so yeah she just might need some space from everything… if i were you i wouldn’t trust her cuz a nigga like me(a nigga with trust issues) would be like “fuck it! this hoe prolly want a break to go fuck some other nigga and come back to me like i’m a duck” but don’t be a nigga like me lol i’m sure she’s telling the truth tho only a really sick person would use depression as a justifiable reason to go cheat on someone else. if space/breaks really help her then let her do her thing. i still wouldn’t trust her tho lol ijs🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.

Cath’s poster of Baz lounging on a fanged black throne. (Not my best, not very detailed, weird style… But i like it anyways) (if for whatever reason you think to repost DONT)

Beyoncé got me mad at and suspicious of men I don’t even know scrolling past gifs of John Boyega like “you’d probably just hurt me, boy bye!”

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i think terry are fine olitz maybe not so lol too much water under that bridge for the old olitz to return so a new form of olitz has to occur . i still dont trust sr tho and surely if olitz got their happy ending tg would be shouting it from the rooftops 🤔

I also do not get his blase attitude. We will see soon enough if Olitz will survive until finale, let alone past it