I still think he's her biological father

Cuddles and Teddy Bears

Word Count: 1679

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Unbeta’d. Mistakes are mine. Written for @impalaimagining ‘s cheesy pickup line challenge. Prompt was: “I lost my teddy bear, can I cuddle you instead?” 

“Jensen you don’t have to stay with me. Really. I’m OK.” Another wave of dizziness hit you right at that moment and you gripped the handle inside the SUV. Your 5-year-old daughter, Lily, sat between Jensen and you, swinging her legs and humming while Clif drove you home from the hospital.

You’d taken a nasty fall filming a scene. Jensen was supposed to grab you and stop you from falling. Instead, he grabbed you and tickled you, forcing you to launch yourself away. You were attached to bungee cords in the event that he missed, but the cords malfunctioned and you fell several feet flat on your back, neck, and head.

“You’re not OK.” Jensen argued. “And I’m the reason you got hurt on set so the least I can do is stay the night. Plus someone needs to help with Lily. You can’t handle her alone right now. Not with all the pain medication they gave you plus all the pain you’re gonna be in when they wear off.” Damn him. He was right, you hadn’t thought about that. That was the crappy side of being a single parent, you didn’t have anyone to watch her if things went bad.

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Father Figure // Jensen

Prompt #20: “Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone”
Prompt #29: “You know, thongs aren’t so uncomfortable after all”

Author: Caitsy

Warning: Swearing, fluff

Disclaimer:I do not own Supernatural. I do not own any gifs, images, or songs that may show up in this.

Summary: You’ve never had a good father figure in your life until you scored the role of Dean Winchester’s daughter on the hit show Supernatural. He was over-protective but what happens when you get a little wasted with your friends?

Requested: Yes. @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish

A/N: I found it rather amusing to write this because Jensen fits the caring father role for someone that isn’t his biological daughter. I hope you enjoy!

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You were lucky to have the next couple of days off to relax from filming. You had invited your friends from the Vancouver area to your trailer for drinks. No one on set knew about this because majority of the cast and set members were American so they still believed that the legal age is twenty-one. Understandable given how they didn’t think about the age now due to the large gap of ages.

“Kid, get some sleep.” Jensen said pulling you into a side hug, “We want to take you out for breakfast tomorrow.”

“Sure!” You grinned feeling Jensen pressed a kiss into your hair. You played his on-screen daughter on the show.

“Bright and early.” Jared grinned as you collected what you had brought, “We’re staying in our trailers tonight so we can leave quick.”

“Okay!” You smiled before striding to your trailer that was on the far end of the lot.

Jensen and you had gotten very close since you joined the cast four years ago when you were still sixteen. You had wanted to get away from your large and intrusive family, they had wanted to since your father went to jail for countless charges of indecent exposure to young children. Slowly Jensen became the father figure you had always lacked.

“The gang is bringing the alcohol, I have snack in the trailer and everything it cleaned up inside.” You muttered to yourself while biting your lip.

You had planned to get together with your friends and had asked for visitor passes for them to hang for awhile. The set people had thought it would only females but you hadn’t corrected them because majority would be female.

“You’re a lucky kid.” Misha chuckled as you strolled past him, “I may join you for breakfast tomorrow. Have a good sleep.”

“Thanks!” You grinned as you entered your nice size trailer.

You quickly showered before climbing into a nice pair of shorts and a t-shirt while braiding your hair to get the wetness out of you face. You had just put the board games out when your trailer door opened. In came your friends Alice, Lexi, and Rachel followed by your male friends Larson, Astral, Liam and Luke.

“Got the drinks?” You asked as they all laughed before falling into the seats. Larson chuckled as he nodded before he stretched out his legs.

“You know it.”

“What should we start out with? Poker? Board game?” Rachel asked going through the games on the table.

“We did strip poker last time and I’m not prepared to bare myself again.” Alice laughed pointedly staring at her legs, “Forgot to buy more razor cartilages.

“You guys want to be Never Have I Ever or Truth or Dare?” Astral asked.

“Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.” You laughed at the eyebrow wiggling Liam was doing at the group.

Cracking open a couple cans of your preference of alcohol you sat in a circle following the rules for the childlike game. The rule was that you would have to chug a beer if you opted out of doing a dare as told by Lexi.

“Alice…truth or dare?” Astral smirked.

“Truth.” Alice grinned.

“Have you ever wanted to hook up with a female in the room?”

“Honestly? When I first met Y/N but then I got to know her.” Alice shrugged as she popped an M &M into her mouth. You laughed pushing her in the side, “What! Your hot and I’m into girls!”

“Nice to know you wanted to jump my bones.” You cried as you drank more of your beer.

“Astral…truth or dare?”


“Makeout with Rachel.”

“What are you twelve?” Astral let out a deep chuckle before he pulled Rachel into a deep kiss that turned heated very soon.

“Okay! Moving on!” You exclaimed.

You were an hour into the game and a lot of you were majorly tipsy already that you were getting more and more daring. You weren’t backing down from any question or dare but you seriously were enjoying the alcohol that you weren’t served at cast parties as Jensen didn’t want you drinking.

“Y/N…I dare you to wear a thong for the next twenty-four hours…starting now.” Lexi hiccuped.

“I don’t have any.” You frowned. You hated thongs with a passion but drunk you didn’t give a shit.

“I just got some yesterday!” Rachel squealed, “Here.”

