I still love them but holy crap



Paper-Mario-Wiki’s dubs are so great I can’t stop animating them (I hope you don’t mind me animating them,Dude. There’s still a couple of dubs I’m planning to work on)

Also this is my first time animating Papyrus and I loved drawing his face holy crap.

But yeah,Enjoy!

Arrow 3x20: The Fallen (aka: The Fuckening)

Okay you guys.  It’s just past 1am here on the west coast. I’ve been up since… at least 6am.  I’m working on maybe 5.5 hours sleep each night for the last… two weeks.  Three?  I’ve lost count.  My fitbit could tell you. 

The thing is?  I’m WIRED.  I’m AWAKE.  I just wrote my Heroes and Heartbreakers recap but I have much more to say.  As I have a word count with that recap, I had to leave some musings out so I’m going to write them out over here. 

WOW.  It’s been how many hours since I’ve watched (and at least three full rewatches, in addition to the countless rewatches of the love scene) and I am still sitting here, shaking my head in disbelief.  Did that all just actually happen?  It is my birthday?  Christmas?  Holy crap!  

Lets get into it beneath the cut. 

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Got7 Ideal Type

A/N - An anon asked about Got7′s preference in girl (girly/badass/in between) so here’s my opinions! Again, these are my opinions so they obviously don’t reflect the boy’s views just what I think they’d like 😊 ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT MV HOLY CRAP THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL I LOVE THEM AND I AM DEAD (also Jaebum is trying to be my bias again and idk if I’m okay with that)

So Jinyoung and Yugyeom would prefer someone who’s more of a ‘girly girl’ and has more of an innocent look. I think they like girls who look soft and cute and wear more dresses and skirts. They’d still date other girls but I think that would just be their preference.

The members who’d prefer a girl who dresses more badass/sexy would be Bambam and JB. I can definitely see those two liking girls who wear much darker and less feminine clothes than the girls Jinyoung and Yugyeom like. Ripped jeans, leather jackets, anything that gives them an edgier look.

The three members who I think would be inbetween or indifferent would be Mark, Youngjae and Jackson. Those three wouldn’t really mind how a girl dressed as long as she felt comfortable in it. Some days they might lean more towards the sexier and edgier clothing and other days they might prefer a more innocent look.

Holy crap do I love the Weasleys, what with their brilliantly timed sarcastic banter, garage full of Muggle curios, Daring Plans™, proclivity for explosives, and rather infamous shenanigans.

I just really freaking love the Weasleys.

“It’s okay buddy! I know what it’s like ta try an’ pretend ta be somethin’ ya ain’t ta impress somebody… But if ya look around long enough you’ll find people who’ll like ya how you are! I actually have a couple’a buddies who’d love ta meetcha!”

Holy crap I actually made ART! AND IT’S HALFWAY DECENT!

Mimikyu’s lonliness reminds me a lot of Meowth’s backstory and I imagine the two of them would be great friends. I still think Team Rocket should get a Mimikyu in Alola. It’d fit right in and get to join in on their disguise shenanigans!

The signs as I see them (Cancer)

Aries: When they’re in a bad mood there’s no point even trying to talk to them. But when they are in a good mood holy crap they are so fun, like you could literally end up on an adventure to middle earth (or just somewhere local). Always eating?? WHERE DO THEY PUT ALL THAT FOOD?! You’re full of bad jokes that are dad worthy and somehow manage to get by in life with minimal effort????

Taurus: You guys annoy me so much but maaan I love you still. You guys are always so damn hyperactive, like seriously… WHERE DO YOU GET THE ENERGY FROM?? It takes so much energy to be around you but it’s with it because you’re fabulous. You’re also super stubborn and defend your friends to the death. I like that about y’all.

Gemini: You’re all genuinely so sweet. At first you’re all shy but when you finally open up, my oh my it’s so difficult to get you to shut up. Some of the nicest people I’ve met, you care so much about everyone else and will go out of your way to help someone and that is hella rad.

Cancer: You guys are so fucking moody and clingy. I love you all but pls get a grip. Incredibly defensive and doesn’t like to be wrong, will literally go out of their way to prove themselves right. Doesn’t deal too well with criticism but quickly dishes it out? Prepared for any situation due to thinking of every possible outcome. Somewhat spontaneous.

Leo: You are summer. Everything about you reminds me of it. Your laugh is infectious, I could be crying and you could make me laugh in seconds. Literally everybody is your friend. You can be so difficult to speak to at times, you either reveal nothing or everything. There is no inbetween??

Virgo: You are so fab. Often jump to the worst conclusion and feel ignored which sucks but I love you all anyway. Quite clingy and need attention like all the time like a little puppy but are also hilarious and sometimes adorable. Girls your fashion sense is on point (as are your eyebrows). You’re all so smart but sometimes you sound the opposite (I’m sorry) when you first start talking, which is why it’s great when you get into a conversation on a topic you’re passionate about because boy oh boy you’re a smarty pants.

Libra: How is it possible for you to be so loud but quiet at the same time?? Shy at first but once you get to know them they will become your best friend, you have no choice in the matter! You’re like a lil timid mouse with the mane of a lion sprinkled in glitter!!

