I still love them but holy crap

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Hey hey hey, so I saw that Taylor stalked you a little last night, and I'm basically really excited for you. I know we probably haven't spoken, but I remember when it was after the release of 1989 and a couple of people gave you shit for shamelessly self reblogging. But you still got followed and remained positive. So I'm really glad that Taylor's sending you love over, because you're amazing and I love that you stayed positive :D xx

Oh my god you remember that???? I didn’t even think people paid attention to me back them holy crap you’re the real MVP okay I love you 😘

Ayy a Follow Forever

Ayyyy so for some unknown reason over 1.1k people have followed me. Wow, ok so I wanted to do this earlier..but then I couldn’t, so Imma do it now.

*Disclaimer: I don’t really know how to do a follow forever thing so this is basically the people that I personally know or that reblog a lot from me or I from them..or basically just people I see a lot. :)I still love you if you aren’t on here.*

mysexybellybutton Ayy, I’m pretty sure you were one of the first people i ever followed and then the first time I put my kik on Tumblr you messaged me and we’ve become amazing friends and I hope we can meet someday. Keep being incredible and ahh I just love you. <3

oopsiamonfire Ayyy Ahri we’ve only been actually messaging each other for like 3 months but holy crap we’ve become close. We have the same birthday and so much in common and i want to actually meet you sooo freaking bad. Keep up with the whole being amazing thing, I love you. <3


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Ok, wow, that took forever. But ayy, it’s done. I know I probably left some people out but I love you all and I was in a hurry and I’m sorry.

anonymous asked:

Is it alright if I color one of your sketches? I love them so much! I wont post them without your permission!

Please do not color my sketches. - w -‘
Honestly I’d prefer you to create your own, that is if you are interested in drawing or coloring. With practice I am 10000000000000000000x10^999999999999% (that’s a pretty big number holy shit) sure you will improve! I’ve seen so many friends and art-senpais become holy crap amazing as the years went by! Still very impressed! It makes me happy! :3 Oops I went off topic kinda, but I just want to let you know that you can get super good with practice! I wasn’t born with talent, maybe dedication! So practice! I believe in you, anon! 

So if you follow my art blog you’re probably curious to why I’ve posted two Sunset/Twilight comics today. 

Well, this is why:

Berry found this. 

SOMEONE POSTED THOSE COMICS ONTO REDDIT AND THEY LOVE THEM!! Apparently having something rated over 200 (which it was this morning)

Then I looked at the link:

OVER 2000 VIEWS AND STILL GOING HOLY CRAP!! I’ve been smiling so much today because they really really like these dumb little comics I drew when I was bored. ;U; hhh

I have one more comic idea but I dunno when I’ll draw it. 

zozaaaa asked:

Once you get this you have to share 6 random facts about yourself and then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers.

Ah okay?!!

1.Im currently watching Prometheus (and holy crap, scarier than I imagined!)

2. I’m more of a dog person than a cat person, but I still like kitty cats


4. I did circuits on Monday…. My calves are still hurting

5. Just watched Dan and Phil’s sim and OMFG ELIZA PANCAKES STOP STOP STALKING DIL!!!

6. I have 172 followers at present and I love every single one of them! :3

scepticalhippie asked:

Headcanon (which will come up in JiM soon): the hammers can change their properties like density, so they're as heavy as they want to be/as their wielders need them to be at any given time. Thor or Bill need to put them down on a fragile floor?

[continued] Light as a feather, it’s not like any one unworthy could wander off with them. Or they could be dense as a neutron star if they need to smash a planet up or something.

Holy crap, I love this so much, it makes so much sense! Totally rolling with this headcanon as well now, it’s perfect. Imagine Stormbreaker placed unceremoniously on the floor in the company of uncool losers other Avengers and casually changing their density to get away from them, busting through as many floors of the tower it takes to reach Thor or Bill because U SAID I’M NOT ALLOWED TO ELECTROCUTE THEIR GROSS LITTLE HANDS ANYMORE AND I THOUGHT U WERE GOING TO LEAVE ME WITH THEM FOREVER.

The signs as cancer sees them

Aries: When they’re in a bad mood there’s no point even trying to talk to them. But when they are in a good mood holy crap they are so fun, like you could literally end up on an adventure to middle earth (or just somewhere local). Always eating?? WHERE DO THEY PUT ALL THAT FOOD?! You’re full of bad jokes that are dad worthy and somehow manage to get by in life with minimal effort????

Taurus: You guys annoy me so much but maaan I love you still. You guys are always so damn hyperactive, like seriously.. WHERE DO YOU GET THE ENRGY FROM?? It takes so much energy to be around you guys but it’s worth it because you’re so fabulous. You’re also super stubborn and defend your friends to the death. I like that about y’all.

Gemini: You’re all genuinely so sweet. At first y’all are so shy but when you finally open up, my oh my, it’s so difficult to get you to shut up. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, you care so much about everyone else and will go out of your way to help someone and that is hella rad.

Cancer: You guys are so fucking moody and clingy. I love you all but pls get a grip. Incredibly defensive and doesn’t like to be wrong, will literally go out of their way to prove themselves right. Doesn’t deal too well with criticism but quickly dishes it out? Prepared for any situation due to thinking of every possible outcome. Somewhat spontaneous.

Leo: You are summer. Everything about you reminds me of it. Your laugh is infectious, I could be crying and you could make me laugh in seconds. Literally everybody is your friend, or at least wants to be friends with you. You can be so difficult to speak to at times, you either reveal nothing or everything. There is no inbetween??