Rachel swiftly pulled out a package of the them making you curious as to why she was carrying thongs around with her. You burped as you stumbled into the corner where you discarded the panties you were wearing and pulled the thong on. You could feel the heated gaze of Larson staring at you more than the others.

“Okay.” You giggled as you nearly fell over as you sat down.

You moved on from Truth or Dare into board games that had you all laughing your asses off but what really go the party going was when you were having a heavy make-out session with Larson on your bed. It wasn’t something that was new, you and Larson flirted but never passed the line.

“Y/N?” A knock on your tailer door didn’t pull you apart nor did you hear it over the music. You did however feel from when Larson was roughly pulled away from you.

“What the hell?” Larson exclaimed before backing off at the height of Jared and the pissed Jensen, “Invite only.”

“Get the fuck out of this trailer. NOW!” Jensen roared watching as everyone got their stuff and ran out of the trailer. You winced feeling the pain in your head before you saw Jared give you an advil and water.

“Do you know what time it is?” Jared said as he crossed his arms at you.

“It’s SEVEN IN THE MORNING!” Jensen roared, “Have you been drinking all night?”

“Maybe.” You grunted.

“You’re not legal.” Jensen huffed.

“I’m nineteen. I’m legal in Canada.” You groaned before Jensen huffed as you were still tipsy.

“Well your not in my eyes!”

“Jensen I was having fun!”

“Having fun drinking the night away and having sex with a stranger?” Jensen retorted, “Do you know how easily it is to forget a major detail of protection when you’re wasted?”

“Dude. I didn’t have sex.”

“Y/N you’re like a daughter to me. I don’t want to see you ruining your life like this. It’s one thing to have a drink or two but getting wasted isn’t acceptable especially when people are still working on set.”

“I’m sorry.” You pouted feeling yourself sober up, “I’m so-orry Dad.”

Jensen was stunned at what you called him before you passed out in his arms with no shirt on. He swiftly yanked the shirt you had stolen from him over you and placed you into your bed still thinking of what he was called. Jared and him quickly cleaned everything up before opening a window to air out the stench of alcohol.

“Wow.” Jared whispered, “She called you-“

“I know.” Jensen said awed. He really did see you as a daughter and could careless if you called him anything but he knew you saw him as a father.

You know, thongs aren’t so uncomfortable after all.” You mumbled in your sleep. Jared and Jensen scrunched their noses up before they fought for the door.

“That’s my cue to leave.” Jensen said he left his non biological daughter sleeping her way back to being sober.

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helpicantstopdrawing  asked:

Hi there! So, I have a character, and she is a black woman. He was originally lined up to have two moms (one being a trans woman) but I know there is a negative stereotype of black people not having their father around. Seeing she would still have both her biological parents active in her life and supportive of her, would that still be holding that negative stereotype, and should I avoid her having two moms? Thanks for the guidance!

Black Character With Two Moms

I don’t think that stereotype applies in the case of their being two mothers. No Black man has been taken away from his kids or deserted his kids in this plot so there is no absent father in this case. That’s key to the “Why it’s okay.“ 

Lesya would like to mention the unfortunate implications that there’s something wrong with having two moms (because there isn’t), especially since one of those two moms is a trans woman and Black trans women in particular are seen as super masculine. You’ll have to be careful how the narrative treats the trans woman to be sensitive.



Friendly reminder that wolverine’s older-half brother John probably had similar/the same powers and very well may still be alive somewhere (and if his death was not faked, he was probably killed either by his mother Elizabeth Howlett or her boyfriend and wolverine’s biological father Thomas Logan)

John has showed up in one alternate future/au but other a few cryptic hints has not made an appearance in the main 616 canon

anonymous asked:

After coming back from the dead, finding out the truth about his parents and meeting Dany, do you think Jon would still back Stannis as the true king? I mean before all goes to hell...

While I suspect it’s never going to be a relevant question for Jon, yes, I do think if he was ever forced to, he’d rather support Stannis than Dany. Even after learning that Dany’s his aunt.

Learning that he’s related to the Targaryens isn’t going to instil any sort of family identification in Jon. His biological father started a war to produce him, then left his biological mother to die thousands of miles from her home. His Targaryen grandfather murdered his Stark grandfather and one of his uncles. Why would Jon want anything to do with this side of the family tree? What claim do they have on him, beyond blood?

By contrast, as angry and betrayed as Jon will no doubt feel regarding Ned’s deception, that anger and betrayal is only going to be so acute because Jon loves Ned. As a father, which is what Ned’s been to him. Even if that bond of affection fails, Robb and Bran and Rickon are still Jon’s brothers, Sansa and Arya his sisters, and that love ties him to the Starks better than blood alone.

Ned rejected the Targaryens, and post-reveal Jon of all people would be able to appreciate why.

On the other hand there’s Stannis, who Jon knows and respects, and whose claim to the throne he acknowledges. Stannis wrote him I will save your sister if I can, and that’s more than any Targaryen’s ever done for Jon.


Lee and Marie forcefully open May’s locker right off its hinges.

This a huge contrast from how we saw Ed and Eddy gently peruse through Edd’s locker. They care about his personal habits knowing any out of place item will make him go crazy.

But, Lee and Marie don’t respect their sisters privacy.

Which makes me think that they’re in more of a hurry to find out what is going on. Although they have constantly gone after men they fear them too.

There is something not right about how they react to the Ed’s tormenting them in ‘A Twist of Ed’. They give up and that’s something the Kanker’s never do. There have been a few head canons regarding that they may have been sexually assaulted by one their mother’s boyfriends or short time husbands.