Scorpio: Let’s just say you’re very passionate about what you like and are not afraid to force your opinions on others. Say a lot of disagreeable things, but you’re also super sweet. Like you genuinely care about your friends even though you don’t often show it. Those moments where you’re actually vulnerable and let us all in are the best!

Sagittarius: YOU ARE A STAR. YOU ARE QUEEN B. YOU ARE SO FABULOUS IT’S UNBELIEVABLE. Very smart but is put down all the time so doesn’t believe in oneself. You are glorious and get me through the day. If it wasn’t for you my life would be so dull. EVERYONE’S life would be so dull.

Capricorn: As Katy Perry once sang “You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no” It’s so difficult to tell what you’re thinking. Just when I think I’ve got you down, you say or do something and I’m back to being confused. DO NOT BETRAY THEM OR A FRIEND OF THEIRS IN ANYWAY BECAUSE IT WILL BE YOUR DEATH. They either care a lot about you or not at all, there is no in-between. They are scary when angry and often have a bitchy resting face but are genuinely so nice when you’re a close friend of theirs. Not afraid to let their opinion be known about trivial things but when it comes to things that actually matter, good luck because they will reveal nothing. Also very flirty.

Aquarius: You are hilarious. Though once you do or say something funny you refuse to let anyone forget. I’m still hearing about something I laughed at months ago… You have fab hair. Like literally all of you have fab hair (WHAT IS YOUR SECRET???). You care so much for your friends and are always there to help even if we haven’t spoken in ageees which is so nice. Often invade your personal space, like dude, please take a step back! Though they don’t realise they’re doing it because they just like being near their friends which is cute. Lyguys.

Pisces: YOU’RE ALL SO LOUD and have like no filter on what you say. If they’re not loud, they will be eventually, just wait until they’re comfortable around you! So full of confidence and are really passionate about things that they’re not passionate about?? Or atleast they say they don’t really care for something but then know everything about it and will support it with their dying breath. So sweet and love pretty much everyone. Like to see the best in people and are beautiful inside and out.


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When it comes to spiderman actors this is my opinion.
  • <p> <b>Tobey Maguire:</b> he did a great and even so he was enjoyable he was never my Spider-Man.<p/><b> Andrew Garfield:</b> his performance in The Amazing Spider-Man was... well amazing and I will always love him and his version of Spider-Man.<p/><b>Tom Holland :</b> holy crap I still have Goosebumps, Marvel really knows what they're doing when it comes to casting because this kid was outstanding ,I had so much fun watching every scene he was in. I can't wait for his solo movie.<p/></p>

It occurred to me last night as I watched the awful Kragle-ing scene with BCGC and his parents seven BILLION times (because wow, I love picking at THAT scab), that Good Cop is TREMENDOUSLY brave. Braver than Bad Cop, really.

I mean, he had the guts to stand up to LB and refuse an order because he knew it was morally (and emotionally, holy crap) WRONG. LB had just been threatening to throw them out the window, and STILL GC stands up to him.

Talk about effing bravery.

And as it’s been established that the characters can and do feel pain–Emmet constantly screaming in pain after falling, etc., for example–my god, that makes the erasing scene all the more astounding. There is NOT ONE whimper, cry, scream, no exhalation of breath, NO SOUND AT ALL from Good Cop as his FACE IS BEING ERASED WITH ACID.

I’d like to think it was because he didn’t want to give LB the satisfaction of knowing he’d hurt him.

But can you imagine how painful that was?

Serious new respect for Good Cop.


What the frick frack is happening? I can’t believe it! Thank you thank you thank you! I reached this milestone thanks to all of you I can’t believe that so many people like my work!!! I love you all, thank you so much!

I’m not gonna promise anything for this milestone, I promised 78995 things for the other ones and I’ve still not done them OvQ I am so sorry! I’ll try to do them this summer! Thanks again and have a great summer!



Thank you so so much for getting me this far like holy crap. I NEVER expected to reach 500 followers let alone 100!! So I decided to do a little giveaway that’s a little different! A character pin giveaway! Like one of my ocs? I’ll send you a pin that represents them (for example Caleb = cupcake pin, Hank = cowboy boot/cactus/wendigo pin, Kuruk = bear pin) One winner, one pin! I thought it’d be a cute way to show my appreciation! Nothing over 20 bucks though I need to keep this within a budget ha ha;;


1. You must be following me (no giveaway/porn blogs allowed)

2. You must be okay with giving me your address so I can ship the pin to you! I plan on shipping it to you directly from the website so there’s no middleman issues from me!

3. Only likes count! No reblogs! That way it gives everybody a fair chance of winning!

4. Good luck! >v<

anonymous asked:

Do you plan on updating your ZoSan and LawLu fics?? No pressure!! I just really love your writing. And do you have any fanfic recs for other zosan authors?

Holy crap i am so sorry for responding back so late! I had no idea such a sweet message was waiting for me in my inbox. 

So first of all, wow, i had no idea people still read my fics. I am beyond amazed and very happy right now! Thank you! And to answer you question, yes i do intend to update them all, maybe not today or tomorrow, but they will be updated. I promise you that. I’m sorry for my long absence, it really wasn’t suppose to be this long.

Along with my absence, I really haven’t been doing very much fanfic reading. so i don’t think I could provide you with any recs at the moment. I’m sorry.