Virgo: You are so fab. Often jump to the worst conclusion and feel ignored which sucks but I love you all anyway. Quite clingy and need attention like all the time like a little puppy but are also hilarious and sometimes adorable. Girls your fashion sense is on point (as are your eyebrows). You’re all so smart but when you talk sometimes you sound the opposite (I’m sorry) when you first start talking, which is why it’s great when you get into a conversation on a topic you’re passionate about because boy oh boy you’re smarty pants.

Libra: How is it possible for you to be so loud but quiet at the same time??? Shy at first but once you get to know them they will become your best friend, you have no choice in the matter! You’re like a lil timid mouse with the mane of a lion sprinkled in glitter (but manly glitter ofc).

Scorpio: Let’s just say you’re very passionate about what you like and are not afraid to force your opinions in others faces. Say a lot of disagreeable things, but are also super sweet. Like you genuinely care about your friends even though you don’t often show it. Those moments where you’re actually vulnerable and let us all in are the best!

Sagittarius: YOU ARE A STAR. YOU ARE QUEEN B. YOU ARE SO FABULOUS IT’S UNBELIEVABLE. Very smart but is put down all the time so doesn’t believe in oneself. You are glorious and get me through the day. If it wasn’t for you my life would be so dull. EVERYONE’S life would be so dull!

Capricorn: As Katy Perry once sang “You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no” It’s so difficult to tell what you’re thinking. Just when I think I’ve got you down, you say or do something and I’m back to being confused about you. DO NOT BETRAY THEM OR A FRIEND OF THEIR IN ANYWAY BECAUSE IT WILL BE YOUR DEATH. They either care a lot about you or not at all, there is no inbetween. They are scary when angry and often look bitchy (they sometimes are) but are genuinely so nice when you’re a close friend of theirs. Not afraid to let their opinion be known about trivial things but when it comes to things that actually matter, good luck because they will reveal nothing.

Aquarius: You are hilarious. Though once you do or say something funny you refuse to let anyone forget. I’m still hearing about something I laughed at months ago… You have fab hair. Like literally all of you have fab hair (WHAT IS YOUR SECRET???). You care so much for your friends and are always there to help even if we haven’t spoken in ageeees which is so nice. Often invade your personal space, like dude, please take a step back! Though they don’t realise they’re doing it because they just like being near their friends which is cute. Lyguys.

Pisces: YOU’RE ALL SO LOUD and have like no filter on what you say. If they’re not loud, they will be eventually, just wait until they’re comfortable around you! So full of confidence and are really passionate about things that they’re not passionate about?? Or at least they say they don’t really care for something but then know everything about it and will support it with their dying breath. So sweet and love pretty much everyone. Very forgiving unless they have wronged someone close to them? (Like to see the best in people)

I’m just sitting here watching Nightwish full concert thing live in New York. Holy crap, Floor is just so amazing live. I loved her in Revamp but honestly, she really does nail it! I’ve seen the dvd concert with her at live Wacken Open Air for Nightwish and damn, this woman is just so talented! And bloody tall too!

ask-crayon-the-homeless-artist asked:


holy crap theres like 13 of these in my inbox ._.

M - Milkshake flavour?

Chocolate :D

A - Available?

Yes. I’m a lonely little punk.

G - Grade i hated?

8th grade was kind of lame. Too much homework and too many tests…

N - Number of siblings?

I have 2 older brothers! Even though they pick on me sometimes, I still love them both! :)

E - Easiest person to talk to?

Either my Dad or my best friend.

T - Time you woke up?

5:30 (Central European Time)

S - Song i last sung?

I was singing ‘A Message To You Rudy’ while I was walking home today….

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needynovak, deanblossom, and dandelioncas


Do they follow me: Yes | No
Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now
What I think about their blog: omg the theme is so adorable holy cow (im sorry im not following omg its just that i follow only spn blogs and theres a bit of everything on yours, its still flipping amazing tho)


Do they follow me: Yes | No
Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now
What I think about their blog i really love the sidebar holy crap and the blog title is just like !!. idk if that made sense i just rly love fall out boy omg all the posts are amazing


Do they follow me: Yes | No
Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now
What I think about their blog omg i really love their icon its so cute like??? and the sidebar is so cool what the heck everything is so cool ugh

plz no more

object-denied asked:

what do you like to draw the most and why and do you have any art that you made that you're particularly proud of?

Holy crap I just saw this @-@ sorry I totally overlooked it. I would love to be able to draw my own world’s/spaces with my own beings and plants and animals and environments etc. I just want to be able to tell stories through art and reach people touch them make them feel things. As of yet I haven’t created anything I’m truly proud of because I still struggle with my work looking how I imagine it. Things aren’t matching up yet, not aligning. But I’m working on it. Hopefully one day I’ll get there.

So far today, I watched When Marnie Was There and Wolf Children.

When Marnie Was There was really really good, I actually cried. Much more than when I watched HMC yesterday. I vaguely knew about the twist beforehand, but I didn’t exactly know WHAT was happening. I was kinda hoping for some weird time travel shit but eh, I still loved it. Such a coincidence how right after I watched it, I saw that the dub is coming out in May!

Wolf Children greatly exceeded my expectations. I actually had no idea what the movie was about but, well, a family of wolves. It’s amazing how I went from laughing and screaming “HE’S A WOLF HANA NO OMFG. HOLY CRAP THEY DOIN’ IT” to “WOLF DAD N O” And when Ame left… holy shit. Yuki was so precious. There’s novels about both of these, right? I so need them.

anonymous asked:

holy crap I love your new theme! also, not sure if it's been asked but if you get that piercing, would you ever post a picture either here or on any other blog?

I know I was so excited when I found it! And I’m pretty sure you’re talking about the nipple piercings right? Nah I never ended up getting them (though I still do plan on it in the future) but when I do I probably will post up a pic cause I’ll be excited haha