The Kanker’s want to look as if they own the world. It’s mainly to keep people from finding out their secrets. Being poor is never a bad thing. There is a lot more to these girls on the inside.

I wish the fandom would realize that instead of always going off about their horrible treatment to the Ed’s. Yes, it’s unsettling. How did they learn this through their upbringing?

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Author Spotlight: seeleyboothfan day 4

An incredible NINE RECS TODAY Go forward for:

Expectation Fails
Fresh Start
Too Late
Shattered Glass
The Color of Souls
Just to Feel You
Chloe and Me
Now I know my ABCs
King of All Wild Things

1.      “Expectation Fails series”: by lilinas and masturblaine

D/s age!gap fic with student Kurt and teacher Blaine’s dom and it’s hot as hell but also full of the most amazing imagery and feeling? This scene takes place after Kurt’s first punishment of Blaine.

It was almost fully dark now and Kurt waited until Blaine seemed completely out before he shifted himself out from under his sub, who clutched at his pillow as he moved, and climbed out of the bed. He padded in the dimness out of the bedroom and down the hall. It was strange to walk naked around someone else’s house, feeling the air brush against his still-sensitive skin, but putting on his clothes would have been silly.

He hovered for a moment on the threshold of the living room and surveyed the scene of their struggle, items strewn across the floor like casualties of battle, lit faintly by the last of the sun coming through the thin curtains at the west-facing windows. Blaine’s clothes and shoes shoved under the table by the door. Kurt’s scarf and cuff on the floor by the kitchen, with the wooden spoon discarded nearby. A few steps further and he could see the wrapped box containing the black cuff in the corner of the kitchen where it had fallen after it bounced against the refrigerator.

They were such tiny things, but seeing them there where they’d been left in fear or anger or lust, somehow illustrated in ways Kurt hadn’t fully accepted the enormity of what had happened to him in the past three days. Three days! Just last Thursday Kurt had woken up and gone to school a clueless teenager dreaming of romance and hoping for a Glee solo and enjoying the fact that for some reason the jocks seemed to have forgotten how to torment him. Now here he was naked in Blaine’s apartment, Blaine who he’d spanked and teased (which had been hotter than he’d ever imagined and made Kurt suspect he’d found his first kink), Blaine who’d made him come like he’d never known it was possible to come, Blaine who was asleep in his bed right now waiting for Kurt to come back and hold him. He was a dom. He was Blaine’s dom. He would be Blaine’s dom for the rest of his life.

2.      “A Fresh Start series” by Picking Violets

Kurt and Blaine create a blended family and continue fostering and adopting. There is a huge heartbreaking moment where they lose some of their family and I still cry thinking about it. This scene takes place when two of their foster kids get returned to the biological father – CUE THE WATERWORKS

This man was taking away his kids.

His kids.

HIS kids.

Kurt stepped away from the car on unsteady legs, holding his hand to his mouth as Tia made her little ‘grabby hands’ motion for him. The doctor reached out a hand, as if hold her small fingers from a distance, but turned it into a shaky wave at the last minute.

The young father glanced around uncertainly after shutting Tia’s door.

Blaine started shaking his head. First slowly, and then almost frantically.


Both Finn and Puck stood at attention, hearing the desperation in his voice.

“No. This isn’t right. You can’t do this.”

Blaine turned to the children’s father.

“Why! Why would you do this? They were happy! They were so happy with us! We love them!”

Finn stepped forward, attempting to place a calming hand on his brother-in-law’s shoulder, but Blaine brushed it off.

“Please don’t do this,” he called out to the man who was backing away slowly, preparing to climb into the driver’s seat… ready to drive off with his children. He paused, looking at Blaine with a pained expression. It was obvious that he wanted to say something, but just had no clue what.

Kurt closed his eyes, looking as if he was going to be sick.

“Honey. We can’t-”

“Please don’t take them,” Blaine gasped. “Please…”

The children’s father swallowed nervously, glancing around at the men surrounding him.

Finn looked off into the distance, knowing it was time for him to intervene.

“You need to go, Mr. Scott. This won’t get any easier. Go, and I’ll check in with you later.”

The young man nodded with a harsh swallow, and ducked into the front seat quickly.

The door slammed shut.

The engine started.

A squealing cry rose from inside the car as Tia realized that the vehicle was leaving, and neither Kurt nor Blaine was with her.

“Tia,” Blaine murmured, stepping forward. Kurt gasped a little sob, wrapping his arms around himself, looking as if he was physically trying to hold himself back from following the car too.

The last glimpse they had- was two pairs of green eyes, gazing at them through the back window, full of tears and confusion. Then the dust started to rise as the car pulled away.

3.      “Too Late” – by Zavocado

This one got to me and I gobbled up each chapter. Blaine is killed in an assault and he comes back as Kurt’s sort of guardian angel? It’s Zane, so you really shouldn’t need to know more. This scene is from the beginning where it sets up Blaine’s death – my favorite quote from the story ruins a big plot point, so this is the second best. Seriously though, you need to read this story!!!

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Naruto Gaiden Ch 700+7 Analysis

I know a lot of people are pretty angry with the latest release of Gaiden’s Chapter 7, but I do not think it is something to be concerned about. Kishimoto has always been one for red herrings. Now, for the issue of Sarada’s birth mother. While one can never be 100% sure, I am 99.9% positive that Sakura is still her biological mother. That being said, let first look at some of the elements of this chapter.

It begins by Shin’s “father” describing children as nothing but the two haves of their parents. Sakura, a parent herself, is enraged as to how he can easily reduce a child saying this:

This is crucial, especially as the chapter is entitled “A Genetic Slave.” Sakura is able to understand that a child is more than just genes, but their own person. Sakura is able to identify with this because of Sarada.However, I must also note that this could elude that if even Sakura was not her genetic mother, she is still is a mom because genetics does not dictate that alone. I think Kishimoto is trying to send a very admirable message about parenting.

Next, I would like to point out Orochimaru’s reaction to Sarada and ChouCHou:

Karin has clearly decided to stay with Orochimaru with Juugo and Suigetsu, so how would Orochimaru not know if Sasuke and Karin had copulated? Karin would have (obviously) shown pregnancy and had to have given birth. In addition, we also have this exchange:

Orochimaru states that he has no desire to watch from the outside, implying he is concerned with his own affairs so he DEFINITELY would have known if Karin were to have a child. This would also further explain why he did not know Sarada, as Sasuke’s relationship with Sakura primarily would have occurred outside of Orochimaru. I would also think that Orochimaru would not so easily give up Sarada as her genes, mixed with Uchiha and Uzumaki would be valuable to him.

Then, we have Suigetsu’s reaction:

This is personally my favorite reaction out of all of that characters. Indirectly, Kishimoto is saying that if Karin was Sarada’s genetic mother, that it would make Sasuke as scumbag. Why would Kishimoto continue to defile Sasuke’s character after he worked so hard to make him into a better person or changed man….? Even Naruto states that he is admirable:

In addition, Seigetsu never suspected that Karin would have been her mother and he has been around and working with her in the years that have passed (Seeing Team Taka has chosen to remain with Orochimaru).

Next, there is Seigetsu’s DNA test. First of all, I think it must be noted that Seigetsu does not even fully know what he is using for Karin’s DNA:

So there is a very high chance that Seigetsu messed up. There is also the possibility that Karin might have taken something from Sasuke- which she has done it the pass. I believe there are several theories that could go with this.

Lastly, we have the final panel for the chapter:

External image

Sarada’s reaction to the news and to Naruto definitely sets the tone for the next chapter. Sarada feels cheated, lied to, and betrayed. Like any young child, to find something out in this manner (true or false) would certainly be a traumatizing experience. However, I also believe that this reaction will also warrant a good-ole classic Naruto monologue :)

Let us not forget that Naruto grew up with out his biological parents, so people like Iruka-sensei and Jiraiya acted in their place. Again, Kishimoto will use this opportunity to teach an important lesson about parenting/family: it goes so much more than genetics. It is about love and the care you have for one another. I think that the issue around Sarada’s biological mother will not be resolved till the last chapter or so, and Kishimoto will continues to play on this message for awhile. But, in the end, I believe that we will find that Sakura his her mother by love and genetics as well and will have a happy conclusion. After all, there is Boruto movie coming on August ;)

There are also other various clues that allude to Sakura truly being her genetic mother as well! I mean, just look at all of the character’s reactions when Sarada confides in them about Sakura not being her birth mother:

There are also other ways that Kishimoto has told us that Sarada is the child of Sakura and Sasuke such as this:

External image

““The child born between Sasuke and Sakura”/サスケとサクラの間に生まれた子供。 “

Regardless, I also find it very unlikely that Sasuke would ever sleep with Karin, especially since he was on a road of redemption (which was in solitude) before he returned to Konoha. While the details are still hazy, I do believe Sasuke remained true to his promise to her. Why would he share so many intimate moments with Sakura, and suddenly sleep with Karin… After all….

So after apologizing to Sakura, sharing itachi’s head poke with her, going on a redemption journey, etc; you think Sasuke slept with someone who he had no development with? It truly does not make sense to me. However, we must not overlook what is important: you do not have to be related by love to be a family.

While I am not the author of Naruto and I can’t guarantee what I’m saying is true, I do know that  family is more than just genes, it is a bond of love that goes deeper beyond words or a double-helix.

Anyone Can Be A Dad

Originally posted by beallamy

daddy!luke makes me feel so many emotions like he’d be soooo adorable with kids so i just had to write this i hope you enjoy x

Though Luke would disagree, I swear I’m the lucky one. I’ve had my fair share of awful exes, including Jessie, the father of my daughter Ali. After the first few months, he never really treated me right, but when I told him I was pregnant he couldn’t handle it. He threw away the two years we shared, all because he “wasn’t ready to be a dad”. So I had to raise Ali on my own. But a year later, I went on a blind date with Luke because my friend Lindsay and her boyfriend Michael said Luke and I would hit it off as soon as we met. And going on a date with a complete stranger ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made. He was super sweet, we got along really well, and best of all he loved the fact that I had Ali, because he really wanted kids of his own.

Fast forward about four years, we were now as close as ever. Ali loves Luke and even though she still has visitation with her actual dad, she has called Luke Dad since she was two. And still to this day, every time she calls him that he gets the biggest grin on his face. And he can’t wait until our three-month-old Mason can talk so he can call him Dad too. Luke knows how to give Ali enough attention so that she’s not jealous of her brother, and when I’m breastfeeding or Mason and I need some rest, he’s quick to suggest Ali play dress up or tea party with him. He even wears a tiara and tutu because when they play, he’s Princess Luke and she’s Queen Ali. He tried to call her Princess Ali once and she sassily corrected him. They spend a lot of time together, so you could definitely say she’s a Daddy’s girl.

We were sat on the couch, Ali in between Luke and I and Mason starting to dose off on my chest as I patted his back. We were watching Bubble Guppies because Ali adores that show, and the episode that was on was one we had seen at least a hundred times. Luke and Ali would sing along to the songs when they came on, which was honestly too cute. Though he won’t ever admit it, I know he likes the show almost as much as she does. I looked down and Mason and saw that he had finally fallen asleep, so I gently got up from the couch, careful not to wake him.

“I’m going to go lay him down,” I told Luke. He nodded, too engrossed by the tv to give me a proper reply. I shook my head.

Shortly after laying Mason down and going back to the living room the show had ended.

“Ooh, Daddy can we go play on the swings? You said we could later and I think it’s later now.” Ali asked.

Luke pretended to check his watch. “Hmm, actually we have about ten more minutes until later.”

“But Daaaddy, I wanna go nowww.” Ali whined, holding Luke’s wrist and trying to pull him up off the couch.

“Now Ali, you know whining’s not allowed.” He lightly scolded.

Ali sighed, “Can we please go swing now?” She gave him puppy dog eyes, which always worked on him and she knew that well.

“Okay, we’ll go swing.” He smiled.

“Yay!” Ali said, running towards the back door and pulling Luke behind her.

I got up to get a drink, when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen but didn’t recognize the number. Curious to know who it was, I answered.


“(Y/n), it’s Allen, Jessie’s friend.”

“Um, okay? What do you want?” I asked, confused as to why he was calling me. Jessie and I rarely spoke, and if we did it was strictly about Ali. Much less one of his friends I barely even knew.

“You need to tell your douche of a boyfriend to get his shit together.” Allen said.

“Excuse me?” I raised my voice. “First of all, he’s my fiancé and second why the hell would you say that?”

I heard the back door slide open and I turned to see Luke entering the house. He saw the pissed off look on my fave and knew something was up.

“He needs to stop acting like he’s Ali’s father when he isn’t. Why would you let her call him Dad? That’s not right, (Y/n) and you know it.” Allen spoke up.

I scoffed, “Please. Like I’m going to tell Ali to stop calling Luke Dad. She was the one that wanted to call him that, we didn’t force her to do it! Plus, she sees Luke everyday, and only sees Jessie a few days a month. So technically, Luke is her father.”

“Who is that?” Luke whispered.

“Jessie’s friend, Allen.” I rolled my eyes.

Luke held out his hand and I gave him the phone. He put it on speaker as I walked towards the back door to keep an eye on Ali.

“Hey, mate, mind telling me why you’re disrespecting my fiancé?” Luke said.

“Because I knew it would get back to you.” Allen laughed.

“Well listen here, I don’t know why you and Jessie have nothing better to do than sit around and talk shit about me, but you need to get a hobby because it needs to stop.” He demanded.

Allen laughed more. “Ooh, Mister Hollywood thinks he can treat people however he pleases just because he’s in some shitty band. You listen here, you don’t want to mess with me, pal.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “This isn’t about you or me, this is about Ali. I may not be her biological father, but I’m still a better father than Jessie will ever be. Anyone can be a dad, but not everyone can be a father. Hell, he proves that statement true everyday. I’ve sacrificed tons and do whatever it takes to be the best father I can be, things he’s never done for her. So I don’t deserve either of you guys’ shit. I might not have been there since the very beginning, but neither has he. But I’ll damn sure be the one to help raise her until she’s an adult. Now, go tell your mate that he needs to stop being a coward and fight his own battles, not make his punk ass friends do his bidding.”

The phone was quiet for a few seconds before Allen spoke again. “Whatever man, you have no idea who you’re dealing with. Jessie will be pissed when he hears about this.”

“I hope he is,” Luke chuckled. “That would mean he knows I’m right. Goodbye, Allen.”

He hung up my phone and gave it back to me. I looked at him in amazement, which caused a confused look to appear on his face.

“What’s up?” He asked me as I wrapped my arms around him.

“You’re the best,” I told him.

“Well, thanks. I was just doing my job.” He shrugged.

I smiled up at him. “And you do it well. I’m so lucky I have you. You’re an amazing father to our kids. I couldn’t ask any more of you. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.”

“Aw, you don’t have to thank me.” He cooed as he hugged me. “I love you guys more than anything. If anyone deserves thanks, it’s you. You gave me two beautiful children and I am so thankful for the three of you. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’re going to make me cry.” I admitted, pulling away enough to look at him.

“Don’t do that, then I’ll cry. And then Ali will be super confused and think we’re insane.” He joked.

I laughed at him. “She probably already does.”

Luke placed his hand on my cheek. “I love you so much, (Y/n).”

“I love you too, Luke.” I said and he leaned down and kissed me.

“Ew, gross!” We heard Ali say, turning towards her to see her sticking her tongue out at us in disgust.

“Ali, sweetie, it’s not gross.” Luke told her. “It means your Mum and I love each other a lot.”

Ali shook her head. “Nope, it means you’re both icky.”

We both started laughing, then heard a familiar cry coming from down the hall.

“I guess Mason’s up.” I announced.

“Let me get him,” Luke offered. “ I need some father-son time.”

I obliged and he headed down the hall. I sat on the couch, Ali sliding the back door shut and joining me.

“Mommy, why do you love Daddy enough to kiss him?” Ali asked curiously.

I smiled at her. “Because he loves us very much and would do anything for us.”

Her eyes got wide with excitement. “Like fight monsters?”

“Yep, he’d fight all the monsters in world for us. He actually just fought one while you were outside.” I explained.

Just then, Luke came back into the living room, carrying a very “talkative” Mason.

“Daddy, Mommy said you fought a monster when I was outside. Is that true?” Ali asked.

Luke looked at me, giving me a look as if to say he appreciated my joke.

“I did actually,” Luke played along, sitting on the couch. “He thought he could take me, but he was no match for King Luke.”

“Princess Luke!” Ali corrected, earning a loud laugh from me.

Luke looked at me sheepishly, then said, “Right, I meant Princess Luke.”

thanks for reading i hope you liked it! i might turn this into a series but i’m not sure, if you want me to then make sure to request it as well as any other ideas you might have requests are always open x

Ahsoka’s Dad [Obikin AU]

Prompt by: Me.

A/N: You guys know the song “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountain’s of Wayne? Yeah.. this is based off that. It’s actually a good song, I really like it. Here is the lyric video, cuz the official one is kind weird???

A/N ps: In this AU Anakin and Ahsoka are nineteen and Obi-Wan is roughly 36ish? Ahsoka’s adopted so i figured it’d be cool to make him about that age. Hit me up if you want a part two.

Imagine: Ahsoka’s Dad has got it goin on.

Warnings: Swearing, and mentions of NSFW stuff.

Fuck, Anakin thinks, swallowing and twisting his hands nervously, he’s hot. Anakin stares in horror for a few moments before offering his hand to Ahsoka’s father, trying to keep his face as blank as possible.

Anakin Skywalker, longtime High School Popular Boy, has just nearly made a fool out himself because the girl he’s currently dating has an amazingly hot dad. With all the girls and boys he’d dated (and let’s be honest, there were several) none of them had had a parent as stunning as Ahsoka Tano’s.

He had sandy-blonde hair and bright blue eyes. A trim beard framed his chin and his chiseled jaw made Anakin want to drool.

Fuck, stop. He’s her father for christ’s sake. Anakin tries and to take a steadying breath and realizes he’s still awkwardly shaking his hand. “Uh.. sorry,” he blurts out. “I’m Anakin. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

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dishwatersoup  asked:

Are daedra able to reproduce? I've heard about Molag Bal having a daughter (I forgot her name) but would she be his biological daughter or would it just be a tye of title like Daughters of Coldharbour?

This is a really complex topic. First of all, at base, the Aedra are supposedly the creators and the Daedra are the changers. Molag Bal did create the first vampire (a Daughter of Coldharbour) through rape, but she didn’t get pregnant. She just became a vampire. So, change. Not really creation. My assumption is that the Daedra can’t reproduce… but they can change things to create, in a sense. 

Molag Bal’s daughter, Molag Grunda, has appeared twice. He does seem to treat her like a daughter, in the sense that he’s a terrible being that has no remorse on her (what did you expect). He seems to be very strict on her and after the events in Morrowind (she took a lover against his will), he’s supposedly still punishing her. No one knows if she’s a biological daughter or not; I think she’s just a Daedra he’s taken a “fatherly” interest in. However, his idea of “fathering” would never be described as supportive and caring. Just a little obsessive and abusive. I feel sorry for any daughters of Molag Bal.

I’d love to hear of more instances of “reproduction” by Daedra from you guys. They’re a very curious group.

Edit: pensola has brought to my attention something I completely missed: Demiprinces. There’s one confirmed demiprince (Morihaus is not of Daedric origin - see references), Fa-Nuit-Hen. I completely forgot about this guy, and I see him every day in Maelstrom Arena! He’s the son of Boethiah and some unidentified being. He’s the only demiprince so far to come to the mortal realm, though Lyranth says there are many demiprinces with their own minor realms.

Here’s 2 texts from ESO’s Loremaster’s Archive I find extremely interesting on the topic:

flaminganakin  asked:

Terrible Tuesday Ask: Imagine an AU where Leia still hates Vader, but has always known he was her biological father and that he was in love with her biological mother, and gets captured on purpose after the plans to the Death Star are stolen, in order to emotionally manipulate/blackmail him into defecting.


i think, honestly, that’s going to work a little TOO well. like, leia’s going to start feeling guilty for blackmailing vader when it becomes obvious just how weak to it vader is - word here, word there, BOOM emotional connection, lay it on thick, and the rebels have a pet sith lord. she wouldn’t expect it to be a simple, “i’m your daughter, don’t you love me?” type deal.

she came looking for a fight. in all honesty, a part of her wanted vader to be a corrupt, conpletely evil monster, so she’d feel no qualms about hating her father - even if he’d loved her birth mother once upon a time.

but it’s hard to hate someone you pity.

Weird TG Head-canons
  •   Amon is so big because Donato fed all the kids Steroids to make sure they were big and strong enough for a good meal. He always told himself he’d eat Amon he just never could go through with it.
  •   Kaneki is such a good mimic he’s very good at accents, hell he’s been known to temporarily develop an accent just after vacationing somewhere for a short while.
  •   Arima rides the bus and subway to work since his eyes are failing in his full uniform, it scares the shit of the few ghouls who take trains on the same route.
  •   With all the kissing and cuddling Furuta does to his own kagune since it’s also Rize’s, he’s also been caught staring longingly and drooling over Kaneki’s kagune. Especially since it started growing mouths.
  •   I still vaguely think Kaneki’s biological father could have been related to Garden or the Wasshu, the whole, the only thing we know is he died young thing and the whole everyone Kaneki knew that also really loved books was related to garden (Rize and Arima) make me question. Plus it would explain why he was a good match for Rize’s kagune.
  •   Eto is normally commando even as her alter ego Takastsuki Sen.
Arrow Fic: My Foundations Were Made of Clay

Prompt: “I wish you could write a fic where either team arrow or team flash meets Earth 2 team Arrow.”

A/N: And then this happened. If I had a stomach for multi-chaps (I don’t. Exhibit A: the woefully unfinished Slave to the Wires) I’d do a whole ‘verse of this. SO MANY IDEAS. Nonetheless, I hope y’all enjoy, and lovely anon, I hope this is what you were looking for.

Also, part of this was influenced by @andyouweremine​’s recent heartbreaking post about E2-Tommy and E1-Oliver meeting. Thank you for the inspiration and like, ten hours of ugly tears.

Title from “My Father’s Eyes” by Eric Clapton

My Foundations Were Made of Clay (AO3)

“I don’t believe this…”

“John, we’ve got to keep our heads down and keep moving.” Oliver’s voice is mostly serious, tinged with just a hint of annoyance. Felicity squeezes his hand where her fingers are still laced through his, considers it a blessing he hasn’t let go since the moment they stepped through the portal.

“I know, I just…can you believe this?” Digg’s got that same wonder in his voice that crops up every time he sees Barry run and Felicity imagines that’s how a young Johnny Diggle used to sound on Christmas morning. A smile twitches at her lips, but she tries to fight it, for Oliver’s sake.

“It’s like there’s an Instagram filter on the whole world,” she agrees. “And it looks like everyone bought their clothes in Brooklyn. Earth-1 Brooklyn, I mean. God, I can’t even imagine what Earth-2 Brooklyn must be like.”

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When you love someone...

You have no control.

One of the things that attracts me most to The Blacklist is Raymond’s unconditional love for Elizabeth.

It makes me feel good. It makes ME feel safe and loved when I’m not feeling so loveable.

I still remember seeing a promo for the pilot on my TV, probably six months into the actual airing of the first season (the joys of getting decent television in Australia about a century after its aired in America), and what fascinated me immediately was that whoever she was or is to him, he LOVES her. He can’t help it.

I’m not sure what his love stemmed from when he first met her but it was there. He’s loved her since before he met her.

It doesn’t matter if that love is fatherly or has grown to be romantic. One indisputable fact is that he loved, loves and will always love her. She could grow a criminal syndicate to rival his and trash everything that is his, take away his power, his pride, everything. Hell, she could shoot him in the chest and I believe he would still love her.

I don’t think it’s possible on a network like NBC for him to turn out to be her biological father because of the acknowledgement they made in Arioch Cain that their relationship is ‘a little bit of both’. Otherwise, I’d say, hey it’s still possible, but you know what? Even though I’m hardcore Lizzington and I’ll ship it to the bottom of the ocean, I don’t actually care who he is to her.

I don’t care if he’s her father in the end or if he loves her forever unrequited. As long as Raymond loves Elizabeth, I’m okay.

That’s why I watch the show.



This is what i interpreted from the episode… just my jumbled thoughts…

1.Berlin fell in love, had a daughter, got captured, pissed off the wrong ppl, and tried to send his daughter into hiding…

2.Except the pissed off people began sending him pieces of a girl (supposedly his daughter) to him in jail… which sent him into a rage.

3.Berlin subsequently broke free from the prison and is seeking revenge…

4.Red only told Lizzie that a man (unnamed) showed up at Sam’s door asking him a huge favor, to take care of young child for him… (And we know that Red knew Sam back then…)  Red NEVER stated that the man who dropped her off with Sam was her father, right?

5.Lizzie states that the only memory she has of her REAL father was when he rescued her from the fire… butttt… that’s not exactly a lot of memories to have… it’s ONE to be exact.  She doesn’t even say that she remembers his FACE.  If THAT was the case, she’d call bullshit on Red and tell him straight up that HE (RED) was he father.  But she didn’t, BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T REMEMBER THE FIRE THAT WELL, LET ALONE HER SUPPOSED FATHER’S/RESCUER’S FACE!!! So it’s NEVER truly stated that her father is Red… TPTB are AGAIN just trying to leave it open/mysterious…

6.Berlin has the pocket watch with a photo of the girl in it… pretty sure that’sBerlin’s daughter, NOT Red’s.

7.Red stole the photo from the Stewmaker of the same girl… proving that Berlin is looking for his daughter and/or to keep Berlin from finding it… or to help Red figure out the puzzle that is Berlin… I don’t know here.  But pretty sure now that that girl in the photo is NOT Red’s daughter.  (Red told Pratt he doesn’t know what happened to his daughter/never found a body… just blood).  Maybe Red and Berlin BOTH had girls roughly the same age…?

So my take from it all is that Berlin pissed off some ppl (probably the US military) during the Cold War (end of which was the late 1980’s… when Red would have still been in the Navy/NSA military liason).  

I believe Red was part of the mission to make Berlin believe his daughter was killed (they could have sent ANY DEAD GIRL’S BODY PARTS TO HIM) and instead then turned around and kidnapped that girl to keep her safe… maybe putting her somewhere.

Except something went horribly wrong, and Red had to go into the house/place where Lizzie was being kept hidden and rescue her from that fire (how he got the burns all over his body) and he subsequently brought her to Sam to keep her truly safe.

So in ending, I believe Lizzie is Berlin’s daughter, Red was part of a black ops mission to go after Berlin, shit somehow hit the proverbial fan, Red had to/felt the need to rescue Lizzie again from whatever happened to cause the fire and gave her to Sam.

Lizzie tried again to imply/ask Red if he was her father by stating something along the lines of her father “being on the FBI’s most wanted list…” in the car scene tonight, but Red didn’t take the bait and give any true answers to her. [He already told her that he wasn’t her father (Anslo 1.10) and that he’s “NEVER LIED TO HER…”]  

Instead, I think Red allowed Lizzie to keep herself in denial that Red may still be her father in order to keep her from digging any further into the real identity of her father (aka, possibly Berlin).  If Lizzie allows herself to believe Red is her father, she’ll stop looking for answers for right now… which will keep her safe… which is ultimately what Red wants.  (It also keeps Daddygaters around, which TPTB seem hellbent on keeping happy)… and it still adds drama and mystery, so it’s win

 win for them.

Just b/c Red has the scars from saving Lizzie from the fire DOESN’T MEAN HE’S HER DAD… it just means he rescued her… until we know more, NO SHIP HAS BEEN SUNK!!!  If anything, it makes my ship sail even harder, that Red sacrificed so much for her, and STILL has to keep her in the dark about the past.

Like Red said, the story of Lizzie’s past and her father is very complicated (Wujing) so Red simply being her dad is wayyy too simple and easy.  

And one last thing… if Red rescued his OWN daughter (Lizzie, if you’re a Daddygater) from a burning house, then reality must be different in NBC Blacklist land, b/c we saw Red BLOW HIS HOUSE UP where he raised his family… so if a man (Red) can save his supposed daughter (Lizzie) from theirburning house, and then 25+ years later go back to that SAME perfectly maintained structurally sound house and blow it up after it supposedly burned in a fire years earlier… well that’s one for the books


Also, just because Red told her “Your father died in that fire,” doesn’t mean he was speaking metaphorically/was talking about him… he may have thought her real father truly HAD died in that fire… it’s TPTB’s way of mind fucking with us and leaving it AGAIN ambiguous…

End of rant, Lizzie is Berlin’s daughter, ppl took Berlin’s daughter, and at some point Red then stepped in to rescue her from a fire before handing her off to Sam.  And then apparently Berlin or someone got revenge on Red by going after HIS family…

Just my two cents.  Also, had to add an amazing catch from latergatorspader which also adds evidence that Red isn’t her father…


Tom may save my sanity…

So, just thinking out loud here. Tom told Liz her dad was still alive (whether that’s true or not is yet to be seen), BUT that tells us that Tom knows who her REAL dad was/is. Now think back to the Tom/Liz scene in 119…he was wondering what Red’s obsession was with Liz, to the point of making spiteful comments. He KNOWS Red isn’t her real father or I truly think he would have revealed that to her.

Done.  My head hurts…


Thanks for the submit eaglechica19! I need to watch the episode again before I type up my thoughts. I would like to say that I still do not believe Red to be Liz’s biological father. The ambiguity is confusing to the general audience but he hard-core fans see the hints. There’s something there that I’m having trouble piecing together and I need more time.

James Avery, Sr (better known as Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) passed away yesterday in a Glendale, CA hospital. Apparently, after having recently undergone open-heart surgery, things took a turn for the worse. His wife was at his side the whole time, until she briefly left only to return to hear that he passed during her absence.

Personally, his “Fresh Prince” character was my favorite ‘cause he kinda reminded me of my uncles – all of them in a way. There are too many moments from his performance that I liked, but my favorite by far was the episode where Will Smith’s biological father left him…again. I could relate to that. The way he was there for him and tried to protect him from the inevitable…still gets me choked up just thinking about it.

R.I.P., good sir. You will not be forgotten.

b. 27-November-1945
d. 31-December-2013

Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: So just an FYI the next chapter will be posted on Monday July 25th, 2016. If you have any questions my ask box is open and I’ll answer anything that isn’t too spoilery.


Wyatt lay on Alex’s bed, staring at the ceiling, “I can’t believe your posters are still held hostage.”

“Mom wants to make sure I don’t back out on Reese.” Alex came into the room wearing a black party dress, her hair in soft curls.

He knew it was Alex his best friend in front of him, but he couldn’t understand why his heart was racing, his palms suddenly felt sweaty. “You look amazing; Al, good thing the boys won’t be there or they might start treating you like a girl.”

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Who’s My Daddy?

Happy birthday to the sweetest person ever @juliaoliveirasilva! She has been supporting me since day one and I am forever grateful for this individual, I love you Julia I hope your day is half as amazing as you are!

I am so sorry for this word vomit present, I haven’t written in so long.

Setting: Canon-verse

Pairing: NaLu

Summary: In which Natsu questions if his real father was truly a dragon.

“I don’t think Igneel is my real Dad.”

Lucy craned her neck to look at the pink haired Dragon Slayer from her position on his chest. Her features showing her obvious confusion. “What?”

Natsu stilled his hand from running through her blonde locks. “I mean, I don’t understand how he can be my dad since he’s a dragon and I don’t think two dragons make a human.”

“What even made you think of that, Natsu?”

He shrugged. “Dunno, just something that’s been kind of bothering me for awhile now.”

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